Guo Meimei Responds to Red Cross Controversy – Part 1

Guo Meimei on Larry Lang Live, responding for the first time to te China Red Cross controversy she caused.

chinaSMACK first reported about a young girl named Guo Meimei two months ago in “Guo Meimei Red Cross Controversy Pissing Off Chinese Netizens” and recently translated news reports that she may have caused donations to the Chinese Red Cross to decline in “Donations to Red Cross Drop Following Guo Meimei Controversy“.

Last week, in her first television interview since the Red Cross Society scandal, Guo Meimei appeared with her mother, Guo Dengfeng, on Ningxia television’s “Decoding Finance,” hosted by “Larry” Lang Xianping, an economics professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Note from Fauna:The above 21 minute video on Youku has been viewed over 2.8 million times with 165 pages of comments. A shorter 5 minute video titled “Guo Meimei responds: Nothing Wang Jun gave her came from the Red Cross Society” has nearly 2.4 million views and 230 pages of comments by Chinese netizens.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Guo Meimei and mother Guo Dengfeng interviewed by Lang Xianping.

“Business General Manager of the Red Cross”

This claim by Guo Meimei, namely that she was the “business general manager” of the Red Cross Society of China, was what initially drew suspicion from netizens. How could a 20-year-old girl working for a charity organization afford a Maserati? In the interview, Guo explains that this was all a misunderstanding:

(Note: The following transcription and translation of the dialogue has been edited for clarity and omits certain phrases and interjections.)

Lang Xianping: Why did you say that you were the business general manager of the Red Cross? Tell us the truth.

Guo Meimei: Actually, I was having dinner with my godfather and them… then, during dinner, they were chatting and I overheard them talking about establishing a company called Zhong Hong Bo Ai.

Lang: Zhong Hong Bo Ai is a subordinate of the Red Cross, right? A subsidiary?

Guo: I think it cooperates with a Chamber of Commerce under the Red Cross—

Lang: Right, Red Cross established the Commercial Red Cross, below that there’s a company called Wang Ding Corporation. Wang Ding Corporation made the Zhong Hong Bo Ai you’re talking about.

Guo: I think you’re right.

Lang: I’m just explaining it for you.

Guo: Because my godfather and them always dote on me, after they finished talking about their business, they told me to come work for the company after it’s established. I said, “Okay, but if it’s anything below general manager level”—I was joking—”I won’t do it.” They said, “Then we’ll let you be general manager.” Actually they were just placating me like a child, and I didn’t really believe them. After a few days, I was on Weibo… because all the friends I follow, they’ve all written [on their profile] something like “President” or “CEO,” and I guess it was vanity or competitiveness that made me change my Sina-verified job from singer and actress to China Red Cross Business General Manager. Actually at that time I didn’t even know the name of the company was Zhong Hong Bo Ai. I only knew that it was China-something Red-something, I only remembered those two words, so I just changed it to China Red Cross.

Lang: But this thing alone wouldn’t have evoked such a big reaction. What did you do to shock the netizens like this? Other than writing this, did you do or say anything else?

Guo: Because I don’t have a job right now, everyday I just sit at home or go shopping with my friends or go out, so that day I wrote on my Weibo, “Everyday I have to go to English class, swim, and study how to be general manager of the Red Cross.” Because that night at dinner we joked, I said, “How can I be a general manager? I’m so young I don’t know anything.”

Guo: Then [my godfather] said, “If you don’t know then learn.” So that day I was at home on the Internet, I was bored, and I suddenly remembered what my godfather said that day, so I changed it, I said that I was going to study how to be general manager of the Red Cross. I didn’t think it would become such a big thing.

Who is Wang Jun?

Okay, so Guo Meimei doesn’t work for the Red Cross, it was just a joke that got out of hand. But who is this Wang Jun guy who resigned from the board of directors of a company affiliated with the Red Cross Society as a result of this scandal? Surely he’s not her godfather.

