Hangzhou Street Racing Victim Compensated 1.13 Million


Hu Bin’s family has paid Tan Zhuo’s family 1.13 million RMB as compensation for their son accidentally hitting and killing Tan Zhuo while street-racing in Hangzhou. Hu Bin was driving 84-101 km/h when he ran into Tan Zhuo who was crossing the street at a crosswalk.

Although this compensation should not affect Hu Bin’s criminal liability, many people are afraid that Tan Zhuo’s family accepting the money will allow Hu Bin to escape the punishment he should receive according to the law. They believe that accepting the compensation shows that they will no longer pursue the case, so why should the government pursue this case further?

Comments from Sina:


I refuse to accept this! Without an agreement I will not believe it! The compensation was too quick, even before the courts have issued a sentence? Here, someone hits and kills 4 people and only paid 200,000! Everyone break up [“there is nothing to see here”]! Be careful when crossing the street, your father definitely does not have such good luck like old Tan [Tan Zhuo’s father]!


If my only son died, I would no longer want to live either~~~Considering how to live the remainder of my life? I would only think of dying together with the perpetrator! Then I could be reunited with my son sooner~~~


Looks like street-racing will continue. After all, as long as you have money, nothing can stop you. Let’s street-race. Rich people street-race, poor people earn money. Haha.


I think there is a problem with the Tan family. The courts have not even sentenced the perpetrator Hu Bin, yet have already taken the money for their son’s life and left. Heng heng! So it is for money after all then? What a shame! It looks like rich people can indeed kill people and use money to get away with it.


The Tan family earned a huge amount, 1.13 million. Even the combined wealth created by several generations of the Tan family will probably not be this much. Truly lucky.


Are you that envious??? Come on over to Hangzhou to find someone to hit you so you have money to spend then.


Street-racing in busy city areas, this is not a simple traffic violation, it is a public safety endangerment crime. If this kind of crime is not punished severely, there will be even more cars racing on the streets and there will be even more people hit by street-racing cars. Are you willing to be hit? Are you willing to use 1 million to exchange your life? Perhaps 1 million is not a small amount of money for many people, but this probably cannot even pay for the car that was used to kill you. If a society sinks into using money to buy peace, giving money to make peace, then there are plenty of rich people, plenty of millionaires, plenty of billionaires, who can drive however they want and hit/kill however many people they want because they have plenty of money!!! If the perpetrator is not severely punished, then let’s wait for even more souls dying under the wheels of these street-racer groups.


Your hatred for the rich is too much, I am willing to say that no one wanted to hit anyone. If your family won a 100 million lottery ticket, would you go on the streets to hit people [with a car] for fun? Even someone who suddenly becomes very rich very quickly does not think this way. What happened was indeed a tragedy, but the Tan family has already done everything they can to remedy the situation. After all, the street-racer is but a child, his family circumstances are this good, so the development of his mentality and social experience are definitely going to be different from those of us who came from average families. He indeed should be responsible for what he did wrong, but we should look at this objectively We cannot simply say this matter involves the disparity between rich and poor and so quickly judge it. A good youth has already been lost, this is a cruel truth, and no amount of money can solve this, so will seeing another youth ruined make you satisfied? Do not forget this society’s darkness because actually it is a result of all of our dark hearts together. Everyone wants to become propserous, or do you really believe poverty is the truth of your life?
Giving the perpetrator an impartial verdict is what we hope for. I do not hope that everyone is hateful to the point of him dying before being satisfied.
Most of us were born in average families, but I am going towards prosperity. I hope to stand amongst the ranks of the prosperous, and admire those people who built themselves up from nothing. At the same time, I also hate people those who use illegal methods to accumulate wealth. A harmonious society is also our dream, and even though it is still just a dream,
we should not abandon it.


Your son is gone! What use is money? Life is more important than anything else! Moreover, who knows how much wealth young Tan would have created for society had he not died! Only a million?! Young Tan still alive is better than anything! Marrying and having future generations forever! An outstanding person like young Tan definitely would have raised good future generations! How can you say several generations would not have earned that much? Who knows!


Everyone should be the same.
Be responsible for what you do.
I am waiting for the court’s sentence.
Clearly knowing that street-racing is against the law,
yet him going ahead and doing it, can this person be saved?
One can do a lot of things when they have money, but can one use money to go kill people?
If the victim was the son of a wealthy family, what would the outcome be?
Hitting and killing someone,
he should pay for his own actions/behavior.
The law should punish him. It must not indulge/tolerate [this behavior].
Otherwise you can imagine what safety will be like, hehe.

