Young Girl Burned & Disfigured By Son of Government Official

Zhou Yan, a young girl is horribly burned and disfigured after rejecting the advances of a boy.

Zhou Yan, a young girl is horribly burned and disfigured after rejecting the advances of a boy.

From Sina Weibo:

@大鹏看天下: 2011 July 17th evening, Hefei city in Anhui province. When Tao Rukun, the child of government officials, was unsuccessful in his pursuit of pretty girl Zhou Yan, he charged into Zhou’s home, poured lighter fluid on Zhou Yan’s head, and cruelly lit it, shouting “die!” In a flash, Zhou Yan become a ball of fire, her ear even completely burning off!

Zhou Yan, a young girl is horribly burned and disfigured after rejecting the advances of a boy.

Zhou Yan, a young girl is horribly burned and disfigured after rejecting the advances of a boy.

From Youku:

His love rejected, a Hefei 17-year-old youth charged into a home, poured gasoline on a tender young girl, and disfigured her with serious burns. According to netizens, the suspect Tao Rukun is the child of a government official, both parents high officials of Hefei city, who used the medical expenses during the victim’s treatment to compel the victim’s family to sign a document absolving them of guilt. At present, the suspect has been released on bail, and has left detention.

The above video has over 200k views since it was uploaded yesterday. Another copy of the same video (with lower quality audio) also uploaded yesterday has over 3 million views.

From Hefei Hotline:

Love rejected, disfigures young girl

According to netizens description, on 2011 September 17th afternoon around 6pm, Hefei boy Tao, as a result of unsuccessfully pursuing girl Zhou, carried a bottle of lighter fluid to Zhou’s home, forced himself in, catching Zhou by surprise, took out the lighter fluid he prepared, doused it over her head, and lit it on fire, all the while shouting repeatedly “die!” When her aunt heard, she rushed over and in a panic used a blanket to smother and extinguish the fire, and called 120 for emergency rescue and the police.

The victim Zhou spent 7 days and 7 nights in the intensive care unit receiving before her life was no longer threatened, but her injuries were extremely severe, her face, neck, chest, and other areas severely burned, one ear burned off, burns covering over 30% of her body, with second and third degree burns, her entire appearance disfigured.

As the victim lay in intensive care ward, Tao’s parents produced documents saying that Tao proactively tried to help and gave himself up, completely not in accordance with the objective truth, for Zhou’s family to sign. After Zhou’s family refused to sign, Tao’s side stopped paying for the medical fees. Unable to pay for the medical bills and already in debt for nearly hundreds of thousands of RMB in medical expenses, the victim had no choice but to be taken out of the hospital.

Boy is “child of government officials”, parents high officials

According to reports, Tao’s father and mother are high officials in the Hefei City Auditing Bureau and Hefei City Planning Bureau respectively. After the incident, Tao’s parents repeatedly requested that the victim’s family agree to Tao being released on bail, even shouting, “Whether you sign or not, I will still strive to to have him released!” Five months after the incident, the victim still has not had her injuries determined, and the case has been unable to progress any further.

Victim’s family begs for help

The innocent girl disfigured, the courts unable to provide a resolution, forced without a choice, the victim’s family went online to ask for help, the original text as follows:

1. They refuse to pay for the medical costs, because their precondition for paying the medical costs is us signing the “statement of facts” they have prepared, which I think we cannot do, because we cannot accept money that violates our conscience;

2. We are unable to have an injury assessment. Some people have helped us by inquiring before, and we believe there is no law that allows the delay and prevention of injury assessments, so we have reason to suspect the other side’s parents, as high officials, have frightening power and influence;

3. They are going to great efforts to have this criminal released on bail, but through legal consultation, a criminal this evil should not be “released”. We don’t know the law, but we cannot wait for this vicious criminal to do something again, because when even his parents cannot control him, who else can; When even his parents cannot guarantee it, who can guarantee that he won’t come kill our entire family? We are workers/laborers, but I think being laborers doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to life. When everyday we are living in fear, may I ask who will help us?!

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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Who can understand the fear and hopelessness in this girl’s heart?


Truly unbearable! Beast!


Inhuman! Sick! Such a beautiful young girl!


Sinister to the extreme. Guarding against this kind of immature youth is also difficult, society’s ability to prevent and protect against this needs to be increased.


This is even more evil than Yao Jiaxin. How should this be handled?


I suggest that a law of reciprocation where one gets what one did to others. Have him burned half to death! But make sure he’s not burned to death!


His act was cruel, but what makes people even more angry is that afterward instead of turning himself in and trying to make things right, he instead engaged in suppressing and pressuring [the victim].


Yet another parasite [on society]. It is really annoying seeing this kind of news. Why is this kind of person still alive in the world… [泪] Zhou Yan, stay strong.


I already put up with the Kingdom of Heaven’s [China’s] government officials ruling with tyranny. That their children are also like this, I must post a microblog and ask, where is the justice? The entire thing is a tragedy, just what kind of Kingdom of Heaven is this? Education and upbringing, the country’s education and upbringing is lacking, and the parent’s education and upbringing are even more lacking.


Everyday there are similar tragedies happening. If justice had a chance, maybe we would only feel bad for the victim’s pain and suffering; But when those in power cover things up, when the perpetrators can avoid responsibility for the victim’s pain and suffering, what we feel more of is anger. And when the power of the masses is unable to bring the perpetrator to justice, all we have left is humiliation.


The children of government officials and the rich are all very vicious these days…


It’s already been almost half a year and only now this is being exposed? From this we can see just how much work the animal’s parents have done [in keeping things covered up and quiet].


Fuck, I’m going to have to start being a fenqing yet again. With the power of Weibo being so huge these days, I bet this time they’ll be screwed.


Earnestly request everyone to forward/spread this!!! We must not allow the so-called children of government officials be so wanton and unbridled, to so easily ruin the life of an ordinary commoner, and get away with it!! Does our country truly have no law? Are the children of government officials unconstrained by the law? [怒][怒][怒]


“Perverse” doesn’t even begin to describe this guy! Such a pretty girl, what is she going to do in the future?!!! [怒][怒][怒]


I think this kind of person can be given the death penalty. His parents aren’t fit to be public servants. They’re the scum of the [Communist] Party.


Has the “My dad is Li Gang” incident not yet taught these “children of government officials” a lesson? The rational are speechless; the irrational say “fuck!”

Zhou Yan, a teenage girl in Hefei, China who has been burned and disfigured by the son of government officials for rejecting his love.

Popular Chinese video sharing website Youku has set up a special page for this news story, featuring various video clips of news reports, including the above and the following:

At the 3:40 mark in the above video clip, which has been viewed over 1.7 million times, Zhou Yan’s mother tearfully shares her daughter saying to her, “Mommy, look how pretty I was. I asked you to take some art/glamor photos of me, but you didn’t want to spend the money, and now I’ll never be able to take such photos anymore.”

The special Youku section also features this poll. Here are the translated poll results (at time of publishing):

What do you think is most urgent for everyone to do right now?

Donate money to help Zhou Yan 42.3%
26416 votes
Punish Tao Rukun 53.2%
33164 votes
Have Tao Rukun publicly apologize 2.2%
1360 votes
Other 2.3%
1442 votes
Total votes: 62382 votes

What do you think is the main reason 17-year-old “child of government officials” Tao Rukun became so cruel?

Poor parenting 47.5%
44184 votes
This person is cruel by nature 15.2%
14104 votes
Fostered by social conditions 36.1%
33567 votes
Other 1.2%
1110 votes
Total votes: 92965 votes

Yesterday, Tao Rukun’s father registered an account on Sina Weibo and posted a single message…

From Sina Weibo:

@合肥陶文: Apology: I am Hefei Auditing Bureau employee Tao Wen and as a result of failing to raise my son properly, my son Tao Rukun has caused irreversible harm and suffering to Zhou Yan and Zhou Yan’s family, for which I express deep remorse and also apologies to the masses of netizens. I will do everything I can to treat Zhou Yan. Tao Rukun has already been detained, the case is being handled according to law, and I will accept the judgement of the law. I absolutely will not evade the legal responsibility I must bear.

