Hu Jintao Bends Over to Pick Up National Flag at G20 Summit

Hu Jintao handling the flag sticker,

Hu Jintao handling the flag sticker,

From QQ:

Hu Jintao Bends Over to Pick Up Chinese National Flag at G20 Summit

The G20 Summit opened on June 18th at Los Cabos, Mexico. When it came time for the leaders to pose for their group photograph, the organizing party used national flags to indicate each of their positions. After the pictures were taken and the leaders began to clear out, the various flags were trampled upon left and right. However, China’s Chairman, Hu Jintao, bent over at the waist to pick up his little flag sticker, and folded it up with care. This scene has evoked hot discussion online.

Hu Jintao and other G20 leaders getting ready to pose for their picture

Hu Jintao picking up the flag.

Hu Jintao picking up the flag frame by frame

Over 7000 comments were left on this QQ photo feature alone with Chinese netizen discussion far and wide across the Chinese internet on discussion forums, social networks, and microblogs, with many Chinese netizens moved and touched by what they felt was a simple, sincere, and what could’ve been easily unnoticed and overlooked display of a government leader’s respect and reverence for not just a nation’s flag but a symbol of the country and its people.

Comments on QQ:

腾讯上海市网友 守望的天空:

Our good Chairman! Patriotism is not words, but perhaps the brief moment when one bends at the waist…

腾讯网友 桔子:

What the Chairman represents is not a person, but a country. A strong country. A country that has an immense impact on the rest of the world. The moment you bent over, it demonstrated a kind of spirit, the spirit of a people. At the same time, you are also an old man, one who should be surrounded by sons and grandsons, enjoying the happiness of family……Thank you for your dedication! I salute you…

腾讯广州市网友 雪狼 :

Brother Tao, this time you must be commended!

腾讯网友 Pumbaa。:

Now this is what a leader is like, one who can see the future, as well as see what is under his feet [figuratively, the present].


You go, Chairman Hu! Such greatness, the people of Tianjin send their respects!!!

奠基者: (responding to the above)

The people of Hubei send you their respects! Everyone else join in

成都市 我想考清华: (responding to the above)

The people of Sichuan send you their respects

奶牛也喝牛奶: (responding to the above)

The people of Jiangsu send you their respects!

墨: (responding to the above)

The people of Yunnan love you!

茂名市 小俊:(responding to the above)

The people of Guangdong send you their respects!

呼和浩特市 封风:(responding to the above)

The people of of the People’s Republic of China send you their respects

呒:(responding to the above)

The people of the world send you their respects

北京市 草根儿:(responding to the above)

A lowly worker at Eastern National Telecom sends you his[/her] respect!

哈尔滨市 ご天枰≠公平:(responding to the above)

China’s chengguan send you their respects!

金华市 飘泊的人:(responding to the above)

The migrant workers send you their respects…

ゞ嘘、想妳﹎:(responding to the above)

The people of Hunan send you their respects

益阳市 彩鹃:(responding to the above)

The people of Hunan send you their respects again

常青藤:(responding to the above)

Overseas Chinese send you their respects

.风雨夜归人:(responding to the above)

Chairman Hu, those who have found the road to getting rich quick send you their respects! Ha…he…hee hee….

Leave it to Chinese netizens to inject some humor, silliness, and even biting cynicism into any topic. Even so, a good number of Chinese netizens from various parts of China repeatedly posted comments in a similar vein as above on QQ, professing to represent and speak for various groups, “sending their respects” to Chairman Hu for this brief moment caught on camera, seemingly juxtaposed against so many other world leaders.

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What do you think? Would you be touched or impressed by such an act by your country’s leader? Do you feel your national flag is a sacred symbol to be accorded respect?

The G20 leader's picture

  • Dan

    Sofa bitches

    • Canadian_Skies

      Total lie. Each person had a flag of their own country, right? So, he dropped his own flag. What are they portraying him as some kind of saint?

      • Canadian_Skies

        Sorry, everyone laid their flags at their feet to wave. Looks like hu jintao was the last to retrieve his when he did. LOLOLOLOL I’m so laughing at how ridiculous this article is.

        • Rod

          I’m with you on this. I was thinking why is his the only flag on the floor. I though there was some sort of confetti flag explosion. But the only flag I see there is China’s.

          • Your website is hypocritical.
            Put your backlinks elsewhere.

          • Somethin Somethin

            The flags are little pieces of paper to mark where they should stand for the picture, they’re not like the little flags you would see sitting on a conference table. I was confused about this when my friend told me this a week ago. I thought it was all some staged government bullshit. Turns out it might be that Hu thought people might see him standing on his country’s flag so he picked it up and put it in his pocket.

