Help Chinese Children with Autism in Beijing, Saturday 7/28 (UPDATE)

Cubism, asymmetry and self-portraiture by Kristin, a Chinese child part of the Golden Wings charity organization.

Golden Wings charity Chinese children making art.

UPDATE: Due to severe weather warnings in Beijing, the date and time of the event has been rescheduled for Saturday 28th July from 2:30-5:30pm.

The Giving Wings to Children’s Art Charity Auction hosted by Yuanfen~Flow in conjunction with Alpha Partners Education and Golden Wings will raise money for children with autism.

Participants on the Alpha Partners’ Summer Pegasus Program have kindly donated their self portraits from the visual literacy class they have been attending, which has focused on cubism, asymmetry and self-portraiture.

Cubism, asymmetry and self-portraiture by Kristin, a Chinese child part of the Alpha Partners' Summer Pegasus Program.Cubism, asymmetry and self-portraiture by Tim, a Chinese child part of the Alpha Partners' Summer Pegasus Program.Cubism, asymmetry and self-portraiture by Jo, a Chinese child part of the Alpha Partners' Summer Pegasus Program.

These paintings will be sold between 6:30 and 9:30pm on Wednesday 25th July 2:30 and 5:30pm on Saturday 28th July in Beijing, Dashanzi, 798 Art District, Seven Stars East Street (北京 大山子 酒仙桥路2号 798艺术区 七星东街) with all proceeds going to the not-for-profit organisation, Golden Wings. All money raised will go into improving the life quality of disabled children through the means of art therapy which enables the children to realize individual values

There will also be prints of artwork created by some of the Golden Wings children available to buy with sales directly benefitting them and their peers.

Golden Wings charity Chinese children making art.Golden Wings charity Chinese children making art.

All artists contributing to this auction come from different backgrounds but have been united through the creative process and the common cause of helping others.

Please join us to celebrate their hard work and talent and help to contribute to the future of young aspiring artists.

Giving Wings to Children's Art Charity Auction flier.

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  • mr. wiener

    cool paintings

  • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

    Aww look at all those aspiring little autists.

    According to some website, every child on the autism spectrum has problems, at least to some degree, in the following three areas:

    – Communicating verbally and non-verbally
    – Relating to others and the world around them
    – Thinking and behaving flexibly

    Do you know how many little Chinese bastards fall into this group? Why donate when it will result in supporting 100,000,000 of these fuckers?

    • maja

      because autism is a sickness and therapy in early age is crucial in its treatment.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      o.O …seriously…

      • maja

        I read it on some website. So true.

        • Winter B4 Spring

          yeah i know. my comment was to the Mao dude.

          • maja

            I could not resist :P

          • Winter B4 Spring


    • tencent

      LOL, what an idiot.

    • elizabeth

      Hahaha…didn’t know anyone could aspire to be autistic…

      Jiang shenme dong dong xi?

    • linette

      little Chinese bastards………….supporting 100,000,000 of these fuckers?….

      Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong, you are no doubt a dumb fxcker. You need to shut up and go back to your mom so she can teach you how to behave like a normal human. Your mom failed you. You are making fun of children with real medical condition do you have this thing called heart?

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        Definitely Kmart.

    • anon

      Tasteless and inappropriate.

    • Dat Ankle


      I can say that what matter most is that you tried but Id be lying.

  • Winter B4 Spring

    far out. i m the 4th to comment here. i ve never ever been that close =]

  • Winter B4 Spring

    Awww look at those aspiring politburo members in the communist party.

    Party officials also have issues with:
    – Communicating verbally and non-verbally
    – Relating to others and the world around them
    – Thinking and behaving flexibly.

    Eg. Jiang Zemin has been caught on camera dancing, singing, abusing journalists, digging his nose, ogling at a pretty hostess, etc.

    Do you know how many corrupt officials fall into this group? Why join the party when it will result in supporting corruption and the destruction of property rights, human rights, culture, ethics and humanity?

    • Me

      I agree with Mao. How can we possibly be expected to help all 1.3 billion autistic Chinese people?

