Hot Girl in Bikini Car Wash for Luxury Cars in Shanghai

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

From NetEase:

Shanghai Business Launches “Hot Chick” Car Wash, Luxury Cars Line Up to Experience

May 7th, a certain underground carpark on Shanghai’s Xietu Road began offering “hot chick” car wash services, with high heels, sunglasses, and bikinis burning up the scene, and various luxury cars all vying for a spot in line to experience the “erotic” car wash service.

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

Comments from NetEase:

党的政策惠万家 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Does it include car rocking service?

442379179 [网易香港手机网友]:

This is great, government and luxury cars now have an exclusive car wash, very similar to the current state of China!


I’ll take my BYD to get washed!

李卞白 [网易山东省网友] (responding to above):

With that, you can only have Sister Feng to come wash it.


Can my tractor be washed?

怪怪人0 [网易山西省阳泉市网友] (responding to above):

Can my 3-wheeled bike be washed?


What difference is this compared to prostitution? Rich people can do whatever they want.

网易陕西省西安市网友 (responding to above):

There’s a big difference, this you spend money but can only look.

网易中国手机网友 (responding to above):

After looking you can remember.

网易山东省青岛市网友 (responding to above):

After remembering you can “do.”

把牛逼还给牛 [网易山东省网友]:

Brothers, show some integrity!

What do you think?

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

A 'hot chick' car washing service is attracting lines of Shanghai elites and their luxury cars, as well as the jealousy of netizens.

No car? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Loopins

    When do they open one in Beijing. I’ll wash my car every week instead of leaving the Beijing crud on it.

  • Ever heard of a gym? Seen better looking chicks polishing me of.

    • Interested

      Rapitst 山炮, are you recovered by Beijing guys beating? Fucking loser, guess they did not beat you hard enough.

      • well done you found a video of a foreigner doing something wrong in China. If I had a video for every time I’ve seem a Chinese man beating women or forcing them into taxis etc then youtube would’t have a show in shitsville. Have you only just discovered that foreigners are also capable of doing bad things or did you think they all live in nice suburban houses and go to work everyday?

        • Cyrus Howell

          In about 1991 China discovered it’s first serial killer. He killed 5 or 6 people and was skinning them like the killer in the film, Silence of the Lambs.
          At that time Chinese people thought this only happened in America.

          • Capt. WED

            incorrect. when I was a little kid I remember hearing stories of people who would murder people and stuffed them into meat buns. Also horror stories during the cultural revolution.

      • moop

        that video is a hoax. the woman was a prostitute, the men beating him were her pimp and his muscle. they have been detained by the police. nice try though

        • dr love

          link please. i am interested in the full story

      • kaka

        When you found out, I wonder – what was your emotion?

        Sadness for the girl, or happiness that you could once again descend in to petty nationalism and thus allow yourself to forget for at least a brief period the general inequality of daily life compared to those Chinese who do half the work, but happen to have good “background”, by being able to once again channel your anger towards government approved targets?

    • bscalled

      this is not about you shanpao – but the theory behind guys with impossible standards of women are that they actually have very little self-esteem. these so called, “picky guys”, are most likely not very attractive to the ladies, because if they were getting more attention from women, they would probably understand them more and not be so critical. also, they tend to fall in love with prostitutes, because they are their only form intimacy.

      • I did not say I thought I was a stud. I definitely don’t. I just don’t like fat arses.

        • jennster

          doesnt matter what you like, if you are a 5-7 you will only get a <5-7 on average.

      • SOUTHAZN

        Not to side with anyone, but I strongly disagree, You mention “Impossible standards” could you give examples perhaps? also you say “picky guys, are most likely not very attractive to the ladies, because if they were getting more attention from women, they would probably understand them more and not be so critical. also, they tend to fall in love with prostitutes, because they are their only form intimacy.” this last sentence contradicts everything, why would someone with “Impossible standards” go to a prostitute? have you met every single one of these people? I’ve known people with “Impossible standards” to prevail. and I hate people who have double standards with a passion.

