“If The United States Attacked China, I Would Surrender”

Captain America The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger.

The following is a famous post allegedly written by someone from China’s prestigious Peking University that has circulated on the Chinese internet many times before, regularly reappearing every so often.

On Tiexue, ChinaRen, Tianya, & KDS:

Famous Beida [Beijing/Peking University] Post: If the American military were to attack China, I would surrender to them

If the United States of America were to attack China, I would just run with my girlfriend to her home. My girlfriend’s home is in the mountains, and there is nothing of value there, but there is food and water. This way, America will never send its Tomahawk guided missiles there. Then our entire family will be guaranteed to be out of harm’s way.

As long as we’re not hit by a Tomahawk missile, there won’t be much to be afraid of. I know now from watching television that the American military is not like the Japanese military in the past. They won’t burn, kill, and rape, no Three Alls Policy. During the Korean War, why did the Chinese fight America so desperately? It was because at the time, the government had propaganda that seriously vilified America, and the people at the time all thought that if America captured China, the things they would do would be even worse than what Little Japan did. This was the misunderstanding of a Chinese people who did not understand America at the time. On the contrary, America’s military was doing its best to avoid hurting innocent people, giving food and water, saving the dying and healing the injured, better than China’s “government forces”. So what is there to be afraid of. Just sit at home and wait for America to defeat China.

For this country, it doesn’t matter who is the government. Because I have always been a docile citizen [someone who readily submits to invaders or new regimes], having been one for decades now, it is all the same who I am a docile citizen for. Besides, being a docile citizen for America or an “American puppet government” might mean my life will be a bit better. Aren’t the common people of Afghanistan doing much better than when they were under the Taliban?

If the government isn’t willing to let me go, insisting on giving me a gun and forcing me onto the battlefield, then of course I can only grit my teeth and go. However, I will definitely not go be a hero, like being a “suicide bomber” or anything. Even if they gave me 300 or 400 thousand American dollars, I would not go do it. I will just roar with the crowd. When everyone is charging forth, I will run along. When everyone is retreating, I will lead the way. I imagine when the time comes where someone like me is needed to go on the battlefield, the country will already almost be done for, and the military would collapse on the battlefield. Nor will I follow everyone into the mountains to fight a guerrilla war. I will raise my hands and surrender to the American army, and open the path for them.

There’s nothing bad about being a prisoner of war. In the prison camps, there is food, clothes, safety, and most importantly, you can survive. Stay alive and then be a docile citizen. Besides, I have a wife and kids at home, so for me, they are a hundred times more important than some country or nation.

There will definitely be many patriots cursing me as a Chinese traitor, but go ahead, I don’t care, because this country has nothing to do with me. I am just a small, lowly docile citizen, something I am certain of from the bottom of my heart. After decades, I have seen through this government, and I am no longer that 20-something young patriot I used to be.

In the past, I too did not know this. When I was a student, I too was like the anti-American people on the internet these days, a hot-blooded youth. Back then, my schoolmates and I thought of ourselves as the country’s pillar, that we should devote our lives to the country, and because of this, was so presumptuous as to make demands of our master, not expecting that the moment I said to the master: “Master, your clothes are a little dirty,” I was immediately slapped two times across the face and my mouth stuffed with stinking horse shit. From that moment on, I suddenly woke up, and realized just exactly what I actually was.

Turns out, I am just meant to be a docile citizen, and the matters of the country actually have nothing to do with me. So why should I care for something that doesn’t care for me? From that moment on, I became honest and wholeheartedly embraced being a docile citizen. I don’t care who my master is. Whoever wants to be my master, I will be their docile citizen.

However, docile citizens still have a docile citizen’s principle. The principle of docile citizens is: Only sell our dignity, but not our lives. If the master does not treat me as a person, I won’t treat myself as a person either. Human rights and the like, I have never been interested in.

But if the master tells me to give up my life for him, I will resolutely refuse. My life is my own, not something given by the master.

The master normally does not treat me as a person, only having me be totally subservient, not allowed to say what I want or do what I want. But when the day comes when the country is no longer stable, when the government is in trouble, and it wants to treat me as a person, asking me to do my duty, at that time I will apologize and say to the master: “What were you doing before? Now, I’m sorry, but old me no longer waits on you.”

Therefore, I will surrender to the American military! And open the path for them!

American soldiers.

Comments from KDS: (no longer available)

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The last time I saw this post, the starting fare for taxis was still 10 yuan

[It is now 12 RMB, so this just means this post is old and has circulated on the Chinese internet before.]


Although the writing style is humorous, reading between the lines reveals an extreme dissatisfaction with the **


Actually, it just says what everyone thinks in their hearts.


If the Japanese army comes, I will run. If the American army comes, I will open the path for them. If the Kuomingtang army comes, I will join them. If the Communist government comes, I will poison them.


I firmly believe that as long as the leadership is around, we won’t be able to be Chinese traitors.

[This means that the leaders will betray the country first.]


That he doesn’t love the party I won’t talk about, but he no longer has the most basic love for his country…human flesh search him out and kill him.


The line for this [surrendering to America] will be even worse than the World Expo.

[Note that the original Chinese is written as “SB会”. There is a double meaning here. First, it refers to the 世博会, shi bo hui, World Expo. The second meaning is “the Sha Bi Expo” or “stupid cunt expo”, a joke amongst many Shanghainese for the “stupid” people who attended the 2010 World Expo.]

Your freedom has been a lie. We are here to help.

Red Dawn 2011 propaganda posters.

Chinese/American Friendship Center.

Comments from Tiexue:


[Repost] Harvard student’s shocking reply post to Beida: The moment the war begins, the ones who should surrender would be us Americans

Recently, your humble servant saw a post titled “Famous Beida Post Attracts Condemnation: If the American military were to attack China, I would surrender to them” on a website in your country. Your humble servant felt an incomparable shock. As a Harvard University economics student, I simply cannot understand the fellow student who wrote this post. He is a class example of someone who doesn’t know how fortunate he is.

I feel that what this fellow student said is extremely correct, except he has the sides wrong. It should be that if China were to attack the United States of America, I would surrender to them.

