Hagens Human Cadavers Exhibition: Bodies From Chinese Prisons

Hagens holds a saw against a female human cadaver, which sits on top of a male cadaver, making a pose of making love

Hagens with one of his human cadavers.

From Tianya:

Hagens Human Cadavers Exhibition: All Bodies Come From Chinese Prisons

Recently, the “Hagens (Gunther von Hagens) ” story has recently been the focus of public interest. There has been much controversy on an exhibited human cadaver of a young pregnant Chinese woman with an 8-month old baby in her womb. The focus of the controversy is on whether or not the body was legally obtained, because according to national laws, no pregnant woman can be executed, and even if one died of natural causes, according to traditional Chinese culture,no families or relatives would ever send the body to the relevant institution and allow it be turned into a human specimen. However, the human cadavers have no identity or any other information regarding where they come from, which attracted public attention on the legality of the origins of the bodies.

A pregnant woman, one of hagens' exhibitions of human cadavers.

A pregnant woman, one of hagens' exhibitions of human cadavers.

Gunther von Hagens is a German anatomist. Hagens, in 1977, invented plastination of the human body, and patented the technique. Von Hagens Plastination (Dalian) Co., Ltd. specializes in biological plastination. The company researches and develops biological plastination technology, and manufactures and sells plasticized cadavers. It has a research and development center based in the Dalian High-tech Park, and six manufacturing workshops who work on fixing, dissecting, sawing and cutting, dehydrating, and hardening of the bodies.

Yu Jintao, journalist of the Oriental Outlook weekly, had thoroughly investigated the company and did two reports in November 2003 and October 2005, titled “Investigation on the Corpse Factory” and “Investigation on the Dalian Corpse Company: Controversy on the Legality of the Mysterious Factory”. Both reports caused public controversy back then, and brought the attention of the State Council, which instructed the National Bureau of Quality Inspection to send an inspection team to check on the company’s investment and import and export status, making specifications on the import and export of human genetic material.

The plastinate "the Ring Gymnast" hangs next to its organ (L) displayed at the exhibition Body Worlds and "the Cycle of Life" in Singapore Science centre on October 22, 2009. ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images

However, Von Hagens Plastination (Dalian) Co., Ltd was honored as a German wholly-owned “high-tech company”, the world’s largest human specimen processing factory. Strangely, the company crowned as a “high-tech” star enterprise by the local government seems very mysterious. The factory site, which has never displayed any signs, is located in a place where even Dalian’s locals are unfamiliar with, and the company rehires their transportation drivers every a few months.

The factory deals with human cadavers from all over the world, and held a world exhibition called “Body Worlds“. All of the items exhibited are made of human bodies, sawed from the middle, or stripped layer by layer, or put into bizarre sporting poses. Throughout its world exhibition tour, every day people are shocked and frightened into fainting. Already, over 20 million people around the world have visited the Hagens human cadavers exhibition, which has made over 1 billion US dollars in profit for Hagens. All items exhibited were made in Dalian, China, the world’s biggest human cadavers factory.

One of Hagens' human cadavers, doing a pose of making love.

From Sina:

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Suspicions on the Source of the Bodies

Where does “the corpse factory” get all its human bodies? Hagens himself has not given any clear or definite explanations, and various publicized information contradicts each other.

Hagens' employees making human cadavers.

Hagens said in an interview that the human bodies are mainly donated, and imported from Germany and other countries as well. However, according to a Hong Kong media report, one of his employees claimed that Hagens had frequently smuggled human bodies into the country, and he quit for fear of taking legal responsibility. The employee is Sui Hongjin, who established Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co., Ltd, which also specializes in human body plastination.

Hagens' employee and one of the human cadavers.

The German weekly Der Spiegel once had a report titled “Doctor Death: Von Hagens’ Business Trick”, which revealed the story of Hagens obtaining dead prisoners’ bodies, turning them into exhibition specimens and trading them. According to the Der Spiegel report, an internal document of the company shows that in December 2001, the company had received two bodies, one of a young male and the other of a young female, and that both very likely had been executed because bullet holes were on the deceased bodies. Hagens said during the interview with the Der Spiegel reporter that his employees were in charge of purchasing of the bodies, that he was shocked that such thing happened in his company and that the relevant persons were fired already.