        • bscalled

          @ SOUTHAZN – rebuttal hunh? sure -why not. “impossible standards” are in quotations thus its meaning is questionable, to say the least, but is stated to make a point, and in this case it’s “picky guys” and the high standards they place on women to look a certain way – usually impossibly, good looking. For example, perfect skin, never a blemish, zero body fat, except in the breast, where they should be large, long legs, white teeth, narrow waste, etc, etc… are you getting (off on) this? Also, the fact that someone has these high standards does not exclude them from seeing prostitutes, because some prostitutes are very, attractive, and perhaps even close to the standards of the “picky guy” taste. Your argument that I should “meet every single one of these people” in order for me to base my theory is also impossible, however, I do have some knowledge about the subject, although I should and will not disclose it here as to what they are, but it doesn’t really matter. What do you mean when you say, “I’ve known people with “Impossible standards” to prevail”? What did they “prevail” in – marrying an average looking girl or a really, good looking one?

      • jennster

        picky is fine only if he’s some alpha looking dude. then we are on the same rank here.

  • typingfromwork

    Opened right opposite Average Joes’ one on the same day. What are the odds?

    • mr. wiener

      Great movie, favorite quote from Rip Torn:”You look like a bunch of retards trying to hump a doornob!”. Laughed my arse off.

      • typingfromwork

        Best sports movie of all time. White Goodman stole every scene.

    • lonetrey

      ahahahaha, had a good laugh remembering that movie!

  • jeffli

    screw the sofa!
    I do that princess in the photos on the floor there and then! I need polishing!

    but I could resist giving her a spanking first! ( a light one.)

    G.A.B. you wanna wash my car? :-)

  • Brett Hunan

    If I had a Lamborghini and saw some idiot woman put her heel on it I would be livid.

    Also pink bikini’s nose job looks terrible….

    I had this idea about 2 years ago for Beijing and it turns out I was right. Rich idiots would pay buttloads of money for subpar service from half-naked women… I should have capitalized.

    • jeffli

      If you had a lambo you wouldn’t visit these gals for a polish!
      You don’t have a lambo!
      So jump on your flying pigeon and peddle away! your nose job is uglier…while you’re at it shave your balls!

      I’d like to drive my F350 pick up with the double four barrel holleys, extractors, raised cams and chrome grease nipples to that carwash! they can polish me all day long! say I need to get my mullet trimmed.

      • Brett Hunan

        I know I dont have one… thats why I wrote “if…”

        If I did have one, I would respect it enough to take it to a professional detailing service. Thats exactly what I was hinting at. These rich Chinese kids dont give a shit and will take a car that costs millions of RMB to a place where girls are wearing hard jewelry and putting their cheap heels on the front end… although she is the hottest of the lot, still ruffles my pidgeons feathers.

        Also laughing that my idea came to life… and my wife thought I was crazy.

        • mr. wiener

          I’m pissed off at the guy who copied my idea for furry bike helmets.

          • Tengu

            Isn’t there a gym there for chrissakes. A little muscle tone wouldn’t kill them!

          • mr. wiener

            Welcome back Tengu, long time no see:)

        • So, sex sells appartently…

          Who would have thunk it?

          Also, that’s probably one of the worst jobs in the world. Uncomfortable, unsafe and impractical high heals on slippery floors, no warmth in a bikini as well as a wet environment and finally less money than a prostitute (referring to ones targetted towards rich clients) and the same level of dignity and self-respect.

          Might be funny as a cheerleader fundraiser, but as a business platform, the novelty wears off, customer base dwindles, cutbacks mean cheaper “employees” , cheqper salaries means smaller “talent” pool to chose from. In the end,it’s non-sustainable, except with outrageous prices that only nouveaus riche retards would pay to show off.

          Wait, this could work in china…

          • Alan

            And sex doesn’t sell in Taiwan, nor Hong Kong?

            Betel nut beauties in taiwan?

            And I have seen plenty of “female companionship” style bars around the touristy areas of HK. So I guess it is ok for HK to use mainland girls to amuse rich fat tourists and HK’ers…..or is it?

            Your call goateed, hairy chesty, star tattooed ace?

          • Notorious

            I had a job like this for three months when I was eighteen. It wasn’t that bad, just b oring and annoying when people are leering at you for no apparent reason. Or literally, trying to give you phone numbers. The stinkiest, fattest, ugliest guys were the most brazen. None of us wore high heels, we wore flip flops (like the ones for the beach) or sneakers. Not only that, we barely even washed the cars, all we did is threw a bucket of soapy water on it fake wiped it and took home fat tips from all of the pervs that came in.

