If The Passengers On The Titanic Were Chinese…


From Tianya:

Although I have watched the Hollywood blockbuster “Titanic” many years ago, the grandeur of the tragedy during the moment of the ship’s sinking forever etched in my mind. The honorable captain, the three violinists calmly facing death, as well as those gentlemen who gave the hope of life to the women and children and left the calamity of death for themselves; left me touched while at the same time, let me re-realize the greatness of humanity.

Lingering in such deep awe, I often cannot help it but to pose to myself a foolish assumption: Suppose the passengers on the Titanic are us Chinese, what will be the scene during the moment of the sinking? Facing this conjecture I find it difficult to answer, but when I must answer this question, I had to do so in light of practical experience in order to draw the following conclusion:

Upon receiving the report of the ship hitting the iceberg, The terror-stricken captain rushed to notify the highest level cadre (certain secretary or certain chief) among the passengers, to let them immediately prepare to board lifeboats to evacuate, and then quickly instruct his subordinates to notify the high/low level officials in the luxury cabins, and escort them to safely evacuate. According to usual practice, the order of the evacuation is decided by the level in rank of the officials.

After a period of busy activity, high/low level officials all safely depart, the news of the ship hitting the iceberg also gradually spread to the regular passengers. The ship, due to intake of water slowly developed a list. The passengers started to cause a commotion, some froze in their tracks, some held their head and wailed, some started plundering valuables, in a short time, and all order was lost. Soon they realized they have to find a path to survival, and one after another rushed forth toward the limited numbers of lifeboats remaining. At this time the captain is leading the crew to prepare for departure, after some hurl of insult and infighting, the captain and the crew also safely left the ship.

At this time the available small boats for evacuation are even more scarce, the passengers became even more frantic and distraught, a couple of strong and rough brutes grabbed the only two small boats remaining, another bunch of big and tall men after a violent struggle also got into the boat. The turbulent sea water surged up one wave after another, the liner is already seriously listing, the chaotic mass of people resembling the dense numbers of ants began to falter, finally the small boat full of able-bodied men, in the desperate gaze of the passengers, and the sound of wailing cries/shouts, hurriedly left the ship. Women in disheveled hair holding their crying infants fell down and got up again, a couple of handicapped men are exclaiming in despair toward the sky, a pair of white haired couple sobbing in embrace…a rumble of a large sound [explosion], the big liner broke in half down the middle and gradually sinks into the bottomless abyss. All is lost in the silence, and then slowly floats up some debris of buckets and clothing in addition to the frozen corpses of women and children…

My answer above may not satisfy everyone, so much so that some will think that I am suspicious of vilifying ‘civil servants’ [officials] and defiling our fellow countrymen. But I really can’t think up a more satisfying answer for people, because in regard to personal interests, first come the officials followed by the staff of government departments, then the strong and able-bodied brutes, and finally the old, the weak, the disabled, the women and the children, this kind of social order in real life is already commonplace for me.

Do you still recall the Karamay fire, the three hundred or so victims are all elementary school kids and teachers, the government officials all escaped first without a scratch.

Those currently receiving or are watching others receive this type of special privilege; electric plant workers do not have to pay for electricity bills, water plant naturally do not have to pay for water bills, railway workers riding trains naturally do not have to dig into their wallets. As for dominance of the strong, at the bustling stations, harbors, theaters, even door to buses all fully reflect that the slogans of ‘ladies first’ or ‘compassion toward others’ can only forever hang on the lips of our fellow countrymen. Written on the walls on the side of the street, yet how many people truly carry out these actions?

This is the realities of our national’s personal qualities, this is the realities of our government official’s qualities, I do not want to, but have no choice but to admit this reality! Disasters are like a mirror, it can reflect the beautiful, the ugly, the good and the bad in human nature, and we should ask ourselves through the heart, can we withstand its reflections?

Note: A good contrast to the chivalrous altruism displayed on board the Titanic can be found in this BBC article.

Comments on Tianya:

If they are all Chinese, then if the accident happened, we will definitely turn this bad event into a good one, will definitely unite the masses even closer around the Party, will definitely uplift the whole nation in a great surge of patriotism, will definitely put forth the touching scene of the whole nation’s enthusiastic donations of money and materials, the ship’s passengers will definitely request the captain and high/low level deputies to leave first, CCTV will definitely say the families of the victims are just as if they are celebrating the Chinese New Year, will definitely report that during the disaster the CCP members displayed countless touching achievements, will definitely…

Then to the evaluation of the disaster: The people will say it is the ship’s fault, the ship will say it is the iceberg’s fault, the iceberg will say it is the climate’s fault, the climate will say it is the sun’s fault, and the sun can only say: FUCK!

Lastly, a call for the whole nation’s hard work and endurance, to set off a new patriotic climax for the construction of the motherland.

A moment of silence.

Sing along with the Party: socialism is good, socialism is good, and People of socialist countries have high social standings!

If they are Chinese, I predict they will all die. China today has lost all moral virtue.

Ding this post up, cannot let it sink.

If onboard the Titanic are all today’s Chinese, then one thing is certain: definitely no one will survive.
The following was cited as the voice of the victims: “妈13 [13 = B, so this is MB, “motherfucking”] bastards secretly cutting corners, using shoddy materials, and enjoying kickbacks, only so few lifeboats, why should the leaders board first, I will just have to squeeze on board, at worst, if it capsizes, we will all go together.”
Given the time of the Titanic sinking was in 1912, at that time the qualities of our countrymen have yet to degenerate to this level, therefore the result should be similar to the movie.

What LZ said is not completely without reason. But during this big earthquake too were many flashes of humanity’s glories/radiance!

A real portrait of Chinese officials.
It is this gang of people controlling China, how lamentable.

This really is bullshit, I work at the department providing electricity, an old worker for 15 years, and I have never heard of using electricity without money!!!

Chinese will definitely let the leaders go first. haha

In Titanic nobility class got the same privilege as what you said about Chinese officials, secondly, that is only embellished element of the movie. So no matter who is this or that, human nature determined the outcome, no matter what country it is all the same.

Leaders going first…hehe, this is very normal.

I believe in your analysis,
Looking at the present situation,
There is no way I can’t believe you.

Every nationality has their own deep rooted bad habits; do not think the foreigners are that good. In fact when you really did go to foreign countries you will discover, that actually they are not what you think they are.

Comments on NetEase:

Let the leader go first

If the leaders all died, who will represent the greater poor people?

What LZ said have some bias, should put it this way: in China, most of the people are kind-hearted, most officials are still corrupt; this is really China’s current situation, you can’t judge the people and the officials on the same page.

LZ deep down you look down upon Chinese people, two years ago a sea disaster occurred in the Bohai Sea, all the survivors were nearly all women and children, why? Because during the disaster, the passengers on the boat let women and children first board the liferaft, a girl recalled after the incident, when the boat is nearly under water, two men pushed her out of the side portal, she was saved, but those two men never climbed out, gone down with the ship into the sea. Later that women and an old man boarded a liferaft, floating on the sea for a good number of days, the old man said his is already old, don’t have many days to live, so he gave what little fresh water he has to the girl. In the end the girl survived but the old man died on the raft. The majority of the people among our countrymen are still good people, but LZ is through and through a dark-hearted small person.

I cannot say that all of today’s officials talk about special privileges, but those [officials] around me do, this is without question.

See more Chinese contempt for government officials:


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