      • linette

        we possibly be expected to help all 1.3 billion autistic Chinese people?……..

        Me, why don’t you start by helping yourself first. You are lacking something…..a brain that’s capable of reasoning.

  • lee

    Autism is just as pathetic as dyslexia.
    Dyslexia isn’t even a real disease, just as fucking excuse for being stupid; like really? Hey, I can’t draw, so I must have a disease.. I can’t spell words right, so that also mean I have a disease.
    Pay more attention in class, and you won’t have any problems. Stop with the fucking excuses.

    PS.. those little brats are cute though lol

    • mr. wiener

      Hmmm…..I’m starting to see why there is a Chinese curse ” May your children be born without spincters”.

      • Tengu

        Shhhh…there’s a sphincter right above you…

      • Lee

        Yeah, I wrote some bad words.. oh, I got a disease, shame on me.
        Please give me some money for that disease, will you?

        • mr. wiener

          Drippy dick? He’s a tip for you young man, never go swimming without your bathing cap.

    • Brett Hunan

      Whereas I used to think ADHD wasn’t a real disease, I became less and less able to keep focus on what I was in the process of doing, whether it be work, reading, driving… Turns out, I developed an adult case of an illness I thought was fake.

      Maybe the same can happen to you, regarding autism. :)

    • linette

      OMG lee, people with dyslexia they have real medical problem. They have problem in their brain where they can’t process information correctly like they confuse b and d, 6 and 9. All this is causing them difficulties in learning in young age in reading and languages.
      Autism and dyslexia are real medical illness. Children need extra learning assistance so they won’t fall behind. Not you calling them lazy and beat them with a belt like caveman.

    • Jin

      Lee i agree with you in some way..specially ADD or Tourette Syndrome this is the biggest load of shit that westerners use for their violent behavior.

      • moop

        “Lee i agree with you in some way..specially ADD or Tourette Syndrome this is the biggest load of shit that westerners use for their violent behavior.”

        what’s your excuse? 上火了?

      • Little Wolf

        Jin your comment is the biggest load of shit I’ve seen in a long time. Have you ever seen somebody with Tourette’s? Do you even have a fucking clue what it is? Seriously… Fuck you in the ear, ya pencil-dicked weasel.

  • Jin

    Amazing paintings do they have them up on a website where you can buy them if not in Beijing?

    • moop

      yeah, you can get them here:

      • Jin

        you are a fukwit stop following my post dickhead.

        • Li Wen

          Jin, you’re such a douche, it’s unbelieveable. Everyone hates you. Your mother’s a selfish cizuuuunt for bringing you into this world. What a shame.

          • Jin

            Imperialist ass rimmer!

      • anon

        Come on, moop, flame Jin elsewhere. This is a post for a good cause and whatever he may have posted elsewhere, he posted a simple question here. Let’s not pollute it further.

        • It’s a pity this post was turned into a big pile of shit (including by me but I didn’t even read the post I just linked here after reading Jin’s assbaggery. I had even sent Fauna a half decent segway to be used for introducing these kind of posts to help kids but been ignored, so far. I can assure the Chinasmack staff that I’m not campaigning to be the unofficial kid’s charity helper guy but this thread started rotten and just got worse and some kids are gonna lose out. Personally, I’d delete the whole page and start over. For whatever it’s worth.

          • mr. wiener

            In the future maybe ignore any of his posts if they are just trolling.

          • Well wiener, we’re all kind of responsible for how this thread went but it’s safe to say that the past few days the shitbags have been coming out of the woodwork. Whoever is holding the keys to the dashboard maybe oughta clean house.

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            I hate trolls.

          • Jin

            Little Wolf are you trying to me laowai of the year by “acting” like you give a shit about Chinese people? one can only guess what your true agenda are.

            You white laowai are the worst trolls on this site and then act as if your so innocent. Look at my posts on this story and the white trolls responses douche shit.

          • moop
          • Jin

            Oh please do you think he is the only person who done something good for someone else..the only difference is we do not make a song and dance about it to score points…photo op anyone?

