Henan Man Robbed, Molested, and Raped Empty Nest Seniors

An elderly woman.

An elderly woman.

From NetEase:

Man in Henan Xiayi Rapes Over 10 Empty Nesters, the Oldest Victim Being 95

China Daily Shangqiu report — In Henan province Shangqiu city Xiayi county, a man successively broke into homes occupied only by elderly women living alone more than 40 times, committed crimes of rape, molestation, and theft. More than 10 elderly women were sexually assaulted. Among the elderly women who are victims, the oldest one is 95 years old, and the youngest 73. On May 27, Shangqiu Xiayi County’s Public Security Bureau [police] cracked this series of rapes & thefts that targeted empty nesters [generally older people whose children have moved out of the home] and elderly widows.

2014 March 7, in Xiayi county Yemiao town Chenzhuang village Xiaowang hamlet, accompanied by her family members, an 83-year-old elderly woman surnamed Yang trembled as she walked into the Yemiao Village local police station to report a crime. Yang claimed that someone had dug his way into her house and raped her that night.

After investigation, the police found that Yang wasn’t the only victim. More than 10 empty nesters were raped successively in the hamlets around Yemiao town Chenzhuang village. Among the elderly women who were raped, the oldest one was 95 years old, and the youngest was 73. Because the victims were all very old with many children and grandchildren, most of them didn’t report to the police in order to avoid embarrassment.

After a lot of on-scene investigations, on May 27, at 4am, special case officers arrested the suspect surnamed Wang.

After interrogation, Wang confessed. Between spring of 2011 and March of 2014, he had roved among the hamlets around Yemiao town Chenzhuang village. Through a variety of methods including pre-emptively cutting electric wires, forcing open doors and locks, climbing over walls/fences, and digging holes in walls, he had single-handedly and successively broke into over the homes of over 40 elderly widows who lived alone, committing rape, molestation, and theft.

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At present, suspect Wang has already been criminally arrested/detained.


Comments from NetEase:

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Those who think this man is a beast/animal, ding. [18,380 upvotes at time of translation]

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Yesterday morning I went back to my hometown in the countryside. My grandfather had just returned from selling all the eggs, but had a frown on his face. I asked him what happened. He said that someone paid him with an 100 yuan bill today, but people told him it was counterfeit. As he was saying this, he almost burst into tears. I told him not to calm down first and let me look at the money. I took it and carefully inspected it with my back turned to him, then laughed and handed it back to him, telling him that it wasn’t counterfeit, that people may have just been joking with him. Suddenly, my grandpa’s face lit up with happiness and said: ”I knew it, how could I have gotten phoney money!” On the bus ride home that afternoon, I secretly torn that 100 yuan counterfeit note into pieces, and threw it away into the wind. Those who approve, ding! [11,962 upvotes during the time of translation]

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Big Henan, hehe. [Henan is a popular target of jokes and prejudice among many commenters on NetEase].

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Damn, what a beast.

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Everyday people throw around curses such as grass mud horse [“fuck your mother”], or fuck your grandmother. But only today have I found out that there is someone who really is that daring [pathetic].

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • noodles76

    Holy shit….
    That’s some ugly stuff right there on so many levels.

    I’m curious how the fuck somebody digs into a house though.

    • Irvin

      With a spoon and lots of patience lol

    • Rick in China

      I have the answer to your question.

      When Sichuan had quakes, all the buildings that collapsed were country-side brick’n’mortor. All the super-shitty buildings (most of them) which caused all the death and destruction were basically mud-brick-huts, some multiple floors. When they say “hamlets” I’m guessing these grannies lived in these kind of brick’n’mortor huts…which typically lay distant from each other on farm land, far from where you would find say…roads. This dude had easy pickins’, but at the same time, it’s hard to imagine someone so desperate that they’d imagine this sort of crime as being even within thought, what the *fuck* is wrong with this person. As you say, ugly stuff on so many levels.

  • Rick in China

    “cutting electric wires, forcing open doors and locks, climbing over walls/fences, and digging holes in walls”

    That’s the type of shit people do to break out of Alcatraz.

    This dude did it to rape poor old women in ‘hamlets’.

    That’s dedication right there.

    Why don’t we get to see what this dude looked like, how old he was, his situation? I think that’d be most interesting to compare to this kind of fucked up crime, and figure out how random these type of criminals may be.. “middle-age dude next-door” type thing? Or psychotic homeless type thing? Come on. More info!

  • Mighty曹

    The crime itself doesn’t shock me as this happens quite often in the States where senior citizens are victims of such crimes. What shocks me is, of course, it happened in China. Asian culture to respect the elders makes violent crimes against the old rare. I doubt it’s due to the crimes not being reported.