        • anon

          The SECOND SENTENCE of the article explicitly makes it clear that the summit organizers had simply stuck flags on the ground to indicate where the leaders would stand. They were used as markers and were already on the ground. No one “dropped” their flag and had to “retrieve” it.

          And how can you NOT see the other flags on the ground under the other leaders in those photos?

          It’s one thing for Chinese netizens to misinterpret a few still photographs as having a lot more patriotic significance than was really involved, it’s another thing to so completely misread this story.

          • lol

            I think you’re expecting a little too much intelligence out of chinasmackers…

          • Shanghairen

            The organizers gave all the leaders clear instructions: “don’t pick up your flag off the ground; we’ll do that for you as soon as you leave”. Hu just nodded, with a faraway look in his eyes, and as soon as he got a chance he picked up his flag.

          • whiskersthecat

            Shanghairen, did you not watch the video posted by “An Anonymous Boy” below?

          • Canadian_Skies

            Ahhhh, I get it. Yeah. They put the flags on the ground to indicate where they would stand. Hu Jintao thought his was worth money. Then, he turned it over to inspect it to see if it was fake like half their money.

    • Jeff

      I’m surprised that Obama wasn’t blowing Hu in an attempt to borrow some money to keep the US afloat

  • moop

    “After the pictures were taken and the leaders began to clear out, the various flags were trampled upon left and right”

    o rly? if you look at the second picture obama has a flag at his feet as well, in the next picture it is gone while Hu is picking his up. so i guess he was following obama’s lead? i mean it didnt disappear into thin air i assume.

    • Brett Hunan

      That might be true. Pretty good observation, I wouldn’t have thought to look for that. However, there seems to be something very very small and a light color sticking out from behind Obama’s shoe. It could be lighting though.

      • moop

        blow up the pictures at the very bottom, on the far right pic there is a guy standing where obama was, not a flag there either.

        • moop

          its small, but i just feel uncomfortable with this kinda of shit being used to drum up national pride.

          • Brett Hunan

            Well, that’s what this is all about. Do you think he was coached before the photo-op to pick up the flag, or he thought it up on his own?

          • Brett Hunan

            You are right, the camera angle didn’t change, and there is no US flag in the last picture.

          • moop

            i think obama probably picked his up first and hu followed suit. he’s even giving hu an encouraging pat on the back. i dont think there was any coaching involved, but who knows, the propaganda machine here is pretty impressive, i mean they tried to pass off top gun footage at military footage once, so maybe, but i think this moment was probably pretty organic, just not in the way the chinese are being led to believe

          • TFF

            Pretty clear that Obama picked up the US flag, encourage Hu to pick up the Chinese flag, then took the opportunity to stick the American flag on Hu’s back, pretending that he was patting Hu on the back. Hu got owned.

          • pada

            C’mon! Coming to “drum up national pride” with flags, no country can match America. We all know how you feel with that greatest kitsch.
            You feel pissed off with Chinese commenters since you realized that even if ‘commie’ were toppled, they still wouldnt give a dam to your great motherland.
            I am glad Obama might’ve picked up his flag too, as quickly as he pick up cotton. ;)

          • moop

            “I am glad Obama might’ve picked up his flag too, as quickly as he pick up cotton. ”

            racism, how quaint. further proof you are just a troll and not much different from those chimp-out guys on here the other day.

          • whiskersthecat

            “You feel pissed off with Chinese commenters since you realized that even if ‘commie’ were toppled, they still wouldnt give a dam to your great motherland.”

            Americans definitely do not want any Chinese-built dams. Why would anyone want one of those?

            “I am glad Obama might’ve picked up his flag too, as quickly as he pick up cotton. ;)”
            What’s wrong with you?

          • pada

            Whisker-cat you are so predictable. You sure know what I meant by “give a dam” and I know very soon “your Chinglishe is so ununderstandable” or Wumao things will follow. lol!
            But dont “misunderestimate” me, at least I know nobody will “give a dam” free to anybody, not to mention he is debt-ridden or not, even out of pity. If you really wanted a dam, keep borrowing like a real a Super-Borrower. ;)

          • whiskersthecat

            Haha Pada, at the end of the day, you still live in China. I win.

          • anon

            I probably wouldn’t have gone out on a limb and speculated that Obama picked up his flag with Hu following suit based on just a few pictures…

            pada, you’re a douche.