            I’m sure he got brownie points from some Chinese girls..who knows what his true motives are.

          • moop

            again, what the fuck have you done in your miserable life?

            your idea of do-goodery is probably not pushing someone over in the subway

          • Jin

            dooop..i have intentions of ever telling you my life story i am not here to score points with you or anyone else.

            This is a free site and anyone can post a comment and express a view..if the comments is not to your liking or any of your white laowai friends then its really too bad for all of you. Don’t think you can bully and harass people to submit to you white point of views.

          • moop

            just like i thought. you have nothing to offer. just another “victim” and a piece of shit who comes on this website just to shit on people. i find it odd you would shit on someone who has probably done more to help chinese people than 99% of your own countrymen

          • mr. wiener

            I would suggest we ignore these posts in the future.

          • Jin

            Did you read the story about the 13 year old boy? local Chinese and also foreigners donated over 1million RMB to this boy family. No fuss no photo op nothing just donated because they wanted too and they can. Doop people who choices to do good deeds do so in private without any publicity so they can get a “pat on the back” or whatever their true agenda might be.

          • Now Jin, I never expected any photo op, in fact putting those photos up have so far caused me nothing but a bunch of shit personally. However they did help put focus on Lili’s case and as a result many fine people donated more than enough money for Lili’s surgeries. And if a little 6 year-old girl can deal with all the cruelty about her looks, even from some dirt-bags on this site, then I can deal with the abuse too. So you’re a fucking fool if you think I do anything for attention but I will assure you my days are filled with random acts of kindness. Enjoy the polite tone of this comment because I can be a real fucking prick when I want to be.

          • Jin

            Little Wolf – i personally made donation to her but i did so when the story first come up on chinasmack not because of your photo op.

            Second whether you think so or not she is not a circus animal to be paraded in the media, she would have got the donated without your “hero” photos.

            So next time you want to treat anyone like a circus animal for some ego gain think again mate this is about her not about your bleeding heart or so you want people to think you have.

          • Jin. It is now official. You are absolutely the most incomprehensibly stupid, most imbecilic dumbshit I have yet to come across on the Internet.

            Somewhere..out there in the world..there is a tree tirelessly producing oxygen for you…i believe you owe it an apology.

            And somebody needs to invent a way to whoop-ass over the Internet.

          • I should add Jin that from here out you I will be relentless in making you my personal bitch. To avoid confusion with the other jin, you will now be referred to as “Little Wolf’s Bitch”.

            To Whoever is Supposed to be Moderating This Thread:
            You have completely failed. Any representative of Giving Wings to Children’s Art Charity Auction, Yuanfen~Flow, Alpha Partners Education and Golden Wings must be sickened by what they read here.
            Burn on me all you want but anybody that can read can see what an all out clusterfuck, it’s become and having run a successful website myself, it’s inexplicable how you’ve allowed it to get this bad.

            I guess those of us that are pretty fed up can just vote with our feet and move on. Is that really what you want? Careful what you wish for.

  • Hongjian

    better autismal than an americunt.

    • I wouldn’t know. I’m Scotch/Romanian.

      • mr. wiener

        Does that mean you like blood in your whiskey?
        I think Hongjian’s comments have fallen off a bit recently. She must be pining for the fjords.

        • hess

          it means that he likes to steal his whisky.
          kidding kidding.
          where did the info that hj would be a girl come from? and same with jin?

          • mr. wiener

            Hongjian him\herself has said that she is of half German Chinese extraction and was raised in Germany and served in the German armed forces.
            Of course it’s up to you to believe this or not. Opinion is divided on the subject.
            Jin has been less than forthcoming on his history and current situation.

  • maja

    pretty sure I’m being trolled… but most chinese sounding nicknames here assume that cognitive diseases are bullshit, I never had occasion to talk about that with other chinese people, and the people I know tends to be on the “progressive” side anyways, can some other person give opinions on that?

    • Ching Chong Bing Bong

      Let’s talk.

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