Hierarchies of Snobbery and Contempt by Chinese Netizens

Shantou University Library statue.

Shantou University Library statue.

Southern Metropolis Daily: Chains of Snobbery and Contempt.

Southern Metropolis Daily‘s City Weekly compiled a list of “Hierarchies of Snobbery” or “Hierarchies of Contempt” on April 7th, 2012. These hierarchies show the multi-layered prejudices amongst Chinese when it comes to how the products, brands, sports, media, academic disciplines, music, movies, fashion, etc. they choose reflect their intelligence, sense of fashion taste and fashion, originality, or how “international” they are.

As the City Weekly article spread online on discussion forums and social networking sites, Chinese netizens have contributed additional lists and hiearachies…

From Dianping:

IT [Information Technology]:

Search Engines: Google > Baidu > Bing/Soso/Sogou > People’s Search [later renamed as Jike Search].

Microblogs: Twitter > Fanfou > Sina Weibo > Tencent Weibo > Other Microblogging services.

Internet Discussion Forums: Douban > Tianya > Mop > Post Bar > portal website forums [i.e. NetEase, Sina, Sohu].

Chat Software: Gtalk > MSN > QQ > Fetion

Email: Gmail > 163 Mail > QQ Mail.

Internet Browsers: Chrome/Firefox > Safari/Opera > Maxthon > Internet Explorer > domestic shanzhai browsers such as 360.

Social Networks: Facebook > Kaixin > Renren > Tencent Pengyou

Cell Phones: Blackberry > Apple > Xiaomi > HTC > Samsung > Sony Ericsson > Nokia > Motorola > Lenovo > ZTE > shanzhai mobile phones

Blackberry vs. HTC vs. Apple iPhone.
Blackberry vs. HTC vs. Apple iPhone.

Anti-Virus Software: AVAST > ESET > Kaspersky > Norton > Rising > Kingsoft > 360 > QQ Anti-Virus

Internet-related Professions: engineer > product development > operations > UED (User Experience Design) professional > UI (User Interface) professional > editor

Pinterest-like Websites: jipin.kaixin001.com > huaban.com > duitang.com/mogujie.com > meilishuo.com

Programers: C (programming language) > Java > .NET > JavaScript > HTML > Graphic design

Laptops: Apple > Sony > Toshiba > Dell > Samsung > HP > Lenovo > Asus > Tsinghua Tongfang/HASEE > netbooks

Designers: architect > landscape architect > interior decorator > print graphic designer > hair stylist > web designer

Video Games:

Video Games: console games > foreign PC games > foreign online games > domestic online games > browser games/QQ games

World of Warcraft: Mage > DK (Dark Knight) > Hunter > Rogue > Warlock > Priest > Soldier > Druid > Paladin > Shaman

Kaixin.com Games: Happy City > Happy Garden > Happy Farm > Happy Restaurant > Happy Life


Movies: art films from little known countries > European art films > Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese xiao qingxin” films > classic Hong Kong films > Hollywood blockbusters > mainland films.

TV Shows: British TV shows > American TV shows > Japanese TV shows > Korean TV shows > Taiwanese TV shows > Thai TV shows.

Music: Britpop/domestic underground music brands > European and American pop music > Japanese/Korean/Hong Kong/Taiwanese pop music > mainland internet songs.

Musical Genres: Classic > Jazz > Rock and Roll > Pop > shanzhai internet songs [i.e. parodies/remixes]

Musical Instruments: cello > violin > piano > Guqin > Guzheng > bass > Jazz drum > guitar > Di/Xiao

“Rolling in the Deep” on a Guzheng

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Football Leagues: Italian Serie A > English Premier League > Spanish La Liga > German Burndesliga > French Ligue 1 > Chinese Super League > Chinese Football Association Division One.

TV channels: BBC > Phoenix Television > CCTV > Hunan Satellite TV.


Fast Fashion: Topshop > Zara > H&M > Forever 21 > Vera Moda > Metersbonwe/Yishion/Bossini.

