Hebei University Students Caught Having Sex In Classroom

Hebei Polytechnic University student lovers secretly fimed having sex in an empty classroom.

Hebei Polytechnic University student lovers secretly fimed having sex in an empty classroom.

From Tianya & Liba:

Hebei Polytechnic University Classroom-gate video: College student lovers ML in classroom secretly filmed

This post-90s generation Hebei Polytechnic University College of Light Industry sex video was filmed last summer in an empty classroom. The video was just leaked by a student in the Hebei Polytechnic University College of Light Industry closed-circuit television room, and this 15 minute College of Light Industry video was recorded in high definition.

It is said that the video is of a certain Hebei Polytechnic University College of Light Industry classroom during the noon break, and that the daring lovers in this “secretly filmed/voyeur gate” video took advantage of the short break in an empty classroom to enjoy a moment with each other. It cannot be said that they are not daring, and indeed they are post-90s generation ordinary people. Watching this secretly filmed video, one can clearly behold the yellow curly hair and white dress of the girl in the video. As for the guy, he is of a tall and brawny physique, a muscle man. He wears a white t-shirt and a simple short haircut. The two of them sat on a classroom seat in a position that cannot be uttered.

Objects carried by the two can be seen in the College of Light Industry Voyeur-gate video, a Dabao SOD Honey hand bag, a black leather bag behind them, as well as one pink and one green large water bottle. The girl also has a light colored unknown material bracelet on her arm.

The Hebei Polytechnic University College of Light Industry video allows us to understand even more the yearning for love and defiance of restraint amongst post-90s generation youth. Although they as members of the post-90s generation are using their parents’ blood and sweat money to have fun at school, they still plow ahead fearlessly.

Hebei Polytechnic University student lovers suddenly realize there is a camera after having sex in an empty classroom..

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Comments from Liba:


Their faces have been revealed, I reckon the two of them are screwed now.


We can say the person who exposed [this video] also doesn’t really have anything better to do.


The [female] lead’s face isn’t good enough, stifling the viewers’ space to YY.


This expression is hilarious, haha… just realized there’s a camera, right? … This girl’s face is so devastated, at first not knowing with her back turned…


These two people, what are they going to do now, this is really embarrassing. 撞墙


This kind probably shouldn’t be exposed/leaked out, why bother~


2 shaobing! I don’t know what these people were thinking, their brains must’ve been blown out.


The expression of seeing the camera is so hilarious.



How are these two people ever going to show their face in school??? Not thinking of the consequences!!!
How open/loose kids are these days, sigh!!!


Dresses sure are convenient!


No matter what position or situation, this girl’s reaction is so bored, without any signs of passion or enjoyment…


If you can’t restrain yourselves, then go get a room, because doing it inside the classroom is definitely rather wrong, and getting secretly caught on camera is your just desserts!


And the guy was so proud of himself: Saved 168 yuan once again.

[168 RMB refers to the namesake room price of the popular Chinese motel chain Motel168.]


This girl looks alright from the back, but upon seeing her from the fright, what a scare. Sigh…


If you haven’t tried [having sex] in a classroom, how can you be considered a male university student? Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai University has a lot of this.

Have you ever had sex in a classroom? Was it exciting? Were you ever caught?

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    Not gonna say sofa.

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      Omg, you beat me by couple second. The website wouldn’t let me post with just the world “Sofa” :(

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        poor man . Type more next time. If you really feel angry due to the lag or the bbs limited,you can transfer your angry to the sofa man just say like this ” The guys who didn’t get the sofa are all the daddies of the sofa guy” . See, feel a little better,right? 哞哈哈

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      what do you mean by ‘sofa’? in english a sofa is a couch, a thing you sit on…

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        the first post, lol, buzz word over internet

    • Paul

      what do you mean by ‘sofa’? in english a sofa is a couch, a thing you sit on…

  • Genxi

    Sofa, sofa, sofa, sofa, sofa!

