Henan Man’s “Hukou” Revoked for Complaints Against Police

Xiao Jianpeng showing his hukou household registration booklet and evidence of its cancellation.
Xiao Jianpeng showing his hukou household registration booklet and evidence of its cancellation.

From NetEase:

Henan Man Files Complaints Against Police Chief Multiple Times, Has Hukou Household Registration Canceled On Day of Day of Filing Complaint

Southern Metropolis Daily report — Yesterday, it was exposed online that the hukou household registration of Henan province Luyi county resident Xiao Jianpeng had been bizarrely cancelled, presumably related to him and his wife’s repeated complaints against the local police chief’s misconduct [dereliction of duty, not doing as expected].

With regards to this, the Luyi county public security bureau confirmed to this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that Xiao Jianpeng’s hukou has indeed been cancelled, but is unable to investigate the reason. Wang Feng, the police chief accused of being involved, did not respond to interview requests.

Person involved filed complaint against police chief for arrest

Netizen Mao Anlin, verified as a media columnist, posted a microblog yesterday claiming that, as a result of filing complaints against local police chief Wang Feng, his interviewee and Henan Luyi county resident Xiao Jianpeng has “as a result had his entire identity canceled, becoming a nonexistent person!”

Xiao Jianpeng’s wife Cao Lu told this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that because she had lost her hukou booklet, she had gone to the Luyi county Shiliang town police station last week to get a replacement and discovered that the page in the booklet [registration] for her husband Xiao Jianpeng has disappeared. She asked police staff and the response she got was that Xiao Jianpeng’s hukou has been cancelled, “the leader [chief] had it cancelled”.

Cao Lu claimed to this Southern Metropolis Daily journalist that she saw on the police staff’s computer that the reason her husband’s hukou had been canceled was “has a hukou in Shanxi province”. However Cao Lu indicates, “my husband has in all his years never been to Shanxi before. His hometown is Jiangxi, so he has absolutely no relation to Shanxi.”

Xiao Jianpeng said to this Southern Metropolis Daily journalist that he saw that the date his hukou was cancelled was 2013 January 25 and thus believes this has something to do with Luyi county suburb police station political instructor and acting police chief Wang Feng. Since 2012 September, he and his wife have visited higher Ministry of Public Security levels and their disciplinary inspection departments to file complaints against Wang Feng and other local police officers multiple times.

According to receipts of complaint letters as well as copies of public documents provided by the couple, the couple has reported Wang Feng and other police officers for misconduct [not doing as expected, or dereliction of duty]. According to the relevant complaint documents, in 2012 September, Xiao Jianpeng was involved in a fight over an internal company dispute where a police case was opened in which he was to be criminally detained [arrested] (not carried out). Afterward, however, the determination of injury that was a key evidence in the case was revoked/overturned by a higher public security organ. Although Xiao’s criminal detention was also revoked/overturned, Xiao believes this still leaves him with a police record. Xiao Jianpeng believes this was the police chief Wang Feng and others “conspiring together to make false charges” against him, and it is because of this that he petitioned/filed complaints, demanding that they be held accountable.

Police: Unable to investigate whether or not Shanxi hukou exists or not

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Cao Lu recalled to this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that in 2013 January, Wang Feng had come to their neighborhood, “saying he would cancel my husband’s hukou, saying he’d like to see how we’re going to sue him after his hukou is canceled.” Xiao Jianpeng expressed to this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that when his hukou was revoked happens to be the day his family went to the Zhoukou city Discipline Inspection Commission for the second time, and that he did not at the time take Wang Feng’s threat seriously, “I didn’t think he’d be so bold, not until I saw (proof of my hukou canceled).”

According to a piece of proof issued by the Shilian police station on 2014 April 24 provided by Xiao Jianpeng, Xiao Jianpeng’s hukou was revoked on 2013 January 25, with the reason for the change being “other”.

Yesterday, this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter contacted Luyi county Public Security Bureau’s Household Registration Office requesting verification, and the staff confirmed that Xiao Jianpeng’s Luyi hukou has indeed been canceled. With regards to whether his “Shanxi hukou” exists or not, the staff indicated that they were unable to check that. This Southern Metropolis Daily journalist also successfully connected through to Wang Feng’s mobile phone, but Wang Feng said he was unable to hear sound on the call, so this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter then sent a text message requesting confirmation of this story but has not received a response from Wang Feng.