Online shopping websites: Taobao > Paipai > 360buy > VANCL > Dangdang > Amazon.cn > Yihaodian

Online dating and matchmaking websites: Jiayuan > Baihe > Zhenai > Juedui100 > 51Shanhun

Financial management: VC (Venture Capital) > collections [i.e. art, antiques] > real estate > stocks > gold and foreign exchange > insurance > funds > savings > lottery

Banks: Bank of East Asia > Citibank > Standard Chartered Bank > HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) > Evergrowing Bank > CMBC (China Merchants Bank) > Bank of China > Shanghai Pudong Development Bank > Guangdong Development Bank > CCB (China Construction Bank) > Bank of Beijing, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Chongqing, and other commercial banks > CMSB (China Minsheng Bank) > Agricultural Bank of China > Postal Office Savings Bank > credit cooperatives

Asia travel: India > Nepal > Cambodia > Vietnam/Laos/Burma > Thailand > Japan > Indonesia/Philippines > Malaysia > Taiwan > Singapore > Korea > Hong Kong/Macau

Jeans: Levi’s > Lee > CK > Wrangler > Apple Bottoms > Only > Baleno/Metersbonwe/Yishion

Men’s Fashion: Z Zegna > GY > Izzue > Mark Fairwhale

TT [condoms]: CK > Okamoto > Durex > Jissbon > Double Butterfly/The Six Sense > condoms sold from vending machines

Coffee: Costa > Starbucks > Left Bank > U.B.C. > Typhoon Shelter (Tea House) > McDonald’s/KFC > Nescafe Instant

Cars: German cars > American cars > French cars/Japanese cars > Korean cars > Chinese cars

White collar worker lunches: Upscale restaurant > lunch made by girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse > roadside restaurant > 7-Eleven > McDonald’s/KFC > takeaway fast food

Sneakers: Nike/Adidas > Converse > Li Ning > Anta > Warrior > shanzhai and counterfeit brands.

Adivon sports shoes.
Adivon, widely regarded as copying Adidas, now

Silly Humor:

Goddesses” [the women of men’s dreams]: light-skinned, rich, slim, beautiful, and with big boobs > light-skinned, rich, slim, and beautiful > light-skinned, rich, and beautiful > light-skinned and rich > light-skinned and beautiful

Pet dog: Husky > Tibetan Mastiff > Border Collie > Poodle > Teddy > German Shepherd > Golden Retriever > Labrador Chihuahua > Pekingese

Working class: civil servants > people who work in state-owned enterprises > white-collar workers > rural migrant workers in cities > college students

Loser culture [people who are poor or think they are poor]: Nouveau riche > tall, handsome, and rich (men) > light-skinned, rich, and beautiful (women) > “goddesses” [dream girls of guys who are poor or think they are poor] > pink labias/black labias [virgins/non-virgins] > female losers > prostitutes > male losers

Humans: Foreigners > Hong Kong people > Taiwanese > Macau people > people from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen > other mainlanders

Horoscope signs: Scorpio > Taurus > Libra > Pisces > Virgo > Leo > Gemini > Capricorn > Cancer > Sagittarius > Aries > Aquarius

Gay men: gay men who are famous socialites on Weibo > gay men in the entertainment industry > gay men in the physical fitness industry > gay men on Taobao > gay men who wear luxury fashion brands > gay men who are very effeminate > gay men who are white collar workers > gay men losers > fei zhu liu gay men/non-mainstream > gay men who are manwhores [prostitutes]

Famous talkshow hosts: Xiao S (Xu Xidi/Dee Hsu) and Cai Kangyong/Kevin Tsai. Xiao S is widely applauded as being "light-skinned, rich, slim and beautiful", while Cai Kangyong is considered a knowledgeable gay entertainer.

Girls: Queen B [strong popular women] > girls who like expensive things > girls who are ignorant of fashion > girls who don’t watch American TV shows > girls looking for only army soldiers to be boyfriends > girls who only listen to internet songs > girls obsessed with losing weight > girls who wear insanely heavy makeup > girls who don’t care about personal hygiene > selfish girls

Guys: tall, handsome, and rich/light-skinned, rich, and beautiful > noveau riche > economical and usable > short, ugly, poor,and incapable > provincial, fat, round, idle, and idiotic.

Second generations: PLA second generation (children of People’s Liberation Army officers) > government official second generation > rich second generation > children of coal mine owners > poor second generation > children of farmers

Youths: artistic youth > ordinary youth > idiotic youth > super idiotic youth.


Magazines: Time/The New Yorker > Panorama/Chutzpah > New Weekly/City Pictorial > The Reader > Story China/Soul Mate.

Academic Majors: Natural Science majors > Applied Science and Technology majors > Liberal Arts majors (Economics/Law > Foreign Language majors > Chinese/Psychology/Philosophy majors) > Physical education and arts majors

Literature reading: Ancient Chinese Llterature (especially pre-Qin and Qin Dynasty Literature) > British literature > French literature > Russian literature > German literature > literature from little-known countries > American literature > modern Chinese literature (1917-1949) > Japanese literature > current Chinese literature (1950-Present) > internet literature > literature by people like Han Han and Guo Jingming.

