Hubei Anti-Corruption Official Stabbed 10x Ruled a Suicide

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

From NetEase:

Hubei official repeatedly stabbed to death in office ruled as suicide

Summary: August 27th at around 6:40 in the afternoon, Hubei province Gongan County Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin died in his office, with over 10 stab wounds discovered on his body. Xie one month ago participated and assisted the investigation of corruption against the county’s Deputy Secretary. The Hubei province Jingzhou city Gongan county government website posted information on the night of October 28th stating that through the careful investigation of the public security organs, Xie Yexin committed suicide.

According to information from the Hubei Gongan County government website, and through the meticulous investigation of public security organs, on August 27th around 6:40pm, the Gongan County Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin who was discovered dead in his office was ruled a suicide.

After Xie Yexin’s death, public security organs quickly initiated an investigation. Through careful investigation and inquiry, on the scene investigations, and forensic autopsy, it has been determined that due to blood loss resulting from a rupture of the upper vena cava caused by a stab wound to the suprasternal fossa, the deceased entered shock and died, with the nature of death being suicide.

August 28th around 6:40 in the afternoon, a Hubei province Gongan county cadre was discoverd dead in his office. The deceased was named Xie Yexin, male, born 1965 April, and was the current Director of the Gongan County Disciplinary Committee.

According to the deceased’s relatives and colleagues, beginning the afternoon of the 26th, [Xie Yexin’s] mobile phone was unreachable, and he also did not return home to rest yesterday night. Daytime on the 27th, his family and friends searched for him until that evening around 6:40pm when Xie was discovered dead in his own office. At present, the Jingzhou city Public Security Bureau, Gongan Country People’s Procuratorate have already formed a joint investigation team and initiate an investigation into the cause of his death.

Xie Yexin, a Chinese government official investigating corruption of a local Deputy Secretary is found dead in his office with 11 stab wounds.

From NetEase:

Hubei Gongan County releases details of Disciplinary Committee official’s death

August 27th evening around 6:40, Gongan County Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin was discovered dead in his office. The Hubei province Gongan country government reported: The scene of the incident was the second floor of the Gongan County Disciplinary Committee office building. The deceased was slumped on his own office chair. There was a large amount of blood on his body, chair, and the surrounding floor. A blood-stained knife was on the ground to the left of the body, the knife handle wrapped with a paper towel, and paper towel fragments found on both of the deceased’s hands. On the office desk was a paper towel roll and an ashtray with 8 cigarette butts in the ashtray. The deceased’s shirt button was undone, but was otherwise symmetrically aligned, and the rest of his clothes were in an orderly condition. The office door and windows were undamaged. Office items and files were placed neatly and orderly, the desk and chair did not appear to have moved, and there were no signs of struggle or anything out of ordinary. Public security organs discovered a knife set in Xie Yexin’s home, manufactured by Shanghai Purple Dragon Electric Company Limited, of the “Lang Bo Fei” brand, with there being 5 knives to the set but only 4 knives found inside his house, and the missing knife being of the same appearance, size, and brand as the knife at the scene of the incident.

August 28 morning from 6am to 7am, medical examiners from the Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau, Gongan County Public Security Bureau, and the Gongan People’s Procuratorate examined Xie Yexin’s body at the Gongan County Public Security Bureau autopsy room, with a representative of the deceased’s family participating in the examination process. From the external medical examination, the deceased’s neck, chest, and both wrists have multiple injuries, but not defense and resistance injuries. The distribution of the wounds on the deceased’s the left wrist, thenar, and upper abdominal wounds were orderly, with a portion of the wounds being shallow cuts, while the deadly wound was on the suprasternal fossa.

August 29th, Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau issued a forensic evidence report, toxicology report, and forensic postmortem examination report indicating that Xie Yexin was not poisoned before dying, that the blood at the scene of death and cigarette butts all belonged to Xie Yexin, that a rupture to the upper vena cava caused by a stab wound to the suprasternal fossa caused blood loss shock and death, and that the other wounds were characteristic of suicide injuries.