          • Kong

            Sigh, no, Hu did not follow Obama’s lead. This is a problem of perspective. You can see the piece of paper-American-Flag under Obama’s foot. When Obama leaves, you see it under Merkel’s (in the tan jacket) foot. She is standing next to Hu in the same place as Obama. The other guy is much closer to the camera.

            I think it’s hilarious how many people cannot wait to tear this story down or build it up. It appears by all means to be genuine. Good for Chinese pride. Don’t have national pride? Good for you. I know I don’t, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to shit all over someone else’s.

    • 叉雞飯

      I think he only picked it up because the flag got stuck on his shoe. Look closely in the picture where he is facing the cameras and posing. It becomes more apparent as he is reaching for it. Just saying.

    • An anonymous boy…

      Here’s a youtube video if you can watch it:

      It looks like Obama doesn’t pick his up, and the flag clearly gets stuck to Hu Jintao shoe in the video as 叉雞飯 guessed from the photo.

      • Brett Hunan

        Thanks, exactly what mr. whiskers assumed below. Very funny that this was turned into a nationalistic kumbaya session by the netizens.

        • 叉雞飯

          Thanks for the video confirmation lol. I’m glad whiskersthecat and a couple others spotted it too. It’s a shame not many others did!

          • linette

            thanks for the video.

            Gosh. Obama aged so much. I remember when he first became president he was young and cute. He looks like he aged 10 yrs from all the stress with the US economy. And the US president they don’t get paid that much on salary. Is it worth all the stress? :(

          • Patrick

            @linette – don’t worry he’ll make millions on book deals and public speaking. Clinton has done wonders with his ex-presidency.

          • linette

            Bill Clinton was a puppet. Hillary was running the show.

      • Jackie

        Omg, that’s so funny.

        But you know what, the people want to believe in their government. They want to believe that they live in a country in good hands. Maybe they’re being naive, maybe they’re looking for any tiny confirmation… It’s hard to blame them, they don’t have as much access to resources about their government as we do.

  • lonetrey

    Huh. Not bad I suppose. But still, just a flag. If he achieved more for human rights in China, then I’d care more.

    Then again, I don’t even care about my country. But I suppose that means my government is doing SOMEthing right. (dulling the minds of the people.)

  • Brett Hunan

    “Chairman Hu, those who have found the road to getting rich quick send you their respects!”


  • FYIADragoon

    Now explain why all of Hu’s family are in top corporations or government posts. Or that incident involving his son in Africa. Real “patriot.”

  • eattot

    no interest…
    do not know why always a lot of ass kissers.

    • moop

      haha, its always 50-50 with you. you either say something awesome or something ridiculous. this time was awesome

    • 印度杰


  • Brett Hunan

    What is also ridiculous are the countries of the leaders in the front row.

    Obama is so tall, you can’t even see the people behind him.

    They should have lined up by height (or at least the really short people in the front), not perceived importance or strength (front and/or center).

    • moop

      yeah, thats kind of a dick move

    • Whacha!

      Agreed, they could at least use a better platform for those in the back, my middle school class photo was more organized then this.

    • Frank Zappa

      they’re not at school. Of course they have lined up according to importance. Is impossibile to think that the president of US or China, even if would be 2m tall, could stay in the back line.

      • Brett Hunan

        Its not impossible.

        “Speak soft and carry a big stick.”

      • megan

        lol this.

    • Foreign Devil

      I’m pretty sure they placed them by perceived “importance” or power of their countries. Notice USA and CHina are front row centre.

      • Brett Hunan

        Isn’t that what I wrote?

    • 404 name not found

      Hehe! Sarkozy would’ve been in front.

  • whiskersthecat

    If you judge your national leader’s ability to actually lead based on his ability to pick up a small, laminated flag that’s stuck to his shoe, then you must be desperate for something to be proud of.

    • Brett Hunan

      HAHA, yea there seems to be tape on the back of the flag and in the picture it is sitting on top of his shoe. I wonder if that is why he picked it up!

      • whiskersthecat

        It makes the most sense. I can at least appreciate taking the time to pick it up rather than scrape it off with the other foot. Littering is bad.

        • Anon

          Frankly, a good example about not littering is something that the Chinese public is somewhat more in need of than yet more lessons in flag-worship. So 胡哥,重视环保的老外向你致敬。

    • Johnny Basic


    • pada

      Cannot agree more that “leader’s ability to actually lead” should not be judged by “his ability to pick up a small laminated flag”.
      I’ve got other standard with which I concluded Hu is a leader better qualified than Bush and Obama combaine in last 10 years, though he was not elected. :D

      • whiskersthecat

        Well, yeah, “Bush and Obama combined”. Of course. You combine Bush with Obama and of course he’ll drag Obama down.

