‘If Love’ by Khalil Fong (Fang Datong)

Khalil Fong

Khalil Fong

‘If Love’ is included in Hong Kong soul and Mandopop singer Khalil Fong‘s 2008 album Orange Moon.

Music Video:

Composer: Khalil Fong
Lyrics: Khalil Fong & Vivian Hsu
Singer: Khalil Fong

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):


rú guǒ ài méi yǒu nà me fán
If love weren’t that troublesome

wǒ bú huì chī bú xià wǎn fàn
I wouldn’t have trouble eating dinner

yě bú huì duō me de duò luō
Nor would I be so degenerate

rú guǒ nǐ shuō nǐ ài wǒ
If only you said you loved me


rú guǒ ài kě yǐ kě yí gèng jiǎn dān
If love could be easier

wǒ yě bú huì yǒu zhè me luàn
I wouldn’t be this messed up

zhěng gè shì jiè zài zhuàn
With the whole world spinning

nǐ huò xǔ kě yǐ shuō nǐ ài wǒ ma
So perhaps you can say you love me?

dì tú yǒu dōng nán xī běi
Maps have East, South, West, and North [meaning the directions are absolute on a map]

ài qíng què bú shì jué duì
but love is never absolute

跑很远 累不累
pǎo hěn yuǎn lèi bú lèi
Running so far, aren’t you tired?

1 +1 不是2 虾米 无解的逻辑
yī jiā yī bú shì èr xiā mǐ wú jiě de luó jí
One plus one isn’t two…What? Hopeless logic

wǒ bú wèn wán měi shì shén mé
I don’t ask what perfection is,

huái yí shì shén me
what suspicion is,

明天你是什么 不后悔
míng tiān nǐ shì shén me bú hòu huí
[so] whatever you might be tomorrow, I won’t regret it

CHORUS #1 and 2

hēi yè yǒu le nǐ gèng měi
The dark night is more beautiful with you

ràng rén zì yuàn biàn kuǐ lěi
You make one voluntarily become a puppet

月憔悴 看不见
yuè qiáo cuì kān bú jiàn
The moon is wan and sallow, and can’t be seen

我要爬上一座天梯 摘星星给你
wǒ yào pá shàng yí zuò tiān tī zhāi xīng xīng gěi nǐ
I want to climb a ladder into the sky, and pluck stars to give you

我不管完美是什麽 唯一是什麽
wǒ bú guǎn wán měi shì shén me wéi yī shì shén me
I don’t care what perfect is, what the one and only is

明天我是什么 无所谓
míng tiān wǒ shì shén me wú suǒ wèi
[or] what I will be tomorrow, it won’t matter

CHORUS #1 and 2

rú guǒ ài
If love…


Khalil Fong

Khalil Fong

Khalil Fong

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Winter B4 Spring

    s x x a

    • Efe the foreigner

      gay sofa

  • BigJ

    These Asian pop singers make Justin Bieber look like Rambo. And this guy is one of more tough looking ones.

    • Ecureuil

      Your comment made my day !

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      Not only does his dog boner tie with the untucked shirt makes him look even more pretentiously gaysian, he also is too cool for real cigarettes or glasses in his frames.

      This is another indicator that China will one day spontaneously implode into it’s own anus.

  • Meghan

    This is so useful for learning especially with the pinyin.

  • Jahar

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone who visits the site remotely interested in these pop songs, or their translations? Just curious.

    • radbab

      I wish they’d cover some of Beijing’s underground alternative scene instead.

    • Strangerland

      Well I don’t always like the songs- but I use the pinyin and the lyric translation to learn Mandarin, so I’m not going to complain about these kind of articles. It helped me learning new phrases- they do say the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in its culture. The easiest ways are by songs and stories. So there you go.

    • Mop

      I find these articles the most boring.

    • encore

      I am!

  • Rod

    I’ve never seen a song on chinaSMACK that I liked but 方大同 is pretty fucking awesome. Though some of his pop songs are a bit gay, he’s all China has when it comes to Jazz (Joan Deng sucks). Although he’s HK, and maybe born in Hawaii or has some relationship there which probably contributes to his awesomeness.

  • bigwin80

    Sounds like a more recent version of this song-


  • Cleo

    what does this song have to do with LOVE?


    Has anyone noticed how TOXIC Top 40 song lyrics are – the SOUND is sweet so if you don’t pay attention, you wouldn’t know that you are digesting lyrics like I’m so crazy about you but if you pass yourself off to someone else, he better not hurt you otherwise “I’ll be there” – that’s very Russell Simmons in sentiment but the Jackson Five make it sound so amazing.

    Same with Human Nature by Human League – they lyrics are hilarious – I’m wa wa crazy about you (and by the way, I cheated just cause I needed too – haha) and then the girl sings – me too, I cheated too!


  • markus

    He is a good singer, i saw him in Nanjing awhile back.

    i like the song “sing a long song”

    its in English

  • elizabeth

    Khalil sounds Malay. Is he mixed?

    • Strangerland

      Actually Khalil seems to be Arabic-influenced name, I thought he has some middle-eastern influence. But noo, he’s a Chinese guy. My wild guess is that he just picked a name that sounds foreign in his ears- after all he did grew up in USA for sometime before moving to HK.

      • donscarletti

        He’s American born, so that’s probably his legal birth name, rather than Datong. Wikipedia says he’s Bahá’í so that might have something to do with it.

    • Rod

      I think he’s HK/Hawaiian

  • Shining++

    How romantic it is!When I saw the English version lyric,I’m so moved about it.Yeah,love is simple and easy.Hope everybody and I can find our soulmates.

  • Jennster

    lol khalil

  • Cameron

    Why not put on some decent underground/alternative Chinese music rather than this pap? Chinese mainsteam music (yeah this is mainstream) is uniformly horrible watered down version of the worst excesses of Boyzone, Celine Dion, Bieber Britney and every other bland nobody from the last three decades of bland Western corporate pop. Its senseless to pretend otherwise. Putting a few trumpets in the mix and singing with your sexy jazzy voice quite manage to hide that I’m afraid.

    • ODB

      Unlike the examples you just named this dude writes composes and makes his own music, those “artists” don’t even make the same genre of music.

  • rc

    The ABC mash-up of Stevie Wonder and John Mayer, in Mandarin.

    Not really my speed, but in China I’ll take it a million times over your cookie-cutter KTV love songs.

  • Terri

    I actually LOVE this guy! I have three of his albums, and I think he’s really talented. He plays piano, guitar, and a bunch of other instruments. He’s performed with John Legend and others in the States. You can tell he was really influenced by Stevie Wonder, and MJ, and he sounds NOTHING like the other people who claim to be R&B here. I think it’s good stuff.