Hong Kong Girl Cyberbullying Victim Contemplates Suicide

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“Chiu Yin-ping Begs For More”

From Hong Kong Headline Daily :

Cyberbullying can kill. The video “Hong Kong girl causes stir at Yuen Long construction material shop” had been popular a while ago. The uploader was denounced as a “Kong girl” and had her personal details ferreted out by netizens. The female principal Chiu Yin-ping spoke out for the first time yesterday. She said that after being verbally harangued and exposed, she felt like committing suicide. A scholar said that most netizens do not realize that their actions constituted cyberbullying that might drive the principal into desperate straits. Therefore, this is a worrisome situation.

Chiu Yin-ping, who has been denounced as a “Kong girl” by netizens, had an argument with a construction store manager over the price of a wash basin in September and uploaded a video of that episode onto the Internet. At first, she wanted to use the netizens to go after the store manager. Instead, many netizens found her aggressive and overbearing. They dug up a lot of information about her personal life, and posted information such as photos, work details, addresses, etc onto the various discussion forums.

"Me putting a video on YouTube was really smart!"

Three months later, Chiu Yin-ping was interviewed for the first time to comment on the affair. She said that she was emotionally distraught after the exposure and did not dare to see anyone. “Clinics, banks … I try my best not to go there, because it is possible that someone there will know that I am that person (Chiu Yin-ping). I don’t know what they might do, such as writing about me on the Internet.” The affair vexed her a great deal, to the point of contemplating suicide.

When she saw the netizen reactions, she was sorry and immediately deleted the uploaded video. She apologized openly on her blog: “I rashly did something that that hurt people. I am really sorry for causing those by my side to worry.” But certain netizens had already downloaded her video, and they kept uploading it again and again to generate more discussion.

City University Department of Applied Social Studies associate professor Dennis Wong Shing-wing pointed out that someone of Chiu Yin-ping’s age could hardly be suicidal, so it is easy to imagine what a blow it had been. He said that netizens are often affected by group action — “if others can do it, so can I” — and therefore do not think of themselves as cyberbullies who can ruin someone. This is really very dangerous.

Wong Shing-wing said frankly that this type of cyberbullying is literally “building one’s own happiness upon the pain of others.” He explained that many people derive pleasure and satisfaction in cyberbullying others. Sometimes they think that their action will not have consequences beyond “their suffering is my enjoyment.” Sometimes they even regard the “outing” exercise as a competition to see who could obtain more information and gain recognition on the Internet.

Wong Shing-wing said that some of them may have been bullied in real life. Therefore, they want to seek redress on the Internet. Alternately, they feel bored and want to have some “fun” irregardless of how others feel. Even when something goes awry, they will argue “everyone does it” to lessen their sense of guilt.

(Note of explanation: “Kong girl 港女” means “Hong Kong girl” but, more importantly, it is the derogatory term for a materialistic, greedy, overbearing, superficial, vain, egotistical and insensitive woman.)

Comments from HK Golden Forum translated by EastSouthWestNorth:

We have forgotten about this bitch already. She wants to come out again and play the victim. She is going to be stabbed again by HK Golden people.

Anyone who really wants to kill themselves won’t say so; those who say that want to kill themselves want to be asked to live. Get lost!

Drop that, Kong girl! You wanted to cause someone to lose his job for a few dollars? You are fucking despicable! You deleted the video after a few minutes. Even you knew how fucking stupid that was.

If she took the chance to say for this news story that she had been wrong, I would sympathize with her, but she didn’t. Clearly, she is trying to look pitiful in order to gain sympathy. She is even more evil than us.

I am a pacifist but leaving people like her alive will only torment others and create more like her. Besides, if you want to die, you should fucking die already. There is not need to talk so much.

Did she want to get netizen attention before? She has now succeeded.

She put the photo of the shop manager on the Internet so that netizens can bully him. What is the difference between her and her harassers?

If I were the shop manager, I would say that I wanted to die at the time. Let see who is fucking more awesome then!

more translated netizen comments at: EastSouthWestNorth

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  • This mass cyber-bullying thing is so typically third world. It’s as if these people aren’t bright enough to realize that what happens on the Internet has a real effect on other people. Well, either that or they’re no better than animals and just don’t care. Becoming a world power is not just having money and a powerful country. It’s a state of mind.

    Was the woman wrong? Sure. Was this level of attention warranted? No, absolutely not. It would be fun to simply laugh at this, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. For people to dig up her personal details and try to ruin her actual life is simply primitive.