Within a day, this microblog post was forwarded over 60k times and currently has over 110k comments.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Your family is too frightening. [哼][怒][怒][怒][怒]


According to reason and morality, your son deserves to die. However, according to the law, it is not punishable by death, so you’re very happy, right? If you appeal to the court to have your son sentenced to death, then we’ll believe you.


Your child is simply a beast! Having such a vicious mentality at such a young age. Destroying the life of a teenage young girl! And what more, from the speech he posted on his school’s discussion forum that netizens have human flesh searched out, it can be seen that your child has always been arrogant. How did you parents raise him? Is it because you yourselves weren’t educated properly that your child learned to be this way? I truly hope a death sentence is given, since he’ll be a harm to society when he grows up anyway!


Yeah, just like a government official, your son is also like the son of a government official.


If we look at it from the perspective of man being fundamentally good, and that something that shouldn’t happen happening, momentary emotional outbursts ought to be tolerated. However, what follows should be looked at and analyzed with rationality. Amongst this, what should be avoided the most is “guilt by association”. Indeed, the child breaking the law cannot be separated from how his parent’s raised him, but we should also confine ourselves to the facts. Relentlessly going after the parents, even relentlessly going after the parent’s identity [as public servants/government officials], that’s a little pathological.

报纸论斤卖: (responding to above)

杨小剑儿:”>Please search online for this boy’s consistently arrogant speech on Baidu Tieba, always arrogantly referring to himself, talking about ruining other people’s lives and the like. The forum has screenshots. I think any remotely normal family would not bring up this kind of child. He’s only how old, how is he any different from a black society [organized crime] thug?! How much better do you think the parents of this kind of child could be? Is it wrong for netizens to condemn/criticize the parents a bit?


Parents of the children of the rich and children of government officials, can you please wake up? From Li Qiming [son, of Li Gang] and so many others down to your own son, they have destroyed how so many happy families. Stop spoiling them, for yourselves, and especially for the children themselves. Tell me, why doesn’t China have people who punish the wicked? Secretly killing these human scum. Fuck, the more I think about it, the angrier I become.



It’s been half a year and only now you come out and apologize? If it were for the media exposing this, you probably wouldn’t apologize, right? If that were your daughter, what would you do? So cruel, is this something a human could do?!


Put yourself in the shoes of their daughter. What use is an apology? Would you be willing to let her pour gasoline on your son and then apologize to you?


You dog and your pig of a wife gave birth to a dog of a son!


Their family must not be so easily let off.


Previous cases: 2001, Guangzhou, a pretty girl was disfigured, the perpetrator Tang Yongqiang was sentenced to death; 2003, Shanghai, Cheng Jun who poured gasoline on his girlfriend and lit her on fire disfiguring her was given the death sentence; 2004, Fujian, Mao Ximing burned Wei Liqiong and her mother Song Xiujin with concentrated acid, and was sentenced to death.

From Youku:

Hefei Zhou Yan: Mood improves, appreciates the media’s concern

The current state of Zhou Yan’s scarring is revealed in this video (~4:30 mark).

2012 February 28 UPDATE: We have received several comments and emails asking for information on how to help Zhou Yan. Below is a message posted on the verified Tencent Weibo account of Li Cong, Zhou Yan’s mother.

From Tencent Weibo:

@李聪: Statement: We thank everyone for their concern. Netizens have responded that the previously publicized Industrial and Commercial Bank of China [ICBC] account number is not working. The following are our Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, and Agricultural Bank of China account numbers: Zhou Feng [周峰] 6222 6002 5000 5461 776 Bank of Communications Hefei City Dangtu Road Sub-branch, Li Cong [李聪] 6228 4806 6134 4638 019 Agricultural Bank of China Hefei City Yaohai Sub-branch, Zhou Feng [周峰] 6227 0016 3120 0477 838 China Construction Bank Hefei City Xinkezhan Sub-branch.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • donscarletti

    If an official raises a bad son, he should take him out back and quietly kill him before he does something like this and shames his family. This is what Li Gang should have done and this is what this shitball’s father should have done.

    Though I’ve got to say that in the last picture, the girl is starting to look a little bit pretty again. Horrifically scarred of course, but still pretty.

    • blackflagnation

      exactly…unfortunately, this scumbag will probably be groomed into a government position where he will likely abuse his authority even more. little shits like this need to be put down along with his arrogant parents

      • donscarletti

        Well, this one isn’t going anywhere. This kid’s family’s career is down the toilet, no government department will touch them.

        Some folk say that the people’s government is all about Guanxi. Well, that might be important, but it’s number 1 goal is self-preservation, and no amount of Guanxi can change that. Too many cadres waiting with non-criminal sons to bother giving these folk a second chance.

        • anon

          Christ almighty I feel so bad for the girl.

          I’m not so sure about this kid’s family’s career going down the toilet. There have been quite a few examples of disgraced government officials being sacked only to quietly reappear later in some other position in some other province once the furor dies down and everyone forgets the initial controversy or scandal.

  • Hongjian

    Too bad this govt. official’s family is living in Hefei and not near me.

    If he did, I’d long went with a flamethrower to their house and torched every single of them alive, after torturing them for some hours to get informations about all their relatives and friends.
    And then, I’d go on to torch all of them too, along with their families and even little children, so that nothing that was affected by that cancer may remain on earth.

    • Niels

      I will not come back to Chinasmack.

      • notorious

        Niels, I agree, too graphic and displaying the young woman’s wounds. She’s not a piece of meat. Protect her, please don’t violate her anymore.

        It saddens me that any child would experience something so physically, mentally, and emotionally painful. I wonder why these terrible things happen to innocent people and curse the wicked nature of mankind to be so routinely evil in nature that something like this could even happen. Breaks my heart.

        • anon

          This site has always displayed what the Chinese netizens themselves are seeing so readers here understand their reactions. These images are on every Weibo post and online article. Neither the girl nor the family is objecting, and are in fact thanking the media for covering their story. If you want to think negatively, it’s a sympathy ploy…on their part.

        • 平凡人

          For your information, Chinasmack takes what is on the Chinese website and translates the articles and comments to English. Thanks to the media, wrong doers are being punished and reprimanded unlike in the past where media only published what the government thinks the public should know. If there is no internet / media coverage, these victims will only suffer in silence. In other countries, law enforcement is not an issue, the victim will not want the media to publicize. However, here in China, law enforcement has always been an issue.

        • Patrick

          The articles are intended to be left 100% intact with their counterparts. While disturbing and graphic, you might consider for a moment what good it has done. In the west our news has become sanitized, we feel comfortable with it, perhaps too comfortable. As someone noted the family has not objected and this kind of portrayal is normal in China.

      • Xiongmao

        Hongjian is a retard. He always posts shit like that. He’s the ultimate screwed up internet warrior, all talk and no walk.

        • anon

          Everyone here is all talk and no walk unless you happen to know them in real life. In this case, Hongjian expressed a measure of human outrage at something worth being outraged over…and he didn’t include a single “Americunt”.

          That’s progress.

    • Money Is Power

      Too slow Hongjian, your gov’t have already found your IP address and this kid’s daddy have already send out the special political police after you for posing threatening messages against a party official’s family. For this crime you will be denied of the privilege of using the internet and locked up in the darkest prison hole you’ve ever seen for the rest of your natural life.

  • blues

    One can only guess the extent of the emotional scars the girl’s gonna have to bear for the rest of her life.

  • wgh999

    Communist government must fall!!! I’m so angry!!!

    • donscarletti

      Communist party is quite OK government by Chinese standards. It is certainly better than the ROC in the days it controlled the majority of China and the empires before it.

      The problem is these corrupt little guys with absolutely no accountability, this is a problem endemic to China as a nation, not to Communist China or any other regime. The internet will give accountability and transparency in the way a change of government never could.

      China has always had corrupt officials. Qing said they’d get rid of them, they didn’t. ROC said they would get rid of them, they didn’t. PRC said they’d get rid of them, they did for a while, but the system was even worse, so they brought them back. The Internet will bring light where before there was none and expose the virtue of good officials and the shame of the bad.

