Homosexual Parents Discriminated Against, Chinese Reactions

Lesbian parents being criticized and discriminated against by a waitress at a restaurant in Texas.

From Youku:

Homosexual parents discriminated against in restaurant, would you stand up and say something?

The above video is spreading on popular Chinese social network RenRen and microblogging service Weibo. It is also amongst the most viewed videos currently on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, with over 750k views since after 3 days. At the time of translation, the number of upvotes on this video outnumber the number of downvotes by 10 to 1.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


So the people of big cities are more cold/indifferent, whereas those with so-called conservative thinking actually have more human kindness. Those bystanders who could not sit still [and ignore the waitress’s behavior] may not be gay or supporters of homosexuality themselves. Them not sitting idly by was more from a moral conscience for the equality in the lives of ordinary people, from caring for children who may not even be their own. True social concern is nothing more than this. This video on U2B [YouTube] has over 580 people in support, nearly 98% support rate.


What that person wearing earrings said was very moving, because I’m also gay.


I cried so much…so touching, why can’t [society/people] put down their colored lenses…?


When I saw that male customer write that letter to the parents, I really couldn’t stop myself from crying…


What a pity, that America’s government likes talking about/criticizing others.


From personal experience, Texans are actually all quite nice. Having been in America this long, there is no one I like more the people of Texas.


If it were in China…I bet everyone would just watch/look on!!!


Texas cowboys are true men!

Shadyzsh: (responding to 猫猫亦)

And only J8 Americans would go discriminate against gays [go criticize someone directly, in public].


And this is the reason why more and more people are emigrating to America.


If I were in America, I would dare [to stand up and defend them] regardless of it being [gay] men or women! In China, if it were female homosexuals, I’d dare [to stand forward], but if it were male homosexuals, I wouldn’t have the courage to stand forward.


Bai Yansong [a well-known CCTV host]: Speaking of America, people will immediately think of it being a modern nation, where the pace of life is very fast, with cities of twinkling neon lights, restaurants and bars full of celebration and prosperity, people being cold and indifferent to each other, family values not being strong, sexually extremely open, money being god. But when you arrive in America, you will discover the above description to basically match China’s current situation, and not having too much relation with America.


The bigger [more populous] the place, the more cold and indifferent the local people are…


I admire American’s tolerance. If this were in China, this couple would be onlooked to death~ [by bystanders who would only watch but not act]


Very commendable. If I were there, I’d be the 25th person to stand forth.


Even though many people discriminate against homosexual, they [homosexuals] should still get the most basic respect!!!


Truly too touching!!! Foreigners are so warmhearted, willing to step forward [stand forth]…


Texas…and what more, most of the people there are farmers… Take a good look at how American farmers’ level of knowledge… Simply unable to be compared with a certain powerful East Asian country…


America’s farmers and the farmers in our Chinese eyes are completely different concepts/ideas. In America, to be a farmer, there is also a certain threshold. [The meaning here is that not everyone can be a “farmer” in America but everyone in China who is not something else is automatically a “farmer”.]


Anything else I won’t say…but after watching this…I really like this show/program…


The people in more traditional places are more simple/honest.

我以无爱: (responding to Shadyzsh)

How you thought of saying this…I really find it difficult to understand.


Is there a difference in standard of living between people living in cities and those living in the countryside in America…?


Americans’ education is still very good, on this point China cannot compare.


This is a problem of faith/religion. Nowadays we don’t have anymore religion, apart from the Party.


You’ve made the main point…plz believe in jesus!!!


What would you do if you saw restaurant patrons insulting an interracial couple? [original comment written in English]


I would stand forth and say something so those two children would not suffer discrimination, but if it were just the parents then I wouldn’t get involved.


If it were in China, I think the basic reaction in China would be silence, or there would be a big disturbance with lots of bystanding onlookers.


赞 In China, I think a lot of people would choose to remain silent.


