Hong Kong KFC Serves Food From Garbage

From Mop:

To many Hong Kong people, KFC is considered delicious, but can you imagine that this fried chicken might have been taken from the garbage?

Recently, a Yuen Long Plaza [元朗广场] deliveryman created a stir when he said that this restaurant’s staff, in order to get off work on time, often turn off the ovens before the restaurant closes and throw away the unsold food. During this time, if a customer comes in to buy something or make an order, this restaurant’s staff pick out thrown-away food from the garbage and give it to customers to eat. Moreover, to save money, this restaurant’s manager also allows the staff to do this.

This deliveryman also used his mobile phone to take pictures of the staff looking for food in the garbage to give to customers to eat.
According to insiders’ analysis, this kind of result is related to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s management evaluation model.

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Shoot/kill the trashy foreign fast food.

How can there be people who believe this? Put the photos in reverse order, you’ll see a normal process of throwing food! These days, there are truly a lot of mental retards. Would it be okay if I will beat you up, send you into a hospital to be rescued, then reverse the order of the pictures and say the hospital beat you up to sue the hospital?

Disgusting, makes me no longer want to eat KFC.

Too unkind/wrong.

Looking at that employee’s ugly face is truly disgusting!

No wonder it’s called “trash food” [junk food]. It is all food picked out from the trash pile.

I bet mainland China would not be much better.

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  • Kai

    I guess I’m not eating any KFC when I go to Hong Kong next month…

  • Samael

    why would u eat kfc anywhere anyway…

  • I don’t think this story is true. KFC, like most other fast food places, keeps track of the amount of food that is thrown away at the end of the night in order to adequately track their inventory. They wouldn’t cook up a bunch of food just to put it in the trash.

  • Bobby Boberton

    In Southampton England, one McDonalds fired 13 youths from the staff as they were caught on camera spitting in the burgers, wiping them up their arse and one of them even put their come in the burger. If I remember rightly I believe they were charged with some sort of health violation and fined. The McDonalds got shut down. If you think about it there is a very good chance we have all eaten someone else’s bodily fluid at least once in our life.

    • Jon

      Just a fine? I’m sure a prosecutor could have worked up a nastier charge than that. Contaminating other people’s food is a form of assault.

  • Kai

    @ Bobby Boberton:

    LoL, you’re tempting me…but maybe Rick can take this one…

    • TAKE5

      hahahaha…i could hardly believe what he wrote.

  • Let me send to my friends in HK

  • Jordan

    This is just the tip of the iceberg

  • I seriously doubt the validity of this video.

    Why would any manager of any restaurant allow themselves to be freely followed by a man with a cell phone video taping them doing something obviously not just against the rules, but against common sense?

    The only ridicule we should direct toward KFC should be for its food period – straight from the fryer or from the trash. If the video is for real this woman is the idiot and if it’s a fake, as I highly suspect, we’re all idiots for giving it the time of day.

  • Bobby Boberton


    I assume you find that tempting because you’re gay? is Rick your boyfriend?

  • @Kai

    Is your trip for business or pleasure? Either way I hope you have a good time.

  • Kai

    @ Bobby Boberton:

    LoL, no, I found your last sentence to be ripe for making immature sexual jokes with. Given that Rick recently had his sexual joke (look in the eating cats post) turned on him, I thought I’d let him take advantage of the wonderful opportunity you provided us all…or encourage him to do so. Don’t be disappointed, but I’m quite squarely heterosexual.

    @ jayman:

    Pleasure. During Chinese New Year’s too. I’m afraid its going to be packed and a major pain in the ass. Oh well.

    @ Josh:

    Actually, I think the camera guy could just look like he’s texting someone while waiting for something and no one would think twice, especially if they’re all more preoccupied with getting off work. Even if it fake, I bet whoever runs that restaurant would get in trouble with KFC for letting someone make a video like that embarrassing KFC.

  • Rick in China


    “If you think about it there is a good chance” – dude, you write this like it’s something you’re excited about, an opportunity…I bet when you order yer mc-d’s you ask for the “extra” happy meal with a *wink*.

  • ExMcd

    @Bobby Boberton

    I had the dubious pleasure of working in a McDonald’s restaurant in the Southampton group, and I can assure you that your talking total crap.

    Unless of course you have a url of this ‘story’

  • Frank

    The moral of the story is not to order any fastfood during closing time. This will happen anyway and in any place not just KFC.

  • WBC

    I’m not surprised, that counterchick has a face like an imbecile !

  • Lately, every time I hear one of these stories about Western fast food places in China, I think back to the Olympic opening ceremony, when the NBC “China Hand” waxed poetic about how China’s long history of dance/sophistication/whatever meant that even when you went to McDonald’s they served you with graceful hand movements and a true attention to detail.

    Well, she did pick that food out of the trashcan with a certain poetic grace.

    Meanwhile, in the US the teens who work at KFC like to take baths in the oversize dish washing sinks, but when they do so they do not move with much gracefulness at all.

    • TAKE5

      ” even when you went to McDonald’s they served you with graceful hand movements and a true attention to detail.”
      Are you serious? Talk about drinking the kool aid. It shows how desperate and dumb American media can be.
      Graceful hand movements while serving you at McDonald’s. Give me a break!..