  • Sofa… lol……………………

  • Englebert

    “yellow curly hair”…?

  • TIM

    So where’s the fricken video???

  • Song of the Article, the original

    Cant Stand Losing You

    you know the rest…..

  • King Tubby

    Really f…ng lame. Hot partner and I did a serious 45 mins in a church. And then got well smoked post-coital and contributed to the poor box on the way out. Thats style, tossers.

    • ceh

      especially the part where you got a courtesy reach around with your head underneath the pew. Stay classy.

    • 404namenotfound

      VIDEO or it didn’t happen

  • putan

    I don’t understand it. Wow they had sex in their freetime. So what ? It’s just natural. Of course it’s a little bit embarresing but this shouldn’t really affect their work at university. I really do not understand the concerns of those chinese comments…

    • Nathan

      Its a typical Chinese reaction, as it would be anywhere else in the world “youth of today” “post 90’s generation” etc etc.

      The truth is not that people have changed , but that technology has… we are watching you!

  • Irvin

    For fuck sake get a room!

    • Loopi

      Yea or they could have used the sofa!

    • C.

      why? a classroom is ok.
      good they didnt have cameras at my university back home…

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    anybody care to post the uncensored vid??
    fork you sofa bitches..

  • I’d be a bit concerned to be a student sitting in that seat afterwards.

  • HOLY CRAP! Students have sex?! Who woulda thunk it?!

  • Chris N.

    Newsflash: Chinese students caught having sex next to a gate. Scandal has been dubbed…..Gategate

  • Anonanon

    Brawny….you call that brawny?!

    Also, not sofa, but lecture-theater seats.

  • McCurry

    They should really get a room. oh wait, this is China, they got to share the room with 5 other sasuages

  • Li RuiKe

    Anybody got the latest statistics on teenagers getting abortions in China? It’s been a few years since I’ve seen some numbers, but, if I remember right, there’s a back-to-school visit to Dr. Babykiller every fall by a large number of high school and even middle school girls. This must be why they put so many condoms for sale at the grocery store checkout counters in China. I’m teaching Senior 1 now, and I’d be very surprised if at least a couple of our couples were not sexually active. Some of these kids seem completely uninhibited in touching each other’s body parts. Is there any trustworthy moral guidance at all in this country? And how many parents work until 7 or 8 at night (if they’re not in another city, province or country – don’t get me started) while their kids are home from school at 4 or 5pm? Unless the grandparents are there, that’s a few hours every day of uninterrupted hormone releasing. I remember that age. Seeing university students videoed in the act is just funny.
    People who are “shocked” at this brash behavior are living in a CCTV world.

    • They might be readily available at the supermarket, but condoms in china still carry a sort of stigma to them no matter who you are.

      The other severe problem is the almost total lack of any sexual education in china. Anyone else remember passing those cardboard placards around the room showing the different sexual transmitted infections? I’ll tell you, some of those images are still seared into my visual cortex…. There’s also a massive number of rumours to dispel about sex.

      Anyways, more to the point, the two of them aren’t that good looking, the fashion is completely average, she DOES NOT have curly or blonde (yellow is not a f*cking hair colour) hair. I should know seeing as how I have both. She also has those God-awful bangs that every girl in china has…. And I’m not sure about the bloggers standards, but that guy is no where near being a “muscle man”. Just cause some puts a “TAPOUT” muscle shirt on doesn’t mean they do MMA…

      Lastly, I fully support a woman’s right to choose, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend morning after pills or abortions as a form of birth control, really not healthy for the body.

      PS. Is chinaSmack scraping the bottom of the barrel on new topics lately or what? This is a waste of time, the “planking” was retarded, rumours of the CEO monk whoring around were unconfirmed, a porn star pops up for less than 5 minutes in public was too little time with too much clothes and the school enforced bowing was just publicity-mongering….

      Come on… Give us something decent to chew on.

      • ketong

        The translation should have been ‘slightly brown and curly hair’. To a Chinese used to seeing black hair all the time this is how her hair would be perceived.