      Support Internet for freedom and the Communist party as being stable and competent enough to keep the wires hooked up.

      • anon

        I would say corruption is endemic to any place where there aren’t sufficient anti-corruption laws or enforcement of such laws. This is hardly specific to China.

      • Steve

        Supporting the CPC and free flow of communication shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. Especially when the ones controlling the Internet are corrupt themselves. The CPC only care about saving face in front of the international community. The only reason China seems stable is through censorship and coercion of its only citizens. If CPC truly want to have a valid government system they would introduce accountability laws to enforce all levels of government officials from top to bottom. Regular citizens should have the right and a viable outlet to protect their own civil liberty.

        • Justin

          Actually the CPC isn’t quite as homogenous as you might think. You should read some of the scholarly work done by people like the Jamestown Foundation and the China Law Project at Yale. It’s a nice antidote to the ignorant, anti-intellectual ramblings you’ll find on Chinasmack.

          Everyone from a Western country thinks democracy as we know it is so great and it’s such a better form of government than anyone else has. The way I see it, the governments of the US and China are really not all that dissimilar, except for the fact that the US constitution and Supreme Court uphold people’s rights to free speech, while the Chinese constitution only really just pays lip service to freedom of speech. It’s a big difference, I know, and it has real practical significance to the way both countries operate, but I think donscarletti is right in that the Internet is largely closing that gap, because people are criticizing the government left and right, and the CPC is pretty helpless to control it completely as they did in the past. (Faxes and Modems were controlled in the 90s, meaning their use by private individuals, but I leaders realized that it’s no way to build a modern nation.)

          Otherwise, having a familiarity with both forms of government (I worked as a reporter in the Texas State Legislature and in China, I write/edit for state media), I would say that, fundamentally, both systems are equally undemocratic or representative (or unrepresentative as the case may be) of the populace. They are both republican forms of government. One has two parties, the other just one party (albeit with two factions roughly corresponding to Republicans and Democrats, i.e. populists and big business types). Neither elects presidents directly. The US does so through the electoral college, and a more profoundly undemocratic institution I cannot imagine. The CPC does so through a centralized process by which the elders elect the elders, so in a lot of ways, the CPC is much more of a meritocracy at the highest levels, whereas American politicians are often elected because they look good or speak well, regardless of how grossly incompetent they are, ex. Reagan, an actor, Bush II, the idiot son of a former president or Gov. Scwarzenneger, whose ability to handle tough situations was clearly demonstrated when he fought of T2 in Terminator 2 Judgment day. On the other hand, the CPC is run by a council of guys with engineering degrees, and undoubtedly higher GPAs than W Bush.

          On the village/municipal level, people have about as much say in their government as they do in the US. People vote directly for village officials. Maybe they don’t have ballot referendums for stuff like what to spend the new city bond money on or whatever, but most people don’t vote on that shit in the US anyways. And half the time those who do vote are usually manipulated by advertising campaigns run by business interests.

          But the point is you cant just transplant the US system of government and expect it to work for China. The best you can hope for is that the CPC works to improve its transparency and that they respond to pressure from the ground up.

          You’d probably be surprised to know (though you wouldn’t if you actually knew anything about China, the Chinese government, the CPC, etc.) that there are actually pretty large divisions within the Party as to how to relate to the press and the masses in general. Scholars at the Jamestown Foundation recognize two clear factions in the current and next generations of CPC leadership. There are the Leninist Nationalists on one side and the Marxist Romantics on the other. The Marxist romantics, like Wen Jiabao, and future Premier Li Keqiang, advocate more public supervision, more transparency and more direct election of officials. There are also contending philosophies of “management of public opinion” vs. “supervision BY public opinion,” aka watchdog journalism. Depending on who is in power, one or the other will prevail at any given time.

          Furthermore, I would argue that in many cases the CPC is more responsive to the needs of average people because it has to be for stability’s sake. When they were considering raising the fare for the subway in Beijing, the measure was defeated because of the impact it would have on the poor in the city. In Austin, a city in which the public transit system is completely funded by sales tax, a city which could offer 100 percent free mass transit if it so chose ( an did for a brief period) adjusted the fare for its bus trips from 50 cents to a dollar. So in Beijing, you can ride anywhere on one of the world’s best subway systems for 2 kuai, while it costs three times as much to ride on one of the world’s shittiest bus systems. Which government was more responsive to people’s needs in this case? Austin raised the fare to try to kick the homeless people off to make the buses cleaner so that nice middle-class commuters would ride, and it failed. The middle class kept driving their fucking cars anyways. At least the Beijing government had the sense to recognize that mass transit exists to serve the working poor. The government here at least keeps electricity and gas rates artificially low to help poor people survive, whereas US monopolies jack up prices and say to hell with the poor.

          So please try doing a little research so you sound like you know what you’re talking about before you make such broad and general statements like “The CPC is this…” and the “The CPC only cares about this or that.”

          I’m not saying the Party is perfect nor is China perfect, but I have to say that relative to anything that any of us could do as leaders of this country, they are doing a pretty good job. I would love to see any of you assholes try to run this country for a year. You’d have your work cut out for you.

          • Taikongren


            Blah blah blah blah blah.

            Yes we can say that US and China both have similarities. We can say that Americans are not truly represented. (although you saying that We can say that Democracy will fail when the citizens are, as a group, not wise enough to protect their freedoms. All true.

            But your deflecting. No one said replace China’s system with the US system. But your attempt to create similarity is morally inept.

            If the events in Hefei took place in the US, there is little the perpetrator’s parents could do…even if a parent was name George W. Bush or Barack H. Obama… to interfere with a police investigation into something so horrific. Their is little the government would do to cover this up.

            I came to China first time in 91, two years after 6/4. Yesterday I was having a conversation yesterday with a 40 year-old coworker, and a 20 year old co-worker. And the 20-year old didn’t know what 6/4 was, at all. Didn’t know when I said June 4th, 1989 in Tiananmen. Chinese people have an excuse for their ignorance; their government mandates ignorance for the masses. Americans don’t have this excuse. I don’t know which is worse. What I do know is this:

            -In the Chinese system of education, inquiry and independent thought is frowned upon. Hence, the biggest human rights abuse in China… the shipping of high-school grads off to low-paid factories so the school principles and 工头 can make profit.

            -In the Chinese system , in the inland provinces, MANY girls gain acceptance and support for college after being coerced into sleeping with local officials. I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of girls.

            – A police system in which public harmony…not justice… is the primary goal. In which connections to police and officials buys immunity under the law. Just two months ago I was sitting at Starbucks with a douche-bag salesman who bragged that he killed a man while driving drunk, but he didn’t need to do jail time because his dad is an official in Nanjing. (he blamed the death on his job, which required him to take the Production Manager of a Foxconn plant out whoring and drinking frequently).

            Justin, tell me. If there was a straight swap… if the US government systems were transplanted as-is to China, would these things still happen? I think not.

          • mankouzanghua

            Your post is wrong. Arnold fought off *T-1000* in Terminator 2.

          • Justin

            >I came to China first time in 91, two years after 6/4.
            > I was having a conversation yesterday with a 40 year-old >coworker, and a 20 year old co-worker. And the 20-year old >didn’t know what 6/4 was, at all. Didn’t know when I said
            > June 4th, 1989 in Tiananmen.

            Everything isn’t so simple. We can look back on Kent State and memorialize it and learn from it because it was so far in the past and remembering it will have very little impact on social stability as it stands today. Many of the leaders at the time are still in some position of authority and to open up that whole can of worms right now will have a destablilizing effect. Or at least that’s how China’s leaders see it.

            Tiananmen wasn’t that long ago. I find it interesting that everyone talks about Tiananmen, but where is the scorn being heaped on Taiwan for its own massacre by KMT troops, the 228 Incident, which was equally large in scale, if not larger, and was a taboo subject up until it was recognized just a few years ago? Oh but Taiwan is such a free society right? So free that it implemented martial law until 1987 as well as tortured and executed thousands. In 10 years from now I wouldn’t be surprised if they teach Tiananmen in the history books, but it’s not some kind of turning point for Chinese people the way the West sees it.

