Hong Kongers Raise British Flag, Tell Mainlanders to Get Lost

Hong Kong protests at Sheung Shui station against mainland smugglers.
Hong Kong protests at Sheung Shui station against mainland smugglers.
Center: “Mainlanders, love your motherland, please use domestic (mainland) goods.” Right: “Reclaim Sheung Shui Station, protect our home.”

From NetEase:

A small number of Hong Kongers raise the British Hong Kong flag shouting “Chinese people get lost back to China!”

Hundreds of Hong Kong residents over two consecutive days on the 15th and 16th besieged the Hong Kong Rail Sheung Shui station, protesting mainland smugglers seriously affecting the lives of Hong Kongers. However, a small number of people during the demonstrations raised the British Hong Kong flag, shouting “Chinese people get lost back to China”, leading to fierce criticism in Hong Kong public opinion. Commentary on Hong Kong’s Skypost say that what should’ve been a simple protest of smugglers has gone bad, with those protesting the smugglers only carrying signs, while some people are using Hong Kongers’ dissatisfaction with smugglers to provoke a conflict between Hong Kongers and mainlanders.

A Hong Kong protestor holding a sign that tells Chinese people to get lost back to China.
Sign: “Chinese people get lost back to China.”

The name “water visitors/customers” [smugglers] come from “water goods” [smuggled goods]. IN the past, some sailers would often secretly buy and take with them small amounts of products and goods for themselves or others, and then sell them at other ports to make some extra income. These days, “smugglers” mainly refer to those people who often travel between the mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau entering or leaving carrying goods and products on them. Because taxes are low in Hong Kong and Macau, most products are cheaper than in the mainland, therefore giving rise to professional smugglers who use their visas to conveniently come and go once or twice in a day, some as much as over 10 times. When they come from Hong Kong, they carry on themselves various products, such as mobile phones, laptop computers, milk powder to sell in the mainland, or bringing such for others, making money from the price differences, or wages. Recently, following the mainland launching policies allowing individual tourists, the number of mainland smugglers have also rapidly increased. Inside and in the areas around the Hong Kong Rail Sheung Shui station near Shenzhen, everywhere smugglers can be seen on the roadsides opening boxes and distributing goods, blocking passageways affecting the surroundings, even giving rise to security and social problems, upsetting Hong Kongers.

Passengers at the Hong Kong Sheung Shui Rail Station with boxes of goods purchased in Hong Kong to be brought into mainland China.

Passengers with boxes of goods clogging the Sheung Shui Rail station in Hong Kong.

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According to a report on the 17th by Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News, hundreds of Hong Kongers on the 15th organized a protest at the Sheung Shui station, unhappy with smugglers impacting/disturbing the lives of the locals. The demonstration was originally quite peaceful, but one demonstrator suddenly raised a “Chinese people get lost back to China” sign, arousing the ire of some suspected of being smugglers, the two sides first exchanging words and then becoming physical. As more pushing and shoving occurred, dozens of police officers and Hong Kong Rail security staff immediately organized a human wall and erected barriers, separating the demonstrators and smugglers. On the 16th, hundreds of demonstrators continued protesting at Sheung Shui station against the smugglers disturbing the peace and order at Sheung Shui station. However, someone in the demonstration raised a pre-Handover British Hong Kong flag and called for “Hong Kong autonomy”, getting into a verbal argument with several Hong Kong residents, those Hong Kong residents angrily denouncing them taking advantage of the situation to “demand Hong Kong independence”, changing the nature of the protest. According to a report in Sing Tao Daily, Chief Executive CY Leung made a special trip to Sheung Shui station to determine what happened. He said Hong Kong will strengthen communications with mainland customs, and that Hong Kong immigration and police will also intensify cooperative enforcement.

Hong Kong protestors raising British Hong Kong colony flags.

Comments on NetEase:

山oO端月 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Chinese people, not welcomed anywhere, and domestically, our own people bully our own people, attacking, smashing, looting, and setting fire confident that they’re justified, saying they’re being patriotic, laughable to the extreme. The shit youth should simply be exterminated.

我用脚投票 [网易加拿大网友]:

According to the way our countrymen think: Us going to Hong Kong to buy things is giving you Hong Kongers money, helping your economy, so you guys doing this is truly being ungrateful. Actually, they don’t know that there are a lot of things more important than money in this world, and our entire nationality’s values have completely been twisted.

andrewsun0720 [网易上海市手机网友]:

I agree, better get lost back here.

轮回的终结 [网易黑龙江省大庆市网友]:

Kong Qingdong said it right, a portion of Hong Kongers are like wolves in how they treat mainlanders, and are like dogs in how they treat the British.

[Note: Kong Qingdong is a Peking University professor and apparent descendent of Confucius who often makes controversial remarks criticizing Hong Kongers whenever there is a mainland vs. Hong Kong issue.]

kking50 [网易浙江省台州市网友]:

Because taxes are low in Hong Kong and Macau, most products are cheaper than in the mainland??????

五根毛流浪记 [网易湖北省宜昌市网友]:

A son doesn’t think his mother ugly, a maggot doesn’t think shit stinky, let alone that you’re still a dog, do you want to be a human in your next life?

錢好 [网易广东省湛江市网友]:

Causing trouble in Hong Kong now?

dasas [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Hong Kongers are like this. When the British Empire governed you guys, you guys were itching to have the Queen lick your asses, and now that you’re finally able to govern yourselves, you suddenly discover that being a dog not tied to a leash, your necks feel a somewhat uncomfortable.


Seems like there are a lot of people seeking chaos in the world these days, people with ulterior motives instigating our countrymen. This is the most dangerous.

441079470 [网易河南省信阳市手机网友]:

What right do they have for saying Chinese people have low characters, is everyone in Hong Kong noble and refined? Our countrymen talking shit about our countrymen, truly 250+ 38 + 2 = 290.

Hong Kong protesters telling mainland Chinese to get lost back to the mainland.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Cool Matt

    I’m fuckin’ it.

    • tai wai

      Ba da ba ba baaaah.


    It is time for HK to get back to Europe

    • oOWOo
      • bigwin80

        The only Chinese song I like.


      • Linette

        This song pretty much sum up all the predicament HK chinese have to endure from the mainland chinese. :(

    • catherine

      you know the this kind of hongkongers just like sombody who eat some shit and said to other person “oh the shit taste really nice because this shit is from the queen of britiant” haha the mainland china is a little poor but the mainland chinese has dignity. As Deng Xiaoping said” we are poor but we donot afraid of dieing” so only the people who prefer dog’life will hold british flag. Really stupid and poor hongkongers.

    • Martin

      I Agree :-)))

  • moop

    awesome. keep the locusts out at all costs

    • Many Chinese say similar things about foreigners. If you do not like Chinese people who have this kind of thinking and behavior, you should not do it yourself. Every person who protest something believe they have good reasons but it does not justify their hurtful speech and actions.

      • moop

        i’ve all but given up on chinese people. they’re no better than the rioters killing americans because a short film hurt their feelings. i’m no longer going to extend the courtesies i have before to chinese people. a vast majority dont deserve it. and unfortunately the chinese in instances like those like the senkaku appear just to be one massive block of thinking the same thing. my wife doesnt deserve to be treated differently because she is married to a foreigner and i’m sick of the escalation of antimosity. i dont care anymore about extending niceties to those who can neither appreciate or understand. its like giving medicine to a dead man. useless

        • So you judge people before you have met them based on your feelings about other people only because they are the same nationality. And you will not give me the basic courtesies or niceties because I am Chinese, a dead man. You sound just like the Chinese people you hate. Should you not hate yourself? Do you hate them because of their actions and thinking or because they are Chinese? If you hate their actions and thinking, and you do the same thing, should you not hate yourself too?

          • BigCAD

            Sorry Fauna, i’m in agreement with moop. I enjoy the work you do here, unfortunatley it just confirms my notions about the P.R.Chinese culture cancer. First year in China, I studied hard and socialised with the locals, second year in I was on the same track, by year three I understood enough to realize I didn’t want to know anymore, dated foreign, studied foreign languages and only socialized with only foreigners, by year five I was the living embodiment of RAGE.

            To truly hate a culture, I had to see what the Chinese people saw, eat what it ate, endure what it endured, breath what they breathed. By the end of it I had to move to Taiwan just to stop myself from giving muppets a slap on a daily basis.

          • moop

            “Many Chinese say similar things about foreigners”
            yeah, and they’re usually dead wrong. you see no one comes to china to leech off of their social services. foreigners in china actually dont harm chinese society. they pay taxes, usually pay more prices for things on the street, and they dont abuse the public goods and services available to them. these mainlanders who come to hk to have their children and take advantage of the city’s programs and benefits are a drain on the system and hk’s society. these people are locusts, why wouldnt hk want to keep them out? people in hk want control over their lives. allowing themselves to be overrun by brainwashed mainlanders or children of said mainlanders their system that they value will change for the worst. who would want these kinds of people, regardless of where they come from?

            i’m just not going to give them the benefit of the doubt anymore, its too disappointing and depressing. have you ever given money to a homeless person and then they say “is that it?” or “got anymore?”. thats how being nice to a lot of chinese feels. you try and treat them with some basic level of respect or niceties and they throw it in your face some way or another.

          • Rod


            Almost the exact same story with me.

            “by year five I was the living embodiment of RAGE”

            After a few years of really getting ‘in with the locals’ I kind of reached a point where I realized I didn’t want to know any more. I don’t like using the word “hate”, but I really hope that after I leave, I look back on my experiences here in a much different light that I feel right now.

          • anon

            BigCAD, you can be faulted for being a bigot but you can’t be faulted for not admitting it.

            moop, right or wrong is too often a matter of perspective and what examples one is thinking of in their heads. You’ve let your emotions get the better of your rationality.

            But let’s nitpick:

            1. Plenty of foreigners (including a lot of Africans, South East Asians, even Russians and Eastern Europeans) come to China and leech off its social services. You don’t think public goods like infrastructure or police are social services? You may look down on the Chinese versions of such but you’re still enjoying them. I doubt very many people would come to China absent those things. You just don’t like the level of such services, but you’re taking for granted what they have minimally provided, a relatively safe country where business and tourism are huge markets.

            Right, I get what you mean about Chinese going to our countries and enjoying our free healthcare or social security, but the majority of those people pay taxes and spend money in our countries too, right?

            2. Whether or not foreigners in China harm Chinese society is fairly subjective. There have been foreigners who have and foreigners who haven’t, just like the Chinese who come to our countries. It’s rather arrogant and bigoted to think our own kind in another country don’t have negative influence and impact, while “their” people do in ours. Come on, are you hearing how you sound here?

            3. Foreigners pay taxes? Yeah, many do, but many also don’t including just about everyone who works in China on tourist visas and gets paid in big bundles of cash. This is so obvious and common that I find it astounding that you even brought it up.

            4. Sure, foreigners are often given the foreigner price. It’s unfair and exploitative but hardly unique to China or the Chinese. Surely you’ve traveled to other countries where you’re seen as relatively wealthy and thus ripe targets for guerrilla wealth redistribution?

            5. Foreigners in China definitely abuse the public goods and services to them, just in different ways. This doesn’t excuse what the Chinese do, but its too audacious to claim innocence. There are plenty of foreigners who take advantage of the benefits and leniencies simply being foreign affords them in China. Pretending not to understand Chinese, leniency from authorities who, enjoying preferential treatment, and so on. Don’t make us foreigners out to be perpetual victims. That’s what the obnoxious Chinese nationalists do.

            We’re both knowledgeable about the complaints Hong Kong people have about mainlanders. This site has covered the issue multiple times. We also know that many Chinese people understand those complaints even if they chafe at how Hong Kong people might act upon those complaints… just like how Fauna is reacting to you. Do you really think Fauna doesn’t understand there are negative things about China and Chinese society? When she has made such a popular site that regularly shines a light on those things?

            No, she doesn’t need you to explain why you hate Chinese people. That’s why she’s pointing out how you’re sounding and behaving just like the people you hate.

            Hong Kong people have apprehensions about mainlanders just like urbanites throughout China (or anywhere else) are discriminatory towards rural people, or like Koreans about Joesojuks, or like Americans and Canadians are about Chinese immigrants. There’s always worries about public resources and negative influences or different values. It’s always an in group versus an out group. There are always reasons.

            Yet if it weren’t for Hong Kong or Taiwan or Korea or Japan or foreigners, the Chinese wouldn’t know that things could be better and thus demand better. They’d never grow and benefit, just like so many of our countries have benefited from immigrants and cross-cultural exchanges. There are cons and costs too, of course, but if you think Hong Kong benefitted from the British being there when they weren’t wanted by many, you don’t have the moral high ground for carte blanche support against mainlanders in Hong Kong.

            Nobody wants the people they perceive as disadvantageous to themselves. What makes you a shrill bigot like so many Chinese nationalists we read comments from here on this site is because you’re using the same rhetoric, just for your in-group of choice.

          • moop

            hey “anon”

            except foreigners dont come to china to exploit their social services, they come to china and happen to use public good, not specifically to exploit them, which is what these chinese do

          • moop

            “It’s rather arrogant and bigoted to think our own kind in another country don’t have negative influence and impact, while “their” people do in ours. Come on, are you hearing how you sound here?”

            i never said that. chinese immigrants to america usually arent the locusts that i am referring to, although my wife’s friend went to america specifically to have a baby, thats a lot more rare than in HK because of the geographic restrictions.

          • The Enlightened One

            I dunno Fauna…

            I have been here quite some time and it seems like being nice and tolerant isn’t work anymore (if it ever has). Maybe it is time to give the Chinese a reflection of how the world sees them? Is there anyone the Chinese are not fighting with or hated by?

            When everyone is against you, maybe it is time to truly evaluate the reasoning behind it?

          • BigCAD

            Anon long post, got bored……….bomb China and salt the ashes. It’s the only way to save the true Chinese cultures in HK and Taiwan…still mulling over Macau.

          • Getrealson

            I can see both Fauna and moop’s side. But in ragards to moop. Why is it that as soon as a generalisation pertains to something negative then it is not accepted?

            Let’s just remember what a generalisation is. (n) the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances,

            If someone says Chinese people are hard working, no one cries racism or bigotry. If You asked someone what country is generally known to use curry when they cook, If they say India is that racist? Take away all the sensitivities because every country has their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, and tell me what does a person have to do to be able to have an informed opinion , whether it be subtle or extreme?

            I do not think generisations should be taken as gospel but being honest, how many people generalise? I’ll make my own and say everyone.

            Moop is posting his opinion about china and chinese people having lived, travelled and worked in China for “X” amount of time. Talked with the locals, married one it seems and immersed himself in chinese culture with what was once an opened mind. Now at what point is he allowed to have an opinion positive or negative.

            He is not the only one who feels this way after a certain amount of time in China. I do however concede that this does not mean that what he says is right and opens for debate the type of westerner that China attracts. No offence moop just being comprehensive.

            The Chinese however, can mock, slander and protest at will without ever having been to any of the countries they are taught to hate. As too there are plenty of westerners on this site who have never been to china that talk smack.

            When you post articles on a website that feature mostly negative things about a subject, then invite people to post comments/opinions on that subject, can you really afford to single out people because they react to it?

          • Yeah, after three and a half years, it hit me one day that I couldn’t really take it anymore. It was an epiphany, really. I was on a plane going home about a month later.

          • bert

            Chinese don’t reflect.

          • Bang

            By reason and logic he should hate himself for he is acting in the same manner as the people who he said he hates.However, I have a feeling in is not acting with reason and logic

            He really should just stop spreading hate

          • Efe the foreigner

            i am currently starting my fifth year in china, five years continuously. no trips outta the country for holiday. this is already my black out drunk year. i have to drink home, alone, just to make sure i dont drink and pass out in the streets. again.

            and i was never a heavy drinker before ……

          • anon

            moop, sorry, I disagree, I know a lot of foreigners who have gone to and return to China specifically because they enjoy advantages there they don’t at home. As I said, I understand what you’re referring to but I agree you were getting too shrill. It isn’t the first time and you usually rein it in when you’re called out for it. Fauna’s giving you a hard time but you can hardly blame her for it.

            TEO, I’ve had my fair share aggravating moments in China before but I can say for certain that in most situations anywhere in the world, treating other people with respect and basic courtesy rarely results in a loss. We deeply remember when it does, but those instances are hardly the norm. I highly doubt Chinese people are thoroughly unaware of the fact that there are a lot of people in the world who see them in an unfavorable light or have criticisms. You’ve been reading this site long enough.

            BigCAD, there is no such thing as “true” culture. The Chinese culture in Taiwan has been influenced by the Japanese and Americans just as the Chinese culture in Hong Kong has been influenced by the British just as the Chinese culture on the mainland has been influenced by Marxist Communism. The setup of culture being something that is lost or preserved or whatever rather than something that necessarily evolves is often just an argument of convenience.

            Getrealson, there’s a saying: Be generous with praise and cautious with criticism. That’s why positive generalizations don’t get shat on. Everyone generalizes and everyone is liable to be held to their generalizations. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fauna likely pays more attention to moop’s comments simply because he’s asked for her attention before. I doubt she’s singling him out any more than any of us are intentionally singling someone out just for responding to someone who says something disagreeable while not always responding to all the others who say the same thing. People just don’t have that much time to give their feedback to everyone. And what’s with the criticism of her reacting to people reacting to her site. My opinion is that she’s far more fair and balanced in her reactions than most people here. It’s probably one reason why she has a successful site in the first place.

            I don’t think there’s anything that can be faulted with her reaction to moop. Both moop and so many people here regularly take Chinese netizens to task for their shrill comments and rhetoric. What’s wrong with Fauna holding up a mirror? You don’t think the shit we say here influences how she sees us foreigners? That she isn’t judging us as much as we judge the Chinese netizens she translates? Yet how often have you seen her say the same shit some of us say here? When did we start praising praising people for being emotional instead of being rational?

          • Sponge Monkey


          • El Puma R.

            I support Bert, BigCAD and Moop.

            I see how nice they’re they’re at their homes but once they go out, they become stupid sheep who are so convinced that what they have to do is the good thing that they forget about everything around them. My friend Sammy (chinese) said yesterday “for them, it’s all good business under the heavenly sky” . lol. we were talking about people in their cars honking unnecessarily for what we would consider a good excuse to shoot them in the face.

            Yes, Bert, Chinese people in general don’t reflect, because what I just said.

            Whiskersthecat you’re right, I had that epiphany too and I’m leaving very soon.

            Anon, you always think you’re right about everything you say. But some certainly disagree.

            As for all of you, I didn’t come to china to be a social worker. Why should I teach those imbeciles that their country is making a huge effort to make everything look nice while she’s making her son take a shit next to the door of the shopping mall? is it everything a business for you?

            ok here’s an article I published in changchunlive.net (a website of the foreign community in changchun). and it explains some of my feelings. and I wanted to put a link to a short (but very realistic) HK documentary about mainland China but the videos were deleted.. and redirected to some news about China Japan relationship… YOU SEE! can you just see it?

            I appreciate the work that Fauna and the others do so I can unleash my feelings once or twice a week, however, you can’t see the other side until you go to the other side.


          • md

            Have to disagree , i have been around the world ,lived in many places,n what i have found out,,,there is NO perfect place ppl,there is always,ALWAYS a down side n a upside,there is nO perfect place there is only what fits you(as everyone is made different),born in europe hated it,usa hated it ,japan sort of like it,china love it going on 10 years strong still love it :) (never had trouble making the friends etc)
            truth i suspect about bigcad n moop is China was just not the place for you,look elsewhere guys,maybe it just didn’t fit ,ppl have a idea in there minds,dream that a place is like this,but its not until you live there that you see the reality.
            think of type of place you dreamed of then look elsewhere to see what really fits the dream,but realistically

          • tai wai

            No, she doesn’t need you to explain why you hate Chinese people.

            No, I disagree. It needs to be repeated again and again. China, Chinese people, Chinese culture causes disillusionment.

            Again and again and again and AGAIN it takes people who came with open minds (as anyone who is willing to leave their own country has to be), grinds them to pulp, and then shouts “if you don’t like it, leave, this is not your home anyway.”

            Laowai don’t come to China filled with hate and racism! They FILL UP ON IT when they are here, and then explode.

            It’s not the same as simple bigotry. China CAUSES hate.

          • Caomengde


            I love your work here, keep it up!

            btw, why waste your precious time with those guys. Would you have give any time of your day to these sophomoric losers in real life? Why do it on the internet?


          • vince

            @MD Give malaysia a try especially Penang, I was brought up in Dubai, spent a couple of years in Malaysia and Singapore and lastly China, I would have to say Malaysia is definitely a place you can put ur feet up and relax and the people are so friggin friendly. I’m heading back to Dubai for business but once I decide to settle down it’s hands down PENANG!

          • vince

            @ Caomengde all right kissass simmer down =.=”

          • moop

            @vince, yeah, malaysia by far has the nicest people of any country i’ve visited, really loved it there

          • vince

            @Moop yea i got plans to settle down there man, nice international schools there for my kid and a ton of old friends, the food too OMG the food. I came to China to be with my wife but we both met in Malaysia and she loves the place as well. I think it’s time for a change of scenery :D If you’re thinking of perhaps going back there for the long term you might wanna look into the MM2H program, just FYI.

          • Scott

            Please Vince, don’t tout Penang. Real estate in Penang has more than doubled in the last three years, all new development is high-end, and mainland Chinese have discovered Penang; the high-rise located at the end of Gurney Drive where each unit has its own, projecting swimming pool is fully sold out to mostly mainland Chinese buyers.

          • vince

            @ Scott What would you expect anyway, Penang is a great place to live and yea I suppose that it is getting more expensive but there are more various other places to live in Penang. Gurney has been know to be at the more expensive end of the spectrum but I’m sure there are some fairly cheaper places to live like near Queensbay or the Bayan Lepas area.
            About the Chinese buying up properties there, well to be frank they do that everywhere man I doubt there is any stopping it, but if you research well enough you can definitely find a nice place to live, I believe that foreigners can also avail house loans for upto 80% of a houses value but I forgot as to whether this is for those that join the MM2H program.
            Comparatively the house prices there are cheaper than where I am living currently i.e. Zhuhai, so if I were to choose between living here and Penang it would be the latter, the pro’s of living there far outweigh the cons. I spent about 5 years in Penang before coming here so I kind of have an idea about the place, I would never recommend going to work there though unless it’s with an MNC or something, salaries are kinda low.

          • TAKE5

            Anon, Well stated!

          • Scott

            Vince, I needn’t look around Penang for a place to live. You need not attend the MM2H program to acquire property, loans can be done through several local banks (I did mine through Maybank) but you need pay 40% down payment of the property value; these facts are public knowledge. Always buy freehold, always buy from a reputable developer, always work through a local agent.

        • Justin

          I agree with Fauna. You just sound like a completely hypocritical jackass. So, your argument is that Chinese people take ignorant bigoted actions against the Japanese and make unjustified generalizations about them, yet you are making equally ignorant generalizations about a nation of 1.3 billion people.

          As with everything in China, you can’t eliminate the issue of scale. If 1 percent of Americans went out to protest something, it would be 3.5 million people. If the same percentage of people protested in China it would be 13.5 million people in a country that is of comparable size in geographic terms. So even if the actions of a minority don’t represent the population as a whole, they can have a tremendous impact on public perception.

          Furthermore, nationalism has replaced Communism as the nation’s guiding ideology as reflected in the textbooks. An entire generation was raised to view Japan as the mythical Other just as Americans were raised to view the Soviet Union in this role. That generation grew up listening to the horror stories of previous generations who had been gassed and experimented on, sold into sexual slavery, etc. You might say “Hey, everyone gets along with Germany now.” Well Germany has made a clean break with Nazism and recognizes its crimes in its history books, whereas Japan whitewashes them, and its leaders continue to visit the Yasukuni Shrine, the final resting place of the souls of more than 1,000 war criminals.

          • 404namenotfound

            Here, have a thumb :)

          • cc

            Germany still has a place in their hearts for the few war criminals that are left, they just don’t televise it.

          • anon

            Right, its better when high-level politicians that represent your country have the good sense not to wear their controversial sentiments on their sleeve. That said, a lot of Chinese people don’t give enough credit where its due on this issue, but that’s true of haters everywhere on every controversial subject.

          • BigCAD

            Yeah stop generalizing I’d say its about 70 percent (that number seems familiar some how) of the mainland population with a nationalistic hard on; the 30 percent remaining being your subjugated minorities, Chinese weaboos, Communist elite and those having been educated abroad.

        • linette

          moop, never be mean to your wife. Be good to her. :)

          • moop

            always. monday through thursday she has dinner on the table by the time she gets home from work (i get off before she does, and friday is date night). the weekends i do all the cooking as well. i send her on a vacation once a year, sometimes i go, sometimes i cant, this year she went to japan. i’m a nice guy, hahahha ;)

        • Web of Lies

          Wow, I find it unbelievable that all you people that hate living in China are still living there. Sorry, no sympathy for you guys. It was your choice to live and stay there. You should have known what it was like before seeking your “adventure” abroad. I find it pathetic that you guys would make a blanket statement against all Chinese people, especially when you use this site that is run by Fauna. Give some respect.

          • Getrealson

            How does somebody know what it’s like without going there? by that logic, wouldn’t these posts, offensive or not, let other people thinking about going to china know what it’s like?

          • Jahar

            I doubt most of us would have come here had we known what it is really like. As for saying we should have “known” what it was like before we came, there’s no way for anyone to really know. Just the fact that you say that makes it seem as though you know little about the place. If someone had described it to me before I came, perfectly, I wouldn’t have believed them.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          it’s also useless to complain about someone else’s country where you are a guest. don’t like china, get the fuck out and go to america.

          • david

            nanny, it seems most people just wanna complain about anything.
            sure many things they say about China is correct but I could easily point out many things about China that are good.

            im sick of netizens and their cowardly words written from the safety of their own offices/homes. Most would never say this in public.

            myself personally, i get tired of all the bs here too but I know that it not only happens to foreigners but locals as well.

            i see things here not so black and white anymore.

            kind of some grey areas as well

          • Brett Hunan

            david, I think that’s the point. Different from trolls, people sometimes need a place to vent. Public is not always the appropriate place!

            I think your comparison of bad things happening to locals and foreigners isn’t, on its own, enough to support your argument. The difference is that locals have nothing else to compare their situations to and no place to vent, while foreigners can compare and have an outlet to vent their grievances. Although, I think that those comparisons are part of the reason many people aren’t happy in China.


            You have every right to challenge these “cowardly” frustrations, but time would be better spent encouraging these people to focus on the positive things about their situation and environment.