    • Li RuiKe

      Found the most recent stats (mostly China-published sources):

      13,000,000 abortions are performed each year, for an average rate of 35,000 abortions per day, in China.

      About 27.3% of women in their 20’s—about 27.3 million women—have had an abortion.

      One survey of 8,846 women showed that of those women who have had one abortion, 35.97% have another abortion shortly after the first one.

      An average of 8,000,000 women undergo abortions every year in China.

      The abortion rate among women in China is 29.3%, which far exceeds the average level of other developed nations; in the population of 20-29 year-old young women, the abortion rate is 62%.

      In Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities, the rate of repeat abortion is higher than 50%.

      • Archie

        With 50% of the population still living in shacks, and the other 50% only just learning what it is to be modern, comparing China with developed nations doesn’t really hold much water…

        • ceh

          its too bad there are so many abortions…otherwise there could be a lot more shacks and people to live in them. And our iphones could be $5 cheaper!

    • Leo



    • bobiscool

      Idon’t know any highschool where kids get home by 4-5 in China. They all take extra classes and don’t get home til like 9pm and then they have to do the homework until like 2am and wake up at 5am to get ready for school and do a little bit more homework.

      I’m talking about the smart kids who don’t need extra time for the homework.

      • Li RuiKe

        Love your sarcasm. That’s one of my favorite myths. It probably does ring true for children of tiger moms who have the time to spend growling “stupid, lazy, loser” into their kids’ ears late into the night. Even if that were 50% of the families (which it isn’t), it still leaves 50% free to do what comes natural.

  • Rick in China

    Is it certain that’s a girl? Looks like an ugly as fuck michael jackson impersonator.

  • Leo

    Chinese Post 90’s sexual experimentation sure is catching up.

    So cute.

  • Tom12GA

    It looks like the guy is wearing a (knockoff) Nike t-shirt. That is why he decided to…Just do it.

  • I’m a university teacher in China and I hear about this kind of thing happening all the time in classrooms. These kids deserve a smack upside the head for dumb behavior but they don’t deserve the torment and embarrassment that will rain down on them indefinitely. Video poster should have blurred out their faces.

    • Yes!
      Demanding Human Flesh Search on the author of video!

      • Isn’t ‘human flesh search’ dependent on there being a picture of someone to search for?

        [Note from Fauna: No, a picture is not necessary. Human flesh search just means people working together to find more information about someone. You can use anything to start with as long as it can help you find other information to ultimately identify that person.]

      • Rick in China

        Obviously you don’t know anything about the internet, systems, networking, or information identification of any sort..do you..

        To answer your question, no, human flesh search is using something online to identify someone in real life, ie: find this person in their flesh through an information sharing and phishing method that is popular in China.

        [Note from Fauna: It is just using people [human flesh] to find more information about someone on the internet. It is not “phishing”. That is a different thing.]

        • cosmoplitan

          that’s true, 人肉搜索 is kind of method of collecting knowledge of something or someone from all netizens that are interested. say there is a corrupted officer revealed by media, netizens would mobilize all possible sources to dig out more info uncovered by media.

  • Golden Bollox

    …that’s funny, the last picture – I get the exact same look when I ask for home-work assignments.

  • chengdude

    So is the look on that guy’s face going to be the next T-shirt craze on Taobao?

  • Bob Tayor

    Well Sora Aoi doesn’t have anything to worry about, her job is safe after looking at this students homely face.

  • chengdude

    Kind of sad that so far 62 people on Tianya have posted email addresses with the hope the OP will send them a video of several rows of classroom seating blocking the view of two almost fully dressed people having sex.

    Yeah, I know, also kind of sad I counted the posts.

  • Meh

    So they had sex at school? Not that big of a deal. I’d bro fist with the guy for doing it.

  • Judy

    How do you say “fake as fuck” in putonghua?

