Boys Tricked Into Helping “Fallen” Woman Finally Rewarded

Boys Tricked Into Helping “Fallen” Woman Finally Rewarded
Three boys who went to help a “fallen” old woman but ended up being blamed for the incident have finally been rewarded with 5000 RMB by a public welfare NGO. The incident occurred on November 15, 2013 as the boys were playing outside their home in Dazhou. After the woman “fell”, she requested that the boys pull her up, but after they helped her she immediately grabbed them and blamed the fall on them. She later went to hospital for two days to “prove” her claim and extorted the boys’ families for compensation. One netizen felt the reward was “stingy”, and that an extra 1000 would have made it easier to divide.


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  • Amused

    Meh. I’d pay 5k to watch them kick the old gypsy down a few flights of stairs on Worldstar.
    In all seriousness tho, this shit won’t stop until some deterrent appears.

  • Bman

    Who is worse; the lady who contributes to the fall of a once great society, or the society’s benevolent rulers who allowed this conniving, deceitful, dishonorable practice(s) to continue?