    • or is it these types of stories are reported online now where we can see the ugly truth of all modern society? Serial killers in China are common but seldom reported in the media because of poor police-work and investigation

      • Mighty曹

        That’s very plausible given the fact that ‘rape’ is such a taboo subject matter in Asian culture.

      • Rick in China

        That’s truth – more and more of this type of shit is being reported. Some other terrible stat which completely freaks me out is the children thieves. You can see some CRAZY videos of brazen people stealing children right infront of their parents now – but statistically, the numbers of children theft are skyrocketing in China – I think it’s like 70,000/yr or something ridiculous.. I’m sure it has been happening for a long time, just now, more transparency into the truth behind it. My wife tells me about news stories almost every day where some kid was snatched, or parents received a foot or hand at their apartment demanding cash, all sorts of fucked up shit, it’s makes a parent extremely pessimistic and cautious about everything in this environment.

        • noodles76

          You know, my wife and I had a discussion about this recently. She seemed to think that kind of thing was on the decline. Not sure who is right or wrong…but it’s a fucking frightening thing to ponder.

          When I told her how the FBI and law enforcement in general responds to kidnapping in the U.S….she just about shit her pants.

          • Rick in China

            Even if it declines to a fraction of what it was reported to be in the last few years, that’s still fucked up. I remember a missing kid in 1986 in Canada, his face was on every milk carton for like, a decade..

            There are entire protest groups made up of parents who lost their children – they have vans covered in photos of missing children etc, go around demanding gov’t/police do stuff, get shut down – apparently the police spend more time harassing the parents than looking for the kids. Police here, what I read, don’t really take on missing children cases, maybe they just find it too daunting a task..whatever, it’s one of if not the worst imaginable crime I can think of.

        • Dr Sun

          I know Rick, its terrible did you read about the the massive level of kidnapping, child abduction, sex slavery in Hungary, Romania, uk, usa, canada ,Mexico, etc, mostly not reported in the media, as the sports or economy takes top spot, but it makes me very fearful of ever returning to the west as it seems perverts and violent crime are rampant there now.
          I’m told there is a genetic reason why western anglo saxon countries are so violent, apparently there are many studies to support this, the “wanker gene” or the genetic isolation of blonde hair, blue and double eye lids, something like that.

          • Rick in China

            Here’s to feeding the troll. I need to train myself to ignore your useless responses better.

          • Dr Sun

            maybe you’re just genetically programmed to post BS.

      • Blue

        You can see the same thing happening from the late 1940’s to now in UK. These kinds of things were never or rarely reported before. But as society has taken these things more seriously, and victim support and understanding has grown, more people have been coming forward.

    • bang2tang

      5000 years old culture :cough:

    • noodles76

      Quite often….is stretching it don’t ya’ think?

      • Mighty曹

        Not at all. If I were in the habit of clipping news articles you can see how ‘often’ this happens.
        * “Often” being relative to what is not expected.

        • Granny porn is trending now…I just read on SHANGHAIIST it has something to do with man-made global warming

          • Mighty曹

            Thank you for not putting ‘granny’ and ‘bukkake’ in the same sentence.

        • whuddyasack

          Nods in agreement and well said. If I were to make a file of all the bizarre, cruel and unnatural crimes in say New Zealand in a span of a year, it’d become a thesis and this is coming from a small country, 4 million strong.

          • noodles76

            Glad you chimed in to do more harm than good like usual. Comparing some ‘western’ countries against China when it comes to crime especially, is a fools game. In some countries, crimes are reported and some information about them is made public. Like…frequency. In some other countries, this is not the case. In some other countries….it’s not rape if you leave money on the table or wear a condom. (just an example). That also does not take into account the potential lack of transparency. Some countries are known for their lack of transparency. I’ll leave it to your brain trust to figure out which countries fall into which category.

            That is not to say that elsewhere there are no crimes against the elderly, of course there are. They’re a target rich environment if you’re so criminally inclined. However, to think that criminals would respect the elderly in one country more than another…is about absurd as it gets. Criminals are criminals. If they respected others…or themselves, or cared how others viewed them …they wouldn’t be fucking criminals in the first place. But please continue, tell me about how there are nicer and more respectful criminals in one country as compared to another.

          • whuddyasack

            At the end of the day, criminals are criminals. It doesn’t matter what “race” they belong to. In this particular case, I’m specifically talking about NZ, a small country the size of a few streets in Shanghai but with crime so rampant, it probably blows crime rates in 5 Chinese major cities out of the water.

            Like really? Accountability?

            Proudly Killed in New Zealand [Most recent toll only!]

            Starting December 2011, NZ government has again intensified the censorship of information concerning the numbers of foreigners killed in New Zealand to protect
            its tourist industry.