        So what are these standards at which you come to this conclusion that Hu is a superior leader?

        • Brett Hunan

          You just had to ask, didn’t you?!

          Pada is one of the commenters we just need to skip over. He’s always fishing for reactions.

          • whiskersthecat

            I enjoy rolling my eyes haha

        • pada

          I’ve never said “Hu is a superior leader”, you said it. I only believe therer are better leaders, not the best, “in ability to actually lead”.
          Meanwhile why I can’t combine Bush and Obama, while you guys’ cliche about China are all combined with a Mao who died some 36 years ago?
          And my “standards at which I come to this conclusion” is based on a “scientific” GDP and a “democratics” of course American PEW that lectured me every year a high percentage of support Chinese government enjoyed, a percentage that your beloved Obama dares not even to dream of. Oh yeah, Bush might got that high, as high as his IQ, when he decided to go crusade after WMD of you must know where. ;)

          • whiskersthecat

            You said “Hu is a leader better qualified than Bush and Obama combaine”. It’s the same thing.

        • simon

          no offence, but what exactly has obama done?

          • whiskersthecat
          • moop


            here we go

            based on the sheer number of retards america has had for presidents, maybe we should evaluate them on what they didnt do?

          • Chad

            Bombed Libya?

          • whiskersthecat

            To be fair and all, none of that stuff listed would be capable of a person suffering from mental retardation.

          • whiskersthecat

            Er, a person suffering from mental retardation would not be capable of any of that stuff, I mean. Say what you will about my mix-up.

          • Tau

            No offence, but what exactly has Hu done? >_>

  • robin yates

    wonderful to see the main man in China showing great respect for his nations flag

  • Bruce Tutty

    Nationalism is but one step on the path to freedom, and one that must be left behind everntually.

    • Frank Zappa

      mybe is just the opposite, Nationalism has never been for any country a way for freedom. except if you mean freedom from other countries.

      • Chef Rocco

        Do you mean that Iraqi and Afghanistan get their freedom from U.S.?

  • Johnny Basic

    My word, for a race of people who spend their entire lives deceiving, swindling and plotting against one another, Chinamen really are prone to bouts of infantile online mawkishness aren’t they. This is almost as cringe-worthy as the time they all put ‘I <3 China' as their MSN slogans in the run-up to the Olympics 'cos those howwible nasty foweigners hurted China's feewings.

    Same attitude that sees grasping, frigid, spiritually moribund urban Chinese girls with no aspirations beyond becoming a rich guy's whore go all gooey and gurgly if they see a blonde baby or a fluffy seal. Sentimentality, the preserve of the emotionally stunted; in China, that's everyone. Hence the reaction to this meaningless episode.

    I suggest that Xi Jinping gets photographed nursing injured kittens and crying at his daughter's wedding if he wants to win the undying love of his lobotomized subjects when he takes over.

    • Nilerafter24

      lol.This is epic.And true.

    • Somethin Somethin

      I suggest that Xi Jinping gets photographed nursing injured kittens and crying at his daughter’s wedding if he wants to win the undying love of his lobotomized subjects when he takes over.

      You’re rants a bit too close to racism for me but I Lol’ed at the Xi Jinping lolcats moment.

  • Northerner

    The third picture belongs in ‘Up The Arse Corner.’

    Always had my suspicions about Merkel.

  • The Chinese comments are funny. Now if only Hu could get his peasants to pick up the trash they drop everywhere, then Chinese might have something worthwhile to be proud of…

  • Imagine this becoming “News” in the US: “Obama picks up flag after photo shoot.” The American comments would be something like “Who gives a fuck?” Hahaha!

  • Nilerafter24

    This is probably what happened.One of the cameramen alerted the world leaders in the vicinity about the flags being trampled.
    One just has too look closely at the third picture.
    Look at Obama. Look at Angela Merkel. They’re all suddenly looking at ground. I’m pretty sure Hu wasn’t the first to pick up his flag because the one under Obama is suddenly gone.

  • The second photo speaks volumes.In one sentence it clearly portrays who is a who in today’s world.

  • Castro

    Wow! He picked up the little flag! Wow! There is
    Hope for Humanity !!

    ‘Nietzsche is dead’

    • choloboy

      @hijo de puta castro, why don’t you shut up and fuck youself

      • Castro

        Silence! Or I will bind your feet.

