Henan Fake Building Shows Village Is Developing

From Tianya:

China’s Most Niu “Street-Front Building”, Definitely Will Shock You!


In Henan Province Luanchuan County Jiahe Town, this building is very conspicuous. Right next to a public road, it it looks like a small two-story building at a glance, with freshly painted white walls, but you wouldn’t know that this building is actually only about 1.5 meters deep, built to comply with the “new rural development” of building new houses by peasants/farmers who do not actually have the money to build “real buildings” so they can only do this. When the superiors/leadership come to inspect, they only look from their car, so how could they know that behind the resplendent wall are old and run-down adobe houses.

In the town, all adobe or brick houses near the street must be painted white, even the outhouse/latrine must be made white, so that the entire county’s situation appears to be good.

Comments from Tianya:


Incredible, too incredible, whose idea???


Fuck, the leadership are this wise and far-sighted now, making things look like the real thing.


Formalism is niubi.


It can be said that this kind of surface/image project can be found anywhere, including the Jiangsu developed area. As long as it is a second-class highway or above, every rural building on both sides of the road must have their road-facing walls painted, either white or light blue color. However, just this side is painted, while the remaining three are ignored, and for who to see? For the leaders passing by on the road to see.


Impressive! Chinese people are still pretty wise and far-sighted!


Very characteristic, strongly suggest making this a historic building to be preserved for the education of the next generation!


Even God cannot save Henan people.


Henan people’s faking activity has reached yet a new level.


I wonder how much money this kind of building has wasted for our rural/farmer/peasant brothers! Heartache!
I wonder which brilliant leader thought of this method!


There are many places like this, there is nothing to be surprised about. I wonder if the leadership/government knows or doesn’t know??? No matter what, the ordinary common people all know!!!

Comments from NetEase:


Only China’s government officials can do this kind of niu thing!!!


The ordinary commoners do not have this kind of IQ or ideas.
The people with the intelligence to do these kind of things must at least be those geniuses who have at least lived off the government’s money for 5 years.


Many Beijing buildings along streets also did a lot of “face” construction projects. These buildings will soon collapse and long ago should have been torn down, yet they all spent a lot of money to repaint them. This kind of expenditure is really so wasteful, and my heart aches just seeing them. It would have been better to get together and steadily do some really useful things.


This kind of thing happening in Henan is very normal. If it did not happen, then it would actually be abnormal.


Was the majority of this house carved up by the previous government official who came to inspect? [meaning the previous government official already stole most of this house/people’s money]


Whether you are an official or an ordinary commoner, you should reflect. Officials want face, but this is taxpayers’ money. The ordinary common people should have reported this [waste of money].


How much better it would be if China’s officials put this kind of ingenuity on proper things! This post must be reposted more!!! Let everyone get to know these people’s bad characters!


This is the problem of China’s policies, and not the problem of all Henan people.

It is the same where I am from. They built a village to represent developing the rural countryside, and every time the government leadership comes, they always take them to that village, while all the other villages are still the same as they were before, living in poverty.


Written by Fauna

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