Harbin Student Killed By Six Police Started Fight

Yesterday, the big topic on the Chinese BBS forums was about six Harbin police officers who beat a 22-year-old university student to death and his body was left overnight on the street for everyone to see. There has been new information:

Video on Sina (Update: no longer available).

3:05 – 6:05: Surveillance video of the quarrel and fight inside and outside of the nightclub.

Chinese news media in Heilongjiang report that the deceased Harbin university student and his friends started the fight with the six police officers outside the nightclub because of a parking space. Surveillance video shows the deceased, Lin Songling, chasing the police, hitting him, and also attacking the police with a brick.

Comments on Youku (has been deleted):

The police already were already being very restrained. Whoever meets this kind of thing cannot blindly hold back. Allowing ordinary people to beat the police and the police not hitting back is not a sign of society’s progress. If in this matter the person who lost their life was a police man, what would everyone then say? Say that our police are incapable? Say that our lives are not safe under the protection of these police? Right?

If it was like this, then he deserved to be beaten, but no matter how arrogant or insensible, it is still a person’s life! You guys should have not hit him so hard, ai! Is it worth exchanging the futures of six people for one person’s life? But if there was someone on the street holding a brick chasing me, hitting me, I also would definitely hit back!

Only after watching the video recording do I realize that the deceased was no one good! If he did not continuously charge at the other party, the tragedy would definitely not have happened!

This NB‘s death is not worthy of sympathy. Too arrogant.

New comments on Mop:

It does not matter what kind of person the deceased is. There is no justification for law enforcers to beat a person to death. Sad law enforcers.

Northeasterners seem to like fights, awhile ago it was beating Wuhan bus drivers, now beating university students!~~~
No matter what the reason, even children know this is wrong, this is extremely bad behavior. Please, Northeasterners, for the common harmony, do not fight!!!

Hehe, I knew Mop would not disappoint me. I got to see many pictures from the scene of the crime. Not bad.
I will also say a few things:

  1. The person who was beaten to death absolutely is not good person, sooner or later will be someone who be a scourge on society.
  2. The police have gotten used to their air of authority, meeting a 20+ year old reckless youth asking for trouble. After drinking, they cannot control themselves.
  3. Give many parents a realization: Do not spoil you own children just because you have money, society is too messy. You give a grown son who does not like to study that much money and let him run wild, sooner or later something will happen.
  4. Give many dandies [rich men who do nothing] a reminder: “there are always other mountains” [there are always other people who are just as good or better than you], if you have money, you should remain low-key.
  5. Give many police a reminder: Always be aware of your position. Sometimes when you meet some insensible young people, just be patient and it will pass. Why bother? Those six police officers now must really regret what happened. No matter how justified they were, there is no justification now.

A good death. Not only did he end his own reckless cheap life,  he also exposed the lawless police in the law enforcement department.

There is no need to understand the truth. Those who beat someone to death were the police. Even if this punk yelled at them, they should no thave beaten him to death, right? Wuhan public transportation at most only get beaten, this is beating to death, it s fundamentally not the same. Today’s police are excessively “niu“, do you still think they are public servants? Instead of trying to hide like he should have, he had to go cause trouble…sigh pitiful.

Why did those classmates not call the police, not call 110 [the police emergency number], not beg these six people? If they were not police, then were they black society? Did no one call the police? Today’s classmates really are inferior to the friendship between classmates in the 80s.

You cannot say that a person who died deserved it. But the deceased definitely was not a good person.
Both sides have responsibility. Right now the cause of death is unknown. The police often hit people, but they should be able to control themselves. I feel that simply hitting someone should not result in death, and the deceased should have had some sort of health problem.

Yang Jia
Come back!!!

Everyone should make their own judgments, and see with their own eyes this video recording before saying anything.  Do not be incited by the essay’s title.
Judge what happened! Use your own eyes! Your own brain! Do not be incited by others!

He deserved to be beaten to death…
TMD, that “zhuang bi” dead person…
Hitting other people with bricks…

Because those police know the law, they were already quite restrained~even after continued attacks they did not retaliate~
Later the dead victim even used a brick to bash that police man’s head~if at this time the police did not retaliate, today’s news topic would be “One university student beat to death six police.”
Everyone examine their conscience~if at the time you were that police man~would you be more restrained than him?? I believe that most people, upon being beat in the head with a brick~would have done something much earlier.
The person who died absolutely deserved it~the police were legitimately defending themselves and the public (or at most used excessive force while defending.)

This is an update. See the original post about this news:


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