          • Rod

            That is such a dated argument. “If you don’t like it, go home!”.

            Do we really have to preface everything here with, “Sometimes, but not all the time, and in some situations, I fell like (is some way, but I also have conflicting opinions), it seems like, just to me, but I realize that not everyone agrees, and I do know that this is not my home country….”

            I think most people that criticize things would do the same in their home country as well.

            Suddenly because we move to a new country we’re supposed to love everything all day every day?

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Rod, are you too poor to leave china? Is that why you stay? What I don’t understand is why do you guys stay when the culture is so offensive to you?

            When in Rome… as they say. Just pee and poop outside with everybody else if that will help you feel better.


          • Not that I give a fuck what nanny thinks but I’d be all for passing around a hat to get her plane ticket here with agreement that she provide a weekly journal and we can watch her doe-eyed enthusiasm become more jaded and depressed with every post as she begins her descent into the bowels of hell and complete madness then rub her nose in it as she screams “NOW I UNDERSTAND!”

            Fuck off nanny. This is where I live and work almost 11 years now. I’m not a tourist or a guest. I’m responsible for my personal safety and I have a right to point out things I see wrong or harmful to others. Nothing happens at my company without me and people can keep their jobs because I’m around. Don’t worry, I’ll be outta here when my task is complete and I’ll be back in Hawaii sliding across walls of water while all the people that think everything is “groovy” can hang around and eat malatang and sweet potato, dodge cars and trucks that commit violations that can only be classified as “Attempted Murder” and spend their evenings planted on a barstool that has already formed a permanent print of their ass convincing themselves they’re having a swell time. In the meantime, if you want to criticize the people that have the moxy to tough it out here for their own reasons that are none of your fucking business while you talk shit from the comfort of your own living room, then you too should get the fuck out and take your shit over to the China Daily BBS.

            Oh…we can also make a pool for how long before the guys with white coats and butterfly nets come to your rescue. I’d give you a month, tops.

          • Poltergeist

            Nanny, it’s useless to talk about things you have no fucking clue about. What are you doing here again?

          • mr. wiener

            I’d give her a week. …and she must maintain a detailed journal each day.

          • moop

            sooner if she takes teh subway. first time she sees a local holding their nose while she stands next to them on the subway simply because she’s black (seen it) she’ll want to hop on the next plane home.

          • Honus

            I have to agree with Nanny. As westerners, we covet the freedoms we have (especially compared to the Chinese), yet many act as though they do not have the right to leave China; like they are trapped in a cage with some horrible rodents. Most of the things people have said about China are true, but it’s just a cost of doing business. If China was perfect, then surely there would not exist the opportunities that exist today. The entire world cannot be like Norway. Living in SH, which is in some way more and less tolerable than other parts of China, I find myself daily thinking, “what an animal, how can humans act this way?” But then I go on with my day, without rage and anger. If China makes a person furious, then they should definitely move to Europe.

          • jon1259

            Yes increasingly they are leaving

          • Pretty fucking asinine statement, Honus. I’m not trapped here by anything except my sense of responsibility to finish what I started. I’ve modified my life to avoid the situations here that steal quality from my daily existence as best I can, but there is occasionally something that is so mind-boggingly stupid my brain was incapable of having any foresight to avoid it. And I think that most of the people here that support moop’s view are not much different from me in this sense. How you can let some bitchy Oprah wannabe with ZERO China experience influence your view on this matter is also beyond my brain’s ability to process.

            To China’s credit….if I had a choice of being “trapped” in China or Norway for the rest of my life, I’d pick China, hands down.

          • kevinnolongerinpudong

            I did leave China and go the fuck back to America, and couldn’t be happier. Fuck, even most Chinese people will admit that don’t want to live in China, so what the hell’s the point of me living there?

          • hao ming

            this is exactly what every chinese person will say and day by day, they keep going down and down. don’t worry, one day china will find herself in a pit.

      • Poltergeist

        Fauna, any chance that you can give us some reports about the Xi’An incidents? The protests that took place in many major Chinese cities?
        Also, no offense, don’t misunderstand me, but I have the feeling that often, you are translating only the most extreme comments, which I can understand. BUT, it gives the wrong impression many times. Regarding the Islands for example, there are many more “balanced”, “neutral” comments from Chinese citizens than the reports here let us imagine.

        Sorry for OT, I am just throwing in a suggestion.

        • If there is something that is popular on the Chinese internet and with Chinese netizens, we will try to report it. But please understand that there are some limits and some risks for us. For example, there is a video of the protests and fights for this post on NetEase. The original video is on 56.com but for some reason, the video was removed during my translation. We can speculate but it is very difficult to know exactly why. For the Diaoyu protests, I think you can see some awareness of the things you are referring to in the netizen comments we have translated. Right now, there is still a lot of popular media support of protesting and the criticisms are not so prominent.

          There is no perfect way to choose comments although we try to choose what is “representative” of the comments we can go through. Please read our FAQ. When it is possible, I choose the comments that have the most upvotes but there are problems with this method too. I think the more important part of the problem of wrong impression is that people do not remember that there is limitation with any selection of comments. We can only give you a sample, but readers must remember these are samples. They must combine this with their other experiences and knowledge. We cannot think for readers.

          No matter what we do, we will always be accused of giving people the wrong impression. We feel helpless about this so we think it is better to just stick with our methods and not try to please everyone who complains we are misrepresenting China and Chinese people. Do you think there exist a reasonable method to always give the “right” impression?

          • I have never posted before on Chinasmack but really felt the need to put a big THANK YOU here.

            While it is impossible to always portray a story objectively, you and your website are the best way to let non-Chinese speakers get some valuable insights into China.

            It is very difficult to discuss issues about China with my German friends. The local media always interpret stories from China without having any understanding of the actual situation. Thus, sinophobia runs rampant.

            I spend a lot of time on Weibo but always point my non-Chinese friends to Chinasmack if they want to know more.

          • Joe

            I assume that comments are chosen based on popularity. It may be a good idea to show what the popularity level of each comment is, and give an idea of how controversial the comments are. If some 15 year old Chinese kid makes a dumb comment and it gets popularity because 10000 people like it and 50000 people dislike it, that is fairly relevant.

          • Joe

            Volkswirt, you are very right. This site is one of the least biased “news” sites that exists. I don’t know exactly how Fauna decides what goes on the site, just that it is based on popularity instead of perceived importance. She gets too much flack for posting what is not considered exciting enough news, but sometimes what is the most exciting is 敏感词 (sensitive words or blocked search terms). Also, what Westerners think is exciting and important may not register with Chinese netizens as being important or exciting. This is the only big English site that brings popular news from a Chinese perspective–that which was produced by Chinese people rather than journalists.

          • Poltergeist


            Thank you very much for your long reply. I really appreciate it. I am not saying that I know how to better do it than you do. And I also understand the risks that you mention.
            Sometimes, you post the results of votes that have been given by netizen on polls. I find those very helpful to valuate the translated comments. For example, let’s say you translate 10 posts from which 9 are negative, 1 is positive. People easily imagine that this would reflect 90% of the people’s opinions. In some cases it might be right, but often, when you add poll results from the time of translation, the real result seems to be different (for example 60-40).

            Again, I am not saying that I know how to better do it than you. Also, I know that the exact problem occurs on western media in general.

            With Chinasmack, I feel the intentions you have are good and just as always, it depends on oneself what he makes out of it. Some people come up with racist bullshit, some with generalizations and some can very well balance the information and make an independant picture. You, as a reader get what you want to get out of it.

            Anyways, big thanks to you Fauna for the efforts you take with this site. Good job!

          • There is not always a poll. If there is, we will usually include it. Polls are not always useful also. For example, the Sina Weibo poll for the iPhone 5. Some may say that shows a failure of the new product. However, it may just show the truth that most people will not buy something. The reader or viewer’s thinking ability is the most important.

          • elizabeth

            You can’t please everyone. Stick with what you can honestly defend with a clear conscience.

            Threats of withdrawal of support/readership are just broadcasts of bloated egos that do nothing to your site except dominate it with loads of what they see a lot in the streets.

            There a tons of intelligent readers who will fill the voids as long as you remain true to your integrity.

      • Beijinger

        Even if foreigners don’t pay taxes, they are still a net positive for the economy. Most make many times more than the average salary, and put a lot of money into the economy. At the same time, they don’t use the social services that say, illegals in the United States use.

        There are always going to be people who make absolute generalizations. As for the Chinese who think all foreigners are bad, yeah it’s annoying, but whatever. I know they are wrong, but I will never be able to change their mind so F it.

        I, like Moop, BigCAD, and Rod, have come to feel the way about the culture here from repeated bad experiences. I have been living in Beijing for three years. The first six months or so, I went through what could be called a “honeymoon phase.” China seemed so different and magical, I never even noticed the unpleasant or negative aspects of society. As time went on, I gradually became made aware of some of the horrible qualities the country and culture have. I have been screwed over, lied to, stolen from, and cheated more in three years here than I have in the 27 other years outside of China. Seeing ridiculous stuff like the trashing of Japanese stores, cars, etc., certainly doesn’t help. It really does remind me of the stupid Muslim protests.

        I find it laughable that many of the people here deem themselves and their culture superior while completely oblivious to the reality that they are ass-backwards and clueless about the world around them. I once had a person I know very seriously explain to me how Chinese people are the smartest and most civilized people in the world, while at the same time we were walking by a woman holding her child over a trash can so he could take a dump.

        Is every Chinese person bad? Of course not. There are great people here, just like anywhere else in the world. Life in China also has parts that I like and appreciate. Despite that, I unfortunately feel like I have to be permanently on guard when dealing with locals. The ratio of bad to good is just too damn high. I thank god for a website like this where I can read and vent and learn about people who have similar feelings.

        • Well….I too am going to align myself to Beijinger’s “Gang of 4” with except for a slight twist that once in awhile I wake up and hear Chinese outside my window and realize where I am and how amazing it is to be here when growing up I never dreamed I’d ever be coming here except as a soldier. Then I go outside and the whole epiphany is forgotten as soon as some dipshit drives his e-bike over my feet……on the sidewalk.

          • Rod

            LOL. I never thought I’d be part of a “Gang of 4”. I’m totally going to tell my mom about this.

        • anon

          How sad that this website has become a place for bitter foreigners to vent and enjoy the echo chamber. Fauna holds a mirror to moop and points out that he’s talking just like those insecure, perpetual victimhood Chinese nationalists do. In response, a lot of you guys seem to think explaining why you guys are disillusioned or critical of China as if that nullifies her observation.

          • Oh, then I guess we should all change our minds.

          • simon


          • anon

            whiskersthecat, why do you say that?

          • Rod

            I think it’s awesome that it’s a place to vent. For me, chinaSMACK is at least a place where there are differing opinions on lots of controversial subjects and I can say what I want,, and see what other people have to say about it.

            In the real world, I either get one sided Chinese people, who, even if you’re really good friends with, can’t really talk about the negative aspects of Chinese culture/government/society without offending them.

            Or you get foreigners who say nothing but negative shit about China.

            It’s a good mix here on cS.

          • anon

            I suppose my emphasis was on “enjoy the echo chamber”. I also suppose the way I look at those who come here to enjoy the echo chamber is not that different from some Hong Kong people who dislike mainlanders because of the latter’s uncivilized and unenlightened behavior. Interesting, that one.

          • Oh, I get it anon…so because Fauna (and let’s be honest, you mean “you”) says it, it must be true. Only an idiot could compare a street-wise, well travelled and experienced person like moop to Chinese nationalists. Your observation is nullified because it’s wrong. You way overestimate your influence here and just because it’s your site doesn’t make your word “gospel”

          • It is my site, not anon’s. I do not see how my observation is wrong. It is your opinion it is wrong, but what are your arguments except your anger and insults? That is also just like so many Chinese fenqing. No argument, no logic, no reflection, only anger, only indignation, spit spit spit.

          • So what’s your point? Where’s your argument, except that you run this site so whatever you say is truth. I am far from being persuaded by “anon’s” (or whoever you people are)little chunks of “clarity” and just because he tries to sound pompous and condescending to the max doesn’t mean he’s not full of shit.

            You’re going to have to provide more than just “because I say so, that’s why”

          • Why is my argument difficult for you to understand? Is my English so poor? This is my argument:

            Many Chinese say similar things about foreigners. If you do not like Chinese people who have this kind of thinking and behavior, you should not do it yourself. Every person who protest something believe they have good reasons but it does not justify their hurtful speech and actions.

            I never said what I say is truth because this is my website and I do not care about your relationship with anon but I think it is funny that you do not think you also sound pompous, condescending, and full of shit.

            If you do not think what moop said sounds similar to what some Chinese fenqing say except about other people, that is your opinion but do not be dishonest about me.

          • Well….like it or not, that is my opinion and to compare moop with Chinese nationalists is asinine. You didn’t reflect or explain anything because there is absolutely zero comparison.

            You’re trying to burn on me about a whole different issue. But I’m perfectly fine with each of us thinking the other is full of shit.
            Oh…and I’m not the only one guilty of making assumptions.

          • Ray

            I’m assuming that most people on the net is assuming. Even if one knows exactly what they are talking about, there will be some that discredit their opinion because it is too difficult to provide believable evidence on the net.

            I can’t prove this assumption.

          • anon

            Little Wolf, what the fuck are you talking about? What made you think I agree simply because Fauna said it? I agree because I see the similarity, and of course I also agree with what I myself think. I’ve accused other people of the same thing Fauna accused moop countless times on here.

            A person can be street-wise, well-traveled, and experienced but still end up sounding and using the same rhetoric that Chinese nationalists do when they go on an emotional rant. They’re not mutually exclusive. You look about as old as me, and I’d bet you’re street-wise, well-traveled, and experienced but I wouldn’t put a shrill bigoted rant past you. There are plenty of street-wise, well-traveled, and experienced people who exhibit and are capable of bigotry. You don’t think people can act irrationally? That they can get emotional? And end up saying or doing things that are regrettable? “Only an idiot” would assume otherwise.

            Fauna expressed her opinion about moop’s rant. I agreed with it. You disagreed. Others have cast their votes too, some in agreement, some in disagreement, and some in partial agreement with both. Thanks for participating.

          • What the fuck I’m talking about is, first of all, as a long-time reader of this site, I don’t have the slightest doubt that you and Fauna are the same person, or to put it another way, Fauna is just a front for privacy and security reasons. I can respect that and I’m sure you’ve covered your tracks well so I’m not going to expect you to verify yourself. I’m no conspiracy buff but good old fashion American gumption and my own gut feeling are all I have to go on but it’s enough for me and I’m certain I’m not the only reader that entertains these suspicions.

            moops (and mine) position and personal rants come from real-life experience and comparisons. We arrived in China without prejudice or anymosity and dealt with all the normal phases Westerners deal with. The honeymoon phase where everything is new and cool, exotic and “magical”, to the “you know, this place kind of sucks” and “how can these people shit on each other so much?” or “why do they put up with it?” After years of trying pin the blame on ourselves and try to be more friendly and and respectful, there comes a point where we decide not to bother wasting our energy on these people and adjust our lives to a point where we can live among them without wanting to beat the shit out of somebody 10 times a day. That doesn’t mean we don’t have pleasant interactions with locals all the time or that we walk around with a huge frown all day. It just means we honestly don’t give a shit what they do, we’re not going to let it ruin our day. We are still friendly with locals, just alot more wary than we used to be. “Fauna” should have been able to read through the lines and realize that this was what moop meant.
            In spite of this wariness, I treat most Chinese better than alot of their fellow countrymen do. And no patronizing tone is going to make comparing moop and I to any Chinese nationist with blind hatred, superiority and bigotry being drilled into them from the cradle into some kind of fact. I happen to like this blog and most of the members but it must be said that there are always going to be problems when a Chinese hosts a blog for foreigners. Especially a rant blog.

            Don’t let a few unflattering photos allow you to think we are anywhere close to the same age or that you are anywhere in my league of life experience. There is NOTHING in this life I haven’t already done that isn’t 10 times more hardcore, extreme, violent or just plain gnarly than you’ll ever do. (How’s that for being pompous?)

          • tai wai

            I don’t have the slightest doubt that you and Fauna are the same person

            Eh, their writing style is different. This seems kooky.

            moops (and mine) position and personal rants come from real-life experience and comparisons. We arrived in China without prejudice or anymosity and dealt with all the normal phases Westerners deal with. The honeymoon phase where everything is new and cool, exotic and “magical”, to the “you know, this place kind of sucks” and “how can these people shit on each other so much?” or “why do they put up with it?” After years of trying pin the blame on ourselves and try to be more friendly and and respectful, there comes a point where we decide not to bother wasting our energy on these people and adjust our lives to a point where we can live among them without wanting to beat the shit out of somebody 10 times a day. That doesn’t mean we don’t have pleasant interactions with locals all the time or that we walk around with a huge frown all day. It just means we honestly don’t give a shit what they do, we’re not going to let it ruin our day. We are still friendly with locals, just alot more wary than we used to be.

            But this is spot the fuck on.

            And the reaction is never “maybe we should examine why our culture grinds down these guys?” It’s always “if you don’t like it, you can leave, foreign racist!”

            Never once have I seen or heard “Hey, you know what, white guy, I agree, we do suck sometimes. We do give you a hard time sometimes. It is hard to live here sometimes. Sorry about that, and thanks for choosing to stay with us, 朋友.” *


            Only “That’s just the way it is, fuck you very much!”

            * except, sorta, vaguely, from my wife, when SHE’S sick of China

          • Tai wai: I thought about this a long time before posting it and I suppose I could be faulted for accusing without providing any hard evidence, but that’s nothing new around here. As I said it’s just a gut feeling and I’m not going to dwell on it or make it a “thing” since, true or not, it probably is a wise precaution.

            Still…I’ve never met a Chinese girl that writes with Fauna’s level of English and outlooks. And members I talk to offline have also sensed something isn’t quite right. I’ll just leave it at that.

          • This Side Down

            To be fair, this site is called China Smack so rants about China by visitors is to be expected. Making comparisons of comments made by visitors to ideologies and beliefs held by the Chinese is also fair game. Any well bred foreigner would rather drown at this time than admit that their opinions may be just as harmful as those spouted by brainwashed Chinese. As Wolf mentioned before foreigners may be incapable to wrapping their minds about the habits and attitudes of the Chinese but it is by no means limited to that.

            So a few foreigners have lived in China and like to share their experience – nothing new if you ask me. By Wolf’s reasoning, they all arrived doe-eyed with a silly preconception of the Chinese people and, crying shame, had their impressions ruined and expectations dashed. Wholly the fault of the Chinese people and society? No.

            The gang of four or whoever the hell they are can say what they want and do what they want while they live in China. One day they will be gone and the space they leave behind will be closed right back up as though they had never been there. Indeed, their downright scientific analysis of Chinese society should be acknowledged for their combined experience outnumbers the generations of Chinese families who have had to live in the cesspool they have studied in and/or are trying to exploit.

            Injecting money into the economy? Job creators? Paying taxes? Oh la la. What would the ignorant, selfish, bigoted, dirty Chinese people do without these foreign angels who have graced their soil?

            People can lobby criticism of others as much as they want around here as long as we – and yes, that includes the foreigners – can admit they don’t shit gold bricks and never have. All those niceties and kind gestures they talk about – gosh, foreigners must have been born with it. Have it built into their DNA or something. Can’t imagine why the Chinese are so hopeless.

            And Wolf, I don’t care how many employees you have or how many Asian women you’ve screwed – you’re an jackass.

          • Getrealson

            I don’t have enough time on this site for a definitive opinion on Anon/Fauna’s Identity, but every time I address Fauna, Anon replies.

          • Boris

            Fauna and Anon the same person? It’s a possibility. What’s not in dispute is their close physical proximity to each other -Anon’s head being entirely up her arse.

          • tai wai

            Still…I’ve never met a Chinese girl that writes with Fauna’s level of English and outlooks.

            Hm. Well, their webserver is based out of Singapore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much.

            General IP Information

            Decimal: 1729528682
            Hostname: chinasmack.com
            ISP: Voxel Dot Net Ptd Ltd
            Organization: Voxel Dot Net Ptd Ltd
            Services: None detected
            Type: Broadband
            Assignment: Static IP
            Geolocation Information

            Country: Singapore
            Latitude: 1.3667
            Longitude: 103.8

          • Damn, This Side Down……cool user name(?) Your insults really hurt coming from either some random Internet guy or some guy that has argued with me before under another alias that you’re too chickenshit to reveal. (Probably some Hangzhou drunk that knows I’m gonna put my fist through his chest and spin him around like a pin-wheel) Either way you’ve got me confused with “an jackass” that gives a fuck.

          • tai wai: Regardless of the site’s origin, there are so many subtle clues that if you’ve read this site long enough they become more and more obvious. People have carried out double-IDs successfully for a thousand years. But again, I’m not going to fuel a controversy because, again, I can understand the security need and respect of the host’s privacy. Although, personally, I’ve never been anal retentive about my anonymity and when I was with Sinocidal, I never hid behind my avatar. I was easy to find if somebody had a beef with me and I still am. I believe it shows some degree of integrity if people know who you are. On the other hand, I’ve seen Dashan lie out of his ass right here on this website and we all know him. Of course, I don’t have my tongue up any CCP cronies, so that’s not a good comparison.

          • cc

            Foxy baby you need a holiday, go chill out in Thailand or Vietnam for a while, your too chinked up

          • cc…thanks for the concern..but you’d be surprised how much fun I have most of the time. Although, a couple of days of depravity at a Thai or Vietnamese opium den with a coupla “naughty” girls is somewhere on my bucket list…..just below orgy with “The Wonder Girls”. (Hey! It could happen.)

          • mr. wiener

            Hope I get terminal cancer at the same time as you, a bucket list of things sounds like fun.
            Can’t moon Chairman Mao’s picture at Tienamen Square though.
            I already did that 15 years ago.

          • Wiener, my hometown is Solvang, California. The Danish capital of America and the whole town looks like Denmark.(People might know it from the movie “Sideways” as it was all filmed on locaton there) There’s a statue in the park downtown, a bust of Hans Christian Andersen that in our youth we used to prank by covering his nose with some clay and he looked remarkably close to WC Fields. It was uncanny! So…….There’s a big Mao statue near my house and I’ve got some clay. Any ideas?

          • Cooljackal

            LW, you’re from solvang? That’s awesome. I just watched Sideways at a buddies place a few days ago. I’m actually heading to camarillo in a week to visit my sister, assuming my flight to sf leaves on time tomorrow.

        • me a

          It’s actually pretty civilized to hold the baby over a trashbin to make him poop. I’ve seen it happen inside a bank, right on the floor.

          • Cooljackal

            Visa office, at the counter right next to me.

          • elizabeth

            And pee over the wash basin in KFC outlets.

          • cc

            When you gotta go, you gotta go, took a piss in my local pubs sink just now, shame about the salad.

        • Poltergeist

          “There are great people here, just like anywhere else in the world.”

          That’s correct. And it really helps if you understand that 90% of the people on this planet are full of shit. Remember that and you won’t feel bothered much by idiots anymore. Plus, it will lead you to really value the people that are of importance to you.

          • Rod

            90% of the people on this planet are full of shit


          • Cooljackal

            I would say almost 100% of people on this planet are full of shit everyday.

          • jeffli

            99.99% are full of shit
            here is a short list of notables
            Zhou En Lai
            Pol Pot
            Ho chi min
            Idi Amin
            most leaders and industrialists in Africa
            right wing capitalists
            left wind socialists
            members of western civilisation
            members of eastern and far eastern civilisation

            indigenous ethnic minorities the world over – you were invaded-you lost-get over it! and no I don’t want to buy a carved out gourd or cow bone unless its got wifi and bluetooth!

            green socialists -only there because the two party system told them to f off.

            polar bears! hah suckers!

            Penguins – you are not cute and cuddly, you can’t fly and fish swim better!

            pygmies – you’re short!

            eskimos – you eat blubber! and your name sounds greek!

            harley riders – same design bike since 1918 but gets louder,slower and more unreliable every year.

            Dizzy Michael Jackson fans – thats just about everyone east of Cairo until Tuvalu condemned isn’t it!

            The idiots sitting 300 feet underground refusing to hit the launch button in missile silos around the world. Lets finish this shit and prove Nostradamus (a faggot) and the Mayans (indian wannabe surrender monkeys) right on their predictions.


          • tai wai

            99.99% are full of shit
            here is a short list of notables

            You leave Eisenhower out of this!

            I like Ike.

          • elizabeth

            “99.99% are full of shit”

            Yeah, right. If I am one of them, then let’s wager the remaining 0.01% are already completely submerged in it.

        • grovesman

          I can 1-up everyone on a “taking a dump” story. I was at the HOSPITAL for my son’s appointment when a mother was holding her son over the garbage can and the boy dropped a MAN-SIZED load in the garbage can. IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL!!! And the bathroom was a mere 10 meters away!

          • grovesman

            Oh…and a pee story. My wife and I were at a restaurant in a private room with friends of my wife and one of the peoples kids had to pee and the mother aloud the child to pee in the corner of the small private room!

          • moop

            disgusting. a child peed in the sizzler the other day while i was enjoying my salad. kinda ruined my meal

          • Getrealson

            Try this one! getting my car washed at one of those 20 kuai street wash’s. little tuk tuk (xiao beng beng) pulled up just out of hose range. The old bag driving walked over to a closed shop front 15 feet from where I was standing. Just as I looked over to see what she was doing (I already knew but looked anyway) She projectile shat about half a litre of slop across the floor and on the glass doors. didn’t wipe her ring, just inspected her work for a few seconds, hocked up a loogie, spat then left. People everywhere, no one said anything.

          • Getrealson

            Do I win?

          • Gaaad!!!

            Sigh. So much excitement over crap from people who either don’t have children, never dealt with children intensively or have some preconceived, cultural-centric, neurotic, uptight notions of how children ought to be handled. Whereas the Chinese and lots of other non anglo-saxon cultures simply have a much more laissez faire attitude towards children overall and all the better for it, if certain commentators here are anything to go by.

            As for the lady who shat in front of a store and not that it’s ok, but I’ve seen worse in UK on a Saturday night pub crawl and other inner cities in supposedly “developed” parts of the world. Besides, she probably has beef, literally and no pun intended, with the store owner and what do you expect the other Chinese bystanders to do about it? Call the cops? Run after her and remonstrate? Citizen arrest her ass? And if you’re so highly civic minded why didn’t you do something and what would you have done? Get real.