Lang: So this godfather of yours, is he Wang Jun?

Guo: Yes, he’s not the Wang Jun of the Red Cross as they say online. I saw some reports that said there maybe was a vice-chairman in the Red Cross also named Wang Jun. [My godfather] is from Shenzhen, he’s a businessman.

Lang: Is he a private entrepreneur?

Guo: All I know is he’s a businessman.

Lang: Do you know what he does?

Guo: I think he’s a real estate investor or something.

Lang: Well, Mrs. Guo, the relationship between you and Meimei’s godfather is husband-wife or are you unrelated?

Mother: There is no relationship.

Lang: Your surname is Guo, your daughter’s surname is Guo, so she took your last name?

Mother: Yes, she took my last name.

Lang: So does that mean you and her father have already…

Mother: We separated a long time ago.

Lang: You mean divorced?

Mother: We separated before she was even born.

So Wang Jun a.k.a. the godfather a.k.a. the boyfriend is the one who was talking over dinner about establishing Zhong Hong Bo Ai, otherwise known as the China Red Cross Bo’ai Asset Management Ltd. Corp. Lang comes back to Wang Jun and his role in this scandal later in the interview.

Fun, Fun, Fun, ’til Her Sugar Daddy Takes the Maserati Away

One of the original pictures on Guo Meimei’s blog that started this firestorm was her posing in front of a Masterati. How did she get that car?

Lang: It says online that you have two cars: one is a Lamborghini, right? The other is a Maserati.

Guo: No, no, one is a Masterati, the other is a Mini Cooper.

Lang: The Mini Cooper was…

Guo: Bought by my mother.

Lang: (to Guo Dengfeng) You gave it to her?

Guo: It was my 18th birthday present.

Guo Meimei and her mother, Guo Dengfeng.

Comments from ifeng:


This mother and daughter are even more shameless than Gan Lulu and her mother!


Just how many godfathers does Guo Meimei really have?


This girl probably isn’t even sure who her own “father” is.


The media needs more Guo Meimei’s, then they’d have something to do!


China has already entered the age where the average people are wantonly molested.

Comments from Tianya:


The stupidest mistress. [Literally: The most “second” little third. 二 er can mean “stupid”.]


Another thing is for sure: Guo Meimei is really ugly. If word gets out where she had her plastic surgery, that hospital will go bankrupt.


Thank you Guo Meimei! It is she who has pulled off the “Black” Cross Society’s last pair of shame-concealing underwear.


Why doesn’t the Red Cross hire an assassin to kill her?


Using one lie to cover up another lie!

What do you think so far?

Note from Fauna: The host, Larry Lang, was widely criticized in many online comments by Chinese netizens accusing him of helping defend Guo Meimei.

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Lang Xianping on Larry Lang Live, interviewing Guo Meimei over the Red Cross scandal she caused.

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    • Brett Hunan

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids, or online for that matter. Whether she is rich or she is poor, it is unlikely that this girl stole money from the Red Cross, and until proven otherwise we shouldn’t make such strong claims.

      Before you snap at me, just so we are clear, I don’t think what Guo Meimei did is right either. As a matter of fact, she probably knows it too. She should still be reminded that she shouldn’t lie— maybe the Red Cross will sue her for destroying the organization’s image.

      • eattot

        who will snap at you?
        you overated yourself!

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  • Diana

    Why isn’t that girl in jail? Stealing from charities… How low. Her mother must be really proud of her.

    • 平凡人

      Well because in theory, she did not steal. The suspect is her god father, however, not guilty until proven. As for her, she is free to go to find another sugar daddy.

      • Marsvin

        Yeah agreed. She’s a dumb bimbo clearly but that’s not illegal ^^

  • Who knows? Maybe one day she WILL become a general manager after all… LOL

  • Brett Hunan

    Will the netizens’ comments be posted in the next update?

    It’s still too early to tell, but it is possible that Guo Meimei is now telling the truth. Do you really think that young girl was a general manager of anything?

