Hallucinating Boy Jumps To His Death, Father Goes Undercover

Hallucinating Boy Jumps To His Death, Father Goes Undercover
One 16-year-old Australian took Chinese manufactured hallucinogens and jumped from a building to his death. His father pretended to be an “Australian Mobster”, headed to Hefei in Anhui to become “an insider”, discussed business with local hallucinogen suppliers, and recorded the whole thing. Currently the man’s father and the Australian “60 Minutes” have made contact, and hope they can make these events public in order to curb their frequency. One netizen responded saying that these drug dealers have really rough backgrounds, and he can’t help but admire it.

Source: qq

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  • Drone

    Most hallucinogens can be legally produced in China and then exported. The same applies to most other RC’s on the markets outside of China, whether on the clear or dark net. This man has little to no chance of making a single ripple regarding the production of these materials, especially since the vast majority of them originate from legitimate, licensed laboratories.

    Anyhow, it’s really too bad for his loss, but then again, sixteen year old kids have no business using these kinds of drugs. He probably didn’t even have a proper scale to measure his dose. Don’t blame the drug; blame the parent.

    • KamikaziPilot

      “Don’t blame the drug; blame the parent.”

      Maybe the parent shares part of the blame but at 16 the kid is also responsible for his own actions. Maybe the parent did all he could to warn his kid about the dangers of drugs but the kid didn’t listen. Parents can’t be around 24/7 their kids.

      • Drone

        I certainly agree with you, but again, the drug isn’t the issue. The issue is the person(s) involved.

        Sola dosis facit venenum

        – Paracelsus

        • David

          Which goes to show it is an old problem. Roughly translated, “It is the dosage that makes the poison”,

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