First, I want to analyze this in therms of economics. The reason why my country is rich and comfortable is inseparable from your country providing cheap low-cost goods. The news says that your country’s own citizens are ingesting Sudan Red, melamine, and drainage oil while shipping the high-quality goods to my country. What kind of internationalist spirit is this? If a war really erupted, our country would necessarily experience skyrocketing prices/inflation. Also, our citizen’s ability to resist/endure stress is far less than your country so if prices skyrocket, we wouldn’t be able to stay calm/stable. At that time, our military would collapse like a landslide. So, I definitely would surrender.

Second, when considering this militarily, though my country has advanced weaponry, we are over-reliant on technology. When I went to China, I personally witnessed chengguan forcibly demolishing buildings. What a display of cruel and ruthless power~~~~~. I was floored by fright at the time, thinking that if they could treat their own people like this, imagine how they would treat foreign enemies? What more, they weren’t even the formal military, so how could I dare underestimate the regular military? So, I must surrender.

Third, the news says your country’s citizens treat my country’s citizens with great respect, that the moment our country’s failures or unsuccessful people arrive in your country, they immediately become “distinguished guests”, and that many beautiful women throw themselves at them. Such a beautiful thing is unimaginable in America. When our president only had an extramarital affair, it was immediately ferreted out by the media, and he was utterly discredited/publicly ruined. But in your country, having multiple concubines/mistresses seems to be normal.

Fourth, my country’s laws are too strict. Any little thing and even the president needs to be punished. But in your country, the news says as long as you are an official or have money, even if you accidentally kill someone, you can still keep it quiet/avoid trouble.

Fifth, I already know from television that in your country, as long as you go along with the government, the amount of wealth you can enjoy is endless. Google did not obey the government, so it lost a large chunk of fatty meat [money, benefits], such a foolish move. If I graduate and work on Wall Street or become an average government official, my annual salary would just be several hundred thousand US dollars. Converted to your country’s currency, that’s just several million [RMB]. However, the news says that in your country, the head of a county alone could have nearly a hundred million in assets, which converted is nearly a tens of millions of US dollars!! What more, he has a residence that is comparable to the White House. So, after I surrender, as long as the government gives me a state and I then obey the government as a state governor, I will never have to worry about food and clothing [material needs] ever again.

In conclusion, I will surrender to China, and open the path for the Red Army!


All I want to say is that I will not personally watch my own people be enslaved, I will find whatever way I can to launch the nuclear weapons, so that the Chinese nation will die standing up rather than survive on its knees. When the time comes, the Chinese nation shall die with dignity! I want to make it so that those who would be Chinese traitors wouldn’t even have the chance.


The person who wrote this essay [at the top] is inherently a person meant to be a slave, and a hopeless spineless person at that. This kind of person is the kind of person that wouldn’t even dare fart [say anything] if you were to bed his wife right in front of him.


That someone from Beida [Peking University] wrote this kind of thing is not strange. If someone from Tsinghua [University] wrote it, it would be normal too. In fact, any Beijing person writing this would be normal; because they do not need to believe what others say, and only need to see what they themselves can see.
Don’t look at it from the beginning, the beginning is all fake, only the last two sentences are on topic.
I am not a Party member, I won’t go forth, so whoever wants to go, they can go, it is none of my business!
Students sit down, let the leaders go first.


When some governments suppress their ordinary common people, they use water cannons. However during a student movement, the ZF instead used tanks and machine guns to strike down the ordinary common people.


I agree with the poster’s views. After so many years, what material benefits have the ordinary common people gotten?? It’s just a new “three big mountains” [imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucracy]. Housing reform, education, all of them are still about money. The country is now all controlled by interest groups, so have the ordinary common people truly enjoyed any results of the reforms?? What kind of ideology is this?? As long as the ordinary common people can live a good life, that is more important/better than anything.


I am 44-years-old this year, my family situation is harmonious, and my professional career has developed smoothly. How others see me —- virtuous wife, filial son, car owner, house owner, with savings. My life —- Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! However, I understand one principle, that my beautiful and satisfying life is inseparable from the country’s stability. Therefore, the things I am about to say are not just inspirational words but are truly from my heart: If the country is in trouble, I will join with everyone else and stand forth, not hesitating to give my blood and life! As that old saying goes: Without your country, how could you have a home? If the country is unstable, how could individuals live and work in peace and contentment?


Look. Doesn’t Japan often have news report about girls being raped by American troops stationed there?? This also clearly shows that the person who wrote this essay is a pig-head [idiot]… Those are just garrisoned troops and this kind of thing [rape] happens. And if they were invading this country? Could rape and pillaging be avoided??? And you talk about [the American military] safeguarding the ordinary common people’s safety. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq, is there any shortage of ordinary common people [civilians] who have been accidentally blown up and killed?? Those beasts of burden will be too busy looking out for their own lives to care if the locals live or die~~~~~

Chris Evans as Captain America.

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Docile citizens or slaves. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • brent

    Sofa sofa sofa sofa!
    Come to sofa city! All sofas are half price for the Spring Festival holiday, prices on setees slashed.
    Welcome to sofa city – your city – my city!

    • ##BlothaLonely##

      What are you claiming is not sofa, but loneliness…

    • Captainmidnight

      The Harvard Graduate’s reply that American would surrender to a Chinese invasion force is such bullshit. The sheer logistical improbability of an invasion and occupation of either countries aside, Americans do actually believe in the concept of freedom and democracy. Not matter how flawed the implementation of those concepts may be in real life, they are nevertheless ingrained in the American psyche from childhood. Americans have, or at least imagine they have, a tangible reason to fight for their country with tangible benefits as an outcome. Certainly many Americans would be too pampered and fat to be effective soldiers, but hunger and fear are good motivators.

      On the other hand, Chinese people no longer have communist ideals to fall back on and believe in. Instead, they have an empty vessel of ethno-nationalism for the poor to occasionally vent their private misery into and consumer goods for the rich. These concepts are not as sturdy as freedom and democracy. Perhaps they’ll fight for a free iPhone?