    Still the negative aspect of the huge response to her joking/lying is that the Red Cross donations are suffering.

    • Of course she was lying about being General Manager, she’s too dumb and obvious. Something I’ve learned from chinese people is that they generally like to hide their wealth if it’s real. That’s because of the stigma associated with being landlords and capitalists…. Also to avoid paying taxes or having too many questions asked about where it comes from….

      The Nouveau Riche on the other love to flaunt it, it’s part of what marks them as Nouveau Riche instead of just rich fucks.

      The other group that likes to flaunt it are fakers who want to be a part of that lifestyle but can’t afford to. This bimbo is an obvious faker. Look at her facial tics and listen to her voice modulations.

      Anyways, the bimbo and her mama-san (female equivalent to a pimp for those who don’t know) are doing damage control now. They’ve been obviously coached at several points and are willing to eat some shit now to make the publicity go away.

      It kind of makes me think that if she’s willing to eat this much shit/lose so much face, what do you suppose the real truth is?

      • wu lmao

        That’s not necessarily true, although it looks like it is in this case. Giving an important job to a friend or family member and then expecting them to do no work is a pretty common way of corruption spreading money around. She is so dumb that it seems unlikely, but if they did this, they were never expecting the attention of millions of people. She does seem just young, dumb, and naive.

        What I don’t understand about this is why so much of the attention is focused on her, instead of the “godfather” who is giving her the money in the first place? I’m a little confused as to what’s going on with him, as she tries to say that it is a different Wang Jun than the Red Cross Wang Jun, who was cited as resigning by the NYT and BBC. She also seems to half-lie, saying that she did get the money from him, but he did not get the money through the charity but through his own business ventures.

        Either way, why is this guy not a focal point? A girl who has a youthful ignorance and naivete accepts money from someone she knows or trusts and doesn’t know where it’s coming from, and who assumes it is legitimately earned, is not all that surprising. Isn’t he the guy who would be ultimately responsible for any ties to the charity? Why is there such a mob focusing on this girl instead of finding out what he was doing or what he really does for work?

        • I agree 100%.

          But we’ll never see this mysterious godfather in the spotlight. He’s either too powerful (via money or guanxi) or he’s paying them enough that they’ll throw themselves under the train to keep his name clean.

          Personally, I’m going with the latter. Otherwise why would her mum be there to watch her and give her 2 cents worth? She’s there to back up her daughter’s story and give motherly support (one would hope anyways), but mostly she’s there in case the bimbo forgets the story and says something else.

          As further evidence, you can watch how they’re answers are a little too well-spoken to be natural and the only time the answers are halting or natural is when a strange or unknown question is asked.

          Lastly, notice how many times she mentions the “godfather” and his friends, but NEVER EVER slips up and mentions names, not even a nickname. Why? If I’m telling a story I’ll give a name to at least give the character a face. Instead of just saying “my friend” I’ll “Tony” or “Stephen” or “Matt” or “Jon” could be a fake name or a real name, doesn’t matter. No, this is forced, she’s not mentioning names on purpose.

          Bimbo and the Pimp are taking a dive on purpose to protect someone else before the spotlight gets any bigger. They’re being compensated.

          • Tengu

            I’m with you. The money hasn’t stopped flowing in for them. They’re taking the bullet and still getting something out of it.

            No one with their reputation on the line would play things so close to the vest unless they still had a vested financial interest in keeping things quiet.

            What, who and where it’s all coming from, we may never know.

            In some places she’d already be worth a small fortune for the book rights, TV Interviews and movie deals. She wouldn’t need to worry about covering it up. If she blew the lid off it, she’d be worth more, but she won’t.

            They’re on a gravy train they may never see again, this is mom’s nice healthy, cushy retirement fund coming in.

        • Just to clarify, the Wang Jun she is talking about is the one that resigned. The NYT says that Wang Jun, Guo’s boyfriend, worked for China Red Cross Bo’ai Asset Management Ltd. Corp., which Guo admits to here.