            But congrats and go ahead and pat yourself on the shoulder for at least finally leaving your parents’ basements btw, however temporarily that may be by the look of things. Now go volunteer at an old people’s home or a disaster relief camp or something, maybe your world view just might then change a bit, hopefully for the better. Bitching over crap indeed. Sheesh.

          • moop

            “Whereas the Chinese and lots of other non anglo-saxon cultures simply have a much more laissez faire attitude towards children overall and all the better for it” yes, because mainland children are so well-adjusted, in fact they’re so well-adjusted they have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. please, you’re a joke. people don’t even let their dogs piss and shit whereever they want in the house, yet chinese kids just shit on their floors and the nai nai comes and cleans it up. i’ve seen it. you don’t take a baby wearing open-butt pants with no underwear or daipers on into a restaurant. its disgusting and unhygienic, and because its unhygienic its potentially harmful to people’s health. b-b-but i g-g-guess us m-m-mean f-f-foreigners are t-t-too harsh and the p-p-poor ch-ch-chinese

            and i’ve been around children my whole life, babies and toddlers. i’ve seen western kids do miscievious peeing on stuff, thats fairly normal, but never a western parent encouraging a child to do so.

          • linette

            moop, don’t bother with Gaaad. His/her posts are without reasoning. None of his post make sense. You are wasting your time to reason with him. Just let him post garbage. No need to take him seriously.

            Gaaad driving down in his car crashing into a pedestrian sidewalk hitting a woman.

            woman: you hit me. Your car jumped curb.
            Gaaad: You have the nerve to walk on the pedestrian side walk and not move away when my car hit you. Now look what happen. Your body blocked my car causing the collision.


          • Gaaad!!!

            Gee moop, didn’t know you suffer from Tourette’s. Oh you poor thing, mayhaps the vet should just put you down.

            Eh I think there’s a difference between underage children say below 13 and young adults/teenagers who off themselves, non? So go on read the stuff again and don’t forget to breath this time. Good moop attaboy.

            And yes, I’ve seen plenty of “western” (swedish, french, german, italian, american etc.) mothers and especially those of the hippie, earth goddess persuasion or those who dont want the kids to soil themselves actively encourage their children to just do it somewhere when necessary.

            Finally, you’ve been around children your whole life my well paddled arse. Children’s urine and feaces, by which i mean infants’ and toddlers’ actually often contain minimal amount of bacterium as their gastro-intestinal flora remains underdeveloped and which once exposed to oxygen will actually quickly die off anyway. Any quick removal and disposal of such feaces presents no long term health problems and it’s only when left in situ and in sufficent quantity and airborne bacterium, fungi etc are allowed to colonise it to break it down that the byproduct becomes inimical to human health when ingested.

            So actually those open-butt pants are a marvellous idea and alot healthier to boot as they not only provide airing and are proven to help toddlers potty train much faster due to public attention, discomfort from exposure to elements etc, they also do not confine delicate parts or cause nappy rash or urine burn. It just means that parents and carers need to be that bit more attentive, but for a shorter period of time rather than follow the less ecologically friendly, extended period of potty training, less attentive, wrap up in diapers and neglect attitude so common in the “West”.

            So ultimately, yes your experience with children and general paediatric care is rather superficial, crude and a tad unthinking I’m sorry to have to say, old chappie. Now go fetch moo, there’s a good laddie.

            Signing off for now, tada.

          • moop

            “didn’t know you suffer from Tourette’s” you clearly dont know what tourette’s is. stuttering is not a symptom.

            “Eh I think there’s a difference between underage children say below 13 and young adults/teenagers who off themselves, non? So go on read the stuff again and don’t forget to breath this time. Good moop attaboy.”

            oh, so i guess the superior “laissez faire attitude towards children overall” and them being “better for it” that comes with chinese child-rearing has no bearing on their mental and social development as young adults?

            “you’ve been around children your whole life my well paddled arse” yes i have, but i wasn’t conducting tests on their fecal matter, do you? wow, i didnt know human shit was so awesome. the western world should start using their streets like compost heaps. baby shit is so pure and unoffensive, it smells like roses, all the better reasons for knuckle-draggers to allow their children do fill public places with the smell of their rotten feces. i guess the chinese method of pre-chewing food, spitting it into a spoon and then feeding it to their babies is also much more civilized and hygienic?

          • cc

            She was practising for the bukkake championships, a nip in disguise.

          • linette

            …………So actually those open-butt pants are a marvellous idea and alot healthier to boot as they not …………………..

            There is this thing called PUBLIC BATHROOM and DIAPER. Public bathroom is a place where you can take your kids and sit on this thing called TOILET. There is this thing called diaper. It’s a disposable pad to absorb urine and hold shxt.

            Moop, we need to educate Gaaad and his countrymen about public bathroom and diaper. bE patient.

          • Cooljackal

            Gaaad, you my friend are an imbecile. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that you yourself don’t understand how utterly retarded your posts can be. I actually feel a little sorry for you. I think once in a while you might have a couple of points in your posts, but you come off like a complete moron.

            I think moop, grovesman, and even linette have shown how ridiculous some of your posts are.

            As far as your split pant theory. What you are saying may be true, but have you ever considered why it might be a bad thing in a country crowded with over 1.3 billion people?

            Pooping and peeing everywhere might have been okay in the past (which it was everywhere in the world since it’s a natural cycle) but now the cities and nations have developed as they have, it is extremely unsanitary and very risky. When you are in the bus do you know if a split-pant child had sat there? What if the child was sick? Germs and other biological agents can pass through and survive on different surfaces longer than you may think. Children have a habit of touching everything and also putting their hands in there mouths. How will you prevent them from doing this (you can’t monitor 100%)? Forget that, even people hold onto rails, sit and touch things inadvertently. Imagine how hard it would be to contain something considering the current overall hygiene of the population here and the fact that there are lots of kids with those split pants. Spitting, picking your nose, frequently scratching yourself and touching things without washing your hands also are included in this.

            That’s why people use tissues, wash their hands after using the restroom (and sometimes before), and generally avoid unnecessarily touching things in frequently used public places (seen it in large Chinese cities, and more so outside China). It’s a national health thing not just a cultural relic. You don’t need to be a hypochondriac, you just need to be aware of these things.

            Now, I don’t expect you to listen or understand because if your previous posts are any indication, you probably won’t. I do however expect some kind of idiotic reply starting with “Gaaad!!” or a 5th grade level childish rhyme. But it’s ok. I won’t fault you for something you have no control over.

          • Gaaad!!!

            Moop, me dear boy,

            “stuttering is not a symptom”
            -(Giggles) Methinks u ought to check thy facts again matey.

            “oh, so i guess the superior “laissez faire attitude towards children overall” and them being “better for it” that comes with chinese child-rearing has no bearing on their mental and social development as young adults?”

            -Sorry old chap, having difficulty understanding what you are obviously trying so very hard to say there from all that throthing aroundth thee thouth. Are u actually agreeing with me or disagreeing with me?

            Anyhoooow, fundamentally and absent of any extenuating circumstances, society and parents place changing and progressively more demanding, but often socio-economically specific expectations on a growing person as she reaches certain developmental maturity milestones. For most of the past 200 years or so and under Anglo-Saxon Victorian, class-driven influences during the Industrial Revolution, child raising have been almost borderline psychologically abusive (ie Gina Ford, cry to sleep method, rigid parent-led scheduling, the naughty corner). Such that infants and toddlers are expected and forced to behave in certain ways inimical to their nature (ie seen, but not heard, speak only when spoken to) until they reach their teenage years where they are then pretty much allowed free reign to do the most harm to both themselves and others (ie teenage rebellion, lashing out).

            However in recent years this trend is also slowly reversing in the West to a more primal and dare I say more non-Anglo Saxon approach towards child raising, as witnessed by the steady decline in male baby circumcision in the US and the rise and popularity of attachment-parenting. And to address what I infer is your actual criticism, yet failed (so, ahem, miserably) to articulate, namely the extreme pressure placed on teenagers’ academic studies in East Asia, which I do not fully condone incidentally, yet understand as a reflection of varying Asian societies’ extreme internal competitiveness.

            However, it is also precisely at such times that the more loving laissez-faire approach at infancy and from toddler to childhood, especially when primarily under both parental rather than just grand-parental nurture, that allows most Asian and not just East-Asian teenagers to better deal with pressure and adulthood expectations within their respective highly competitive societies.

            “wow, i didnt know human shit was so awesome.”
            -Actually, it is. Which is also why patients are regularly asked to provide stool samples for diagnostic purposes and to chart/gauge the progression/effectiveness of therapeutic treatments, while faecal transplantation therapy have also proven to be both cost and clinically effective in treating many gastrointestinal diseases. Likewise, parents and and paediatricians are also often obsessive about baby bowel movements and faecal matter as it is a valuable indicator of a baby’s health from neonatal onwards. Meanwhile in Germany and other German speaking parts of Europe, sitting toilet bowls designed to allow inspection of faecal matter have always been popular, while much of Asia have the squatting variety, which incidentally encourages a posture that is actually highly conducive to facilitating bowel movement, provided of course you have the musculature for it.

            “i guess the chinese method of pre-chewing food, spitting it into a spoon and then feeding it to their babies is also much more civilized and hygienic?”
            – Actually, absent of any severe oral and other life threatening diseases it is in fact an acceptable way, along with breast milk, to introduce beneficial gastrointestinal flora from the healthy mother to the child and to acclimatise the child’s physiological host ecosystem to all sorts of useful bacterium and symbiotic organisms. And absent of a food blender per-masticating food is actually a traditional and proven healthy feeding method that boosts a child’s immune system through exposure to the mother’s saliva and its concomitant antibodies which significantly reduce the infectiousness of possible disease pathogens present there.

            So ultimately, yes, your supposed having been around children your whole life, IS shallow, unthinking, narrow minded and at best misinformed, but at worst untrained. And if I were more paranoid or suspicious, I would REALLY question the “nature” of your “contact” with children during your “whole life”, considering your “understanding” of children.

            As for the rest, well, I shall simply ignore them as patently non-nonsensical fthrothing commenthtsss that are obvious exaggeration, conflation and misrepresentation of what you THINK I’ve actually said. And finally may I politely and with the verily best of intentions suggest a course of prune juice, lotsa fibre, a tube of lube and an enema to at least alleviate your physical if not your mental incontinence for the duration of your stay in China, if not for the rest of your obviously miserable existence. :)

            Tada! and Lots’a Raspberries to ya.

          • Gaaad!!!


            (Chuckles) My aren’t we taking ourselves mighty seriously now and on ChinaSmack no less. Likewise, I suggest you go back and re-read the qualifications I’ve employed in what I’ve said. Sheesh! For all the English primary language speakers and “English teachers” here, comprehension seems to be a severely lacking skill or is it merely a question of individual “humour” imbalance.

            Childish rhyme? Happy to comply:

            He ain’t too cool to handle his tackle,
            Nor to tickle another man’s winkle,
            Provided it’s shaped like a sickle,
            And none too fickle,
            To better fit his man-ickle,
            To cackle, to cackle, to cackle!

            Enjoy! ;)

          • moop

            ugh, more nonsense. there is actually debate on whether stuttering and tourette’s are linked, some circles don’t consider it a a tic

            so you’ll be raising your children (assuming anyone would sleep with you) to shit and piss in public places i take it?

          • Gaaad!!!

            Yes, Yes, Yes (and lotsa hand waving) But only a medical fool or an ignorant layman would not consider the two together when performing a diagnosis. The rest is just semantics and arguments over variations in degrees of severity.

            As for the second, is that a question or a statement? Or are you volunteering? I swing both ways if you must know… and just so we understand each other, I prefer to be dominant… but you can choose the safe word.


          • Gaaad!!!

            Btw, whats wrong with nonsense? One person’s nonsense is another’s mirth. Besides, in this Oh gray, gray world, I’ve always enjoyed amusing myself, however I can….

            Signing off, tada.

          • linette

            Gaaad will be raising her kids to shit and pee anywhere except in the public bathroom. Such as have them shxt on the table in public eatery where she is eating. She will then pick the shxt up and put it in her eating tray, and without washing her hands continue to eat her sandwich. It’s all good shxt for Gaaad.

          • Cooljackal

            My god, I feel like we are trying to talk to an over-the-top nathan lane from the birdcage.

            Haha, I think you are right moop.

            Gaaad, like I said, sometimes you make some points in your posts but you sound like you are that guy from good will hunting who regurgitates academic and literary material in an extremely condescending way in order to make yourself sound smart. While the premise for what you are stating may be based on actual studies that are done, in my opinion you are quite frequently generalizing trends in addition to making gross overarching statements about people’s collective aptitudes or comprehension. I have no doubt in my mind that you read and understand articles and information that you come across but the depth to which you actually understand the material may not be as much as you make yourself believe to be. Also, the ferocity with which you defend your position makes me think that “you” are actually the one who isn’t open-minded, and are unable to mentally expand past the material that you have read.

            I think people would be more inclined to accept some of what you say if it weren’t wrapped in such imbecilic posts that seem to be designed to get a rise out of people (and it seems to succeed most of the time). Also, if you believe your posts to be amusing then I think you may want to step back and do a reality check.

            Communicating effectively doesn’t mean that your posts contain more advanced english grammar or vocabulary. It means how good you are at conveying your meaning, which in your case could be improved.

          • Gaaad!!!


            Linette, me dearie lass, why such abundance of vehemence, anger and hate? Knoweth thou not that anger and hate leadeth to the Dark Side? And that the Dark Side leadeth only to thy very own self-destruction?

            Have thou no blessed compassion in thy stoney-cold “pure-blooded” HKongese heart, breast and hearth for the poor huddled masses of China who cannae afford the luxury of Pampers and Huggies in order to spareth thee and thy compatriots your most delicate of all sensibilities? Who daily must perforce maketh the poor, poor choice between the purchase of nappies or the feeding, clothing and educating of the sad little nippers with their doleful eyes.

            Possessed thee truly the glare of Medusa to turn Oliver to stone who cometh to ask, “Please mam’, may I have some more?”

          • Gaaad!!!

            @Cooljackal & his Tackle

            Ahh, a critique that’s all about form, but nothing constructive about substance. But one must work with what is there I guess, so here goes:

            “…but the depth to which you actually understand the material may not be as much as you make yourself believe to be.”

            Geeze, what do ya expect? T’is an internet forum and ChinaSmack after all. What? You looking for deep, intellectual scientific debate with properly attributed source material and footnoted at that? Perhaps you want a bibliography too, with a little bow on top? Get a grip old man or get a medical journal. Or are you looking for a cocks out at dawn pissing contest where we display our manhood, sorry I mean professional and academic qualifications to see who’s da man! Pfffft!

            As for my use of, according to you, “advanced english grammar or vocabulary”, well, mea culpa for you see sometimes the demands of my day job, where clarity and precision can mean life or death and lotsa, lotsa moola, do occasionally leak into my downtown. Then again, I’m sure you don’t need me to explain to you what the dictionary and google is for. Or do you?

            As for you finding me condescending, well geeze now don’t you go blaming yours truly for your own insecurities and inadequacies. That’s between you and any parental or first experience of intercourse issues or trauma you may have suffered. Leave me outta of it, just so we understand each other. Si?

            As for “ferocity”, well dang and there I was thinking I was trying for funny, but not so much to amuse others rather more for my own amusement you understand. I am surprised you didn’t get that when I so clearly stated it above. Now who haven’t been reading and cogitating properly again, before shooting their mouth(s) off with ass-umptions and conjectures.

            As for “wrapped in such imbecilic posts that seem to be designed to get a rise out of people…”, so sue me that I like limericks. The ones here are nothing compare to those I come up with over the course of a tedious or bonkers day when I’m fresh as an eager beaver. Btw how big “a rise” did I get outta you, was is it a 5 incher, 10 incher? Bigger? I’ll be most disappointed if it was merely a 2 incher. Go on (nudge, nudge), do share with the rest of the class.

            And Nathan Lane has nothing on me, matey, but Robin William…hmmm…

          • Gaaad!!!

            Sorry, its “downtime” rather than “downtown”, but on reflection the latter works too, so whatever.

          • Cooljackal


            I didn’t realize that your day job required clarity and precision especially when life or death are involved. That’s quite a responsibility. I guess you are right, I might just be an

            old man who needs some time to analyze what you write with such clarity and precision. So please, may I de-Gaaadify your post?

            “@Cooljackal & his Tackle”

            I have to make a quirky reference to a previous post.

            “Ahh, a critique that’s all about form, but nothing constructive about substance. But one must work with what is there I guess, so here goes:”

            Even though there were references to my form AND substance, I should still make an intelligent sounding quip before I start my rambling.

            “Geeze, what do ya expect? T’is an internet forum and ChinaSmack after all. What? You looking for deep, intellectual scientific debate with properly attributed source material and

            footnoted at that? Perhaps you want a bibliography too, with a little bow on top? Get a grip old man or get a medical journal. Or are you looking for a cocks out at dawn pissing

            contest where we display our manhood, sorry I mean professional and academic qualifications to see who’s da man! Pfffft!”

            So how can I agree with not really knowing what I am talking about sometimes without really saying it? Hmm, ah yes, I’ll make a comment about this being a website where people can

            post anonymously hence all kinds of posts will be allowed then completely avoid the original statement and go into a barrage of strawman arguments. Follow up with homosexual inuendo,

            also my signature style.

            “As for my use of, according to you, “advanced english grammar or vocabulary”, well, mea culpa for you see sometimes the demands of my day job, where clarity and precision can mean

            life or death and lotsa, lotsa moola, do occasionally leak into my downtown. Then again, I’m sure you don’t need me to explain to you what the dictionary and google is for. Or do


            I need a diva statement to support my style followed by a rhetorical question, also my style.

            “As for you finding me condescending, well geeze now don’t you go blaming yours truly for your own insecurities and inadequacies. That’s between you and any parental or first

            experience of intercourse issues or trauma you may have suffered. Leave me outta of it, just so we understand each other. Si?”

            Hmmm, even if I am condescending, what I should really do is project so that others will focus on that, being how I(Gaaad) truly feel deep down inside, instead of just simply saying

            yes or no. Follow with rhetorical question, so my style is not in question.

            “As for “ferocity”, well dang and there I was thinking I was trying for funny, but not so much to amuse others rather more for my own amusement you understand. I am surprised you

            didn’t get that when I so clearly stated it above. Now who haven’t been reading and cogitating properly again, before shooting their mouth(s) off with ass-umptions and conjectures.”

            Me: Sorry, my fault, I just had to read quite a bit of inflated text from you so I didn’t get a chance to see it. I will give you that, if you are mostly trying to amuse yourself. I

            should have guessed that you like to do that quite frequently (see what I did there? I Gaadified it).

            ‘”As for “wrapped in such imbecilic posts that seem to be designed to get a rise out of people…”, so sue me that I like limericks. The ones here are nothing compare to those I come up

            with over the course of a tedious or bonkers day when I’m fresh as an eager beaver. Btw how big “a rise” did I get outta you, was is it a 5 incher, 10 incher? Bigger? I’ll be most

            disappointed if it was merely a 2 incher. Go on (nudge, nudge), do share with the rest of the class.”‘

            I finally start closing with an argument that sounds somewhat reasonable but nooo, I should destroy it with rhetorical homosexual inuendo because that is my style.

            “And Nathan Lane has nothing on me, matey, but Robin William…hmmm…”

            Sorry to tell dude, I’m thinking Nathan Lane would have slapped the sh*t out of you long before you get around to Robin Williams. Keep dreaming though..should be easy to amuse yourself.

          • Gaaad!!!


            Another pointless rant about personal debating style over anything substantial on the topic at hand. Seldom have one witnessed so much wind being expelled over so little of note. What mastery of muscular control from another one of those tedious “western” pedant from the school of ad nauseum. Lots of ego and “face” with an overblown sense of entitlement and front, but little else. Moop at least stuck to the topic with certain panache and persistence.

            If you want to know more about the topic discussed there’s plenty of medical and pediatric care keywords here for you to google, as this shall be my last post here since duty calls, but ultimately, I just got bored, bored, bored.


        • Christine

          Hi. I just started following this site and just say how much I’m enjoying the coverage. I agree with Beijinger: so many times, it seems like the Chinese are the victims of this indefensible brainwashing by the government. And they have their hand turning the patriotism valve on and off. But I really think this time, it will backfire on them. There’s only so long they can use trouble abroad to distract from their problems at home.

          And Beijinger, living near Beijing myself, I completely get what you mean about living there. People somehow always say how “safe” Beijing is, because of all the politicians and armed forces there. But still, a lot of stupid shit will happen to you all the time. No one’s going to stab you, but doing everyday, normal things can be frustrating and leave you feeling thwarted.

          • Beijinger

            Yeah exactly. I will say that one of the things I do appreciate is that 99% of the time I feel physically safe. Now in Sanlitun on a weekend at 1:00 am is a different story but that’s not a China thing. Despite that, it can sometimes feel volatile here, and I sometimes think it can all change on a moments notice.

            There was actually some discussion as to whether these recent protests have been about more than the Japanese issue…

            Despite all the drama, I really do appreciate the website for a number of different reasons, so thank you Fauna!

      • Interested

        You are arguing with a racist idiot. Racists can only see world as black/white because they are intelligence challenged people.

        • moop

          oh, i didnt realize that mainland chinese and hk were two totally different races. you can call me a bigot i suppose, but a racist… not really

          • simon

            way to go on using an article about hong kong demonstrations and twisting it to compare all mainlanders to extremist muslims moop.

            sometimes all people do is whinge with little action, i suggest you quit your whinging moop and vote with your feet. show the mainlanders that you don’t need to put up with their crap and gtf out of china.

            it’ll do wonders to your mood.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            bigot, racist … same song different verse. Just because you hold a chinese woman in your arms at night doesn’t exempt you from being a racist.

            Your comments about the entire race being like dead-men is uncalled for. Would those sentiments include your wife? Would they include her if you did not know her?

            You come across as very bitter sometimes in your postings, so in general I think that’s just your personality further agitated by your dislike of certain situations. But you need to either love it or move on. If you hate the country that much why stay?

          • Brett Hunan

            Nanny, one problem with your statement. I don’t feel like moop is generalizing the biological entity that is “Chinese”. Oxford defines racism as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

            I know I am nitpicking and everyone might gang up on me after this, but I don’t think moop bashing citizens of China (who happen to biologically be Chinese) is racist. If he were to somehow equate Chinese DNA and negative stereotypes across people who have been born and raised in countries and cultures which are separate and distinctively different from China then, yes, we could call him a racist. He is merely fed up with China and its people. Look at his comments on Taiwanese and Hong Kongers, I don’t think he ever talked about Chinese-Americans.

            I believe his prejudices are more directed towards China’s contemporary culture, government, and general state of craziness, which has the capacity to overwhelm even the strongest of rational Westerners at times.

            I know how your biases have been shaped and molded by the multitudes of racists worldwide who claim blacks have lower IQ, are more prone to violence, and whatever other bullshit those garbage excuses of human beings try to pass off as “truth”. It hits home with you and therefore, you are more likely to call someone who generalizes a group of people as a ‘racist’.

            Don’t let your experiences with racists and general disliking of moop convolute his sentiments. As he said himself, he might be a bigot, but I haven’t seen any truly racist posts by him.

          • dejiulai

            That’s an interesting observation. I used to worked in a Russian province neighbouring Chinese North East where PRC nationals are not uncommon. But when I accompanied HK visitors in the same area they were taken by locals for Japanese, what an irony! And I should say those Far Eastern Russians (unlike many Europeans and Americans) are very good at distinguishing Chinese from Koreans and Japanese – the region is a hub on the border of these three nations and the cultural interaction is quite intensive.

          • moop


            you seem like a nice guy, but to be honest i was being sarcastic in that comment

          • moop

            nanny: “TO argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.” this is a quote by thomas paine and that is what i was referring to in my dead man comment. i wasn’t saying chinese are deadmen, i am saying that extending basic niceties and courtesies to most mainlanders is a lost cause and about as useless as giving medicine to a dead man.

          • grovesman

            @ moop:
            I have similar feelings. Been here 6+ years and most of the time I don’t see much hope for the majority of people becoming more civilized. Although I occasionally encounter situations that give me false hope.

            Just this past month, on two separate occasions I waived a car to go in front of me and I got the “Thank you” waive back from the drivers. I felt really good about it. Then I got on the road and really smacked me back down…lol

            Inside their homes the mainlanders are gracious and accommodating but the motivation is not the want/desire to be friendly. The motivation comes from not wanting to lose face.

            Outside it’s dog-eat-dog with no room for civilized nicities. No one holding doors, everyone frantically pushing the elevator “close door” button as people are trying to get on, people banging into you walking down the street…etc…etc.

            This place has changed me…and not for the better. Last year I was standing outside a Hooters smoking a cig when a woman pushing an old man in a wheelchair hit a bump and dumped the man out of the wheelchair. By instinct I started walking over to them to help. Then I realized I was in China and stopped, turned and walked back. As people walked by the old man not offering to help, I started feeling really guilty and walked back over to help. WTF? I was so ashamed.

            @ Nanny – It’s so easy to be an armchair quarterback not knowing each individual’s situation. So your “why stay” has no meaning or context for understanding. I stay because my wife is Chinese, we have businesses here and so we deal. Although we are planning our escape (in the process of buying a home in the USA), we have obligations here and we are the kind of people who don’t run out on them. I keep telling myself, “only two more years…only two more years.”

            To quote Roger Waters, you are “playing the game with the bravery of being out of range.”

            Well, that was my biggest ramble on here so far.


      • linette

        I don’t agree with the HK people holding up the old HK flag. It will hurt the feeling of China. They should focus on protesting against smuggling and mainlanders jamming up public transportation in Hk with thousands of boxes of smuggled goods daily.
        Hk gov’t is so powerless dealing the china gov’t.

        • wacky

          why does it look like majority of those protestors are quite young they probably were not even in their teenage year back in 1997.
          how do they even compare the 2 government?

          by the way how could the opposition lose in the last election?

          • grovesman

            @ Wacky –
            They lost because Beijing “lobbied” the electorate to ensure that THEIR man was elected.

          • wacky

            explain. the fact is a lost is a lost.

        • James

          These people are trashing the local environment in SS, making life difficult for the people who actually live and belong there AND are doing it all to avoid tariffs / taxation in their own territory… seems pretty indefensible, especially by a mainland nationalist. The flag thing is provocative, but just a stunt (as people are inclined to do when they have freedom of assembly and speech). The problem is real though, you’re right Linette – we can’t defend our borders

      • donscarletti

        Many foreigners have been saying that about Chinese immigrants for the last two centuries. This includes an official “Chinese Exclusion Act” in the United States and a more liberally worded but effectively the same “Immigration Restriction Act” in Australia.