            History is taught in such a way that it engenders a feeling of pride in the country. Same in China as it is in America. What do American textbooks teach us about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Spanish-American War, WW I, The Indian Removal Act, Columbus? All vicious acts of war carried out on behalf of naked greed. It’s all a bunch of lies, too, and if you think otherwise, you’re deluded.

            And I’m willing to guess your coworkers probably knew what you were talking about, but they’re sick of sanctimonious preaching from Westerners who presume to know more about their country than they do, so they feigned ignorance to let you have a little moment of superiority that you so desperately crave.

            > In the Chinese system , in the inland provinces, MANY girls
            > gain acceptance and support for college after being coerced > into sleeping with local officials. I’m talking about hundreds > of thousands of girls.

            MANY? Oh really? How many, exactly? In journalism, we have a name for words like “many” and “very” and “it has been said.” They’re called “weasel words.” They are meaningless words used to introduce flimsy, anecdotal evidence. Interestingly enough, weasel words are prominently used in Communist rhetoric, also referred to derisively as “wooden language.”

            >In the Chinese system of education, inquiry and independent > thought is frowned upon. Hence, the biggest human rights
            > abuse in China… the shipping of high-school grads off to
            > low-paid factories so the school principles and 工头 can make > profit.

            So you were educated in a Chinese school then? You seem to have first-hand knowledge. Since you seem to have a boner for anecdotal evidence, my girlfriend went a Chinese state school and she’s just as much of a creative, independent thinker as anyone else I’ve ever met in my life. But I guess anecdotal evidence only works when it supports YOUR position.

            >- A police system in which public harmony…not justice… is the >primary goal. In which connections to police and officials buys >immunity under the law. Just two months ago I was sitting at >Starbucks with a douche-bag salesman who bragged that he >killed a man while driving drunk, but he didn’t need to do jail >time because his dad is an official in Nanjing. (he blamed the >death on his job, which required him to take the Production >Manager of a Foxconn plant out whoring and drinking >frequently).

            Wow, yet more anecdotal evidence that proves absolutely nothing. I suppose people in the U.S. don’t get away with crimes because of their connections, political or otherwise. Hmm.. Ted Kennedy killed a staffer while driving drunk (death by negligence during the commission of another crime, i.e. driving drunk, is manslaughter according to the law), yet he continued to serve in office until his death. If his name were Ted Smith, do you think he would have gotten away with it? What about Dominique Strauss-Kahn? He had physical evidence linking him to the rape of his chamber maid, and a medical examination that was consistent with coerced sex, yet he’s eating croissants and baguettes in freedom today.

            > – A police system in which public harmony…not justice… is the primary goal.

            This is probably the most laughable of the things that you’ve said. The American judicial system has little to do with justice. If you think it does, try arguing that to Abner Louima, the man who was raped with broomstick by NYC police, or the unarmed, subdued black man who was shot in the back of the head by BART transit cops in Oakland. Or try telling that to any of the other countless black or brown men who get pulled over or shot for the color of their skin on a daily basis in the US. You won’t be able to tell them, because they’re dead! Or how about the Chicago police chief who brutally tortured several innocent men into confessing crimes they never committed, for which they received the death penalty.

            Yeah, sure, in the end the American justice system worked (In those cases that were too big to cover up.) We don’t know how many countless thousands of innocent people have been imprisoned quietly, such as the mentally retarded man who languished on death row for 19 years in Texas before DNA finally exonerated him. It’s the same with China. Those injustices that are big enough to catch the public eye will be dealt with harshly and those that are too small will be swept under the rug. But China is a much bigger place with a much bigger rug.

            >Justin, tell me. If there was a straight swap… if the US >government systems were transplanted as-is to China, >would these things still happen? I think not.

            No, these things would not happen. I agree. They wouldn’t happen because there wouldn’t be a China. If you tried to have a loose federal system of government, you would basically have what you had under the ROC. China would be broken up into lots of tiny warlord nations and ethnically homogenous enclaves, probably all of which would be fighting against each other. The areas that are minority regions probably would take turns ethnically cleansing one another. Basically, China today would look like post-colonial Africa. It would be a war-torn rotting hellhole full of death, disease, poverty and famine instead of a world economic power.

            People tend to think of development as solely an economic phenomenon, but development involves an entire range of processes and institutions, all of which are advancing at different paces.

            The same sort of corruption you see in China is equally as endemic in all developing nations, even those ostensibly democratic ones, such as Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa. In Brazil, children are shot and killed by the owners of garbage dumps because they want to sell the garbage as pig feed. In Russia, I read an editorial about how Russian cops routinely shake down tourists, something you would never see in a million years in Beijing. In India, massive self-interested parties launch general strikes that shut down entire cities just for the sake of achieving some kind of selfish political objective.

            Corruption isn’t a Chinese thing. I do agree that the way the Party deals with it has much to be desired. (For one, judicial oversight under the rule of law could be substituted for the Party disciplinary organs) but the rule of law is a work in progress in China and if you ask people who study it (professors and real scholars, not dimestore armchair quarterbacks on lame forums), China is making advancements by any measure. Those should met with cautious optimism.

          • Justin

            Oh and if you want some more anecdotal evidence. My little league baseball coach got away with murdering his wife because he had connections with the local police force. So yeah, it’s not just a China thing. Power is power. Shady people are shady and will do shady things.

            Granted the nature of the law in China leaves a lot more space for these sorts of things to go on. I won’t deny that. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and there is very little sunlight that reaches the 山高皇帝远的 places. Part of the reason is that cops are given too much leeway to decide things, but that’s probably a matter of expediency more than anything. That’s why cops will often arbitrate disputes on the spot in China rather than clogging up the courts with a bunch of petty complaints. It might not be rule of law, but it works fine in probably 4 out of 5 cases.

          • 平凡人

            1. Most Chinese know about “6/4 Tian An Men”, they just don’t want to talk about it.
            2. Many girls slept with Chinese officials, based on percentage it may be the same with many places around the world. FYI, not everyone needs to sleep; only those who couldn’t make it or those who wanted to take the short cut.
            3. Shipping high school grads to low paid factories, sorry you have been mis-informed. Many young people do not want to go to factories, there is a serious labour shortage for factories here. Those who go in can quit on the same day.
            4. Many Chinese likes to brag saying who they know and how they can get out of trouble, they think by doing so people will work with them and think highly of them. In my 15 years in China, I have seen Mayor being executed, custom officials (whom I know personally) going to prison for corruption. It is not as bad as what you said about killing someone while drunk driving, however, there are many instances of out of court settlement whereby money is paid; can’t help it if victim’s family wants money.

          • jin

            KUDOS to you justin.
            and Taikongren I guess you don’t know as much as you thought you did, ignorant people wont try to learn the truth, the truth is what they think is right. People like you, hitler, terrorists, murderer, and…..

          • Hongjian

            Good writing, Justin.

            I’m a long time follower of the Jamestown Foundation myself, even though more in the lieu of the military and geopolitical matters, but what you have stated, was spot on.

            The CCP’s realtionship to the people can be easily explained with that old american ‘proverb’:

            “When the people fear the goverment, it is tyranny.
            When the government fear the people, it is liberty.”

            Even though in China it works both ways, it can still be said that the CCP is more fearful of the people than any other democratic govt. in the world. Since their fear isnt a fear of not being reelected, but an existencial fear of their very lives.
            And with this, the CCP will, even though through undemocratic, unlawful and ad-hoc populist measures, answer to the people’s demands over short or long – as seen in the Wukang-issue last year, where the CCP organized local elections and made the rebel-leader the new party secretary of the town, since he proved himself to be a charistmatic and capable person, by organizing the riots in the first place that has chased out all police and CCP officials from the town before.

            Collaboration and clever meritocracy prevailed in the end. And this should also be the way this case here at hand would most probably be handled.