        • 平凡人

          You hit right on the spot! Yes, the focus should be on the “god father” alias “Sugar daddy”.

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  • Justin

    People are talking a lot about the integrity of the Red Cross, but what I’m wondering about is the integrity of the Sina Employment Verification System

  • Larry Lang: “So, tell us, what are some of your upcoming projects?”

    Guo Meimei: “Well, I been busy searching out various confectionary distribution agencies and targeting specific clients of theirs to continue my work on charity…”

    Larry Lang: “Do you mean ‘Taking candy from a baby’?”

    Guo Meimei: [shudders] I.. I never thought of it that way.

    Larry Lang: “I’m just clarifying; and these then are ‘orphan’ babies?”

    Guo Meimei: “Larry, are you generalizing me?”

    Larry Lang: “I’m just saying – you are free to refute me..”

    Guo Meimei: “Oh no, I just mean I’ve never had a way to put it so succinctly… That reminds me, I must update my resume when I get home…”

    ..and; scene.

  • It’s rather easy to accept her words (or anyone else’s) as being modest and down to earth on a virtual set with that much gold leafing (also: Larry’s portrait on the mantle caught in a pose while free-style rapping).

    On another note: great to see “DaVinci” furniture be advertised on teevee again.

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    • Tengu

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  • Tengu

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    International aid agencies offer and other charities help China out all the time.

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  • Anon

    This woman is either a PRC insider out to trip up the Red Cross, an evil genius or a useful idiot. Now the ‘Red Taijtu’ can take over where the ‘Red Cross’ tripped up.

    Not that the Red Cross should be in China to begin with anyway. Whats with the franchise proselytization, ambulance competition?

    In most countries they have a Red Something. Red Crescent, red Crystal . . . Hey India, how about a ‘Red Aum’ to challenge the Red Cross too?

    • Tengu

      We could start the “Red Fig Society?”

      • Anon

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        • Tengu


          Anyone can ask anything of anyone out here or have their own feelings about other posters. It’s the way it is, no big deal.

          I personally think your judgement is off kilter and without merit.


          I would submit your judgement out to the other member of ChinaSmack for their thoughts regarding your assessment of me:

          “…subconsciously trolling for anal sex and pissing off everyone in the process.”.

          BTW – I’m impressed with “Teng(k)u”.

          • Jones

            If Tengu wants anal sex, he can get it. He doesn’t have to troll. That being said, the only people that get pissed off at Tengu’s comments are people that take themselves, and their comments on ChinaSMACK way too seriously. How seriously is too seriously? If you begin to think that anything you ever say to anyone here actually matters any more than comedic relief, then you’re being much too generous with yourself. It’s time, Anon, to get off that high mule and choose your ginger root shape. We have straight cylinder, oval, knob-ended, oblique, etc. The only limit you have in life is the limits of your own imagination.

          • Tengu

            Jones, now you’re “consciously” trolling for anal sex.

            Put me down for a /2 dozen “oblique” by the way, is that a new product? Same shipping address as always.

            @Anon, the concept of “figging” (the anal practice you speak of) was introduced by Terroir who posted the article “Chinese Girls Teaching and Learning Exotic Dancing” on August 8th. It became an ChinaSmack inside joke among a group of regular posters.

            “Pegging” was also introduced in a subsequent article.

            Do I think these “phrases” were introduced “subconcsciously” by anyone looking for anal sex or for any reason other than “comic relief?” You must be shitting me, it never even crossed my mind, to me it’s simply humor, since I actually possess a sense of humor.

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            Be good, lighten up and remember, I don’t take offense at anything you said (even my alleged latent homosexuality).

            That pretty much sums up how you should try to be out here.

            You badger me, I badger you, but at the end of the day, we’re all human (most of us, there are a couple I’m not sure of) and we are all brothers and sisters in arms since we share a common interest in what happens in China.