        I think the feeling of expats in China towards similar attitudes is something more of bewilderment than indignation. It just truly seems strange that while everyone has a friend or relative who moved to Canada/Australia/United States and China still has no immigration or naturalization policy whatsoever that any Chinese could truly believe they are being threatened.

        However, by and large when Chinese ask whether I want to settle down in China and I say no, I get the two answers I am used to from the “new world/移民国家”. Firstly there is the welcoming answer coupled with the disbelief that anyone would ever leave, let alone someone like me with a high paying job and some connections. Secondly, the conservative answer that agrees that people should stay where they are belong, coupled with maintaining that I am welcome to visit for a further five years or so. However, a non-trivial amount of Chinese have a special third answer, “I wish I could come with you”.

        From this third answer, I still think the key issue with Chinese and immigration still is the same as for the last 40 years since policies in US/Australia/Canada liberalised. China has a lot of special, useful people that the west can make far better use of than China can. What is important is how the west treats them, what parts of them is integrated and what parts must be assimilated away.

        I have learned a lot during my experience in China and I hope to continue for another few years and I am grateful for it. However, that’s all it is, an experience, like a one night stand one can fondly remember or a highschool sports trophy. It’s not real, like it is for those who make new lives in the west and it’s not really important for either country.

      • kodi

        However, there are big differences between the idea’s some Chinese hold toward foreigners and the ideas that Hongkongers and other developed countries have about Chinese nationals. Let me begin by saying that we can never put all Chinese people in one category because I know many people who have reasonable worldviews.

        China: People there are trained by the party to think of themselves as the victims. Its always : poor China being picked on by outsiders blah blah blah.

        Hongkong: These people are also Chinese, but they were lucky enough to have a taste of Western innovation and governance even if it was initially through colonization. Now they are reaping the benefits and they want to keep them instead of sharing it all with a country that initially persecuted, criticized, and starved a large protion of the Hongkong population that migrated to hongkong two or more generations ago.

        Taiwan: These are the Chinese who were lucky enough to escape Mao and his regime for fear of being killed, re-educated or should I say de-educated, and have their wealth redistributed.

        Furthermore, without foreign countries investment and technology then what would mainland China copy, manufacture, steal, etc…… Everything that China has was initially pioneered somewhere else first then copied by someone in China then repackaged under a Chinese lable. Even the biggest names and technology companies follwed this route to become players in the China market. Just look at huawei, Alibaba, baidu, QQ, ren ren, weibo. In some cases they even copy their competitors outright.

        The Chinese that do have negative opinions of foreigners have either ben scarred by bad expereinces with a few foreigners about whom they have very little knowledge of as a whole because China is still a very sheltered country with relatively little exposure to the fireign world. However, the rich Chinese are now venturing outside of China and giving the world a taste of what they have to offer. The views of foreiners about China are being shaped by this interaction. Its not all positive and not all negative, but those lucky enough to try and do business with Chinese anywhere will more likely than not have a negative perception. Those in Taiwan and Hongkong will more likely than not have a negative perception since the same people who were once killing and persecuting those smart enough to leave in order to enjoy relative freedom and self reliance are now clawing at a chance to feed off of their successful development. If I was Taiwanese or Hongkongnese I would feel the same way. They wanted to stay behind and enjoy Mao’s communism and free food or lack thereof then they can be unlucky enough to sleep in the bed that was made for them by their family members. No one wants those greedy, lazy, guanxi bent rich assholes to take over the free world with their ill gotten gains.

        A PSB official told me in Beijing and I am quoting him word for word, “If a person is driving a mercedes 500 model, equivalent, better he/she is most likely a corrupt peice of shit.”

    • AngryCanadien

      gosh, i wish i can bitch slap you till your nose bleeds

      • moop

        hard to do that with a limp wrist, pussy

        • AngryCanadien

          oh no you didn’t!! you just called me a pussy. let me go hide in my corner from your awesome insult. ignorant racist piece of shit

          • moop

            sounds about right. hiding in a corner huh? what is your wife getting raped our something?

        • AngryCanadien

          i like to apologize for arguing with you. i’m getting all worked up over the postings of an idiotic buffoon. Can’t believe I wasted time fuming over someone with the intelligence and maturity of a mosquito. I’ve had some bad experiences too when i visited my relatives in my former homeland. there are a lot of things to be critical about in china. heck, i’ve done it many times during conversation w/ my relatives. but hey, if you find it easy enough to generalize a nation of 1.3 billion people as disgusting, by all means go ahead. i’m sure your shit doesn’t stink when you go to the toilet. bonne nuit, Monsieur hypocisie!

          • mr. wiener

            “i like to apologize for arguing with you. i’m getting all worked up”
            NOW you sound like a Canadian.

          • Hey weiner….it’s been a little testy around here this evening. I suggest we all sit around and order some lattes’.

          • BigCAD

            “Can’t believe I wasted time”
            You answered his one line with ten.

          • moop

            i assure you my shit is very, very smelly

          • mr. wiener

            Bugger the lattes, I have a very nice bottle of 22year old Panamanian rum which would would go nice with cigars and a decent coffee.
            Gimmee a yell when you’re in Taipei and we’ll finish one of those bottles or three.

          • The maturity levels of mosquitoes, for their species, is quite high. They mature very rapidly in comparison to the average human being and are doing their biological job before the average human is out of diapers. This is a remarkable compliment you’ve given moop and he should be rather gracious towards you for it.
            Sacre bleu, oui merci beaucoup, pipe s’il vous plaît!

          • AngryCanadien

            hey moop, if your shit smells super duper bad (like super foul), might wanna check the colour of your poo. if it’s black, you may have an upper GI bleed.

            well, i need to make my point. 10 lines seemed appropriate. i’m just glad i stopped that shouting match.

          • AngryCanadien

            but you forget that mosquitos are incredibly annoying and i all want is to smack them and smack them good.

          • mr. wiener

            Can we please quit the chat room tuff guy stuff? We’re all tremendously impressed and moop has run yelping to hide behind the couch, but it’s getting a tad boring.

          • moop

            “but you forget that mosquitos are incredibly annoying and i all want is to smack them and smack them good.”

            well if you can’t find any mosquitos around, i’m sure your boyfriend wouldnt mind you “smacking him good”, again, very hard to do with a limp wrist

          • He does have a point. You ARE a French-Canuck.

          • AngryCanadien

            yayyyyy, you challenged my masculinity by calling me gay!! how original. what are you still in high school? is it b/c you’re not really smart enough to come up with better insults or are you just homophobic like most high school teenagers?

          • Haha AngryCanadien is angry.

          • linette

            Little Wolf , I don’t want latte. I want bubble tea. :)

          • AngryCanadien

            don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry. RAWR! turning into green rage monster!

          • Nanny Hiccups

            i hate when people side with their “friends” when they are wrong. you are not doing moop any favors by co-signing when he is wrong. if you are any friends of his, you would help him overcome his prejudice because it does him more harm than good, including everyone around him. how can you marry someone when you absolutely no respect for her race or the country she is from?

          • Brett Hunan

            I’m not much for jumping in when Fauna and moop go at it, but I have to say that after I read what Getrealson wrote here, he had me thinking a bit about generalizations.

            I am not saying I completely agree with moop, but everyone could at least understand what he is saying about his experience in China, regarding the citizens. And he does have every right to say it.

            We all have our gripes with society at times and its okay to share them. Its also okay to argue someone’s gripes. Fauna ALWAYS gives a rational outlook on things, but sometimes people don’t want rationalization. They want to express their frustrations. Its a coping mechanism that we all use sometimes. I feel that best thing to do in a situation where someone is clearly upset about something is try to encourage them about the positives, not blast them about why their anger makes no sense.

            moop, I don’t fully agree, but then again I haven’t lived in China for almost 3 years now. I can say that I definitely understand where you are coming from and even though you have a nack for bluntly stating your opinion, you aren’t too far off from where many other expats stand.

          • I am also sharing my gripe with society.

          • kodi

            Its hard to be politically correct everytime we speak right? Its so much easier and comforting to say “White American people are assholes!” instead of saying, “Those guys who cheated me on the energy deal are assholes!”

            How about this one, “Americans offended Muhamad, so lets go burn down their embassy!” Instead of, That coptic Christain guy “insert name” offended Muhammed, so we should denounce him or demand he be punished!”

            People often spout things in the heat of the moment, so its usually in our best interests to know if its us they are really talking about. Trust me we know! If someone yells out “White Trash!” on the street, perhaps I would look to see who they are yelling at, but I’ll be damn if someone is talking about me and if they are then I must have done something to anger them.

            I certainly hope people who have not been to China will judge Chinese people blindly. However, I know quite a few people who can very well be judged as disgusting in every country I have been too, its just that the sheer number of them that reside in China is astounding. I guess you get that anywhere people are all forced together to live in a few large cities due to the rest of the country being undelveloped.

    • linette

      Hong kong is a very diverse city with people with different ethnic background and culture. The HKese are Cantonese(han Chinese), non Cantonese(han Chinese), finos, Indians, uk, autralians.. We live in harmony. So what is the problem with mainlanders coming in?

      1)They don’t obey laws and regulations of HK gov’t. Spitting, littering, urinating, defecating in the public and not in public bathroom. Cutting in line. Disobeying traffic rules. Jay walking. …etc.
      2)China women make crash visits flooding Emergency room in Hk to give birth so the baby will have hk citizenships. This allow the baby to full access to all hk gov’t benefits like housing, free education, and healthcare. Every year there are like 40,000 cases like this. The birth rate in Hk are mainly from china women, not hk women. Neither China parents are hk citizens and don’t need to pay tax to hk gov’t. They are draining the hk taxpayers money and hk resources.
      3)Because of this high influx of china women using Hk hospitals. They are jamming Hk Emergeny room. Hk people can use it for emergency. HK pregnant women have to fight for hospital beds to give birth. Many of them end up paying out of their own pocket to give birth at some very expensive private hospital instead of using public hospital which supposed to be free for hk citizens.
      4)Fighting for free public school for their children. Hk kids are being put on waiting list because of not enough seats for all kids. Especially those prestige ones.
      5)Smuggling goods by boxes 10 times a day. The mainlanders come in and empty out everything on shelves in the hk supermarkets and pharmacies. Baby powder, diapers, etc. …and majority of stores have problem keeping up restocking daily. Hk people can’t buy their normal daily goods.
      6)Disrupting and jamming up public transportation like trains and buses smuggling boxes and boxes of goods.
      7)Raise up condo prices because they come over buying up in high demand using the corrupted money they stole.

      It a big struggling. Hong kong is dying because of this. Their resources are draining.

      • MrT

        That”s what happened in the UK and why I left and come to China.
        Sucks don’t it… haha

      • anon

        So you’re all for the hukou system, economic segregation, and restrictions on the the freedom of mobility?

        The complaints you have about mainlanders are the same as the complaints urban residents have about migrant workers. There’s friction and competition for resources. Just as migrant workers bring benefits as well as costs, so do mainlanders to Hong Kong.

        Hong Kong could die, but it would just show that it was’t strong enough to survive. I have more faith in the city and its people overall than that.

        • Linette

          migrant workers and urban china is a complete different situation. Migrant workers live and work in the urban in china. They are all under China gov’t and law and regulation.

          HK is still operating under HK gov’t. HK has its own law and regulation away from the China gov’t. HK people don’t have problems with any foreigners as you can see it’s a very diverse city with other race, as long as they follow hk law and regulation.

          The mainlanders go to hk to give birth so the baby can get HK ID and get free benefits without the parents paying HK gov’t tax. And they don’t work there neither.

          You can see how HK gov’t and economy is falling apart because their resources are being drained. A gov’t can’t provide welfare, housing for the poor, free education, universal healthcare to all their citizens if no one is paying tax.

          • anon

            I don’t see it as a completely different situation. The complaints are both about the friction and competition for resources between the in-group and the out-group.

          • Jennster

            no, the hukou system is like apatheid. migrants are not counted in the registry as ‘people’. you can imagine the result.

          • tai wai

            HK has its own law and regulation away from the China gov’t.

            Because China allows it to.

            Either places like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Tibet belong to China, and are subordinate to the PRC government, or they don’t, and aren’t.

            Trying to have it both ways with “one country, two systems” can’t last long. Because it’s one country.

          • linette

            anon..mainlanders rural or urban who are all citizens under the China gov’t should be getting gov’t benefits from China gov’t. Hongkongese who are citizens under the hong kong gov’t should be getting gov’t benefits from HK gov’t. The mainlanders should not be taking from hk people and their gov’t when they don’t pay tax to HK. When they do that it also affect quality of care. They crowded schools and hospitals.
            Look at the illegal mexicans what they are doing with the USA taxpayers money. And USA is a rich nation with 300 millions plus taxpayers. HK is only 7 millions dealing with 1.3 billions mainlanders. HK gov’t system can collapse.

            That is why I always say China gov’t is not doing enough for their people China citizens. The China gov’t needs to use their gov’t funds to fix the rural areas like housing, school, equal healthcare..control birth rate..etc. In time remove the segregation system. Rural and Urban are all china citizens under China gov’t.

          • PeterScriabin

            anon – Linette is surely correct. Your observation of the commonality of the resource-sharing is fine, but that completely ignores that the migrants were invited to the cities, contribute a large surplus value (in the Marxian sense) to the destination economy, and are (so far) stiffed on basic amenities. The locusts just sense a crop they did not raise, but can descend upon en masse with impunity. In addition, they add insult to injury by shitting on the local manners and customs, totally indifferent to the existence or concerns of their hosts.

            Surely, even with your typically biased and instransigent attitude in the face of facts, you can sense a glimmer of a difference? (Apologies for the rhetorical flourish, I know the answer is “no!”).

            Linette – surely your HK gov ought simply to place a tax on the hospital bills of the rich ladies who come to spawn, sufficient to cover the social (not private) costs of a locust descent? In addition, “large” (clearly not for private use) purchases in HK should be regulated with requirement to show HK ID. Mainlanders get a tax on the bill large enough to eliminate the trading profit.

        • Linette

          that it was’t strong enough to survive. I have more faith in the city and its people overall than that…….

          no anon…hong kong could die? Hong kong is dying already. Seven millions Hkongese against 1.4 billions Mainlanders.

          • Christina

            psh please

            it’s the super wealthy 1% of mainlanders who go to HK, not the 1.3999999 billion who can’t afford ramen, let alone a ticket to HK.

          • kodi

            Yeah 1%, but they are not much better than commoners, and in many cases they do not know how to conduct themselves in the civilized world.

          • tai wai

            Yeah 1%, but they are not much better than commoners, and in many cases they do not know how to conduct themselves in the civilized world.

            Your nose must be long for you to be able to look down it so easily.

            Can you smell your own feet while standing up?

        • kodi

          WTF are you saying? China and the Chinese chose to follow a moron and redictribute wealth. Their plan failed and now they should be able to feed off of those around them again? Chinese hate on everyone especially the Chinese “ethnics” who were smart enough to get out or at least follow a leader who was on the right path. Hell yeah keep their asses pinned and do not allow China to adversely affect Hongkong! Hongkong is a civilized and orderly place. It would be a shame to let it go to shit by giving control to China. China destroys everything it touches because their government has been governing by trial and error for the past 60 years! They still have not even learned how to handle the most basic problems in their country because they are fucking too busy stealing money! Imagine that! A communist who is stealing money hahaha!

          • tai wai

            Hell yeah keep their asses pinned and do not allow China to adversely affect Hongkong! Hongkong is a civilized and orderly place. It would be a shame to let it go to shit by giving control to China.

            No, Hong Kong is a racist, classist shithole. It needs to be taken down a notch.

      • Rob

        Yea, damn those mainlanders for boosting the domestic economy! Shops should never run out of anything because it’s inconvenient. Screw the owners livlihood. Hospitals? that cash is going straight into the local economy. Education? Boohoo, we have to compete now! Jamming up public transportation? Oh, you mean actually using it? Screw that, everything should be empty all the time. This is kinda the “demand” part of that “supply and demand”. By providing a supply for it, you get a shitload of jobs, higher pay and a better life.

        Seriously, it’s just this stuck up snobbish attitude that is part of HK people that is disgusting to anyone who bothers to scratch the surface. If Chinese stopped doing business with HK, HK would collapse. If China stopped giving all that access to the mainland from HKers, HK would collapse. Deal with it hongkies.

        • Linette

          I am not sure how HK gets their supply. I think Hk gets their supply from importing from other countries….which means shipping. So you can see why once it run out on the shelves it’s out for good until next shipment. HK do a lot of importing including electronics,produce, daily goods….etc. Plus Hk is so small. It’s not like your Walmart warehouse you can order trucks of supply. So this emptying HK shelves is really a big problem.

          So why China people don’t order their own supplies like milk, diapers..from other countries…etc and ship trucks of them to their land? Why from HK and smuggling them. So they can make money by causing problems for HK. HK is so tiny. Seven millions compare to 1.4billions. How can HK supply for them and keep up?

          • Gaaad!!!

            Uh, no it’s only really a big problem if you can’t get your logistic and supply chain shit act together. Absent of a trade embargo it’s all about supply and demand, baby, supply and demand.

            Man, HK has really gone to poo poo since we sold our place in Hung Hom. The younger HKers these days are such a bunch of (generalisation here) incompetent, cry baby wusses who blame all their ills on others and with way too much time on their hand. Chow Sing-Chi (missed the guy) obviously needs to make more mo lei tao movies, otherwise younger HKers really need to watch more porn or at least read more Long Fu Pao.

          • Gaaad!!!

            As for “so they can make money…”, ah shit, what utter bollocks lady, where da hell are you from? Surely not HK, otherwise you would know that the very essence of HK IS to make money, hell HK was founded to make money via opium and other means, legal and otherwise. What are you? Some naive chin kam siu jie or what? Leave your gated condo once in while will ya? Sheesh!

          • linette

            o HK if you think that public transportation can be empty (its more like trying to jam everywhere at all times)……..

            More like jamming into public transportation will hundred extra people and thousands of boxes of smuggled goods everyday.

            For those mainlanders who never lived in HK. They will never understand the situation since the hand over after 1997. They keep thinking HK people are prejudice and arrogant against them. But in reality the HK people are being bullied and overwhelmed by the mainlanders. HK is so small with limited space and facilities like school, hospital, housing, transportation, etc. The hk citizens work hard and pay tax to the hk gov’t so hk people can enjoy all that. The mainlanders come in and use them without paying tax or a dime, and then curse out hk people for being arrogant and want to be british. Like What??????

          • Gaaad!!!

            Gaaad!!! What’s withe the bellyaching already. Enact rules, enforce the rules, install suitable turnstiles that prevent people taking over sized objects onto public transportation. How frigging difficult is that anyway? Besides, I remember a time when HKers would travel to Canada or Australia carrying huge amount of carry on luggage stuffed full with dried seafood and whatnots and stinking up the whole place. Karma is a bitch ain’t it?

          • linette

            ……a time when HKers would travel to Canada or Australia carrying huge amount of carry on luggage stuff….

            Gaaad! Do the hk people go in and out like 10 times a day 10,000 boxes daily on trains and buses in canada and australia? One China smuggler can come back and forth like 10 times daily. We are not talking about airport one time travel. We are talking about daily public transportation jamming up preventing hk people carry on their daily activity. What are you talking about? Is this a typical China communist mentality you have there? Complete lack of reasons?

          • Gaaad!!!

            Jesu almighty o’righty on a stick and shaft mon derrier with a lubed up pitchfork well ya. So tough shit that HK is a victim of its own geography, live with it. Frankly there’s a business opportunity if you can spot it instead of moaning and crapping all over your delectable panty about it.

            Besides not too long ago Hongkers were travelling to China all the time often on multiple trips a day for shopping. While Brits made multiple trips over to France to load up on cheaper booze and whatnots both for personal and business purposes and resell, thereby creating whole streets of bars and clubs in the UK where men, women and children gets drunk, fights, pissed and crap all over the place that Hogarth would be proud of.

            Then Singaporeans used to go over to Malaysia for cheaper petrol and groceries everyday, likewise on the Canadian-US and US-Mexico border at one time or another when price differences make it worthwhile. And in that bastion of civic mindedness, Germany, richer Germans drive over to Luxembourg or Switzerland with suitcases full of cash to avoid punitive German taxes.

            So u see darling it’s not a “China Communist mentality” that I have (and I’m not from Mainland China or “Chinese” btw, so stop making dumb ass-umptions, read my other love note to u below) just a certain understanding and greater tolerance of human nature. Besides are those mainlanders breaking any laws? Are they actually smuggling when they do it so openly? I mean seriously, u and those moronic demonstrators sound just like any nouveau riche from any where in the world who bitch about the less fortunate others bringing down the tone of the neighbourhood yet don’t see ur own bitchiness and intolerance.

            And if u don’t like it, then change the rules and the laws, enforce it. Empty shelves? Take it up with the shops for not stocking enough instead of bitching about other legitimate buyers. What a bunch of pussy-ass invertebrate dumbf*ck whiners, waving a symbol of servitude and occupation around like a badge of honour, but who were probably just some snot nosed kids barely into their teens and having just discovered self-pleasuring at the time of the HK handover. So many frigging Honkers who only know how to piss on the less fortunate and brown nose your betters, so ain’t getting no sympathy from yours truly, sweet cheeks.

        • Ray

          There are much more to the issue than what you are implying.

          Buying stuff is boosting the domestic economy, but it also effects supply and demand. Once all the standard pricing stock has been brought out, the prices will go up the next time stocks are refilled therefore costing the local residents.

          Hospitals don’t earn cash from those emergency room visits, you don’t seem to know that they come to HK to have their baby, get the HKID then leave back to China without paying a cent. This has cost millions of HKD every year. They don’t pay the hospital fees AT ALL.

          Every country have competition when schools are concerned, kinda like supply and demand as well. As people from China enroll to the schools, there will obviously be less seats for the locals of HK. This is not really a problem until you realise that after they get their degrees they’ll just leave not contributing back to the country that gave them their education. Even if they don’t leave, they’ll start migrating whole families to the already over-populated HK.

          You obviously have never been to HK if you think that public transportation can be empty (its more like trying to jam everywhere at all times).

          Having more demand doesn’t equate to more supply, having more people wanting to fit into HK doesn’t suddenly make HK a bigger place to live.

          Only Chinese will think that HKers are snobbish because of the victim mentality being spread amongst the people. They’ll think that HKers are being ungrateful about all the “help” they are getting, last time I checked China and HK might have business deals together, but its obviously a donation. You can’t say that China doesn’t benefit from doing business with HK, and I can be sure that if China doesn’t benefit from doing business with HK then they probably wouldn’t have.

          • linette

            ked China and HK might have business deals together, but its obviously a donation. You can’t say that China doesn’t benefit from doing business with HK, and I can be sure that if China doesn’t benefit from doing business with HK then they probably wouldn’t have………………..

            Amen, China will not do anything that will not benefit them. It’s a business also. They need each other. It’s like that with every country.

      • wacky

        probably true but rising a foreign flag in a country??
        if mainland sees this as an attempt for insurgency or even independence, how should they react??/

      • hanzo

        I like how you make no attempt at making this comment unbiased.

        1) So you’re basically accusing that all Mainlander visitors to HK will urinate in public?
        2) & 3) Why not disallow pregnant women to enter HK?
        4) Why can’t the children of immigrated Mainlanders be apart of the public HK school system? I moved to Canada when I was 9. I entered the public school system and no one bitched about it.
        5) Seriously? So you are saying because of Mainlander shoppers, the ENTIRE HK is now in a major food crunch. Problem restocking? WOW, sounds to me like Soviet Russia. Funny, I have a ton of friends visiting HK, no one had mentioned that there was a commodity shortage in HK.
        6) You ever wonder why it’s called PUBLIC transit? If there’s a rule against bringing too many boxes, then deny them entry to the bus. If not then why can’t they bring on whatever they want?
        7) And Hongers are the ones to speak about manipulating the real estate? LOL look at Vancouver before 1990 and post 1990. Hongers are the reason why most locals can’t afford to own a place in Van. And now let’s talk Pudong in Shanghai. It was the Hongers that bought all the property there when the government first started building there. Why? Because in the 90’s, there were no rich Mainlanders able to afford any real-estate. So Hongers took advantage and now they reap the benefits. 20 years later, rich Mainlanders decided to invest in real-estate in HK and now all of a sudden, that’s blasphemy.

        HK has no resources; It’s only relevance in the past two hundred years was because it’s a port and the gateway into China. (and low corporate taxation) Now as more company are building their head quarters directly in China, a decline is immanent. They only thing that’s keeping your economy going is the rich Mainlander tourists spending money there. The irony is that you need them more than they need you and yet you’re bitching and moaning about it.

        • linette

          1)I know many nice polite China people too. They behave well.
          2+3) HK gov’t stricter crossing border policy now for China women that look suspiciously pregnant. But still they smuggle through. They hide their pregnancy. Can hk securities tell if she is pregnant or just fat? Pull all the fat China women to the side to do pregnancy test? That’s discrimination. Many come 2 months early and hide somewhere and crash the HK ER to give birth. They are willing to do anything to get HK ID including endangering their health and their unborn life.
          4)It won’t be so much problem if HK is bigger with more space to build more schools. Space is limited and buildings must follow building codes. We can’t build on sands in the beaches. Space capacity for 500,000 kids, where do you put the extra 40,000? Where do you get fundings? HK taxpayers?
          So your family moved to Canada and you used their free system like school and healthcare. You mean your parents never worked never paid Canada gov’t tax? I am sure the Canadian taxpayers love you . Also for you to move to Canada, the Canada gov’t agreed to have you. You have to go thru immigration process. Not like the pregnant china women force into the hospital to get hk citizenship for her baby. HK go’vt never invited them.
          5) no space is also one of the problem. Need huge walmart warehouse to restock enough supplies for smugglers. I am sure there are other reasons why can’t keep up with restocking.
          6)Hk people are angry too with the hk gov’t with this problem. Hk gov’t are so helpless against the china gov’t. Hk gov’t has rules and regulations but the china people don’t follow them. They were told by china gov’t hong kong belongs to china. There are signs saying public transport is for passengers not cargos. So go arrest all the smugglers right. Put them in jail or heavy fine. Let see if they will pay. In jail means more money from hk taxpayers paying to jail them and hk have to answer to china gov’t.
          7) Yes and the native Canadians were very anti-hongkongese back then. They accused hk people stealing their lands chasing them out. Hk people bought out all the lands in Vancouver and build a whole new city with skyscrapers. You can understand why Canadians call it Hongouver. But thank god Canada have plenty of empty lands so they move a little bit further out. Hk people have to move into the water there is no lands. Or leave HK and move to other country. In another 30 yrs Hong kong have to change the name to China Bay because all native hkers left and China mainlanders took over 7 millions.
          The future of Hongkong is China Bay…7 millions mainlanders supporting China gov’t policy. HK gov’t collapsed. All native Hkers abandoned what was originally called Hongkong.