  • Danny Yip

    Wait!! Was this done intentionally? The government was trying to create this effect? I need to be a skeptic before I completely trust the news media.

  • Nick in Beijing

    @ Pada
    “I’ve got other standard with which I concluded Hu is a leader better qualified than Bush and Obama combaine in last 10 years, though he was not elected. :D”

    I don’t remember any international tears of joy when Hu was raised to his leadership position in China…

    … Obama on the other hand.

  • Winter b4 Spring

    @ pada — MUAHAHAHAH…what da??? what are you talking about??

  • Winter b4 Spring

    Chairman Hu didn’t wanna be seen as a litterbug. He was about to chuck that piece of red coloured garbage into the recycle bin.

    Hence, President Obama smiled, patted him on the back, and said, “Good man, Mr Hu, good man!”

    Environmentalists send you their respect!

  • Charles

    How pathetic people are – to derive so much pride over something so meaningless. Congratulations! I’d feel much happier if he spent some time telling people to pick up their garbage instead of picking up this flag. That would be real patriotism. Chinese comrades stop throwing shit everywhere. Why don’t we act more like those clean Japanese that we hate so much?

    • Winter b4 Spring

      haha…exactly!… Chairman Hu was showing a good example to his people.

    • Ronald

      Very well said! This are wise words.

    • linette

      exactly. So true. Someone please give me the link to this chinese site so I can go and troll those China people commenting on the site.

      Why don’t you China folks stop littering all over the streets and keep your city and town clean?? There is this thing call garbage bins. Use it. And recycle please. It’s a disgrace. Why would you want to live in a town or city with garbage all over the streets?

      Someone please give me the link of this Chinese site.

      • moop
        • linette

          thanks ruffy. Let me try to register so I can troll them. heheheh….
          They need to be told to pick up their own garbage and stop littering.

          • Chef Rocco

            Good luck with your trolling. You need to protect your ancestors’ dead human rights from garbage first, then spread your buzz words…

      • Guang Xiang

        i’ve tried, both times got deleted

  • Leon

    Autually, each flag is made of a sticker and was stick on the ground to indicate the position of president of each country. And when Hu was going to leave, the flag of china was stick on his shoes. So he bent over to pick it up. There is nothing about patriotism. It’s just a simple act, no need to be exaggerated.

  • Jahar

    i don’t know where to even start. Forget about all the forced abortions, land-grabs and tofu-dregs construction. The corruption and gutter oil is okay. The chairman obviously loves his country. He picked up a sticker off the floor. Symbolic gestures always trump real action

  • Jdog

    In the third picture–it clearly looks as if the flag is STICKING to his foot. Hu probably just picked it off and only then realized it was his flag and not just some random piece of paper. No big deal.

  • Lei Feng

    It was a flag sticker. It was stuck to his shoe. A video posted on other sites shows clearly he is pulling it off his shoe. It wasn’t a sign of “respect” or “patriotism.” The whole thing was misinterpreted and blown up. It’s also old news from last week.

    • sm


    • simon

      looking at the pictures again this makes sense, nice stroke of genius from the propaganda department to correct “national flag sticker stuck on Hu’s shoe” into “Chairman Hu takes time to respect and cherish the PRC’s symbol of unity” though.

      but this is just like presidents wearing the badges of national flags on their suits, does it make them more patriotic? the media seems to think so and the people seem to lap it up as well.

      • simon

        In saying this the next step should be presidents wearing suits tailored into their national flags, now THAT would be patriotic.

  • booooo

    I feel sick at this article and most of the Chinese netizen comments.

  • linette

    Hu Jintao has a kind face. He doesn’t look so evil. Obama is handsome. That korean president looks like a rat and conniving. I would trust Hu and Obama, but not the Korean president.

    • sm


  • Alex L

    Is dropping a flag like dropping the soap?

    • Pete of Perth

      Was Merkel wearing a strapon?

      • Alex L

        Yeah and Obama is holding him in place for her..

  • radbab

    the communist party sends their respects for picking up their flag!

  • Hongjian

    So much butthurt here.