            Jones will be shipping you a case of the “Knob-Ended” ginger root for your enjoyment. No need to thank me, consider it a gift my friend.

          • Anon

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            Not trying to be a dick, but this is totally incoherent gibberish…that could be redundant, I’m not sure. Is all gibberish incoherent by nature; does any sliver of incoherence imply gibberishness?

            To save you the pain of trying to string together two sentences which form a logical thought, I’ll say this:

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          • Jones

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  • WerkinTianjin

    It’s fairly obvious to anyone who’s willing to use their brain what the deal is. Now it’s all damage control mode. I agree with many posters why isn’t Wang Jun being dragged out into the open?

    He’s the filth And Guo is just a stupid, troll-like, Tila Tequila wannabe. The mom’s a wannabe pimp at best.

  • k

    Godfather? she means the old rich guy whom she is the mistress of and screws for monies… and ps did much for that flat squashed face.

  • Tengu

    What a dick!!!!!!

  • Tengu

    I said it in one of the earlier posts about her, She’s not sharp enough to do any of this, she’s a kid, she ‘s a dupe, she may have been blowing Wang Jun, but he’s the one behind it. Not this kid.

    I agree, morally she may be no prize, but being stupid, being clueless and being greedy aren’t against the law as far as I know. She just took what was given to her and probable squeezed that lemon until the last drop came out.

    Who knows what she has, but I don’t think she’s the evil genius behind this whole deal.

    Wang Jun is the one who should be on here.

    Her mother is looking for her 15 minutes of fame at her daughters expense. She should be protecting her, not parading the kid out in public.

    Like they say, “Follow the money”, if you can’t follow the money, there’s nothing to pin on her. I’m not defending her, I’m simply calling for a bit less demonization of a kid who, from what it seems, had an affair with a guy who showered her with gifts and gave her some position she was clueless about.

    Not the first time it’s happened not going to be the last.

    Corruption and nepotism are rife in the world.

    More than likely the first comment was the most appropriate.

    do_sex_machi – “What a dumb slut”

    That might be the extent of it, she’s dumb, gullible and fucked a guy who gave her things and continued to fuck him for “things.”

    Remember boys, she got a Maserati, she must be one smoking piece of tail in the sack.

    • 2-cents

      Ill give the best head you’ve ever had for a Maserati.

      Is it proven about the car? That its hers? I read somewhere that she works at a car dealership?

      • Those questions are answered in the next part of the interview, stay tuned. She definitely does not work in a car dealership. Like she said, she has no job, though she previously worked as an actress.

      • Tengu

        Well that whole issue of ownership of the Maserati was brought up in the original post about her since she was standing in front of one which had no license plate.

        Evidently she’s admitted to it (according to the transcript) which s decidedly lacking.

        According to previous reports she was a car show model while living in Shenzen and there were also contentions that she also worked for a car dealership.

        It seems as if the entire case is clouded from all sides, unless someone can find out the car is registered to her, no matter what she says, then it’s all conjecture.

        I someone gives me a Maserati and I do not have the title in hand and no ability to register it, then it’s simply a “loan”, so many more details are needed; I wonder if they will be forthcoming and truthful.

      • Tengu

        I’d blow the guy for a Lamborghini, I’ll even buy some knee pads.

        Now “anon” will be jumping in my shit over that, saying “I’m trolling for “man on man oral sex.”

        @ George Ding, not speaking Mandarin some of us are at a bit of a disadvantage. Do you know if the full transcript in English , is available?

        22 minute interview and there about 20 lines out here.

        • In the research I did for this article, I did not come across a full transcript in Chinese or English (though some reports in Chinese come close). Which is why I thought it was important to translate more of it into English. There are going to be two more parts to this piece. One for the rest of the interview (which gets even more ridiculous) and one for the aftermath (in which Lang Xianping’s credibility is destroyed, as Fauna alluded to).

        • Anon

          Your perogative what you want to post here, just making sure the readers here who don’t rely on snooping and/or who are unaware of NLPs know what might be going on.