      [Note from Fauna: I think you misunderstood the Harvard student post.]

      • Chris N.

        I think you missed the point of the “Harvard” student’s response. His response was obviously satirical by pointing out many parts of Chinese society that are less than perfect.

        I think he was essentially agreeing with the original post. Am I wrong?

        • Captainmidnight

          I understood the not so veiled criticism of the PRC in the Harvard students post. If that is his or her point then I have heard it already elsewhere and are not particularly interested in going over it again. There are a ton of positive things happening in China too.

          However, I am interested in whether or not Chinese people are better prepared for war than Westerners. The idea that the hardships, corruption that some Chinese people may endure would give any advantage to an invading force, that is what I am disagreeing. Be it the intended point or not.

          Any successful empire offers a franchise to its own people and to anyone of importance who is conquered by the empire. The Romans did it, the House of Islam did it, the British and so do the Americans. (Not to diminish the brutality of ’empire’; lots of horrible thinks have been done its name)

          I’m saying that currently, with the disparity between rich and poor in China, the continued policies which infringe on people lives all the time and which there is no way to question them, is not a very compelling franchise for most people in China. This could all change within our lifetimes.

          • Rick in China

            RE: “Better prepared for war”..

            Uh, America is engaged in 2 major wars. The longest and roughest wars in our lifetime. Do you think the majority of Chinese fussing about discounted bao zi and ways to sneak a mao any way they can, are “prepared for war” by ANY stretch of the imagination? The only preparedness the youth and young adults here have is playing counterstrike marathons at the internet cafe and having screaming fights with Chengguan when their home is about to be expropriated for officials’ personal gain.

          • anon

            No, it didn’t seem (and–I worry–doesn’t seem) like you understood the veiled criticism of the PRC in the Harvard student’s post and you certainly seemed interested in his post before you were made aware of it being satire. No one responding to you said there aren’t a ton of positive things happening in China either.

            Regarding the rest of your face-saving comment, I’m going to first say “if that is your point then I have heard it already elsewhere and am not particularly interested in going over it again. There are a ton of positive things happening in China too.”

      • Bill Rich

        Turn your sarcasm detector on. It’s the switch on the left. Right underneath your ear.

      • Jay

        That “Harvard Student” post wasn’t written by a native speaker of English.

        They MAY be a student at Harvard, but English is NOT their first language. So, they MAY be a US citizen, but….

        • mankouzanghua

          he may be truly bilingual — i.e., equally good at English and Chinese. if he is really american, he apparently spends quite a bit of time on the chinese internet (e.g., he writes things like “童鞋” for student). i found the chinese writing in his post to be much more interesting and playful and helpful for learning new words (e.g., 鄙人) than the original post about surrendering to america.

          i think it was more than likely just a chinese netizen in china who wanted to turn the original post on its head (if it wasn’t there already) to further poke some fun at china (“贵国” (!) in his post).

        • GAC

          Note that all posts on this site are translations from Chinese, so the English in that comment is Fauna’s. It is possible that the post was written by a native English speaker, perhaps even in English, translated to Chinese, then back to English.

          My initial thoughts were that it was written in an anglophone rhetorical style, in fact, but as the list grew (and the sarcasm started), I wasn’t as sure. Unfortunately, I can’t really analyze it (probably take forever for me to even read the original), but it appears to me that the writer is bilingual and is mixing writing styles of both languages. But then, that could be an artifact or translation or even just my own imagination.

          As for the last bit: “They MAY be a student at Harvard, but English is NOT their first language. So, they MAY be a US citizen, but….”

          But what? But they’re not a “real American”? I have no problem with you thinking it might be a hoax from a Chinese poster — a distinct possibility — but if you are going to say something xenophobic, please say it out clearly so that we all know to ignor it.

  • whichone

    Very interesting essay, reminds me of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

    • anon

      That’s above the education level of most of chinaSMACK’s commenters, as evidenced by some of the comments so far.

    • Yes, the solution to the one-child policy, overpopulation, and the depletion of resources. Maybe bring up at the next 5 year plan.

      On a another note: for movies that will suck, both Red Dawn and ol’ Winghead (minus wings) have some rockin’ advertising/propaganda. I can’t wait to buy their shanzhai versions out on the overpass

    • You can dig even deeper. Take, for example Archilochus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archilochus).

      Some barbarian is waving my shield,
      since I was obliged to
      leave that perfectly good piece of equipment behind
      under a bush.
      But I got away, so what does it matter?
      Life seemed somehow more precious.
      Let the shield go; I can buy another one equally good.

      • bunny99

        Wow – Crystal is well read

  • Walter

    Chinasmack sucks. So many comments here are posted for bashing and ridiculous judgement, some are even worse than those in the article.
    Won’t be here anymore.

    • @@

      yeah i know, there’s rarely a story of actual interest, just taking shit posts from chinese gossip forums, nothing of intrigue, then these american come, read these post, think they know everything there’s to know and start a flood of shitastic circlejerking comments.

      i find myself coming here less and less

      [Note from Fauna: You come here all the time…and continue to come here more and more.]

      • heimama

        ditto. can you suggest any good alternatives?

    • Jeff

      Good riddance..

    • anon

      Have you considered not reading the comments? Oh wait, you won’t see this. Hm.

      • Just John

        The funny part is, I come here more to read the comments (To listen to others sage advice as well as to laugh at the idiots rants) more then the actual stories.

        • anon

          Something for everyone, right? I’m just saying, there’s no need for anyone to subject themselves to what they don’t like. It’s a bit masochistic.

          And seriously, these complainers are probably amongst this website’s most frequent visitors.

  • kongcheng

    don’t confuse your love for your motherland with the hatred for the ruling party.

  • karen

    wait… when did taxi starting fares become 12 RMB?

    • anon

      It’s been 12 RMB in Shanghai for a while. KDS members are mostly Shanghainese.

  • Bo Wang

    America’s Army is recruiting from the ghettos. Don’t expect a civilized take over.

    • Fair point, but they do take the rules very seriously, at least when made public. Military guys the world over are scoundrels.