  • Jones

    Oh, thank god the author told us the type of handbag and the colors of the water bottle. Very helpful. We really need to find out what the unknown material is. Seriously guys.

  • B-real

    If you get caught fucking in a public space there is no embarrassment issue. Put on Camera and there is a God like reputation for bawls of steel for the dude and maybe a slut or extreme love for her man “vibe” impression from the girl. I don’t see anything wrong with this even if this happened to me. I’d be surprised if I recorded but then I would happy because I would have evidence to the story im about to tell my boys in the locker room at the gym.

    • Leo

      LOL you mean tell your boys down @ the gym in ‘Sims’??

      • B-real

        What do you mean Sims?

        • Leo


        • eddie9684

          maybe he means sims the game? and by that he means your a freaking nerd..

          • B-real

            The Sims were after my generation. I never really got into that. I’m more of Apple IIc Missile Command guy or Win 3.0 Wolfenstein guy. But I think I might give it a try. Which 1 is the funnest?

          • Justin

            Apple IIc? LOL damn you ARE old. I bet you loved Oregon Trail too?

          • B-real

            Oh yeah oregon trail was the shit!!! That and Swamp Gas was my favorite titles back in the day.

  • k

    The woman looks like a man with a wig on in that photo…..like a man role playing a woman?

    • Jones

      I like to imagine she’s standing up straight, and that she’s just horribly deformed.

    • Strangerland

      She is ugly, looks like a crossbred between michael jackson and monkey queen. But the guy too looks like big mama-boy with accute-little-emperor-syndrome, so I guess they do deseve each other. I don’t usually resort to such cruel statement, but these kids have no manner at all by having sex in classroom(did they watch too much porn? Did they think it’s ‘cool’ to do so?), it is so disgusting and unhygienic, not to mention so wrong for the students who sits on those chair unaware of what kind of bodily fluid left on their chair. wat if they have AIDS? Those bodily fluids would cause problems for innocent people sitting on those chairs. Honestly, when you become parents you should raise your children to know manner in order to be civilled, starting by telling them that there are the right place and time for ‘that’. China really needs to grow up alot.

      • Just John

        Better avoid the theater, taxi seat, or heck, even the bus. Friend of mine caught some old guy whacking it on the good old bus. Trust me, no where is safe.

        Time for you to get that Bubble Boy suit…

      • Sean

        Just John, agreed. Even in places where adults don’t piss, shit, and spit, which is almost everywhere, they allow their children to do so. I’ve seen children piss on the subway, on the floor at Tesco, and on the counter at McDonalds.

  • Dixie Normous

    i demand sauce
    how come no one has yet to demand sauce?

  • Stimpy

    Why does everything in China become a ‘gate’? It kind of dilutes the meaning of the word if everythins is dubbed so and so gate.

  • Paul

    in my Canadian university the classrooms were the best place to have sex.

  • greater

    plz dont cross limit!!!! im saying to adminstration of CHINA SMACK…u should not reveal the faces!!! what they did is not acceptable…and what u did also not acceptable!!!!
    plz dont ruin the image of couples, shameless act ..plz blurred the images!!!!

    • Stu

      This is right. I know the original site didn’t blur them, but that doesn’t mean Chinasmack has no responsibility. Blur the faces, Flora!

  • fireworks

    The chick looks like Van Damme in a whig.

  • any full video :). shame

  • The Shadow Knows

    My ex-wife was a Chinese language professor at a university here in the States. Before we got married, we got on more than once in her office — not during her normal office hours, mind you. :)

  • Rod

    Van Dam? I was going to say Willem Defoe

  • Eva

    I think the girl’s either ugly, or it’s a guy in disguise (that hair looks awfully a lot like a wig).

  • Laurent Coq

    Aya, these two are doomed!!!!!!!

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  • Meh

    Emperor of China: Nine lashes of the whip each!

  • This is going to sound gay, but.. the guy is better looking than the chick. Yeah, someone already said it. She’s whack.

  • slenth

    damn she is ugly