          • Brett Hunan

            Alan Eljiahs point is that sex sells everywhere. Not once did he mention Taiwan or HK.

            What are you getting at, other than trolling?

          • Alan

            . Not once did he mention Taiwan or HK.

            What are you getting at, other than trolling?

            @BH: Where in hunan do you live? I quite enjoyed my year in Changsha.

            He didn’t but what he bemoans in China,also happens there, does it not? No need to hate China, just because he can, from a part of China that is definitely China.

          • Brett Hunan

            I lived in Hengshan/Xintang. Its about a 3 hour train ride south of Changsha, past Zhuzhou but before Hengyang.

          • Brett, while it’s always good to see another person with at least a modicum of intelligence and functional logic, I’d advise you not to give information to the retarded stalker troll.

            It’s unable to control itself and has no concept of how to form a conversation, let alone a feasible argument. Trust me when I say that I’ve had much more fruitful words with a four year old in Mandarin who refused to sit down during class.

            In short, ignore it.

        • dr love

          “if” i had a lambo, i’d run you over

          • Brett Hunan

            Well my big ass would cost you tens of thousands to repair your lambo… Unless you are a second generation rich kid, in which case you wouldnt care… is your dad Li Gang?

          • simon

            brett, if he had a lambo, i don’t think tens of thousands of dollars of repairs would be a big deal to him.

          • Brett Hunan

            So people who drive supercars dont worry about money? In my experience wealthy people penny-pinch more than middle or lower class people.

      • Feces Masticator

        Sounds like you’re driving a compensator.

      • Tengu

        Sacrilege to not capitalize “Holley”, the carb of the gods.

        I think the Lambo has Webers…6 of them, Philistines!

    • Jahar

      That can’t be a nose job. it’s just desperate need of one

  • jeffli

    “Brothers, show some integrity!”
    Hell Yeah!
    I’ll show some integrity, but I’d like to breach the integrity of above “damsels in bubbles”

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Any girls out there? Hello…?

    Would women pay for a service like this if the roles were reversed?

    Maybe a half-naked man as an aiyi doing housework?

    • Dat Ankle

      Yes, but he must be in top physical condition with a man thong on.
      Yes, yes I would pay for this.

  • Jeff

    How much to get my Giant bike washed?

    And maybe a hand job while I am there?

  • Justin

    I’m sure the comments will flood in on this, given that the maturity level of most posters on this forum is on par with that of pubescent boys and there’s nothing that gets horny geeks typing more than a little skin.

    • actually racial comments this is what happened to same chinese girls in singapore at a car show

      • Is there anyway that we can get this retard to stop embedding youtube videos that are either obvious promos for porn (ie: fake) or some random interracial video taken out of context for the purposes of base racism?

        I’m all for free speech, but fuck me if there aren’t some people who don’t know how to handle it.

        Also, it’s not even remotely related. It’s random shit from a retard.

        • BLAH BLAH SITTING COMFORTably in canada you dont experience the real problems chinese all over the world deal with or how laoweis view it

          • Dat Ankle

            Me thinks you have a rape fetish…

          • Ummmmmmmmmmm lived in china for 5 1/2 years before leaving. Been living in Hong Kong for 2 1/2 years now.

            I probably know more about problems in china than most chinese people due to restrictions on information.

            Also, laowai isn’t my name, my job, my title, my race, my nationality, my religion, my political stance or anything to do with me. It’s an offense generalization that only serves to highlight the peasant class of the person using it.

            Lastly, like I said, you videos are pointless and your comments are sensless. You have an obsession with finding videos involving dark-skinned men and Asian women that has no relevance to any of the topics you post in. Furthermore, the comments you write only serve to further confuse the already muddled discussion by totally misrepresenting the video as something else and it’s usually out of context.

            We get it, you had a girl, treated her the same as any average chinese girl (infer what you will) and she left you for a dark skinned guy and now you’re one of the 40,000,000 permanent bachelors in china. Whaaa whaaa whaaaa call the whaaaaaambulance.

        • mr. wiener

          How are your vids of black guys screwing asian women related to this?……Ahh, elightenment dawns! You want to dress up like an Asian girl and have a bunch of Black guys bang you. Oh well, what ever wanks your crank.

