Hong Kongers Sing “Locust World” Harassing Mainland Tourists

Hong Kongers harassing mainland tourists on the streets of Hong Kong, singing "Locust World".

Hong Kongers harassing mainland tourists on the streets of Hong Kong, singing "Locust World".

On Sina Weibo:

@刘超-怒放: Right now in Hong Kong, people are singing “Locust World” when encountering mainlanders on the street, especially against those tourists who are buying luxury bags and cosmetics, and has already become harassment. Recommend everyone avoid going to Hong Kong for shopping these few months. Just 3 months, and they will definitely beg the “locusts” to return. Let these people who are trying to ruin [the relationship between China and Hong Kong] know the importance of “locusts”. Please forward.

The song, “Locusts World”:

The song is based on Eason Chan‘s “Under Mt. Fuji” and the most viewed copy on YouTube (without English subtitles) has over 777k views since it was uploaded in February 2011. Below is an edited version uploaded 2 weeks ago featuring various video clips and images of locusts juxtaposed with mainlanders doing or saying things that annoy Hong Kongers:

This video currently has over 210k views on YouTube.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Don’t go to Hong Kong anymore… go back home… Don’t know whether Hong Kong people have thought about their future???


Those people singing this kind of song are simply a bunch of people who think too highly of themselves, their thinking truly having not grown up!!!


Everything they drink, eat, and use is produced and subsidized by the mainland. As our taxes are being used to give them better treatment and consumption to give them employment, they treat us as below them.


Do you know how much Hong Kong people donated during the Wenchuan earthquake? Do you know how many Chinese mainland impoverished mountain areas receive donations from Hong Kongers and Hong Kong companies? Do you know how many mainland companies go public on the Hong Kong stock exchange?

giggs1990: (responding to above)

So them donating larges sums of money means they can insulted your dignity? Laughable.


Sigh! What age is it and there are still people who are doing such stupid things!


But the phenomena described by the lyrics are real, are they not? Mainlanders should reflect upon themselves for a moment. Of course those Hong Kongers surrounding mainlanders singing are also wrong. Both sides have their faults.


TMD “Locusts World”, I want to write a “Parasite Song”! Mainlanders ding this!!!


When I heard Shina, I became angry. These aren’t our compatriots, they are Japanese dogs.


Our habits have their bad areas, but that doesn’t mean we should be insulted. If Hong Kong fashions itself as a civilized city, how come it doesn’t have some tolerance/patience? If civilization is built on the foundation of insulting others then we can only say that is hypocritical.


I suggest that everyone should jump at the chance to go to Hong Kong for vacation, visit family, work, business trips, meetings, shopping, anything. That is our China’s territory anyway, who says we can’t go just because they don’t let us? That’s laughable. Since they’re talking like that, we should just continue to take their milk powder and their hospital beds. We have power in numbers. We should get our hands on all the hospital beds we can book and all the milk powder we can buy until they are at their wits’ end. Best would be to chase certain Hong Kongers out of Hong Kong, leaving them no choice.


Can you guys stop trampling on human rights? You Hong Kongers talk about human rights, do mainlanders not have human rights? What right do you have to treat them like this!? Truly embarrassing the Chinese people!


The media needs to be fair and objective, not be provocative and misleading. Everyone knows why it has come to this kind of situation. This isn’t the result everyone wants. Nor is it a good way to solve the problem.


Sigh…Hong Kongers write a song intending to despise mainlanders…but end up cursing their own forefathers in the lyrics…do they not have any shame??


I’m not a fenqing, and even though some of it is true, I still feel the lyrics go too far. Especially upon hearing Hong Kongers call China “Shina”.[怒]

What do you think?


Written by Fauna

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