Hong Kong Girl Shows Off C Cup Breasts To Ex-Boyfriend

Isis Lee from Hong Kong shows off C cup breasts to ex-boyfriend

This video of a Hong Kong girl showing off her new C cup breasts became popular recently. In the video, she is taunting her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her.

On YouTube:

I do not understand Cantonese so here is a translation from The Dark Side:

Ng ga ching, you cheap bastard! Before you got me, you did whatever I asked of you. After you got me, we had to go Dutch on everything. Ok, that was still fine, but then you started complaining that my tits are AA cups and too small! And you dumped me because of that?

Today, 3 months after we broke up, I want to show you something. Now, take a good look, I have a C cup! Don’t you regret dumping me now? And I bet you want to do me again, right? But sorry, you don’t stand a chance anymore. I won’t see you again and I will NEVER let you touch my C’s.

Ng Ga Ching, you could say I’m a bitch or that I have princess syndrome, but whatever it is, you can never say that I am small again. Look at them, they are C’s! You don’t even have a C on your school certificate.

Comments from Tudou:


[She] really has nothing better to do~~~


Xiong Hong Kong girls these days really use xiong to xiong people…even going on Tudou to show off their big xiong…even lower and classless than their boyfriends…next time their boyfriends say they’re not virgins, are they going to go get fake hymens…and then go on Tudou, take off their pants and show everyone…I’m waiting…

[凶, fierce/mean and 胸, chest/bosom/breasts are both “xiōng“]


Big deal, if you really had guts, you would expose it all.


Legendary advertisement [viral advertising].


Isn’t there something in the world called squeezing your breasts together?
Qie, I think she’s just squeezing them together.
Otherwise it’s an advertisement selling Vitamin CCCC.
Everyone agree?


Advertisement!! Evaluation complete!!! Although, very creative!!!!


This shameless thing, what use are big breasts, she doesn’t even look that good, so no matter how big you make them they are of no use!!! I pei [spit]!


The horror of modern women. This guy should thank her for not exposing his true character…conclusion is that one must not offend 21st century females.


I am thinking…maybe this girl made this video for her ex-boyfriend…afterward made public by that boyfriend to get revenge on her…thus allowing us to see this video…


A stupid cunt, truly losing face for women, shameless.

Hong Kong girl dumped for AA cup breasts shows off her new C cup breasts

AA cups. chinaSMACK personals.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • SZFP

    crazy biatch.not even sexy
    she looks like she’s doing an ad!

  • rhubarb

    It s really pathetic when it come out to dude only concern with size of penis chick with boobs.

    • rhubarb

      I bet his bf could response using the saying:
      ” toothstick a !, not needle a ! “

  • kimboslice

    What no one tells these girls is breast implants last a few years before there are problems. Eventually, she will need more surgery. It’s not going to be pretty forever, and they’re going to also strain her back. Salt water bags are heavy to wear on your chest.

    • Breast implants sometimes look good but they feel like shit

      • kingbobo100

        no, they dont use saline bags anymore, there is a new technique that removes fat tissue from other parts of your body(buttocks, thighs) and they transplant it into the breast tissues. Supposedly they feel real as ever.

        • Jordan

          Yeah, they look the same (as the saline) but feel very natural. I was told they don’t last and eventually come back down in size.

        • VeerLeft

          And if the girl works out…they too disappear!

      • Parker

        i’d rather feel breast implants than shit lol

  • Jack

    I want her phone number … NOW!

  • Psychologist

    I guess they are trying to disguise the apparent advert but in 3 attempts she barely shows the label of the breast cream/pills clearly enough to promote any sales.

    The guy should be glad to be rid of a typical princess complaining that he did not totally provide financial support for her life. When I see the young rich Chinese students lining up outside the LV (or any other worthless ‘luxury must have’ brand) shop, I openly laugh at them for being total victims, being used for Daddy’s dirty money. At least a prostitute gets paid cash…


    She looks amazing. Fuck her boyfriend. If she feels beautiful now, who gives a fuck about anything else?

  • Wastemans

    At least everything makes me sick..

