101-Year-Old Chinese Granny Growing Horns!

Old Chinese Woman from Henan province is growing horns!

Zhang Ruifang and some of her sons.

From NetEase:

Strange! “100-year-old granny grows horn” on head

March 7, in Lin Lou Village of Lushan County of Henan Province, is an elderly person named Zhang Ruifang, 101-years-old this year, mother of 6 sons and 1 daughter, her eldest son Zhang Guozhong 82-years-old this year, and she currently lives with her 5th son Zhang Guozheng, where the old lady is living comfortably and peacefully. Beginning from last year, old Zhang Ruifang’s upper left forehead, for unknown reasons, slowly grew a hard horn. Since it does not hurt nor itch, her family has not become concerned, so who knows. Up to this point, it has already grown to about 5.6 centimeters like an ox horn, and what more, the upper right forehead now also has a horn sticking out of her skin.

101-year-old Chinese granny Zhang Ruifang growing horns on her forehead!

Horned granny eating a chicken leg.

Comments from NetEase:


Old granny is very fierce, still able to devour a chicken leg at such an old age.


Old granny, may you have good health.


Too fake, this.

Must be stuck/glued on, kao!


Quite fake!

I suspect it is P’d [Photoshop’d] on!


Environmental pollution — humans are starting to mutate!


Human bodies are currently changing. How frightening.


I don’t care about strange/tabloid news, hope the old person will be healthy!!

Henan, China, 101-year-old Zhang Ruifang sweeping the ground.

Girls with horns. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • Kai

    OMG, I need a town portal scroll. QUICK.

    • Name (required)

      I was about to say Diablo.

    • Panda

      Diablo Walks the Earth!

      It took 101 years, but all those SOJs finally spawns her!

  • Ming

    Evolution all happens in China these days…

    Horn women, cat girl, fish boy….

    • blaeh

      That’s merely mutation, for evolution it also needs selection.

  • dim mak

    Ah, i forgot what the disease is called. It’s the same virus that causes rabbits to grow horns (actually skin tumors).

  • kelly

    that is quite creepy, if real!
    continue to be healthy though!

  • diabloer

    creepy and gross. i think there is a hell.

    • Daphie

      How people can be so cold and heartless, to call a sick person creepy and gross???????
      People in this website are truly incredible.

      • maximoe

        Do you feel better now???
        It never said anything about sick!!!
        Truly Incredible! haha

  • Woaihuan

    I’m shocked that no one thought she was an evil spirit and tried to kill her yet.

  • kimboslice

    Can’t someone take her to a doctor and cut it off for god’s sake?

    • Jean

      can you take her, please?

    • blaeh

      Antlers are shed after the mating season.

      • Booger face

        Additionally, apart from the face, I reckon you could give her a deep ass shafting with extra kick by holding those handy handhold horns she has.

        Matter of fact, I have one now. BRB…

  • whichone

    Apparently it’s a real condition:

    Makes me think that perhaps not all of the religious people of old times who claimed to have seen demons were bat-shit crazy, maybe some of them have witnessed bizarre skin conditions.

  • shengguo


  • FYIADragoon

    Jackie Chan adventures in real life.

  • Fuyutski

    There has been documented evidence of this happening to many others. Interestingly enough, most of the indivduals were from China.

    • blaeh

      Interestingly enough, most of the indivduals were from China.

      Seems like while the USA is God’s own country, China is the home of Satan!

      God bless the United States of America! *wipes away tear of joy*

  • Joe H

    The Kaliyuga approacheth.

  • mistyken

    give her a guitar, i guess she can jam like AC/DC since she got the demonic touch.

  • germancockroach

    Hey georges!

    She looks really horny.

    Just your type.

    • georges

      No, your mother is more my taste.

      • hero

        Wow! She’s fantastic! She comes equipped with a handle for leverage when having unnatural relations with her!

        Anyone got her digits?

      • germancockroach

        Is that your best?

        Obviously you’re pre-occupied whacking off with your thumb up your butt gazing at the horned woman.

        But if you’re interested in a self-rightious Christian bitch who has twisted notions about gender roles you can go ahead and put whatever you call a dick into the eighty year old woman who gave birth to me.

        • Booger face

          I would like to give her love bites on her stinky date. Please send me her number.

  • Celkian

    She could start a fetish website.

  • blaeh

    The end is near!

    Repent now and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour!

  • Teacher in China

    Granny’s on the list! If you want to see and learn more about mutatations, I highly recommend the book “Mutants” by Armand LeRoi. Also a BBC miniseries.

    Please don’t tell the religious right in the US about Granny, they’ll use it as an excuse to invade China.

  • Andrew Puco

    I guess you could say, she is really horny!

  • ShanghaiSteve

    Just when you think that ChinaSmack can’t get any worse…

  • Elis

    Can someone please get that lady to an MRI-machine!

  • bs called

    She doesn’t seem to mind – too bad it isn’t in the middle, or have a matching horn on the other side.

    • Booger face

      At least she has somewhere to hang her towel.

  • Reading some comments I wonder that we live in 21st century…

  • Edith

    This is not a fake photoshopped picture, this is real it’s a condition called cutaneous horns. You can look it up here:

    Interesting stuff!!!

  • XpatLaowai

    Horn on the head? That’s awesome!!!

  • aubrey

    that is awsome and weird but i believe anything is possible and it dosent look good maybe its a sighn from god that the end is coming

  • Kevin

    She’s getting horny in her old age!!

  • Uncle Festerius

    This is caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus). It is simply a wart that has grown out of control.