Henan Brawl Videotaped By Possible Policemen

Henan Brawl Videotaped By Possible Policemen

Over 10 people started a brawl on the streets of Henan province. One black car rushed to the scene and attempted to break up the fighting, and another black car ran one of the brawlers over. Many people who looked like they were wearing police clothing stood on the street side, one of which took equipment and started videotaping the incident. Many local netizens questioned if police were just standing there and watching it like a movie.
Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    It’s a sad thing that China has a billion and a half people and not a policeman or judge in the whole lot.

  • Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in “Rush Hour…5?

  • Hiz Oku

    wait…this makes it sound like people were trying to hit them with their cars to stop them from fighting..

  • Muhammad Nabil

    Henan,yet again. (Face-palm)