Hong Kong Protesters Besiege and Harass Mainland Tourists


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From Sina Weibo:

@张启明v: Hong Kongers really have gone too far!

The images attached to the above microblog post are the same as the following photo feature found on many mainstream portal sites:

From QQ (1 & 2), Sina, and Phoenix Online:

Mainland Tourists Again Besieged in Hong Kong Shopping Mall


February 15, following last weekend’s protest targeting mainland tourists [“independent” tourists not part of a tour group] and parallel traders in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun district, yet another group has launched an anti-parallel trader protest in Sha Tin town, protesting there being too many mainland tourists negatively impacting the lives of residents. For a time, the protesters had altercations with mainland tourists, resulting in temporary disorder, police using pepper spray, and taking away multiple people. Photo is of the protesters besieging mainland tourists.


Mainland tourists suffering demonstrator’s taunts/ridicule.


Protesters chanting at mainland tourists, “Get lost/go back home!”, with some of them pointing fingers and exchanging insults with mainland tourists.


Some among the demonstrators held signs insulting mainland tourists.


Police attempted to form a human wall to separate the protesters and mainland tourists.


The demonstrators are protesting that there are too many mainland tourists negatively impacting the lives of residents.


Protesters charged mainland tourists with thumbs down gestures.


Police officers used pepper spray and brandished batons to disperse/break up [altercations].


Some demonstrators clashed with police officers, with police officers using pepper spray and brandishing batons to disperse/break up [altercations].


Some demonstrators clashed with police officers, with police officers using pepper spray and brandishing batons to disperse/break up [altercations].


Police took away three people, with one male accused of attacking police.


Some among the protesters waved the British Hong Kong colonial flag.


Some among the demonstrators waved the British Hong Kong colonial flag. As the Spring Festival/Chinese New Year holiday approaches, large numbers of mainland tourists have visited Hong Kong, with a spokesperson for the Special Administrative Region stating that the Tourism Commission has already coordinated with the relevant government departments and Hong Kong tourism industry in working out multiple measures to cope with the large stream of people going between Hong Kong and the mainland during the Spring Festival “Golden Week” holiday.


Due to mainland prices remaining high, with many daily necessities and consumer goods being more expensive than they are in Hong Kong, along with product quality problems constantly being exposed, many mainland tourists are attracted to purchase in Hong Kong, among them also being many parallel traders earning a profit on the price differences. Photo is of 2013 January 5, at the Hong Kong MTR’s Sheung Shui station, of tourists carrying large and small packages waiting to pass cross the border.


Starting from 2012 September 15, hundreds of Hong Kong netizens responded to calls on internet social networks by gathering near the Sheung Shui Station Exit C to demonstrate, protesting parallel traders from the mainland flooding the Sheung Shui station, engaging in smuggling, occupying nearby sidewalk space for long periods of time, and inducing price increases in the district, negatively affecting the lives of residents in the northern district.


Throughout this time, some protesters have become excited, even bringing out the colonial flag of the British Hong Kong era, proclaiming “Hong Kong autonomy/independence”.


Even more were demonstrators raising “Chinese people, get lost back to China” signs, criticizing government policies that allow “independent travel [for mainlanders visiting Hong Kong, without being part of a tour group]” and mainland tourists.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If they’re going to misbehave like this, then just close channels for awhile, block economic [assistance] for a time. A child that misbehaves should be disciplined. If you keep spoiling him, he won’t know who the parent is.


For future purchases, just go to Macau then. Macau is also cheap and the scenery and the scenery is beautiful as well. If you want to go to Disney, Shanghai is building the world’s largest Disney theme park. Without mainland tourists to go consume, they will go bankrupt and become unemployed, and then we’ll see these arrogant British dogs in tears begging us to go there. [困死了][困死了]<[困死了]<


The problem is they love the UK but the UK doesn’t love them.


At the border are a bunch of Hong Kong and Macau residents pushing little carts coming into the mainland to buy vegetables…everyday transporting a bunch back… If they can do it, don’t come.


I want to go spray them [with bullets]. [别烦我] Fucking, every day those bastards come to Shenzhen and Zhuhai to buy vegetables and water. How come I don’t see you people getting lost back to where you’re from?