    A King, no matter how much of a tyrant, is still the ruler of his realm he wants to see strong, prosperous and be feared amongs other realms. A King isnt elected, isnt democratically legitimized, has a large harem of concubines, shits on the “rule of law” if it goes against his own clan’s interests, but still, he is forced to rule his kingdom in a way that will give him respect and face among other similiar kings. And even a corrupt king can only steal so much from his own people as they are wealthy, much like how a pig-farmer who kills his cattle all the time to make a living, is also interested that the cattle grows fat, instead of starving them to death.
    Hu is such a King. His picking up of the flag is true, genuine love and patriotism. But it is not the patriotism of the ruled, but the patriotism of the ruler. The kind of feeling that a proud owner of a fat and healthy herd of cattle would feel when seeing what he contributed to create. A proud farmer would never step on the symbols of his own farm that nurtures him and made him rich and prosperous. Easy as that.

    But as always, westeners and americunts cant get their retarded heads around the idea, that even an autocratic ruler can feel proud and show respect to the kingdom he is ruling. Perhabs this is the direct result of democracy, where the pig farmers are elected by the cattle for a limited term, whose very lives arent dependent on the welfare of the cattle itself, and are so detached from it, that they only spend their four years term to drive their farm from one crisis to another, while putting his hopes on the ignorance and obliviousness of the cattle so that he may be re-elected by them the next term too.

    • Lim Yuan

      “His picking up of the flag is true, genuine love and patriotism….”

      Its already been disproved that he didn’t pick it up for this, more a case he stamped all over it and got it stuck to his boot and wanted to get rid of it faster than stepping into a pile of dog shit. If he truly did care he would had never stood on it in the first place to allow it to stuck to his boot.


      but then again the article is Western media and we all know how bias they can be

    • Chef Rocco

      I get you.

      In a nut shell, in democracy, it’s your vote that counts, in a pig farm, it’s your count that votes. Insightful!

    • mr. wiener

      Would Hu have got a better reaction if he deliberately ground America’s sticker flag beneath his heal?

      • Chef Rocco

        Maybe. but if he intentionally steps on Obama’s foot and says:”you violate my right of navigation”, he would have gotten a cheerful reaction for sure.

    • Guang Xiang

      ah, the good ol’ reverse butthurt.

    • Winter b4 Spring

      A good Emperor in the old days, during the dynasties, adhere to the “Law of Heaven”, and made decisions based on “moral codes”. When disasters strike, a good Emperor fasted, prayed and ask for forgiveness from the “Heaven”, in the presence of his officials. He also accepts constructive criticisms from his officials and advisors.
      On the contrary, a bad Emperor, indulges in wine and women, and punishes his people for constructive criticisms. If there was a need for extra income, he raises the tax, regardless of the burdens that he might have brought to his people. Ultimately, his dynasty falls and a new one begins through a gradual political turmoil.
      The communist party (not commenting on Hu Jintao in particular, but the communist party as a political, ideological or spiritual entity), had always played the role of the bad emperor since 1949, in China. Unfortunately, in politics, it utilizes every repression known, and unknown, to history. In economics, it embraces capitalism’s worst areas of thoughts and practices. Then, it lies in your face, knowing that you know its lying, yet expecting you to agree to its lies. As the saying goes, “lying a hundred times till it becomes the ‘truth'”. Finally, when the communist party commits assaults, rapes, and murders, upon you, your family, and your friends, you have to thank the “party” sincerely, since the “party” is assaulting, raping and murdering its own people for the sake of “China” (…not sure how that is but…).
      As a result, we now see political turmoils, increasing gradually. Someday, very soon, it is in my opinion that the communist dynasty will cease to exist. The Chinese society is currently imploding, and i can only hope that it is a peaceful process.

      • jin

        what a big wall of shit.

  • cheong

    We, the Oversea Chinese & as an old Taoist/Buddhist Chinese,
    we send you our respects.

    May our Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha Bless you.

    Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

    • Chef Rocco

      Armi Tofu

    • Winter b4 Spring

      …huh…?? o.O

  • ChuaCH

    Our great respects to you from Singapore

    • Chef Rocco

      Who is “you”? Hu is “you”?

      • Winter b4 Spring

        …errr…again, who is Hu, and Hu is who…

  • Foreign Devil

    Doesn’t take much to set the Chinese patriots hearts burning. Treat the people like shit.. .but a little flag waving and they start foaming in the mouth and prostrating themselves at your presidential feet.

    • anon

      It’s more like the people haven’t completely written Hu Jintao off. It’s like throughout history where the people think the central government, the king, the emperor, would certainly right the injustices they face if only they/he/she knew about it. Likewise in China, there is a lot of belief that the central government is far better than the local governments, and that the people at the very top do genuinely care about the country whereas the ones lower on the ladder are more just brazenly exploiting in self interest. They don’t see Hu as really treating people like shit, but as someone who can’t necessarily see and control everything in this country of 1.3 billion people. As much as life is still very hard and unjust for a lot of people, most Chinese feel their country and their lives have been getting better and and have improved under Hu’s leadership. It’s not as simple as “life sucks, blame Hu”.

