Husband To Die From Cancer, Wife Aborts His Baby

From Liba:

A poll I saw on Kaixin001: Husband has stomach cancer, only has two months to live!! Wife determined to abort their child…

Husband has stomach cancer, only has two months to live!! And the wife does this!!!!! (Maximum 3 choices)

A husband has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, only has two months to live. Upon learning of this, the wife aborted the 5-month old child in her belly, preparing to remarry.

At the time, the husband’s father and mother had already begged on their knees, asking her to have the child, and guaranteeing that they will take care of all the issues of raising the child, etc. after it is born, but she still still insisted on aborting it. During an interview with this reporter, the husband was very grief-stricken, and did not wish for her to attend his own funeral.

  • Heartless woman: 14301 (37%)
  • I finally understand that saying: A husband and wife are birds in the same tree, but when disaster strikes, they fly their separate ways: 17230 (45%)
  • I think it is very normal: 1981 (5%)
  • There is nothing wrong with what the wife did, who told the husband to have a short life: 778 (2%)
  • Society is too realistic: 23876 (62%)
  • Soy sauce passing through: 1038 (3%)

Responses from Liba:


I think
this woman is very rational

As for heart,
the majority of people would think she is heartless.

But as for rationality,
her choice is still very proper/appropriate.


It can only be said that this woman does not really love this man. 笑掉大牙


This kind of parents-in-law will not take care of anything in the future. Is the wife aborting just to get remarried? This man’s entire family is too selfish.


Actually, I feel this decision is rational.

Although the man’s family cannot accept this emotionally,

a single woman with a child alone is definitely very difficult, very difficult!

Even if the parents-in-law will take the child, who knows what unnecessary hassles this will bring in the future…


I think it normal.
It is the man’s family who are too selfish,
because their son, cannot go on.
[They] want to leave their blood lineage.
All they are thinking about is continuing their family line.


Many things are very difficult to understand without being in the situation yourself.


Although I think if the woman really loved this man, no one would have to say anything and she would keep the child~
Who wouldn’t want to keep the bones and flesh [offspring] of the person they love most?


I have a friend, whose “husband” [boyfriend] died in an accident before they could marry, and at the time she was pregnant. She asked to have the child and leave her “husband” a descendant, but her “husband’s” parents resolutely refused to have the child. They were afraid she would use the child to have a claim on their family’s property. =.=! They resolutely forbade her to keep the child and wanted her to abort it.


握手 握手 握手
Those saying the wife is selfish,
Who is considering the wife’s future?
Who is considering the child’s future?


I have a friend whose little sister [or cousin] who is also in this kind of situation, whose husband died from a work injury/accident while she was pregnant, whose parents-in-law also begged her to keep their only child’s only offspring. Although the wife’s family had misgivings, they still expressed that they would respect their daughter’s opinion, and she eventually gave birth to the baby. I really admire her. This kind of decision needs a lot of courage to take responsibility for.


The conclusion in television shows is not like this.
It should be the wife who insists upon having the child,
and the husband forcing the wife to sign the divorce agreement before he dies,
and then the husband and wife couple embrace each other and weep.


I can only say that we have had too much self-sacrifice education/upbringing, that those who consider problems slightly more realistically are immediately condemned to death.


I think this woman is very rational. But she acted too absolutely…maybe the man’s family could not accept the way she expressed herself.

The man’s side should be understanding of the woman’s side. The moment the man’s eyes shut [die], he no longer has to care, but how could a woman throw her own child to her parents-in-law as if she never had a child before? If she takes care [of the child] herself, it would be too unfair to this woman!

Once again emphasize that I support this woman’s actions.


Husband with stomach cancer in his last 2 months.
Child already 5 months old.
When she got pregnant, the husband’s illness must’ve already been serious.
If she has the child, the child’s probability of contracting the illness would also be very high.


Aborting or not aborting, neither is wrong.
The parents-in-law saying they will take responsibility for everything, but can they ensure how many years left they have, and what can they use to ensure the child’s well-being?
As the proverb/common saying goes, not aborting is a courtesy, but aborting is what should be done.
Who has the right to say she is heartless? This didn’t happen to you.


Insisting that the woman have the child,
so the child has no father the moment he is born,
this is love?

From KDS:

Personally, the LB discussion of aborting the child is still the proper choice…

Although making this choice you and I would all believe the wife has no conscience and is too heartless,  but in the long term, it is best for everyone.

Considering from the child’s perspective, the child will be born immediately without a father. The child will spend an entire childhood in an environment without a father’s love. Even if there is a step-father, there is no guarantee that he will treat the child well. This by itself is a kind of harm to the child.

