Hainan Beauty Attacks Police & Reporters After Drinking

Beautiful girl argues with female journalist in Hainan, China.

Beautiful girl argues with female journalist in Hainan, China.

From NetEase:

Caught: Beautiful woman gets in fight with traffic police after drinking, even violently beats female reporter!

Haikou police were checking for drink drivers. One beautiful woman was unhappy with journalist filming her, stated that she wants to protect her right on her own image, and had a fight with the police and a female journalist on the scene. That a woman with such a hot body and and beautiful features would be like this……

The course of events:

According to an account by journalist Xiao Jiang for Hainan TV news station: On the night of the 20th September I picked up a video camera and went out with a female colleague. We went to Binhai Road near the Haikou Wenhua Hotel to interview police investigating drink drivers at the scene. At around 11:30 at night the police stopped a car suspected of being driven by a drunk driver and carried out a spot check. Xiao Jiang and the female colleague then interviewed the suspected drunk driver.

Suddenly, a woman from the crowd of people watching rushed forward, charged towards Xiao Jiang saying: Your video camera filmed me, why do you want to film me?…… This woman grabbed Xiao Jiang’s camera and wouldn’t let go, obstructing Xiao Jiang from carrying on the interview with the driver. At the time, the on-duty police came forward to stop the woman, but she wouldn’t listen, and so continued to push Xiao Jiang even hitting his head. The female colleague who was writing down the events then hurriedly came forth to dissuade the woman hitting Xiao Jiang, but this woman again got in the face of the female journalist, grabbed her hair and started to pull at it.

According to a woman’s account: She didn’t even know the suspected drink driver the police had spot checked. At the time she had been at a place singing and drinking. She came out to buy cigarettes and walked to the junction where the police were. She wrongly thought the journalists were using the video camera to film her so she ran forward to grab the video camera and asked the journalists why they were filming her.

Comments from NetEase:


Checking for drunk drivers is not wrong.
Do ordinary people have the right of self image? Who protects the people’s right of self image? Could experts please answer below.


Send regards to her chest…


Who believes that she didn’t know him?! hehe


Sigh, China is still a long way off from being a rule of law society.


There is nowhere without journalists…


This woman actually dared raise the issue of her image rights???

Then did she not consider the public’s right to life???


Hehe, why hit the journalist? It seems the journalist hit her first……


Journalists [written as 妓者, which is a pun for journalist that literally means “whore”] have the right to interview, but don’t forget that the interviewee has the right to refuse being interviewed.


Yeah, why must we be interviewed?


Drink driving is definitely wrong, but this journalist, definitely got too light a beating and deserves more!


Send to Japan.


This woman is definitely a “hostess” [a girl who works in a KTV or prostitute], intentionally trying to get famous now……


Actions which constitute an infringement of the right of one’s image usually have two important conditions: The first is doing so without the person in question’s permission, the second is having the aim to make a profit. Usually the news isn’t considered to be for profit. Plus protecting your image rights shouldn’t involve hitting people.


That woman is a SB, not even knowing the driver, it being none of her business, yet charging over accusing people of filming her, so drunk she doesn’t know anything [doesn’t know what’s going on]. She asking to be fucked [taught a lesson/put in her place].


Why are journalists being brought along when checking for drink drivers?


Bringing journalists is highly effective, it helps people remember, preventing them from making the same violation again next time. [Think about] how many people’s lives have ended like this, all ghosts who have wrongly lost their lives. If there were more gutsy journalists in this society, then there would be a lot less victims.

Violently hot women. chinaSMACK personals.


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