A disclaimer on the website for “Bodies: The Exhibition“, one of the many competing exhibitions similar to Hagen’s “Body Worlds” exhibition:

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Hagens' disclaimer on the resource of human bodies.

Comments from Sina Weibo :


I don’t understand why does the Mao jerky in the censored word Square still require millions each year for preservation. Why not just use Haagen Dazs’s technique to preserve it?


I remember reading reports that during World War II, the German Nazis making decorations out of human skin, and now we again see a Nazi descendant and Chinese Nazis cooperating together using human bodies of unknown origin to make profits.


I want to be turned into something like this after I die. I wonder how much it’ll cost.


Who was the mayor of Dalian in 1999?


Creatures without faith/religion are capable of anything.


This person [Hagens] is really famous in the field of anatomy, and the specimens he has made are of great help for medical education. A bunch of retards making a fuss about the source [of the bodies]…as long as they didn’t kill anyone to get the bodies, it’s okay.


It’s easy for foreigners to occupy Chinese territory, and it’s easy for foreigners to make Chinese money.


I support Hagens. Human bodies are just a pile of organic and inorganic matter. When I die, I’d donate my body to him.


Why does the Chinese government allow him to open a factory in Dalian?


It reminds me of the American horror movie House of Wax.


I think it has been on exhibit in New York for many years, but I never had the courage to go see it. I never would’ve thought the “raw materials” came from China. Sigh.


The old East-European Nazi finally realized his dream in China.


These specimens are either in sports poses or sex poses. The problem is not in whether or not they are from China, or Southeast Asia, or Africa or any other countries that are willing to sell human bodies. The truly horrifying reality is with that these mummies created under the guise of medical science, are all of the people looking at them looking at the secrets of the Egyptian pharaohs, or are they consuming death?

What do you think of such exhibitions? Do you have concerns about where the bodies come from?

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Hagens holds a saw against a female human cadaver, which sits on top of a male cadaver, making a pose of making love

  • Mister X

    Skinless Bodies on my sofa.

    • Mister X Watch out for the chafing. There’ll be little bits of gristle and what-not everywhere. Just sayin’.

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    • Kukuku

      I got skinned on my way to the sofa. :(

      • You wanna watch out for those Wilkinson Quattro! Maybe stick to Watson’s or Guardian own-brand single blade. Far safer.

  • Jeff

    this shit is disgusting.

    I wonder what his grandparents were doing during WW 2… Any guesses?

    • Jeff That’s unfair as he is actually Polish by birth. If I’m correct Hitler fucked off the Polish too. Plus John Paul II was a decent bloke even though I’m atheist-cum-Buddhist.

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      • donscarletti

        No, Hitler fucked over the Poles.

        The Polish Germans were the principal beneficiaries of this, for a time, until they got kicked out of their birth country.

        This is the difference between Country, Nation and State. His “Nation” is that of the Germans, his “Country” was Poland and the “State” is a nasty thing who commands men with guns and tells people where they can live and what they can do.

  • Getrealson

    “However, according to a Hong Kong media report, one of his employees claimed that Hagens had frequently smuggled human bodies into the country, and he quit for fear of taking legal responsibility. The employee is Sui Hongjin, who established Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co., Ltd, which also specializes in human body plastination”

    Smell a rat?

    • GRS This guy ain’t gonna give a shit. He’s cleared it through all the “human rights” gweilo channels in the EU for decades and is approaching 70 himself. He’s gonna get more brazen. If you’re older, watch out! Plus he’s Polish by birth so he’s a hard-grafting fucker!

      • Getrealson

        Richard, Sorry but I don’t understand what you’re saying?

        • This guy is the inventor-cum-exhibitioner of all this stuff. No one blocks him. No one is going to question him. It’s been on the Western “quirky” news channels on and off for years (filler pieces). I doubt he “smuggled” them in. More like all the bills of lading were perfect as these things are fragile.

          I have to say he’s better than that twat Damien Hurst. Plus Tracy Emin’s shit also.

          • Getrealson

            I think you smelt a diiferent rat!

    • fakeasfuck


  • anon

    This guy has been an easy sensationalist topic ever since he came out with his exhibition. I don’t know if there are any legitimate problems with how he does things as I haven’t really bothered to do more reading on it all, but this is the kind of stuff lends itself to irrational fears and speculation.

    • anon He’s been bollocked for minor bribing of USSR and PRC for a hundred or so bodies; but until the count reaches 1000+ he’s seen as a friendly eccentric.