          • little barbarian

            Justin,I think your credibility needs to be doubted in some ways, for example:
            Your example of the Beijing municipal govt. doesnot necessarily represents its counterparts of different governmental body of different levels in other cities or areas in China. For example, the municipal government in Beijing seems to have done correctly to protect people’s rights for lower cost of metro. However, another wellknown city Shanghai, in which I have been living for at least 10 years, shows a totally different picture. The minimun cost of metro in Shanghai would be 3 kuai and usually it would cost someone four or five kuai for an ordinary trip. (see the official website for shanghai metro
            Your examples of relatively low costs of metro, electriticity and gas to show the governments awareness about the poor are also problematic. The cost for metro seems alright. I’m not sure about whether fees for electricity or gas for poor are low in Beijing. Even if the three examples are true, there are more aspects of living expenses which need to be taken in to account. For example, the rent or price for housing, a very important factor for living expenses, is very high.

      • Money Is Power

        Wow, I guess you’re living in a bubble…

  • Han

    Criminals like this really makes you support capital punishment or real life Frank Castle taking care of scums that walked free from law.

    • notorious

      I think he should be forced at gunpoint to tend to her wounds as her man servant for the rest of his life.

      • CND Icehole

        Do you really think she would want him around her?

        • 404namenotfound

          ^ This

      • Matt Smith

        I think a better punishment would be to make him beg on the streets until he collects enough money to pay for anything and everything she could possibly need for the rest of her life (including the iPhone and LV bags and whatnot).That way she doesn’t have to see him again and he suffers what is presumably a great fear for himself.

        • 404namenotfound

          Still not enough, just kill him.. PLEASE!!

  • jiayi

    Disgusting. The sense of entitlement among these little cunt crumbs is just astounding. He should have died on his mother’s face along with the rest of this Chinese Satan’s sperm.

    • themig

      stories like hers was common in the west when french soldiers used to do the same thing to german girls who rejcted them after the end of World war 2 in the Allied occupy zones. so it isn’t just a chinese thing

      • anon

        Uh, that’s a bit random. I’d just say there are plenty of stories around the world of crazy fucking psycho people doing crazy fucking psycho things the object of their affection spurns them, or otherwise don’t get what they want.

        Those people all should’ve died on–I won’t say their would-be mother’s faces, but as Chinese netizens put it–on the wall.

  • Peye

    Some of the comments here are,in my opinion, over the top. What have the boys actions to do with his parents being gouvernment officials. How many parents know what goes on in the heads of their children. These kind of things do not only happen in China, they are happening all over the world. There are even places where it is accepted to be a man’s right to treat a girl or women as he pleases. I am sure in China the law will be applied to this situation. It is one of those human tragedies that should not take place but do from time to time. My heart goes out to the young girl and the parents of the children.

    • notorious

      I agree, the parent’s role as government officials have nothing to do with it. Perhaps, his sense of entitlement or as the father admitted, the poor manner in which he chose to raise his son. However, the parents did not lift their hands to hurt a beautiful young girl.

      As a parent, despite every thing I have taught my own children, they do stupid things sometimes. Kids have their own mind, and their own will. We all do.

      The parents don’t deserve to be tortured. They should compensate the victim’s family.

      • tomtuttlefromtacoma

        You need to read the article a little closer.

        The parents are strong arming the victim and her family to minimize the son’s punishment.

        Maybe not tortured, but they do deserve to get fired from their jobs.

        • notorious

          tuttle, if they get fired they can’t pay the victim’s medical bills.

          And since they are fond of paying for their sons crimes, force them to work and spend their salaries paying this young lady’s bills for the rest of their lives.

          The parents should make him understand how his actions have caused them agony as well. They will have to part with their own son, to jail or possibly a death sentence. That is very painful I suppose, and it seems wrong to sympathize with the parents, but can you imagine your own flesh and blood doing something this evil and having to deal with the aftermath? You first remember the love, the little boy you raised and taught to walk, the hugs (if any), glowing with pride with every tiny accomplishment. Then he becomes evil? This being they’ve raised since he was tiny and innocent himself? It cannot be! It was a momentary lapse of judgement or insanity! the parents are now probably thinking, why should he suffer the rest of his life for a mistake?

          without realizing… the boy was raised to think he was invincible because his parents were government employees. thought he was above the law, above all others, and capable of any heinous act because they allowed him to forget how infinitesimally small he was. Now a girl is egregiously injured, and the boy is gone.

          It’s a tragic story all around.

          • Ray

            Didn’t the article already say that the parents are not paying the freaken bills because the victim’s family won’t sign some statement of lies? Maybe the position of government official enabled the son to boast about it and in turn become arrogant when more people suck up to him since he is the son of a gov official. You can stay that his social settings brought him up to what he is now but that setting is provided to him by his parents.

            This is not some normal “every kid does stupid things” situation, whenever you still some random kid going around lighting people on fire because there were “stupid”? Don’t defend failure on the parents part using diluted examples of youth rebellion.

          • notorious


            I believe the son is evil. Pure and simple. There’s no logical explanation for his actions. I said I believe his parents are acting in this manner because they believe, their kid did something stupid. What I am saying is that, it is unreasonable to believe that a parent will forget how much they love their kids, no matter how evil the child becomes, the parent will not want them to suffer.

          • Ray


            Well its okay to assume that the son is pure evil, but doesn’t that also allow for the possibility that the parents are pure evil as well?

            That is their evilness is the cause of everything? Evil child, evil job, evil treatment to the victim’s family?

            I see where you are coming from, you are saying that the family just wants the good of their child, even though you didn’t say that to obtain that goodness they went on to trample on the feelings of others, doing “evil deeds”. If one had committed to doing evil to ensure the well being of their own offspring, then they should expect to be criticised for their decisions.

      • M.N

        Mr.Peye and Miss Notorious…Didn’t you read properly before about the comments made by the father when his son was in jail…”“Whether you sign or not, I will still strive to have him released!”…..Even after his son’s horrific action,the parents didn’t feel shame.They should have broken their son’s bones for letting their child commit such a horrific act…

        • notorious

          I read the father’s comments. But people have commented that the father should be burned or killed etc. I don’t think violence toward the father or the mother is neccessary, i agree that they should be publically shamed for the strong arming though.

          • donscarletti

            He is responsible for preventing justice from being carried out. The boy is only responsible for this beautiful girl’s face, but men like the father are responsible for a whole society built on lies and corruption.

            Kill the son quickly, like a rabid dog, not to punish him, but to spare society the harm that he can only cause. The father however requires 凌迟 like a corrupt official in ancient times.

          • notorious

            Okay Don, I think I understand the other aspect of rage for the parent, in the sense that he is in fact, trying to prevent justice. and not only that, cheat the victim’s family.

    • donscarletti

      “There are even places where it is accepted to be a man’s right to treat a girl or women as he pleases.”
      Wow, talk about scraping the bottom of the rationalisation barrel.

      Yep, people in some places and in some times have routinely done horrific things that you could not possibly imagine. There is no cultural excuse for abusing others though, we are all the same deep down and if some Saudi or Pakistani or whatever does that to a woman, then it’s simply because of his own character flaws and I’ll try my hardest to string him up right next to this kid.

      Hopefully he is executed. I’m just going to meditate on the characters “死刑”, there is poetry in their forms. Look at it, see the blade gleaming at the end, waiting for him. I do not think it is likely, since luckily she seems to be slowly recovering and the court says that it is waiting to assess her wounds. But we can hold hope.

      • mr. weiner

        I think there is sufficient outrage in China for this to have become cause celebrete. So any new developements will be monitored by a pissed off army of chinese cyber geeks. I’m guessing out of every 100 routine cases of this happening in China only one goes viral. So I’m sure that little mongrel “Tao” can expect to have the unwelcome light of public scrutiny shone on his case for years to come. Even given the shortness of attention given to these cases in China it won’t take much to fan public indignation back into flame considering the gruesome and sensational details of the case [And your average Chinese just loves the spawn of corrupt officials don’t they?].
        I don’t believe in karmaic retribution much i’d want to ,but I don’t envy the life of these shitheels for the forseeable future.

