Hangzhou Man Repeatedly Deposits & Withdraws 1 Penny

Chinese customer at a bank in Hangzhou repeatedly deposits and withdraws 1 penny.

Chinese customer at a bank in Hangzhou repeatedly deposits and withdraws 1 penny.

From Mop:

“Penny Man” in Hangzhou repeatedly deposits and withdraws 1 penny

April 15 16:21, Mr. Yu called me: I am sitting in the Wen San Road X X Bank waiting for someone. A security guard comes over and says if I do not have any business to conduct , then I should not sit. I said, fine, I want to conduct business, so I deposited one fen [0.001 USD] of money and withdrew one fen of money, going on for half an hour. Eventually, I began feeling that the employee [the clerk at the counter] was innocent [he did not do anything wrong himself] and did not continue anymore. Later the manager of the bank came down to clear things up with me, so I forgave him. I feel this security guard’s actions/attitude was inappropriate. Had he used a different more suitable method of communicating with me, then this kind of thing would not have happened. I even filmed myself—-placing the camera on the counter top, filming the process of me depositing one fen of money and withdrawing one fen of money.

Comments from Youku:


Poor character~ Whoever wronged you is who you should go bother~ Why bother an innocent person to carry out your revenge?~ How is acting like this any different from that sick deviant who went to a school and killed children because he was unhappy with society?~
Whichever staff member wronged you, you should just go lodge a complaint about him. If you’re not afraid of breaking the law, you can also go attack him. But you cannot go to this bank and attack the other staff, and waste other customers’ time.


Strongly support! Teach the bank a little lesson!


Depositing money is not a bother. The key is that the clerk will be extremely busy after work. Even though it is just depositing one fen, he still needs check the receipts against the balance!
Depositing money like this will result in a lot of receipts, hehe, he’ll be so busy!”搞笑


This is how you punish someone, punishing with reason/justification.赞赞赞


So much paper wasted~~~~If you were upset, why didn’t you just directly find their boss? This method of resolving a problem is too extreme/excessive/going too far.


Obviously you were still angry after arguing with the security guard, don’t elevate this to the level of safeguarding one’s rights and interests, okay? 吐 A big man should just leave it at arguing with the security guard…you just entered society, right?


Brother, this didn’t punish them much either, but just making yourself even more upset.
What kind of service attitude is at banks we all should have experience before, and indeed it really makes people angry.
But you doing something like this is truly useless.
I call for the country to increase supervision of these state-owned banks!


No matter what, you should have have wasted other people’s time. Doing this isn’t good.
The way you handled this thing was extreme/excessive/going too far.
You should have used another method.激情百威赞


What bank is that? This bank clerk needs comforting.


This person is purely look for a whipping, wasting society’s resources!”
Intentionally videotaping, obviously making a big deal out of nothing!


Although this method is indeed not very good, it still warns the bank and those businesses with poor service attitude. This also shows that bank’s system has problems. If there was a minimum deposit amount stipulated, then this kind of thing would not have happened!

You cannot withdraw after you deposit. chinaSMACK personals.


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