Han Han and Guo Jingming

Comments From Sina Tech:

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What this editor wrote is pretty interesting.


“Not as good as the best, but still better than the worst.” Ever since I was small, I’ve used old sayings like this to give myself confidence. Can’t help it. It’s already become a habit.

新浪手机用户 :

Ultimately it is still because some people want face that they assume an air of narcissistic superiority.

新浪手机用户 :

The culture of snobbery is everywhere. In my opinion, some parts of this article also convey a strong air of snobbery. In the end, it’s just personal preferences, everyone should just stop picking on other people’s choices.


Legendary piece.


This author is a genius!!


People are all pursuing uniqueness. Who isn’t?


A very good article, probably got on some people’s nerves [pricked some people’s egos], right?


Many people hate it when others zhuangbi while they can’t help zhuangbi’ing themselves.


The author put a lot of thought [into writing this article]! Very knowledgeable. I feel I’m part of the group that’s despised/looked down upon.

What do you think?

Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

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          “let’s categorize things…. hahaha…”

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      China is [in] the east, and Christina is the sun.

      chinaSMACKers gravitate toward the sun.

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        She looks more like a daughter than a son.

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    Football: “Lilian Laleslandes” WTF?! This guy is a sucker french player. The chinese text says “french league”.

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      You may sit on my lap and it’s as cozy as a sofa. More importantly I may do you a inside out massage if you like :DDD

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    I dont get what this article about. Lots of stuff on screen. I will need to take it in one at a time. Looks like too much and I dislike clutter

    • [email protected]

      no need. you already saw it for what it is. a load of faff. superficial faff.

      • notorious

        But I’m determined… it looks like stuff. Some stuff about people and things but for what purpose?

        Mindless materialism working on a weak minds… stupid products.

        • bjornt

          You are wiser than majority of humans!

          Resist consumerism, aid knowledge!

    • Harland

      Don’t worry, this ‘reading’ thing threw me for a loop when I started, too.

  • Wu

    Shaman comes in last for WoW? Damb, guess I wont menton that on dates any more…

  • songhuanghe

    Years ago, the book entitled “class” depicturing different classes of the US society through daily life was quite popular in China. I guess this article could be viewed as the prototype of the Chinese edition of class

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Now that is food for thought my boy.

  • eattot

    Horoscope signs: Scorpio > Taurus > Libra > Pisces > Virgo > Leo > Gemini > Capricorn > Cancer > Sagittarius > Aries > Aquarius
    hahaha,always some stupid people argue about zodiac…..
    and some even believe blood type,even old women. several days ago i went to office, an old lady asked if i am O blood, i told her, yes, she was so happy. because she likes my personality very much, very daring and happy, and compalins to me that her daughter is AB type.

  • Brett Hunan

    Lol Humans…. fail

    Seems to me from a consumer’s perspective this author just rated the highest priced goods best….

    Chinese literature is the best in all of history? Hmmmm

    Anyone going to make a list of this site’s posters?

    • Brett Hunan

      Ahhhhh snobbery. Got it. Thats why highest priced goods come first. Don’t care much for Zegna. $250 for “metal” cufflinks sounds like a ripoff to me. I don’t know any rich person who would be spending that much if it weren’t a precious metal.

      • DRaY

        I guess if I was Chinese and had no freedom, I would put value on my belongings just so I could feel good about myself too? … But I’m not and this confirms what I have said all along, Chinese people are FUCKING retarded!!!

        • Interested

          Most likely you are the retard.
          There are 3 spheres in analysis. You must fit that low IQ racists group.

          • whichone

            very interesting article, though I do not agree with its [inferred] conclusions I think the new classification is intriguing.

        • whichone

          Based on the population, I believe the majority of Chinese people are fucking correctly. But sometimes these things are all relative, just ask your mothersister.

  • typingfromwork

    > #1

    What the fuck.

    • b. prichard

      Almost as funny as Blackberry at #1

  • Johnny Basic

    Hahaha, I never realised that the Chinese call labia 木耳 until I read this article!

    Quite creative, therefore I presume it was either Hong Kong or Taiwanese people who came up with it first.

    • pervertt

      Imagine the culinary and linguistic faux pas when you ask a Chinese waitress whether she has heimuer. I copped some weird looks when I addressed one as xiaojie last year.