    • Bill Rich

      Don’t worry. When the war starts, US will not be recruiting. US will institute the draft and everyone, rich or poor, educated or not, civilized or savages, will have to join up. So whether you will be treated with civility depends on your luck of the draw. But you should prepare for the worse, anyway.

    • Taco

      Many of the enlisted men are from poor or rural areas.
      Most of the officers are college educated.

      Not much different from the Chinese military ne pas?


    If China ever invades South Korea I’d probably use all my connections to become friends with the Chinese invaders, earn their friendship and their trust and then drive a 5 ton truck full of sensitised ammonium nitrate wired with a dead man switch into their base ala Hezbollah in 1983

    And that’s AFTER I dig up the arms cache I know the location of and distribute the weapons to my friends. Around September 1950, 90% of Korea was occupied by the Bolshevists and the ROK Army buried many of it’s munitions in preparation for what they thought would be an inevitable guerrilla war, these caches are located in and around Pusan.

    • Jay K.

      Pusan Playa is Back!!! Yes!!!!! We need you back!

  • Jay K.

    America, Fuck Yeah!

  • Jess

    It’s kinda interesting how people in so many different countries have hypotheticals over “If the United States attacks us…,” even American allies. I wonder if it’s just fun conversation or overextended paranoia.

    • Hongjian

      I think its not paranoia when the US invaded two countries in just three years.

      • Bill Rich

        That means you have to wait your turn.

    • k2000k

      Its politics. Even your friends can become your enemies at some point in the future. After WWI but before WWII the United States had developed a plan to fight a war in Canada against Great Britain, even though they had been allies in the previous war. They planned for it because of two reasons, one, probably the most important, there wasn’t a whole lot for the upper brass of the military to do, and two, its prudent to plan for possible future conflicts. The US and China could fight a war in the future, though the prospect for invasion is, frankly, ludicrous, with the Chinese you have a nation of over a billion people, and the US has a nation where half their population is armed with personal firearms, it would most likely be a limited war, and at this current point in time I don’t see any reason why the US or China would want to fight, at least directly anyways.

      • Bill Rich

        If you look into Pentagon, you will probably find invasion plans for each and every country in the world, including those that no longer exist. That’s what “staff” means in “Chief of Staff” of every branch of the military. They plan wars, campaigns, battles, intrusions, etc. etc. etc. in every place that is “of interest”.

        US and Canada were at war in 1812. And Queen Victoria put the capital of Canada in Ottawa instead of York (now Toronto) because “The US will have a hard time finding it.” Every country plans for war. China is the only exception, because it is such a peaceful country.

    • Rick in China

      If you think the Pentagon doesn’t have contingency plans for seemingly “crazy” scenarios, you’re very naive. It’s not interesting, it’s senseful. I bet US even has contingency plans where Canada attacks US, as unfeasible as that seems, as that’s what military strategists do — play out scenarios and theorize about what they would do in what *now* seems unrealistic, but who knows what tomorrow brings…..

      • anon

        Don’t underestimate the Mounties.

  • outcast

    In the event of an american attack on china, the pla’s secret plan to counter attack involves hurling gucci bags full of luxury clothes at the enemy in the hope they will be so impressed with this show of wealth that they will run away.


  • Yi

    the costs of war are high. If, if American comes I would surrender too, this government dose not worth my life.

  • Andy

    If there is ever a war between the two countries, I’d gladly volunteer for the PLA. Although, they have enough numbers that they probably wouldn’t have much use for foreigners.

    • You’re a dope. If you were in China when a war broke out you’d be the first against the wall dummy.

      • Andy

        lol what makes you think so? I’m not a citizen of some Western country, in fact my country is much friendlier with China than with America.

        • caine

          You must be fucking Paki

  • dude

    Really, really lame and pointless.

  • Red Dawn will be released this year

    see the above pictures

    I just cant wait!

    neither can the wumao

    song of the article

    “I got the power”
    C&C music factory


  • Hongjian

    This same sheeple mentality is was what brought China the defeats to the hands of the western imperialist powers and Japan.
    In the end, when all these countries invadedd China, only a few patriots stood against them and fought, while the rest of the people just cowered in fear and collaborated with them, even helping them to arrest and kill these few brave resistance fighters.
    This was the fact during Opium Wars, Sino-Japanese Wars and Boxer-Rebellion.
    China’s greatest enemy isnt a foreign power, but the lack of a aggressive nationalism that unites the people to fight against invaders. As always, the wars involving China with an invader always were just one or two patriots and their personal houseguards, against the entire might of an industrialized nation. And even when these patriots won a few battles, they would be backstabbed and murdered by collaborating Chinese sheeps.

    It remains to be seen if the fenqing nationalism of today is real, or just all talk.

    • john digmeme

      Such a lame, ignorant comment. The Chinese and Americans worked together to kick Japans ass (w/ the “Flying Tigers”) back in WWII. If you were so easily defeated then why aren’t you speaking Japanese right now? And what is this about the lack of aggressive nationalism exhibited in Boxer Rebellion? Perfect opportunity to use my youwentfullretard.jpg or my whatthefuckamireading.jpg.

      Two or three people standing up against the ‘imperialists’…. Haw haw, do I have more pride in China’s resistance fighters than you? P.S. Believe it or not, I’m not Chinese!

  • pervertt

    Worldly wise comments that won’t go down well with the young hotheads keen to defend national honour.

    Estrangement from the Chinese government I can understand, but why this pervasive worship of and constant comparison with all things American?

    • Hongjian

      “Estrangement from the Chinese government I can understand, but why this pervasive worship of and constant comparison with all things American?”

      Because most chinese people are stupid sheeps, who worship everything western and american like 99% of all asians.

      I attribute this to the retarged Chinese goverment propaganda, that is portraying the west too positive and are even allowing primitive american hollywood flicks filled with pro-american propaganda to be shown to the populance.

      China should do it more like the USSR or the USA during cold war (or in case of the USA, still like today): Producing Red-Dawn-styled movies, demonizing the USA, spreading hate propaganda against whites and americans, showing Abu Ghraib and CIA-backed torture in TV 24/7 and generally teaching everyone to hate the US.
      In short, just like the US are doing it with China nowadays.