            Did you know that between January 1, 2000 and May 1, 2009 at least 1,529 foreigners were killed in New Zealand? [The 450 permanently missing American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese … nationals are not

          • Zappa Frank

            without source it is hard to believe.. and in fact I didn’t find any article about the rampant crime in new zeland. On the opposite I find out that the censorship information you talk about is totally invented, press freedom:


            new zeland is the 9th in the world…while china is a joke about press freedom, better only of Eritrea, Syria, Somalia and North Korea

            is more likely china to censorship news and info about murder rate or rape than new zeland..

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Transparency should not bother people like you.

            Even if data is available you will still say that its under-reported or the data is manipulated by the government to save face. So to people like you, data is meaningless.

            And yes…Crimes are reported in some countries.

            “At the national level, major victimization surveys suggest that most sexual assaults go unreported. The National Crime Victimization Survey, conducted each year by the U.S. Department of Justice, found that only 32% of sexual assault cases were reported to police in 1994. The Rape in America survey conducted as a part of the National Women’s Study found that only 16% of rape cases were reported to police or other authorities (Kilpatrick, Edmonds & Seymour, 1992). Data from the National Survey of Adolescents indicated that only 14.3% of sexual assault cases had been reported. Thus, these national studies indicate that somewhere between 14% and 32% of all sexual assaults or rapes are ever reported to police. “

          • noodles76

            In China, if I pull my cock out and forcibly fuck you in the ass (assuming you are a guy and not a willing participant)…it’s not rape. If you get upset that you were turned out like a little bitch and vent your anger by fucking a girl under the age of 14….if you toss a few wumao bills her way, that isn’t rape either. or just tell the cops, she looked 18. Either way…not rape.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            ” if I pull my cock out and fuck you in the ass…it’s not rape”

            We were talking about female rape.

            “fucking a girl under the age of 14….if you toss a few wumao bills her way, that isn’t rape either. or just tell the cops, she looked 18. Either way…not rape.”


          • noodles76

            Rape is rape…unless you’re in China

            Here’s one example.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            “Based on an unusual clause in Chinese law, men have been able to argue that sex with minors — meaning those under 14 — is not rape if the girl is paid, but instead constitutes the crime of “spending the night with a young girl in a brothel,” which carries a different penalty, possibly resulting in five years in jail and a fine. Rape is punishable by a minimum sentence of three years and a maximum of death.”

            However, it failed to mention that the punishment for rape is only 3-10 years, if the “circumstances are not particularly serious” an example of “particularly serious circumstances” is when the victim is severely injured or dead . On contrast, the punishment for “spending the night with a young girl in a brothel” is 5-15 years. So if having consensual sex with underage girls and leave money is treated as rape, the criminal is better off.

            In other word, the law of “spending the night with a young girl in a brothel” is protecting underage girls, although its name is very controversial.

          • noodles76

            Are you loopy? Rape can carry the death penalty.
            Rape is punishable by a minimum sentence of three years and a maximum of death.

            In other word, the law of “spending the night with a young girl in a brothel” is protecting underage girls, although its name is very controversial.

            You…should seek professional help.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Nope, according to Chinese law, the punishment for rape is 3-10 years, unless “the circumstances are particularly serious”

          • noodles76

            Rape is particularity serious.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            What are you trying to say?
            Rape is definitely less serious, than raping someone to death,
            And the latter, is defined by Chinese law as “particularly serious” and death penalty is applicable.
            You never get death penalty for just raping someone.

          • noodles76

            I do not think you are right about the 3-10 years. I certainly hope you are not right.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            How about this?

            “THE sentence handed down to a man for performing sexual acts with a 12-year-old girl will not be increased, the Attorney General’s office has ruled.

            Adam Hulin, of Hurst Lane, Headley, avoided prison last month despite admitting charges of oral rape of a child under 13 and assault of a child under 13 by penetration.

            The 19-year-old was handed a 12-month community order at Guildford Crown Court on April 23, requiring him to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, pay a £60 victim surcharge and attend six community integration sessions focusing on his attitude towards sexual encounters.”

          • noodles76

            Ok…we can do this until we are blue in the face…..though I fail to see the point you’re trying to make.

            A 62-year-old primary school teacher in
            east China’s Jiangxi Province was sentenced to 14 years in jail earlier
            this month for molesting seven second-grade girls in class and
            infecting six of them with STDs.

            That’s 2 years per girl, the girls were 7-8 years old…and he gave most of them an STD to boot.

            Your turn. I’m going to bed now, in the morning I’ll post another (cause you’re probably going to reply with another one tonight)…then you will reply again….and we can do this for weeks. Sounds fun huh?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            What is you point?
            In China any rapist have to go jail, 3 years minimum.
            In some countries convicted rapist can walk away free.
            If 3-10 years is such a shock to you, what do you think about the latter?

          • noodles76

            Go back to the first post I made to you…and try to figure out the point I was making. I’ll help you out…it isn’t to hard to figure out so no need to strain yourself.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            please answer my question.

