Hong Kong Says ‘No’ to Mainland Education, Chinese Reactions

Hong Kong parents and children protesting against the mainland's national education program.

Parents and their children are saying no to brainwash.

From Sina Weibo:

@彭蠡书生: Hong Kong People Reject Brainwashing Education: On July 23rd, over a thousand parents in Hong Kong published a statement in newspapers demanding that the government put a stop to the “Moral and National Education” program originally scheduled to be implemented in [Hong Kong] primary schools this September. The Concern Group [Concern Group for Hong Kong Science Education] criticized the National Education concept in the curriculum guide as “brainwashing education” for conflating “loving the country” with “loving the [Chinese Communist] Party”. The Hong Kong Teachers’ Union yesterday [July 22] announced they would join the protest, the president Feng Weihua claims the union will ask teachers to sign a conscience charter, promising not to be a tool in brainwashing their students.

Hong Kong parents unite to oppose Mainland Education.

A press conference held by Hong Kong parents to protest against what they fear is "brainwashing" education fromt he mainland.
Banner: “Parents stand forward together to stop national education”

A protesting ad on a street of Hong Kong.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


It’s still the Hong Kongers who have civic awareness. I support our Hong Kong compatriots.


Not only are we brainwashed, it’s also a test subject.


Seems having once been a colony isn’t a bad thing.


What is called brainwash? If Hong Kong’s teachers all didn’t brain brainwash their students, then that would be the end of at least all humanities education. May I ask, what then will these teachers teach? For college students, of course we can guide them to compare, to question, to think in order to form their own conclusions, but what about primary school and middle school students? Don’t let this so-called rejection of brainwashing merely become brainwashing with foreign-worshiping education. How can Hong Kong teachers achieve the goal of education without brainwashing? Let’s wait and see.


Hong Kong you must persevere! Don’t be assimilated!


Very good, seeing this, those people in the Taiwan Province who were conflicted will be conflicted no more, because our Party has made their direction clear, and they’ll rather emigrate than return [to China]. “One country, two systems” was nothing but a stalling tactic.


I’m a failure product of their brainwashing anyway.


Sigh, the education we received growing up was that the Party suffered in service to the country, only realizing when we grew up just who is actually serving/providing for who, completely reversed.


I’m thankful of my middle school political education teacher. Every time before class, he would say: Those of you who have homework from other classes can do it in my class, or rest and chat quietly. Just don’t let your head teacher know. Before class is over, I’ll tell you what content might be on the test.


Loving the country and loving the Party are two completely different concepts. For example, you can’t not love the Party, but you must love your country. Note, I said “for example”~


Hong Kong, how long can you continue to hold out?


Want to brainwash Hong Kong people? It’s absolutely stupid and crazy. In the mainland, decades of years of brainwash, the post-70s, post-80s, and post-90s, none of which still believe those brainwashing stuff. Keep dreaming.


Has Hong Kong still not returned? Are Hong Kong people longing to be colonized? Longing for the British to come back and educate them? Is Hong Kong still a British colony???


The Party, politics, and nation have always been different categories, the Chinese government deliberately conflates them together.


Very normal, if the country established by the Chinese Communist Party didn’t unify education on loving the country [patriotic education] and loving the party together, now that would be unimaginable. Those who agitate for division, also known as those who claim our country’s education is “brainwashing” simply have ulterior motives. Why didn’t they reject the colonial education of the British?


No need to talk about this… Just looking at my generation and the people around me and I alrady know the brainwashing is utterly unsuccessful and has even resulted in no small amount of backlash.


Of course we love our country, it’s the place that gave birth to and raised us up. Her selflessness, tolerance, and all the burdens she bears, how could a certain Party shoulder the same? To a certain degree, I even dare to say: Anyone who says “to love the country one must also love the Party” is basically a bastard!


Hong Kong is the city I love the most in China.


I’m curious, how did promoting patriotic education become brainwashing?


Rejecting enslaving education is everyone’s duty.


Why can’t mainland parents respond together?


If in the future you’re cracked down upon for opposing the Party…better take responsibility for your own consequences.


Hong Kong mustn’t fall! I truly wish my kid didn’t have this kind of brainwashing education. Child, I’m sorry.


I just don’t get it. From primary school to high school, I was taught political education. In college, I was taught Scientific Socialism. In graduate school, I was taught and learned Dialectics of Nature. For 17 years I was brainwashed, but how come I’m still like this and can’t fully understand the government’s difficulties [isn’t filled with sympathy for the government]?


Better leave a place with no brainwashing. This way, when we become mentally retarded in the future, we’ll at least know where we should run to.


Poor mainland children. Starting from first grade, a red cord is tied around their necks.


Envy. Today, only our Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots can stand against the corrupted tide.


Shit, we were forcibly brainwashed for decades. No test was short of testing politics, especially when in your heart you clearly knew they were all lies but you still had to memorize them for your scores. Truly fucking disgusting. I support Hong Kong’s parents and teachers!


Hong Kong people have “brainwashed” us, praises!


There were truly something wrong with some textbooks, talking about how it is patriotic to sacrifice one’s life. Bullshit! Life is so very great [important, valuable, not to be treated lightly].


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