There are currently over 11,000 comments spanning 381 pages on this particular NetEase news article alone. Below are a sample, including some of the most ding’d

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Comments from NetEase:

红叶三少 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

To see that an anti-corruption cadre has died was shocking enough!! Then seeing that over 10 stab wounds was ruled a suicide, brother [referring to self] is speechless. What is wrong with this society??

圣o仙芙 [网易云南省曲靖市网友]:

To be able to kill yourself like that, you’d be a hero even as a ghost! Monk Zhang will rush to the Yellow Springs [underworld] to take you as an apprentice!

likaicp08 [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

Hacking/stabbing oneself over 10 times, doesn’t matter if you believe or not, either way I believe it.

hyk1980 [网易青海省西宁市网友]:

Must be wary when speaking, beware of “being suicided” [to be falsely declared as having committed suicide].

别说我是新人 [网易黑龙江省大庆市网友]:

Japanese samurai is shamed, hits wall suffering major injury.


Come on, this kind of suicide is too outrageous. Hahaha, hahahaha!

我就是你美爹啊 [网易上海市网友]:

This is giving “death by a thousand cuts” to oneself.

视角De [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The day it happened I had already said it would be a suicide.

沉溺漩涡 [网易广东省网友]:

I’ve guessed correctly yet again, sigh…

女湿主你好棒 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

Has anyone ever seen someone commit suicide by stabbing their suprasternal fossa before? Come on, this explanation by the police is too much of a stretch.

小笨梨 [网易山东省网友]:

Niubi things happen every year, and this year there has been especially many! I’ve heard of suicide before, but I’ve never heard of committing suicide like this, being able to kill oneself so horrifically, it can even apply for a Guinness world record! Now I’ve truly begun believing the legend that someone using a gun to commit suicide can use two bullets to shoot their heart and their head!

九才 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Too niu, let’s see tomorrow if this news is still here.

孤单品味 [网易亚太地区网友]:

Suicide is not strange. In the future there will be news of someone dying from taking a gun and shooting himself in the head over 10 times!

meilunmeihuan2001 [网易河北省唐山市网友]:

Why commit suicide? Are they able to tell the public?


There is only what can’t be imagined, there is nothing that can’t be done.

xiaoshu0416 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

How much does one have to hate oneself [to accomplish a feat like this]?

yanyanyufei [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

If they say it’s suicide then it’s suicide, you just go ahead and wait for the rabble‘s “sofa” talk [internet comments and speculation].


I question the suicide conclusion, would someone committing suicide by stabbing themselves over 10 times??? If this is really suicide, just what kind of courage and pressure would allow someone to endure such pain???? The probability of “being suicided” is more likely!!!!

On Sina Weibo:

@财经网: (Caijing)

Disciplinary Committee cadre stabbed multiple times declared suicide, family makes scene at press conference: Hubei Gongan County government website announced that the Gongan Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin who was found dead in his office had committed suicide. According to the deceased’s relatives, the deceased’s body had multiple knife wounds, with 4 horizontal cuts on the neck, one directly puncturing the trachea windpipe, the left hand artery cut, and three cuts to the the abdomen. Photo is of relatives interrupting the press conference.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

This Sina microblog post has over 2700 comments and has been reposted (or “retweeted”) over 6700 times so far, below are a sample of the comments by other Sina Weibo users…

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Demanding the truth. If it was suicide, why he committed suicide is the key.


Now murder… is so open and honest… Chinese characteristics, socialism… New China… though I’m getting carried away… but it is the conclusion our People’s police have given after all, so are we not to believe it… Would it matter…?


I believe this was a suicide case. A certain person knew something he shouldn’t, then chose to fly like a moth towards a flame. Some people of course will very happily help him light the flame.


Our countrymen are stupid, easy to deceive, no one cares. How you died is how they say you died, otherwise they’ll make you die.


Suicide? For what reason? Who made him commit suicide? Only a ghost [no one] would believe this kind of suicide!”