I don’t know if you all noticed or not, even if they were very angry, they were still relatively moderate/gently when they spoke. If it were our country’s people, wouldn’t it instead be loud cursing and physical violence? Is this what so-called character is?

woshimoli1: (responding to 风环々)

Towards male [homosexuals], it would be 100% remaining silent. [But towards] female [homosexuals], U KNOW, a lot of people don’t mind lesbians.

pink18: (responding to 小朵冷)

Foreigners are the same, as I’ve personally experienced abroad, everyone is human. What Chinese people are like is what foreigners are like. Most Chinese people are more kindhearted than foreigners.


I’m also against homosexuality, I just won’t say it to their faces, because doesn’t everyone want face, right? Keeping silent [keeping such things to yourself] is the way to go.

月羽雪兔: (responding to 小朵冷)

I saw, even when criticizing others they are very polite, apart from the one young guy who was relatively more angry who went beyond criticizing the waitress. Another thing, when I saw that religious believer, I was a little moved. Those with faith/religion are just different [from those without]…


I also feel that homosexual parents who also go and destroy children [by being bad role models] is wrong~~ Looks like I should be standing on the side of the waitress. If there really are children in this kind of family environment, it is too frightening to imagine what they will be like when they grow up. 无语


Perhaps one day I too will stand forward, and speak for them, but up to now I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bold/audacious waiter, everyone at most just whispering amongst themselves, all just saying it ultimately is none of their business. 难过


From the comments we can see a person’s level of education and level of general knowledge.

What do you think? Of the findings in the video? Of Chinese netizen reactions? Is there more discrimination against gays than lesbians?

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A waitress at a Texas restaurant discriminates against a lesbian couple with their children.

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  • Justin

    ”From personal experience, Texans are actually all quite nice. Having been in America this long, there is no one I like more the people of Texas.“

    To quote a very well-known T-shirt:
    “Fuck Ya’ll I’m from Texas”


    • Justin

      Oh yeah and WTF is up with this comment:

      “Texas…and what more, most of the people there are farmers… Take a good look at how American farmers’ level of knowledge… Simply unable to be compared with a certain powerful East Asian country…”

      We’re not all farmers, you know. Some of us are Hollywood directors (Robert Rodriguez) and actors/actresses (Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey) Country musicians (George Jones, Willy Nelson) Psychedelic Rock Musicians (Roky Erickson), rock musicians (Janis Joplin, ZZ Top) Legendary blues musicians (Pinetop Perkins, Stevie Ray Vaughn), Rap musicians (UGK, Devin the Dude) and even electronic musicians (Ghostland Observatory). Don’t forget about oil tycoons (T. Boone Pickens, H. Ross Perot), presidents (2 Bushes [whom I’d rather not claim] and Lyndon B. Johnson), computer billionaires (Michael Dell) and last but not least world-class journalists (Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite).

      • deputamadre

        Trying a bit hard to defend your state, eh? Ross Perot AND Sandra Bullock in one place? You just blew my mind. I need to move to Texas ASAP.

        • Justin

          Actually, while I was living in Texas I complained all the time about how it was filled with ignorant racist hicks (with the exception of Austin, which is every bit as progressive as Seattle, Portland or San Francisco) but the longer I have been in China the more proud I am to be from Texas. Maybe it’s some kind of deep psychological thing where I am in a foreign land so I need to reaffirm my sense of identity, etc. Also, all of the Texans I know in Beijing are all pretty cool and some of the best American restaurants in BJ are Texan-run (Grandma’s Kitchen, Pete’s Tex Mex and Tim’s Texas BBQ)

          I will say that Texas has some nice folks there, though there are a lot of conservatives. And there is something to be said for southern hospitality.

          • aclcla

            i didn’t know that Grandma’s kitchen was texan run…hmm explains the fine fine american breakfast and big giant burgers they have there :-)

          • Marsvin

            Of course the Chinese have the excuse of being deliberately kept out of touch with the world by their government. What excuse do Texans have? ;)

          • Jones

            I stumbled across Peter’s Tex-Mex while searching for Grandma’s Kitchen years ago in Chengdu during a rather long trip across China. I asked the waitress if I could have a discount since I am from Texas. She agreed (10%, better than nothing), and later an old white woman approached. She mentioned being from Texas, and after a short conversation, realized we were actually from the same area (she being from McCleod and me from Texarkana). Turns out, she was “Grandma”. We talked for a bit, she introduced me to Pete, and then I got my meal for free. Pretty cool stuff.

