Guo Meimei Responds to Red Cross Controversy – Part 2

Larry Lang.

Guo Meimei and her mother.

Last time we learned that Guo Meimei was joking when she said that she was “Business General Manager of the Red Cross”; that Wang Jun, the godfather/boyfriend is a real estate investor in Shenzhen; and that Guo Meimei’s mother bought her a Mini Cooper for her 18th birthday. But where did the family get their money? And what about the Maserati?

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Prize Stock

Lang Xianping: Your family was always relatively wealthy?

Mother: I don’t think you can say we were very rich, but we always had enough. Because in 1990, before [Guo Meimei] was born, I already had two houses in Shenzhen and a couple million yuan in cash. That time I had the money to raise her; I could not work and raise her.

Lang: So what do you do now?

Mother: I started buying stocks in 1990, investing in the stock market… I used stocks to make my fortune. I started early; when I started investing I only had five stocks. There weren’t even computers.

Lang: Do you remember the name of the stocks?

Mother: Yeah.

Lang: Tell me their names.

Mother: One was Fazhan, another was Jintian; Wanke, and Anda, and another Yuanye.

Lang: How much money did you make with these stocks?

Mother: I made several million. I only had a couple ten-thousand yuan. I made a few million in a few months. At that time prices could go up several ten yuan a day.

This is where the interview veers into arched-eyebrow territory. Several million yuan in a few months? But instead of pressing the Guo Dengfeng on her finances, Lang delivers a soliloquy about morality.

On Morality

Lang: Why are so many focused on your personal matters? I don’t care if [Wang Jun is] your godfather or your boyfriend. If it’s his own money—if he made it legally—then no one can say anything about what he gives you, because it’s your private business. But, if he is an official, then our society cannot accept it, because officials’ salaries are limited. Unless he’s got it through corruption, he wouldn’t be able to give you such an expensive car, right? If it’s the Red Cross’ money, then we definitely cannot accept it.

What is the Red Cross’ duty? They raise donations from average citizens, then use it according to the citizens’ wishes to help those in need. This is why when you associated yourself with the Red Cross, public sentiment was seething and extremely negative. Because in their eyes, they think, “I managed to scrape some money together to donate to the Red Cross, but due to their corruption, a part of the money was used to buy you a multi-million yuan car, a Maserati.” Of course [they] can’t accept it, and public opinion finds [this] difficult to bear.

This is why when you tweet, saying you twisted your foot while dancing—we estimated there were about 40,000 comments, almost all of them were insulting you, and very severely. All kinds of profane insults, some even include your mother. Why has it turned into this kind of situation? If society thinks that the money you used to buy this car was diverted from Red Cross donations, then this is beyond terrible.

All during this stern talking-to, Guo Meimei is struggling to show that she understands what he’s saying. Given, it might be hard for her to move her facial muscles after all that plastic surgery. Even when he launches into the last paragraph, she retains a glazed look of what I imagine must be bewilderment.

Guo Meimei looking confused.
Left: Guo Meimei struggling to understand why corruption is bad. Right: Guo Meimei hearing that netizens have insulted her and her mother. Try to spot the differences.

Wang Jun Revisited

Finally, Lang turns the conversation back to Wang Jun:

Lang: So right now on this program I have to be sure; I want to ask you specifically about this. This Wang Jun guy is an entrepreneur—of course, I have no way of authenticating or verifying what you say. All I can do is ask you, and you answer according to what I said earlier about honesty and sincerity, tell our good friends in the audience. I think this is the best attitude to have, alright?

Lang: Let me ask you again, Wang Jun, according to what you said, is in the real estate business, right?

Guo Meimei: Right.

Lang: Then what money did he use to buy you this car?

Guo: The money he made from business, I guess.

Lang: We said before, the Red Cross has under it something called the Commercial Red Cross. Under that is Wang Ding Company. Under Wang Ding Company is the Zhong Hong Bo Ai you mentioned. What position does [Wang Jun] have in Zhong Hong Bo Ai?

Guo: As far as I know, this Zhong Hong Bo Ai works with [a company] under the Red Cross…

Lang: It has something to do with Wang Ding Corporation, right?

Here Guo Meimei looks utterly lost, which prompts Lang to backtrack.

Lang: But you don’t need to know because you aren’t an expert in this area, and we don’t want to know. In your understanding, Wang Jun is a board member of Zhong Hong Bo Ai, right, according to this information?

Guo: I think he’s a nominal director who has invested money.

Lang: How much money did he invest?

Guo: I heard them say, altogether about 60-70 million yuan, he invested 10 million or so.

Lang: Has he resigned? According to reports, it seems he is no longer a director.

Guo: I don’t know but the other day I heard him say to my mom that he didn’t plan on doing that anymore.

Lang: When was that?

Guo: A few days ago. A while ago.

Lang: He invested in Zhong Hong Bo Ai. Did he make any money from that company?

Guo: No. It isn’t operational yet. It’s under construction.

Lang: Because we did a lot of research before, and our reporter went to Zhong Hong Bo Ai and Wang Ding Company to film, and found that it was still under construction, that it had not started to do business.