Heavenly Kingdom style suicide???


Is this brother ruthless, or is the Communist Party even more ruthless?


Looks like CSI isn’t universally popular.


Have the person holding the press conference try stabbing himself ten times without stabbing himself lethally and with five cuts for both arms and let’s see if he still has the strength to cut his windpipe.


Taking us for idiots.


Truly shameless, who determined the suicide conclusion, let him reenact it.


In the Heavenly Kingdom, all suicides require this much effort. It is the embodiment of a harmonious> society, how could you be allowed to die so easily!

On Tudou:

Hubei government official stabbed self 10 times to commit suicide, family unsatisfied creates commotion at press conference

The above video includes an image of Xie Yexin’s bloody body as it was found. This video has been viewed over 330k times since it was uploaded yesterday.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The four images above seem to have come from an ifeng article that is no longer accessible titled “Disciplinary Committee cadre stabbed multiple times determined to have committed suicide, family members besiege government leaders“. The images have been reposted on many other websites and discussion forums, but are noticeably more difficult to find on leading Chinese search engine Baidu than on Google. Here they are, 7 photos, click to enlarge:

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

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  • GodsHammer

    He has definite fortitude! Once you’ve cut yourself one time I think most people would find the pain sobers them back up. 10 times? As bloody if… That they even publicly came to this conclusion is a ridiculously brazen act in itself.

    • Brett Hunan

      Clearly not an hero

    • AshLikeSnow

      It’s China.
      Both of my grandfathers “committed suicide” in China.

      That is my parents decided to GTFO

  • cardaver

    That’s gotta hurt!

  • Foreign Devil

    Normally I’d think this was a terrible cover up for murder. . .but then again. . . Arnie Lang tried this! So it’s not out of question.

    • mr. weiner

      Wendy O’Williams of the plasmatics tried to comimit suicide by sticking a large kitchen knife through her breast bone, it got stuck half way, even after she tried hitting it with a hammer, in the end her boyfriend came home and took her to hospital, would have hurt a lot. …Her vids are well worth checking out on youtube BTW

  • Ray

    I think he just got harmonized by the Chinese Government.

    • “I think he just got harmonica-ized by the Chinese Government.”

      There. Fixed that for you. Seeing as he now has ten holes in him now, you can play a song with a range of an octave and a third. More than enough for the nat anthm.

      • donscarletti

        A range of one octave and a third is still pushing it for a song you’re expecting footballers to sing.

        • Boris

          Nonsense! Since much of Chinese music is pentatonic his range would be a good two octaves. I cling to the theory that he committed suicide, but I must confess -it’s got a few holes in it. He claims he was an anti-corruption official, eh? Pah! I can see right through him!

  • Suicide, like anything else in China, is done with cheap, ineffectual manual labor.

    Staying with logic, they should have been a throng of onlookers watching impassively with great curiousity. With the hands politely foldied in the back.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      i dont know why chinese people like to fold their hands in the back. for some reason that just bugs the sh!t outta me. When i see old guys walking like that i just want to grab their hands and say ‘Hey, wtf are u doing. Put your hands by your sides”

      actually i might try it one day (politely though) and just see what kind of odd look i get for touching him and see if he goes back to his norm haha frustrating me even more.

      • mstarr

        Actually, if you’re walking slowly it’s really comfortable to have your hands behind your back.

        Give it a go, you might like it.

      • ShanghaiBC

        @rollin wit 9’s

        The level of your annoyance is extremely entertaining. I suspect they’ll probably walk with arms at their side, seeing you move out of their gaze – continue as per usual.

        I used to associate this ‘clasp-hands-behind-back’ as the posture of a restauranter doing his walk-abouts, speaking with customers…

        Like a boss.

        • firebert

          In correctional facilities in the US hands behind the back is the rule for inmates.

        • Tengu

          You’re right,

          Hands clasped behind the back while strolling around is actually a way of stating, “I have nothing to fear from anyone around me.”