  • Hello

    that Guzhen was wonderfull!!! listened at least 10x….
    Dont pay attention to the article…just listened the music and go on with your life.

  • MonkeyMouth

    what the hell is a labrador chihuahua? a dog that fetches you taco bell?

  • pervertt

    A cello, a violin and a piano are better than a guzheng?

    Not in my book. Listen to this ovation-worthy performance of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’ on Youtube if you find the Youko version too slow to load:


  • notorious

    This is completely off topic and i dont want to get fauna’s web site in trouble if she is in china… There were several articles in the NY times about Mr. Bo, X and his son guagua. They even had pictures of Bo jr with a bevy of slutty looking girls. Quite ostentacious behavior by certain standards (not so in America where no one cares).
    The story about mr. Bo, according to the New York Times is that he his wife killed the brit over a dispute related to money laundering. The dispute was over the amount of money he was to send out of the country. That wang fella wrote two letters reporting the Mr. Bo’s corruption and it was ignored until recently. When he learned about the brit’s murder he ran to the U.S. Embassy to deliver the news. Why was this important enough to risk his life over? I wonder if the Brit told him something? The son of Mr. Bo is here in the U.S. and I suppose he probably won’t go back to China since he will be arrested. Mr. Bo earned about $22,000 a year so many wonder how he and his family can afford certain things. There were three very good articles. Here’s the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/17/world/asia/bo-guaguas-parties-and-privilege-aggravate-elite-chinese-familys-fall.html

    Here’s a picture of guagua hanging out with slutty women:

    Sad what is happening to these peoples’ lives but very interesting to watch as it all unfolds.

    • Alan

      As it unfolds, it may cause a collapse somewhere?

    • Dripping Third Leg

      Good to know the commie sons of guys are dying one by one

    • Dripping Third Leg

      Good to know the commie sons of guns are dying one by one

      • notorious

        It’s interesting that’s for sure. Glad the NY times is keeping us updated on the story. I’ve read four front page articles thus far.

    • The Enlightened One

      Thanks for this, interesting… I was wondering what happened with all that.

      By the way, almost EVERY time I read your name I think of the deceased rapper notorious B.I.G. and that one hit song… no… no… no-torious…

    • Christina

      This story is chilling… murder is bad across the board but if Bo’s wife is really the one behind this, it’s all the more scary because she’s a mother and a wife and up until now, seemingly normal.

      • coala banana

        i doubt that somehow. Its senseless, I mean i know that chinese do some crazy ass shit sometimes. But, this families positions, the timing, and many other things just doesn’t make sense…

        1. B was close to being called into the inner party circle of Beijing, which would make him one of the most powerful people in china…

        2. to poison someone at that time, cause of some missing money, would draw too much attention on Bs private life, and would not get the money back (hard to get something back from someone who is dead)

        3. according to Hs own accounts short before his death, he hadn’t seen Bs family for over a year and just keep occasionally in touch with their son over email..

        4. poison can’t be bought on every corner. It requires some knowledge on the subject if you really want to pull this off, and in addition to that you must make it look like a heart attack or something (which they did), but nothing an authopsy later on couldn’t reveal….

        5. the danger, of tracing it back to you and the fact that you need to involve more people, organize the poison, arrange the set up, get in personal touch with the victim, maybe being seen together, or he letting someone know where he goes, is just too high…

        6. well people, even rich and powerful ones can do some crazy ass shit. I just found that in this case its very unlikely…..when you really think he cheated you out of some money, then there are better ways to do things….

        7. this whole thing smells to me like an ordinary set up from Beijing, getting rid of someone who became a threat….H was just the convenient dumb sheep which was used to discredit someone else and since he was so close to B and his family it was convenient to sacrifice him, and make it look later on that the party doesn’t tolerate corruption, not even from their highest level members….

        • Kong

          For once, I’m going to have to agree. Granted, it’s not impossible, and Bo couldn’t have been much less corrupt than any other Chinese official. That said, this is all rather convenient.

          It’s also fun to note that most liberal-leaning writers and bloggers who usually lambast China’s news sites and party lines are now 100% eating up everything that the Party and Party mouthpieces are saying about this. It’s all a bunch of speculation and rumors with Beijing leading the reins.

          Again, it’s all totally possible, but so far all the evidence is circumstantial and too-convenient-to-say.

      • notorious

        mother, wife, and LAWYER , and apparently gangster too. :o)

    • :( and i wanted to be gua gua. but really this just shows CHina is like the arabs and indians as a feudalistic society. oh why can;t we be more like israelis russians and iranians who have dumped their feudalism for oligarchism?????