            Years later I come back to the US. Bought a car, went to get insurance and all that. They asked what work I had done prior to my current one and I mentioned having taught in China. The insurance lady tells me about how she use to work in Chengdu so of course I start to tell the story about running into the really good Tex-Mex place out there. Turns out she had worked with “Grandma” while she was there. Small world.

      • Skepticist

        Only steers and queers come from Texas, and you don’t sound very much sound like a steer, so that pretty much narrows down the options, doesn’t it? -Gunnery Sergeant Hartman-

      • Tengu

        You could have won that one with Rodriguez, Stevie Ray and Cronkite alone!

        Used to go out with a French girl who shaved her pudenda in a festive manner…I called her “Pinetop”…no relation.

      • hoots

        This is awesome. It speaks volumes about what Amercan values and ethics are all about. Being from the South, many people assume that we’re all backwords, uneducated, hateful, and ignorant people. But as this video shows, most people in the South really do care about eachother as human beings. There are always political arguments and bickering but when it comes down to real face-to-face situations, compassion usually wins out against hate and bigotry. This video makes me proud of America, the South, and gives me hope for humanity. Here in China I can also see a lot of love and compassion towards gays amongst young people. One of my high school students recently told me that 2 of her male friends just came out and were having a party to celebrate. …in high school. I thought that was pretty cool. Another one of my students told me he has a friend who is openly gay and in the military here in China. Don’t know about that, but if it’s true it’s pretty cool. Hooray for love, understanding, and standing up against injustice!

        • hoots

          oops. i didn’t mean to reply to your comment. Just a general comment.

      • Alikese

        Uh oh, it sounds like someone messed with Texas.

      • Dark Canuck

        You left out the Cowboys from Hell, minus Phil. Love Texas, like a second home to me.

      • arinna

        I know right ! Texas people aren’t always farmers! There are also cowboys and cowgirls. jsk jsk ignorant people.

    • Jones

      Another quote: “You all can go to hell, I’m going to Texas”

      But yeah, the Texas farmers thing is wrong. Clearly we’re ranchers and quick draw pistoleros. This person has clearly never been to Dallas/Houston/Austin/Corpus Christi/San Antonio/etcetcetc

      Which part of Texas are you from?

      • Justin

        I am from SE Texas originally (Near Beaumont) Vidor specifically. I was educated in Austin at UT and spent nearly 10 years there before coming to China.

        • Jones

          Texarkana represent. I’m a Razorback, though, so woo pigs.

    • Justin

      True Texans in action, check this out

      LBJ Buys Pants


      Joe Jamail (Famous Texas Lawyer) nearly engages in fisticuffs at a deposition.


  • Confucius says

    Fake and gay.


    • Justin

      Confucius says
      Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 10:15 am

      Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 10:12 am

      beat you by three minutes…

      • Dave in Macau

        God damn English teachers, don’t you have anything better to do?

    • Alikese

      It’s not fake, it’s from a TV Show specifically designed to see how people would react to situations that they draw up:


      • hanyucha

        Okay, but what about editing? What was the agenda of the show.

        How much of the show was devoted to showing the people who were okay with it… um… about ninety percent.

        And what about how much time was spent on the haters, less than ten percent.

        It was heavily sentimental such that whatever your feeling about gays (I don’t care either way) you would root for them.

        That is not balanced reporting, that is a show with an agenda, and as such was not fake, but instead extremely biased.

        Isn’t the guy that gave the thumbs up entitled to his own opinion too. They completely demonised that poor man.

  • I love this show “What Would You Do?”. One of my old roommates from China and I used to argue about when and when not to get involved.
    Me: Always.
    Him: Never.

  • Master Huang

    if that was in china… oh wait, freedom of speech is not allowed in china, my bad

  • anon

    Great post. There’s a treasure trove of commentary on Chinese society and attitudes to be mined from the translated comments for this post. Let’s see which ones the peanut gallery will notice to the exclusion of the rest.