    • Tengu

      “…they should have been a throng of onlookers watching impassively with great curiousity. With the hands politely foldied in the back.”

      You know I get that now….I tripped, and started falling in very, very slow motion. I realized I was going for the Gold with a full face plant…no way out of it. I think I even bounced once then slowly settled in the dust.

      What was around me when I looked up?

      “A throng of onlookers watching impassively with great curiousity. With the hands politely folded in the back.”

  • Song of the Article

    Rock the Dead
    Insane Clown Posse

    He was murdered!


    • ain’t no justice like Juggalo justice: too bad “magnetism” is inadmissable to a Juggalo face-painted court of law.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Movie of the Article

      친구 (friend)


      Extra wu mao

    • 平凡人

      How about “We don’t need another Hero” by Tina Turner?

      This guys ain’t no hero, he was murdered; cold blooded.

  • mstarr

    Seriously? Suicide? Like one of the Chinese commenters said, if it is suicide let’s hear why he did it.

    • Just John

      Want to use your ouija board or mine?

      • Tengu

        My grandmother had a relative who was caught up in the 1980’s Vatican bank issue, he committed “suicide” as well.

        He placed bricks in his own pockets and managed to hang himself from under a bridge in London.

        That’s dedication.

  • In the past I read a joke – “He died by accidentally falling on the knife 38 times in a row”.

    Now we got a proof that it wasn’t a joke :-)

    • That must be a joke from China, right?

  • Ronon

    Wow… stabbed 10 times and ruled as suicide. This dude was awesome being able to stab himself 10 times.

  • fat phil

    this wooden bench w/ a pillow on it has been ruled a sofa

  • Alex

    It’s like saying to the Chinese public: “you’re a bunch of idiots who won’t know any better whatever we tell you.”

    • hoots

      It also says to the world: “We are just as terrible, corrupt, ruthless, heartless, cold, and mind-blowingly stupid as you think we are.”

  • pirx

    Why not declare it a traffic accident?

  • ScottLoar

    Ancient Romans well understood that to die by one’s own blade was no easy matter, either open the veins along the arm in a warm bath, or fall upon one’s sword (okay, the Japanese cut the belly, but even that required steeled resolve and martial tradition to carry out). Stabbing oneself 10x with a knife is… impossible. No, I didn’t say unlikely, I said “impossible”.

    Sorry, kids, that’s the way it is, and no amount of blather about cultural differences changes what it takes to die by one’s own sword or knife. Death by blade is a tough suicide, uncommon, and no way someone stabs their self 10 times to get it done.

    • donscarletti

      All that seppuku required is that the samurai inflict a wound upon himself that would in theory bleed out if it was left unsutured and undressed for an extended period of time, at this point he could be euthanased through beheading as if he had performed the whole act himself. Some samarai actually inflicted a second, more lethal vertical cut, actually severing the intestines and died from that wound alone… but it was extremely rare, because it was almost impossible to perform.

      • Tengu

        True, your diaphragm (a giant skeletal muscle) takes a very dim view of inserting anything in there and immediately blows down to push the “offending object” out.

        “Left to right, then up” – “jumonji”

        Early decapitation was the norm. Any suffering was considered cruel. (Go figure, they could kill a peasant for minor, perceived slights and simply walk away (“kiri sute-gomen”), but god forbid you’re uncomfortable in your last moments.)

        However, there have been a few notable bad boys who actually finished and then tossed their bowels around while enraged. One even placed some on a tray and demanded they be presented to Hideyoshi. This is “funshi.”

        “Daki-kubi” or “retaining the head” was a sign of superior swordsmanship on the part of the kaishaku. A small flap of flesh in the front of the throat is left so the head would not separate from the body and fly around in an unseemly manner.

        References (provided for approval by donscarletti):
        “Hara Kiri: Japanese Ritual Suicide”
        Jack Seward
        Charles E. Tuttle Co.

        (Why is this on my bookshelf?)

    • Jacks headache

      Actually when a person has committed suicide with a knife it’s normal to find multiple light cuts as well as the lethal wound.

