H.I.T. Completes China’s First Study of the “Gay Wife” Phenomenon

H.I.T. Completes China’s First Study of the “Gay Wife” Phenomenon

Researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology have spent the last 3 years completing China’s first study of a fringe community of “gay wives”. The term “gay wives” refers to a widely unknown and vulnerable community of woman who unknowingly married gay men. Currently there are around 16,000,000 “gay wives” in China, around 1% of the population. More than 90% of the women interviewed said they had experienced emotional violence, physical conflicts, and severe domestic violence, and 30% said that their marriages had no sex life. Surprisingly only 30% of those interviewed chose to divorce.

Source: iFeng

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  • crimsonarmor

    Wow so many gay guys in China. That should solve the problem for single men looking for a wife.

    • Edward Kay

      and being over populated in future

    • Alex Dương

      .01*1.3 billion = lots of people.

      • ChinaPrat

        but…. there’s not 1.3 billion men in China.

        • Alex Dương

          Correction noted. .01*676 million = still lots of people.

          • ChinaPrat

            ha.. indeed.

          • guest

            Actually it would be less than 676 millions too, i.e the number of men/women of marriageable age. But this wouldn’t account for the number of unmarried gay men.

            But if we where to go to being extremely nitpickerly it should be as a percentage of married couples.

          • Alex Dương

            Put simply, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are a lot of gay men in China. When a country has a large population, it tends to have more of everything in absolute terms.

    • Except that they’re still marrying. I do wonder how this rate of spousal abuse compares to that of wives of straight guys… I somehow doubt it’s that different. I think the spousal abuse is being highlighted to paint gay people as bad eggs.

      • mr.wiener

        It is kinda false advertising though. A bit of honesty and not being a slave to your family’s expectations might be a wonderful thing.

    • ChinaPrat

      but, there are some lesbians out there too…. so it evens it out. Still a single men problem

  • DD Bear!

    i know a sh girl married gay then divorced.
    also quite several women married men they dislike divorced.
    in our stocks team, quite several divorced women.

  • bujiebuke

    I wonder if this takes into account the number of “contractual” gay marriages.