    • anon

      I find it ironic that there are so many pro-religious comments from the Chinese. I understand they’re equating religion with the morality of extending kindness to another person but for many in America, religion is blamed for a lot of the intolerance towards homosexuality.

      Another thing, which I suspect may be politically correct to point out, but did anyone get the feeling that many of those in the video who were shown as defending the couple were homosexual themselves? In a way, is that really impressive? It’s like a black person standing up for another black person being facing discrimination. Or a Chinese person defending another Chinese person. Or an expat defending another expat. And on…

      Also, in addition to the point of bystander effect this video makes, I wish there was more discussion about the discrimination between lesbian and gay couples. I suspect it has more to do with the men of the world than the women, that women who are tolerant of homosexuality may be equally likely to defend both gays and lesbians but men are more accepting of lesbians than they are of gays. But I could be wrong. What do others think?

  • [email protected]

    Very interesting viewing. Got a little bit choked up during the middle of the vid.

    Unsurprising about the New Yorkers not giving a shite though.

    I think the program should have used a second urban center and then compared the two, like San Francisco, Seattle or Philly when compared to NYC would be quite different I’m sure.

    • TIM

      “Very interesting viewing. Got a little bit choked up during the middle of the vid.”


      • [email protected]

        lol. If you say so Tim.

        • TIM

          lol..If you say so white trash.

  • Danny

    There are no gays in China.

    • TIM

      ^^^^^^ I disagree

    • 0311

      HongJian would disagree….. Or Maybes thats why he moved to Germany.

    • There are no gays in China until James Chau personally announces it on the nightly news with those big functional lips of his.

      • hoots

        hahaha he announces it evvvvvvrrrry night. you just gotta read those lips.

    • Carl Hungus

      There were no gays in China until foreigners brought it here or certain Chinese actors and singers went abroad and ‘caught gay’ from foreign countries.

      • 平凡人

        Not true, you need to read more Chinese books.

        • Yeah!! you tell him Comrade 平凡人

          Yo Carl ever hear these words in chinese….

          they are old school,

          “Cut Sleeve”
          “Pleasure of the Bitten Peach”

          you are incorrect and pissed off the wrong wumaodang member

          Know your history
          Love your country

          • mankouzanghua

            some refer to gays as 同志们 FYI

      • cb4242

        Of course not. It was western civilization that invented that brought and introduced gay people to China. There is absolutely no way for Chinese people to be gay, because gay Chinese don’t exist in this world. Sure, I always knew that.

    • [email protected]

      with the exception of all the people in China who are gay

    • 平凡人

      That is definitely not true. There are gay hangouts in Beijing, also I have seen many lesbians hanging around malls. Get real, they are all over the world! Only question is; how blatant.

    • cb4242

      China has probably more gays than they want to lead on. I remember a while back when the Japanese said that AIDS doesn’t exist in their country and if people had tested positive for the disease, then it was because it was introduced by westerners….yaaawn. If China had full equality, tolerance and fairness, you would see a whoooooole lot of gays running around. But like the Japanese love to deny everything, we all know, countries like China and Japan don’t have divorces, or child molesters or drug users or criminals or gays and why, because these are perfect utopian societies.


        China will have more and more gays: they have no choice since in many rural areas the male/female ratio is 1.3 due to abortions of girls. I believe the local governments will give incentives to some of these men to change sex

  • “Foreigners are the same, as I’ve personally experienced abroad, everyone is human. What Chinese people are like is what foreigners are like. Most Chinese people are more kindhearted than foreigners.”


    • deputamadre
    • dude, you’re reading it wrong; it’s not supposed to be read all together at once… those are periods in-between those sentences! All completely separately thoughts that when independently viewed add to the cohesiveness of the harmony as a whole!

      All the same, after reading my words I probably know what you’re thinking: “MMM… Open-palm faced sandwich….. ggggggr.”

    • Ray

      It should say “Some Chinese that are NOT LIVING in china are more kindhearted than Some foreigners”

    • cb4242

      What? All of them?? Seems like the kool-aid is really spiked today.