      The light cuts are called “hesitation wounds”. Before killing themselves with a knife most people will make light slashing cuts before gaining the courage to make the fatal wound.

      If the details of the police report in the article are to be believed (Hesitation wounds, negative tox screen, no defensive wounds, no sign of a struggle, the weapon from the mans own home) then this is a text book example of suicide.

      • Jacks headache
      • Anon

        It’s sublimated into Thor’s Hammer shaping the Universe by hammering the impurities out of reality. Qi Gong is the 8th wonder or the wonder that precedes all wonders in the world.

        Too late to those who hate . . . the time worm completes it’s crawl up the wand . . .

    • Tengu

      Well the “hara”, “belly” was sacred to those bad boys, but popping it open is a rough way to go.

      Women simply sliced their carotid or jugular. Carotid, you go faster, but it’s deeper. The quality of the weapon and their martial training instilled over generations made it an integral part of their life, it was always a “possibility”.

      They say if a large vein or artery is cut clean and fast enough it will “sigh like a breeze.”

  • Joey

    did he suicide on sofa ?

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Sofa, maybe?

    Suicide… Yeah, right.

  • RAJ


  • mr. weiner

    official chinese comment might read “Only his fortitude as a tireless anti-corruption fighter enabled him to complete the requist 10 stabs to ensure his protest at the flabby compacency of our our states youth might be noted and that his selfless suicide should lead by example”

  • hanyucha

    Nice advertising for Nongfu Water – apparently the choice of water for governmental departments.

  • hanyucha

    This article is gonna get river-crabbed.

  • camlost

    If they wanted him gone they could have just framed him in some kind of corruption scandal. The Anti-Corruption Official guilty of corruption, the people would have stabbed him more than ten times without thinking twice. Nobody doubts the corruption of a government official.

  • Hongjian

    This is a pretty bold move by a provincial goverment to murder an inquisitor sent from Beijing and frame it as suicide in an all too obvious attempt to cover it up.

    Where is Bo Xilai when you need him?! The local police, as well as the whole local goverment as well as their families and relatives should all be lined up and shot. No mercy. And if those fuckers have relatives in the west, the MSS should do it mossad-style and send a kill-team to torture them to death.

    But all this wont happen. Since, as seen here, the central authorities simply have no power anymore over the provincial and local leaders. It’s like China is back in the 30’s again, with all these local warlords not giving a fuck and doing all the shit they want.

    Cases like these makes me want to have Mao Zedong back. Whoever dared to defy his absolute authority, or that of his chosen agents, will have their families tortured and killed in the most horrible ways possible – and that in public for everyone to see and fear.

    Nowadays China is too weak, too fractured and too decentralized. Just like late-Qing Dynasty or during KMT rule. This can only end well…

    • donscarletti

      I would be cheering if the PLA just carpet bombed the whole county, China’s got plenty more counties and the message would be priceless.

    • nice, very nice
      Comrade Hongjian!
      you are right! China is weak,
      I wish we were living in the Song, Tang, Yuan Dynasty Heavenly Kingdom
      What was a Glorious time to have been in China…. just like NOW!

      how you said before….?
      line up the american-Bi…. and shoot them….. terrible!
      I say
      You can not speLl American…..with out “I can”

      Yo! Comrade donscarletti, how yoou dooing???!

      this is song is for you both

      Think twice
      -Groove Armada

      • donscarletti

        Appreciate the shout-out. I’m doing good, just going to post a few more self righteous opinions like anyone else gives a shit, then go to bed. How you doing?

        • am doing great! but also very tired….

          catch you on the next article!

          love and peace brother


          • King Tubby

            Comrade K

            …..but also very tired…

            Told you my daughters were on the frisky side.

            Fraternal Best Wishes
            Dad, Dad,Dad

  • Sim

    First cut is the deepest! But after this, who will stab another 9 times. Must be damn motivated!

  • baijiansi

    Why is this wuss carrying such a big purse? Needs it for his tampons?

