Harvard Survey: 92.8% of Chinese Are Happy With Government

Harvard Survey 92.8 of Chinese Are Happy With GovernmentThe Ash Center at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard has spoken about a 2014 poll of 3,500 of people throughout China which quizzed respondents for their views on different levels of government. Figures show that 92.8 % of those surveyed are satisfied with the central government’s performance, but just 54.8% were either extremely satisfied or relatively satisfied with township governments. The figures suggest many people are happy with policy but not its implementation or the poor conduct of local officials. Many netizens agreed lower level anti-corruption measures needed strengthening.

Source: Netease

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  • David

    Well fuck um. You get what you ask for. You approve of the CCP you get more corruption and bullying.

    • Amused

      You actually think they collected any unbiased and usable data?

      • Realist

        Not if they didn’t support what you thought would be the result.

        Stupid Harvard way: Collect data, interpret, get results

        Your way: Read media, hypothesize what results should be, collect data, interpret, get results; if result doesn’t match hypothesis, throw out study for bias

        • bob

          You added too many steps in there. “collect data, interpret, get results” are all not needed. All that’s needed is to read very specific politically aligned western media (because all other media are brainwashing).

        • Amused

          I’m glad you know my way, you mind reading genius you. I’m sure just the general opinion one hears from the average Zhou on the street would have absolutely NO bearing on why I’d think it sounded hinky BEFORE they dropped in the 93% approval rating.

          Jesus and Buddha wouldn’t have had a 93% approval rating when they were fucking ALIVE. Duuuuuur.
          But sure, just because I have common sense I must be completely biased.

          Try harder ace, you aren’t doing your full 50 cents worth.

          • Realist

            Oh, there we go with that 50 cent garbage again. “Hey, guys, I grew up in the west, and we endorse free thought. If you don’t agree with me, that must mean you’re an idiot brainwashed communist 50 cent troll!!” LOLOL Oh, you don’t believe a Harvard poll based on 3500 individuals but believe your own conversations and anecdotes? How cute. How cute; if I did that, I could easily assume that the US would be embroiled in race wars in the near future with Texas to be purged of all non-whites very soon.

            Let me tell you idiots something: I am a PhD in human genetics so I know how to do statistical analysis. If data is collected correctly and perfectly (impossible in human polls but possible in transgenic animal studies), 30 individuals will take you to near your maximum inference power and anything more is excess. However, studies often go into the hundreds or thousands because they cannot ensure that there was no bias during collection. Do you know how difficult it is to even purposefully get a bias when sampling 3,500 people? You literally have to have gone to a superbowl game and poll the audience, “What is the most awesome sport?” Do you, with your faux-freedom thinking pea brain think that that study would go through Harvard?

            93% was the result, but that doesn’t mean that it had to have been that high. Due to sampling error and other factors, the range could easily be somewhere in the low 80’s or such. And also, do you know what question they asked to judge approval of the governments? No. From these results, I surmise that they probably asked questions pertaining to satisfaction of common aspects of life to evaluate support for local government and asked questions pertaining to nationalism to evaluate satisfaction of the central government. If that were so, I can easily see over 90% support for the central government. You don’t think about these things. All you thought was, ‘What? An overwhelming amount of Chinese people support their government? That’s bullcrap!! US media tells us the Chinese government’s about to be overthrown any day now!’ What a simpleton.

          • Amused

            Again with the mind reading huh, bro? Having ourselves a little vent? Yeah, sweet, you can tell us idiots something.
            …And stuff.

            Go ahead and read my mind and put words in my mouth if it stokes your ego bud.

            I simply question the unbiased and untainted nature of how this survey was taken. For which ZERO details were provided…. Now admittedly that could just be this site as they’ve been sliding downhill a bit, but its a legit question.

            And from “You actually think they collected any unbiased and usable data?” you’ve managed to compile 3 frigging jumbo sized paragraphs worth of horseshit inferences about what I,(and apparently the other people included in “you idiots”)think.
            Good job Sparky!
            Hell, I take it back, you’re worth at least 60 cents :)

            And again, good luck convincing people that those 93% African dictator/Kim Jong Il high numbers are legit and were collected in an unbiased survey.