Considering from the wife’s perspective, her life in the future will be very hard. Raising a child alone these days itself is very hard, being both the father and the mother, and if remarrying, she would fear the step-father not treating the child well. If she doesn’t remarry, is the young wife supposed to live the rest of her life this way?

To the husband, if he really loves the wife deeply, he would not be so selfish as to leave behind his own seed and ruin his wife’s life. If he deeply loves the child, then he shouldn’t let this unlucky child enter the world to be met with the harm of not having a father’s love.

Considering the three perspectives, truly aborting is right~

Comments from KDS:


emoticonI can only say that many men are very ignorant, treating women like tools for having children, thinking if they want the woman to have the child then the woman should have the child, that if they should help someone else continue their blood line they should help someone else continue their blood line.

Women also have their right to be independent and make their own decisions, okay? When the child is already in their belly, they are already very unwilling to abort it and they would be even more unwilling to have the child only to give it to someone else to take care, but keeping it herself might also make her “dragging oil bottle” [taking her children with her into her second husband’s home], so the is the mother is the one who suffers.

KDS has a lot of male bandits, who fashion themselves with Northeasterners’ mentality [“big man mentality”], and I represent the majority of women in emoticon [despising] you guys.


Even without a father there is a grandfather and grandmother, and at most, just treat it like people who had a child in old age.

The woman doesn’t want the child anymore, so whether or not the child has a mother is no longer important either. No father’s love, no mother’s love, so in the end it is the elders who care for the child. Do you think the child’s grandfather and grandmother would love the child less than the parents?

As for the issue of raising the child, the child’s father will leave behind an inheritance.

When using love to ask something of someone else, think about whether oneself has love. Love itself is something that is given, not demanded. So, a bunch of Liba women invoking love to discuss this matter is even more disgusting. [Women on Liba are seen as materialistic.]


There’s nothing to say.
Other people’s personal business.


The Chinese language is truly marvelous, able to argue things forward to back and back to forward.
I can only state my position, that I will not look for a wife amongst LB women, that even if all the women have died, I would rather find a man~, LB women are all beasts!!!


This is murder, and since it is done one should take responsible, no matter who that person is, they should take responsibility.


The child she can not take care of, and she can just get remarried by herself. If she is willing to abort it, how can she not be willing to give it up for others to take care of? [She’s] simply afraid she can’t as for a better price in the future [because she had a child].

Aren’t women all shouting that having a house is a man’s responsibility, that providing for the family is a man’s responsibility? Then, where is the woman’s responsibility?


But if she has the child, the child will not have a father’s love from childhood. Later on, the child will be ridiculed for not having a dad by schoolmates~if not handled well, it might cause some kind of defect on the child’s personality.  Isn’t this worse for the child?


emoticonWe can only say we are too traditional, not as open as Liba women. No wonder why if you’re looking for a fuck, you look for Liba women.


Since her ex-husband has already passed away, she naturally has the right to pursue her own happiness.

She can choose to be someone else’s wife, be someone else’s children’s mother.

Don’t forget that we live in the 21st century, not that kind of era where if a husband dies, the wife must remain a widow.

It can only be said that old-fashioned thinking is too deeply rooted in your brain…


Actually, this topic is very hypocritical. You already know that
the woman must want to have the abortion and the man’s parents must want the child.

The key is what this man thinks.


The key piece of information this case lacks is: Just what kind of standing/background is the man’s family.

What is not difficult to infer is, had this happened in Li Ka-shing‘s family, the outcome would definitely have been completely different.


From the abortion we can see that people are worse than animals. emoticon


Are you saying men are animals or women are animals?

Don’t forget where abortion originated from.

I still see on KDS a lot of TF who like to make posts about them persuading their girlfriends to go get abortions.

Is there a difference between 1 month and 5 months?

This is just a man’s excuse. emoticon


It can only be said that this woman loves herself the most.

If she loved her husband and child, she would keep the child as a proof of their love.


His dad did not remarry and struggled to bring him up to 26-years of age…
before passing away as well. He was at a loss too, but now his life is very good, and says he is very thankful of his father…
emoticonemoticonemoticon[Despise] you bunch of heartless monsters. emoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon


Liba women’s love is normally based on houses and money.


emoticonemoticonemoticon[I despise] to death these kind of cunt-selling to eat women in today’s society.
emoticonemoticonemoticonMy grandmother was confined to bed for 20 years, but I never saw my grandfather immediately divorce her.
Caring for her 20 whole years, never saying anything [expressing regret], you bunch of inhuman, emotionless,
things, with eyes only for money and self-benefit.
I [despise you]emoticonemoticonemoticon


emoticonI once read a saying…
The truth that the entire world agrees on is rationality.
And the only thing that can surpass it? Only love.
That woman is too rational. You guys are also too rational.emoticonemoticon


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