  • Dr SUN

    Well I guess one persons art is anothers horror show.

    • Dr SUN When I saw this shit on Channel 4 (UK) in about 1995 I felt like vomming. Now I see this guy working through the Kama Sutra sexual position library and I’m older, I just walk away.

      • I’m glad I went to see it. Not horrific at all actually. Certainly nothing that would induce vomiting.

  • I’ve been to this exhibition in Seoul. Amazing. A bit put off that the cadavers may come from China’s death row though.

    • KopyKatKiller There is that re: death row. But I would have to add that in under ten years when China democratizes along state-and-federal lines (this is looking pretty fucking likely) the death penalty should be maintained. Gu Kai Lai being a reasonable case in point – notwithstanding the suspension.

      • China kills more citizens than the rest of the world combined… I doubt they’ll quickly give up that addiction to death. Perhaps they’ll start televising the executions… again.

        • Kong

          You are implying that China has an addiction to executing people because it holds the highest (by far) number of executions per year. If you are going to suggest an “addiction to death”, wouldn’t per capita figures be more telling? In that case, China doesn’t hold a candle to some other nations.

          • True, but on a per capita basis, China vs the world, they still kill the most humans.

          • Kong

            On a per capita basis, China does NOT kill the most humans. Even less if you combine all the other countries vs China. That isn’t even including war!

          • fakeasfuck


        • fakeasfuck

          dumbass did you see it ?

          • See what? The exhibition? Yes, in the American military museum in Seoul.

    • fakeasfuck


  • Winter B4 Spring

    …omg…far out… o.O

    I kind of remembered — i have read about this from somewhere else too, and unfortunately, and horrifyingly, might be bodies of Falun Gong people in China who died under police custody & tortures. Cos it seems some Falun Gong people don’t reveal their identities after having been illegally arrested, just so the communist authorities couldn’t harass or extort money from their families. Therefore, if they were killed, their families wouldn’t have known that they died anyway. Very similar to the allegations of organ harvesting committed on the Falun Gong people by the communist authorities. And if i remember correctly, actually has something to do with Bo Xilai & his wife.

    I gotta go google more info and see if i find anything more about this.

    gees…horrible!! Imagine a state apparatus, or its associated branches, profiting from the sales of plastinated bodies, or organs.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      …and seriously…how did they get bodies of pregnant women with her fetus inside? Most chinese i know of would have preferred a respectful burial for their family members in such unfortunate circumstance.

    • fakeasfuck

      falun gong is a cult

  • linette


    They have it in New york too. The work is awesome. How they dissect the bodies showing human anatomy. I think the pregnant women is one of the earthquake victims in China.

    • Linette Thanks. I think this Polish/German man is altruistic in his aims, as his work must be very difficult to do correctly. Thus his coverage of an earthquake victim in a state of pregnancy is very poignant. Cheers.

    • fakeasfuck

      falun gong hateful cults they lies

  • Lydia

    Does this site ever have any lighthearted stories? It’s one bizarre thing after another….

  • Despite my comments supporting Dr Haagen Dazs, I have to say given some of his “Freddy Krueger” shots in front of kadavers, he has as many snags as he had twenty years ago. I’d imagine any woman he’s making love to he sees as “dead”.

    • mr. wiener

      Is this what happens when you don’t let little boys play with dolls?

  • Cleo

    I guess the people greedy enough to collect gold teeth from their Jewish victims while their best friends the Japanese “harvested” sweetmeats from our raped and tortured children for their ugly wives’ banquet dinners WOULD miss skinning Jews, Gypsies and Chinese alive. I mean, the pleasure center of the brain CRAVES that type of exhibition, nu?

    Now we know what happened to all those Chinese Americans who go missing every year. I wouldn’t be a migrant laborer in Hostel countries if I could help it but alas, most Mainlanders have never seen Eli Roth’s public service announcements.

    • sern

      China was verry close to the Nazis look at the NRA divisions armed & trained by Germany. Remember Nanjing? A Nazi was a hero for saving many Chinese from Japanese troops. Yes Chinese were very close to Nazis (it showed just how close on 2/28)

      • Kong

        Nazi Germany and the GMD were allied on geopolitical and anti-communist grounds. Jiang Jieshi himself was also trained in Japan and the USSR. The GMD also received support from the US. The “close relationship” between Germany and GMD China ended in the late 1930s, when China went to war with Japan. Nazi Germany chose its ally Japan over its ally the GMD.