      When I watch the TV-ads for the Olympics with all the happy white and american kids embracing chinese kids, while grown up american people are smiling with chinese people, I must vomit.
      In reality, americans hate and want to kill the chinese with all their might for taking away their jobs, for not having democracy and freedom, for not appreciating the yuan, for “being communist”, for “copying their stuff” and for being chinese.
      The unrealistic propaganda the Chinese govt. about all the ‘harmonious world’ bullshit, where everyone respects China and loves Chinese people, is a big fat lie that produces such retarded traitors who posts these sheepish articles.

      • john digmeme

        “Hate and want to kill the Chinese with all their might?”

        LOL! With an opinion like this, any propaganda put forth would be weaker than what you already believe! That’s why your gov’t doesn’t need crazy anti-American propaganda, you already fear America enough as it is without it! Also, I don’t know if you realize it, but your government already pumps out non-stop propaganda with regard to national progress. Probably why you’re here spewing your nationalist rhetoric when China is not even at the same level as the US economically, scientifically, or culturally. Come back in 20 years.

        Listen, worst case scenario from an American’s perspective is that they come up with a way new to harness your growing household consumption and get richer. The more China does it’s own thing, follows no ones rules but its own, steals private intellectual property, dampens it’s currency valuation, stockpiles US funds and deals with nations like Zimbabwe, Iran and Burma, the more distrustful America’s media, and Americans in general will become. If you are fearful of America ‘holding you back’, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

        You already walk tall, but your stick isn’t yet big enough. Get it? Good. Now STFU.

      • k2000k

        Hongjan, Americans neither hate nor fear the Chinese. Yes some Americans are fearful that they will lose their jobs to china and you have some on television who stoke those fears. But you need to understand this one thing, Americans don’t like Communism, never have, never will. You have a great country with some really cool people, be they students are city officials, but make no mistake, I would never want to live under your government as a citizen. Fundamentally that is what Americans are afraid of, everything else is really just white noise.

      • Bob

        Wow… Wake up. We love the Chinese people. We just hate your political party in power and our corporations that sold out our jobs to save $20 in the cost of an iPhone.

        • Bob

          Blah blah blah, we love Chinese people but hates the government, except for the 80,000,000 Chinese people in the CCP. Chinese people are nice, but their government force them to do evil things, like join stealing our jobs and post things on the internet we don’t agree with. They can’t be blamed for that though, there is no way the majority of them agree with the direction their country is going. If Chinese people get democracy, they’d definitely listen to everything we say.

          • isenkrammer

            I’m under the impression that if these jobs didn’t go to China they’d have gone to countries like India, Vietnam, or maybe Indonesia and the list goes on..

          • 80,000,000 (or 70 mil according to other numbers I’ve seen) is still quite small compared to 1,300,000,000. That said, I’m pretty sure there is a liberal reformist faction within the CPP that us foreigners needn’t hate/fear/mistrust, so we can probably deduct some numbers. Then there are the retired ones, another deduction. Then again, maybe we wouldn’t have to oppose *any* of those CCP members, if the CCP actually had any restraint through competition for power or transparency in its methods.

            Frankly, the CCP does its homeland no favors in the world at large. While you imply that the mistrust between nations is merely a matter of not getting what we want from the Chinese, there is something to be said for the effect of the cack-handed statements that self-satisfied government officials put forth. Such like “a jackal in monk’s clothing”, etc, make the likes of Palin look diplomatic by comparison and only confirm the suspicions of the China-bashing crowd.

            If the Chinese don’t like the reputation they’ve earned, they’d best take a look at who their PR manager is. Oh wait, yep, it’s still the CCP.

        • Hongjian

          “We love the Chinese people. We just hate your political party”

          Such a pile of bullshit.

          America will always hate the China as long as she is sucessful and threaten to overtake the US economically.
          The same fear and hate was directed against a declared dog and puppet of the US, Japan, too in the 80’s when they were the bogeymens of a potential US demise.
          And Japan was a “democracy”.
          So, if the US already did everything in their might to contain one of its own ‘allies’ (read; dogs, puppets, asslickers), what would the US do with a non-ally, who is also ‘communist’?

          No. Even if China would become a democracy by tomorrow, the US contaiment will continue. Just look at what is happening with Russia. The USSR is no more, but the US is still building bases and ‘missile defense shields aimed against Iran’ around her.
          Also, the US has a long history of pressureing, infiltrating and subdueing the open societies and goverments of its ‘democratic allies’, to make them do what the US master wants. I just say, PM Hatoyama in Japan, who was pressured out of office by heavy US lobbying and intrigues, because he wanted the US military to leave Okinawa.
          So, the US is always a fatassed control-freak, who wouldnt even respect the sovereignity and freedom of its own democratic ‘allies’. What could a democratic China, who would still remain a heavy competitor of the US hope for? I expect nothing less than total submission to heavy US lobbying and intenral pressure, along with embargoes and assassinations of democratically elected Chinese politicians, to replace them with pro-US puppets, like the US did in South America numerous times.

          Sorry, but as long as the US remains a meddlesome and domination-seeking fatass in the geopolitical stage, China shall never become democratic and open its society and goverment to the cancer that are US lobby-groups and CIA-affiliated NGO’s, who would pressure into their submissionl.
          China should always remain a true sovereign power that is only acting for solely its own interests, and not for the US.

          So, if you fucking amerifats want China to become democratic, so that you can claim to “like us”, then we must first utterly destroy you as a global hegemonial power. We will never open ourselfs to your fucking “american way of life”.

          • john digmeme

            No one hates Chinese people you idiot, regardless of how easy you are making it for us with these uninformed, fear-tinged rants. Nothing in your latest rant even remotely refutes the statement:

            “We love the Chinese people, we just hate your political party”.

            Please go re-read the definition of hate, if you are allowed to. If you believe your country would fall down under political pressure from the United States as a democracy, you are already acknowledging your own weakness as a country of people. If you claim that your government does not allow fear-mongering, anti-american propaganda when people like you are in desperate need to hear it, durrrrr, maybe you need a party that actually represents the will of the people? You yourself, through these rants, prove that you don’t even like your own government. I hope you get fired as a wu-mao for your ineptitude.