  • Meh

    What the hell? This mother fucker need to be put down. I don’t care who he’s the son of someone needs to burn this asshole alive and see how much he likes it!!!!!!

  • Meh

    This poor girl is ruined forever! Someone take that Tao Rukun shithead out please!!!!

  • M.N

    Fauna or ChinaSmack employees,is there any way to help her and her family financially by donation…? It’s been almost a year now since that incident happened,not sure if the girl’s treatment is still going on or not…??? And Fauna,what took you so long to publish this story on ChinaSmack…? Anyways….i want to appreciate you guys for letting us know about this news,keep up the good work folks.Some scars will not go away easily but i hope and pray that her life gets back to normal…

  • Foreign Devil

    What kind of system would remove a severe burn victim from the hospital pre-maturely just because her family doesn’t have the money at the moment?

    • Nari

      A close friend of mine, as a teenager, was riding a motorcycle when he was hit by a car. He was unconscious and bleeding, with a portion of his face ripped off, but the hospital wouldn’t let him in the main door until someone from his family showed up with a downpayment. Luckily, they were able to borrow enough in time. I’ve heard stories of people who weren’t as lucky and died, literally, at the door of the hospital.

      • Rod

        I broke my leg here and something similar happened. After removing me from under the exhaust pipe of the ambulance (where the guys in the ambulance placed me to wait for the hospital workers to pick me up), I was taken to a waiting room to wait until I could reach someone to access money for me.

    • Rick in China

      The US system?

      • Bryan from the USA

        I hope you are not implying the United States. Only in China would they not treat you unless you had money. The only thing you would have to pay for in the United States is the handgun you would buy to kill the bastard rich boy who did this. You would have to kill him yourself since the US justice system only gives life sentences for this crime. That is the one thing I like about China, the liberal use of the death plenty. Good Job China!!!

        • Rick in China


          “Despite these statutes and penalties, hospitals have continued turning patients away. From 1996 to 2000, the watchdog organization Public Citizen confirmed violations from 527 hospitals in 46 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico [10]. Of the 527 hospitals, 117 had violated the act more than once, and for-profit hospitals were significantly more likely to do so [10].”

          • Justin

            Holy Shit, that first link you posted happened in Beaumont, TX. I was born there and grew up 20 minutes away. Small world.

        • [email protected]

          What the heck are you talking about Bryan? how could you know so little about your own country’s health care policy? Watch Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko”.
          I mean, unless you are a republican, in which case, go fawn over your posters of Newt and Mitt and Senator Ass Juice and keep telling yourself the lack of Universal Health care is what God intended.

          • Bryan

            You must be Chinese peasant to believe that Michael Moron. Michel Moron is the only thing my country will apologize for. Don`t comment on something you don`t know, unless you are an American living in America who has traveled the world.

          • Rick in China

            How can you have travelled the world when you’re still stuck in your fact-proof bubble? I’d wager you’re a hardcore republican from the bible belt, too.

            Google images it. “Fact-proof bubble”. Do you think those links (those were the first 3, out of many hits) are all bullshit too? THERE IS NO HEALTH CARE DENIAL IN US HOSPITALS FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT INSURANCE? Either you’re extremely stupid, extremely ignorant, or extremely full of shit. Maybe all 3.

  • Peye

    Sorry for causing a misunderstanding. What I wanted to express was, that in spite of todays technological and educational progress , some cultural traditions, habits and believes are deeply rooted and are not easy to overcome/change. (Relating to the treatment of females)

  • Niels

    Maybe I was too shocked to think clearly. If spreading that story via internet is the right way to get the attacker punnished, so be it.

  • dim mak

    Bet that kid went through life getting whatever he wanted from his parents, that’s why he’s got such a ridiculous sense of entitlement

    Someone shoulda kicked his ass before this happened

    • xxxcdbxxx

      wheres the human flesh search?

      • anon

        It found comments he posted on the web in the past showing him to be a cocky dick in general. There’s also his photo, of him wearing sunglasses. It should be on the Youku page.

  • Taikongren

    I have been reading this site for years. I never responded in the forums here. I mostly usually look for the articles with exhibitionist girls and that sort of stuff. I’m a Chinese -speaking expat in China.

    After seeing this, I want to go to Heifei and fucking kill that little bastard who did this. There needs to be justice.

    Fuck all the moralizing. “An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind”. Yes. True. But for someone to put gasoline on an innocent girl and burn her like this… he either has no capacity for empathy, and/or he has a total superiority complex. Either way, he is a failure as a human being and must not be allowed to ever walk among people.

    • I agree i am an expat in China. Human flesh search this little son a whore and take care of him.

  • 平凡人

    This hopeless bastard should not get away with this, if he does, this country is hopeless, expect another revolution soon. So is this what the most guys around here does when they cannot win a girls heart? Will they also do the same when they don’t get a job or promotion? This is really scary.

  • TheHansTheDampf

    If anyone in this country had balls, the guy would be dead.

  • Song of the Article

    -The Cure

    • markx

      Kedafu = lost touch with reality

  • Tie Ridge

    When will you dumb ass;s wake up. I am from the U.S and some mother fu@$er come to my house I dont care whos kid he is I would burn him. Your not good parents if your not willing to stand up for your own kids. The people of China when your tired of the way your lifes are and you government runs things stand up together and fight. That what makes a country liveable. Look around the world right now from Inda, to the middle east (WAKING UP)

  • whichone

    If everyone could just calm down. People can emotionally resonate with this poor girls and her family, but what this kid did, and let’s not forget he is a kid, has no direct connection with his family, certainly does not warrant cries to have his family viciously killed.

    The kid has been caught, rotting in jail awaiting trial, with the publicity surrounding this case, he will probably get what he deserves.

    • Taikongren

      According to the article, he is out on bail. According to the article, the boys parents interfered so that the police could not take an assessment of the girls injuries. According to the article, the boys parents stopped payment for the girl’s medical treatment unless the parents change their story of what happened.

      I would not call for the parents to be killed. But based on the what is presented here, they are far from innocent in both intentions and actions.

      • anon

        The article (in another part) also has the father publicly stating his son is still in jail. In yet other parts, it just says the kid’s parents said they would do everything they can to get him released. They wanted the girl’s parents to sign a document to help them get him out, but they refused. There’s some “he said she said going on. Most of the earlier articles went by what the girl’s family is saying. The Hefei police I think also came out with a statement saying the kid is still being detained.

        Like a lot of people including whichone and Chinese netizens, there’s a limit to how much we can blame the kid’s crime on the parents. We can argue the parents didn’t raise him better but at some point you have to draw the line and let the little fucker take responsibility for his own actions. What we can damn the parents for is the any underhanded methods they’re employing to circumvent the law and legal proceedings. Understandably, parents will care for their children, but it’s pretty bad if they’re asking the girl’s family to lie about what happened, using the medical expenses as leverage, and if they’re using their influence to suppress or interfere with the case.

      • whichone

        They should be arrested for other crimes, all I’m saying is, this mob blood lust is disturbing, though not entirely surprising.

        The only thing we know for sure is that this little monster disfigured the girl, for which he was imprisoned, and later released on bail (though official hefei police weibo say he is not). Everything else is a one sided story from the victim’s family.

        As for the allegations regarding the parents, maybe they are true, maybe they are only suppositions, or they could be straight up lies to extort compensation using public outcry. I know it’s a shitty thing to say but unfortunately that’s how the world works, especially in China.

  • JSakamoto

    Let’s just hope justice is done in this case. Based on the last comment by the chinese netizen on previous cases, there is a chance justice will be done. However, the boy was only 17 so not sure what kind of punishment he will get as I’m not too familiar with the chinese justice system except that it’s different from US system in many ways.

    I’m thinking in certain parts of the world, the boy would already by tied to a stake with a fire ready to be lit.

