“How a Bed Shared with My Wife is Divided”, Chinese Reactions

Chinese translation of 'Bed Cartography' by Doghouse Diaries showing how a bed shared with one's wife is divided.

The following microblog post was among yesterday’s top 10 “hottest”…

On Sina Weibo:

@一起神回复: Geographical division when sharing bed with wife…

Chinese translation (and English retranslation) of 'Bed Cartography' by Doghouse Diaries showing how a bed shared with one's wife is divided.

The diagram above is a Chinese language translation of “Bed Cartography” from Doghouse Diaries (below). I have added English translations of the Chinese translation because the meanings are a little different from the original English. Click above image for original Chinese-only version.


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Haha, very funny



虐猫狂人薛定谔: (responding to above)

you need…

View_薇薇薇: (responding to above)

a wife.


When I’m sound asleep, the entire bed could be my domain! His would be the floor!


Don’t worry, when your wife becomes unfaithful, that area of no fucking use [uncharted territory] will be used, because your wife will basically spend all her time there…


If that area of no fucking use had any use, then you’d be of no use anymore ╮(╯▽╰)╭


[泪][泪] Mainly it’s because my area is warmer.


@柴可夫小健 We’re the opposite. [哼][哼]


@好孩子是囍枪枪 Completely the other way around!!


Humph! You’re someone who has a wife! She sleeps with you every day! And you’re still unhappy/unsatisfied!


[哼][哼]Shot even when lying down“, every time I’m crowded onto the edge [of the bed], and she even drapes her arm and leg on me, just barely not squeezing me off onto the floor.


Actually, sometimes I too am a pillow.


Stop complaining, okay? Your wife’s entire body is your area of physical occupation [territory], okay??!


A blow-up [doll] is better. After you’re done, you can let out the air and it won’t take up any room!


Could not be more accurate.

Is this true for you and your significant other?

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