          • Hongjian

            Yes. I dont like the CCP for not being nationalist and aggressive enough towards the piles over piles of white-trash opting to enslave and slaughtering us the very moment China becomes militarily and economically weak again.

            I would gladly vote for a fenqing nazi-militarist party if there would be election-day tomorrow in China. But as I stated before, as long as the US isnt nuked to hell, China should never become a democracy and open itself to US political, economical and ideologic infiltration that would make this very last true sovereign and independent nation on earth a puppet of the US, just like Japan or South Korea are.

            So, if you support democracy in China, you could do us Chinese the favor to either vote for Ron Paul and bring America back to its isolationist past where they werent such control-maniacs and world supremacists, or you could just nuke yourself for the greater good of humanity and for the sake of freedom and democracy in China.

            Your choice.

            China shall never bend again.

      • Bob

        Hongjian, stop getting Fenqing sniped.

      • Just John

        You, sir, have been reading too much of the propaganda yourself.
        America is not pushing “Anti-China” propaganda.

        The few propaganda things I have read from the US is single individuals who push our their own agenda’s (Radio talk show), not the voice of an entire people or government. And while I admit the US and China government has some strained relationships because of the very things like Yuan devaluation, they have not started espousing anti-China views or even taking hard stances against the things they disagree with that China does.

        To refute your arguments, while some will blame the Chinese for their job loss, more will blame the government for not protecting them, and almost all rational thinkers will realize that it is our own doing because we wanted our $1 Wal-Mart socks, our cheap, high quality plasma TVs.

        To be completely honest, Americans are mostly ignorant of the world beyond the borders, and most probably do not even think about China at all.

        How do I know?
        I am an American.
        I have talked with enough people, watched enough news, and followed enough political developments.
        I know those unemployed workers, and they are pissed at Barack Obama, not Hu Jintao.
        Right now there is even a push to impeach Obama. Why?
        Because they feel he is not doing enough to protect their jobs.
        Because they feel he lied about his promise to end the Middle East wars.
        Because they feel they were cheated with his healthcare push.

        NOT because they feel the Chinese are evil, or that China is bad, or whatever convoluted thoughts is running through your propaganda filled head.

        • Hongjian

          You misread my comment apparently.

          I lamented over the fact that there is NO Anti-American propaganda in Chinese media at all.
          The few fenqing-websites and books who show the people the truth about the hate the western world and america is directing towards China, are all censored, harmonized and taken down by the govt, while in the west, anti-china propaganda is even encouraged by the different political parties who are making their campaign with the new red-scare.

          This is the fundamental difference between China and the West.
          China shows an unrealistic and overly positive view towards the west. Lie to them that the US are filled with friendly and tolerant people, who seek friendship with us and are respectful towards China, while ignoring and censoring the fact that in all major political campaigns in all western nations, senseless China-Bashing has become the major attraction and argument for the new western identity of cold-war revival.

          I would just advocate that the fucking communist party would stop their harmful lies against the Chinese population and show them the real face of the western world. A face filled with hate, disgust, racism and cold-war grimasse.

          Chinese people have a right to hate. The world isnt friendly and Japan isnt the greatest declared enemy of the Chinese people. Their master and puppeteer, the US, is.

          • Just John

            I guess you missed the part of my comment then where I stated this:
            “To be completely honest, Americans are mostly ignorant of the world beyond the borders, and most probably do not even think about China at all.”

            Try an experiment for me at some point.
            Go to the US. Bring a world map with no countries labeled.
            Have the American’s (Make sure it is a statistically random group, not a Chinese minority area) show China on the world map.

            You over evaluate how much the US thinks about you.

            Most of the population doesn’t think about you, read about you, talk about you, or even really acknowledge your existence (And even if they do, it is an abstract label on goods saying “Made in China”, not as a people or nation).

            While Chinese apparently, from what you are saying, all idealize and dream about the US, the simple fact is, except for a small percentage of the population, you might as well not even exist as far as their thoughts are concerned. Not saying they belittle you, just saying American’s as a whole do not think about anything outside their own country.

            So again, your entire “Red Scare” philosophy, the hatred of Chinese by Americans, and all these face filled with hate, disgust, racism and cold-war grimasse, is all propaganda from someone else, not the truth.

            Of course, all of this is speaking from an American perspective, so I cannot speak for the rest of the western world (EU, South America, etc.).

          • Tommy


            Have you ever had the chance to travel outside of China? Or even in China, to Hong Kong or Taiwan?

            If you have’t had a chance to, do you want to?

          • Hongjian


            I’m a haigui.

            I know what I’m talking about when I bash the west. I was a loyal servant of the military of a certain western nation that is hostile towards China (but is still reliant on the Chinese market) for quite some time.

      • mankouzanghua

        hmmm, about 7 years ago when I first took a serious interest in China I had very few preconceived notions about it, good or bad. most Americans I know who don’t have a specialized interest in China seem similar to me at that time.

        in my opinion, the misleading, propaganda-like dimension of US politics and news is not that it demonizes other countries specifically. rather, it’s more like extreme glorification of how we do things in the US. for example, the politicians continually remind us about how great our freedoms are. based on this, some of my compatriots come to places like chinaSMACK and make the leap to demonizing China and calling Chinese people idiots and sheep.

      • moody

        You are the Justin Beiber of geopolitics.

  • Nereis

    This is purely an open letter detailing one man’s dissatisfaction with the powers that be that run his country. Given China’s human rights record I can see why. While purely symbolic in modern China, a man can only take up arms to defend something that he believes in. The Chinese government has forgotten that only a citizen that likes it will bear arms for it when the time comes.

    Of course any military invasion by the United States would be economically disastrous and logistically impossible not to mention the many many ICBM’s in China’s arsenal.

  • Thomas

    Anyone have any resources about Chinese nationalism vs. support for the Mainland government? Good blogs, etc.?