  • FYIADragoon

    So how long until the flesh search gets us a name and address. I’d consider tossing her a cheapo LV bag for a night with her. Also its amazing that I’m starting to find this stuff before it gets posted on ChinaSMACK…

  • VanMan

    Obviously fake video, but still makes me wish that gang of girls smack the hell out of her.

  • Jay K

    if this is indeed real it just goes to show you more often than not, hk girls are nothing more than overglorified bitches.

  • Hei_Bai

    Her tits are still too small.

  • blaeh

    Her Cantonese sounds nice, her smile however is creepy.

  • Ken

    If thus video was true, I fully support for the girl to took sweet revenge on her ex-bf. Thank you YouTube.

  • 安德雷

    This girl is absolutely fantastic with or without the C. I don’t mind is was squeeze, vitamin or surgery…. I just hope that she did this video ‘cos she is funny as she is pretty! 还有,如果前男友因为她不够丰满离开他,我很对不起那个小人。。。sorry pal, you’re an ass

  • Count me among those saying… Fake. The whole video that is, not sure about the boobs.

    If there really was a cream or whatever it is she is trying to sell, that could actually grow boobs from AA (I am too afraid to even figure out if that is smaller than an A) to a C in three months, there would be no need for lame viral marketing.

    I say lame mainly because no real cleavage was shown. I can forgive fake ads, as long as there is some real T&A to distract the mind.

  • ralphrepo

    I wrote this in another forum about this user “ad”:

    She’s repeatedly calling out her ex BF’s name (Ng Gah Ching), and stated that before they were together, how he was begging her for the chance. Then once they got together, how he was a cheap bastard, insisting on going dutch (ie each pay his and her own way) dates. If that wasn’t bad enough, once they got home (I guess they were living together) he started to complain about her lack of breast size, citing her “A” sized breast cup, and breaking up with her. In revenge she stated that three months after their breakup, she’d managed to increase her breast size to a “C” cup, and taunted that no matter what, he will never again have the pleasure of being able to ever enjoy them.

    Then the last zinger was “C” (the cup size) was better than his letter score on the HK Advanced Level Examinations (rated from A to F; C being average, below F is too low to classify); a traditional HK wide benchmarking system that decides which career or educational options you can have in HK.

    And yes, this does smell like fake video advertising to me… Either way, the girl’s not bad. As for the product itself, here’s a link: http://www.perfectlyu.co.uk/perfect-…ncer-p-14.html

    Apparently, if you click on the picture, you’ll see a large ad image in which the bottles are printed with the text “One Month – 90 Capsules” which suggests that you take three capsules a day, at the price of £150.00 (the ad shows three bottles and one big box; it’s hard to tell if that mean the price is for one bottle, or if three bottles comes in one box). Another link to Youtube:


    • bluah

      Smells like scam.

      • whichone

        With so much fake crap floating everywhere if one day some scientists do come up with a way to increase penis/breast size, they’d have no way to convince people it’s the real thing.

        But I clearly said it is guaranteed to work!

    • zammo hung

      My mouth can transform A cups to C cups.

      Contact me through ChinaSmack Personals etc…

      • Teacher in China

        I thought I was the only one with that talent! ;)

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  • Lovely AA

    Even if she only had AA cup breasts I would still like to get down with her!

    Oh come one everyone! This was an advertisement!

    The only way to go from AA to C cup breasts in 3 months is with implant surgery.

  • Chen

    speechless. Her attitude is way beyond what i can say. Maybe her attitude is what causes her bf to leave her, not her figure. Bf just use her figure as an excuse.

  • Lolz

    Camwhore or part of a new generation of viral marketing she is pretty hot.

    A cup > fake dd cup.

  • rian

    if hers is already cup c (on that video) then mine might be already cup F!

    • Jean

      pic? i don’t believe it till i see them.

  • too yellow

    1. She didn’t enough of her boobs
    2. what’s the plastic bottle she’s holding up, is this viral advertising again?

    • HaamSapTjai

      Vitamin C pills?

  • huh?

    that was painful to watch and listen to

  • zammo hung

    I’d bang her like a drum on Chinese New Year.