(Original title: Luyi County Resident’s Hukou Oddly Canceled/Revoked)

Comments from NetEase:

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一笑江湖 [网易重庆市网友]:

Is no longer having a hukou equivalent to no longer having citizenship, which means no longer enjoying the protection of the law, as well as being subject to punishment under the law?
So, what is there to be afraid of then?

ty0769 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Unless there is proof of death, the public security system should not have the power to cancel someone’s hukou!!!!!!!!!

狼团政委哥 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

When power is not controlled/checked, us rabble might as well just wait to be oppressed. It’s just that certain organizations should take note, that water can float a boat, but can also sink a boat.

网易青海省西宁市网友 ip:118.213.*.*: (responding to 一笑江湖)

LOL, not being subject to punishment just because one doesn’t have a nationality? You’re retarded.

网易上海市网友 ip:140.206.*.*: (responding to ty0769)

The [police station] staff said, it was their leader [the chief] who had it canceled. However niu bi your evidence is, it isn’t as powerful as a leader’s order, do you still not understand?

网易广东省东莞市网友 ip:61.145.*.*:

Living in the Heavenly Kingdom is difficult, difficult, difficult!!!

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:113.128.*.*:

This police chief’s power sure is big. Now his name is known throughout the country, but soon he’ll have his name written off [he’ll be fired, removed from his position]!

空空道人v5 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to ty0769)

Haha, then that just means the notary office can make more money!

月在梧桐缺处明 [网易湖北省宜昌市网友]: (responding to ty0769)

Personal misuse of the power granted to him by the government to arbitrarily cancel someone’s hukou. There is no legal justification. This is what power is, without supervision/oversight, and excessively centralized.

mul3456老翁 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

The outcome of fights between the people and officials is like this, where the ordinary common people suffer. It has been like this throughout history!

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:121.34.*.*: (responding to 一笑江湖)

They’ll charge you with illegal immigration.

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:183.11.*.*:

The reform of the petitioning/letters of complaints system is niu bi! If you petition/report something, they’ll make you dead [a hukou is canceled typically when the person has died].

网易湖南省长沙市网友 ip:222.240.*.*:

Last night while on a stroll, I saw a big fatty swatting flies on top of a pile of manure, his technique exquisite, causing every around to exclaim: Impressive! Incredible! Go! At this time, a little fatty walked by and said: Why swat the flies? Why not just shovel away this pile of manure that breeds/attracts the flies? The crowd went silent… Suddenly the family of the big fatty roared: Nonsense! What everyone is watching is the swatting of flies, so if there aren’t any flies to swat, what is everyone supposed to watch! And so the little fatty was sent running by the curses of the crowd.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    Absence of civil rights…that weren’t many anyway.

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    abuse of power, nothing new for China!

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    • IsurvivedChina

      where is that national pride now?

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        Only applies when there is a foreign target to take aim at.

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        natinal pride? i dont serve the ccp i dont be proud of what they do i am proud what my civilaztion does.

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  • loki

    no hukou is different than not having one in a certain city…. everyone has one somewhere.. its the family hukou, if it is revoked no marriage no house no divorce no children no schooling no work.. Well played police chief…

    • Dr Sun

      Point of information,thats not true. Children born outside of the “1 child” don’t have one, a huge number of children born in the countryside don’t have one, many minority children don’t have one. Please before you post, know that you are talking about.

      • David

        And we have seen reported right here on CS the problem those people without one have, I think that was his point.

  • The corrupt people in power cant control free thoughts…or the internet…or cell phone cameras….corruption has been exposed

    • loki

      clearly you haven’t seen the chinese government do their “Thing”.. They can and have and will again if need be shut down internet access to entire cities because of riots or what not .. and about those cellphone cameras, what do plan on doing swap memory sticks or transfer via bluetooth …

      Don’t underestimate a properly motivated government, they got all the keys to eletricity , gas , , trains , planes, tv, radio, telephones, internet, Guns , police , air force, military, and navy….

      • nothing is perfect. My point is, technology has uncovered some terrible situations. The truth and justice can be slowed down…but it cant be stopped

        • Free Man

          Well said!