    • coala banana

      you are a slow thinker :-)….i write about that shit weeks ago….

      but lets think about it a bit deeper and look at the bigger picture….

      no question, B was (like all others) corrupted. The Brit offered his services to just to B, but also to hundreds of other officials, asking for access to the elite in chinas CCP. Nearly no one replied, but B did. However, H was not a real pro adviser, and he also couldn’t keep his mouth closed and bragged about his “relations”.

      Now 2 options:

      1. B was close to be called in the inner circle of the CCP, and to have a foreigner friend like H, is definitely not of help, he would have become suspicious, and might be denied. This and some lost money could be reason enough, to kill him……BUT, why the hell should Bs wife do it. Poison is not something one can buy on every corner, it also requires some knowledge and you must get it from somewhere which means it can be traced back, since you have to involve more people….somehow i doubt that…

      what is more plausible:

      2. B was a very liked guy, corrupted yes, but thats not really a big deal in china. He made actually a great job by fighting crime in CQ and became popular in the media and amongst chinese people. But that also means that he threaten 2 things..1. the big guys in Beijing, and 2. the profit from illegal businesses….profit which was missed in Beijing by the big guys….when you are in such a big position like B was and even become a prospect to be called into the inner circle, then you can bet your ass that they knew everything about him and made a complete background check. However, its a win win situation for the CCP, get rid of B by destroying his official and private family life, faking evidence involving his wife, make a scandal and use the lousy ass brit as the sheep which will be sacrificed for the greater good…..

      moral of the story: don’t fight crime too much …don’t let profits go down….dont socialize with foreigners…..and fly under the radar and don’t feel yourself as THE newcomer in the party threatening the integrity of the party and its members…otherwise they will find ways to shut you down, cause we know that everyone got a dirty secret somewhere which can be used against him…..

      H was poisoned , yes, but i doubt that he was poisoned by Bs wife…thats a joke, just made up to destroy his reputation and career. The CCP can now claim (and they do that all the time) to the public that they really fight even high ranked party officials…it a win win situation for the CCP…either way…

  • Castro

    Best Rock n’ Roll MthrFkrs !

    Elvis>Neil Young>Cobain>Grateful Dead>Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings>Jane’s Addiction>Simon&Garfunkel.

    honourable mention: terrible Ted Nugent, The Eagles, AC/DC (original),Fleetwood Mac

    * Elvis- stands alone, the Godhead from which others spring.
    ** disputation allowed, but fruitless.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Gay men: gay men who are famous socialites on Weibo > gay men in the entertainment industry > gay men in the physical fitness industry > gay men on Taobao > gay men who wear luxury fashion brands > gay men who are very effeminate > gay men who are white collar workers > gay men losers > fei zhu liu gay men/non-mainstream > gay men who are manwhores [prostitutes]

    How about…. Gay Men > Straight Men? ;)

    Btw, who thinks the two guys in the last pic are HOT?

    • mr. wiener

      I want to teach them to play rugby.

      • Gay Azn Boi


        • pervertt

          He means he wants to straighten them out. Make proper men of them. Rugby is regarded as a masculine sport, unlike soccer which is played by girls.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            So because they don’t look like athletes they need to be “straightened out”??? wtf?? Mr. Wiener’s archaic belief of what a “man” should be is retarded.

          • jeffli

            more about the shower room.
            more than a dozen muddy, sweaty, testosterone filled,virile males with muscles rippling under the flow of the communal showers. scent of man and steam in the air. pete kneels and takes xiao xiao into his mouth as Lars massages with his finger before he enters x………

            So I think you get the picture Gay Azn Boi, what goes on after a game is enough to make a twenty something chinese girl write a book! ;-)

            Rugby is very homo-erotic! you should join a game and get slammed! You’ll enjoy it! :-)

    • Cyberia

      Out of curiosity, who are these “gay” famous people/celebrities? Because they all seem to be closeted (there doesn’t seem to be anyone of note who is openly gay), and therefore, how would anyone know they were gay?

      Okay, maybe they are referring to non-Chinese individuals, but since they stated “gay men who are famous socialites on Weibo” I’m assuming they mean Chinese people.

    • George

      Girly or not, the second guy looks very creepy as hell.

  • Shanghairen

    This is great stuff! I never knew how unsophisticated my Chinese friends and I are! I think Chinese people from small towns are thinking “I’ve never seen a foreigner; what’s Twitter (although almost no one in Shanghai knows either); what’s Starbucks?”

