Henan Man Robbed, Molested, and Raped Empty Nest Seniors

An elderly woman.

An elderly woman.

From NetEase:

Man in Henan Xiayi Rapes Over 10 Empty Nesters, the Oldest Victim Being 95

China Daily Shangqiu report — In Henan province Shangqiu city Xiayi county, a man successively broke into homes occupied only by elderly women living alone more than 40 times, committed crimes of rape, molestation, and theft. More than 10 elderly women were sexually assaulted. Among the elderly women who are victims, the oldest one is 95 years old, and the youngest 73. On May 27, Shangqiu Xiayi County’s Public Security Bureau [police] cracked this series of rapes & thefts that targeted empty nesters [generally older people whose children have moved out of the home] and elderly widows.

2014 March 7, in Xiayi county Yemiao town Chenzhuang village Xiaowang hamlet, accompanied by her family members, an 83-year-old elderly woman surnamed Yang trembled as she walked into the Yemiao Village local police station to report a crime. Yang claimed that someone had dug his way into her house and raped her that night.

After investigation, the police found that Yang wasn’t the only victim. More than 10 empty nesters were raped successively in the hamlets around Yemiao town Chenzhuang village. Among the elderly women who were raped, the oldest one was 95 years old, and the youngest was 73. Because the victims were all very old with many children and grandchildren, most of them didn’t report to the police in order to avoid embarrassment.

After a lot of on-scene investigations, on May 27, at 4am, special case officers arrested the suspect surnamed Wang.

After interrogation, Wang confessed. Between spring of 2011 and March of 2014, he had roved among the hamlets around Yemiao town Chenzhuang village. Through a variety of methods including pre-emptively cutting electric wires, forcing open doors and locks, climbing over walls/fences, and digging holes in walls, he had single-handedly and successively broke into over the homes of over 40 elderly widows who lived alone, committing rape, molestation, and theft.

At present, suspect Wang has already been criminally arrested/detained.


Comments from NetEase:

菊花一紧雅蠛蝶 [网易浙江省宁波市手机网友]:

Those who think this man is a beast/animal, ding. [18,380 upvotes at time of translation]

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Yesterday morning I went back to my hometown in the countryside. My grandfather had just returned from selling all the eggs, but had a frown on his face. I asked him what happened. He said that someone paid him with an 100 yuan bill today, but people told him it was counterfeit. As he was saying this, he almost burst into tears. I told him not to calm down first and let me look at the money. I took it and carefully inspected it with my back turned to him, then laughed and handed it back to him, telling him that it wasn’t counterfeit, that people may have just been joking with him. Suddenly, my grandpa’s face lit up with happiness and said: ”I knew it, how could I have gotten phoney money!” On the bus ride home that afternoon, I secretly torn that 100 yuan counterfeit note into pieces, and threw it away into the wind. Those who approve, ding! [11,962 upvotes during the time of translation]

网易福建省泉州市晋江市手机网友 ip:222.77.*.*:

Big Henan, hehe. [Henan is a popular target of jokes and prejudice among many commenters on NetEase].

网易天津市手机网友 ip:117.10.*.*:

Completely crazy and ridiculous, so perverse that words cannot describe it.

网易江苏省淮安市手机网友 ip:61.160.*.*:

His taste is so strangely heavy.

网易吉林省延边州手机网友 ip:122.136.*.*:

Damn, what a beast.

和毁灭的自己玩 [网易贵州省贵阳市手机网友]:

As an animal, this is pretty much the strongest species that will never go extinct!

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Everyday people throw around curses such as grass mud horse [“fuck your mother”], or fuck your grandmother. But only today have I found out that there is someone who really is that daring [pathetic].

张大头张老板 [网易安徽省亳州市手机网友]:

Must have learned quite a few techniques, SB kid.

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