    • Rick in China

      It’s a 3rd level of injury caused — 4th being death. 3rd level of injury especially with a high degree (1 of 10 degrees in each level of injury) almost always results in prison (like 90% of the cases passed to the court from the procuratorate), and in this case it seems pretty clear that it was an act of pre-planned violence. He’ll probably end up getting 20 years.

      • JSakamoto

        OK I see, kind of like 1st degree assault here in the US with a fairly equivalent sentence. But will being 17 and the son of officials affect his sentence? I surely hope not. I still think 20 years is too little but I don’t really think anything provided by law would be enough for what this bastard did to the poor girl.

        Looking at the pics, her neck and chin got burnt the most and not her face. Hopefully with the advances in medicine these days her face will heal well with minimal scarring.

        • Rick in China

          She’s really lucky about the scarring ish – first, looks like they put it out before the fire went through her actual skin, very few areas look like they destroyed the dermus. Most importantly – her EYES and LIPS look intact. I think that’s the most crucial for recovery. Her ear getting ‘burned off’ is pretty bad ass too, but as a girl at least she can grow her hair long. Most of the fleshy parts, look like she’ll be able to make a good recovery with some grafting. I actually split my head open (well, someone else split it open with a bottle :D) and had 24 stitches to help undo the frankenstein in the temple/above eye, after like 3 years it’s almost all invisible even up close.

          Feel really bad for this girl in any case, can only imagine the pain and the destruction of everything she knew as normal in her young life. Really really unfortunate. If it was my daughter, buddy wouldn’t have gotten farther away than buriel beneath my rice plantation or whatever.

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    Someday(I believe in the next couple of years it will come) those commie sons of bitches will be brought to justice and skined alive while their commie fathers and grandfathers being dug out from the graves and burned to dust (挫骨扬灰)!!!!!

  • Castro

    Death penalty.

    no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

  • Xiongmao

    I hate actually defending the government for once but: There are cruel idiots everywhere no matter if raised by government officials or farmers. We can’t jump to the conclusion that because this sick fuck did this, all officials are lousy parents with terrible kids. What we CAN do is act on the despicable behaviour of strong-arming victims and their families into surrendering their claims and to easy criminal charges because they are struggling financially. It seems to have become the standard procedure these days for the well-off to try bribing victims with the hospital costs, knowing full well that in many cases they have to accept it. From a European standard of law and punishment, Tao should first of all pay all medical expenses, then cough up tort and all future expenses for cosmetic surgery, pay a TON of money for disfigurement/disability + money for lost time at work/study. I believe his actions fall under attempted murder in the second degree hence he’d be spending 5-8 years in jail.

  • Nanna

    I can not imagine the future of Zhou Yan, every girl love beauty, particularly in such flowery ages, I only hope Zhou could be more courageous for himself and try to face your life in right way, because you are live at least. Hope god bless you, yound girl!

  • Meh

    Someone fuck this guy up please!!!! I can’t stop thinking about this story after reading!!!! I’d do it myself if I lived near him and had the power!!!! Burn him alive or just fucking decapitate this scum!!!!

  • Mano

    Highly suggest removing boy’s and his families DNA from the gene pool, permanently.

  • Bryan from the USA

    It reminds me of the Hollywood movie Silent Hill 2006. In the movie the girl is roasted over a open fire by the towns people for being a bastard child. The girl is severely burned and later makes a pact with a demon to take revenge on the towns people. Check the movie out.

    • Medical Advisor

      Get the fuck out of here with your movie.

      • moop


      • markx

        Med Advisor;
        Very well said.

      • Bryan

        If you saw the movie you would understand.

        Officer Tomas Gucci:”Many different forms of justice, Chris. See, you got man`s God`s and even the Devil`s. Certain forms you just can`t control.” Silent Hill 2006.

        If God or the Law does not punish this evil boy, even the devil or some other force in the universe will.

        • [email protected]

          in your own words Bryan – You must be an American peasant to believe that Pyramid Head guy. Pyramid Head is the only thing Konami Texas will apologize for. Don`t comment on something you don`t know, unless you are a Silent Hill resident living in America who has traveled to hell and back.

  • [email protected]

    Under no circumstances can this family get away with their crimes!

    The son – home invasion / premeditated-attempted murder / aggravated battery / arson
    The parents – blackmail / witness tampering / coercion / bribery / corruption / intimidation

    This case is ten degrees of outrageous. What fucking family in their right minds would try to suppress the conviction of their son for something so heartless and malicious as this?
    He planned to MURDER this girl and prepared the tools for her death. He busted into her home and set her ON FIRE. He scarred her for life and now his family want him to stay out in society like his crimes never happened!

    My God what the fuck is wrong with these fucking people??!!!

    Not only does the son need to be charged and prosecuted and receive his punishment like the disgusting human garbage that he is, but the family of this filth need also to be charged and prosecuted and punished for the equally disgusting and barbaric crimes they are all too guilty of.

    This girl will never, ever, ever be able to live a normal life while this boy remains unpunished. Flay him and make his parents watch. Then lock them up for life.

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  • GhettoBoy

    Kids doing cruel things, you blame on parents. But this punkass is 17 year old. Shouldn’t he be tried as an adult? I do not think Chinese laws are THAT forgiving once he’s tried fairly.

  • He must be castrated.

    • markx

      Seems a little unfair:

      I’d suggest fairer would be;

      then later,

  • Bunny99

    The main thing that seems to be wrong here is the role of the police and the sate – where were they?

    According to the story as reported – Tao Rukun is a danger to the public, he has major psychological problems. So it should not make any difference what his parents can force the victims parents to sign – this case should be the people against Tao Rukun. The police should collect the evidence and the state prosecute – no one should be able to interfere with that – the parents of victim and perpetrator have no role in this (except to give evidence). Also, there should be a working system of criminal injuries compensation – at least for cases as heinous as this – and the state should pay for the emergency treatment and charge that to the suspect if ultimately convicted.

  • Taikongren

    Responding to Justin:

    Everything isn’t so simple. …
    Tiananmen wasn’t that long ago. I find it interesting that everyone talks about Tiananmen, but where is the scorn being heaped on Taiwan for its own massacre by KMT troops,…. In 10 years from now I wouldn’t be surprised if they teach Tiananmen in the history books, but it’s not some kind of turning point for Chinese people the way the West sees it.

    It was a life-altering event for the nation and those there. But my point was about what is taught and what people are allowed to learn. And that point was directed at you because YOU ARE DEFLECTING AGAIN. This has nothing to do with Taiwan. Or Israel. Or US. Or France. Or anywhere else. You are making moral equivalencies which are idiotic.

    History is taught in such a way that it engenders a feeling of pride in the country. Same in China as it is in America. What do American textbooks teach us about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Spanish-American War, WW I, The Indian Removal Act, Columbus?

    My textbooks taught me a lot about all those acts. And even if the books lied, I have been able to research it for myself. What do Chinese textbooks say about Tiananmen? About The Great Leap Forward?

    More importantly, why make this moral equivalency? Your fucking defending the Chinese system!

    And I’m willing to guess your coworkers probably knew what you were talking about, but they’re sick of sanctimonious preaching from Westerners who presume to know more about their country than they do, so they feigned ignorance to let you have a little moment of superiority that you so desperately crave.

    And the girl in the bar I was talking with? And my coworker at my last job? Dude STFU. I’ve been here for 8 years and before that I’ve studied at 北大 in the 90s. I watch Chinese TV. I’m fluent. I am a foreign representatitve to the PSB in the town I live in…I help translate when stupid English teachers get into fights with locals and get arreseted. I know what Tiananmen means and to whom.

    MANY? Oh really? How many, exactly? So you were educated in a Chinese school then? You seem to have first-hand knowledge. Since you seem to have a boner for anecdotal evidence, my girlfriend went a Chinese state school and she’s just as much of a creative, independent thinker as anyone else I’ve ever met in my life.

    You’re going to debate the reality of this with me?

    China would be broken up into lots of tiny warlord nations and ethnically homogenous enclaves, probably all of which would be fighting against each other.

    Wow. YOu argue the same crap that Chinese people argue. You probably come up with the same excuses (“Oh Chinese people are too many!” , “Oh, we just can’t change that”).