      • Velocitor

        It’s called “circle-fuck-thinking”. …and it’s not pretty.

  • The Stars at Night are Big and Bright…..
    (if your Texan yall know the rest)

    Song of the Article…..


  • bert

    What a bunch of typical liberal minded media bullcrap.

    • 0311

      Suck Ann Coulters Cock much?

      • bert

        Tolerant of others opinions much?

        If you think the US media doesn’t have an overwhelming liberal slant then I can’t help you. I am not a neo-con nor do I watch Fox. I don’t need to tell you that but I had to mention it because if I have an opinion that doesn’t match a typical intolerant liberal progressive’s mindset then they will cry and scream “Neo-con tea party racist Fox watching slope head”.

        People who demand tolerance usually have none themselves.

        Suck what you want elsewhere. Don’t bother me.

  • Tengu

    “Texas…and what more, most of the people there are farmers… Take a good look at how American farmers’ level of knowledge… Simply unable to be compared with a certain powerful East Asian country…”

    LOL…Texans are not all farmers/ranchers, remember there’s oil there too!


    As far as farms in Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa or Kansas, you have no concept…they build their own “highways” on their farms at $30K per mile, graded with drainage.

    King Ranch, Texas – 1,289 Sq Miles. Hmmmmmm, 1/5 the area of the entire Beijing municipality!

    • cb4242

      Hmmm, must have been missing something. Perhaps I should talk to people in China around the rural areas to talk and have some conversations with all exceptionally well educated Chinese country folk.

    • donscarletti

      No, a large farm would be Anna Creek station in South Australia, 9,400 square miles. 1/30th the size of Texas.

      • Velocitor

        That’s a farm. Not a ranch!

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    How come there’s no “…Personals @ chinaSMAC” comment at the bottom of the translation?

    I think Fauna is gay.

    • Then make your own and announce it!

      how about this for starters,

      Don’t be a Lonely Brother….. [email protected]


      • hoots

        Spent your last 100,000 at a matchmaking event then found out it was only for straight people, so you went home, found out your wife had sold your video game account, then on your way to cheat on her and strangle a random child to get revenge, you get flash mobbed by a crowd of intolerant anti-gay waitresses? …[email protected]

        • Blotha Lonely

          Don’t wanna end up being a gay, check out … [email protected]

          • [email protected]

            Hate the world and everyone in it?

            People don’t reply to your ‘Trolling’ posts at all anymore?

            check out [email protected] for your last chance at happiness

  • chengdude

    Two words for any Chinese netizen who might feel emboldened to take a jab at Texans: Claire Chennault.

    • staylost

      But he was hurting China by protecting the evil KMT against the Japanese. Those same glorious Japanese that Mao thanked for ridding his country of other Chinese people? Wait what?

  • Irvin

    Chinese hardly stand up for anything, this is no faults of our own since we’ve been indoctrinated and taught not to stand up since in school due to the “harmony” propaganda.

    It has it’s good and bad. You’ll see less conflicts among the citizens but also less intellectual productivity from the people since we’re discourage from having ideas and standing up for it. It is fine at the moment since we’re thriving on a labor intensive economy.

    But in the long run it would not serve. Technological advancement has always been hand in hand with a civilization’s advancement. If china is stagnated and remain in this state other nations would just leave it behind in the long run.

    Let’s hope this is not the case and we do move forward, together.

    • Hongjian

      I’ve seen Taiwanese… And they arent that much more innovative than mainlanders at all.

      Freedom and Democracy bullshit is a big, fucking lie. China lead the world technologically for several centuries, while chinese emperors cooked dissidents alive in boiling oil for their own pleasure every thursday afternoon.

      something’s not adding up here.

      • How many high tech firms would be willing to set up shop in a country that cooks dissidents in burning oil everyday for the emperors enjoyment?

        • Well I hope they ate them.

          I hate it when people waste meat.

          Especially there’s so many people starving chi…… Wait a second….

          • Ray

            Lol, sick and evil, but good one.