  • Garbage chicken

    Fish Maw

    Or live monkey brains?

    Still going with the chicken out of the garbage

  • fireworks

    I am a bit surprised Hongkong one of the most comospolitan place would have dumb ass serving food from the garbage bin.

    Fast food restaurants usually have bored people, immature brats, working for them

    I’ve heard of stories these punks spit in burgers, jizz replacing the mayonaise. thats right, watch your cheeseburger, it could be a jizz burger and people’s finger nails, nose boogies and public hairs have been found.

    Be careful of the drinks you get too, might have piss on them.

  • Buhaoyise


  • L


  • bossman

    Hey let’s all start some more rumours on the internet!!! Make up stories and forward fake news!!! yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! That is what th einternet is to be for!!!

  • Fuller

    These kinds of stories have been urban legends for decades in the west. Usually, they are based in some sort of fact, like “I worked in a fast food place and my workmate spit in a guy’s burger because we dared him to.” That can quickly get out of control as more people hear the story and twist the facts around. Before you know it the story is “I found a rat’s head in my french fries at Burger King”.

    Does that mean they’re not real? Not necessarily. Think about it. Late night shifts (in the west anyway) usually have the lower functionaries on shift, maybe they want to do stupid shit because they’re bored stiff. Hence, the England McD’s story – a bunch of stupid bored kids that hate their job and hate the town, why wouldn’t they do something like that? I could totally believe this particular story being true – a group of lazy fucks that want to leave early and don’t give two shits about their job or the customers.

    To be safe, never go to a fast food place outside of peak hours. During the rush hours the boss is around, and no boss could ever sanction doing anything like that. Not worth getting a customer violently ill just to save a few bucks.

  • bert

    I rememeber watching a girl in a Beijing restaurant (Chinese food) washing the dishes and cups with her hands, no soap and cold water and she just looked at me and smiled.

    I also recall just last week watching the cleaning lady in my work building wiping down the W.C. with a rag and then going out in the hall and using the same rag to clean off all the light switches, hahaha.

    But yeah I like this clever statement, “Shoot/kill the trashy foreign fast food”. The xenophobic use of this word “foreign” is too funny. Does this moron really believe if it is local food it will be more hygenic?!! Anyone been in a BJ restaurant’s kitchen? ….don’t do it!!!

  • krdr

    Maybe this is viral ad for McDonald or manger works for MD, PizzaHut or sim?

  • Stimpy

    Yep, have to agree with Fuller on this one. Anyone who doesn’t believe that this sort of thing goes on in ANY restuarant is choosing to believe it.

  • the other day when I ordered a fried rice noodle at a small restaurant, the waiter was cleaning one dining table and then let me sit down at it. After that, he took away a bowl of leftowers, fried rice noodle, that a diner left. I sneakingly followed him into the ketchen and just saw he dumping those things into a flat pan and began to stir…….

  • Miako Tamatsue

    The pictures do look like it’s being used out of context. I think one of the Chinese forum poster is right. I don’t see anything in the pictures to suggests that the food was served to the customer. How did the delivery man stand so close to the trash can while the manager dug the food out? Why would the manager dug the food out in front of the customer (and so close in plain sight and with the delivery man’s phone out in sight)? The pictures and actions don’t make sense.

  • Kai

    @ Miako:

    Then what about the video? Or the idea of a deliveryman secretly filming while passing himself off as texting or playing a cell phone game while waiting amongst a bunch of staff more eager to get off work than care too much about why another person is using a ubiquitous electronic item like a cell phone?

    Just saying. I’d be tempted to agree with that commenter who suggested it was a manipulation of the order of pictures but that video throws that explanation out of the window…unless they’re really good at all walking backwards.

  • it is surprised me to know that,i will never go shopping to KFC before closing.

  • ExMcd


    The England Mcd story isn’t true.

    A google search for “southampton mcdonald’s fined” produces no newspaper/web stories; it does however find this ChinaSmack page.

  • jen

    hmm i’d say there’s sth fishy bout this incident but ok i guess it can happen even in hk where supposedly every regulation is super strict. i’d still eat kfc just that i’d make sure its not coming out of no garbage bin…clean or not lol

  • okura

    @ Mailko

    Come on the Chinese poster’s theory is flawed immediately. Run through the photos in reverse order and it is all perfectly innocent? How often have you see someone throwing away (rather than taking out) with their arm up to the elbow in the bin? I suppose (if the film is real) that she was aesthetically placing the item next to a piece of wilted lettuce and a half eaten bun?

    As for hygiene in China.

    Guangzou, I had the pleasure of urinating in the men’s toilets next to one of the cooks in the restaurant. I didn’t really expect him to wash his hands, and he certainly didn’t but he did stop at the mirror to examine his face and squeeze a few ripe pimples onto the mirror. He then walked straight back into the kitchen.