    • dim mak

      You both fail it

      Anedoctal accounts = irrelevant
      “Some other country does it too” = irrelevant

      lol internet debates

  • Taikongren

    Monday, February 27, 2012 at 2:30 pm
    1. Most Chinese know about “6/4 Tian An Men”, they just don’t want to talk about it.
    2. Many girls slept with Chinese officials, based on percentage it may be the same with many places around the world. FYI, not everyone needs to sleep; only those who couldn’t make it or those who wanted to take the short cut.
    3. Shipping high school grads to low paid factories, sorry you have been mis-informed. Many young people do not want to go to factories, there is a serious labour shortage for factories here. Those who go in can quit on the same day.
    4. Many Chinese likes to brag saying who they know and how they can get out of trouble, they think by doing so people will work with them and think highly of them. In my 15 years in China, I have seen Mayor being executed, custom officials (whom I know personally) going to prison for corruption. It is not as bad as what you said about killing someone while drunk driving, however, there are many instances of out of court settlement whereby money is paid; can’t help it if victim’s family wants money.

    1. My experience is that many under the age of 25 have not heard of it. I’m not saying they have to feel anything about this. But it was a major event which affected their parents generation. My experience is that people closer to my age will talk about it in conversations about politics or internet censorship. I do not bring this topic up unless I’m testing the historical awareness of younger people.

    2. My comment was based on interviews with actual “PeaceCorp” teachers coming off of work-stints in Sichuan, Gansu, and Guizhou.

    3. Sorry. I’m a management consultant. I have opened factories and staffed over 1000 employees. I have reviewed HR policies of several factories in Jiansu, Zhejiang, and Guangzhou. Yes, there are worker shortages. However the process most un-skilled and semi-skilled operators arrive at the factories is the same. Workheads approach vocational schools, give bribes to principles, who then promote a whole graduating class to travel in a group to a particular city, where another work-head picks them up and enrolls them in a company as internship workers. The companies in Jiangsu and Zhejiang get 50% of their operator workers this way (the other 50% is reserved for local hires)

    4. And many Chinese people I talk to hear similar stories or know of many people who get out of trouble based on their connections. And while translating for the local PSB, I have seen a lot of this personally.

    I don’t know what the point is. This sort of started because it seemed from the article that the boy’s parents are using connections to hinder police assessment of injuries (and that rang true with me because I know that police do this assessment report as part of their proceedures). This somehow got Justin into this mindset that he has to make a case that what happens in China and America are equivalent.

    • Rick in China

      RE: “police assessment of injuries” – it’s not like that. Actually, the injury report is released by a 3rd party organization that only releases injury / disability reports. It defines the specific level and degree of disability caused by the incident. There are 4 levels, 1 is the lowest, 2 is minor, 3 is serious, 4 is death. Each of the levels has a degree system from 1-10. Anything that is level 2 can be associated to a criminal charge. The degree is what will determine the seriousness of punishment or degree of financial responsibility associated, and judged by the courts – if it goes that far. This is all defined specifically by the 3rd party disability/injury reporting agency. They provide this report to the PSB, and as mentioned, level 2 or higher allows for criminal prosecution of the assault. I know this very clearly, because I’m currently being charged with criminal assault. :D

  • 大陸流氓

    I cannot believe this kind of tragedy. I really doubt if this bastard truly like this girl! If his love is sincere and honest, how could he committed such a scary crime to his beloved? I have some faith in Karma, but sadly there are too little ritribution against those true banes in the society.

  • typingfromwork

    Fuck corrupt officials. Fuck their dumbass shit for brains children. Pull the rug from under their feet and they will beg like the dogshit that they are.

    • Rick in China

      Read the father’s weibo post. Seems he’s not trying to corrupt shit – maybe he did at some point – but now he’s suckin it up and taking responsibility.

      • markx

        Dang Rick … you lookin for the ‘most gullible’ award?

  • roger

    Reading this i was very sad. Such a beautiful girl.
    my thoughts are going to this girl and her family, hope she will recover the best she can.

    roger from norway

  • Chinkicide

    Hm… Interesting coincidence.
    I do know chinese female creature in Hefei whom I would love to burn.

    I think I 顶 this.

  • GodsHammer

    Attention stupid Chinese lawmakers and judicial system.
    THIS is what the death penalty is for, you pathetic fuckstains.
    Stealing 1 million rmb automatically qualifies you for the death penalty but this action doesn’t??? If I was even related to that girl I would send him back to his parents in a bag. What a fucking mess or mis-shapen morality this shithole has become.

  • Lillo

    I bet the CCP version: he’s been obvioulsy induced by Dalai lama :D

  • 殷商

    Good thing not go out. Bad news travels fast.

  • Oxunion

    According to the western conception of law, the accused is underaged, while his parents bear limited responsibility vs negligence. They most certainly would not be guilty by genetic association, that only exists in countries like DPRK.

  • Jay K.

    FUCK THIS SHIT. light that nigga up! im serious this is the mst fucked up thing i’ve seen. and yeah im going to be one biggoted bias yankeee. if that was my daughter i’d seriously get my shotgun and fucking blow the kids body parts off piece by piece, but since there are no gun laws in this country to give the free to bear armsm i’d go freddy kruegger on that kids ass. that kdis is no better than a jap rapin and mutilating chinese people during war era.

    this is fuckin bullshit! i have never cursed so much in my life from a story here on chinasmack, not even for the other dispacable things that has happened in the past.

    fuck him, fuck his family, seeing that mother cry and them removing those things off her body during the report it seriously put tears in my eyes.

    • JAYJAY

      True that!

  • Ronald

    What kind of criminals are running this country?, it is as criminal the bastard who did this as his parents.
    Please somebody find this aberration of human and burn him to death in front of his parents.

  • allan

    i am a malaysian chinese , it made me sick each time, i read son of government officials burn,kill,bully people. is it really so powerful being a goverment officials son, can do anything above the law in china? if this case in my country ,Tao Rukun will sent to prison forever.

  • B

    jeez psycho, please but away for ever.

  • Anon

    Just to make everyone’s day even cheerier, there has now been a case in Anhui that is just as if not more hideous- a 14-year-old with a reported history of peeping at girls’ underwear snuck into his neighbors house, stabbed a 10-year-old girl in the face multiple times and drowned her, then went back home to do his homework.

    People are now asking “WTF is wrong with Anhui,” just as Americans ask about Florida. However, without the elements of privilege and corruption (from what I saw skimming the article) this story probably won’t have the same kind of legs.

    • donscarletti

      I had a coworker from Anhui. He’s quite handsome, but has a prominent scar all the way from his upper cheek, right down to under his jaw.

      I have no freaking idea where he got it, neither am I bold enough to ask, since he’d probably tell me.

      Also, I met a few young Anhui ladies in KTV bars. They all look very much like this girl and her mother, lovely tapered face. Also seem smarter and more aware than the girls from other areas in similar clubs, probably because they are just regular girls who need to get out of there.

  • Peye

    For your info: There is an article about this case on It does provide some more details

  • jiayi

    This story reeks of two very dangerous things: male entitlement and money. Concepts that always have been, and continue to be, completely overvalued – and China is a prime example of that.

    I wonder when or if, the good billion or so bourgeois and working class Chinese are going to wake up and start actively fighting back against those few who are in the higher power and are currently abusing it profusely. Seriously, what’s it going to take? When is it going to reach breaking point? Your ambition shouldn’t be to become like these bastards at the top, it should be to destroy them. You can sit and complain about the abuse of government power but are you doing anything to change it? I feel for the good, hardworking Chinese people but there’s only so much sympathy one can have when the general attitude is so passive and halfhearted. Nobody wants another Tianamen but the amount of bored bystanders is really demoralizing. All I can see is disinterested youth and angry fenqing talking the talk but put them out on the street and they won’t walk the walk. All fart and no shit. If you allow things to roll this way, don’t bother complaining about it.

    You say you want a revolution, man, I say you’re just full of shit.

    • Anon

      I can’t remember, is that Minor Threat?