Huainan Fallen Woman Case: Police Say Student Is Responsible

Huainan Fallen Woman Case- Police Say Student Is Responsible

Huainan Police currently investigating the case of fallen elderly woman who claims she was hit from behind by a female cyclist have determined the incident to be a traffic accident. Police said that Huainan Normal University student Ms. Yuan had asked them to consult CCTV footage from a service station of automobile company FAW Group to see if she hit the woman. Police say the footage showed there was contact. If either party objects to the findings, they can appeal in writing. Previous reports said police were looking for witnesses as there was no video evidence. Many netizens want police to release the videotape.

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  • Necrogodomega

    Oh, how nice for that student! She asked them to look for video, they found it and now say she’s at fault and the old lady and her friends/witnesses are all correct! Well that’s some great police work there!

  • Zappa Frank

    self remind, never help anyone in china, never….

    • jin

      These old uneducated fucks and their uneducated family should just die already, only way for China to improve on the social level.