            If 3-10 years in jail is such a shock to you, what do you think about a law that can make convicted rapists walk away free?

          • noodles76

            Show me that law. Not some ruling, but a law that says rapists get away with zero penalty.

            Anyway…you were initially arguing my point about transparency. You lose on several fronts.

            yes, rape is under-reported just about everywhere, I will not argue with that. However, in China specifically and Asia in general there are two things which make it far more likely to be under-reported and taken less seriously.

            1. The Asian concept of face.
            2. The absurdly narrow definition of rape in mainland China.

            That is not even touching on the fact that Chinese media and gov’t agencies want to pretend that rape does not exist…or only happens rarely. You see what they want you to see, you know what they want you to know. Let me ask you this…..there was a guy in China convicted of raping well over 100 women. Did you hear about it in the media before he was caught or sentenced? Be honest.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Isn’t every ruling according to the law?

            Chinese law says 3-10 years, so the minimum penalty every rapist receives is 3 years, there is NO EXCEPTION.

            For you question, Chinese police tend to not revealing a case before its solved. It have nothing to do with the media.

            Acturally, what you are arguing is pointless, because no statistical information is released regarding China’s rape rate. And you can not compare rape rate by looking at news articles.

            My point was, statistical information is meaningless to you, because even if data is available, you would say its under-reported or manipulated by the government. Now you have just proven my point.

            Now please answer my question:

            What do you think about a law that can make convicted rapists walk away free?

          • Mighty曹

            I don’t think there is ever a law ‘that can make convicted rapists walk away free’. However, there are many laws that allow rapists/criminals who are obviously guilty of the crime to walk free based on a ‘technicality’, which I hate most about the American justice system.

          • Rick in China

            Every country has ‘holes’ in the legal system. Unfortunately, that’s just kind of — impossible to fix, there is no perfection in law – there is only slowly modifying laws to get closer to justice.

          • Mighty曹

            Those ‘holes’ are bigger in some countries than others. India comes to mind and most of the Islamic world.

          • noodles76

            Show me the law.

            Rape is under-reported everywhere. I said that. More so in China and perhaps other Asian countries. Want to dispute that? Want to dispute that since China has such a narrow definition of what constitutes rape that even if they were completely transparent it would not be an accurate way to compare to some other countries?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Very simple logic.

            1. Rulings are made based on the law.
            2. Some rulings let convicted rapists walk away free

            So we can conclude that the law can make some convicted rapists walk away free.

          • Rick in China

            “Chinese law says 3-10 years, so the minimum penalty every rapist receives is 3 years, there is NO EXCEPTION.”

            I think you miss the point. Even if we take your ‘law’ as the case, lets presume that’s true… your phraseology is wrong. Not every rapist gets minimum 3 years. Many rapists don’t get convicted. Much like in every country. Many rapists, simply, *go free*, because of numerous reasons. Here – surely – one reason is you pay the investigators, the procuratorate, the judge, or the victim/victim’s family – whatever. Your whole premise is just…simply incorrect.

            I’ve never heard of a law in any modern western country where “rapists go free” under the law, that’s ridiculous – you’re basically saying rape is *legal* somewhere, without any basis beyond your word – which as we’ve seen, is wrong.

          • noodles76

            The rest of the article he quoted continued to say…

            Hulin was 18 at the time he engaged in sex
            acts with the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in December 2012. He denied a charge of rape of a female under 13 at his trial, which was held in March. He was found neither guilty or not guilty of this charge, after the jury was discharged and the judge heard evidence alone in what is known as a Newton hearing. During this hearing, the judge accepted Hulin’s defence that at the time of the encounter he believed the girl was 16 and that the sexual contact was consensual. It was decided the rape charge would remain on file.

            He was 18, she was younger. he believed she was 16 (reasonably so…according to the decision and/or the act was consensual). Perhaps she led him to believe she was older. Perhaps not. I do not have those details in front of me. He was not found guilty of rape. Though he was not found innocent either. That part I don’t quite get but either way…the article that dumbass quoted proves himself wrong. Big surprise huh?


            I wonder if that dickhole wants to try to explain away the dude that raped over 100 women and nobody knew about it until he was finally caught. Or the many unbelievably light sentences given to rapists in China. Or the facts that I mentioned earlier such as…toss money at her, it ain’t rape. Wear a rubber, it ain’t rape.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            So saying “I believed she was older” can make a rapist get away from raping underage girls in certain country.

            Good job, you just proved your previous point “If you get upset that you were turned out like a little bitch and vent your anger by fucking a girl under the age of 14….if you toss a few wumao bills her way, that isn’t rape either. or just tell the cops, she looked 18. Either way…not rape.”

            And all the questions you asked are explained.

