Homosexual Parents Discriminated Against, Chinese Reactions

Lesbian parents being criticized and discriminated against by a waitress at a restaurant in Texas.

Lesbian parents being criticized and discriminated against by a waitress at a restaurant in Texas.

From Youku:

Homosexual parents discriminated against in restaurant, would you stand up and say something?

The above video is spreading on popular Chinese social network RenRen and microblogging service Weibo. It is also amongst the most viewed videos currently on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, with over 750k views since after 3 days. At the time of translation, the number of upvotes on this video outnumber the number of downvotes by 10 to 1.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


So the people of big cities are more cold/indifferent, whereas those with so-called conservative thinking actually have more human kindness. Those bystanders who could not sit still [and ignore the waitress’s behavior] may not be gay or supporters of homosexuality themselves. Them not sitting idly by was more from a moral conscience for the equality in the lives of ordinary people, from caring for children who may not even be their own. True social concern is nothing more than this. This video on U2B [YouTube] has over 580 people in support, nearly 98% support rate.


What that person wearing earrings said was very moving, because I’m also gay.


I cried so much…so touching, why can’t [society/people] put down their colored lenses…?


When I saw that male customer write that letter to the parents, I really couldn’t stop myself from crying…


What a pity, that America’s government likes talking about/criticizing others.


From personal experience, Texans are actually all quite nice. Having been in America this long, there is no one I like more the people of Texas.


If it were in China…I bet everyone would just watch/look on!!!


Texas cowboys are true men!

Shadyzsh: (responding to 猫猫亦)

And only J8 Americans would go discriminate against gays [go criticize someone directly, in public].


And this is the reason why more and more people are emigrating to America.


If I were in America, I would dare [to stand up and defend them] regardless of it being [gay] men or women! In China, if it were female homosexuals, I’d dare [to stand forward], but if it were male homosexuals, I wouldn’t have the courage to stand forward.


Bai Yansong [a well-known CCTV host]: Speaking of America, people will immediately think of it being a modern nation, where the pace of life is very fast, with cities of twinkling neon lights, restaurants and bars full of celebration and prosperity, people being cold and indifferent to each other, family values not being strong, sexually extremely open, money being god. But when you arrive in America, you will discover the above description to basically match China’s current situation, and not having too much relation with America.


The bigger [more populous] the place, the more cold and indifferent the local people are…


I admire American’s tolerance. If this were in China, this couple would be onlooked to death~ [by bystanders who would only watch but not act]


Very commendable. If I were there, I’d be the 25th person to stand forth.


Even though many people discriminate against homosexual, they [homosexuals] should still get the most basic respect!!!


Truly too touching!!! Foreigners are so warmhearted, willing to step forward [stand forth]…


Texas…and what more, most of the people there are farmers… Take a good look at how American farmers’ level of knowledge… Simply unable to be compared with a certain powerful East Asian country…


America’s farmers and the farmers in our Chinese eyes are completely different concepts/ideas. In America, to be a farmer, there is also a certain threshold. [The meaning here is that not everyone can be a “farmer” in America but everyone in China who is not something else is automatically a “farmer”.]


Anything else I won’t say…but after watching this…I really like this show/program…


The people in more traditional places are more simple/honest.

我以无爱: (responding to Shadyzsh)

How you thought of saying this…I really find it difficult to understand.


Is there a difference in standard of living between people living in cities and those living in the countryside in America…?


Americans’ education is still very good, on this point China cannot compare.


This is a problem of faith/religion. Nowadays we don’t have anymore religion, apart from the Party.


You’ve made the main point…plz believe in jesus!!!


What would you do if you saw restaurant patrons insulting an interracial couple? [original comment written in English]


I would stand forth and say something so those two children would not suffer discrimination, but if it were just the parents then I wouldn’t get involved.


If it were in China, I think the basic reaction in China would be silence, or there would be a big disturbance with lots of bystanding onlookers.


赞 In China, I think a lot of people would choose to remain silent.


I don’t know if you all noticed or not, even if they were very angry, they were still relatively moderate/gently when they spoke. If it were our country’s people, wouldn’t it instead be loud cursing and physical violence? Is this what so-called character is?

woshimoli1: (responding to 风环々)

Towards male [homosexuals], it would be 100% remaining silent. [But towards] female [homosexuals], U KNOW, a lot of people don’t mind lesbians.

pink18: (responding to 小朵冷)

Foreigners are the same, as I’ve personally experienced abroad, everyone is human. What Chinese people are like is what foreigners are like. Most Chinese people are more kindhearted than foreigners.


I’m also against homosexuality, I just won’t say it to their faces, because doesn’t everyone want face, right? Keeping silent [keeping such things to yourself] is the way to go.

月羽雪兔: (responding to 小朵冷)

I saw, even when criticizing others they are very polite, apart from the one young guy who was relatively more angry who went beyond criticizing the waitress. Another thing, when I saw that religious believer, I was a little moved. Those with faith/religion are just different [from those without]…


I also feel that homosexual parents who also go and destroy children [by being bad role models] is wrong~~ Looks like I should be standing on the side of the waitress. If there really are children in this kind of family environment, it is too frightening to imagine what they will be like when they grow up. 无语


Perhaps one day I too will stand forward, and speak for them, but up to now I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bold/audacious waiter, everyone at most just whispering amongst themselves, all just saying it ultimately is none of their business. 难过


From the comments we can see a person’s level of education and level of general knowledge.

What do you think? Of the findings in the video? Of Chinese netizen reactions? Is there more discrimination against gays than lesbians?

A waitress at a Texas restaurant discriminates against a lesbian couple with their children.

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