          • Teacher in China

            Can I interrupt your fight for a second and just offer up an opinion?

            The results actually do keep in line with a lot of what I’ve read about 20th century China. Even during the Great Leap Forward when people were starving to death in the millions, the prevailing consensus was that the central government and Mao were not to blame – it was the local government. “If only the central government knew what was happening here, something would change!”

            I’m not at all surprised to hear that such an idea might still exist amongst the common folk, especially during Xi’s anti-corruption campaign.

            That being said, the number seems a little high. But again, 80% would not surprise me.

          • Amused

            The idea that if the leader knew what was going on he’d set things straight was common in populaces under both fascist and communist governments circa ww2, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they had a higher rating.

            But 93% beggars belief, and such a figure lends itself mightily to making a man question the nature of the survey. Thus I simply asked Dave if he thought it was gospel.

          • Realist

            Mind-reading? Don’t flatter yourself. For me to read your mind, you’d need to evolve. I can’t read cave paintings LOL I specifically used, “You idiots” because there is a fool above you who thought that the statistical power of a study with 3,500 individuals was not high large enough to represent China. Did he think they needed to poll a million or perhaps 1.4 billion? And he said it as though he had something worth contributing too!

            There is a great possibility that Kim Jong Il’s approval numbers were legit because he’s established a cult that worships him as a God. They don’t evaluate him based on Western standards of how well he improved their lives. It’d be easy to reproduce this. For example, if we got many many rooms of sheeple like yourself together, and simply gave you an article to read on how another group of people were bad and anti-western, then gave you guys a vote as to whether you disliked them, we’d get close to 100% because sheeple like you will trust your media even when it conflicts with evidence! Then, if anyone stood up and said, “Wait a second. Are these people really all that bad? This data, compiled of 3,500 individuals suggests otherwise”, you’d all get up and kill him (in a more primitive society) because you think that he’s not free-thinking like you (since the media told you that you are free-thinking) and that he’s probably brainwashed by enemy forces. It’s really that simple. Another great example is that you continue to think that someone working for 50 cents (50 cents per what? Post? Hour? Day?) in China could produce what I wrote to you, because Western media tells you that anyone who supports China is working for 50 cents. See? People like you make it easy to get 90% agreement.

          • Alex Dương

            Realist and @disqus_wcDnEMiQ1s:disqus, try to keep the firmness but with more politeness.

          • Amused

            I’m keeping it on a chain man ;)

          • Amused

            Yawn. You really should try a bit harder now chief. I just tuned it out after the first 5th grade insult.

            There’s this thing called a “reasoned argument”. If you ever hear of the concept possibly we could move on to holding this thing called a “conversation”.

            Till then keep churning it out Fiddy. And please, feel free to call me some more names and such. I swear I’m not laughing.

          • Realist

            You’re not laughing? Well, now you’re just not staying true to your screen name. Although I admit, if I were you, I wouldn’t laugh either.

            Read my first post. No insults. Then, you replied calling me a 50-center. Now, I can throw around some names too, right? Or no? You really wanted to be the sassy one here insulting people and you don’t appreciate when people return the favor?

            Oh, you tuned it out? Just like you tune out everything that doesn’t go in line with what you think you know? Or you tuned it out in the sense that you know you got schooled and can’t respond, so pretending you never read it sounds best?

          • Amused

            Well judging by your sentence structure, I’m guessing reading comprehension is not a problem for you. Perhaps you should go back to your 1st post and try practicing it….
            I’ve never run into you on here once and yet you respond out of the blue to an innocent comment by deciding that I think I’m better than Harvard, inferring I must be stupid and, *gasp!* biased against communism.

            But it seems while you can dish it out you have some problems with the same snarky shit rolling back your way. Well homes, here’s some practical advice; don’t just randomly start shit with people on the internet over nothing(though admittedly it can be fun).

            A simple question to clarify what my problems with the study could have resulted in a reasoned and perhaps even friendly debate. But if you think I’m going to not respond to shitty comments with more of the same, your views of reality are sadly skewed.

            So yeah. Be salty if you want lil buddy, I wash my hands of it.