            Tossing money after rape is worse than rape, for rape you get 3-10 years, toss money after rape you get 5-15 years.

          • noodles76

            You fail. At everything. Please, for the love of whatever it is you hold dear. Read the damn article you quoted. We do not know if it was because he believed, or was led to believe that she was older….and we don’t know if it was consensual (though a reasonable person would believe this was the case only by looking at the sentence and knowing this happened in a country where rape is a serious crime). We do know that the judge believed there was not enough of a reason to sentence that boy to a stricter sentence. We also know the prosecution did not appeal. There are many things about that particular case we are not privy to. either way, this is a single example. One. And it does not prove the point that you keep trying to make that convicted rapists go free.

            Rape is taken seriously in many countries, China is not one of them.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            We know that he had intercouse with her. And he was 18 and she was 12.
            All other things you listed are irrelevant. Regardless of he belived she’s older or not, it was consensual or not, the fact that he had sex with her along is enough to make him a rapist.
            What you were saying is, the fact that he had sex with an underage girl is not enough, we have to know more, for example, whether he believed that she was older. This is a perfect example for what you were accusing China. – Tell the cop that she looks 18 and its no rape.

          • noodles76

            Sorry Rick…I should have said I was almost done with that turnip.

            Hey turnip! There is a HUGE difference between telling the cops something and convincing a judge in a first world country that what you’re saying is true. True enough that the prosecution does not appeal and the family (or random women’s advocacy groups) does not protest and/or file a lawsuit.

          • Mighty曹

            My past experience with her tells me never again to waste time to engage in any type of debate. She’s just going to wear you down with outdated statistics and links.

          • noodles76

            Yeah…I think you and Rick are right. I should find something else to take up my time tonight. Talking to that retard is just making my brain cells hurt.

          • Mighty曹

            Good call, my man, good call.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Aint they the same thing?
            Tell the cop or tell the judge, in the end rape becomes no rape. You are saying it’s okay because its done in a more “civilized” way in a “first world country” ?

          • noodles76

            No you flaming moron they are not the same thing. Not by a country mile.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            They are the same thing. In both cases rape becomes no rape because the rapist says something like “I thought she’s older”

          • Rick in China

            I don’t think that dude understands what “consensual” means – obviously that’s why there was leniency in terms of prison. He was a teenager, and had sex with a girl who claimed to be close to his age (apparently), if the articles statements are true, would that *really* deservedly put him in prison? It’s a reasonable argument to have either way, but there is no suggestion that there was any *force* or *coercion* in the incident…to take the same grey line into consideration, there are cases in the US where 18 year olds with 17 year old girlfriends have consensual sex and go to prison for it because she’s under the age of consent – to most reasonably minded individuals, that’s *ridiculous*.

            There are some extreme cases where adults have forcibly raped or sexually assaulted people and gotten away with extremely light punishments, like the recent billionaire heir to SC Johnson, dirtybag fucks who deserve far worse prison sentences but due to many compounding reasons, get light sentences. Certainly not the *norm*, though. I don’t think much further conversion with this dude will result in anything but wasted time..

          • noodles76

            I think you’re right. I’m done with that turnip.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I may missed the word “convicted”, but I think that was implied.

            It may not be “a law” , but it is no different wether one or many laws work together to produce the same result – convicted rapists walk away free.

          • noodles76


            He was not fucking convicted. Go find me something else that supports your claim. Good luck dumbass.

          • Rick in China

            Um…so lets clarify your whole debunked point:

            Some (which?) countries have laws which allow for some criminals (including rapists) to get away.

            That’s essentially your point, based on what you’ve stated. My point is, EVERY COUNTRY and EVERY LEGAL SYSTEM has holes. Do some rapists get away without prison? Yes. Which country is this *not* the case, exactly? Are you seriously implying that in China, this is any different?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            The point is “Convicted Rapist”. Someone is not a rapist according to the law, if he’s not convicted.

            And yes, EVERY single convicted (adult) rapists in China ends up in prison. There is no exception.

            Rapists may not all be convicted, but a legal system is fundamentally flawed, if some convicted rapists gets away free, because this implies rape is legal.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha ‘thesis’. Sadly that makes it an ideal training ground for CSI. lol

          • whuddyasack

            It most certainly is. And also for all the crime fiction writers who lack imagination.

    • mr.wiener

      Which of you clowns flagged this comment as inappropriate and why?

      • bang2tang

        clowns… omo…lol

      • whuddyasack

        Probably some nasty ass hairy clowns who took offense to his comment that rape on senior citizens happens quite frequently in the States. It happens often enough in Canada so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his entire post. I agree with him though, in China this is quite a shock…

      • Mighty曹

        I guess the truth always hurts.