      • b. prichard

        And a government that kowtows to Beijing constantly. HK citizens are rightly concerned about the city being stripped of its identity. They made the choice to rejoin China primarily for the economic benefits, but there ended up being a lot more to that bargain than there appeared to be.

        • wacky

          if you only focus on your identity then that is just one side of the coin, what is the benefit for beijing from keeping your identity?
          remember that mainland-hk relation is a political and economic relation not cultural relation.
          and since you are talking about economic benefit, i dont see any significance of HK that goes beyond economic one.

    • http://news.yahoo.com/beijing-demonstrators-damage-us-ambassadors-car-012025364.html

      awesome the CHinese attack the US ambassador’s car!!!!

      • wacky

        well looks like US ambassador is a good target for every one today

        • Efe the foreigner

          US always an easy target. here for your convenience, but careful now, they got guns that will blow out your backs

  • Irvin

    Never liked hong kong people myself, now I remember why.

    • mr. wiener

      Consider the alternative?

    • cc

      Noisy arrogant backstabbing tossers in my opinion, only been there once and there more full of themselves than mainlanders.

      • JT

        culture and manners tend to make a people think highly of themselves. apparently ANCIENTness has the same effect. WE. ARE. OLD. Ancient even.

        • tai wai

          They learned the art of looking down on everyone else (because they’re so cultured) from the British.

          Infuriating people.

    • Gaaad!!!

      Seems most of these hk demonstrators are insecured (unemployed?) young ‘uns with no understanding or appreciation of how hk became prosperous and what their forefathers did and had to do before hk became rich. Frankly many hkers don’t smell all that fragrant to other overseas Chinese communities either, if we want to go into stereotyping and generalisation.

      Gaaad!!! I sound like some old foggy, must lay off the good stuff for a while…

    • Jennster

      I can understand their frustration and the british relationship with them. Apparently British is the only european country with the 50+ positive rating for China, possibly due to this.

      Anyway China is top 5 ranked liked country. Usa in 7-8 place.

  • Snicker

    If only those Hong Kongers would accept the education about who they really are, then there would be no controversy. If they can accept that, like all Chinese, they have no rights in the face of government, and that their opportunities come from corrupt officials rather than hard work, then there will be peace. Support national education in HK schools for harmonious society!

    • mr. wiener

      ..one of us….one of uuuuss!

      • Winter B4 Spring


    • JT

      you win.
      everyone else be silent.
      unless of course you speak authority of ANCIENT times.

      • Gaaad!!!

        I do, now prost(r)ate thyself before moi!

  • moop

    thats not the british flag, thats the colonial flag of hong kong, used from 1959 to 1997. nice to see it back again. that storm during the handover should have been an omen to all of them. now they have an infestation

    • Brett Hunan

      Nice spot moop.

    • It is not the British flag, it is a British flag.

      • Brett Hunan

        Good rebuttle Fauna. Lol.

      • mr. wiener

        Question: That is the flag used by Hong Kong at the olympic games games isn’t it? I was surprised to see it there as I didn’t think HK would participate separate from China. Unless it wasn’t the olympics….I’m sure I’ve seen it at international sporting events anyway.

        • No, the Hong Kong Olympic delegation use the normal red Bauhinia flower flag. Hong Kong has always participate separately from China including after the Handover.

          • Bang

            Fauna perhaps you should not reply to the haters. Leave them with the feeling of “winning” becuase it sounds like they have already lost so much.

            If they hate China so much than they should leave country and website and not just hang around to bash Chinese people.

            This website is really cool and gives us foreigners a bit more of an insight in to everything Chinese which after 8 years here is saying something.

            Thanks for your effort and hard work

        • linette

          Hk always participate olympic separate from China. You will see Hk march out with their hk flag during opening ceremony.

      • linette

        fauna, that’s a Hong kong flag before 1997 handover.

        This is the hong kong flag after handover

        • Alejandro


        • Ray

          You sure about this? Looks more like sorcery!

    • Galahad!!!

      Moop the doop really needs to poop,
      For he’s so full of it that he’s easily duped,
      Into going around in loops and puking poop,
      So sooner or later he’ll surely end in the coop,
      To do away with all that yucky poop.

      • Gaaad!!!

        Fr*acking iPad, it’s Gaaad!!! Not dufus Galahad!!! Sorry Fauna…

      • BigCAD

        sound of tumble weed and a church bell sounding in the far dista…n…c…e……

      • moop

        its fine, let this retard have his cake. retards love cake

        • Gaaad!!!


        • BigFun


          I love cake!

      • jin

        he cant poop,
        because his name is moop,
        which mean massive poop,
        also means morning poop,
        if moop would poop,
        he would poop moop,
        moop would be pooping moop,
        moop would poop his self, who is a poop.

        • mr. wiener

          Don’t quit your day job.

        • moop

          wow, you’ve really mastered the english language, in your 8 lines of “poetry”, you’ve only been able to rhyme 2 words over and over again. you should be a professional, and then use that money to get someone to remove that dead rat you call a hairstyle off of your head

          • mr. wiener

            lots of good stuff rhymes with “jin”: sin, bin, twin, put it in, kin ,chin, Flynn,

          • “remove that dead rat you call a hairstyle off of your head”

            Oh my god…moop, that was fucking brutal :D

          • Gaaad!!!

            Dude at least he’s doing it,

            Rather than just being a doop of a moop
            Who can’t poo as he prematurely flew the coop
            Before his moo moo can clean his poo poop
            And is now simply lubing his loop
            Looking for another shit full coop
            For another milf moo to once more clean his poo poop
            To once more sing moop! moop! Mooooooooop!

          • This is pathetic

          • Gaaad!!!


          • linette

            OMG, you men are so childish.

          • jin

            atleast i got the guts to post a picture of myself, which in your case…. its just a dog…. ah… i get it… youre a dog poop…. and thats your……………. it makes sense now.

          • jin

            oh and you cant even see my hair o.O what are you talking about again?

        • Getrealson

          @ jin – Aren’t you embarrassed to post this? No post, nothing to add to the conversation, just this!

          • Gaaad!!!

            Embarrased? Why should he be embarrassed? T’is ChinaSmack, Goddammitt!

            Or is ‘cos he Chiiiinese!?!

          • Getrealson

            If that’s what you think I meant……..that’ll do!

            I was going to explain but then saw your posts.

          • jin

            why? its just some words online.

        • HinDL

          That made me laugh :D

        • The Enlightened One

          Hahaha… I think I wrote something like this when I was like 2.

          God, you really burned his ass with this insult. He will be in the ER room recovering for the next 10 years! OWNED!

  • Andao

    Mainland Chinese don’t realize HK is still a colony, only with a new colonial master. And then they piss on them for pointing this out.

    • JT

      Haha… true, true.

  • 404namenotfound

    Mmm cool shirts (1st & last pics) :)

    • mr. wiener

      Lol, only just spotted that. Cool shirt :)

  • Brett Hunan

    I understand the 250 and 38, but what is the reference to 2 and 290?

    • Rod

      2 is 恶 (二)

      290 is 250+38+2

      • anon

        2 is just another common way to say stupid. 290 likely has a more specific meaning than just being the sum, but I don’t want to say it because I could be really wrong.

        • Brett Hunan

          You have me interested in your answer for 290. I guess I’ll Baidu it, but I doubt my findings will be successful.

        • Rod

          The point is that it’s the sum of all the numerical insults.

          I also think you missed the point that “e” and “er” sound similar. Actually, people here say “er xin” instead of “e xin” and have a much softer “r” on their “er” so it really does sound the same.

          • Rod

            “here” is Fujian

          • In Hangzhou it’s “62” (lu er)

          • Rod

            What’s the “lu”? about?

          • Jennster

            fujian and taiwanese have same accents because they are similar people and pronounce e. northerners pronounce er.

          • Rod, “lu” is 6 in Hangzhouhua. I may have mis-spelled it(liu?) but it’s pronounced “loo”. And it’s six-two. Not sixty-two.

          • Brett Hunan

            Right, Little Wolf, I think he meant (and I also wanted to know), what 62 means exactly. Is it just the Hangzhou way of saying 2 as an insult?

          • Rod

            I want to know what the meaning of 62 is – i mean, if it’s different from just plain 2. 250 is dumb, 38 would be gossipy I guess, and 2 would be disgusting or horrible…so what’s 62…?

          • Sorry Brett and Rod. I should have explained that Lu Er (6-2) and means moron, fool, idiot, shabi, etc. There are several examples gracing this page at the moment, depending on who you ask.

          • Rod

            Ha. Maybe I will change my handle 62哥.

  • red scarf

    Raises pirate flag over sofa and proclaims it part of pirate land since ancient times.

    • Poltergeist

      red scarf, nice try. How would you feel if I presented you a document from 1768 that proclaims the sofa belonging to me? I just got it the other day on the fake market… They got good shit there. I denied to buy the US map though, so you might want to try that?

      • red scarf

        But your document has the so called matching chairs in another colour! How can we truly believe you got it from the fake market…..

    • JT

      ANCIENT TIMES, mind you!! ANCIENT!! Culture so old!! Must be ancient.

      • red scarf

        Yes, ANCIENT TIMES, that’s last Tuesday afternoon down the duck and biscuit.

    • Efe the foreigner

      i light your flag on fire and then pee on the ashes, proclaiming your sofa in the name of jesus. i am guided by a holy spirit …… Jiu-seph of Bai-bylon

  • Getrealson

    Locust world! Get used to it Hong Kong. This is only the second wave! they will keep coming and coming. In the town I live in they have just put in new roads and shop fronts. I thought “great!, China really is improving”

    within a week, the shop fronts had piles of dirt, rubbish and dug up pavement blocking them and the new main, 6 lane road had been reduced back to 2 lanes because the fruit/vegetable/food vendors set up shop on lanes 2 and 5. Also the new street lights/poles that looked really great (french style) were now covered in flyers/adverts.

    It’s like they don’t feel comfortable in a clean, orderly and aesthetically pleasing environment. No wonder the Cheng guan beat these people. Anyway Hong Kong, enjoy it while it lasts because once the mainlander’s move in (which the government is facilitating) Hong Kong will be a baron, more polluted wasteland resembling the first phase of a construction site in pakistan.

    • Chom

      “they, they they”, “these people”…

  • eattot

    sigh! but besides mainlanders who would give them a shit?their happieness or superiority mainly from the comparation between mainlanders and being hk….
    sure, they wish one day their hk island could drift to England, then their next lives are all white, even get rid of asian.hahahaha!

    • Jeffli

      I don’t they mean ALL chinese.
      Back home I have many good friends from both mainland and HK and Taiwan as well as HuaQiao from Singapore/Malaysia and so-on.
      They also observed that in mainland China things are getting a little crazy.

      I welcome any nationality to my country, but don’t spit on it! and be polite as I conduct myself here.
      I don’t see the problem with the more educated Chinese, but the lower govt. officials and the nongmin types (lower education) they can also show some respect when in another country.
      and this is an embarrassing point for me and my Sino friends.
      One time I’m traveling in Sydney with some chinese friends, from behind us we that all familiar “Quaaaaaaaaooowwwwww Ptoo” inside the Sydney Opera House, we turn around and there is a Chinese tourist who made the sound. I never heard this from French, German, Korean, Spanish, American, Indonesian (japanese?) tourists. I confirm that Mr. Quaaaaaooooooowww Ptoo was Chinese, my friends admonished him. there are hankerchiefs, tissues and clean hygenic public toilets for them to use for this and other purposes.
      This is just one example, another is the queue… We have a saying in English…”when in Rome do as the Romans do” If one is a visitor try to follow the customs of your host country, top of the list -hygiene and ettiquette.

      Chinese has a wonderful, colourful yet tragic history and culture ( unfortunately only twice in the last two thousand years was China ruled by ethnic Han people)
      This does not give Chinese “carte blanc” to do what they want and insult peoples and their communities when visiting other countries that is all.
      For 5000 years of culture and history we expect a little better.

      • Alejandro

        well, you made the point: chinese can be educated, the chinese government is directly responsible for this kind of uneducated imperialists. fortunately, there are still lots of mainlanders that are becoming more and more educated. But at the moment, lets say 70% of mainlanders are uneducated :P

      • Eidolon

        I count eight.

        Han, Jinn, Sui, Tang, Song, Ming, ROC, PRC.

    • linette

      I am a born pure breed cantonese chinese. I am not white. I am pure blooded HK chinese aka Hongkongese. Most Hkongese will tell you they are Hongkongese. They like to be more specific just like American will tell you they are American and not just white. :)

      • Rod

        au contraire… when people ask where I am from I always say I’m am white.

      • Gaaad!!!

        LOL! A “pure blooded Hkongese”! What the Frack is a “pure blooded” HKongese? In the 1660s Hk and surrounding immediate area was a frigging uninhabited wasteland and by the time the British came along in the 1840s, there was only about 7,000 mostly transient fishermen in the area.

        Now unless you are a direct descendant of these approx 7,000 fishermen, you cannot be a “pure blooded” Hkongese and even then you are probably about as “pure blooded” as my loyal mongrel bitch. “Pure blooded” my fragrant arse, what utter deluded bollocks full of tosh, exemplified by a severe lack of understanding or reading of one’s own history. Now go ask daddy about ur own family history. What a pitifully hollow vessel and a sad example of a “pure blooded” Hkongese. I LOL! so much that one is definitely getting that particular woody sensation. One flat phoenix lady here I cum!

        • linette

          Gaaad aka Mr.mainlander. Pure blooded hkongese simply mean not white and not black. Just cantonese from Hongkong. You know. You mainlander love to accuse Hk people of being British and I am telling you I am not white. What is wrong of being pure blooded cantonese from Hong kong. Does that bother you because you are a mainlander?

          • hanzo

            Clearly you are not white. You’re a Han Chinese living in Hong Kong that speaks the Cantonese dialect.

            No it does not bother me that you are a ‘pure blooded cantonese from Hong Kong’; and yes, my parents are from the mainland. However, it does bother me that you would assume all the posters that are making fun of your intelligence are Mainlanders. And it bothers me that your tone clearly indicates that because you were born in Hong Kong, you are superior to those that are born in the Mainland.

          • linette

            And it bothers me that your tone clearly indicates that because you were born in Hong Kong, you are superior to those that are born in the Mainland……….

            oh boy, here we go again with the accusation from mainlanders to Hk people whenever we disagree.
            No, I don’t feel superior to anyone. I feel that hk people and mainlanders are almost like people from two different cultures and almost like different country. You know why? Because we live under a different Gov’t system. Practice different laws and regulation. Different school system.

            And no, I do not think all mainlanders are rude and ill mannered. I know some really nice ones too. But the problems in HK is real and serious enough that it interfere with our daily life in HK.

            I know you won’t understand because you don’t live in HK. It’s like you can’t explain the color blue to a person who was born blind. How can you explain to them when they never experience it?

          • mr. wiener

            Although the “han” Chinese pure blood is a bit of a myth. I thought there were no differences genetically between northerners and southerners apart from language?
            Cultural differences are another kettle of fish heads however. Cantonese and many of the southern coastal areas have always had a greater degree of cross-pollination with the west due to trade and migration. Although not the most laudable of sentiments, the idea that HK’ers have a better idea of western styles and culture than interior dwelling newly rich mainlanders and get rich quick types is not totally untrue.
            Even if that expression of style is an “I’m fucking it T shirt” :)

          • Gaaad!!!

            Lol! I’m a Mainland Chinese?!? What ever in all that’s unholy give you the frigging idea that I’m from the Mainland (no offence to Mainland Chinese intended), sheesh!

            Oh wait, I geddit, is it cos u think I speak in defence of “Mainland Chinese” therefore I’m from da Mainland? Well that just about sums up your level of comprehension never mind thy “intelligence”. I’m about as much “Mainland Chinese” as you’re a “pure blooded” HKongese, Sieg Heil! and lotsa heels clicking, biatch.

            Would it surprise u if I say that yours truly is actually 1/4 “true blooded” Hakka HKongese (giggles, now go figure what that means) but neither ABC or BBC or CBBC or NBC, but rather the result of a unique and hitherto never before arisen evolutionary dooda? Now wrap your head around that will ya? Or you’re always welcome to wrap yourself around MY “head” if u likey (hmmm), unless of course if ur a biter, although a bit of teeth is fine too.

          • Gaaad!!!

            Btw, O “pure blooded” HKongesee, pray do tell by your definition then, can a person born of third generation HKer of Indian or South Asian ethnicity be a “pure blooded” HKer or is that a “biological” impossibility?

        • Bo Xilai For Emperor

          Mainlanders = Russian’s dogs + Koreans’ play toys + Japanese’s best customers.

          • eattot

            your typical an politic idiot.
            we have no big connection to russia, korea dares to play china?fuck off, themselves alrady usa’s running dog…
            though i know many people hate or dislike china,but who would dare to say china is which country’s running dog?
            and no worry, let’s see how long this anti jap time can last, then jap can undestand sth.

          • Poltergeist

            eattot, why do you always feel the need of showing the readers here that you are stupid?

            There is no need for this. We know…

          • Bo Xilai For Emperor

            @eattot: You forgot to take your methadone with angel dust didn’t you..you crazy girl. Every time you open your dirty mouth, it reminds me of those dirty bukkake films.

          • Nibiru

            Hey, your mouth seems dirtier and more stinking than hers. Go and get a chewing gum.

      • hanzo

        More like pure breed idiot.

        Hong Kong is an autonomous region in China. Hong Kong is not an ethnicity. Your dialect is Cantonese and your ethnicity is Han Chinese.

        • linette

          pure breed idiot………

          Did I call you a pure idiot because you are mainlander?

          Hong Kong is an autonomous region in China. Hong Kong is not an ethnicity. Your dialect is Cantonese and your ethnicity is Han Chinese………………..

          ok..so…what about? I told you that I am not white. So why you guys keep accusing hk people of wanting to be white british? We are telling you hong kong people are hong kong people. Not people from China. Some of us are chinese though. Some are Indians, fino…uk….etc. What about it?

          I didn’t call you an idiot. What is the problem here? I don’t understand.

          • Gaaad!!!

            That’s your problem there in a nutshell, u don’t understand what u don’t understand and if u could understand THAT and WHAT u don’t understand, you and many angry Honkers like u would understand how to be happier bunnies. Read more Long Fu Pao is what I say, understand?

  • B*tches, Leave

    They should just get over it and admit that they’re also Chinese. “Oh, ehm, no, that’s wrong, because, you know … you know …”.
    People in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau are Chinese, but I understand why those people try to separate themself from the Mainland. As long as it’s profitable to move there (or buy/sell stuff) Mainlanders will go there, not caring for these pathetic protests.

    1. Chinese consider Genghis Khan Chinese. Here’s the explanation: Yes, of course ethnically he was Mongolian, but his nationality is Chinese – he was born in Inner Mongolia, which is part of China … real Chinese explanation O.o

    2. In Beijing Airport, when you arrive you have to pass the passport check. You’ll see there a big painting of the Great Chinese Wall. But that picture is not accurate. The Great Chinese Wall has “small windows” at the top of the wall for archers to fire arrows if under siege. Those “small windows” show only in one direction (West), but on the painting at the Airport you can see that they have those “small windows” from both sides, which is nonsense.

    3. Chinese call Mongolia – Outer Mongolia … which on some degree is a hint that they do not really see Mongolia as an independent state. If not for the Soviet Union back in the days, Mongolia would have the same fate as Tibet (although you read the word Tibet, you actually read a beep sound). Anyways – Outer Mongolia? It’s like as if US will call Mexico – Outer Texas (for that really to work, they would need to call Texas – Inner Texas, but these are just details).

    4. If you sit down with a “wise” man, he will, in his smartassy way, tell you how all Asians in Asia are actually Chinese (something like humans are from Africa thing).

    • BigCAD

      “Seems like there are a lot of people seeking chaos in the world these days, people with ulterior motives instigating our countrymen. This is the most dangerous.”

      Obviously the lizard people Zionist alliance hard at work.

      • BigCAD

        Stuck the above in the wrong slot, sorry.

    • Gaaad!!!

      Well, is the Queen British? Is her hubby British too? So when did the Normans become British? Or for that matter when did the Europeans become “American” or Australian? So Europeans can become American, but Mongolians can’t become Chinese?

      Que dumbass.

      • JT

        Mongolians can become Chinese when China invades Mongolia and takes the land, like China accuses Japan, Vietnam, The Philippines, etc. of doing.

        Also, it’s only wrong when foreigners do it. If China does it then it’s because the land was theirs in more ancient times than the ancient times in which it was somebody else’s.

        Besides, MODERN TIMES DON’T MATTER, of course. ONLY ANCIENT TIMES. Such old culture. Must be more ancienter than you and yours. MUST BE OURS! ANCIENT, I SAYS!!


        • Gaaad!!!

          Huh!? Who’s not a happy bunny then?

        • Alejandro

          the funny thing is that sometimes they can create proofs… and yes, for them modern history does not count… because it’s a shame for them.

      • Kublai

        If you can declare someone to be a nationality after their death, I declare hitler jewish.


        • Gaaad!!!

          (Chuckles) here comes da history lesson.

          Didn’t you know there are suggestions that Hitler was or in part Jewish? Besides, before Genghis there was no such thing as a Mongol or Mongolia (which is a western name derived from the chinese-mongolian word “mong” which the tribal warriors and Chinese back then called them), there was just a loose federation of different antagonistic tribes.

          Just as before China became a Republic there was no such thing as “China” the political entity, only a place call Zhong Yuen or the Central Flood Plains and political dynasties so that people there often referred to themselves as Han or Tang ren (people of Han or Tang) or Zhong Yuen ren (people of the central plains).

          And before your namesake KK came along, Genghis was actually often allied with the Song Dynasty against the Jin and the alliance only broke down after the later’s defeat. Later on a schism developed within the Mongol empire over whether to continue with perpetual conquest by those who has yet to gain their own domain or to settle down and consolidate the empire.

          KK, who was already in charge of Zhong Yuen, famously proclaimed that “While one can conquer from horseback, one cannot rule from horseback” or somesuch and went and assumed the “Mandate of Heavan” within the Sinitic world order to proclaim the Yuan Dynasty in Zhong Yuen and Genghis as its founder.

          The irony is that in doing so he also submitted himself and Genghis to the same Sinitic world order, thereby becoming in the eyes of other Khanates and later generations in Zhong Yuen and China as “Chinese” and are today accepted as such. Just as all other Khanates across Eurasia were similarly later subsumed into the local culture and pretty much lost to history, whereas in contrast KK, in submitting to the Sinitic world order, at least guaranteed the Mongol Empire’s place in history

          Personally, I don’t see what all the fuzz is about since in aaaancient times, political identities were simply a lot less clear, less focused and much more transient than in modern history. And only insecure, non breast-fed, narrow minded wannabe bigot of a dickwad such as thy poor deluded self would fail to acknowledge that we are all the product of a rich, varied and mixed heritage and all the better for it. Frankly, if you are Mongolian, you have not only shown yourself unworthy to use the Kublai handle, but merely a deluded sense of bitter self coupled with an inflated delusion of past grandeur. Kublai indeed.

          So (giggles) many a raspberries and double the dumbass right back atcha’.

    • bert

      I had lunch with a Chinese professor about 9 years ago who bet me that Mongolia would join China willingly within 5 years. He was wrong obviously but I don’t think he will remember such a bet. I lost contact so I can’t try to collect anyway.

      Some of these people really think this way.

      • Gaaad!!!

        Yeah, man how dare the guy have a fr*cking opinion! Sheesh! These “people” really think this way. Un-frigging-believable.

  • Deepzen

    Yet further proof that no one likes people with bad manners, even when it’s their country cousin…
    The solution is that the Chinese should all vacation in France. The French love rude people, and we all know that they feel bathing, deodorant and socks are all optional, so the two peoples should love each other! See what I did there? I’m working for world peas and harmony one stereotype at a time :)

    • JT

      love it.

  • Slob

    Oh look, HK vs Mainland again. Who fucking cares? Sort that shit out between your governments already. 15 years later and they still don’t want to be part of the country.

    More importantly, breaking bad’s new episode won’t be shown until NEXT YEAR!!!! THAT SHIT DESERVES A PROTEST!!@##!@$#!@!

    • B*tches, Leave

      More often or not I come to the conclusion:
      “who cares” or/and “whatever”

    • Beijinger

      Only eight episodes WTF!!!!

      • Efe the foreigner

        i know dude, i cant even begin to speculate why he bought that huge fuck off machine gun in the first episode. the whole worlds gone to shit when the tv shows start being dicks too

        • Beijinger

          I thought it had something to do with Hank figuring out who walter was…

  • johnny basic

    Entirely understandable.

    Imagine if, say, San Francisco occupied the same relationship to the USA that Hong Kong does to China, and that the USA had been taken over by a totalitarian government, its culture destroyed, and its population almost entirely debased to egregious, ill-mannered and chauvinistic rednecks for the past 60 years. Or if you’re British; imagine that Brighton alone retained British culture at its best, while the rest of the country was taken over by BNP chavs.

    You think the inhabitants of San Fran/Brighton would welcome the embrace of the ‘motherland’, and being flooded by its wretched, brainwashed inhabitants?

    • AngryCanadien

      your retarded comment is delicious.

    • BigCAD

      I think we can all agree on this board, be you biggot or han job that China will never achieve the same level culturally, economically or socially as HK. All the mainland can do is drag HK down in to the mire of self loathing and retardation which is the P.R.C

      As a UK citizen I apologize from the bottom of my heart to all the population of HK for handing your territory over do a nation of peasants, we should of set true democracy in motion before the hand over and passed you on to R.O.C created an economic alliance with Singapore or even let you go it alone. Once again very sorry.

      • BigCAD: I don’t hold you personally responsible for the handover but if you come over and help me give my dogs a bath and a clipping I’ll be happy to send out sympathetic thoughts on your behalf.

        • BigCAD

          If you can wait till say March, i’ll be over for the sevens and i’ll pamper your pooch then.

      • AngryCanadien

        uhhh yes, hk’ers and their arrogance. it’s as if their shit don’t stink. apparently all of their problems are b/c of mainlanders. jolly ol’ england is the air freshener that can clear away the smell.

        • BigCAD

          You are indeed one angry Cannuck (unless you are a P.R.C.unt masquerading as one). Let me sing you a song.

