Hu Jintao Bends Over to Pick Up National Flag at G20 Summit

Hu Jintao handling the flag sticker,

Hu Jintao handling the flag sticker,

From QQ:

Hu Jintao Bends Over to Pick Up Chinese National Flag at G20 Summit

The G20 Summit opened on June 18th at Los Cabos, Mexico. When it came time for the leaders to pose for their group photograph, the organizing party used national flags to indicate each of their positions. After the pictures were taken and the leaders began to clear out, the various flags were trampled upon left and right. However, China’s Chairman, Hu Jintao, bent over at the waist to pick up his little flag sticker, and folded it up with care. This scene has evoked hot discussion online.

Hu Jintao and other G20 leaders getting ready to pose for their picture

Hu Jintao picking up the flag.

Hu Jintao picking up the flag frame by frame

Over 7000 comments were left on this QQ photo feature alone with Chinese netizen discussion far and wide across the Chinese internet on discussion forums, social networks, and microblogs, with many Chinese netizens moved and touched by what they felt was a simple, sincere, and what could’ve been easily unnoticed and overlooked display of a government leader’s respect and reverence for not just a nation’s flag but a symbol of the country and its people.

Comments on QQ:

腾讯上海市网友 守望的天空:

Our good Chairman! Patriotism is not words, but perhaps the brief moment when one bends at the waist…

腾讯网友 桔子:

What the Chairman represents is not a person, but a country. A strong country. A country that has an immense impact on the rest of the world. The moment you bent over, it demonstrated a kind of spirit, the spirit of a people. At the same time, you are also an old man, one who should be surrounded by sons and grandsons, enjoying the happiness of family……Thank you for your dedication! I salute you…

腾讯广州市网友 雪狼 :

Brother Tao, this time you must be commended!

腾讯网友 Pumbaa。:

Now this is what a leader is like, one who can see the future, as well as see what is under his feet [figuratively, the present].


You go, Chairman Hu! Such greatness, the people of Tianjin send their respects!!!

奠基者: (responding to the above)

The people of Hubei send you their respects! Everyone else join in

成都市 我想考清华: (responding to the above)

The people of Sichuan send you their respects

奶牛也喝牛奶: (responding to the above)

The people of Jiangsu send you their respects!

墨: (responding to the above)

The people of Yunnan love you!

茂名市 小俊:(responding to the above)

The people of Guangdong send you their respects!

呼和浩特市 封风:(responding to the above)

The people of of the People’s Republic of China send you their respects

呒:(responding to the above)

The people of the world send you their respects

北京市 草根儿:(responding to the above)

A lowly worker at Eastern National Telecom sends you his[/her] respect!

哈尔滨市 ご天枰≠公平:(responding to the above)

China’s chengguan send you their respects!

金华市 飘泊的人:(responding to the above)

The migrant workers send you their respects…

ゞ嘘、想妳﹎:(responding to the above)

The people of Hunan send you their respects

益阳市 彩鹃:(responding to the above)

The people of Hunan send you their respects again

常青藤:(responding to the above)

Overseas Chinese send you their respects

.风雨夜归人:(responding to the above)

Chairman Hu, those who have found the road to getting rich quick send you their respects! Ha…he…hee hee….

Leave it to Chinese netizens to inject some humor, silliness, and even biting cynicism into any topic. Even so, a good number of Chinese netizens from various parts of China repeatedly posted comments in a similar vein as above on QQ, professing to represent and speak for various groups, “sending their respects” to Chairman Hu for this brief moment caught on camera, seemingly juxtaposed against so many other world leaders.

What do you think? Would you be touched or impressed by such an act by your country’s leader? Do you feel your national flag is a sacred symbol to be accorded respect?

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