    QQ anti-virus??? I always wondered why people said their laptops “died”.

  • donscarletti

    I never realised to be an engineer that uses C with an Apple laptop and mobile and plays console and foreign PC games and enjoying British TV/Music had any impact beyond limiting my sex life. This list makes me feel great.

  • JSakamoto

    This is entertaining although a lot of the rankings are incomplete but I know it’s all in fun so its ok. Chinese people are so silly sometimes they crack me up. It would be interesting to see a list like this for another country.

  • Johnny Basic

    Wow, I’m surprised to see ‘British TV shows’ topping of the TV shows hierarchy. I doubt that many people would rank Coronation Street and The Bill ahead of Mad Men and The Sopranos!

    It’s still right though. BBC documentaries are approximately a thousand times better than all the others, and I like the idea that Chinese trendsetters appreciate Alan Partridge and Blackadder!

    • 6161

      They appreciate Mr. Bean, ya git.

  • quill

    BBC is one of the stupidest media around

    • mr. wiener

      Compared to what? CNN and HBO?

      • quill

        compared to al jazeera for instance
        bbc is british version of cctv
        but cctv only shows good things in china ]
        bbc shows only bad things of non western world

  • Stacy

    RIM is #1 and ahead of Apple!? Dumb ass writer.

  • Lxpatters

    Haha, it’s just mainland hipsters doing what hipsters love to do, which is to make lists (eg. High fidelity, what white people like…).

    I’m surprised in rating humans it didnt go along racial lines, ie. Black, indian… I guess all foreigners are better than chinese!

  • Mike

    In what universe are British TV shows better than American TV shows?

    • 6161

      This one.

      Breaking Bad is still a little too ‘heavy’, even for the 00后s; Mad Men is just navel gazing and not something about the human condition; and the Chinese were sensible enough to close their PPS windows after Ned got axed. Bean, the BBC’s educational stuff, and some Python, meanwhile, are universal. (And that’s indulging that they are talking about cable: they aren’t. They’re comparing BBC classics to reruns of Friends and Big Bang.)

      • Dr Sun

        6161, you are replying to a post from 2 years ago. I doubt he will reply back

  • Lily

    AVAST > ESET > Kaspersky > Norton >
    Fuck Yes AVAST!
    TV Shows:British TV shows > American TV shows > Japanese TV shows > Korean TV shows > Taiwanese TV shows
    I agree with British shows being superior, but US shows are greater than Japanese shows? I’ve always thought J. shows were funny and interesting
    Music:Britpop/domestic underground music brands > European and American pop > Japanese/Korean/Hong Kong/Taiwanese pop music
    WTF? BritPop?>European/US pop? I DISAGREE!!! And I like J-POP and K-POP more than any other pop in the world. This explain why the chinese kid in my grade is always listening to underground bands and has fav’d Brit bands on his Facebook.
    Musical Genres:Classic > Jazz > Rock and Roll > Pop >
    “Classic>” Zara > H&M > Forever 21 >
    I think Zara is better than TopShop but Forever 21 is right after Zara. H&M clothing isn’t unique enough.
    Cars: German cars > American cars > French cars/Japanese cars >
    ……German Cars>, We All know this. But J cars should be right after German cars.
    “Goddesses” [the women of men’s dreams]: light-skinned, rich, slim, beautiful, and with big boobs > light-skinned, rich, slim, and beautiful
    LOL “big boobs”
    Horoscope signs: Scorpio > Taurus > Libra > Pisces > Virgo > Leo > Gemini > Capricorn > Cancer > Sagittarius > Aries > Aquarius
    Although I’m flattered that they would put Taurus as second, I personally think they should have placed Sagittarius, and Virgo, along with Aries farther up at the top. I’m biased towards these ones. They’re nice. Not only that but successful countries are ruled by these signs. (EX: Japan, Germany, England)<-respectively. I'm okay with Scorpio I guess, sometimes they bother me sometimes they don't. Love/hate relationship.

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  • Siu Leung

    Look at today’s WSJ headline: “Bo Xilai’s Son Ticketed in Porsche.”

    Wow, BGG is alive after all!

    But wait…the tickets are from 2010 and 2011.

    Why is the major news media working their peigu off to make it seem as if Bo Guagua is alive and well?

    • pervertt

      No surprise there, he has expensive taste in cars. But we would have a man bite dog moment if the headline said “Bo Xilai’s Son Ticketed in Toyota.”

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