“Happy 65th Birthday, People’s Republic of China!”

A Chinese soldier unfurls the red, five-starred national flag of the People's Republic of China at the raising ceremony in Beijing on 2014 October 1, celebrating the country's 65th anniversary since its founding.

A soldier salutes at the morning flag-raising ceremony in Beijing on 2014 October 1, the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻 [CCTV]: Happy Birthday, Dearest China! — The gorgeous red five-starred flag, rising together with the sun. Sharing in the glory and dreams, shouldering the responsibility and undertakings. Every person’s footsteps, together stepping onto the road ahead. Every little bit of effort, allows China to be even more beautiful! At this moment, China, you and me, we welcome the dawn, and run towards our dreams!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


When the country is strong, I am strong. What’s good for the country, is good for me.


I watched the live broadcast on television and the cheering of the crowd was very loud, but all the mobile phones I saw taking pictures were [iPhone] 5S, all the cameras Canon. So conflicted.


We are all the good children of our homeland! The homeland will ultimately choose those who are loyal to it. I am in Hong Kong, and together with the homeland, cheers!


The red five-starred flag, I am proud of you. May our great homeland flourish and thrive, and the people’s lives be happy and healthy!


The hardships of reporters are those that ordinary viewers do not see. The minutes-long short live broadcast report of the flag-raising ceremony is the product of a lot of preparation, innumerable communications, multiple revisions, and midnight preparations. This morning’s Beijing is already relatively cold, and our colleagues used this most plain and simple way to celebrate the founding of our homeland! I salute my colleagues, and salute my homeland!


#Happy 65th Birthday to Our Homeland# Glory and prosperity to our great homeland! Happiness and health to the people! [国庆65周年][国庆65周年][国庆65周年][国庆65周年][国庆65周年][国庆65周年][国庆65周年]


China, I wish you well!


May our homeland have a happy 65th birthday! Peace and prosperity for my homeland! To be a rich country and a strong people!


Happy 65th birthday! China, jia you!


#Happy 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC# Forgive me for pouring cold water on you, but I sincerely wish the PRC would not bring disgrace to [the word] “republic”. Expand reforms, speed up urban-rural integration, shrink the wealth gap, strictly control financial risks, ensure education quality, increase job opportunities, stamp out political corruption, maintain social order, increase national defense, implement policies beneficial to the people, adjust the taxation system, loosen export trade.


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