    • there is actually A LOT of crimes that are unreported like these in China, due to the fact, that many elders live in villages. … and it’s hard for them for them to seek help. the system at times is disgusting and shady and I sometimes am ashamed to be chinese. :/

      • Mighty曹

        That is sad but don’t feel ashamed to be Chinese. I’m not ashamed of my Chinese heritage although I poke fun at the people. Another sad part is that Chinese are generally passive. Maybe the younger generation such as yourself can be more active in bringing this to people’s awareness and getting something done. Hey, age of the internet! Start blogging!

  • WFH

    and here I thought stuff like this only happens in the deep and dirty south..

  • nqk123

    wow i guess boy/girl ratio is really that bad in china

  • Honibaz

    More evidence to prove why there is a strong anti-Henan sentiment in China.

    • donscarletti

      1) Henan has more Chinese people than any other province or state on earth.
      2) Henan has been Chinese since long before China existed. If China has 5000 years of history, then for 2500 of those years, China was Henan (or Xia-Shang-Zhou as it was known at the time) Chinese expansion for most of history has been neighbouring people becoming partly Henanese.

      So as Henanese people are known to say, to contempt Henan is to contempt China.

      • Honibaz

        Actually Guangdong surpassed Henan’s population quite a while ago. Contempt towards Henan is actually contempt towards the worst behaviour of Chinese people (and the average Chinese person is already pretty morally questionable), because that region is considered a land of fraud, attributed to its lack of economic development.

  • Insomnicide

    It sounds like a sketch from a Stephen Chow movie, too comical to be true.

    • mr.wiener

      Nothing too comical about it unfortunately.

  • chandlerpatrick

    Yet another person who needs to be boiled in oil…

  • Boris

    I’m waiting for that guy to come on who says White People (he includes Indian people as white people) rape a lot and Chinese people (along with other similar East Asians) hardly ever rape.

    • whuddyasack

      Ugh… be careful what you wish for and not turn this into what it’s not. It’s almost laughable how this one, yes one incident makes you think I’ll go on the defensive or switch focus to white people. Why should I given statistics support my claim? Incidents like this happen in white majority populations all the time, the difference is most Chinese/Asians don’t even bother to discriminate a whole race of people based on this or any “one” incident. They at least can see the bigger picture, or maybe they just aren’t as clannish and so eager to spew the we against you rah rah.

      You’re clearly exaggerating with your claims as I’ve never said that Asians were blameless angels when it came to rape. I just recognized a huge disparity between rape rates in the East vs West and how Asian women, in particular Japanese/Koreans are subject to some nasty sexual predators with excess body hair like that Romanian guy who waited at the airport. Little wonder that I know Japanese living in New Zealand think very lowly of the white population living there, and many find them creepy. Heck, even in Australia, some people hate Kiwi “leeches”. There is nothing racist about statistics. Also, Indian people are Caucasian/Europoid, genetically and physically. They just have darker skin but many can pass for Mediterranean, Romanian, Portuguese types and even Slavic types like yourself.

      • Teacher in China

        And you don’t see any problem in relying on statistics of reported rapes when talking about a culture (I’m referring to the East) that seems more likely to NOT report rapes due to extreme embarrassment and “loss of face” for the family? Because I do.

        • whuddyasack

          It’s a fair statement, but 91% of rapes in NZ are not reported based on estimates. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that NZ police threaten and abuse rape victims and perpetrators are rarely convicted. I’ve spent some time working with women of domestic violence and sexual crime and it’s very disheartening.

          BTW, I agree with you that Asian attitudes of rape is problematic, and the stigma attached to the victim is something that needs a lot of work. I disagree that rape is over reported in the west and victims aren’t blamed or “slut-shamed”.

          • Rick in China

            Disregarding most of your nonsensical statistics, you realize a hefty amount of crime (including rape) is committed by Maori people in New Zealand, right? like, half of all crime, and a lot of NZ rape issue is within the maori communities, even though they’re a minority population.

          • Teacher in China

            Does that 91% figure come from another 20 year old study, like the stat you gave further up the thread? Do you have anything from the last 5 years to support what you say? And I’m not sure where that last sentence came from – I certainly never said or implied that was the case.

        • KamikaziPilot

          Rapes are probably among the most under reported crimes that take place. I’d hypothesize it’s more under reported in Asia than the West but then arguing about where it’s more prevalent is kind of useless. Maybe the best source of information might be victimization surveys but even then I wouldn’t feel too confident about the results.

          • Boris

            The issue really isn’t the under reporting. It’s about one person using stats as a point scoring method for one race over another. I’ll let you figure out who that is.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Oh okay, I didn’t read the whole thread, now I know what you’re talking about.

      • Zappa Frank

        Please look at the definition of clannish before randomly use words..

        1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a clan.
        2. Inclined to cling together as a group and exclude outsiders.

