101-Year-Old Chinese Granny Growing Horns!

Old Chinese Woman from Henan province is growing horns!
Old Chinese Woman from Henan province is growing horns!

Zhang Ruifang and some of her sons.

From NetEase:

Strange! “100-year-old granny grows horn” on head

March 7, in Lin Lou Village of Lushan County of Henan Province, is an elderly person named Zhang Ruifang, 101-years-old this year, mother of 6 sons and 1 daughter, her eldest son Zhang Guozhong 82-years-old this year, and she currently lives with her 5th son Zhang Guozheng, where the old lady is living comfortably and peacefully. Beginning from last year, old Zhang Ruifang’s upper left forehead, for unknown reasons, slowly grew a hard horn. Since it does not hurt nor itch, her family has not become concerned, so who knows. Up to this point, it has already grown to about 5.6 centimeters like an ox horn, and what more, the upper right forehead now also has a horn sticking out of her skin.

101-year-old Chinese granny Zhang Ruifang growing horns on her forehead!

Horned granny eating a chicken leg.

Comments from NetEase:


Old granny is very fierce, still able to devour a chicken leg at such an old age.


Old granny, may you have good health.


Too fake, this.

Must be stuck/glued on, kao!


Quite fake!

I suspect it is P’d [Photoshop’d] on!


Environmental pollution — humans are starting to mutate!


Human bodies are currently changing. How frightening.


I don’t care about strange/tabloid news, hope the old person will be healthy!!

Henan, China, 101-year-old Zhang Ruifang sweeping the ground.

Girls with horns. chinaSMACK personals.

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