          • are u blind? those men are indians. its a proven fact that indians bangladeshis and sri lankans are far worse rapists than blacks
            just look at britain

          • mr. wiener

            The mig
            Silly me, you want to dress up like a girl and be raped by black guys, That weird Japanese cannibal guy AND Indians, Is that it?
            otherwise you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with interracial rape that could perhaps being expressed better on other kinds of web pages.

  • HungStud69

    ugh, ugly chinese chicks – no t1ts, flat asses….

    • Alan

      Yeah, where are the tits? seriously?

      • mr. wiener

        You want boobs in Asian? A difficult task if not a fools errand.
        Go to Korea I guess, that’s if you don’t mind sucking on silicon [in moderation of course].

    • Dat Ankle

      I mean this is Chinasmack, where they talk about stories happening in Asia. What do you expect from Asian girls, a fat ass and boobsilicious tits? Shame though.

      • Christina

        *cough cough

        I’ve been biting my tongue/keyboard at these dunderheaded comments.

        THERE ARE “BOOBSILICIOUS TITS” on some Asian girls and it’s certainly not a fool’s errand, dick [wiener].

        • Agreed, I’ve had my handsful of some serious tittage in Asia, everything from perky Bs to double down Ds, sometimes disappointed, sometimes not.

          Not to mention, coaco puff nipples… That’s an instant win right there.

          Ass is another story, seems the gluteous maximus is shaped a bit differently for Asian girls, so either need to broaden your desires or maybe just readjust them slightly. If you’re looking for cute, springy bottoms, then this is the place to look (unless they’re walking chopsticks, then it’s all sharp bones stabbing you wherever).

        • mr. wiener

          “Dick”? Sorry you must have confused me with my brother, Richard.
          “Tis a fools errand, as to discriminate against small boobs in favor of their larger sisters is a terrible waste. Personally I’ve never seen boobs I didn’t like, be they mosquito bites or wind socks.
          “Tis also a fools errand searching for the the fabled big boob in Asia as the average Asian girls frame is more petite than “zuftig”. Thus if The “D” cup is your cup of tea you’ll be a long time between drinks.
          Sorry if we were acting like tits, the sight of a set of fun bags is apt to make the average hetro lad act like a boob:)

          • Shawn

            Sorry to disagree, I do not know about China but I live in Japan and many of the women are changing due to diet. So actually there are quite a bit of women here with bigger breast and some with bigger butts and I do not mean fat.

        • Dat Ankle

          True, I misspoken, but seeing a big pair are rare. Seen some pretty decent ones though.

  • FYIADragoon

    I’ll consider buying a BMW for this if the women don’t touch the car with their damn shoes.

  • Dat Ankle

    That girl in the pink bikini should really hit the gym.. I would buy a luxury car and let them wash it just for the chance to see one of them fall in those high ass heels.

  • Alanood Burhaima

    “There’s a big difference, this you spend money but can only look.” LMFAO

  • waihang

    Well, why not.. but I am worried are they really going to wash those cars without gloves, all those chemicals will turn their hands soon look like raisin skin.

    btw, who knows if there’s a “rest room” for the customer somewhere behind the facade… lol

  • Alan

    Those girls are considered hot?!

    My jaw drops in amazement at actually seeing a sexy bikini, as opposed to the usual granny style beachwear though.

    There is perhaps only one out of those girls who could be considered “hot” imho.

    Still, I bet many single horny chinese guys were fogging up the windows, and stroking the salami solo….again a culture where women are degraded to second class status…so sad.

    • mr. wiener

      You’re right, I feel degraded just looking at it….I think I’ll go and look at the pictures so I can feel degraded some more:)

  • Notorious

    Weird also, that the brazillian hero article had way more postings than this one while this article nobody seems interested in lol.

    • mr. wiener

      Too many people interested in giving Fauna a hard time methinks. And the usual “Chinese men are crap” thing.
      Girls in bikinis though….outrageous to dyed in the wool feminist , but the rest of us can pretty much think “good” or “so what?”.

    • jeffli

      Hey I would never say no to a pretty lady offering a “polish”….I’d even return the favour.

  • Red scarf

    American hot car wash with Chinese characteristics……

  • Song of the Article

    I am in love with my car
    -Mike Ness

    Some of you SMACKers are not keeping it real.