  • Mansu Musa

    “…common people of Afghanistan doing much better than when they were under the Taliban”

    This is a lie, a recent survey states that most Afghans prefer the Taliban over the Americans. The common thought is that “while under the Taliban we did not have freedom it was less chaotic and we had a lower chance of dying”

    • Bob

      Did “they” let women respond to that survey?

    • Can you point me to a link of this “recent survey”? Not saying it doesn’t exist, but I’d be willing to bet it was not taken in Taliban strongholds but instead in metro areas.

      • Jack


        The poll says that 31% prefer a strong leader, but 27% prefer democracy. Furthermore, a majority of Afghans (55%) told Gallup that things have gotten better in their country since the overthrow of the Taliban. 21% say it’s been the same, and 21% say it’s become worse.

        The PDF at the bottom of the page gives the full report.

    • Eskil

      Actually, recent surveys have all been clearly showing that despite the problems, the population are grateful and don’t want the yankees to leave.

      Personally, I don’t understand why you thought you could turn stone age cavemen who treat their women like we treat murderers into civilized, humane democrats.

      Just bomb 500-600,000 Taliban to to hell in 2001, then leave. Message sent. Same goes for Iraq.

    • caine

      Hey mansu musa,

      u r right while under tha taliba u silly pigs didn’t hv freedom and it was less chaotic and u had less lower chance of dying …… COZ U WERE LIVING A WORSt THAN A DOGS LIFE but still HAPPY LIKE A PIG

  • dalee

    i feel sad. so sad for the chinese. they know nothing of the world beyond them. may their ignorance keep them happy

  • This article is neuro-linguistic programming if anything.

    Change words in article ‘America’ to ‘China’ or reverse in sentences as necessary.

    Someone draw a Captain China. There you go, something the americaSMACK website should have as an article.

    Guan Yang ready to equal Fauna? Mirror mirror . . .

  • Bob

    Even Beida students are so retarded. Today’s youth is truly without hope.

    • Bo Wang

      Not all top tier Chinese university students are geniuses, dude; there’s plenty of 2nd gen. rich & officials and other dumbasses.

  • What a bunch of jokers

    The OP’s post is obviously mock the government through this rather retarded way, not saying he is right there, but you know, China get 1.3 billion people and at least 0.13 billion ethnic minoritys.

    As for Chinasmack, the site is a joke with all the inferiority-complex ridden west wankers being obessed with selectively picked translated comments from random Chinese BBS kiss.gif

    I can find countless americans says things like how they will surrender to China, how they will give up their hope and begin to learn mandarian, how China own/will own USA or how they will welcome their new Chinese overlords, blah blah blah, whenever I come across their BBS/chatroom kiss.gif

    Normal people know such comments are a joke and cannot taken seriously only inferiority-complex ridden guys treats these comments as their life-saver and setup a website to wank on them

  • Had to chuckle reading this article – given the real fire fights that Beijing has had with Moscow, New Delhi, and Hanoi over the last 50 years. For all the armchair speculation on a P.R. Chinese/American brawl – my money is on a renewed border fight with one of its neighbors before that ever occurs.

  • Nial

    Those pics on the bottom of the propaganda are from The Onion. A few years back they did a week or so where they pretended to have been bought out by China. It was hilarious stuff.

  • J. Li

    This is such a social travesty that any young Chinese person would even contemplate being a passive sheep to American invaders (and thus traitors to China). I see that this kind of mentality is pervasive within most young Chinese of my generation (born mid-80’s) that I really doubt the true capability of China to defend against a future foreign invasion.

    When Japan invaded, these kind of “men” just looked the other way when the Japanese troops raped Chinese women, and smiled submissively when the British imported harmful Opium into China. The best way to fix China is bring about a fascist militant Nationalist government like in Nazi Germany, so that the young men of China will at least die fighting with their rifles in their hands and dignity intact just like German young men did in WW1 & WW2.

    Keep capitalism, but enforce mandatory 2 year military training for all young men! If the Communist government is to one day collapse, I will be one of the strongest supporters of a militant Fascist party for China!

    • moody

      pls guys don’t feed the troll

    • Hongjian

      I fully agree!

      A militarist and fascist ideology in China would be the best thing that is happening since the goddamn Qin-Dynasty.
      And before this, drop the goddamn ‘harmonious world’ bullshit. The world just isnt ‘harmonious’. China is a global newcomer and every established power will automatically hate it and seek to destroy it with whatever means possible.
      Better the govt. make the people acknowledge this by massive anti-american hate propaganda, so a militant and agressive siege-mentality will be built up, like in North Korea or in the last days of Nazi-Germany.
      In the same move, the PLA second artillery should accelerate the procurement of nukes and ICBM’s to reach nuclear superiority against the US, dropping the retarded strategy of ‘minimal deterrent’ and ‘no first use policy’, and replace them with the strategy of ‘maximum deterrence’ and ‘inevitable first use policy’.
      Additionally, China should learn from the USSR and introduce the ‘Death Hand’ system, that will automatically launch all nukes at the US and other random nations, when there is no human input detected for a given time, which this system assumes that all of China was wiped out in nuclear war. With such a system, China could make sure that their death will always be adequately avenged with the destruction of whole humanitly.

      In the end, China’s status as an economic superpower still isnt matched by its military deterrence, as well as the bellligent mentality of its people.
      To change this should be the most important task of any chinese regime in the coming decades.
      Because, without the guarantee that your enemy will be utterly ripped apart, wiped out and atomized, you will never have lasting peace and you never will gain fear and respect by the old great powers.

      • J. Li

        Exactly right! An all out nuclear reprisal system is necessary to keep the Americans and their faithful follower-nations at bay. I’m sure those gun-crazy Yanks probably think in the back of their minds : “if China gets to be too bothersome, we can always nuke their cities and annihilate their people”. That might seem paranoid but they did it to the Japanese once, and they almost did it during the Korean War because of McArthur.

        I don’t think China should try any of the western countries, they are all deceitful wolves that would prefer Asian nations to be militarily powerless so that they can go anywhere like in the Middle East and steal all the natural resources they want. China should prioritize its militarily buildup in both numbers and in technology, and stop humbly hiding its military expenditures. Let the westerners see how fast China is strengthening itself and let them get fearful.