  • What in the world has happened to China? I am ashamed to see this sickening display being promoted in China.

    • Foreign Devil

      It was most likely never shown in China. This exhibit has toured the world but will not likely be shown in CHina, which is too conservative a nation for this show.

    • fakeasfuck

      All lies the body are donations stupid!

  • WhateverForever

    The exhibit is in incredibly bad taste and disgusting. The pregnant women and the sexual positioning are psychopathic.

    On the other hand, these “Chinese prisoners” were more than likely Fallon Gong whose organs could not be speedily sold by the Chinese government on the black market. So, they sold them to these Nazi’s to display.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      The pregnant women and the sexual positioning are psychopathic

      Totally agree. This man is just a psychopath who found a loophole that allows him to act on his psychopathic tendancies. He could easily kill and skin people himself then claim he obtained them legally.

      • BigJ

        100% right.

      • Getrealson

        I was thinking the same thing!

      • Tab Brown

        All bodies are donated, with full documentation.

  • CND Icehole

    A Chinese plasticstuffs factory should copy the designs of these real ones, and sell them as mannequins for clothing stores targeting the ‘edgy’.

  • Joe

    I’ve seen this exhibit before, and it is possible to determine which ones are Asian. The facial structure is slightly different.

  • BigJ

    So that is where those bodies was suppose to go….

    Anouther thing….what kind of person plays with dead bodies all day and puts them in sexual positions???This guy is freak.Call this guy a artist or scientist or whatever.Botton line is….”He a guy who takes the skin off dead bodies and puts them in a pose…or sexual position.”

    One more thing,..I think this get the bodies from china becouse 1: there are alot of people who will take money for anything.”prisons ect”
    2:I assume chinese bodies are more easy to carry and deal with since they are small. A 7foot african would too hard to fuck with.
    And thats about it.

  • markus

    it makes me feel sick.

    i know its a good thing to study the human body, but i cannot look at it.

    whats the use of making them do a sex pose tho?

    ugh i want to puke…

  • Nanny Hiccups

    An abomination. Pure wickedness, apathy, and voyeurism at work. There is no excuse to look at the remains of an unborn child who never had a chance at life, to be exploited in this manner. It is sick, it is unhealthy, it is evil.

    Yes, these bodies are dead, but even the dead demand respect and do not deserve to be treated in this heartless manner. To anyone who feels there is nothing wrong with this, you really should reevaluate your sense of humanity, for I believe if you can view a human body that was once full of spirit, laughter, sadness, and life in this manner, then there is something wrong with your soul…if you have one.

    Made my stomach jump and turn at sight, I could not stand to look more than two seconds before i scrolled down to the comments. It was disturbing enough watching that dead killer’s body, blood spilling from his head so casually.

    • Kukuku

      Why so emo?

      Also: Is it bad I now crave beef jerky after watching this?

      • mr. wiener

        ewwww! nasty! [lol]

        • linette

          What is the point of dissecting and displaying these bodies like this if not for teaching purpose. You want to show how the human body looks like and the internal organs. It’s kind of sick displaying them in those sexual positions. Bad taste.

          • mr. wiener

            It wasn’t the sex, It was the craving for beef jerky. Now I really want to get some biltong :P

          • Mr Wiener… Our regular and esteemed guest at Mr Hagen’s restaurant… Flosser?

      • Gontraf

        Oooooh… Really bad ! I invite you to reflect bacon your comment Kukuku.

        • Kukuku

          What can I say, I sometimes fail to meat my own expectations.

    • Misiooo

      Nanny Hiccups your infantilism a la Beverly Hills 90210 scares me. What scares me more is that you are not alone. This is wicked? Spanking kids is wicked.

      • Getrealson

        What are you talking about? How is what she said infantile? That is her opinion and she’s not alone. Like spanking kids there are two sides to that argument also. Maybe some people spank moderately to stop them becoming spoilt little cunts like the kids you see nowdays.

        • Misiooo

          As said, she is not alone.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        There was nothing infantile about my view. This is disrespect? Why would he pose dead bodies, stripped of their skin in sexual positions? This is an act of necrophilia, pure and simple.

        You should ask yourself why you are so desensitived and bitter as to not see anything wrong with what this evil man has done to the bodies of those poor souls?