Guo: Right.

Lang: So what you’re saying is, Wang Jun, after investing 10 million yuan or so, no longer wants to [be a director]? Has he withdrawn the money?

Guo: He doesn’t plan on keeping the money.

Lang: He doesn’t plan on keeping the money. He must be pretty rich! [Laughs]

Guo: He said as much.

Lang: It’s okay. As long as you tell me what you know, because we don’t need to get into whether or not this is reasonable.

Guo: I heard him say this to my mother.

Lang: Because you’re still young, you probably are fuzzy on a lot of things and don’t know for sure. Either way, just tell me what you know. Which is to say, he invested this money, and, as far as you know, did not make a single penny from Zhong Hong Bo Ai. Is that what you mean? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Guo: Right.

Mother: Absoluely right, not a single cent.

Guo: Because the company had not started to do business.

Lang: Because the company had not started to do business, so it was impossible for him to earn any money.

Guo: Yes.Lang: So if we follow this logic—Zhong Hong Bo Ai is not in business. We also checked and it is true, alright? So about his investment, whether or not he can get the 10 million yuan or so he invested back is his business. As far as you know, he said he didn’t want it. I don’t care; it’s not important. The question is: since he didn’t make any money, then the money he used to buy you the car couldnt have been Zhong Hong Bo Ai’s money right?

Guo and her Mother: Of course not.

Lang: So it must have been his own money.

Guo: Right, because—

Lang: Of course I believe Zhong Hong Bo Ai has not yet started doing business, therefore it was impossible for him to make money. Unless it was his own money… otherwise I can’t find another reason. Supposing he paid for the gift with his own money, then make a clarification. Of course I can’t help you clarify anything because I don’t understand it fully. I’m just giving you the chance to make a clarification. That is to say, if he really gave you money, then that’s between you two. Whatever relationship you have with your godfather, I don’t care, and I don’t think our society needs to pay such close attention to this issue because he isn’t a government official, and he isn’t a member of the Red Cross, and he didn’t take money from the average citizen, and he didn’t take their donations. He can give you whatever he wants, that’s your business. But the result of our investigation, the only job title he has, the only job title related to the Red Cross, is Zhong Hong Bo Ai, okay? He is a director. But this director, after investing money—because the company is not in business—of course has not made any money. So, if we follow this logic, we can affirm, that the money he gave you was his own.

Guo: Right—

Lang: If this is so, then if you could make this clarification, I think it would very important to the Red Cross, to yourself, and to Wang Jun. But I hope this is all the truth, okay? All three parties can consequently get rid of these nightmares—these few months of nightmares, okay, alright?

Guo: Because if I had lied, I wouldn’t be sitting here…

Lang: Right. I believe, if you had lied, you wouldn’t dare come on my show because my questions are very severe. Also, in order to ask you these questions, we did a lot of research in advance. We guarantee that you didn’t lie.

Towards this part of the interview, Lang begins to interrupt his guests repeatedly, prompting some netizens to refashion the event as: “Lang Xianping agrees to be interviewed by Guo Meimei.” It is exchanges like this that caused netizens to wonder whose side Lang was on.

Comments from ifeng:


To go from “Professor Lang” to “Beast Wolf” [“Beast” is pun on jiao shou professor and “wolf” is a pun on Lang’s surname] only takes 2 million RMB. Actually, being called “Shoushou Lang” [Shoushou is the infamous car model whose sex tape was leaked to the Internet] would earn you more money.


Having watched the video, I get the feeling Professor Lang was bought off, and was helping them.


First strive for fame, then for profit. This is Beast Lang Xianping’s strategy. In this age of self-interest, there is nothing you can completely trust.


The most shameless succubus on the earth, and Professor “Wolf” is even worse.


Old Wolf, you’ve really let me down. I can’t understand [why you’ve done this]. I give you these four words: “Old and shameless.”


The hero Mr. Lang tries to save the damsel in distress. Not only did he fail to save her, he fell as well!


Professor Lang, the only thing I feel for you besides disappointment is disappointment.


Lang Xianping is a traitor, look at what he has done!!!!!!!!

Comments from Tianya:


Has Guo Meimei gotten in Wolf’s bed too?


Lang looks like a complete clown here. He has overturned my perception of him. Maybe he’s trying to hide something? Though you can tell he’s quite uneasy.


Looks like Lang is compromising more and more. How sad!


Could it be that Professor Wolf fucking also wants tap some of that….


This interview by Lang is very strange, like a show/an act! I just don’t get it. Beast Lang is such a shrewd person, why would he stir these muddy waters? I’m speechless.


I said it long ago, Lang is a stupid cunt, yet so many people in China insist on blindly worshiping this Western comprador.

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Larry Lang.


Written by George Ding

George Ding has a B.A. in Film Production and a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of Southern California and received a Renaissance Scholars Prize upon graduation. He currently lives and works in Beijing as an English teacher and freelance writer/filmmaker. He is also the editor of The Hypermodern, a Beijing-based blog about culture and politics.


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