      • staylost

        Yeah! I love not being free. That’s why I moved to a country where freedom & democracy are enshrined. ~ Hongjian

        Also strange that China took off economically the more economic freedom its people were given.

        And for your history lesson, the lesson everyone should learn there is that China and Chinese people are so awesome that even when they are ruled by selfish corrupt fools they can still do great things.

      • bomber

        I’ve seen Taiwanese… And they arent that much more innovative than mainlanders at all.”

        I am not sure what the purpose of this line of argumentation is. I mean, are you trying to argue that ethnically Chinese people are incapable of innovation?

        If anything, you are adding to Irving’s point by citing another example of how the cultural trait which promotes a “harmonious” society can inhibit creativity by hampering discourse and civil disagreement.

        Freedom and Democracy bullshit is a big, fucking lie. China lead the world technologically for several centuries, while chinese emperors cooked dissidents alive in boiling oil for their own pleasure every thursday afternoon.”

        Freedom and Democracy are two different concepts; one is a transcendent principle, the other is a form of government. Some will argue (not me) that the latter is a necessary condition for the former. I think that is bullshit. You’ve heard the one about two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to eat for dinner, right?

        China historically has had small spurts of innovative activity – though comparing it to science and technology as we know it today is asinine: there was no method, grounded in science, that was used to understand the world. The “innovations” that occurred mostly related to agriculture, economics and religion. They were not seen as belonging to a field of “objective, scientific knowledge.”

        Lastly, I would say that the great achievements of individual Chinese people throughout history happened despite government interference and not because of it. citing the cruelty of the emperors against ancient “innovations” does not follow a logical pattern of reasoning. I guess that you are trying to persuade others that Chinese people can innovate freely and with efficiency despite how their leaders may torture and oppress them. Is this an admirable aspect of Chinese history? I’m confused by your argument.

        Yes, something is not adding up here. Irvin made an interesting point worthy of further discussion. You created an emotional red herring.

        [Note from Fauna: I have fixed your comment for you. This may help you and you must close HTML tags.]

        • bomber

          Thank you for fixing my post, Fauna.

  • China Jim

    I think were disturbing the human rights of the other dinners as they are forced to watch mentally ill insane homosexuals dine near them.

    • Andy

      Indeed, if this happened in my country those degenerates would be driven out of the restaurant by the angry and disgusted customers and staff (which is the reason why something of the sort would never happen in the first place).

      • God, it’s like there should be a law or something against this.

        I mean, not just in restaurants, but in whole communities. It’s so awful to have to live by any of those kinds of people.

        Here’s an idea, why don’t we round them all up and make them sew a rainbow colour triangle on their sleeves so we can easily identify them?

        If that’s not enough, we could set up certain sections of the city where they could all live behind some high walls so that no one would have to see their sick and awful behaviour. We could call them “Gay-Towns” or something similar.

        If their sickness spread too far we could always just sterilize them.

        The only problem is that these solutions are all just temporary solutions. What we really need is a more Final Solution.

        After that we should kill all the Jews who control the media that glorifies homosexuality…..


        Fuck, I feel dirty for having written that even if it was a parody….

      • Boris

        Andy, in your country gays aren’t tollerated -but sheep are terrified!

        • cb4242

          You mean, New Zealand??

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Song of the article:
    Paul Wall (feat. bun B) – They dont know

    texas is the home of the playa’s & pimps

  • Anonanon

    Only reason so many people defended them
    is because half of Texas is gay.

    Comeon, hand on hip? And look at those earrings. What straight man wears those. And the last guy, man, I’m surprised he didn’t have a rainbow follow him everywhere.

  • Adjutant

    > The bigger [more populous] the place, the more cold and indifferent the local people are…

    All that needed to be said.

  • dim mak

    Man you wanna be gay, be gay
    Who cares? This shouldn’t even be a topic

  • Shanghairen

    If they had tried this in Cambridge, Mass. or Berkeley, CA the “waitress” would have seriously run the risk of being physically assaulted.

    • cb4242

      Oh, no doubt about that. In fact, it could get worse.