        • Tab Brown

          The bodies are donated by the individuals, they are not in sexual poses, they are anatomical exhibits for the educated, to increase their learning.

    • Freetrader

      Completely agree. This guy and his horror show have been around for years, and for the most part has been given a free ride in the press. Unless he can prove who each of these individuals are, and that they explicitly provided in their wills their desire to end up in a plasticine freak show (which, of course, he cannot) he should not be allowed to show a single one of the bodies.

      • Tab Brown

        He has many willing to donate, I would, but my body is going to the local hospital, my mind to dementia research, and any organs, to whom ever needs them. He does have the signed permission from each of his exhibits, but it isn’t available to the public.

    • Winterbitten

      There is no real sense of good and evil, just what society has constructed to keep you in check. Remember that.

      There’s nothing wrong with looking at a dead body, or making a living off those that have dead. The only thing wrong is your perception of things on this matter.

      Also the fetus was never full of laughter.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        Moral relativism bullshit. There is right and wrong except in the mind of craven, sick and disturbed people.

        • Deepzen

          Bullshit. Sorry, but right and wrong, like good and evil, justice etc etc etc are all just human concepts that don’t work so well when pressed against the natural world. Sure you can spin yourself a fairytale if you want, but then watch a lion eat a gazelle alive… or a shark pulling a baby whale apart… and all of a sudden you’re face to face with reality.
          There is only power or the lack thereof, The expression of power or the restraint thereof.
          Sorry, can’t stand the goofy gingerbread and rainbows worldview bullshit, don’t mean to preach :)

          • Nanny Hiccups

            what would happen if a lion or some wild animal was pulling you apart, ripping your flesh to ribbons? Would you shrug, and say “oh that’s life” or would you think, damn, because your life has a semblance of meaning? Or have you not loved?

            Just because animals do it doesn’t make it any less cruel. Animals do it because they lack the reasoning and self-awareness to create a better existence for themselves. but if you have ever witnessed them, they desire life and want to survive as much as we do. there is good, and there is evil. There is right, and there is wrong.

          • Thor

            You’re such an hypocrit. I mean, when a shark is ripping its prey apart, it’s because it hasn’t the choice to do otherwise. It goes the same for any predatorial behaviour in nature. Lions eat gazelle because they have to (but if they can get another which is already dead, even better). But WE, as men have the choice not to display our own race representatives in such a sick manner. We are supposed to have at least a little conscience in our heads – at least when it’s not sawed in two.
            For those who don’t know where the bodies came from, here’s a hint :

    • Winterbitten

      There is no real sense of good and evil, just what society has constructed to keep you in check. Remember that.

      There’s nothing wrong with looking at a dead body, or making a living off those that have died. The only thing wrong is your perception of things on this matter.

      Also the fetus was never full of laughter.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        Oh and p.s. fetuses are known to smile. My son was premature, born at only 3lbs. He was so tiny I had to buy doll clothes because he could not fit regular ones. I was almost 7 months pregnant when he was born. He smiled when he came out into the world, and is still smiling today. From 3lbs to 300lbs. He’s a big dude.

    • Thor

      I agree. All these people deserve a decent grave, not to be shown in such an undignifying manner. This sucks. I couldn’t stand watching that in real and didn’t in pics. After having seen the first one I went right to the comments.

    • Tab Brown

      Silly, silly person! That isn’t blood, it’s plastic. I can’t be bothered to comment more on this post.

  • lonetrey

    I feel the project is a little twisted. I know some people donate their bodies, and I guess I’m cool with that. But when there’s potential for smuggling unwilling/undonated bodies… Yeah, that gray area makes me a little anxious.

    This falls into the “shit that is probably ok to do, but I’d prefer to be safe rather than sorry” category…

    • Earnes

      Yeah the only thing with the smuggling part though is that it was an accusation by an old employee who is now a competitor.. I would think that his all operation would have been closed if there was the slightest indication of smuggling.

      Personally I don’t have any problems with his exhibitions. Some of the poses are a bit disturbing but others are fascinating and educational, tastes differ. I think his exhibitions were an eyeopener for a lot of people in respect to what the body looks like. When I die I would gladly offer my body for the purpose of science or this. And Nanny you are right the body was once full of spirit, laughter, sadness, and life but it’s exactly that.. WAS. People live on in memories of others not in a dead body.

      Personally I find the death penalty more disturbing than the use of dead bodies afterwards.