          God save your gracious Queen,
          Long live your noble Queen,
          God save your Queen

          And so on and so forth.

          • mr. wiener

            I like the 2nd and 3rd verse the best
            ” Confound their politics, confuse their knavish tricks, our hopes on you we fix, God save our queen”.

            Tune original taken from a song made by some French nuns commemorating Louis the 15th’s operation for anal fistulas.

          • AngryCanadien

            long live chairman mao! drive out those british imperialists! LoL. but in all seriousness, i highly doubt all of china’s problems will disappear if prc suddenly disappears tomorrow. that’d be naivety & wishful thinking. I think the main driver for many of the problems in china are the population size. With 1.3 billion people striving to be recognized and to become rich, there bounds to be a lot of shoving and jostling around. as a result the society has become cold and uncaring. I’ve probably had similarly bad experiences as you have and I’ve also had discussions about it w/ my relatives back home. I wish things could be different and better. but democracy is unlikely to be the magic eraser. just look at other 3rd world democratic countries. many of them have the same problems. but if you wish to generalize all mainland china as despicable, by all means go ahead. Cause I know plenty of people in china who don’t fit your generalization

          • BigCAD

            Agreed that democracy in China, wouldn’t work for the time being, education and social responsibility have to reach a certain level before that would work, christ if it was handed it out tomorrow BoXiLai would be president, however it works on a village level if properly implemented, (unfortunately this isn’t often the case) so there is hope. HK should have it though, however the UK fucked up and the PRC is biding their time before they have to implement it, if ever.

            Never said all Mainlanders are despicable, just the vast majority of dumb asses outweighed those I respected or had anything to do with, sport was always a good barometer for this, if they could cycle well, complete a marathon or hold a rugby ball, you were normally on to a winner.

          • Kukuku

            AngryCanadian => AngryQuebecois ?

      • Jeffli

        @ BIG CAD
        +++we should of set true democracy in motion before the hand over +++

        Theres ‘ol Blighty again screwing up good colonies!
        Biggest UK blunder ever!
        UK should not have handed over HK!, If only your Iron lady (thatcher) was as strong with PROC as she was with the last of the Communists in Poland and other soviet linked countries. If only…..

        • BigCAD

          Wouldn’t say it was the biggest blunder ever. HK got out of the bargain infrastructure such as the airport and a guaranteed water supply, a stable market people were willing to invest in after it was assured the P.R.C wouldn’t swamp the place in the initial stages and we honored our contract.

          However biggest colonial blunder, not by a long stretch, possibly Suez…or maybe the defense of Singapore, Boer War, Zulu War, Gallipoli the loss of the American Colonies, first Afghan war, the Indian mutiny, Irish Famine….HK doesn’t even get in to the top 100.

          What’s a PROC?

          • cc

            Hong Kong was leased and the lease ran out, that’s how I remember it.

      • anon

        I don’t agree with that at all and I’m on this board.

        Size and diversity usually promotes higher levels of culture, economy, and society but history, circumstance, and narrow-mindedness can get in the way.

        • BigCAD

          Then may I suggest you take up an English teaching position, to distill and promote the noble cause of ‘one love’, thus elevalting the the population of the P.R.C to a higher plane of existence. This method is also known as ‘tickle monster’ when dealing with minors.

    • JT

      NOT BRAINWASHED!! ANCIENT THINKING. WE ARE ANCIENT PEOPLE!! YOU ARE NOT ANCIENT. Go home now. To your new, non-ancient home. That’s where you belong. Leave us in ancient times! ANCIENT!

      • Jeffli

        ok please tell your colleagues not to immigrate as we’re not ANCIENT enough. (especially your Fujian Uncles and Aunties [Heimin])

    • B*tches, Leave

      Sadly, but I agree …

    • limeycant

      considering the a quarter of the US is flooded with Mexicans who barely speak english and the fact that some states have had to erect traffic signs in SPANISH. Or, the fact that London is basically a ethnic ghetto where “youth” run amok.

      I’ve always wondered, how do egalitarian multiculti libtards like yourself reconcile xenophobic attitudes against the chinese while simultaneously espousing liberal doublespeak about diversity and multiculturalism?

    • cc

      Brighton! British culture! It’s full of queers.

      • Boris

        Exactly. All upstanding English gents like to bowl from the pavilion end. And whilst we’re on the subject, as a Brightonian, can I interest you in a game of ‘cricket’?

  • The Enlightened One

    I knew a couple that moved to mainland China from Hong Kong. They hated it! And left pretty quickly. It didn’t matter if their Mandarin, Cantonese and English was excellent.

    When I would talk to them, we always disliked the exact same things. Mentally, when I spoke to them I wouldn’t think of them as “Chinese” people, so I didn’t have to watch what I said as much. A lot of Chinese can be very sensitive and quickly get excited or upset when a foreigner says certain comments. For example:

    “So, who do you think would be the best leader to rule the entire world?”

    “Mao, of course!”

    “Why? Didn’t he cause a lot of trouble and starvation in China?”

    “Of course not, he build China and unify heavenly kingdom and you bow down before his glory and might! I KILL YOU!”

    There are very few mainland Chinese that are open-minded and civil from my experience… and the majority of the time these mainlanders are preparing to leave China or were raised from a young age abroad.

    I know one Chinese guy that was really drunk and starting screaming “Fuck Mao! He was a horrible leader and you are all too stupid to know it!” in a restaurant full of people. Not very civil but actually he was an intelligent guy.

    I know it isn’t good, but because of my interactions with Chinese… I categorize most of them as mindless lemmings as soon as I meet them. I am very pleasantly surprised when met with a Chinese person that proves otherwise.

    It’s too bad China can’t even get along well with their own people. How are they EVER going to get along with the rest of the world?

    • simon

      You must have befriended a lot of hillbillies from rural china, from the beijingers that i interact with, a lot have ill-feelings for mao and have rather critical opinions of him. These are mainly folks whose grandparents were teachers, KMT officials etc. and were thus badly treated during the cultural revolution.

      I really hate these generalizing comments, you meet some un-educated chinese and you start assuming that most are like them, but it’s certainly not the case. I have yet to meet a beijinger who is actually fanatically pro-mao, maybe you should try to interact with a different, more educated crowd lol

      • The Enlightened One

        I have lots of civil, open-minded and intelligent Chinese friends.

        You need to get out of Beijing because those kind of people are not the majority in China… I am basically going by the majority. Since it does rule.

        • My best experiences in China were with the countryside folk. The city types were always the most unfriendly. Chinese farmers are where it’s at.

      • Chad

        TEO is pretty uneducated that’s why he comments the way he does. Try to understand.

    • AngryCanadien

      I disagree with you wholeheartedly. A lot of chinese people are quite well aware of the corruption, the human rights abuses and other political problems in china. Many chinese netizens (or so I have read on chinasmack) have commented very openly about their distaste of the CCP. My uncle in china reads news critical of CCP through VPN all the time. everyone is quite aware of the seriousness in china. you really don’t need to say people in china are brainwashed or mindless. it’d be easy to generalize all muslims as religious fanatics, but I have muslim friends who clearly are not.

      and honestly, i get how people are frustrated about the lack of civility and apathy in many parts of China. I am equally as well, but i’m more frustrated by how people in hk are so arrogant that they’ll mistreat you at the first sign that you’re different (i.e. speak mandarin), even when you haven’t done anything wrong.

      • linette

        how people in hk are so arrogant that they’ll mistreat you at the first sign that you’re different (i.e. speak mandarin), ….

        Maybe there is a clash in differences in culture? Hkongese and China have a slightly different culture living in different society. What’s considered socially acceptable or normal. Like using the public bathroom and not on the street. Don’t eat on subway with crumbs all over the floor. Use a trash can. When HK people tell china people don’t litter china people laugh and continue to litter. What then? You will be angry too.

        Also in a very populated small city like HK, practice of proper sanitation is extremely important. HK is a world trade center. People from all over the world come and go along with their goods and viruses. You need proper sanitation practice like no spitting, cover your mouth when cough, food safety control…etc……Mainlanders have problem obeying these simple rules in Hong kong.

      • Chom

        Agree with your first paragraph. Everyone I know in China is complaining about the government constantly. Far from brainwashed.

        • noodles

          While many do complain, i also think to myself, are they complaining because they think it’s what I want to hear? And of course there are many people who say nothing as it is the safer option in china. People still go missing, you realize that don’t you?

  • Tony

    Who do hong kong ppl think they are, they so fuckin rude and ignorants

    • The Enlightened One

      Then give them back to Britain and everyone is happy?

      • Jeffli

        I think this what the Honkies would like.

        and lets face it that system worked! HK was the front office to Mainland manufacturing , it was a sucessful system from 1980 to 1998.

        • MrT

          HK was successful drug smuggling center world wide because it was under British rule and the Triads were allowed to run the show there, they also sold junk for the period you mentioned.
          HK was a dirty word in the UK for the shit that was sent to the UK.
          HK as always been the center for smugglers, just now its switched direction. Also HK property owners mafia run property on the mainland and often threaten people if they don’t pay the doubling rents each year, using gangsters to enforce this.
          Scum the lot of them.

  • MrT

    Fuck Honk Kong stuck up cunts, i swear to god the next one talks to me like a cunt I will bang em out good.
    While in McDonald’s i had two fat twats tell me go back home,(all thou they the tourists, me I live here) get out of china because I had words with them about throwing abuse at a homeless girl who was doing nothing but sleeping out side the door.( i often gave her food, she never asked or expected)
    They threaten me with the police and I told them call em lets see who will get thrown out, pointing out the camera in McDonald that recorded their bad abuse they give out. They soon fucked off.
    I swear HK people have got a real serious attitude problem.
    Again FUCK EM!

    • mr. wiener

      Do you live in HK?

      • MrT

        I live in cave with my buddies;-)

        • MrT

          This happened on the mainland, forgot to point that out,

    • AngryCanadien

      I absolutely agree with you. HKer’s arrogance and contempt are absolutely disgusting. My mom and her sisters took my grandma on a trip around asia for her 80th birthday, and she told me she had such a bad experience in HK. She wanted to ask for directions. she tried using mandarin and she was given the dirtiest looks. at point, she was so fed up, she pointed at one man and told him to “fuck off” in english. lol.

      • Jennster

        well lucky i speak english i use english there and they all smile LMAO. my mum who speaks mandarin to them gets ignored several times or talked back rudely and has to point out that we are hurrying for a flight to get some guy scared of eye contact to serve us properly.

    • Slob

      I had to go to HK recently to renew my visa for the mainland. I was so happy to go and I have been there before, but this time it just seemed a lot different. The people were really, REALLY stuck up. You ask for directions to some place and they consider it a huge time out of their hands to help you. A lot of people actually didn’t even bother looking at me. I went to a restaurant for some food and after the meal I asked where to pay. The guy mumbled something and pointed at the kitchen. It wasn’t English, Cantonese, or Mandarin. I kept asking “I’m sorry? Pardon? This way?(pointing at the kitchen)”. The guy got really pissed off and some nice girl who understood what this dipshit was saying told me “He said go that way and turn around the corner” then she told me it was some weird local dialect he was speaking. I mean how the fuck was I supposed to know you walk towards the kitchen and turn left when he could have just POINTED diagonally left around the corner. After abusing me with Mandarin I just told him to go fuck himself in front of the whole packed restaurant. Cao ni ma de B…my favourite Mandarin sentence.

      The subways…I mean what the fuck? The whole thing is packed and EVERYONE just sits there like a zombie not saying a god damned word. The ony people I saw talking were mainlanders…or at least they were speaking Mandarin. Everyone shuffles in and out of the subway stations like robots and it actually gave me chills walking around the place.

      I do like HK though for the food I can’t buy in the mainland. I mean tiny shops there have chocolate milk whereas in this city not even Metro has it (large supermarket chain). I was able to get some good food like subway, burger king, proper pizzas and stuff, but I really don’t think I could see myself living in that god-awful place. The people just seemed to have their heads so far up their ass they can lick their lungs.

      As much as I dislike the mainland, it’s a carefree place and as much as I hate people pushing in lines, spitting, smoking everywhere, it will always be better than HK in my opinion.

      • Weird how people go to the same place and have completely opposite views. I been to Hong Kong twice and both times I could feel the sense of calm wash over me as I wandered around thinking to myself “this is how China could be if the people had manners, knew how to drive and were held accountable for their actions”.

        • Slob

          Yeah the first time I went there it wasn’t too bad, I could put up with their snobbyness but the last time was just a nightmare.

          It may have something to do with current affairs or something (protesting mainlanders, DiaoYu islands thing) etc..so hopefully they will be a bit more life-like next time I go.

          • anon

            I’ve experienced both. To only experience one suggests you weren’t in Hong Kong very long or were extremely lucky or limited in what you exposed yourself to. I’ve had the most friendly help from complete nobodies and been treated like shit by 5-star service staff. Likewise, I’ve had the most polite service from 5-star service staff and given the “couldn’t be bothered” dismissal from hole in the wall eateries. Hong Kong is a place where there’s a lot of people from very different economic backgrounds all crowded together. It’s nigh impossible to not experience both good and bad. Whether you choose to remember it is another matter.

          • Boris

            Thanks Anon for the lecture. I didn’t find your tone patronising in the slightest.
            On a less sarcastic note, I love Hong Kong. All the trees on the way up to the peak just blow me away. I’ve walked up it heaps of times and I’m always elated by it.
            And, more importantly, there’s HMV.

        • The Enlightened One

          I am with you Little Wolf…

          I get the exact same feeling of calm when I go to Hong Kong. Maybe I am just lucky or because I am white… or whatever. But people have actually offered to help me and give me directions when I didn’t ask them.

          Service was always good at restaurants… CERTAINLY can’t say the same for mainland China. I liked it…

      • Rob

        And yet, they come to Beijing for whatever reason and the first thing they do is babble on and on in Cantonese as loud as they possibly can on the subways in elevators, etc.

      • linette

        then she told me it was some weird local dialect he was speaking….

        Last time I went back to Hk, there were so many mainlanders in HK. I will say 1 out of 5 chinese. They speak cantonese with accents.

        Sorry slob, Hk now has a lot of mainlanders. The dude you were getting pissed at maybe a mainlanders if they don’t speak fluently with accent free cantonese. I can always point out who’s hk and nonhk person speaking cantonese. They have there own accents color the cantonese language.

      • linette

        hong kong have everything; burger king , mcdonalds , subway, pizza hut, and all kinds of fast food you name it. Also restaurants from different countries like french, indians, carribean…etc…you name it.
        HK is also a food paradise as well as shopping. Next time spend more time to shop around. :)

        ……………..The whole thing is packed and EVERYONE just sits there like a zombie not saying a god damned word………………….
        Slob, are you for real? You complain because people don’t talk too much compare to mainlanders who shout all the time? Maybe HKongese don’t like noise pollution. ;)

        • The Enlightened One

          I have to agree, I love the food there.

          Well, except the stinky tofu… I can’t even try that…

          It’s just a terrible smell.

        • Slob

          “You complain because people don’t talk too much compare to mainlanders who shout all the time? Maybe HKongese don’t like noise pollution. ;)”

          Been living on the mainland for way too long that even 5 minutes of silence makes me uncomfortable. Going home to a tiny beach-side town I felt it was way too silent for my liking.

          ” I can always point out who’s hk and nonhk person speaking cantonese.”

          The guy I was staying with said he and his mates often play Spot-The-Mainlander and if you could spot one without them even speaking it was easy for them to do. I think it would be easy to Spot-The-Konger here…just look for the quiet person on the bus who was lining up beforehand and cups his phone with his hand when speaking to someone.

        • 0311

          oh yeah Cantonese us such a calm and quiet Language. OK LAAA you go to the Hell LARRRRRRRRR! CHI LUN SIN!

        • Chom

          Cantonese is a far louder and more coarse language than Mandarin is, even when spoken at a normal volume. At the end of every sentence you get this “a……” it sounds like the person is complaining or fed up or something, no matter what their saying “

          • cc

            Cantonese and Mandarin are just painful noises to the ear, both are such coarse horrible sounds.

          • mr. wiener

            ….and English is just music to the ears huh?

          • tai wai

            ….and English is just music to the ears huh?

            Yer fuckin-a-tweety!

            English sounds like… victory.

          • cc

            Compared to Cantonese and Mandarin, yes English is music to the ears. Even a guttural Glaswegian accent is more preferable.

      • noodles

        HK certainly is not what it used to be, that’s for sure. What I would question is why the people of HK have turned this way? I know it wasn’t like that when I visited 10 yrs ago. However it was starting to turn even then, I must admit. It might be that the typical HK’er is sick and tired of mainland Chinese going there enforcing their authority over the local population, and there is of course the “Chinese mainland way of doing official government business”, giving the local HK people no end of grief. If I were to sit down at a business table with a HK’ese and a mainland Chinese, I know which one I would do business with. Which would you trust, a degree from HK or mainland china? The other thing I have seen is mainland people coming into HK and cutting down trees, cutting down bus stops and selling it off for quick money.

    • Rob

      Hong Kong: The place that secretly wishes it was singapore and hates the rest of the world because of it.

      • Kukuku

        Mainland China: The place that secretly wishes it was the world…

        • tai wai

          It’s not a secret.


          Center (of the world) country. It says so right in the name.

  • Cleo

    But England refused to give you British citizenship, so they don’t want you.

    • BigCAD

      The British did agree to creating the British Nationality Selection Scheme, which granted to a select 50,000 people and their families the ability to obtain full British citizenship without having to fulfill the ordinary requirements, under the British Nationality Act (Hong Kong) 1990…….

      Also a HK passport is just as effective as a UK one.

      Where does your passport get you Cleo? North Korea must be cool, i’ve never been.

  • Cleo

    The British weren’t that nice to them – they spoke to Chinese in that ugly way often reported about Colonials in the British Empire. They don’t speak to Chinese that way in Beijing.

    :) Hong Kong needs China to get respect.

    • BigCAD

      That’s a nice movie what’s it called? does it star Jacky Chan?

    • Kukuku

      Actually HK doesn’t need anyone and should be its own country. HKers are so different from Mainlanders it boggles the mind.

  • simon

    Can someone explain to me how buying stuff from HK and smuggling it out is a bad thing for locals? Isn’t this good for business…

    • AngryCanadien

      yah i don’t get that either. I buy a lot of stuff from the US because it was cheaper and brought them back to canada to use for myself or sell any extras to friends. it’s good for your local economy. what are you complaining about? i think they were angry about the smugglers crowding the station and making it difficult for the locals to use it. and then it boiled over into the us vs them mentality where hker’s think mainlanders are uncivilized slobs and mainlanders think hker’s are stuck up arrogant assholes.

      • The Enlightened One

        I think they are just afraid of being overwhelmed by mainlanders. I mean they could easily be flooded from mainland in a week if all of the sudden, any mainland Chinese could walk into Hong Kong without permits or legalities.

        If mainland Chinese would just exhibit some manners, it would probably help quite a bit. Crapping in public and snorting snot everywhere REALLY has to go.

        • anon

          It would help quite a bit for those Hong Kongers upset about crude manners to remember that they usually don’t notice the mainland Chinese who do exhibit some manners and that there are wonderfully ill-mannered Hong Kong people as well. Just ask a lot of the people of countries that have played host to Hong Kong immigrants. The whole problem is allowing yourself to forget this in order to make it easier to point a finger. If more people remembered this, they’d be more likely to avoid escalating things with reckless comments. It’s a never ending battle but one that has to be fought because when we failed to fight it, we did really fucked up things to each other.

          • Kukuku

            On the other hand as far as we know the only people who systematically shit,piss,spit,push and shove as cultural traits are the Chinese.

            Hongjian: “These are facts.”

          • Chom

            Ever been to India Kukuku?

          • linette

            anon, you really need to go live in hong kong and live the life of a hong kong person around the city. Then you will see why the hong kong people complain when dealing with the mainlanders. How the hk people have to fight with the mainlanders who don’t pay tax to hk gov’t and in order to use the HK hospital emergency room or get a bed to give birth. The average waiting time for bed to give birth in public hospital(supposed to be free for hk people who pay tax to hk gov’t) is like 8 months or something and no guarantee. A lot of HK people end up using private hospital which is extremely expensive. Some end up doing the same thing like crash the HK emergery room to give birth bed or no bed. Which means poor medical care because no room and no assigned OB/GYN.. just some er doctor who’s over worked by these 40,000 mainlander pregnant women crushing hK ER. Hk women has one of the world lowest birth rate, which I believe may be due to that.

            And you don’t know what’s bad manner and poor hygiene until you see what they do in public. They do things in the subway and inside an air conditioned shopping mall that I can’t tell you. No words can describe it. It’s shocking.

          • Gaaad!!!

            No, India is “exotic” so it’s ok. China is not, so it’s not ok. Gosh, don’t u know anything?

          • Cooljackal

            Chom, I see what you mean about India. You would see a lot of the similar behavior in India, Pakistan, even in the middle eastern countries. And the spit would actually be red tobacco (HK’ers know about the red spit everywhere around nathan road where there are lots of immigrants from those areas).

            One big difference though. The total disregard for your fellow man won’t be there. Even without a queue you will always see men/women allowing elderly onto public transportation, men allowing women with children on first. If you are running to catch those small vw-type public buses that don’t stop someone will help you get on board.

            That isn’t to say that they won’t try to cheat you still :)

    • anon

      It’s good for the local businesses and the locals who engage in the profitable business of smuggling into China. It’s bad for the local consumers and the residents of certain local areas because its competition for resources: products, and space at the train station. One of the things about this being at the train station was because all these smugglers were crowding the place with all the stuff they were crossing into China with.

    • linette

      Slob. the problem is very serious. The mainlanders come back and forth into hK daily buying and empting the whole shelves in hk stores. DAILY…. There was a time when Baby powder and diapers etc are in serious shortage in HK due to that baby powder incident. HK mothers have no baby powder and diapers for their own kids. IT’s very serious. A hk mother on tv saying she needs to drive to 10 stores before she locate one can of baby powder and baby food for her baby. It’s a everyday struggle. Not just baby powder. Other goods you need in normal daily life also being emptied off the shelves. Also electronic or maybe latest high tech stuff like iphone ipad. Everything disappeared off the shelves nothing left for hk people.

      On top of that, they jammed up the public transportation with thousands of boxes of smuggling goods.

      • Chom

        “Everything disappeared off the shelves nothing left for hk people.”

        That’s a bit simplistic don’t you think? Everything doesn’t jsut dissappear off the shelves, people buy these things. HKese have the same opportunity as the mainlanders they are complaining about the buy these things. It would be another story if the shops were giving preferential treatment to the smugglers but it doesn’t seem like that is an issue.

        • linette

          Chom, thousand mainlanders come in and out of HK daily. A normal regular public transportation to work will turn into this daily for Hk people. Like a fish market with thousands china smugglers and boxes. Can’t even jam into the train or let alone get off.


          • Chom

            I understand that, so what do you want them to do about it? Ban them coming? Better to improve the public transport system and enforce regulations for everyone to try to solve the problem.

            For example, at Shuang Shui, they should have more train running to Luohu. The majority of people carrying a lot of boxes with them fo through Luo Hu. But they have to wait smetimes up to 10 mins on the platform for the train.

            You can’t stop people coming to HK or buying in HK, so better find other solutions instead of blaming them.

          • linette

            Chom…huh…didn’t we tell you HK has limited resources and space. LIKE…….NO SPACE.
            How you gonna build more trains or run more trains.where do the HK gov’t get the funding from? Like…from the hk taxpayers?

            Where you gonna build more schools and hospitals? Where do the HK gov’t get the funding from? Like…from the HK taxpayers?

            DO WE EVEN HAVE ENOUGH ROOM ANYWAY? How do you expand Hong kong? MOve us into the water and build schools in the ocean?? What are you talking about? Like I said. The mainlanders curse HK people out because they don’t understand what HK people have to deal with daily due to the problems created by thousands and thousands of non hk citizens mainlanders who don’t pay a dime to the hk gov’t but are using the hk resources.

          • Chom

            so what is your solution, apart from complaining?

      • Nibirtu

        Sorry, I’m wondering, you constantly complain about the resource shortage of Hongkong because of the Chinese mainlanders, did you fall victim of this pillage? Were you once one of those mothers? Is that the reason you left Hongkong? And last one, what makes you think that you are different from Chinese mainlanders even those Cantonese-speaking Guangdong’ers? Was your forefather one of those first settlers of the fish village some 140 years ago? I have seen many early Cantonese immigrating to Hongkong claim themselves to be “pure, pedigree” Hongkong’er, trying to draw the line between their cousins. Are you one of them? Do you have any cousins in Guangdong province? Have your grandparents or parents been persecuted by the CPC or was that one of the reasons why you keep drawing the line between you and your cousins? Are you different from your mainland cousins just because you were once ruled by C. F.Pattern (pengdingkang)? Stop barking to your counsins and licking your British master’s boots, you Hongkonkies look like nothing but a bulldog that bites the hand that feed you, your cousins’ hands.

  • Cleo

    HK can’t even get GENERATIONS of its own locally born and bred Chinese to stop defenestrating refrigerators and air conditioners and anything else they can’t be bothered to take down the stairs and dispose of properly. HKers are dealing with rule breakers who happen to be from the Mainland and because the spot the vulnerability of their target, they exploit it. HKers are really excellent at that.

  • moonmickey

    There we have it, didn’t take more than a few years of Chinese rule for them decide 100 years of British is better. Its just the beginning, mainlanders have ruined Hong Kong and the place is fast losing its higher class status.

    • Rob

      HK didn’t lose anything, it’s just that China caught up with it. Back in the day they got to pride themselves on have exclusivity and walling off the north, pretending it didnt exist (apart from being a place for cheap factories from which to get rich).

      Now? Mainlanders come in who are far richer than they are and buy up anything they want. The economy has not stagnated, it’s just that it’s no longer the only shiny diamond in the pot. Deal with it hongkies.

      • BigCAD

        China……caught up………if you meant economically, i’ll give you that, if you call stuffing an inbred peasent in a tailored versace suit and his whore an LV handbag, catching up. Socially and culturally though, which China did you visit….must of got the P.R.C mixed up with the R.O.C………it happens some times, anagrams can be confusing sometimes.

      • linette

        The economy has not stagnated, it’s just that it’s no longer the only shiny diamond in the pot. Deal with it hongkies….

        Most mainlanders coming to hk spending their corrupt money they stole from China taxpayers have the same mentality like Rob. They behave like that. They think money is everything and forget about the importance of rules and regulations. Basic human rights. Simple manners and equal opportunity. That is also another reason why HK and mainlanders clash.