    Shanghai, a group of us had one of those hovering waitresses that denotes the very best service in China (you know where your plates get taken away before you’ve finished etc). The waitress in question stood behind a couple of friends in clear view of me with her finger half way up her right nostril, clearly struggling to secure and extract something. She only stopped when my colleague suggested that if she was so hungry perhaps she should go and ask for some food in the kitchen. But then added, but make sure you wash your hands before you eat it — the food I mean’. Acute loss of face ensued and we had to find a new waitress; God knows what they might have done to the food after that.

    Any city in China — cooking oil recycling via the drains outside restaurants.

    Enough said.

  • Samael

    meh, having worked at a number of kitchens (of various ethnicity and, including one higher end place), i have to say that what u said about the Chinese chef happens all to common everywhere. not washing after chucking a piss, coughing, sneezing, using off ingredients, sweat beads dripping into dishes, ive got a ton of examples. big row here a while ago when they found feces in someones ice cream. only difference with chefs here is that they don’t do disgusting stuff it in front of customers.

    its not just in china mate, its everywhere. most chefs are way too busy and grumpy at the constant orders coming in to be giving shit about hygiene.

    Enough said.

  • okura

    ‘only difference with chefs here is that they don’t do disgusting stuff it in front of customers’

    So what does that tell us about the Chinese perception of hygiene in the context of what is and is not acceptable?

    To my logic if one chef doesn’t care what he does in front of customers then chances are that this is an issue of education and lack of peer pressure (I’ve never seen Chinese customers complaining about spitting or other unpleasant behaviours in restaurants) and consequently if one chef is not educated through training or rectified through peer pressure then most of the others will not be. Whilst I am sure similar things happen wherever you are I would expect these to be more isolated in occurrence and probably deliberate rather than being just an aspect of normal behaviour and therefore somewhat less common.

    The good thing about this aspect of China is that at least it seems to make you immune to most other places. To be honest, if the food and the experience is good I don’t really give too much thought to what might have gone on in the kitchen. If I was ‘one of those’ I doubt I would ever eat out anywhere.

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  • How can people eat these food…. my god!

  • Zach

    Very CRUEL!
    They make people look so darn stupid!
    Don’t eat KFC in Hong-Kong!

  • lol noob

    to the person who wrote “How can there be people who believe this? Put the photos in reverse order”

    Since when does throwing away trash requires someone to stick her whole arm into the bin, you retard?

    • scott

      well said i saw that and said the same as you i was going to post your coment but you beat me to it.

      not good i am going to hong kong in march looks like fish for me..

  • davve

    Ok, I just analyzed the video. And I can’t tell what the girl is picking up from the trashcan.I think she picked up a wrap up thing, and put it back down. For the reason , I think she picked ( a possibility) a receive. View it again!

  • I don’t even eat KFC here in America. I would not advise to eat it anywhere else also…fast food is bad food.

  • Matt

    Funny McDicks story.

    Most fast food restaurants have timers on their meat trays and when they go off, the meat is supposed to be thrown away. When I worked at mcdicks, I personally never threw any meat away. It was against my personal morals. The longest I ever witnessed some meat stay there before being served was about 16 hours. Here’s the story.

    Usually in the morning we would put about 2 fillets O’ fish in the warmer and since I (and really most of the employees) never threw away any meat, they would usually at last a few house. This one day, I cooked about 15, which was about how many we would sell in an average day. After my shift was finished, around 4 or something, I checked the fillets o’ fish, there were still about 8 left. Since I lived near the McDicks, I came by when the night shift was finishing up, around 11pm. I asked the shift supervisor if they had cooked any fresh fish that shift. He looked a bit confused and checked the tray. “There are still 3 or 4 in there. I dont need to cook any more”. “Hahahaha” I replied, “I cooked those bitches at 7am! hahaha!” burn.

    Before you judge me. People who eat at mcdicks deserve to get food poisoning for being fat ass morons who contribute to deforestation of amazonian rain forest and loss of fish stocks.

    Oh, and I served food out of the garbage there too. And spit in the 5-0’s food.

  • Xav

    Yeah!!! Let’s just fuckin’ set the junk food fat asses world on fire!

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  • Sam

    when you throw somehting away you dont put your arm inside the bin!!

    Whether this is real or not, it happens everywhere! Every restaurant will ahve some sort of disgusting ongoing.

    Some of you guys seem so naive!

    • ronald mcdonald

      when you throw somehting away you dont put your arm inside the bin!!
      -I agree

  • wel

    Video is put on reverse…

  • It’s all AMERICAN trailer trash food anyway so what’s the difference. It’s about AMERICAN Imperialism spreading to China through fast food addiction. Read this Petition to ban KFC and McDonalds OUT of China because it’s all American Imperialism and gluttony.


  • Arness

    Check the time stamps in the photo properties.. the pics are displayed in the order they are taken (I compared Pic 2 and Pic 6)

  • linette

    oh, my God! She is a mental retard. Did they fire her? They better had fire her. There goes her manager job and food inspection department fine a huge fine on this KFC in Hong kong. Wow……..

  • sadasd

    Hong Kong, as bad as fucking China, but don’t realize it. As an HKer, fuck all the chinese in the world. Our souls died 400 years ago.

    • thise

      Self hating retard troll is retarded.