Hong Kong KFC Serves Food From Garbage

From Mop:

To many Hong Kong people, KFC is considered delicious, but can you imagine that this fried chicken might have been taken from the garbage?

Recently, a Yuen Long Plaza [元朗广场] deliveryman created a stir when he said that this restaurant’s staff, in order to get off work on time, often turn off the ovens before the restaurant closes and throw away the unsold food. During this time, if a customer comes in to buy something or make an order, this restaurant’s staff pick out thrown-away food from the garbage and give it to customers to eat. Moreover, to save money, this restaurant’s manager also allows the staff to do this.

This deliveryman also used his mobile phone to take pictures of the staff looking for food in the garbage to give to customers to eat.
According to insiders’ analysis, this kind of result is related to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s management evaluation model.

Comments From Netease: (no longer available)

Shoot/kill the trashy foreign fast food.

How can there be people who believe this? Put the photos in reverse order, you’ll see a normal process of throwing food! These days, there are truly a lot of mental retards. Would it be okay if I will beat you up, send you into a hospital to be rescued, then reverse the order of the pictures and say the hospital beat you up to sue the hospital?

Disgusting, makes me no longer want to eat KFC.

Too unkind/wrong.

Looking at that employee’s ugly face is truly disgusting!

No wonder it’s called “trash food” [junk food]. It is all food picked out from the trash pile.

I bet mainland China would not be much better.

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