    • C

      No dude, cyberbullying is everywhere. (Yes GASP even in countries like the US [which is typically developed])
      The kid that committed suicide on the internet live? The girl that hung herself from secret admirer posts over Myspace? A girl at my school who told the principal after receiving anonymous hate email?

    • LOLZ

      Third world my ass, most people in the third world don’t have access to the internet.

      Cyber justice is just an extension of justice into the real world so that people don’t do stupid things such as posting stuff online which can piss off a lot of people.

    • Hawkeye4077

      Unfortunately there are Chinese that don’t get involved when someone is in need of help. But then you have these hypocrites that are so quick to curse this girl and reveal her personal info. So what if she complained? it’s her right. You all should get over it and let others have their freedom. Just because she’s a girl or where she’s from doesn’t make her any less important.

      You that bash her are pathetic sheople that obey your evil government like the little cowards that you are.

    • Karl

      Third world? Hong Kong? Wot the hell…lolz.;)

  • The reactions of the Chinese netizens really stun me. How could you say such a thing like: “I am a pacifist but leaving people like her alive will only torment others and create more like her. Besides, if you want to die, you should fucking die already.”

    Too sad too talk about

  • Cryptozoologist

    “If they’re going to die, they’d better do it, and decrease the surplus population!”

    That seems to be the attitude of a lot of people these days. Although the anonymity of the Internet reduces people to animals. Sickening. The best way to use the Internet is to stay anonymous, unless you’re beautiful/funny/smart enough to avoid having 99% of the net turn against you.

  • fireworks

    She should have lodge a dispute with the consumer protection agency to address her issues or talk to the company directly. If your going to post comments, make sure it is ambiguous and remove any personal identifiable material.

    Since she chose to aggressively attack the company by posting their info on the net, the human flesh netizens used the same tactics to get even.

    • And that’s what I mean by primitive.

      You have no sense of scale. Would that woman’s video have amounted to anything? No, not at all. Not on its own. Not in terms of real life impact anyway. Even if the manager had seen it he would have obviously sided with the employee. On the other hand, what ‘netizens’ have done is try to ruin this woman’s life completely. It’s like schoolyard bully behavior. Someone makes a mistake and then everyone tries to ride them for it until they cry and go home or have a breakdown.

      Grow up.

  • fireworks

    @Brad F.

    I’m not condoning the attack or even justifying it. Its a terrible thing to get harassed and the intrusion of privacy for the woman. Yes I do have sense of the scale. Maybe you should grow up and be realistic.

    Normally you would weigh up the the benefits and cost before embarking on a high risk path. From the story, she wasn’t even just pointing the problem she was publicly insulting someone as well hoping things would work out for her. I don’t think you can pre-empt a manager response. For consumers, best way to deal with this situation is to shop around, don’t go back to the store again or write your comments in a consumer review site.

  • yournametobynow

    just another example of someone getting burned by the internet. business as usual.

    if you dont think this happens outside of china check out encyclopediadramatica.com

  • can somebody tell me what’s happen to this girl?
    i can’t open this link.
    the construction material shop manager ?
    what did he do to her ?
    the text is not clear .
    normaly here the translation and the logic of the text are very good .But not this one .
    Eh thanks body brother dude.

    • Lelouch

      just check what Chen said, pretty much sum up what happened. She’s an idiot and serves her right. If she really dies and the world is actually a better place

  • LOLZ

    She broke the rule “X is not your personal army”. She should lurk moar.

    • Hawkeye4077

      People that use 4 chan are idiots.

  • Chen

    oh did you all see the video? She’s the one who harass the shop manager in the video. And too bad, she’s too stupid for uploading the video to the net, maybe she thought that she’ll get support for her action, which now backfired on her.

    Unless the whole true story is known, I am not rooting for this girl. The way she speaks kinda gives me the impression that she’s a bully too

  • Hawkeye4077

    Everyone should just leave this girl alone. What ever she did, two wrong’s do not make a right. She is a young woman and should be left alone. Instead of bashing her, reach out to her in a friendly way and be sincere about it instead of being hypocrites.

  • natsumerio


  • No

    Bunch of sociopaths.

    Bullies that bully bullies… No one deserves to be bullied, NOT EVEN BULLIES. Because we’re all human beings with these things called feelings.

    Assholes, even justified ones, makes my blood boil. All these kids needs a really good spanking.

    • Just John

      So, in other words, we should spank the bullies of bullies, instead of bullies learning what it is like to be bullied. After we spank the bullies of the bullies we can turn our attention to the bullies and then spank them too. Are the bullies and the bullies of the bullies cute and/or sexy? I would be glad to volunteer to spank them.

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