  • donscarletti

    I’m sure he just fell down some stairs.

    If I ever have a son and he a) smokes b) drinks before he is 18 c) conceives a child out of wedlock, the paramedics are going to be hearing that little chestnut a lot. If it is in China, they will also wonder how the stairs branded 孝 onto his forehead, but if it is in China I’ll just give them a few thousand and they won’t give a shit.

  • paxman

    Who the hell wraps the knife in paper towel before stabbing himself 10 times?? He doesn’t want anyone to pull his fingerprints off the suicide knife??! C’mon, that’s a “dead” giveaway for murder to me! (pun intended)

  • Misia

    I was gonna say that in Italy (where such shit is common occurrence) we have an expression for this, we say he “got suicided”. Then comment #3 reminded me it’s a small, small world…

    • donscarletti

      Chinese has the passive voice too, indicated by the word “被” (bèi) e.g.: 公安县纪检委干部被自杀了 (the county public security oversight committee cadre was suicided).

  • It should be “Gong’an County”, not ” Gongan County”.

    • donscarletti

      Plain old “Gongan” is fine since there is no word “gon” in pinyin. Yun’an county in Guangdong is a good example of a county that needs it, since yu’nan can mean to be killed.

  • Justin

    Well I think it’s a bizarre way to kill yourself, obviously, so that raises questions in an of itself as to whether it was suicide. Also, the detail about the piece of paper towel wrapped around the blade seemed to be really fishy. I don’t really know what purpose that would serve to a person trying to kill himself but it is easy to determine what purpose it would serve to one trying to cover up a murder.

    That said, on the other hand, it seems unlikely that someone would try to stage a suicide by stabbing someone several times. If I were trying to make a death look like a suicide, I would go with a sneak-up-behind-you strangle job coupled with a post mortem hanging. According to the cop shows I’ve watched, it’s very difficult to establish exactly when the strangulation occurred.

    Still there’s the third possibility that the assailants never tried to make it look like a suicide and just were intent on a straight-up grisly murder, but then the local government officials wanted to cover up the murder to prevent embarrassment that an anti-corruption official had been killed on their watch.

    So I really don’t know what to make of it. We’ll never really know the truth and we’ll all forget about it tomorrow, which is the real tragedy.

    • Just John

      Forget about what?

      Sorry, I can’t remember, would you be so kind as to remind me what I forgot?

  • Josephus Flavius

    Maybe he just slipped and fell on the knife… 11 Times (!)

  • Dave

    Being an “anti-corruption official” proves that he was suicidal.

    Death by rigorous investigation.

  • eattot

    anti-corruption is a very hard job.
    in a state, from the big head to the village head, all full of corruption,what they can do?it’s just a political decoration.once you really take it seriously, then this is your end.

    • hoots

      I completely agree. I can’t imagine a more difficult job than to fight corruption in China. One of my friends is a Chinese guy who works for foreign companies as an intellectual property lawyer. He has to go in disguise all the time, constantly worries for his own safety, and often gets death threats. I can imagine that working towards eliminating corruption would be even more of a risk. Nobody likes that guy.

      Maybe one day people will see this guy as someone who fought for justice. But, maybe he’ll just be remembered as a victim of the exact corrupt system he fought to clean up. Who knows, he could have been just as corrupt as the next guy… :(

      eattot, I think you are a good person deep down inside. And don’t worry, I’m not ugly.

      • Tengu

        See, I’ve been saying she’s a sleeper, just took you to pull her over from the dark side. (She’ll slip back now and then!)

        We all expect to be invited; when can we expect a little “hoottot”

        • hoots

          hootot!!!!! I love it. Good for a little boy or a little girl. It’s pretty easy for people say in multiple languages, and just imagine all the nickname possibilities!!!

          I’m going shopping for matching family T’s right now…

          • Tengu

            Hootie, Oot, Hothot, Toots, Oooo..possibilities are endless for nicknames.