        Seems by far more suited for Chinese

        I know japanese living in china think very low of Chinese, and than?
        Not at all, you must be blind to let Indians pass for Mediterraneans… And genetic do not support your claims.. But in the end weren’t you the one who believe in multiregionalism non sense?

        • whuddyasack

          I know japanese living in china think very low of Chinese

          Clannish is exactly my impression every time I see a circlejerk of white men bashing their host country.

          And the fact that Japanese living in China don’t bitch, whine and moan, don’t go around on crime rampages but actually work, try their best to fit in and contribute isn’t telling you something? Even “if” they think low of the Chinese, they don’t make a scene about it. Ask yourself why. And I doubt they are the type to hang around “white loser” foreigners seeing as I’ve read posts from Japanese expats in China and the rest of Asia who absolutely loathe and despise white expats. Note the word “loser” just in case you think I’m talking about all whites, as usual.

          • Zappa Frank

            Clannish is also a definition that perfectly suit to you, more than to any other one here.

            You talk about all whites, always, simply just use some words here and there to pretend to give the impression you don’t, but it is pretty obvious by your comments and you continue to attack white people even when completely unrelated with the topic or post you are replying to

            The example of Japanese was a reply to what you believe Japanese say about white people in New Zeland. They don’ t like them? they don’t like Chinese in china either..

            When you say:

            Japanese living in China don’t bitch, whine and moan, don’t go around on crime rampages but actually work, try their best to fit in and contribute

            do you imply we do in china?
            i’m sorry but actually Chinese abroad do even worse..at least in Italy. Many more omice rate in Chinese community than among other, not talking about drug smuggling, prostitution, illegal immigration, black work, and so on…

          • whuddyasack

            Frank, I apologize for replying so late because I was so, so busy. To me, you’re a good guy and I understand that we will always have trouble understanding each other. It’s just meant to be that way. I think it’s time for us to stop arguing but what the heck, I’ll just take the opportunity to correct some misunderstandings.

            1.) Caucasian is not an “American racial slang”. It is a valid racial category backed by years of research.

            2.) When I talk about defenders of foreign rapists/pedophiles, this is what I mean:


            do you imply we do in china?

            I imply that foreigners should take some lessons from the Japanese who never stoop so low as to pull the race card while complaining and moaning all the time. There are many incidents involving white and black foreigners, sometimes very violent crimes and rapes but this is almost unheard of amongst Japanese, heck all Asian expats. And your Italian statistics must be messed up because “every” other Western country, Chinese commit less crime than the locals. Why is this?


            The example of Japanese was a reply to what you believe Japanese say about white people in New Zeland.

            Not what I think. It’s what I’ve been told. And after what they went through, who could blame them?

            Now, Frank. Here are some real-time definitions for you

            This is tribal: http://www.japancrush.com/2014/stories/female-politician-driven-to-tears-after-being-mocked-in-diet.html#comment-1446630675

            This is primal: http://nationalinterest.org/feature/asia-flames-us-china-war-10621#comment-1433308512

            This is savage: http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/stories/xinjiang-netizens-react-to-kunming-knife-attack-public-backlash.html#comment-1282527034

            This is archaic:http://shoebat.com/2014/02/14/italians-combat-islam-refuse-allow-islamic-art-museum/

            And for clannish, look at the picture clannish:

            BTW, I didn’t mean to offend you for anything I’ve typed above. It’s just my way of explaining things and I think it’s time for us to move on and enjoy more important things like soccer for you, not so much for me ;-P

            That game with Costa Rica was a huge upset, my Frank. Was personally hoping Italy won that game. Poor England. And yeah, Chinese still have a long way to go before being any good at soccer, or baseball, or any other team sport haha

          • Zappa Frank

            1you may mean caucasoid, but still not a race

            2 a pedophile in china, and than? I don’t understand your point.I did not see any defense by anyone.

            3 many incidents? I did not notice. Do you mean foreigner in china are involved in crime more than Chinese? Franklin hard to believe. Chinese are involved in labor, fraud, tax crimes. We do have also many violent crimes, but since the community is close most we find when a dead body comes out or someone go to hospital, free even if illegal, to fix all broken bones and so on.. I find Chinese community very violent.

            You chosed a pictures that do not mean anything, I can find worse with Chinese people in no time… But agin I think I’m done with you, you want to keep your racist vision, do it, all discussion we have do not lead anywhere.

          • whuddyasack

            Sorry for the late response, been a little busy and there’s been quite a bit of excitement in my life. Won’t count my chickens before they hatch just yet haha. If you ever get the impression that I’m racist, then I will just have to apologize and reassure you I’m not. Let’s leave the past behind.

            Italy deserved to lose. Costa Rica played better by far while our team was slow old and used cheap tricks. Actually I would like to correct something on my post here but I’m using my wife’s iPad, I hate it, never do what I ask.