  • eattot


  • Xiongmao

    They’ve been doing that in America since the late fifties. Sorry, can’t get my panties in a bunch.

    • Jeffli

      and Australia, New Zealand blah blah……

      nothing new but still novel!

      Maybe the girls would like a hardbodied blonde man with a tan in a chamois cloth G-string and bluebird tattoo on the left side of his butt lathering up their JiLi QQ? lol?

  • nameless

    heh i rather wash my car myself. Too much american tv going on out here only difference is the american girl is HOT, this no ass flat surfboard looking ching chong is ugly as shit. my 2 year old son has a bigger ass then that. I guess its a match up for the china men with a little weiner or should i say ya qian.

    • Brett Hunan

      You are a classt guy. Let me guess~ you drive a pickup with a confederate flag sticker on the back window.

      • bert

        Both of you are retards.

        • Brett Hunan

          Care to explain?

          • staylost

            You both stereotyped and insulted a group of people in a bigoted manner.

          • Notorious

            only a person with a confederate flag is a bigot, so it’s not necessarily a stereotype

          • Brett Hunan

            Not disagreeing… I stereotyped the stereotypical American bigot. “ching chong… little weiner” real cool.

            Which group did I “insult in a bigoting manner”? Pickup drivers or people with confederate flags on their car? If pickup owners than I disagree.

          • another white girl caught in act of racist term

          • staylost

            Your attitude towards Dixie culture is about as enlightened as if I called the Olympic games black power salute racist.

            I think your deep bigotry may be a result of cultural constructs that dictate your way of thinking. Not to mention there are people who show the Dixie flag who are racists. But the primary elements of Dixie culture do not incorporate racism, but are instead an affirmation of family-first, independence, and a revolt against the hypocritical and oppressive North (I myself being one of those Northerners).

            Not to mention the fundamental legal disagreement (state vs. federal) is one where the south was, legally, in the right. Obviously the issue of slavery is the one we look back on and celebrate, but remember, the Northerners kept slaves for far after the Emancipation Proclamation since it didn’t apply to the North.

            It was bigoted because you clearly are making a judgment without a real understanding of the group you are judging, the very essence of bigotry.

          • staylost

            Also, the reason people are pointing you out, is because you seem like a good guy, someone who is earnest and isn’t going to just choose some irrational position of hate to support a fragile psyche (as opposed to someone who will remain nameless).

          • Notorious

            Sorry, your assessment about the confederate flag is just another southern excuse to maintain old their old evil ways. It is a symbol of their values alright, of lynching black men and young black male children, slavery, and the flag they considered their own when they tried to break away from America and make their own slave trading country. I look at anyone who embraces the old south as a traitor. This is the half of the country that tried to succeed and become their own country and yet, they are perceived to be as american as apple pie. Yeah right, they were ready to jump ship rather than acknowledge that the greatest institution America has to offer, which is freedom for all of mankind was the right thing to do. so fuck the sout and their dixie bullshit, and their old racist dogma, and their “values”. There are plenty of good folks there with good home values, but I will never accept their confederate flag as to me it represents the evil institution of slavery, pure and simple.So color it however you want and I will leave it at that.

          • staylost

            Right, notorious, but that is what you are heaping on them, not actual facts about them, what they represent to you, not what they actually are. To be clear, if I were actually a Dixie Southerner, I would choose a different symbol to represent my movement out of respect for the party most injured during this time period, those Africans and their descendants who were treated like property.

            Also, if I were to act in solidarity with you, I would be a terrorist trying to bring down the United States for what it did to my people, the Native Americans. And don’t forget, the Yankee colors you salute supported slavery long after it was outlawed in the South.

          • Notorious

            Ah, I get it staylost, revisionist history. There was no conspiracy to support slavery in the north. There was racism, yes, but no conspiracy or support for it as if there was some sort of organized movement that gained steamed politically. Of course there might have been a nutjob or two who believed in a different outcome.

            Like I said, some jibberish about the North supporting slavery is just revisionist history for the purpose of muddying the water and diluting the truth. This is coming from a person who studied this stuff extensively in college and know the history of this country very well. I simply choose not to let it occupy my thoughts since we’re talking about history that was nearly 150 years ago.

          • staylost

            It is wrong to put words in my mouth and then declare that I am wrong because I said them.