            Considering Toots, Hottie, Hooters…let’s hope for a boy, otherwise we may be looking at videos of her on the Subway!

    • Anon

      @eattot has the typical regressive attitude which causes corruption the the first place. @hoots reinforces the same poverty of ethics that may already be in the process of destroying China and has destroyed the West. 改.

      • hoots

        “hoots reinforces the same poverty of ethics that may already be in the process of destroying China and has destroyed the West. 改.”

        Please explain futher sir…

        • Anon

          No need to explain if @hoot’s support of @eattot’s statement was sarcasm.

          • hooots

            In this case I actually do support her statement. She was just saying that fighting corruption in China is difficult. Who could argue with that?

            Not sure how that reinforces a poverty of ethics…

  • Jimmy C

    “He accidentally, brutally cut his own head off whilst shaving”

  • Fordbane

    If you yell at someone, you have to point your index finger at him and slightly bent your body forward …

    • Tengu

      I’m curious what the purpose of pointing the non-pointing finger is, balance, readiness, creates a loop of internal energy which increases the power of the initial point…

  • Nikolodian

    I feel pained at those photos of the guy. How’s that for an honest-looking face?
    And look at how um, ‘working class’ his family looks in those photos…enraged about the suicide ruling…he was probably the family pride. F*n shame :s

  • Skeleton Man

    He fell down an elevator shaft…. onto some bullets.

    • Tengu

      “Lead poisoning?”

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  • Society of bad humor

    Sofa joke. Worst joke ever. Please stop making it. Chinese are known for a lack of humor and poor execution of it. It would be rather awkward trying to copy that, no? Thank you for your co-operation.

    • hooots

      How about you let people find humor in what ever they want? Look deep inside yourself and figure out why the word sofa brings you displeasure.

    • Just John

      No thanks, but thank you for your valuable input.

      We will keep in mind your opinion, and if I claim sofa, I will dedicate my first sofa to you, Mr. Society of bad humor.

      Now, if you happen to have no tolerance for sofa, or whatever else is acceptable here within this community, we will be glad to show you the exit, since this is Fauna’s blog, and we follow her rules.

  • shade

    HAHAHAHAHAHA if anyone and I mean ANYONE believes this is a suicide please please take your self out of the gene pool and kill your self because you are too stupid to be allowed to live.

    Thank you

  • Paul

    Gotta love China.

  • tosten

    There’s some confusion in the Party ranks. The big potatoes send someone to straighten out local corruption and find themselves needing to protect the local Party from looking corrupt while acting like the mafia against the guy that the Beijing party sent. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • JM

    Why don’t the people of China just take his files and then ‘SUICIDE’ everyone he was investigating? (By suicide, I mean stab them all 10 times)

    Start with the Deputy Director…

  • Joe Murphy

    All but one of the cuts would be classifies as hesitation cuts. He tried to cut himself to death but it hurt a lot and he was afraid. These are the cuts on his wrists and arms. He didn’t have ten stab wounds to his chest. He had small cuts on his arms. Then he got the idea to just stab himself in the chest. This is not an uncommon way to kill yourself. Mostly men stab or shoot their head and woman stab or shoot their heart. This man stabbed himself in the heart. I think that is more telling then the other small wounds.

    I know there will those that say but it cut his main artery not his heart. Well he just missed his heart and came very close and that is where the artery is.

  • Happyman

    Chinese government officials are fucking ill pigs, murdering people and covering it up.

    This man is a hero for standing up to the public chinese people for what is right. fuck you! the heaven’s above will curse you and your family to suffer.

  • Taking into account that clearly the local officials and police are corrupt and probably even involved in his murder, i don’t think the truth will ever come out. By the sounds of the wounds inflicted upon him, they had given him poison to make him docile and then tortured him until the inflicted the fatal wound that killed him. If that is the case then someone either wished to make him suffer or wanted to extract information.

  • paneraman

    Probably uncovered something big and was silenced….

  • angry laowai

    another person with too much knowledge, “quietly” made to disappear by the government