‘How Can People of Different Genders Love Each Other’

Two Chinese gay men forming a heart with their hands with rings on their fingers.

Two asian homosexual men.

On Sina Weibo:

#How Can People of Different Genders Love Each Other#

Support homosexuality/homosexuals, LOVE IS LOVE, it has nothing to do with gender.

Sina Weibo poll asking if netizens' views on homosexuality has changed since 5 years ago.

Poll Question:

Have your views on homosexuality changed from 5 years ago?

Red Side:

Seeing the increase of friends around me who identify as homosexuals as well as the legalization of gay marriages in even more countries, I have gradually come to approve/accept homosexuality.

Over 16k votes at time of translation.

Blue Side:

Haven’t changed. From then till now, I am unable to understand homosexuality.

Nearly 2k votes at time of translation.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


I’m a homosexual, and I don’t discriminate against heterosexuals.


In the past, men decided the fates of women, white people decided the fates of black people. Now it is heterosexuals who decide the fates of homosexuals. What’s wrong with homosexuality? Who gives you the right to arbitrarily define them?


There’s no shame in homosexuality, what’s shameful is that heart of intolerance in you people!!


As long as there’s love, neither gender nor whatever are problems.


Still hoping for a future where [homosexuals] can marry in China.


To love someone is to love their personality, to love the way they do things, to love the way they look at life, to love all kinds of things about them, so how can you not love them simply because they are the same sex?


Love knows no borders, no race, no gender! I love you, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. What I seek is only sincerity [true love]. There is no crime in love! Those people who discriminate against homosexuals, when you fall in love with a person who is the same sex as you, how will you justify the things you have said before? Nothing is absolute, who knows [what might happen]?


We don’t love someone because it conforms to so-called conventions and norms, we love someone because of a connection between hearts/spirits.


Homosexuality is disgusting, homosexuality is disgusting! It’d be better to choose to be single than to choose to be homosexual. Living by yourself is also very nice, without burden, without pressure [of or from a partner].

Einfach2: (responding to above)

Everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness, and we should respect every person’s dignity when we speak. You can not support it, but you can’t go attempting to destroy or obstruct others in poor taste. Humans have intelligence, so please conduct yourself with dignity when speaking.


The moment I think of men with men, I just want to throw up. [When it’s] women with women, I just want to lend a hand.

Einfach2: (responding to above)

Oh, then you must be an animal without any intelligence, but how come you’re still wearing the skin of a human? You still don’t qualify [to be human].


Turning a normal person into a homosexual only takes one money, even just one week. So don’t tell me bullshit about it being born [homosexual]. From when I was small, I’ve liked to take other kids’ things because it was really fun/pleasurable to me, so can we say I was born a robber? When you’ve done wrong, you must change! Evil thoughts must be extinguished! If it becomes something you do out of habit, then changing it will be even more painful.

随浠: (responding to above)

Hehe, why don’t you turn yourself into a homosexual in a month and give it a try? Sexual orientation is determined by many factors, it’s not something you can decide.


Sexual orientation can’t be defined as a choice. Nobody would choose to live a lifestyle of being marginalized, suffering, and without a future.


Hey, genius, I beg you to change me from being a homosexual into what you call a normal person then. If you can make me interested in the opposite sex then I’ll be completely, especially, extremely, very grateful. What’s truly evil is your own inner heart, but time will make you understand/realize everything.

Have your views on homosexuality changed over time?

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Two Chinese gay men forming a heart with their hands with rings on their fingers.

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