            Ahhh, you’re way too hard on your team Frank. Costa Rica played very well, with magic on the field. Good luck playing against Uruguay. Looking forward to the match.

            As for the iPad, no need to worry about correcting anything. I understand since I tested out a friend’s. It’s a bit better than my Samsung Galaxy, but still really uncomfortable. I hate touch screens, it makes me feel like my fingers are big.

      • Boris

        You first paragrapgh is all “on the defensive”. As expected of you.

        “You’re clearly exaggerating with your claims as I’ve never said that Asians were blameless angels when it came to rape.” – Of course I was exaggerating. But that is pretty much how you come across.

        “There is nothing racist about statistics.” – No, nothing racist, except the fact that they don’t tell the whole story. Or the fact that stats can be misleading. We’ve (well you, me and some other folks on here) have had discussions about this before. No point going over old ground on this.

        And on Indian people, some can even pass for Chinese. All the five major racial types – Australoid, Mongoloid, Europoid, Caucasian and Negroid – find representation among the people of India.

    • Arendelle

      So that you can be fed?

      • Boris

        Yes, so I can be fed on his ridiculousness.

  • Surfeit

    “After interrogation, Wang confessed.”

  • Science Patrol

    Science Patrol prays for swift and severe punishment. Society must protect the grannies.

  • Andre Leonard

    I hope justice is sure and swift here for this sick demented pervert. A firing squad would be nice and swift.

  • 나비

    I bet this happens far more then people realize. Rape is a very common crime in Asia but much of it goes unreported due to social stigma and often the scrutiny or dismissal or ineptitude from law enforcement , i h and don’t forget saving the family face! Asia isn’t some golden land where rape doesn’t happen, in fact I’d say it’s much more socially acceptable to grope women, take advantage of drunk girls, etc because they know they can and do get away with it. Many women and girls just say nothing because it’s better then the stigma of being a rape victim. They don’t have the victim advocacy and more faith in the police that western women have. But even in western countries, attitudes towards rape, rape culture, victim blaming, victim stigmatizing, etc have along ways to go.

    • Zappa Frank

      According to whuddy rapes in Asia are perpetrated by whites disguised as yellows, probably the one of the topic before is one of them..

    • noodles76

      Use a rubber…not rape. Toss money on the table after you’re done…not rape.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Really I think you’re beating a dead horse. I think we’ve all heard this numerous times and you seem to be posting just so that we all know that sexual assault is a problem in Asia, just like it is everywhere. Nobody is saying it isn’t a problem in Asia so not sure why you had to post that. Why don’t we just say that while going by official statistics sexual assault may be far more common in the “West”, things like cultural stigma and other factors suggest that may not be true. Unless of course you want to start a whole thread about where you are more likely to be sexually assaulted. Then we’ll have people coming up with all kinds of anecdotal evidence and rhetoric we’ve all heard before.

      • 나비

        It’s not a” dead horse” at all. It affects millions of women. I, myself, was brutally raped in Korea. To just write this off as” an old argument” is dismissing the women who have suffered. The trauma of rape is long long-lasting and horrible. It’s not something you get over. Ever. It affects you your entire life. If you’ve been raped, you’d know that trauma. Don’t tell me this is a” old horse”, it’s very fucking real and it’s something women live with every fucking day.

        • Zappa Frank

          are you Kate?

          • Boris

            I think she is,

        • KamikaziPilot

          Sorry, I see where you’re coming from now. Actually I thought you were a guy at first trying to promote some kind of agenda (ex. maybe trying to vilify Asian men). I didn’t mean to sound insensitive and sorry for what happened to you. You have a right to speak your mind. Totally agree with the trauma part, I’d never try to minimize the seriousness of this despicable crime. I just originally misinterpreted the intent of your post.

      • noodles76

        I’ll tell you why. because there are brain dead fucks up in this thread that think this kind of think only happens rarely in Asia in general and China specifically.

  • Markus Peg

    Japanese devil.. Oh sorry wrong thread…

    (Just kidding guys, this is a sick story, poor old ladies.. I regret clicking it and had to skim-read.. )

  • Goggy

    What does the story about the counterfeit money have anything to do with the story? Did he just want upvotes?

  • David

    Or you can be in some countries where they put the rape victim to death for having sex with a man who is not her husband. Or where the crime must be witnessed by two adult men and the victim can not even testify because women are not allowed to testify in court.

  • noodles76

    Really? You spit on rape victims? You’re a fucking prize. I’m glad you were able to get past such a personal invasion that I can’t even truly comprehend. But….you should be a tad more compassionate. Even if I agree with your overall sentiment, that line about spitting on rape victims took it to an entirely different level and made you the asshole instead of a person who could perhaps have been a positive force for other victims.