‘I Like Being A Kept Mistress, My Life Right Now Is Great!’

On June 18, 2008, 菊花香香儿1986 (“Fragrant Chrysanthemum 1986”) made a post on the Tianya Forum:

Everybody says that it is a bad thing to be a kept mistress.  What is so bad about it?  Let me tell you about all the good things from my personal experience…

I was born to a rural family where all the generations had been farmers.  When I was very small, my dad told me that the way to get out of the rural village is to go to university.  He told me that I should not be stuck here for the rest of my life.  I understood more or less.  I studied hard.  I entered university for my own selfish reasons as opposed to any hot-blooded passion to work for the mother country.

Once I got accepted by university and went to the big city, I found out how trivial I was.  I was poor and the money that my family gave me was not even enough to pay for living expenses, much less the tuition fees.  So I began to work part-time at an upscale coffee shop.

I was able to meet many social bigwigs at the coffee shop, and it was there that I met my current husband.  He is a senior government official.  He has a wife and kids at home, but I didn’t care.  He knew that I was working part-time so he was particularly nice to me.  Eventually, I quit my job to be with him.

During the week, I stay at the school dormitory.  On weekends, I am usually with my husband.  He comes to pick me up every Saturday afternoon in his car.  Many other female students are in the same situation like me.  Therefore, on Saturday afternoons, there is a row of upscale sedans waiting outside the university entrance to pick us up.  By this time, nobody thinks that this is anything unusual!

Since I found this husband, I have never had to worry about livelihood.  I completed my studies successfully.  So, let me tell you what I have now.

(1) Money.  My husband got me a bank card under my own name.  There are 5 million RMB in liquid fund in that account.  There is also more than one hundred thousand RMB cash at home. This is basically my spending money.

(2) House.  My husband bought a new house under my name with four rooms and two living rooms in an upscale neighborhood.  There is a villa outside the city. On weekends, I stay there with my husband because the view is gorgeous.

(3) Car. This year, my husband bought me a Peugeot 206 for transportation. I just got my license this year because I don’t like to ride in congested public buses.

(4) Family. My family is building a new house for my brother who is getting married. I told my husband and he gave me 300,000 RMB without me asking and that was enough to build a house back home. I am sending 3,000 RMB a month back to the my parents.

(5) Family life. My husband loves me. He treats me well. I love my husband a lot too. My husband says that we will have a child of my own some day and the three of us will live happily together.

I am graduating this year.  But I do not want to get a job, because work is tiring and there is no freedom.  I want to do what I want.  Therefore, I have decided to open my own clothing store.  The place is under decoration and it will probably open in August.  I am very satisfied with my life right now.  If you have any views and opinions about my life, you are welcome to offer them!!!

[translated by EastSouthWestNorth]

A lot of people offered their views and opinions.

One person, “wangyouisliliang” (probably means “internet friends is strength”) posted the above and below pictures of “Fragrant Chrysanthemum 1986” and asked for tips or clues about her. Another person “visav,” found a blog where the pictures came from and the human flesh search engines soon identified her as a girl in Chengdu, China.

But the girl in these pictures is not “Fragrant Chrysanthemum 1986.”

She is a Chengdu girl surnamed Zhao (赵). When Sichuan Online reporters interviewed her [English translation also at EastSouthWestNorth], she explained that her photos were taken from her QQ blog and that:

  • She got her driver’s license in 2001, not this year;
  • She was born in 1982, not 1986;
  • She never went to university;
  • She is not a senior government official’s mistress;
  • She was married in 2003, and has a son;
  • She doesn’t have 5 million RMB, and she’s working hard to save 50,000 RMB;
  • She doesn’t drive a Peugot 206, she drives an Audi;

…all different from what “Fragrant Chrystanthemum 1986” wrote about herself.

Netizens have cursed her on her blog. The human flesh search engines posted phone numbers belonging to her and her relatives on the internet, so people keep calling her and her family repeatedly. She has hired lawyers and asked the Sichuan Online reporters to help her clear up this problem.

Recently, people on the internet also posted a picture of her four year old son and the human flesh search engines have targeted the Sichuan Online reporter too. The controversy of “Fragrant Chrysanthemum 1986” continues and is now called “Mistress Gate.”

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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