      • mr. wiener

        It beats soylent green.

  • Ladies, this is what your skin will look like if you walk around an umbrella and never get any sun. Your skin will be so white that it’ll become transparent.

    • linette

      hahahha…you are crazy whiskercat. I wish I can be transparent when I go inside an LV store. Hahah..just kidding.

      • Brett Hunan

        Then you wouldn’t be able to hide all of those $40 key chains you nicked.

  • cc

    Chinese woman with an 8 month baby in her womb! No chance that bodies tits are too big for her to be Chinese.

    • Jeffli

      ****Chinese woman with an 8 month baby in her womb! ****
      Executed in a prison? Family donated the cadaver to science?
      There is something fishy going on.
      The next step is to reanimate them and turn them into human sex slaves or something doubly screwed up.

      No way to trust a creepy east German doctor with a supply of cadavers, Its horror movie stuff. Its no better than those Indians boiling down unwanted girls to their skeletons and selling them in the UK.

    • fakeasfuck

      falun gong cultist are liars

  • wafflestomp

    Very fucking disgusting. Horrendous to even look at. Execute the artist instead.

  • Misiooo

    He shows what we really are. This reminds me one of Patric Bateman’s monologues from American Psycho “I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust.”
    BTW, I’d like to remind all those German-bashers and Japan-bashers that the only military force during WWII that has proven record of making souvenirs out of human remains was US Marine Corps in Pacific Theater. For those who don’t like revisionist websites, please visit Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_mutilation_of_Japanese_war_dead
    I remember the story my RIP grandpa’s brother told me: when flying from Japan to Hawaii back in 40’s routine question of emigration officer was ‘any Jap bones?’ Somehow memories about this evaporated from official hagiography of Greatest Generation…

    • Freetrader

      Nice, completely irrelevant anecdote there, Misiooo

  • DRaYphLy

    Can you say NAZI Scientist!!! This dude mother had to have fucked a NAZI and he is the twisted seed. FUCK!!! Gad Dayum German Euro Weirdos…. Nasty son’s a bitches.

  • Winter B4 Spring

    Found it!!! To my earlier comment, the link below is worth reading, related to this article on “plastination” in China, Von Hagens, his plastination factory in Dalian, Bo Xilai being Dalian mayor at that time, his wife, etc. Joining the dots seem to result in a controversial issue here.


    • YaoGalau

      OMG, it’s so creepy!!
      How can they still sleeping peacefully at night after did all that disgusting damn business??!
      They’re reminded me of Hannibal..uugh!

      • Winter B4 Spring

        *shrug* Me dont know either :( Sad huh…

  • Foreign Devil

    Interesting timing on this article. This exact “Body Worlds” exhibit is currently sitting in the “Ontario North Science Centre” in the town I live in. (Sudbury).


    It’s been on display for several months not, but only 20 days left. WHen I was in art school in Toronto several years ago, our teachers all encouraged us to go see it and draw the anatomy for practice. I’ve never gone and still won’t go. Drawing living human nude models is much more helpful I find. . rather than these bodies which have been stripped of any dignity. At least the Egyptians, put their mummy’s in gold coffins and did not display them in sex and sport poses.

    There is no need to use former prisoners. There are plenty of people today who will happily donate their bodies to this exhibit so they can be “immortalized”.

    • YaoGalau

      Surely,I’m not one of them.
      And I think i have no sense of art since i don’t see even a little bit of art in such exhibition.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Funny. When I saw this the very first thing I thought was that this is a great resource for furthering my studies of human anatomy for my own art. I have been studying drawing and painting for a while, and just getting back into studying after taking hiatus to focus on other crafts, and I was glad to see this so I could get a good view of real human anatomy under the skin at work.

  • fabi

    i’m missing the personals advertisement here。。。sth like

    Looking for someone to live out your perverted fantasies? —— Chinasmack Personals

  • Sea_Horse_Mirror

    This is better than Damien Hurst’s exploding people show.

    Or his show in China with polkadots. Anyone seen that one and read the reviews? Ass kissing~

  • Vonskippy

    Only dullards and morons aren’t interested in learning how the human body functions.

    There is nothing scary or horrifying about these exhibits, unless you’re too stupid to care to learn how you yourself function.

    The people were dead, who cares how or why, might as well learn something from their deaths instead of planting them in the dirt or stuffing their ashes in a cup.

