Helmeted Man Hits Bank ATM Users with Brick to Rob Them

In China, a man wearing a helmet uses a brick to strike bank ATM users in the head to knock them unconscious and rob them of their money.

In China, a man wearing a helmet uses a brick to strike bank ATM users in the head to knock them unconscious and rob them of their money.

FromYouku & NetEase:

People getting attacked while at depositing or withdrawing money from ATMs

Thug wears helmet and uses brick to viciously hit the person at the ATM’s head until they cannot react.

The above video has been viewed over 1.1 million times and has over 3,000 comments since it was uploaded yesterday. Summary translation of the Chinese in the video:

The first victim, Yongkang resident Miss Hu was robbed of 3000 RMB cash she had placed on the ATM, 900 RMB cash in her purse, and even her platinum ring on her finger.

Two days later, the second victim Mr. Tong was robbed at 11pm at night as he was on the phone and preparing to deposit money at the ATM. He was knocked unconscious and robbed of the 47,000 RMB cash he was going to deposit and his black Apple iPhone.

A Chinese man wearing a helmet uses a brick to hit ATM users on the head, knocking them out, before robbing them of their money and valuables.

On November 25th at night, the helmeted man again tried to use the same method to rob another person, a Mr. Yu, except wearing a different color helmet this time.

The police officer says that through analysis of the surveillance footage, it was determined that the suspect’s actions were premeditated. Through police action, the culprit named Xu Guode was soon arrested. Xu had stolen over 80,000 RMB through this method.

The helmet-wearing brick-weilding suspect arrested by Chinese police.

Comments from Youku:


Fuck, this brutal! Friends, pay attention to your safety! The [Chinese] new year approaches, those who are willing to hurt others for money are all ready. When out to withdraw money, its best to have two or three friends with you.


Is this thief using the same brick every time, that it is no longer sturdy enough the third time?


Saw this video last night right before bed, which resulted in me dreaming about this person robbing me, and then there was a life and death struggle, and then I forgot…


I can only say this person is so short of money that he’s gone crazy!


Will need to wear a helmet next when going to the ATM in the future , Earth is too dangerous.


Was that last guy trained in qigong? We can see the brick hit him and fall apart, and he’s still fine.


Even this kind of news is placed in the headlines? Isn’t this essentially giving others ideas and teaching others how to go rob money?


The first guy [attacker] had a square face and was fat. The one that was caught has a long face and is skinny. Is this testing our intelligence or our eyesight?


This kind of person should be immediately shot, for being this ruthless.


Requesting this Miss Hu’s telephone number. Who knows it??????


Everyone look closely, the differences between the first helmeted man and the suspect arrested in the end are too large, these police are totally trying to deceive the people…


I also saw this news and this person is indeed too vicious, a thug! A society compelled by money!


Come on, the police’s reaction is too slow too. The same despicable method, the same vicious case, how come the police weren’t deployed until the fourth person was harmed?! There’s a problem with the banks too when this kind of incident happens repeatedly in their own place of business. Were there no security or security measures at all? Have you considered your customers’ safety before?! Your wages and bonuses have all been increased, right? But you don’t even have any security guards?


Come on, this is too vicious. He doesn’t even hesitate when hitting with the brick~ Why was he able to hit 4 people at the same place before he was arrested??

Have you ever been robbed at an ATM before? How?

Miss Hu.

Miss Hu. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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