        • moonmickey

          Just wait and see the disaster that is Shanghai Disney. Disney will build a fantastic park and mainlanders will slobber and pee all over it.

        • Chom

          “Basic human rights. Simple manners and equal opportunity.”

          So you are complaining about too many mainlanders in HK, what do you want to do? Limit the number of mainlanders allowed or ban them totally? That doesn’t sound like “basic human rights” and “equal opportunity”

          Also the mainlanders (government connected people) with the corrupt money are not the ones these protests are about. Do you really think these smugglers are rich? We are talking about a different group of people. These people are just trying to make a living.

          Your arguments sound good but you just have to scratch the surface to see that the are total BS.

          • linette

            We are talking about a different group of people. These people are just trying to make a living…..

            Chom…I am sorry to say it again. You have the exact mentality of mainlanders we are talking about. Making a living means it’s okay to do anything illegal. Smuggling means to avoid paying tax. It’s okay to not follow rules and regulation of HK gov’t. Rules and regulation of HK gov’t is not important. Breaking them is no problem . Now you know why HK people don’t want mainlanders to come in.

            Also HK and China are two separate gov’t with separate system. The hk people live under Hk gov’t and follow hk gov’t law. The mainlanders follow china gov’t laws. So we are really not quite “one” yet. You need a visa to go to HK. Nothing wrong with HK gov’t to limit visa for the mainlander and make it more strict. The china gov’t can also limit visa to HK people going to china.

        • Nibiru

          Are you jealous? You feel the pressure ?did you flee Hongkong the fishvillage? You coward self-made Hongkie Fenghuangnv. Ask your Liang Zhenying administration to stop mainlander-influx, go and shout for your Universal Suffrage won’t you? Same like your british master, refusing to accept your “past glory” being ridiculously arrogant, what a coward.

  • White Guy in USA

    Britain and its Colonies so far have done the best economically, technologically, Etc. They have been at the top of everything. America, Canada, Australia, ETC. South Africa is or was at least the only first world country on the Continent of Africa. Hong Kong was first world before and after WW2. While Chinese famine killed millions, Hong Kong next door, was like all the other first world countries.

    • MrT

      Britain should of give the Isle of White to the Hkers as compensation.
      Problem solved.

      • moonmickey

        They already have, you been there lately?

    • HinDL

      Well, it certanly didn’t go that well for India.

    • Gaaad!!!

      Or Zimbabwe or the Palestine and never mind the Chagos islanders. Need we go on? Now dare to tell us why that is so? Go on matey, show us your true colours.

    • DRaYphLy

      First World is code, for RUN by WHITE PEOPLE. get the FUCK outta here with that bullshit.

  • bigwin80

    Can’t say I blame them. Why would any sane person want Chinese flooding into their country?

    • wacky

      no they are not a country

      • Kukuku

        They still are culturally distinct from Mainlanders.

        • wacky

          but still not a country

          • DUXESTLUX

            they are not a country cause they can’t decide for themselves..mainland china would kill them all rather than accept their independence. But 150 years of different path has created a distinctive culture that should be preserved before it is too late

          • wacky

            you can think about just any possible reason why they are not a country, tibetan culture is also different from han culture but they are not a country, hui muslim culture is different from han majority yet they are not a country.
            cultural reason alone is just another weak explanation why an entity must or must not be a country, in an era where almost every nation on earth is wanted to be seen as a multicultural nation.
            me personally dont see any importance of Hk for mainland china rather than economic one. but i got the impression (from watching some documentary and going to some some forum on the internet) that HKers especially those opposition do not see it this way, they keep talking about democracy and freedom of this and that etc without realizing that there is no benefit for beijing to give them that.

        • Chom

          BS…culturally distinct in what way???

          • Kukuku

            -Different language
            -They elect leaders
            -They don’t shit/piss/spit/push and shove everywhere
            -They have access to the entire internet

        • Gaaad!!!

          “Cultural distinct”? LOL! At a different social-economic development level maybe, but culturally distinct? Oh please do enlighten us O’ wise one as to how HK is culturally distinct from China? Distinct from which part of of China? Tibet? Harbin? Shanghai? Szechuan? Or Shenzhen? Have you any frigging idea how big and diverse China is? Ya must be talking outt thy well lubed arse.

        • Gaaad!!!

          Different language –
          Eh the whole of Guangdong speaks the Cantonese dialect as well as Putonghua and whatever other dialects there are from valley to valley. Seen the size of Guangdong lately? Is Shanghainese another language? How about Szechuanese? Sheesh.

          Elect leaders –
          Lol that’s culture? Or is it politics? I suppose Japan has the same culture as Italy and Germany or Brazil then? So if China also have elections along the same format as HK, can it then be said that they have the same culture? Election is a political act, not a culture. POLITICAL culture is how elections and negotiations are undertaken and compromises struck among the parties involved. If u cannot be specific u r just shitting all over the place. What are u? Two years old or something?

          Shit, spit, push everywhere –
          Lol, is that culture or personal manners and hygiene? And if u feel you have to, pretty sure you’ll spit, push and shit everywhere too, including your pants if you are a two years old. So grow up will ya, what a moronic conflation.

          Have access to the entire Internet –
          (Giggles) Are u sure YOU have access to the ENTIRE Internet? Better check again kiddo.

          • Kukuku

            “Shit, spit, push everywhere –
            Lol, is that culture or personal manners and hygiene?”

            In China these manners or lack thereof define Mainlanders as Mainlanders.

          • Chom

            Basically you don’t know what your talking about. They are not “culturally distinct” in any way.

          • Cooljackal

            Kukuku, just ignore these guys.

            China is a culture. China has sub cultures in different regions, which can be considered cultures by themselves since China actually has quite a few different ethnic groups. Things are shared between cultures and things are different. HK might have had mainland culture from before the british administration, but since then it has diverged. It kept a lot of things, but developed new ones.

            One look at the definition of culture and you’ll understand. (and some of you seem to be talking without understanding so here’s the link http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/culture)

            And for Chom, here’s ONE piece of the definition that already makes HK’ers culture different than mainland:

            “the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education”

            By saying HK is not a culture on it’s own is like saying texan’s and californians are the same culture. Sure at the national level we all say we are the same culture, but there are quite a lot of differences. Culture is something that isn’t black and white.

  • P0uTine

    Just out of curiosity, how do you guys find the time to continuously comment? Don’t you have other things that need doing? a few posters have posted so many times on just one article. I’ve already spend way more time than I should commenting on this story.

    Also, i’ve noticed a trend here since i’ve started visiting this site. there are A LOT of haters here. some posters, instead of commenting about the story, use the forum as an opportunity to dump hate on china and the chinese people. sure I understand some of you guys have had some bad experiences during the time you’ve been living in china, and i’ve shared some similar bad experiences. but some people are just so bigoted, like moop, bigcad, getrealson etc. that i’m in shock. honestly it’s so strange

    • k

      Everyone has down time during the day/night to surf the net…like right now Im nursing my baby while playing on my smart phone but later ill be busy with dinner and cleaning…and many people are hust speaking their experiences as many who comment here have lived or do live in china and so they are going to have negative and positive things to say about the place and its people based on personal experience….and typically foreigners are more critical of ankther country due to comparing to their own country and culture…

    • Getrealson

      pointing out genuine flaws that exist – BIGOT!

      protesting, discriminating without ever been abroad, overcharging, nationalist to the point of government taught hate – POOR VICTIMS OF BIGOTRY!

      Great Logic! Have you ever read the articles on this site? The comments from the Chinese?

      • Chom

        ” Have you ever read the articles on this site? The comments from the Chinese?”

        There we have it folks, everyone, no matter their opinion are all lumped into a pile of shit called “The Chinese”.

        I always read the comments, it just that I can see the neutral, positive and negative comments, wheras you only focus only on the negative. If you read the comments on a few stories you will see many comments that are neurtal, many MANY comments critical of the government etc. But you can choose to focus on what you want.

        • Getrealson

          My point was that everyone on here whines about bigotry then neglects to point out Chinese bigotry. Not saying two wrongs make a right but don’t yell racist/bigot with the piety of tunnel vision.

          That’s pretty clever to take one line out of the whole post to make your point, if you had one!

          • This is an unbelievable comment. I do not see many people who whine about bigotry but do not point out Chinese bigotry. How is that possible on my website?

          • Getrealson

            Are you being sarcastic? How is this unbelievable? Why do you jump in on selective posts? Do you even read your website? or just cntrl F user names. Moop gets reigned in yet people like Starting, Chinese fighter, Hongjian to name a few can vomit the exact thing Moop does? is it because they are chinese?

            This is a quote from Hongjian: (Chinese person)


            Just look at all those free niggers and how they are still worse off than the worst Chinese peasant.

            Where were you for that one? or your little yappy dog “Anon”?

            ” I do not see many people who whine about bigotry but do not point out Chinese bigotry. How is that possible on my website?”

            you don’t see it because you do it with selective moderation.

          • anon

            So what would you be? moop’s yappy dog?

            I agree with Fauna of course, your “point” is “unbelievable” because it shows an “unbelievable” amount of selective reading and memory as Chom accused, as well as irony for accusing others of tunnel vision.

            There is not a single post on this site where people don’t whine about (point out, criticize, etc.) Chinese bigotry when its present in the translated comments. Likewise, Hongjian is just about everyone’s favorite whipping boy. Do you really not notice everyone who whines about him?

            So here’s the question, why would Fauna accuse Hongjian of sounding like a Chinese nationalist when he already presents himself as one? Why would she do that when so many of us (including me in the early days before I figured out MO) who ever made the mistake of taking Hongjian seriously have already accused him of bigotry?

            Next, how is it “selective moderation” when Hongjian’s bigotry is published along with everyone else’s bigotry? Do you see all the foreigner bigotry being deleted while all the Chinese bigotry remains?

            Fauna rarely comments. Comments like moop’s are all over this site. Why did she react to moop this time? Why didn’t she react to other similar comments? Why didn’t she react to moop when he said similar things in the past? Who knows? Why do you react only to certain comments and not others? Can you really say you always react the same way every time you run into the same thing? Or are you like the rest of us who don’t have the time or energy to react to every single comment out of hundreds that is disagreeable? I said in another comment that maybe she reacted to moop because they have history. For all we know, maybe she finds it more upsetting that he has those sentiments than someone else she may not have any history with. Wouldn’t you find it more upsetting if the person who says something disagreeable is a friend and not just a random stranger? It was moop himself who put himself on her radar anyway. I was there.

            I’m also certain Fauna hasn’t only reacted to foreigner bigotry. I’m not going to try finding an example but I’m sure she can. Thing is, I wouldn’t bet on it changing your mind when you only see and remember what you want. And let’s not forget the fact Fauna doesn’t hesitate to translate all the nasty Chinese netizen bigotry she sees on Chinese sites and puts up with regularly being accused of selling out her country and people for doing so. This is a Chinese person who isn’t afraid to be honest about the uglier things in her country. For that, she has to put up with shit from Chinese nationalists and bigoted foreigners at the same time.

            I see you think there’s some sort of conspiracy or bias because I don’t respond to obvious trolls like Hongjian. You may not have been around when I told everyone repeatedly to stop falling for his tricks and feeding him and was told to butt out because they wanted to keep feeding him. Or maybe you just selectively don’t remember. Either way, I don’t respond to a lot of bigoted comments. Do you respond to every instance of Chinese bigotry? I doubt it. You sound like the person who gets pulled over and whines to the cop about why some other person wasn’t pulled over.

            You can call me yappy dog if that makes you feel better but you haven’t presented any compelling evidence of Fauna engaging in selective moderation of bigotry.

          • Getrealson

            you just proved the dog point, but I don’t see your point with Hongjian. We are talking about bigotry/racism not chinese nationalism which I know are the same thing but Chinese like to call it nationalism to hide racism. Why not call moop a nationalist?

            People aren’t stupid Anon. You can talk in circles but the mood or tone of your posts are clear. Anyone with a brain is onto you! Defending political correctness as you know it, or this new age, faux neutral defend the underdog rhetoric you spew is bull shit. Rather than take a position, it is so easy for the average person to sit on the fence and say “OH! you can’t say that! that’s racist, bigot, you can’t generalise! that’s not fair!” and appear intelligent. DO YOU HAVE A POSITION?

            “I’m also certain Fauna hasn’t only reacted to foreigner bigotry. I’m not going to try finding an example but I’m sure she can.”

            I went to the trouble, why don’t you?

            Anyway, thanks for replying FAUNA.

    • Getrealson

      And you mentioned not commenting on the story, did you read it? Ever wondered why HK’ers don’t want mainlander’s there?

  • Sponge Monkey

    Step 1: Look up Family Mart (Asian convenience store) on the internet. Find the ownership of the company (Japan)

    Step 2: Go to ANY Family Mart in China and ask them what country started the store.

    Step 3: Smack head.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Point is, I don’t hate Chinese or Hong Kong or Japan. Ignorance I can do without, which seems to be in abundance in some regions of the world.

      See you next time I find a charity. This is too obvious tabloid for me.

    • Cameron

      So many people with so many bad stories about China…

      I’ve lived here for seven years in a variety of cities and can count unpleasant encounters on the fingers of one hand, without needing to to include thumb, forefinger or middlefinger. Either you guys are extremely sensitive or are bringing some situations on yourself.

      Maybe you could try being more respectful towards people, being sensitive and understanding of cultural differences, and treating people as individuals, rather than tarring everyone with the same brush? Its amazing how a short conversation with a fellow foreigner will often shed immediate light on the number of “problems” they encounter in China, how “difficult” and “awful” life is, and how “ignorant” and “unreasonable” Chinese people are.

      Oddly enough, its the arrogant stuck up assholes (a rather disporportionate number tend to be Americans truth be told) – the ones who treat all Chinese people with thinly disguised contempt, the ones who constantly whine about ignorant Chinese people not respecting other cultues when they themselves show absolutely no respect for Chinese culture themselves – who tend to have a LOT of problems in China. Funny that.

      • moonmickey

        You sound Chinese, sorry to hear about the fingers btw.

      • HinDL


      • Jennster

        Cameron, yeah majority of those are americans which i can confirm. not all foreigners are bad but the majority who always spoke loud and not speaking in mandarin are with american accents. the rest are just tourists who spoke german etc.

        • Cooljackal

          Okay cool, as long as you have confirmed that a majority of non-mandarin speaking loud foreigners who are bad are american. My mind is at ease now, since I have confirmation of this.

        • Funny, In my experience have found the most obnoxious foreigners in China to be either the Euro-trash or, believe it or not, the ‘humble’ Canadians.

          Besides, how do you even differentiate between an American and Canadian accent (and no, those Quebecois bastards don’t count).

          • moop

            just ask them to say the word “about” ;)

          • moop

            i’ll agree with the eurotrash part. met some real shitty polish people and french people as well. as far as loud is concerned i would say that award goes to northern englishmen and i’ve seen some loud drunk americans at the great leap. nothing more embarrassing than when one of your own countrymen come into a bar and yell out something stupid as soon as they enter through the door. there’s also a handful of creeps from the seychelles and a couple of the carribean islands that are creepy. then you have the occassional libyan wearing eyeliner

      • Chom

        Kudos Cameron, that’s been my experience too. And as you can see below, if you make any comment in ANY WAY that offers a different point of view you will be accused of “defending China” or “You sound Chinese” or “How much are they paying you”

        • moop

          if cameron is indeed telling the truth, and i doubt he is, then he is an outlier. an extreme outlier. most of us were/are respectful, but the years of people cheating you, pushing you, and watching these people treat eachother with total disregard and the selfish way these people live their lives takes its toll. its depressing and infuriating. like a friend who has a drug problem that just keeps fucking up over and over again, maybe you shouldnt get angry at him, but its unavoidable and you’re numb to feeling any sympathy for him.
          a lot of us came here because china was changing (i leapt at the chance when my company asked if i wanted to go, america was becoming so negative and the people are seemingly becoming dummer and dummer, i felt like america was going in the wrong direction and china was moving towards freedom and change) and we wanted to see her change and be a part of it, but she hasnt. still ignorant and docile, still rude and unforgiving, stubborn and arrogant.

          • Cameron

            That’s genuinely been my experience in China.

            “I felt like america was going in the wrong direction and china was moving towards freedom and change) and we wanted to see her change and be a part of it, but she hasnt. still ignorant and docile, still rude and unforgiving, stubborn and arrogant.”

            Yep, you sound like exactly the kind of person I mean. The kind of person who turns up in China and expects Chinese people to start fawning over you as soon as you announce you’re nationality. “Oh please teach me Wise Man from the West! Lead us on the road to Freedom Great American!” Well, sorry, it doesn’t work like that.

            Chinese people respect other country’s achievements -for example, I’ve found Chinese kids shamefully tend to have a better knowledge of and appreciation for historical Britons – Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare, Cromwell – than their English equivalents. Of course Chinese education in other aspects is a disaster in many aspects, but having respect and pride for their nation, while ALSO showing humility in appreciating the accomplishments of other nations is something others could learn from. Yes, America, I’m looking at you.

            Many Westerners and even expats can perhaps name, at best, two famous Chinese figures (Mao, Confucius, and, er…Jackie Chan?) from thousands of years of Chinese history. Many Americas can’t find their own country on a map. Apparently two thirds can’t find Iraq. Of course, Chinese and Americans share a woeful grasp of geography, although to my mind in only one of these countries is ignorance rarely a source of shame. And yet there’s this ridiculous notion that its the Chinese people that are somehow unique in being insular and somewhat self-obsessed. Interesting.

            China doesn’t owe you anything. It’s a country with massive problems, some self-made some not. If you don’t want to be occasionally over charged 2 kuai for a bowl of noodles, how about learn a few words of Chinese? Worked for me. Its a pragmatic and polite solution. Your humiliation at the expense of the noodle store owner doesn’t rate high on Chinas list of priorities I’m afraid.

          • moop

            “Yep, you sound like exactly the kind of person I mean. The kind of person who turns up in China and expects Chinese people to start fawning over you as soon as you announce you’re nationality. “Oh please teach me Wise Man from the West! Lead us on the road to Freedom Great American!” Well, sorry, it doesn’t work like that.”

            never expected them to do it because of me, i was hoping they’d do it for themselves, considering all the complaining i hear from chinese about their own society, none of them do anything about it

            “China doesn’t owe you anything. It’s a country with massive problems, some self-made some not. If you don’t want to be occasionally over charged 2 kuai for a bowl of noodles, how about learn a few words of Chinese? Worked for me. Its a pragmatic and polite solution. Your humiliation at the expense of the noodle store owner doesn’t rate high on Chinas list of priorities I’m afraid.”

            i do speak chinese. i can read and write it as well. people can’t even tell i am a foreigner if i speak to them on the phone. in fact my disdain for the chinese grew as i learned the language, thats how it is for most foreigners who learn the language. its not about be being humiliated, its about living in a society where this kind of behavior is ok and they are seen as clever somehow.

            regardless, i think you’re full of shit or are in the 0.0000000001% of foreigners here. some girl finally pretend to like your pecker so now all is right with the world?

          • Gaaad!!!


          • moop


          • Gaaad!!!

            Meh! Moop. Meh! Moop. Meh!

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Moop — here is where your comments get stupid. America, is actually a place where ONE PERSON can truly make a difference. Yes, America is becoming dumber (not “dummer”). But the beauty of living in a place like America is that there are so many platforms and so many ways people can be taken seriously than China, which is a completely different beast with 1.3 billion people. How do you “change” the culture of 1.3 billion? Slowly…very slowly.

            This is why I thought you were an old man. Because your perspective on everything is so bitter and so unenlightened. You are smart, but you dont’ have wisdom. Which is a real waste of talent.

          • Cooljackal

            Nanny, what you say is clearly not accurate. If you look at the historical context then changes in China compared to it’s history would be considered very rapid. Think about it, for a country that has had warlord and imperial rule for thousands of years then within one century have a few very large shifts in it’s national structure and the population’s thought process is extremely quick! Even just looking at the last 10-20 years of development can boggle the mind.

            And how do you change the culture of 1.3 billion people? The correct answer here is unfortunately not a timeframe as you have stated, but a method. The political party controls the flow of information and the laws. If you control those two thing for 1.3 billion people, you can be damn sure that you have some say over their cultural development and the speed at which it progresses.

      • Cooljackal

        Cameron, it’s really awesome that you’ve been in China for seven years and have only had a couple of unpleasant experiences. Truly, that is great. It has to be a combination of you being a very patient and forgiving individual and having an environment that “isn’t” like the ones being described by other people with bad experiences.

        I agree with you that there are lots of people that complain about a LOT of things (me being one of them). Do a lot of americans do that? Sure they do, but so do lots of other foreigners from other countries. Americans might just be more vocal about what they are feeling.

        But that being said, I don’t believe your experience is what most people have when they go and live in China.

        I don’t want to go into a discussion about people not respecting Chinese culture because I think it goes both ways. There are lots that don’t and lots that do, and I would like to think that a lot do.

        People get heated when they discuss different negative aspects and yes they frequently paint all “Chinese” with the same brush. That doesn’t change the fact that lots of negatives exist here. I am talking about China, not america or uk etc. If you complain to an american or a brit about problems in their respective countries they will probably agree with you (unless the american is from texas =), look at that I’m painting!)

        Anyways, all I am saying is that you can respect the culture yet still dislike things about it. Culture is not just historical, it’s everything that “is” China right now. So saying you dislike something doesn’t mean you don’t respect the culture. And I am sorry to say, while working/living here you will inevitably come across negatives.

        Chances are that you will encounter it more frequently and with more people than some other places that you will live. Pointing out the higher frequency of negative occurences surely isn’t “not respecting” a culture? Because some of these negatives are negatives by most countries standards, which means that lots of different cultures and ethicities have a standard by which to judge if something is negative (even non-mainland Chinese regardless of whether mainlanders considering them “true” chinese or not).

        The biggest negative that I see is that people here refuse to acknowledge a negative. To me, that is the single biggest issue that is causing the culture to degenerate (others can freely disagree with this). People try to bring up issues in other countries, which is fine as a comparison but in a debate would be considered side stepping an issue. When you acknowledge something as a problem, you can then try to fix it but until you do, it is still a problem.

        • Cameron

          Nice reply. Your argument is very reasonable and I agree with the vast majority of it. However:

          “Chances are that you will encounter it more frequently and with more people than some other places that you will live. Pointing out the higher frequency of negative occurences surely isn’t “not respecting” a culture? Because some of these negatives are negatives by most countries standards, which means that lots of different cultures and ethicities have a standard by which to judge if something is negative (even non-mainland Chinese regardless of whether mainlanders considering them “true” chinese or not).”

          Fair enough. But I guess my argument is that I feel many foreingers tend to focus on the negatives too much, at the expense of ignoring the positives of life here, as well as ignoring areas of improvement. I think too, that some Chinese feel, correctly, that foreigners are always focused on the negative regarding their country, and never the positive. This is why Chinese people will often appear so delighted if you exclaim even a little thing you like about China, even if its simply saying that some random dish is “delicious!” (lol).

          But I can sympathise with Chinese people here, because the criticism frequenlty goes way over the top into the land of hostility and bad manners.. Having a critical discussion is one thing. But if a group of foreigners slagging off the UK traditions, cultures, food etc in a British pub, how do you think the locals would react? They would rightfully be pissed off. And yet I’ve heard foreigners doing just this to China’s traditions,cultures, food etcso many times in bars etc across China, often directly in front of Chinese people. Thats not on. As I said, being criritcal is fine (especially among Chinese friends) but some expats seem to simply forget their manners when in China, and that is a different matter enitrley. Being critical is fine, but you should also be respectful, which i find many expats are not.

          “The biggest negative that I see is that people here refuse to acknowledge a negative. To me, that is the single biggest issue that is causing the culture to degenerate (others can freely disagree with this). People try to bring up issues in other countries, which is fine as a comparison but in a debate would be considered side stepping an issue. When you acknowledge something as a problem, you can then try to fix it but until you do, it is still a problem.”

          I disagree here. Chinese people are fiercely critical and harsh on modern China – amongst themselves. More so than most countries I think. However, I agree that on occasions, faced with a foreigner who they do not know, they wrongly misinterpret criticism as attack/insult. This will improve with time, although it is not unique to China. Most of us love to criticise and lay into our own culture, but come across all defensive when another person starts doing it, especially if that person is a foreigner. (eg, I often make jokes about British food (although I also enjoy it very much), but when I hear a Chinese person laugh at our cooking, it makes me mad).

          On the other hand, I’ve found that when you have built up trust with Chinese people they will be much more willing to openly criticise China, as they know you respect their country and are not trying to get one up on them.

          As far as my remarks concerning rude Americans in China, I think of course there are also mitgiating factors. For example, one of culture clash (the outspoken American ebcountering the very reserved, but proud, Chinese), that both countries people can be extremely in your face patriotic (saluting the flag, greatest country/civilizsation on Earth etc) and the added economic and military/sporting etc competitiveness/reliance thrown in to complicate things further.

          • mr. wiener

            Most of the yanks I’ve met have been very open minded and polite actually.

          • moop

            its true, i’m as civil as they come. i’m as meek as a little lamb

          • mr. wiener

            If you’re meek than I’ll be reborn as a small dog with a mustache.

          • moop

            oh lovely, then we can take naps together and you can sleep on my chest……

          • mr. wiener

            …..I just threw up a little in my mouth.

          • moop

            heh heh

          • Cooljackal

            Whether it is a person inviting you to their home for dinner, or someone taking you around their hometown since it is the “best city” in China. I am sure people are very appreciative of the good things they see in China.

            Just think of it this way. If you are marketing or branding a product, people will appreciate the positives. If you have enough history with the customers they will let go of one-off negatives. If the overall brand has enough positives, then even some recurring negatives will be overlooked (here’s where you can get zealots, that’s another story). But statistics have shown that negative experiences tend to stick with customers more than positives but can even-out over time. So in that sense, people are behaving as they statistically would. In this case, the number of negatives is high enough that the overall perceived sense is negative in people’s minds. Part of it could be dealings within other countries don’t have the same sort of day-to-day stupidity that you see here so when someone from that environment comes here, they naturally will compare. Is it wrong to do so? No it is definitely not.

            Aside from respecting the culture, we are all human and we have to coexist. By interaction we are all defining standards by which to interact with each other and agree on what is good and bad. Pointing out the bad is not wrong. Doing it excessively as you have pointed out, is. The flipside is that NOT pointing it out is also bad.
            You seem like a reasonable person. I just hope you aren’t one of those people who are so open-minded that they have become intolerant of negative opinions about a subject, even if they are excessive.