          • Realist

            Oh, got your ass whooped so now you’re playing that innocent confused game? “Me? What? I was simply asking an innocent question! Why would you attack me?” LOL. You’re damn right I have no problems with reading comprehension. Here’s your sentence:

            “You actually think they collected any unbiased and usable data?”

            Here’s what an innocent question looks like: “Was the study conducted in a non-biased way?”

            Here’s what I would like to ask you: “Did you have a nice productive day?”

            Here’s me doing it with your attitude: “Did you actually manage to get anything mildly useful done today?”

            Do they sound the same to you? See? My English is spot on for a 50-center! It’s making you question everything you “know” about their hiring process! LOL

            Snarky? By that, did you mean stupid? You’re the lil’ diva who’s complaining that names have been thrown about. I never expected to have any sort of “debate” with someone who trusts his “personal conversations” over a 3,500 person study conducted by Harvard or someone who likes to just tune people out when he realizes he can’t rebut any of that person’s points. I’m just here to make you look like an idiot (and to explain the statistical power of a 3,500 person poll and how it might be interpreted to other people who might actually be able to learn).

          • Amused

            Hahahaha! Something tells me you’ve never beat anyone’s ass in your life bud.

            Go rummage around in your little cage and get an argument. You jumped the gun, got called out on being a douche and STILL have yet to show up to the party with a discussion about the topic. I’d say maybe next time, but you seem too confused and would rather play internet Rambo and collect your fiddy than hold a conversation.

            And yeah, I’m still laughing at the “PhD” who defends a 93% approval rating of ANY government(and yet can’t come up with an argument to defend it, hmmmm…..).

            You enjoy being serious and stuff ;)

        • guest

          To be honest I don’t think 3500 individuals is enough data to fully cover the stratification what covers China.

      • David

        No, I actually do not. Just by anecdotal evidence from my Chinese friends (both business owners and workers) I think most do not trust the local as much as the federal, but few trust them either to be anything but self-interested.

        • Amused

          That’d be just about exactly my own assumption based on my own conversations.

    • Foreign Devil

      I agree. No need to pity or help the Chinese people if they love their government that much. Jacky Chan was right, Chinese people can’t manage a democracy.

      • Realist

        Yes, definitely, don’t “help” since the only way western governments have ever “helped” to install a “democracy” is by bombing the place to rubble and taking their oil. China and Russia are 2 countries you never think about “helping” because they will “help” you back.

        • Jahar

          Well, the hundred million or so Russians and Chinese killed by those 2 countries communist governments might have wanted some help.

          • Alex Dương

            Maybe. The point is still that we only “help” countries that can’t defend themselves.

          • Jahar

            Of course. We aren’t morons. Starting a world war to help idiots who approve of the way their oppressive governments abuse them would be the height of idiocy.

          • Alex Dương

            No, that’s too specific. I doubt attacking North Korea would trigger World War III – this isn’t 1950 – but we still aren’t going to do it because NK has nukes, not because North Koreans “approve” of Kim Jong Un.

          • Jahar

            Even before they had nukes you didn’t do it. Anyway, this is a stupid conversation. He thinks “the West” are the bad guys and poor, innocent China and Russia are the good guys. I made my comment to poke fun of that.

          • Alex Dương

            I didn’t interpret his comment to mean China and Russia are the “good guys.” I interpreted it as a pretty obvious statement that we do not invade weak countries. You agree and added your POV, namely that these countries basically don’t deserve to be invaded.

            Are you a Harper supporter BTW?

          • Jahar

            Nope. Can’t stand the guy.

          • Alex Dương

            But on this issue, do you think he would agree with you that “Starting a world war to help idiots who approve of the way their oppressive governments abuse them would be the height of idiocy”? That is, some countries should be “helped” (i.e. invaded)?

          • Jahar

            A world war? No. a small war? Perhaps.

          • Alex Dương

            Do you think he would agree with you that some countries should be “helped” (i.e. invaded)? Because on the other side of the border, that’s definitely an attitude that would have been eagerly welcomed in the Bush 43 administration.

  • Vance


  • Alex Dương

    Realist and @disqus_wcDnEMiQ1s:disqus, discussing the validity or generalizablity of this survey and commenting on its implications is a perfectly good topic for discussion. But there is really no need for name calling etc.

  • Amused


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