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    Who cares about issues such as human rights when there are more important matters like diaoyu islands to deal with?

  • Check and mate! Henan man!

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    Foreigners have always been the easiest targets

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    what in the hell are you talking about … ? did you even read the article?

    • Umm have you done anything remotely official in China for business or buying property or registry of company? Have you been married in China even? Damn – what chaos.

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      Lol I guess unless you lived in China you probably don’t understand how impossible that is. Registering or changing Hukou is big business, and unlike registering a business which only takes around 3 months, you are talking about a year if you are lucky lol.

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    Just another sad example of a Govt running Dog using and abusing his power

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    Well, how about you trying to complain against a government, which just sends tanks to roll over any kind of resistance against itself? Foreigners are far away, so no danger of getting flattened by a tank from this side.

    • Merohedral

      I get your point. Myself, I would probably not be in the forefront of a revolution if my country needed one. It requires cojones that I probably don’t have – I don’t know as I’ve never been in a position to have to fight for my freedoms and rights.

      However, if everyone thought like you, the USD would have the face of queen of England on their $20 bills, South Africa would still have the apartheid going on, the USSR would still exist, the Berlin wall would still be standing, China would still be a dictatorship – oh wait..

      • Free Man

        I think you got ‘cojones’ just for being able to admit that you probably wouldn’t want to be in the forefront. That’s already more than most people everywhere are able to admit.

        But not doing anything is not the way I am thinking. I spend my free time “poisoning” thoughts of young chinese people with free-thinker-stuff and I hope that one day chinese friends and family of mine can live a free life like myself. It’s just that I always make fun of (usually chinese) people calling for war (usually with Japan) by asking them to pick up a gun and take the lead. Only this time you were my target. Didn’t mean to insult anyone, though.

        • Merohedral

          Oh I see! Are you a teacher? How do the young Chinese people you meet react when you try to “poison their thoughts”? Do you meet resistance? In China I met some people who told me they were “open-minded” and whenever I would say something against the CCP they would agree with me. Sometimes they would bash the government so hard that I would be placed in a position to defend it!

          However, these “open-minded people” had their limits. Whenever I’d mention Tibet or Taiwan, for example, I’d “cross the line”. I had one particularly memorable conversation with a young Chinese sophomore. He explained that he was very open minded, that I could talk about anything to him. We discussed how China could be a better place.

          One day, I said that maybe China was too large and unmanageable (which is an argument used all the time to explain why the country is so crappy). I argued that if all of China’s provinces became independent countries, with their own governments, like a bunch of little Taiwans maybe the region we would call “China” would be better managed and more free. Then I said: “look at Taiwan, it’s a small country and it looks pretty good”.

          Here I had two key words: “Taiwan” and “country”, I didn’t need more to flare him up. He just started a diatribe as to why Taiwan is not a country, it is part of China.. etc.

          I am not saying my idea about carving up China into independent countries is the best of ideas, but I do think it is worthy of debating. Like any idea that one might not agree with. That is one thing that I found frustrating living in China. Some topics were off-limits from critical inquiry.

  • don mario

    whats left for people like this to do… other than go on a murderous rampage against party members?

    or leave china of course but we know thats not going to happen.

  • Surfeit

    “I didn’t think he’d be so bold”. Possibly the most polite way to say ‘I just got shafted.’

  • Alphy

    This is a great analogy of what’s going on in China:
    “Last night while on a stroll, I saw a big fatty swatting flies on top of a pile of manure, his technique exquisite, causing every around to exclaim: Impressive! Incredible! Go! At this time, a little fatty walked by and said: Why swat the flies? Why not just shovel away this pile of manure that breeds/attracts the flies? The crowd went silent… Suddenly the family of the big fatty roared: Nonsense! What everyone is watching is the swatting of flies, so if there aren’t any flies to swat, what is everyone supposed to watch! And so the little fatty was sent running by the curses of the crowd.”

    Everyone know there’s systematic issues, and everyone know why they don’t try to fix the system and instead just on the symptoms. Except every time someone bring something up like declaring net worth of officials to combat corruption or have some check and balance those people are suddenly silenced and chase out of the room.

  • Mighty曹

    Power & Corruption is alive and well.