      • mr. wiener

        More like :”Life sux, Hu can you blame?”
        I think you are correct though, for a bunch of reincanation believing fatalists with 4000 plus years of history banging them over the head I think most Chinese believe their countries hour has lately come and things will get better,
        Just stay out of the bicycle lane.

      • Winter b4 Spring

        It’s more like, the Chinese people know there are 2 cliques in the commie party.
        One, the Beijing clique, lead by Hu Jintao & Wen Jiabao — Pro-reform.
        Two, the Shanghai clique, lead by Jiang Zemin & Zhou Yongkang, where Wang Lijun & Bo Xilai belongs — Pro-repression — Blood on hands.
        I agree — it’s true that the people see Hu Jintao as the good one. All humans innately has “hope”. All people want to be “free”.
        However, as long as it is the commie party that Hu Jintao alligns to, his hands will always be tied, and there’s nothing much he can do.
        Hu can’t control the “party”, not the “country”. Less we forget, in commie practices, to get things sorted out, “power comes from the barrel of the gun”.
        Also, i agree, it’s not “life sux, blame Hu”.
        So, life sux, blame who?? o.O
        It seems the people are already going, “life sux, blame the party”.
        And they are right. The “party” is inherently the problem since 1949, draining off the life, money and hope of the Chinese people.

  • s.pockets

    Hu knows his audience. This is a very smart man, who knew what kind of reaction this patriotic gesture would get, and it was also very classy of him to do this. Now if only the people can get this kind of treatment.

  • DRaY

    More Chinese inferiority, “I cannot allow the Laowai to step on CHINA, they will sink they are better than us.”


    Maybe Barack Obama hates America so he is stepping on the American FLag?!

    SO fucking confused.. Where Bush when you need him, I blame the Al Qaeda, or Al Sharpton.

  • Little Wolf

    Hey Huey, why don’t you get off you lazy ass sometime, have your limo pull over and pick up a row of bikes that have blown over? Or some litter? I wouldn’t even burn on you for doing it as a propoganda stunt if it had positive results. You know, I’m not going to be around forever to do these things for you. Maybe a few of your constituents might even follow your example.

    I was in downtown Hangzhou a few years ago and watched a bike that fell into the bus lane, trap dozens of buses and cars(that snuck into the bus lane so they could go around) for at least 10 minutes. Every vehicle was on perma-honk while I conducted a scientific experiment of seeing how long before somebody would get the “genius” idea of picking up the bike and moving it off the road. There was your usual crowd of curious onlookers and shopkeepers with their typical “confused dog” expression trying to see what the noise was all about. After letting them stew for awhile, I decided to abandon my experiment and walked over and picked up the bike and parked it on the sidewalk for which I received applause not unlike Spiderman would get after rescuing in infant that fell out of a 31st-floor window.

    And so it remains….2 mysteries in life. How many licks on a Tootsie-Pop before you reach the Tootsie-Roll center? And how long of listening to blaring horns and cursing in a traffic jam caused by bike laying in the road before a Chinese actually shows enough incentive to go move the damn thing?

    • Rod

      “Every vehicle was on perma-honk”

      So that’s what it’s called. I never really knew how to explain the symphony of horns that starts about rush hour below my building.

      • mr. wiener

        I thought it was called “the Egyptian hand brake”.

    • anon

      Haven’t you learned that its Wen Jiabao’s role to do these sort of things (which he has if you check the archives)?

  • Luong Pham

    From the pictures, one can see that it’s actually Mr Hu who accidentally stepped on the Chinese flag. It stuck to his shoe before he bended down and picked it up.

    • Me

      Hu didn’t do this because he knows his audience. He picked up the flag for the same reason every other leader did, because when you put something on the floor to take a photo you should then pick it up after the photo is taken. The one who knows their audience is the PR genius who turned this ordinary photo of nothing into a bullshit story of a patriotic leader. He knows that people are idiots and will believe anything.

      • Me

        Sorry I meant “Wen didn’t do this because …”

        • Me

          Wait. Is that Hu or Wen in the photo? I can’t tell the difference… I see its Hu. Barak giving him the old “hey buddy” pat on the shoulder. Its probably the most physical warmth he’s received from another human being since circle jerking with his PLA bunk mates back in the day.

          Sorry for being crass but i thought my first post was a bit too reasonable for this website.