            “I disagree here. Chinese people are fiercely critical and harsh on modern China – amongst themselves. More so than most countries I think. However, I agree that on occasions, faced with a foreigner who they do not know, they wrongly misinterpret criticism as attack/insult. This will improve with time, although it is not unique to China.”

            I guess we can disagree here. You are probably right about the inter-Chinese critical debate on modern China. You are also right about the misinterpretation of criticism as an attack/insult that is not unique to China. I believe however that you are missing the main point. Aside from private discussion about China’s ruling party, the government system, rich vs poor and all that, I highly doubt basic day to day problems that WE encounter are ever discussed. Even though I say we, it also means Chinese. We just notice it because it is not normal by our standards.

            How many times, while doing business in China, have you asked an average Chinese person (sales, worker or ceo, doesn’t matter) a question and have them literally lie to your face? (never mind whether it is direct/indirect or implied) I can guarantee it’s more than 1%. How many times have you had a discussion, agreed on explicit terms in writing “the Chinese way” with company chops and all that and then have them turn around and not honor the agreement? I can guarantee if you are working here it’s more than 1%. How many times have you called them out on their bullshit and have them turn around and give you excuse after excuse blaming everyone except themselves and then also refusing to let you talk. Again, I WILL guarantee it’s more than 1%. I’ve had one foreigner tell me that this isn’t lying, it is changing what they say because it is what they think you want to hear. Well, I can tell you that is not what I want to hear and a lie is a lie no matter how you disguise it.

            If this is the “norm” here, I can honestly tell you that it is not the norm in the states. Aside from any personal issues you may have with people here (I don’t), this is considered bad business no matter where you go.

            “Most of us love to criticise and lay into our own culture, but come across all defensive when another person starts doing it, especially if that person is a foreigner.”

            I grew up in the states. We are all foreigners. I am a foreigner. I complain about america when I’m in a bar in america with my old boss from japan, my chinese and taiwanese former coworkers, my white former VP and our european math guy. Everyone except the white guy were born outside the states.

            If you meant that we get mad when the Chinese goverment (or any other government) says something about america (and indirectly the culture), then yes sure. If a foreign government says something negative about your country then wouldn’t you get a little ticked? That is not a america or china only thing.

            “On the other hand, I’ve found that when you have built up trust with Chinese people they will be much more willing to openly criticise China, as they know you respect their country and are not trying to get one up on them.”

            That I can understand.

          • Cooljackal

            First part got cut off…

            “Fair enough. But I guess my argument is that I feel many foreingers tend to focus on the negatives too much, at the expense of ignoring the positives of life here, as well as ignoring areas of improvement.”

            I’ll agree with you there to some extent. I catch myself complaining quite a bit about lack of common sense and idiotic behavior when I am hanging out with my friends. It gets to frustrating levels especially if you are one of those people that has to deal with the bureaucracy here. If you are a teacher, you probably won’t see it. If you manage a school or a department you will probably see it. If you run a business or represent a business here, you will definitely see it. However, that doesn’t mean that I am ignoring the positives.

        • Beijinger

          Good points Jackal. People’s experience in China can also have a lot to do with what you do for work. I used to work with a lot of expats in Shunyi, Beijing. They get ridiculous amounts of money, get to live in neighborhoods just like the ones back home, tuition for their kids, first class tickets, etc. A person with that lifestyle I am sure will have many different things to say a person with a relatively modest salary living in Chinese neighborhoods, etc.

          I am just like Moop in that I speak Chinese, to the point where I am mistaken for a native on phone calls. I also agree that the better your Chinese gets, the more potential there is to be affected by the environment.

          @Cameron – good for you if you have had a different experience from everyone else but:

          there is nothing wrong with venting, it can be healthy, actually

          you at times sound a little like the ones you criticize (Americans can’t pick out their country on a map? Really? And they are probably all fat too right?). Though Americans, of course, have their faults, like every culture

          why do you really care if people criticize China?

          where are you from, for the record?

      • tai wai


        How do you not get ground down by the indifference; by the envy and contempt; by the selfishness and the greediness; by the pettiness; by the bureaucracy; by the casual disregard for others, up to and including their lives..?

        How do you remain idealistic?

        Or, is that the trick of it? Idealistic people will become angrily disappointed with China? The culture shock is too much for those with a weak stomach?

        China has been great. It COULD be great. There are some truly lovely people here, truly lovely ideas. And, there is is hope with the young generation.

        But, by an large, the culture of romance and fraternity and respect has been largely ground flat, replaced with blank faces, stone hearts, and greedy hands.

        A culture from poverty, of poverty.

      • noodles

        i think what you are trying to say is that you hate americans. over the past 12 yrs in china i have met many very nice american people. and yes many do speak loud and yes some mistake this as a hostile action.

    • Jennster

      Don’t understand your intention of asking that when in china. most would start up a conversation like how’s your day/business etc. you have issues deep down with the country to think that up first if you undersand where i am coming from.

  • k

    Anyone else notice the “Im Fuckin It

    • The Enlightened One

      It’s the first post in the article…

      • k


        • Winter B4 Spring

          I wonder what it meant? o.O

          • k

            I think the girl is trying to let everyone know that she has sex with inanimate objects….if she were having sex with men or women it would be “him” “her” and not “it”…it implies tbat it is ether an object or an animal…..freaky deaky girl apparently…or maybe she doesnt understand english pronouns.

          • The Enlightened One

            LoL… K You’re not serious are you?

            If so, I think you are way off on that one. I think it is just a shirt that embodies the spirit of rebellion which is a spinoff of MacDonalds “I’m Lovin’ it.” Notice the golden arch in the outline of a middle finger?

            It’s just like saying… Fuck off, or piss off…

            I don’t think it has anything to do with her sexuality lol.

          • Linette

            No, that’s mcdonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” and the mcdonald’s logo M

            The shirt has middle finger and “I’m fuckin’ it”
            Then it said like fish o filet or something. I can’t read it.

            I would wear that too to go protest. ;)

          • k

            I joke enlightened :)!

  • Bill Stack

    The new Gov motto is “oppress is what we do best”

    • linette

      …….oppress is what we do best…..


  • k

    Question…..Would I be correct in comparing how HKers feel about mainlanders is very similar to how many Americans feel about illegal mexicans and south americans?

    • a more accurate comparison is how americans feel about puerto ricans and feel they should get out of america. puerto rico is the same situation as hong kong

      • I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone say that Puerto Ricans need to leave the US. Maybe it’s because I’m not from Florida.

        • Beijinger

          I’m from Florida and neither me nor my friends have anti-Puerto Rican or Latino views. Some people may think it’s a little frustrating that in Miami many people don’t speak English, but that’s about it. Despite that, I’m sure there are people out there that have any possible point of view imaginable. I also support Puerto Rican statehood, should they ever get a chance to vote on it.

      • k

        Ive never heard anti puerto rican sentiment in my area of the usa….but boy do people hate illegal mexicans. I taught in a predominately mexican school and many of the children had illegal parents and just having to deal with the problems that are associated with illegal children…headache. Often we would lose 5-7 kids at the end of the month when rent was due…then they would be gone for 4-5 months to mexico, no education whatsoever while gone and show up just in time to take the state mandatory exams, not able to speak english or knowing jack crap, and the teacher’s salaries are dependent on how these kids perform….also many of them harvested racist views against white students and would try to bully the white kids all the time….are mainlanders similar in that respect?

        • linette

          bully the white kids all the time….are mainlanders similar in that respect?…
          Yes, the mainlanders coming to HK with their money always trying to bully HK people. But Hk people will fight back and tell them to get lost.

          • Nibirtu

            Uh huh, so you jump out of the corner again, you Honkie coward. What that hell makes you so allergic to Chinese mainlanders? In other threads I see you as a lovely Asian woman but in this one you seem like a nag with endless complaints and negative remarks to your mainland cousins, what’s wrong with you? Are you on your period these days? If you are unsatified with the mainlanders “emptying your shelves”, just go and tell your Liangzhenying to change the situation, if you are in your hometown Hongkong.

          • Nibirtu

            Uh huh, so you jump out of the corner again, you Honkie coward. What that hell makes you so allergic to Chinese mainlanders? In other threads I see you as a lovely Asian woman but in this one you seem like a nag with endless complaints and negative remarks about your mainland cousins, what’s wrong with you? Are you on your period these days? If you are unsatified with the mainlanders “emptying your shelves”, just go and tell your Liangzhenying to change the situation, if you are in your hometown Hongkong.

          • Nibiru

            You Hongkies seem to have been bullied more by your British maters than by your Chinese parents. Remember one thing:never bite the hand that feeds you, be humble and grateful.

          • elizabeth

            There you go. Mainlanders bring money to HK. They contribute to the economy too. I have the foreigners in my country to thank for this argument :)

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhyZfzDU48g&feature=related

          yes i heard from young white people like my daughter’s friends. they get picked on by mexicans all the time. the nastiest case in america even reached CNN news see above

          as for chinese its similar to the hatred cantonese have for beijingers or shanghai etc

          • Jennster

            cantonese hate shanghai and beijingers? what? we don’t even know much about them. they ae so different to us even though all are chinese.

          • linette

            I am pretty sure Cantonese don’t hat beijingers or shanghai or any chinese from mainland as long as they follow Hk rules and regulation and don’t break the hk law. Don’t litter and do all those things that you see signs posting all over telling you no littering etc……
            Don ‘t crash the hk ER to jam up ER so Hk people couldn’t use it…and basically all the stuff I mentioned above. Then HK and China people can live in harmony. :)

      • PLAN

        I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about this… puerto rico is not in the same situation as HK…..

      • Not the best comparison, i’d say. Puerto Ricans (As US Citizens) are free to vote in favor of
        1. joining the Union as a full fledged state
        2. maintain their commonwealth/protectorate status
        3. or declare independence.

        They continue to vote in favor of option 2.

  • wacky

    typical looser who just lost their chance in election hgahahahahahahaha

  • fenqing

    I hate those shitty hong kong people just like the chengguangs. People there are fucking trying to make a living for their family and you’re there complaining about them buying stuff which actually help the Hong Kong economy too. You guys are fucking pathetic and should jump off a bridge because you are aren’t seen as British, but seen as a fucking Chink.

    • SH

      Typical pathetic Hong Kong shit.

  • Song of the Article

    God Save The Queen



    wearing my CHINAsmack Tshirt

    R U?

  • Gontraf

    Is it “tolerance week” in China or something ?

  • Eddie

    LOL these fuckers can protest all they want. Come 2046, they’re going to be saluting Mao and reading from the red book just like all the other Chinese people from the mainland.

  • Ma Xian Sheng

    spent the last three hours with the owner of the biggest club in nanjing–some place called “mazzo”.
    you now how this guy makes money? selling fake alcohol. dangerous alcohol. it is made of absolute shit. could probably kill people or at least cause cancer. he sells something called “stewart label” and on his menu calls it black label and charges a high price. it’s made in his friend’s “factory”. these people–they make me sick. americans–i can complain about them. but most won’t kill eachother for a dollar.
    chinese people will. they’ll kill eachother for a dollar
    they don’t give a shit about eachother, and then they’ll act like the japanese did them so much wrong. the japanese killed 500,000 chnese. the chinese aim to kill 500,000 chinese every day, just to make a profit. poison in milk, in cooking oil, in anything, just to make a dollar. maybe it’s good. self-imposed population control. these people are complete trash, as much as it hurts me to say that. if you don’t care about your own kind, if you place a dollar above the life of your fellow man, you are trash. you don’t deserve to be on this beautiful, amazing earth. fucking die. fucking die. fucking die. you want an island? why? so you can pollute it and destroy your fellow man there as well?

    • Chef Rocco

      You sound like under heavy influence of “stewart label”, did the owner tell you that the fake alcohol also cause mental disorder while you spent three hours with her? Anyway, I hope that you won’t “fucking die” from it, good luck.

  • Midnight Owl

    Strongly agree! Why pay taxes when citizen’s of your own (dare i say country within a country) are losing out on their standard of living? These smugglers and locusts aren’t adding any real value to HK society.

    Mainland society (as opposed to Taiwanese, HK, Singapore, and everywhere else there is a sizable Chinese population) is morally and ethically degenerating. It is damaged. Motivated by materialism and selfishness, one is not surprised at countrymen poisoning one another, killing one another to save a few bucks.

    Where is the rule of law? Where is the guiding principles of how first and foremost to be human?

    • Jennster

      they have low iq and less evolvement aka animal behaviour. in 1950s they were not like that. strange.

  • Capt. WED

    Yeah sometimes people say some stuff on here that kind of gets to me but you also have to look at it from their perspectives. I mean cos I’m Chinese born in China of course I’m not gonna care or notice things than say if I was non Chinese in China. Especially in a big city like Beijing where it’s loud, dirty, crowded, where the people can be rude. By rude from a foreigner’s perspective, since I personally don’t care about the loudness, the pushing and shoving (sometimes), the interpersonal interactions (but I’m not a foreigner).

    I guess as a foreigner Chinese can also be racist. Extreme racist if you’re black apparently. Of course I wouldn’t know because I’m Chinese born in China so of course I wouldn’t experience any of that.

    Tell you the truth many oversea Chinese living in China say the same things. Maybe it’s because there is too many people some say. But also point out the “low quality” of many Chinese. So it’s definitely legit complaint, not bullshit. Although I have to say the people I’m around do not spit on the ground, generally are not rude (in any perspective) to other people on the streets, can be empathetic, pet loving, do not eat dogs and cats. However they’re human thus not perfect, if they get into disputes with others they may become complete assholes. I however think this is an attribute a lot of people have living in dense urban cities. They also may take advantage of certain things if they have the means, although never anything illegal.

    I’m hesitant to say it’s all because of some of Chinese culture per-se due to experiences I had in places outside of Beijing (your legit complaints may also apply there but I guarantee that it’s at a much lesser extent than Beijing)? There is a marked difference. Well I have a lot of good personal experience with people from the country side. Like I went to Dalian and some other parts of northern China. People are much more intimate especially away from the
    hustle and bustle of Beijing.

    So yeah. legit complaints from these people especially from their perspective. I don’t know how much it’s because that they’re from the developed world and moved to a developing world, and how much it’s because of Chinese. It’s probably a mixture of the two, the question is how are they mixed. A lot of it is subjective.

    • Capt. WED

      like to add yeah it’s legit to say a lot of Chinese people are materialistic as fuck. A lot are selfish. Many I know are not like that (haha but maybe I’m biased thus blind to it) but I will say there are few that I noticed that are materialistic, and selfish to the extreme. Taking advantage, gaining an upper hand, is all they think about. Oh yeah and extremely anti-intellectual. COmpletely ignorant. Don’t know jack shit about anything, I mean literally! Oh yeah I know a few like that. That’s not a Chinese thing tho. I”m also don’t know whether you can generalize that to *A LOT* of Chinese people (the ignorance materialistic selfish thing) or what A LOT even means.

      • Capt. WED


        If Muhammud was here he would say so!

  • asdf

    What disgusts me most about mainlanders is their habit of praising the rich and spitting on the poor. I used to think that these rude, shameless, attitudes were a result of corruption and poverty, that as living conditions improve, Chinese people will become nicer and less materialistic. The people of Hongkong have proved me wrong.

    • Chef Rocco

      Isn’t praising the rich and spitting on the poor a norm in any society? ask Mitt Romney about it. he would explain to you why he thinks 47% people don’t pay tax while playing victim. I wouldn’t blame HKers but human nature.

      • asdf

        You’re right. Praising the rich and spitting on the poor is the norm in every society, but the manner in which this “norm” is executed differs greatly. So more accurately speaking, Chinese people are merely less inhibited to blatantly reveal their materialistic nature in public (ie不要面子)compared to foreigners, or even compared to themselves 50 years ago. What surprises me is that HKers, despite being isolated from the mainland’s recent social problems, are just as inconsiderate towards their self image.

  • Fraser

    I just bought a brand new macbook pro. Not trusting the CCP not to put something dodgy on it, like monitoring software or something, I asked my parents to buy me one in the UK and ship it over here.

    Remember, this computer was made in China, shipped to the UK, then shipped back to China. I had to pay 1190 RMB in import tax. Talk about twisted logic. In the end my macbook pro cost around 14,000 RMB. If I’d bought one here it would’ve been 11,000 RMB. But then again I would never know if the CCP weren’t using something to hack my computer and read my email. So the 3,000 RMB was worth it for peace of mind I suppose.

    • MrT

      Truly pathetic.

      • Chef Rocco

        Please understand that paranoid costs.

    • the ace of books

      And if you ever leave it in your apartment alone, that 3,000 will all be for naught. :D

    • Holy shit-balls! I detest the CCP just like any other reasonable human being, but damn son, that’s just bat-shit crazy!

    • vince

      Why didn’t you just buy one from HK or something? It’s cheaper there than in the mainland =.=

      • Hong Konger

        Good point. Not that I’m encouraging more smuggling or anything…
        But for that 3,000, you could have had a pretty awesome weekend in Hong Kong, along with your bug-free computer.

        • Fraser

          Can I crash on your couch?

          • vince

            i lol’ed

    • simon

      exactly what kind of top secret james bond shit are you doing in china to warrant such paranoia.

      • Fraser

        Hahaha, it gets worse guys. Once it arrived in Beijing the Chinese then told me that they’re putting it on a truck from Beijing to Xi’An (where I live). The reason, it has a lithium-ion battery in it, and might catch fire on the plane. Bearing in mind that it went on a plane from Edinburgh to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Hong Kong and then Hong Kong to Beijing.

        Talk about fucking stupid. Only in China do you encounter such utter, mindless stupidity. They’re a country of fucking barbarians. To make matters worse, I work in the best university in Xi’An, and the place is a total shit hole. It smells like somebody just thought, “fuck the toilet”, and pissed right on the stair case.

        But yeah, the CCP might not want to arrest me, but they might certainly try and steal my research. They don’t seem to understand the word plagiarism here.

  • Web of Lies

    This type of things happens everywhere. About a month ago there was some news how Americans where complaining that Canadians were crossing the border and hoarding goods. People are going to go wherever they can get a deal.

    • Cooljackal

      Yeah I think it was costco in the state of washington.

    • mr. wiener

      That works out in the end, The yanks go to Canada for the cheap meds. The Canucks go to the US for cheap booze and guns. It’s a feedback loop when you think about it.

  • 平凡人

    Chinese government is to be blame, they need to control people from going to Hong Kong. Seeing Chinese people fighting against fellow Chinese just tell us the mentality of the Chinese race. Laughable.

    • MrT

      From the same web site above photos come from, are a set of photos HKders burning Japanese flags and dolls of Japanese, China national flags being waved about every where.
      So it seems they want it both ways.

      • Chef Rocco

        not exactly, did you see the guy holding British flag on the picture covered his face with mask and sunglass? Obviously he is afraid of being called “traitor” by doing that.

    • Chef Rocco

      Yes, Chinese government should be blamed for whatever they are doing, if they restrict mainlanders from going to Hongkong, they should be blamed for violating people’s right to emigrate, if they allow people to go, they should be blamed for causing Chinese infighting.

      You are not a “commoner”, you are a genius.

  • Passing Bye

    I really don’t see much of a difference between Chinese Mainlanders and Chinese Hong Kongers. Hong Kongers claim that they behave better, that they are more civilized, because they do not spit on the street, because they do not leave garbage lying out on the road. That’s a habit, something that can be trained like how you can train your dog to go potty on the toilet.

    Being civilized means that if you see that Mainlander granny holding up her grandson while the kid takes a shit on the street, you go up and give her paper tissue so she can wipe the kids butt, and then you proceed to tell her that in Hong Kong, people do not condone public defecation even for children, and you do this for every old granny that you see.

    Going out on the streets with hateful signs and making up discriminatory songs about other people is exactly the kind of thing that I would expect from Mainland Chinese people, Hong Kongers are as different as they claim, then they should know better.

    • linette

      you go up and give her paper tissue so she can wipe the kids butt, and then you proceed to tell her that in Hong Kong, people do not condone public defecation even for children


      okay..anyway. The hk people always tell them that in a polite manner. they will tell them please use the public bathroom it’ right over there. Or please no eating on subway and clean the crumbs up. etc… IT’s a daily thing. But most of the time the mainlanders just laugh and continue to do it. It’s a ongoing thing. Nothing new. I guess after 15 yrs it’s fun just compose a song about their behavior and let them hear it or play it to them. Maybe it will get it in their head eventually.

    • Hong Konger

      Don’t you think we’ve already tried that? There are millions coming over the border, literally. We can’t teach manners to the whole country.

      15 years of reminding people to please wait in line, please don’t push, please don’t spill food on the train, please don’t pee there, please don’t throw your trash on the floor, please don’t spit. Imagine our poor police and security guards — not to mention transport and health staff.

      I saw a “medical mainland group tour” at a private hospital near my home. (Yes, they have organized gangs who come use our medical services). They left the ladies toilet so dirty that the cleaning lady had to pick the used maxi pads off the floor.

      How many visitors do you think react politely if this is pointed out? Some even get angry and aggressive.

      I’m not saying all mainland people are like that. Many are not.
      But even if there’s 10%, there are enough to drive home every negative stereotype.

      Even if you are nice to them — like you hold a door open, or give someone a seat on the subway — most will not say thank you or even make eye contact. I often help lost visitors. Once I said, “it’s faster and cheaper to take a cab there” they accused me of lying and trying to cheat them. (I’m an office lady. Do I look like a cabbie?)

      Don’t forget that most of our visitors are the local officials / provincial tycoons who think they are big shots back home, and treat everyone like dirt.

      My elderly mother offered toilet paper to a visitor and told her to please flush the toilet, and got yelled at. And, unfortunately, this was a person who had done a #2.

      This happens to you over and over, and that unfortunately leads to a certain bias.

      PS. Passing Bye — So how much time do you personally go to poor villages in China to help the grannies wipe babies’ butts? When was the last time you helped a stranger on the street?

      • The Enlightened One

        I agree with you Hong Konger.

        When I passed the border from Shenzhen to Hong Kong it was like being transported to a totally different country. I would strongly prefer that Hong Kong DOES NOT become like Mainland China. That would be a total step in the wrong direction.

        I can understand their anger and loss of patience. It’s like like it is a few tourist groups coming in and doing this. You are guys are getting completely flooded.

        It’s fine if they like to urinate and defecate all over the streets in their hometowns but when doing it on travel… I would have NO TOLERANCE for this myself. Most of them just assume Hong Kong is another part of China and since you are “Chinese” you should accept these wonderful “traditions”.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    talk about identifying with ones former oppressors! The ultimate mind-fuck

    • James

      of all the comments here, this one takes the cake… ‘oppressors’ – brilliant.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        I’m sorry – I meant “Occupiers”.

    • BigCAD

      You obviously had to work the fields; so jealous of the house slave weren’t we Nanny Hiccups.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        why the hell would i work in a field? Care to explain? That is a very weird comment. Oh well anyway, gotta go. Massa bout to rape me in the shed.

        • BigCAD

          Oh you got it :-p.

  • Cleo
  • DoctorZaius

    Everyone needs a scapegoat.

  • moop

    i’m a baaaaad, baaad man

  • Jennster

    given several people pointed out around 30% of mainland population educated 70% not i agree. so after a few decdes it will be 40-60 etc? that is a good thing. at least 30% is already 400 million.

    • BigCAD

      There’s that all purpose percentage again.

  • limeycant

    HK is sovereign to China, if any of them have problems with that they can take it up with the PLA garrison in HK.

    Meanwhile if they want to be British so much, they should think about moving to Sharia Britain and experience what life is like under the new English caliphate.

    Or better yet, join their new ethnic friends in Manila, Hanoi or some malaria infested shithole and fight against “Chinese aggression” from there.

    • Gontraf

      If anyone’s got a problem with anything in China, take it up with the PLA ! o/

    • Malaria infested shithole???????? huh? tell me l got that wrong snow-bunny.white christian devils used their religion to brianwash and expliot an entire continent for centuries , cooked HIV virus in their labs and infected the subjugated African populace ,spread std’ and other contagious ailments, in the form of foreign AIDS, they sent sterility drugs to innocent African college girls. . Attempts to exterminate every other race on the face of the earth has always come from white christian demons and you have the guts to labble an entire continent malaria shithole .it would have been right if you called your so called developed cesspool a cancer shithole.

      • BigCAD

        Is that the lyrics to a Public Enemy song?


      • moonmickey

        Now what they really need is venomous atheists that roll over each other’s kids a few times because they have zero moral compass.

      • noodles

        that was partly the spanish, dear. and yes it was learnt from china.

    • jon1259

      Correction -caliphate – you should use the word democracy

      • Hong Konger

        I don’t understand the argument that Hong Kong should be happy that the mainlanders are helping them make money.
        The mainlanders are abusive PUBLIC services. I know this may be a foreign concept on the mainland, but the HK government is actually responsible to its residents and offers high-quality, free socialized health services and education to its people.
        It’s not like the mainlanders are coming down like “medical tourists” in Thailand. They are lying and cheating — including bringing own falsified medical records — to storm our free, tax-payer-financed emergency rooms.
        And for every mainland woman who hides out in an illegal boarding house, and waits till she’s halfway through labor to crash into ER — it’s one less bed for a legitimately sick child, heart attack victim, elderly person etc.

        As for the milk powder, etc — these people are not protesting because of profit. They’re angry because we want to keep prices DOWN and supplies available. People who say HKers are profiting are crazy. How many dairy farms do you think we have in our dense urban center? All our food is imported anyway. It’s just that we don’t exactly have the shelf space to supply all of Southern China.

        • Hong Konger

          And the comparison with urbanites / migrants in China does not work. Because all mainlanders are under the same government and political system.

          Hong Kongers genuinely worry about the Mainland eroding their independent courts, legal system, free media, free Internet, etc. That is why tens of thousands protested against patriotic education.

          On the mainland, you don’t have that divide.

          • Fraser

            Yeah, Hong Konger you really make some excellent points. When HK was run by the UK, the UK established a legal system that is based on common law. The HK legal system is well respected world wide. The same cannot be said for the Chinese legal system.

            Before HK was handed over, there were huge restrictions placed on who could get in from the mainland. Now that it’s a part of China again, there are still restrictions, but not nearly as bad. So the place has become flooded.

            Yeah it must drive HK people crazy. The sad thing is, I’d be willing to bet that if you’d asked the people of HK (i.e. had a referendum), do you want to still be controlled by the UK, or be controlled by China, 99% would have voted to stay with the UK.

            The people of HK had no say in this decision, and it’s sad to see the place getting ruined by the Chinese. Before 1997 it was a great, up and coming city, now it’s just getting worse and worse.