Comments from


Kind-hearted people get deceived/bullied by others. If this was reversed, if the dead was Hu Bin, do you think his parents would be satisfied with 1.13 million?


I do not really care how much the compensation is. If the other party felt guilty, paying this amount does not mean much, because no matter how much it is not enough to buy a life. What I care about is: Whether or not the perpetrator was handled according to the relevant laws, and did not receive a reduced sentence because of the compensation. Does paying more money allow a reduced sentence? If it were like this, would this not encourage rich people to break the rules?


It is not that we are against rich people…it is just that some of their behaviors are too unacceptable. 1.13 million, does this mean the street-racing driver will not receive a harsh punishment??? His attitude after the accident demonstrated that this was not his first time street-racing…The traffic police…do they eat shit [are they useless]???


Sigh, yet another thing silenced/resolved with money, looks like money is indeed all-powerful!


To speak my conscience, it is this society. If the media exposes it, and the leadership attaches importance to it, then the  matter will go much more smoothly. [However] in most situations, the law stands on the side of those who have power because they have money!! This will be “dealt with leniently”!! This is the inevitable law of history!! Those with money will always be the boss, and those without money will forever be bullied by others! Poor people and rich people who have committed the same crime face different punishments. But if exposed, and everyone knows it, the leadership class, because of their goal of long-term development, will still however painfully impartially handle things!


I cannot believe it! If he is not seriously punished, then he will be able to very quickly get out [of jail]! He will be sentenced for a few years, but if he spends some money, he can get out earlier! Or maybe simply not have to go in at all!! There is nothing those with money or power cannot accomplish in China! We should never again go to Hangzhou in the future!!!


All crows under the sky are black [bad people are the same all over the world], it is not just Hangzhou that is like this, brothers!!!


Hu Bin only did not imagine his actions would result in such a serious consequence, so I think if we give Hu Bin a chance, he will never street-race again in his life. Why are we unable to give him a new chance at life? Tan Zhuo has already passed away, his parents are definitely very sorrowful, it is undescribable. If Hu Bin’s parents also lose a child, what we are facing is the destruction of two families. We should give Hu Bin a chance, let him go assume Tan Zhuo’s unfinished obligations to his parents. Of course this accident should be a lesson to every driver, and Hu Bin should definitely still pay compensation. I hope we can give Hu Bin a chance to atone for his mistake.


Who will give Tan Zhuo another chance at life? There should be a harsh sentence, as a warning to everyone. This may be Hu Bin’s only value to society, otherwise he would only be society’s trash!


Faint, so after this everything is settled? I bet Hu Bin will only go in [to jail] as a show before [soon] coming out. Within prison there are many sentence-reduction clauses, and Hu Bin’s family is rich. Everyone do not forget this 70km/h incident~! Fuck! Just about compensation, no mention about the perpetrator’s punishment.


He must be made to do time, and not given any opportunities [to escape justice]. If people who did something wrong could be excused for just feeling regret, then what do we need the law for?


1.13 million for a life, sigh, fuck! Why not sue?? Us netizens screaming and yelling this diligently, hoping the sentence for something like this (10 years and up) to serve as a warning those people who deserve to die, but in the end it is again something solved with money. Motherfucking! Looks like in the future the sons of rich families who street-race can all use money to take care of any problems! Motherfucking!


This is what this society is like, what can us normal people do? Were this incident not exposed by the media, those so-called civil servants, who spend us ordinary common people’s tax money, definitely would cover up it up if they cover up, protect [the guilty] if they can protect. Disgusting civil servants, I do not know if they feel sorry in their hearts to the country for some of the things they do, if they feel sorry to the ordinary common people???


Take Hu Bin, this piece of society’s trash without proper upbringing, and kill him by hitting him [with a car]!!! The poor people will also collect 1.13 million to give his family!!! —, killing someone must be compensated with a life! Uncle Tan, take revenge for your son, 1.13 million will only result in more people losing their lives.


Sigh..~…a normal worker, a normal urban citizen can work two lifetimes and not save 1.13 million yuan! These days it is really about what kind of family/situation you are born into! Sigh~…some people also meet this kind of misfortune, yet did not bring to their family’s elders this much indemnity money, even 100,000 had to be enough for some people.~ …It is truly as they say:  How much is a person’s life worth is determined by money! 流汗

An interesting picture on KDS that has been spreading a little on the internet:


What do you think of the compensation? Do you think the compensation will affect the criminal punishment of Hu Bin?


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