          • Winter b4 Spring

            i think it was Wai in the photo o.O

  • MrT

    If i was there i would of picked up the US flag and wiped my arse with it.
    Then handed it to Bollocks Obama.

    • mr. wiener

      I pity the fool.

    • Winter b4 Spring

      Pls buy yourself some toilet paper, like all every other normal people do…

    • Winter b4 Spring

      …and if someone stepped on it, before you used the flag to wipe your bum, you might get a bacterial infection from the dirt. i’d still think toilet tissues are a better option, hygienically.

    • Little Wolf

      Wow. Edgy.

  • xinxin

    Hu Jintao is swiftless president.he thought G20 is an area to tell lies and to cheat on his people.truely he will soon turn down his country flag.bloody leader.

  • PJ

    Idiots. It was stuck to his shoe so he pulled it off. Rather than ball it and sling it on the floor, he politely folded it and kept hold of it. It was no act of reverence, you f*cking monkeys. Just being considerate to his hosts (which is achievement in itself given that he’s Chinese, I suppose)

    • Mikey Chen

      Calling people “F*cking monkeys” is not cool, manners please.

      • Dr SUN

        If had been the USA flag and Obama had picked it up some would say “monkey ” some people just cant hide their racism.

  • Mop

    What’s so great and newsworthy about some dude remembering to not litter?

  • Goonha

    It’s stuck to his goddamn shoe morons!

    • Sean

      Yeah, dude, its so easy to notice that. The only reason he was bending over is because it was stuck in his shoe. Some people just choose to be retards.

  • Lewis

    F*ck you, you Communist pig. Maybe you should care as much about the people of China as you do about its flag.

  • Cleo

    I’m glad he got to stand next to Obama. How warm he must feel to have that understanding hand on his back.

  • JT

    Meh. If there’s one constant truth, it’s that politicians from anywhere in the world do nothing without the hope of endearing at least a portion of the public to themselves. I don’t for one second think this is sincere and I wouldn’t think it of any other politician from anywhere else either.

    Once again, meh. :/ Pandering.

  • Justin

    I don’t know what’s sadder, Chinese people obsessing over minutiae, or foreigners dissecting and obsessing over Chinese people’s obsession with minutiae.

    • moop

      what about people obsessing over Chinese people obsessing over minutiae and foreigners dissecting and obsessing over Chinese people’s obsession with minutiae?

      what about people who use the word “minutiae”?

  • Darren

    Geez. Americans. Racist much??

  • Bob

    People all have their own interest and perspective and side, that’s why the Chinese comments above mostly praise Hu’s such behavior and also why foreign comments here mostly dispise the same, ideology aside, if judging by hard numbers, Hu is probably the most successful Chinese top leader than all the emperors, kings, chairmans and presidents in Chinese history combined, while Hu is the less honored or privilged than all of them, we don’t have Hu’s statue on street, we don’t have picture of Hu in classrooms or walls (as far as I know, even US and Taiwan have their president picture in submarine rooms or other places), his ideas and personal leader charm propoganda is made to the minimum within the tradition of communist party, when Hu took office in 2002, China was No.7 in GDP, during his term, China surpassed Italy, France, UK, Germany and Japan and became No.2 in the world, foreign reserve grew from USD 100 billion to 3.2 trillion, average household income almost tripled, household car ownership exploded and China produces and consumes more cars than America, during Hu’s term, China has the first aircraft carrier and stealth figher plane, and all the modern weapons, with the so-called dictator power, the 2.3 million millitary and all the big weapons at hand, he was not temptated to use it and has no sodjier dead in any military conflict (while the elected American presidents waged how many wars and had how many lives killed during the same ten years?) and became the biggest foreign creditor of US, so yes, since we don’t need to koutou to him like all the emperors in history and don’t need to express loyalty to his picture everyday like Mao era, but can show some appreciation over such little thing three months before he steps down, at least they are sincere.

  • 真实情况是国旗粘到主席的裤脚了,主席顺便把国旗捡起来了,不过在占位置的时候,主席没有踩国旗,其它领导人踩了自己的国旗,包括美国,中国媒体说国外的媒体也赞扬,却不尽然,国外的媒体都说中国在用这个消息炒作,让14亿人口蒙骗。但我觉得何乐而不为呢?看到了,捡不捡起来这是个问题,捡起来放在哪里,这也是个问题,都是下意识的动作,真实内心驱动着。很好的教材。中国人民愿意相信,外国媒体不用说中国人民有多愚昧。这是一种精神信仰,中国少的就是这个。