    What a bunch of superstitious louts and their fear of what they can’t rub two brain cells together to understand.

  • david

    It’s easy for foreigners to occupy Chinese territory, and it’s easy for foreigners to make Chinese money.

    you stupid twit. we were invited here and if you dont remember, let me remind you

    that if it were not for FDI(that’s foreign direct investment) then china would not be in the position it is in now. furthermore, the USA and other countries have been buying products directly from Chinese factory owners for a very long time.

    so get off your horse my friend, everyone and each one of us are connected.

    each woman, man and child in this world is your brother and sister. you should act accordingly instead of a complete waste of water.

    • Jeffli

      I agree with David!
      ****It’s easy for foreigners to occupy Chinese territory, and it’s easy for foreigners to make Chinese money.
      you stupid twit. we were invited here ****

      I have been invited and hold the correct validations to work here legally thats it.

      There are more Illegal Chinese immigrants (HEI MIN) in every other country than there are foreigners in China!.
      Why its so difficult for Chinese to get tourist visa’s huh?
      they come to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, and USA immediately apply for refugee visa staing they’re this Fa Lun Gong people! Actually they know nothing about them!
      This is dishonest! 1.36 billioin people trying to do this? what do think?

      Take that and go!

  • quasar

    May I mention that this Hagens fellow is Jewish?

  • XiaoHei

    I puked out my Bacardi on the Hong Kong airport departures floor as i read this article. Taking ‘sick’ to another level.

  • I find all the comments about this being psychopathic, disgusting, etc. to be very silly. Western tradition, and perhaps Eastern too, have always had a very unhealthy relationship with the dead and perhaps with our own bodies. Peel away the skin, and “modern” people are disgusted with themselves. I can’t help but wonder if the internet and comment sites like this one were around at the early stages of medical science, when doctors were murdered for conducting gross anatomy studies, that the comments would be about the same reflecting a lack of maturity and insight. It is through scientific research like this that we are learning about ourselves. Why is that such a bad thing? A dead human body is no more disgusting than a dead animal body like the ones that end up on many of our dinner plates.

    • I would also like to add that during my university studies in Archaeology, the controversy that erupted in the field was to do with North American Unis buying the skeletons of dead homeless people from India. Personally, I enjoyed investigating skeletons for lifestyle, diet, and cause of death. India, a caste society, had no use for and wouldn’t have given the human remains anything approximating a honorable burial and I saw no problem in them being used for Archaeological excavation and investigative training, but alas, the decision to cease importing human skeletons was taken by the ignorant and uninformed who had a problem with a science they failed to understand. Such ignorance, I believe, is being unfairly directed towards this exhibition.

      Thankfully, in the past, such uninformed opinions were overcome so we have modern medical marvels like organ transplants today. On the downside, there seems to be a growing public backlash against things like Hagen’s research, and scientific inquiry into stem-cells as a treatment for genetic diseases.

      In regards to the sensational headline accompanying this thread, I found this on wikipedia:
      “In January 2004, the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that von Hagens had acquired some corpses from executed prisoners in China; he countered that he did not know the origin of the bodies and went on to cremate several of the disputed cadavers.[citation needed]
      German prosecutors declined to press charges, and von Hagens was granted an interim injunction against Der Spiegel in March 2005, preventing the magazine from claiming that Body Worlds contain the bodies of executed prisoners.[30]”

      As you can see, nothing about the claim is in fact “news” as 8 years has passed since the initial accusation, and neither is it proven.

  • Meh

    This is creepy as fuck. -_-


      We should be thankful that our western Liberalism has taken over China to allow this gory show to happen!

      Again we may recall (but we have short memories) that the Japanese practised such horrible things on tens of thousands of live Chinese prisoners during the WW2 period with experimentation on live Chinese human “guinea pigs”, chemical bombings and biological infestations,

      Wikipedia said –


      “Unit 731 (731部隊 Nana-san-ichi butai?, Chinese: 731部队) was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Japanese personnel. Unit 731 was based at the Pingfang district of Harbin, the largest city in the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo (now Northeast China).”

      China Smack how about publishing a story with plenty of pictures on Unit 731 activities to create some balance?

      Also do run a series on US chemical warfare as seen in the raining of Toxic bombs on Vietnamese and those children who were born deformed because of the enormous scale of poising. Is that called a “war crime”?