          You’re not trolling for M2M but if I’m not wrong, projecting on behalf of and strengthening whatever latent homos here (it’s not a bad thing and requires skill, but this is a China Smacking portal not a Scat and Innuendo portal) which is a form of psychological warfare if anything.

          Bluntly defiling the more genteel of readers with a good measure of innuendo, rectal and scat references in a contemporary Chinese oriented site is underhand and not going to bring any measure of prestige to the ‘Mud City’ (if you do hail from there). They’ll make sure you and everyone else behind this eat whatever kneepad, ginger and fig b.s. ‘dropped’ here.

          Why don’t you start a ‘ChinaAnal’ portal for (if I guess not wrong) the Section 377B induced pathos that drives you, or the ‘Smack’ portal for your own country/county instead of garbling the comment pages with your ‘brown’ innuendo.

          It cannot be that you are unaware of what you are doing if not to provide mental exercise for people to work out on or to draw them into arguments. Really, every ‘dropping’ here be it aspersions on characters in the articles or the muddying of convos, makes Teng(k)u less impressive.

          If the above makes no sense, is off kelter or flat denied, no problem, I’ll admit my poor guesswork, inaccurately aimed sense of grievance for the community I speak for, and hope you have a nice day then. Just don’t hide behind your cute little avatar. Fuse? Or would you prefer a knobby fig studded ginger of ‘Adonis’ (materials and manpower nothing to do with me) to go with that monograph?

    • Anon

      Corruption and nepotism are rife in the world. So are the 1000s of times more people who will put down Corruption and Nepotism.

      • Tengu

        So you’re defending corruption and nepotism and saying anyone against corruption and nepotism is as bad as the corrupt and nepotistic?

        I’m not sure what your point is.

        • Anon

          Could grammatical/context ailment afflicted, please look for help elsewhere. My point is understandable by people who don’t go ‘I’m not sure what your point is.’

          • Tengu

            Wow you’re amazing and right again. Just firing on all cylinders today aren’t you….I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold up under this barrage of whatever it is you’re talking about. I really have to stop posting out here. Wow, I never realized how over matched with guys like you. I’m beginning to feel very insecure.

          • Tengu

            sorry…”withering barrage…”

          • Tengu

            Notice my cute little avatar, try to avoid reading anything with that on it…it’s beneath you, we all know that. Please save your thoughts for someone more deserving than I, it is a waste of your extensive language and intellectual skills to communicate with me.

            I am truly humbled and awed by your musings.

          • Anon

            Ditto? Or end it with touche.

  • Frankolq

    Lang Xianping obviously helped her out of the problem, the question is why. Besides, how did her mother and her obtain enough money to buy a Maserati and a Mini Cooper?
    Another coal mine boss daughter? Don’t think so.

  • Irvin

    Who cares, really. Just 2 dumb slut yapping.

    • Tengu

      What a dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9demonfox

    This is clearly how the world works these days Rich wanker’s giving Bimbo’s everything, all they need to learn in life is spread her legs.

    Harsh maybe but it’s fact.

  • Comment # 69

    It is much better than Sofa

  • Cool Matt

    I know three certain floating government officials who would fit right in on this set.

  • SteveLaudig

    There is an idiomatic phrase in English for this young woman’s “look”: deer in the headlights. Roughly meaning that a deer is on a highway at night minding its own business when a vehicle going very fast comes upon the deer. The headlights shine in the deer’s eyes; the deer looks up into the oncoming headlights and probably the deer’s last thought was “what is this?” Deer do not understand cars in the night. They are said to have no clue or be clueless. That is this young woman’s look. She simply has no idea of the situation. Deer rarely survive the impact. To judge her as good or bad is a mistake by the person judging. I suspect she was never taught “good or bad” simply what feels good.

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  • All I know is I want to bang that sweet Chinese pussy! Man I bet she tastes like pure honey down there! Lick lick lick lick it up!

  • Amused

    Double bagger.

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