Don’t drag Macau into this. A lot of mainlanders think of Hong Kong and Macau as one. Whenever Hong Kong makes a fuss, Macau is often dragged into it QAQ. It is also very convenient to buy things in Macau, and most importantly, their attitude is good, treating you as one of their own. Macau also has so many good things to eat, and isn’t as crowded as Hong Kong. Macau has a lot of history and scenic sits to see, not just casinos QAQ. Come to Macau, smooches.


Why are they wearing face masks? It just shows that these Hong Kongers also know that their behavior is shameful and low. [晕]


Then don’t come to Shenzhen to buy fresh produce???


Talk about truly forgetting one’s roots, like a girl who was forced into prostitution and has fallen in love with her john, no longer wanting her home/family.


I suggest Hong Kongers stop speaking Cantonese. That belongs to our Guangdong, which has nothing to do with you British dogs, right? I’m from Guangzhou [Cantonese], and seeing you people speak Cantonese fucking disgusts me. [拜拜]


Stop all the water, the meat, and the fresh vegetables! [怒][怒]


It truly is enough. Although it is “one country, two systems“, don’t forget that Hong Kong is part of China. I can’t believe they even raised the British flag. Talk about going too far.


If it were for China taking you in in ’97, you wouldn’t even be a fart today.


All wearing face masks, afraid of being photographed, and having their mainland entry permits revoked?


Big Xi [Jinping] must be made aware that his little son is being naughty again and must be parented.


1. This is the behavior of only some Hong Kongers, so we can’t generalize them as Hong Kongers. For example, if you speak in a silly way and I said Shanghainese truly are a bit silly. 2. A conflict does not happen for no reason. There really are a lot of parallel traders. Being unhappy is a quantitative change, while clashes are a qualitative change. 3. It’s very obvious that this is a follow-up to Occupy Central, so it is even more important to not be led around by the retarded, becoming their gun barrel, shooting recklessly.


This dog may have gotten used to being whipped by the British and now that it has returned to its former good master, it is no longer used to it and begs to be whipped.


Actually, Hong Kong’s current economy is already on the decline, and with the maturing of many mainland trade/commercial centers, Hong Kong no longer has any superiority/comparative advantage. These people behaving like this will only make things worse for Hong Kong.


The British dog under “one country, two systems”. A bunch of slaves to the West raised and indulged by mainland policy!


Stupid cunts. You guys don’t have the money to afford certain things so you can’t bear to see others buy them? Hong Kong is part of China. I’ll go whenever I please, to buy what you guys can’t afford to buy, to piss you guys off, you stupid cunts.

Comments from Sina:


Looks like Hong Kongers really want to be British dogs.


What’s so great about Hong Kongers anyway? Are they so superior? What’s wrong with the mainland? Back during the financial/economic crisis, if it weren’t for the mainland government helping you guys, how many of your families would’ve gone bankrupt? Not knowing to be appreciative, all day inciting internal strife, discriminating against mainlanders.

香港商场再次发生围堵内地旅客事件 落伤伤[上海]

So depressing. If you like the UK, then go to the UK, okay? Hong Kong is also a part of China. The only option is for you so-called Hong Kongers to leave China’s Hong Kong. Since you’re not Chinese, why stay in China? 话筒

香港商场再次发生围堵内地旅客事件 迷情手中沙[北京]

This bunch of people would rather be dogs supplicating themselves licking British butt than stand and be Chinese people.

香港商场再次发生围堵内地旅客事件 落伤伤[上海]

This is simply what China is like, so if you don’t want to be Chinese then get lost out of Hong Kong! Get lost, get lost, get lost!!!

香港商场再次发生围堵内地旅客事件 Jisseo[湖南衡阳]

Would it kill mainlanders to not go to Hong Kong?! Don’t go there to make purchases, and then see if they can still be so arrogant, the ingrates.

香港商场再次发生围堵内地旅客事件 金创骑士[江苏南通]

Just let Hong Kong survive on its own then. They make it sound as if the mainland has to beg them, as long as sovereignty isn’t lost. Let’s see what their Hong Kong will become without mainland support. Arrest that one person holding up the British flag and deport him/her!

香港商场再次发生围堵内地旅客事件 shuiximg7868[江苏徐州]

The mainland should reflect on itself. Are this many people going [to Hong Kong] just for fun? Can the mainland’s imports not be a little cheaper?

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