      I wonder?

  • Oval ascent

    this is very beautifull, it does show what the human body really is, if you strip all the skin all the obsession with physical appearence disapeares, i love it, this jew is a geniuos.

  • Meh

    If they are actual dead bodies decay is a dangerous reality unless they have some means of preserving them.

    • Dr SUN

      I believe the technique is called plastination.

  • Snookys_snatch

    This guy Von Hagen is nothing more then a modern day incarnation of the evil Nazi Dr Mengele. And just like Dr Mengele, Von Hagen will burn in hell for what he has done to the bodies of these departed souls, irregardless of what their crimes may have been when they were living.

    • mr. wiener

      There is no comparison between Mengele and Von Hagen.
      It is people who hysterical dub everything they don’t agree with as a “Nazi” who have cheapened the use of the word.
      I want you to seriously sit down and think about your post.

      • mr. wiener I would also go as far as saying that German/Japanese conventional warcraft, then leading to fifty years of nuclear warcraft, then THANK FUCK leading to today, has been a complex path not worthy of one comment-space. But thank fuck for our Aussie pals. Thank fuck for brave Latvian/Lithuanian/Estonian people who started the break up of the Communist USSR. Cheers mucker!

  • BaoanGuy

    This guy is a sick perverted freak desperate for money. He probably couldn’t find anything better to do than to make himself rich.

  • gypsy

    I have seen this. It’s pretty full on but a must see. It’s weird being able to look inside of someone’s body but the only thing I got a little strange with was seeing an 11 month old baby in a jar and a baby who had a disease and was aborted.

  • John

    lol at what Jeff said… “I wonder what his grandparents were doing during WW 2… Any guesses?”

    they were god-less nazi scumbags, most likely

  • persianOUTKAST

    they have the same basic thing in America.
    not sure if it’s connected to this guy or not.
    all bodies are donated & agreed to be on display.
    saw it when they exhibited in Dallas, TX a few years back.
    creepy? YES. interesting & informative? YES.

  • Shade

    That is a disgusting sick mind to do this.

  • Chris Mankey

    Premier exibitions has nothing to do with body worlds. This article is a bunch of lies and poor “researched” lies. That disclaimer is about an exhibition called “bodies ” that isn’t connected to Van hagens or Body worlds. Who ever made this is “article ” is either a liar or a moron to lazy to engage in basic fact checking.

  • Kali-Durga

    this show arranged by the sexual pervert albino reptilian, snuff sex show

  • jamie long

    hi guys I take what you say but im 23 and a body donor as im ill with advanced cancer of the brain stem and he is going to show this within my body for others to see once iv been plastinated which I feel will help others learn so I think in this way its usefull best wishes Jamie

    • Well said Jamie,My grand uncle died and although not he donated n but for research. We held his Wake in his local pub where he was a well known musician,The crowd spilled out on to the street with music poetry and song even two buss loads of tourists turned up not quite understanding the brevity of it all but it is a memory i will always hold in my heart and I shall do the same myself.

  • Tab Brown

    Absolutely fabulous exhibition, I took my children, twice, both under 12 years. Understanding who, and what, we are is fundamental to our existence. The exhibition travels, if it comes to your area, go see, This is a German Doctor, that creates the exhibits in Germany, he has extended the publics knowledge of the human body. Gunther von Hagens is the modern day Leonardo da Vinci.

  • paula

    One sick sad human being, i hope when you die your wishes are ignored by your sad sick wife and you rot in hell, please dont hurry back to england as you will loose your exibition that i promise you and you can have that promise in writing … more than you have in documentation on the people you practise on, why have you never got paper work showing consent to do the sick weird stuff you carry out, its because you buy and steal human bodies. Your nothing but a cockroach who needs to be stamped on, oh by the way i would gladley do this to you also .

    • fakeasfuck

      bunch of liars

  • Stephen

    Although it is strangely beautiful to look at these “works of art” it makes me feel sad to look into those soulless eyes that at one time were full of wonder and life. Don’t think I will go to see it after all.

  • fakeasfuck

    falun gong is a cult they are liars there is no evidence of what they are saying falun dafa practitioners can’t even tell the truth about Tiananmen square self-immolation suicides in jan 23,2001 they say ccp spy or ccp self-immolated makes no sense. and liu chungling wasn’t murdered my a man in a overcoat self-immolator threw black object all staged and lies like always.