Hospitals create conferences to help nurses find husbands

Hospitals create conferences to help nurses find husbands

Hospitals create conferences to help nurses find husbands

In the eyes of Chinese society nurses are quite a popular bunch. But in Luoyang there are massive amounts of nurses who have already reached the preferred marital age but have yet to marry. Many have started doing blind dating, but because of a nurses’ busy and irregular schedule matching with a normal worker is very difficult. This makes these nurses very worried about their future marriage prospects. In order to solve this problem the hospital workers union have held interhospital social clubs so the single nurses can meet future husbands.

Source: Sina

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  • Amused

    I am strongly against this.
    Many documentary series such as the exemplary “Horny Nurses”(1-243) have shown the numerous benefits to recuperating patients of having unsatisfied overly-sexed nurses roaming about hospitals. These women should fully embrace their avocations in much the same fashion as ancient Vestal Virgins and sacrifice themselves for the greater good of society.

    • mr.wiener

      According to Chinese traditional medicine practices and most western sports coaches you should abstain from taking the chi of recuperating patients and young athletes the night before a big game ,despite what is shown in “Teenage enema nurses in bondage ” volume 1 Through 7.

      • Vance

        I guess now we know how to defeat team China in the Olympics…

  • Maio

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  • crimsonarmor

    I bet the married employees will be in there too getting up to no good once they realize all these women are looking for a man.

  • vonskippy

    Wait, you mean the promise made by the nursing schools that all their students would marry rich doctors isn’t true?