  • Glowndark

    Brokeback Mountain is banned nChildree, Texas:
    We all know that people are the same wherever go, there’s good and bad.. in everyone….la la la…

  • Capt. WED

    *people in other part of the south think Texans are faggots.*

  • Capt. WED

    how come my posting privileges are taken away again? What do I do?

  • Capt. WED

    But yeah, people are pretty nice in the South, most of time. If you are weird and shit they may hate on you but mostly won’t be in your face and shit.

  • Public display of affection is not welcome for straight and gay couples alike.. LOL

    • staylost

      Don’t move to France, Spain, Italy, Greece, or anywhere south of the USA.

      PDA is fine, as long as it doesn’t involve crossing the boundary to petting/hardcore making out in a public place (children watching being the problem).

      Why is PDA a problem for you, by the way?

  • Leo

    What Chinese people are like is what foreigners are like. Most Chinese people are more kindhearted than foreigners.

    LOL K.

  • Chef Rocco

    Thought the video clip was inspiring and positive. However, on the second thought, I sensed a bit of propaganda and manipulation.

    The TV director seems to intentionally create the circumstance to lead these customers to intervene because he/she knew some of them would definitely react that way under the designed circumstance.

    If the waitress weren’t that aggressive, if she were a 300 pounds redneck-looking waiter, or if the two lesbians reacted fervently to the abusive behaviors, would have these customers behaved same? I doubt it.

    Anyway, the scene looked more like public bullying of customers, than discrimination of sexual orientations. In reality, most of discrimination and bias are much more subtle and obscure.

    • hoots

      you’re right. if everything was different, it would definitely have been different.

  • {facepalm} Cripes… this staged political ‘Jackass’ videos from ABC again? Hell, it is a wonder why the Dateline episodes with Chris Hansen hasn’t been the rage yet.

  • Strangerland

    Real men have confidence in themselves, secure in the knowledge of who they are and what they are, that they are not easily influenced by their environments either.
    So real heterosexual men would have no problem akcnowledging gay people and their daily activities, because they are confident they won’t get “infected”. I think those who claim about “contagious virus” actually are not so secure in their sexuality, that if they live in gay-tolerant culture they have the biggest chance to join the gays. Like, if they live in ancient greek for instance, they would have seen matter differently- and quite probably would join the whole gay-activities as well. What an ironic world we live in eh.

  • guobao2

    HEY WTF IS,,, oh, it’s Texas.

  • Alex

    OK, firstly, this is not a real “hidden” cam – it’s from a show called “What Would You Do?” aired on ABC TV. They were “secretly” taping clearly wrong scenarios, to see who would stand up and help out the people. The partners, children and the waitress are all playing a part. I have seen this episode…

    But, that said, this probably really does happen and it’s sick! Every human being has the God given right to be happy, healthy and have love in their lives, and to give love! You say that God hates gays? I wonder if God truly hates anyone created in God’s image, or if he would rather be angry at those who hate and discriminate, and all in the meanwhile doing so in the name of God. All life is precious.

  • Another Jon

    I am not sure is Chinese netizens are aware that these programs are usually set-ups. I remember on a while ago when John Quinones, put actors in an exclusive Paris restaurant and told them to act like obnoxious Texans. The Parisians loved it, all the complaints came from the other tourists. In this case I guess the idea was to see what patrons would do if they saw discrimmination happening.

  • B-real

    Ya’ll cannot fuck with Texas. It may be a red state but it can super tolerant in some areas than other. That’s my state and Austin is my city. It’s just as a melting pot of cultures as any Major Mega Cities.

  • Rod

    I’m from American but haven’t been back for a while. Do people do this? Giving the waitress a lesson in manners?

    Pretty ballsy. I wouldn’t.

    But I’d feel bad for them.

    I guess that’s Americans for you, getting in other peoples business because it’s “right”

    Sometimes it works out well, and everyone sheds a tear of joy, like in this case.

    Sometimes it doesn’t work so well, like when we’re fighting the “war on terror”

  • Llanero

    Most Texans are farmers? That is hilarious. Texas has a population of about 25 million, of those, 22 million live in metropolitan areas. There are only about 3 million rural Texans, but I guess stereotypes die hard.

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