HK Travel Agency Pays Mainland Tourists To Quiet Down Fight

Anhui tourists Zhang Yong and wife.

Anhui tourists Zhang Yong and wife.

Recently, we reported the story of a Hong Kong female tour guide fighting with some mainland tourists from Anhui province. Allegedly, the tour guide had scolded and insulted the tourists because they did not spend money shopping at a jewelery store. The tour guide had taken them to a particular jewelery store because she can earn commission from the store if the tourists she brings make purchases there. Offended by insults, a couple from Anhui went up to her and began arguing, which eventually became a physical fight.

When news of this incident spread on the Chinese internet, it immediately reminded many of a previous incident last year also involving a Hong Kong tour guide who berated her tour group of mainland tourists. Many netizens were naturally sympathetic with the tourists, although many others could also sympathized with the pressures of tour guides who must depend on commission to make a living.

So what is the easiest way to get many mainland Chinese netizens to change from blaming the Hong Kong tour guide to blaming the mainland tourists?

Tell them that the mainland tourists were government officials or civil servants.

From NetEase:

Hong Kong travel agency to compensate 120,000 HKD to the mainland tourists who were involved in fight

Summary: According to Hong Kong media reports, to quiet down the fighting incident between a female tour guide and Anhui tourists Zhang Yong and his wife, the Hong Kong travel agency is willing to compensate Zhang 120,000 HKD. An insider says that Zhang Yong is an Anhui civil servant, works in the court, and because there was a witness who testified that it was Zhang Yong who hit first, he had been very careful and nervous with his own testimony/statements.

According to a Hong Kong Ming Pao report, with regards to the fight and legal dispute between Hong Kong female tour guide Lin Rurong and Anhui tourist Zhang Yong and his wife that occurred three days into the [Chinese] new year, the “Youjia Travel” agency responsible for organizing the tour group will compensate Zhang Yong 120,000 HKD, or 10 times the 8,500 RMB the family of five paid to join the tour group, to quiet down the incident. Travel Industry Council Chairman Hu Zhaoying will not comment on the incident, but believes using money to solve problems is not appropriate.

Several days ago, Zhang Yong and “Ah Zhen #2” Lin Rurong got into a argument over the issue of shopping, which then became physical. Zhang Yong at the time had angrily shown the scratches on his neck to the media and proclaimed that he would take the matter to court. He and Ah Rong were then taken back to the police station for questioning, but as he left the police station less than 24 hours later, he had made a 180 degree reversal in his attitude, saying it was just a misunderstanding, also stating that he was satisfied with the tour guide’s apology and the travel agency’s service. Though both parties were charged with fighting in public, in the end they agreed to probation [promising to behave themselves], with him even going through the lawyer he had shared with Ah Rong to make a public statement outside the courthouse that “his several days of bittersweet experience in Hong Kong has ended”, and then returned to the mainland.

According to Ming Pao, it turns out that Youjia already proposed compensating Zhang Yong and his wife 120,000 HKD, and Zhang Yong, who is from Huainan in Anhui province and works in the judiciary system, had already signed an agreement…

Comments from NetEase:


Fortunately [he] is just a civil servant. If he had been a chengguan, then the travel agency would’ve definitely be dead.

网易美国网友 [szlhbbb]:

That attitude/temperament [of arrogant government officials] cannot be changed. Even when going abroad, they don’t know to restrain themselves a bit.

网易法国网友 [松尾芭蕉]: (responding to above)

[He’s] so used to being a big man within the country he isn’t afraid [to be arrogant] when he travels the world.

网易广东省深圳市网友 [哦yes]:

Of course, if [he] weren’t a civil servant, then there wouldn’t have been so much bossiness/arrogance. Last year I went back to my hometown to replace my identity card. When I went to the local police station to get a certificate, the police officer said, “how about this, you first give me 500 kuai, and I’ll go take care of it for you, it’ll be faster, if the 500 kuai is too much, I’ll give you the change, and if it is not enough, you can make up the difference later.” I almost cried, how the world has changed, that now a civil servant is actually working for the people, immediately and with great gratitude leaving 500 yuan with him. When the time came to pick up my [renewed, replacement] national identity card, I certainly got it. Only thing was that 500 yuan was never to be heard of again. It was then that I knew that a wolf is still a wolf, a dog still a dog, and there is no such thing as serving the people.


Just a few days ago, we thought Hong Kong people’s characters are low/poor. Now we find out we were at fault.


[The tour guide] being rude and using abusive language to someone’s face is indeed wrong, but the image of civil servants in the mainland is so extremely poor, that even if he was assaulted, no one could be bothered to sympathize [with him].

网易吉林省网友 [zhangdamin]:

Going out and being cocky/arrogant, how come Zhang Yong’s entire family wasn’t beaten to death? You’d be doing a service for the mainland’s ordinary common people.

网易欧洲网友 [澳洲袋鼠]:

For money, [he] was able to apologize, no longer caring about dignity and respect. This civil servant is really something.


The moment I saw they were tourists from Anhui, I knew that primary responsibility for this incident lay with the people from Anhui.


Now’s he’s made a bundle. Who knows, he may have been vacationing on public funds in the first place. And now he’s getting compensated. It sure is nice being a civil servant.


Yet another problem caused by a mainland judiciary official. Why such a big temper? That isn’t Anhui, that’s Hong Kong.


I don’t sympathize with any side! What needs to be known is that Hong Kong people are indeed bloody snobs. They forget that without the mainland’s support, “xiang gang” [Hong Kong, literally means “fragrant harbor”] would have long ago became “chou gang” [stinky, smelly, or lousy harbor].


Civil servants really are very niu.


Haha, even Hong Kong people are now afraid of the power of civil servants, [choosing to] lose money to avoid disaster, can’t afford to mess with Li Gang.

[Note, here “Li Gang” is used to represent government officials, and that the travel agency cannot afford to mess with Zhang Yong because he is a civil servant.]


[He] hit first, and still gets 120,000 HKD. Next time I go to Hong Kong, I’m going to hit people too.


When I saw this news a these past few days, I had thought it was unfair and unjust to the tourists and now today I discover that it was a civil servant who became physical first, being bossy! Being niubi~~ Now I’ve realized just how brave that Hong Kong tour guide must have been [to have provoked and fought against a civil servant]~~

Does this information change your thoughts and opinions about this incident?

Girls who will insult you for not spending money. Personals @ chinasMACK.

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