Happy Girls Judge Quits After Zeng Yike Enters Final 20


Recently, the Happy Girl singing competition (similar to American Idol) in China reached the Final 20 contestants. However, one girl named Zeng Yike caused some controversy when one judge named Shen Lihui supported her to advance to the Final 20 and another judge, Bao Xiaobo did not. Finally, the Taiwanese Bao Xiaobo declared that as long as Zeng stays, he will leave, and then he resigned as judge and walked off the stage. Many Chinese who watch this popular show went on the BBS to discuss this incident. Many people agreed with Bao but there were also many people who supported Zeng Yike or felt the criticizers were being too mean to her.


Zeng Yike #19.
Two of the judges: Bao Xiabo (left) and Shen Lihui (right).

Video of her performance:

Video of Judge Bao quitting:

Comments from NetEase:


Bao Xiaobo is niu! The judge surnamed Shen is a pig!
Those who agree, ding this!
I am too lazy to even remember his name!


Zeng Yike’s voice is very fresh and pure, and there is nothing wrong with that!
Even if there is a problem, it would be those people provoking in the back!
Brothers, please do not just look at the surface, it will hurt yet another innocent girl!
Zeng Yike, it does not matter whether you continue on this stage or leave, you are a brave girl, jia you!


I support Teacher Bao!!!
Is that Mr. Shen judge taking bribes? Either that or he has become stupid, so embarrassing!!!


Domestic so-called music people are all too embarrassing/shameless, allowing someone who cannot sing advance. Too disgusting.


Other singers just want money, you [Zeng Yike] want people’s lives.


Sigh…after reading so many comments…
I can only say…
Our Chinese peoples’ characters are too low…insulting a girl like this…
You can discuss, but please do not insult. Doing this is pushing that girl to go die.


After reading your comment,
I feel like there is yet another mental retard!
Most of us netizens are all very objectively speaking out our impression,
not insulting some girl specifically.
However, you saying such a thing,
it appears that you have not passed character education yet, still unable to discern between insulting and criticizing.
Go back to school and study harder.


I like Zeng.
There are plenty of people who can sing in this world.
What is lacking is this kind of sound, even if it is off.
The truth is often in the hands of the minority!


The sound of a fart is also very characteristic! Do you like listening to it? I can fart everyday for you to listen, for free!


After listening to this Zeng something-ke sing,
I must offer a conclusion:
I never want to watch Super Girls or Happy Girls again, too nauseating.


I really like Teacher Bao. Him insisting on principle is worth our repsect. That Teacher Shen is really lacking standards. That Zeng Yike can not even enunciate clearly when singing yet is able to advance? This is not only unfair to the competition, it is even more irresponsible to the other contestants, disrespecting other people’s efforts. That she can sing like that and still get through, it is too ridiculous!!!


Do not despise handicapped people! Teacher Shen is already suffering from deafness~~~


Zeng Yike, even trash like you can advance, singing horribly, looking disgusting. Mr. Shen does not know how to be a judge. Resolutely request changing this Mr. Shen judge. He is simply worse than trash.


I beg you guys not to insult her anymore, okay…she really will be pushed to kill herself. If you guys were insulted by so many people, think of how very very upset yo uwould feel!!! I beg you guys, go easy on her. I think she sings very well! A very clean and pure sound. Please! She only wants to sing!


Zeng Yike entering the final 20 is simply a rape of the audiences’ senses of sight and sound!
Resolutely request Zeng Yike quit the competition! Quit! Quit! Quit! Quit! Quit! Quit! Quit!


This show’s standards are just like this, it is not an accident. Every year there will be this kind of open unfairness, and this kind of thing will happen in the next few rounds too. This has already become this show’s characteristic, and were anything to be completely fair, I would actually think it was abnormal, and the ratings would probably not be so high.


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