  • tk 4 lyfe

    maybe she just stuffed her bra haha. anyways…hk girls for shame…the shallowest bunch in the chinese gene pool…


    i would fuck her in the ass

  • Ken#2

    fvck those titties (no pun intended). I’d put her in a commercial though. Her TV voice is Ho gang aaaaah!!!

  • Beni

    So funny! Go C-Cup girl! Lol. It is actually good that he split with ya cause he is probably an arsehole. Save you finding excuse to dump his sorry arse,.

  • gump27

    thanks to ralphrepo’s resource,

  • flesher

    She is a cute chick and I’d like to date her if I was in HongKong. Besides, the sentence ‘You don’t even have a C on your school certificate.’ is actually brilliant and creative! This makes it even more desirable for me to date her.

  • HaamSapTjai

    For the people here who can read HK style Cantonese Chinese, I’ve wrote(typed) what she said word for word.
    But I am not sure whether you write her ex;s name with 晴 or 程.
    Some of the particles maybe wrong, there are multiple possibilities since it is not standardized.

    吳家晴, 你個cheap 精, 你同我聽住阿, 果陣時未同你一齊你就乜都掣, 等我同咗你一齊啫, 你就話餐餐都要AA制咧.
    OK, 我唔介意同你AA制. 但係你返到屋企, 竟然厭我, 話我AA cup 仲因為我身材唔好, 所以話要同我分手?! 吳家晴, 今日已經係二零一零年二月一號, 我哋分咗手三個月啦.
    我想話俾你聽, 喺呢三個月裡便我有啲咩轉變嘅.. 嗱!
    睇清楚未呀? C 呀! 睇真啲. 係咪係䁷得好後悔, 好想返check呢? 不過 sorry 呀! 你已經冇再.. 無咁嘅機會㗎啦.. 我唔會再見你, 亦都唔會再俾你掂到呢對C. 仲有啊, 從今以後你都可以話我係港女, 可以話我公主病, 話我串, 但係你以後都唔可以再話我係無身材.

    吳家晴阿, C呀! 你會考都無啦!

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  • fireworks

    Brings a whole new world to the phrase having face, now it means having bigger boobs.

  • Yan

    just squeezing, must be still cc’s. if I also squeezing, I can be BB’s. I am a boy.

  • jane

    This is an advertisement. I don’t believe that medicine, or maybe her titis are made of balloons.

  • Elmo

    ROFL, biggest advert ever. It doesn’t even take a masters of viral marketing to know this either.

  • It’s an Advertisement

    This is clearly an advertisement…

  • trimax

    thats was awesome….brave girl..appreciate her for taking such an action…..its more like ad about herself.hope i get her contact

  • hokodude

    Funny shit, in the 21st century we still have shallow hal types who just go for the size of titties rather than personality or the facial beauty.

    One thing’s sure, the ex boyfriend is not going to get his tittie fuck anymore.

  • That Chinese Kid

    push up bra, doesnt even look like C’s.

  • orangeboxchina

    I suspect this is a add, after all, China has a a big industry in selling pill , rubs, creams , herbs and tea that all claim to make breasts bigger. what they really need is a magic potion to make their DICKS bigger!!! now that would be a market!!!!!

  • Johny-5

    typical hong kong girl.. thinks a ‘gentleman’ is a man who does/buys whatever the girl wants. the women’s love is proportional to the size of the men’s wallets, so they should understand when the men’s love is proportional to the size of women’s tits ^^

  • xxxx

    this is incredibly stupid. and i do mean incredibly stupid. this just sums up whats wrong with hong kong these days. no wonder so many people are so anxious to get the feck out of here.

    oh, and there are much more better looking girls than her. ‘good looking’ my ar$e!!

  • Joe Friday

    Cute. I agree with the Chinese Kid, probably some type of under cup support. Hollywood starlets often use such things to make boobs look bigger.


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  • Duchemin

    Revenge is sweet? I think it’s pathetic.

  • cici

    Her ex-boyfriend’s video reply:

  • karen

    yup, it is definitely an advertisement as confirmed in the vid below (it’s in canto)


    creative, nonetheless!! managed to get people talking!

  • Queza

    That bottle is just to emphasize the word C, as in vitamin C. Thats just the keyword.

    You guys are silly, its not advertisement.