            Like if I said this to you:
            There was no “Northern Conspiracy” to support slavery. I’m not even sure where you heard about that, but maybe your college taught unusual perspectives on history.
            Obviously you never said their was a Northern Conspiracy. Neither did I.

            The Emancipation Proclamation applied only to the states in rebellion. It was engineered by Abraham Lincoln as a method to lessen the economic stability of the South, not as an idealism (though Lincoln probably appreciated the ideal as well).

            Slavery was legal under the Federal government in the North until Dec. 1965, more than a half-a-year after the civil war ended (and a few years after the Emancipation Proclamation).

            This isn’t revisionism, it is just the facts.

          • mr. wiener

            Finally a vid from The mig I enjoyed! Funny as, and there was even a tenuous link to something Brett said [in a satirical manner]
            Some trivial for you Themig, the word “barbarians” was a word used by the Greeks to describe all non Greeks who language made as much sense as the bleating of sheep [Bar! bar!].
            Also the “Gringo” was used by the Spanish to describe the way English sounded to their ears [gring,go,gring go] and I’m sure there are many others.
            I still don’t know what “ting tong” means. Ha! maybe it’s the pain of hearing.

    • Christina

      your 2 year old son might just have a bigger butt because obesity is such an epidemic, what with all the stuff going on on american tv….

    • Christina

      jk. I love kids. Don’t let him get fat, big daddy :)

    • mr. wiener

      I’ve never been called a ya qian before.

  • DRaY

    China is wack!!!

  • Would be much obliged if someone can tell me *exactly* where on Xietu Road this car wash is located? I want to get my bicycle washed :P No but seriously…

    • I searched high and low for this car wash! Yet nobody had a clue where it was except the general street. Now we have the answer:

      “David, the shop owner, said his shop doesn’t provide “bikini car wash services.” His model friends used his shop as a backdrop for their photo albums. 10 models came to his shop for the photo shoot.”

      Thanks, WantChinaTimes, for finally getting to the bikini-bottom of this :P

  • dilladonuts

    whats up with all the homo hipsters commenting on this site? what’s to hate?

  • An anonymous boy…

    I always think it is pretty powerful that girls/women can just wear bikinis and do normal everyday normal jobs (probably badly) and get paid to do it. I think it points out how easily men can be manipulated into paying for sexual entertainment. I mean there are whole industries built on that fact…

    Also, I feel it is powerful for girls/women who feel no shame in doing such things (they are very confident), but contrarily and confusingly my mind always says I wouldn’t want my girlfriend or wife to do things like that (I would accept it though because she would be stronger mentally than me).

    • Notorious

      I agree with you anonymous boy. I say, if a man wants to be a pervert and pay to oogle, let him leer and take his money.

      If a man can demand beauty, a woman can demand money.

  • Chris

    왜~ 중고품 사용해 스포츠카를 닦어? ㅋㅋ

    • kaka

      이것은 아니다 koreasmack….

      당신은 한국어 없습니다.

      왜 한국어를 사용하는 쓰는 거예요?

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  • bert

    I’m sorry but these girls are not all that attractive. Attractive or not I think they should look for a profession that doesn’t turn them into a piece of bikini clad meat.

    Where is Big Brother superhero? Isn’t he going to come along to save these poor girls from being used? The Lambo is a foreign car, how dare that foreign car be washed by local sister’s!!!

    • Notorious

      Look at all the fashion models commenting on the appearance of these women. Sit on your perch and criticise people’s looks.

      funny how on the internet, when met in person, or a picture is shown, most of the guys turn out to be fat old and bald, and yet they rate attractive girls as being beneath them or not “hot” enough.

    • Brett Hunan

      Big Brother may have very well done the same if it were a Chinese man sexually assaulting a woman. The video went viral because it was a foreigner committing the act.

      There is no reason to believe that he attacked the foreigner only because he is foreign.

      How is this job any different than being a model?… other than they are providing a service as well…

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  • 北京爷们儿

    When this business can have in Beijing?

  • Sean

    We figured this out in America decades ago.

  • charles

    I would not get my car washed here. They’re using sponges and leaning on the car! The car would come out all scratched.

  • asdf

    pffft…I am not amused. Was expecting something along the line of “boob car washing”…