        To all Chinese : remember how the westerners humiliated your country again and again in the 19th century when it was weak. They didn’t give a shit about China back then, and they still don’t give a shit today. A good white person is a dead white person.

      • Wondering

        Hongjian, You hate us, so you want to become like N. Korea or the 3rd Reich? You’re kidding, right? N Korea may have nukes, but it’s pathetic and weak; its people are reduced to eating grass, always begging for handouts. And Hitler? His 3rd Reich, his 1,000 year reign, how did that work out? Hitler shot himself. We tore down fascist Germany and rebuilt it in our image. Why would you choose those two losers to copy?

        I’m American. I don’t hate China – I think it’s a beautiful and intriguing country. I’m not fond of Communism, but I’m not sure democracy would work in China, either. The last thing in the world I want is for the US to try to ram democracy down your throats. You need to find your own way to govern your country.

        I want the kids I met in China to sleep in warm beds, have enough to eat and clean water to drink and bathe in. I think about those kids often. I don’t benefit if people in your country are poor and miserable.

        I guess that means I do want a harmonious society. Maybe we can all hold hands and sing kumbaya. I’ve always liked kumbaya.

        But more than anything, I don’t want to see the US and China at war. You don’t want that, either. The US is really, really good at war. Afghanistan and Iraq? They’re not wars. We’re not there to win, and that vast majority of Americans don’t care. A war between the US and China would reduce the world to rubble. No one would win that one.

        If you want to switch to a first-strike policy, why shouldn’t we nuke you tomorrow – or maybe after dinner tonight? Why should we wait until you have nuclear parity? Are you counting on fundamental American decency to allow you to grow to the point where you can destroy us? Seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it?

        Maybe, just maybe, we’re not as hateful and evil as you think. And maybe China isn’t as hateful and evil as you would like it to be.

        • No, they’re not kidding, unless it’s a very extended self-parody. These are the voices of the Chinese equivalent of neo-nazis, as Hongjian has so helpfully illustrated. J. Li, at least, gave a detailed account of why he felt inadequate and victimized during his time in Western society, and hence why he turned so unequivocally towards hateful racism. I’m not sure if Hongjian has done similar, but apparently his stint in the German armed forces must have been rough.

          The lesson to be learned here is that hate breeds hate, not love for anything. These guys do not love their country, as they have so helpfully illustrated through their willingness to see a return to brinksmanship, WW3, and the end of the human race (which definitely includes China and the Chinese). J. Li’s suggestion would undoubtedly lead sooner, rather than later, to a confrontation between China and the US that would help neither and would certainly lead to a China in smoking ruins. These guys, indeed, only love their own hate. They coddle it.

          Rest assured, however, that these blathering fenqing do not, nor ever will, represent the vast majority of Chinese people. Thankfully!

          They also, both, quite willfully ignored the fact that the OP here was using self-deprecation to parody the social contract between the Chinese government and its citizens. The temptation to call their Chinese compatriots “sheeple” must have been as irresistible as the smell of a rotting corpse to a blowfly.

        • Hongjian

          The problem with America is, that this nation isnt ruled by reason and pragmatism, but by ideologic fanatism and mob.

          China doesent want war with the US. And I can be sure that China wont start a war, since its a authoritarian technocracy, that is ruled by ruthless, but interently pragmatic people, who plan in advance for 20 years and are interested in stability above all.

          The US, on the other hand, is ruled by the people. And its people are becoming increasingly hateful, ultra-nationalist, neo-conservatist and ideologically fanatic.
          With the tea-baggers and China-hawks prevalent in the societal discourse, and with a very good chance to take over the goverment in the next terms, China just cannot be sure that the US remains peaceful to us for ever.

          This is the inherent problem with democracy. Ultimatively it’s still ruled by the people. And with the people’s being no better than religious fundamentalists, we just cannot be sure that the US wont suddently embark on a “holy ideologic crusade to root out all non-democracies around the world by force”.

          The US may not consider first striking China with nukes yet, but seeing their hateful and ideological fanatic populance, its only a question of time when the US considers China’s sole existence as a fundamental threat, just as they are seeing Iran’s and North Korea’s sole existence as a threat to their ‘homeland security’, even though these impoverished nations couldnt even make their missiles fly one mile.

          Face it. The US is more dangerous than any nations of the axis of evil combined. At least most dictatorships in the axis are interested in stability – the USA, in comparrison, is not.

        • J. Li

          You’re saying you love China, its people and its culture? Sure maybe you but I bet most whites are only in China to “be served” by the unfortunate country girls that work in the brothels, and because they know they earn more than most locals and can thus flaunt their money around. I’ve seen your types around Shanghai, and if I was a police officer I’d love to have the chance to baton one of your type half to death. I’ve lived in western countries, I know a lot of you white people are secretly disgusted with us living alongside you, and I know that there are a lot of Chinese that do not like you people here either.

          Also what Hongjian said below about the US being full of ignorant, christian-fundementalist rednecks is true. I lived in Los Angeles, and have seen a fellow Chinese student (he was born in the US with perfect English) get beaten by some skinheads. Mark my words whitey, I hate your kind and a growing amount of young Chinese people are feeling the same way. I’ve seen innocent Chinese people victimized by whites in the west, and sometimes I feel like getting some friends together and ambushing a white person. Mark my words, someday your evil race will get your comeuppance.

          • moop

            hahahha, 大陆狗

  • Cleo

    Would the answer be the same if the attack came from Japan?

    • Hongjian

      There’s a ancient saying in China:

      “In China’s history, this country always suffered a lack of everything it desperately needed.
      But one thing this country always has in abundance: Traitors.”

      So, I wouldnt be suprised if there was a fucking weaboo who would surrender to the Japanese and collaborate with them, even if they rape his wife, bayonet his baby, and bury his father and mother alive for shits and giggles.
      I know this, because fuck like this happened in China back then. There were thousands of collaborating scums who looked the other way when the Japs killed and burned through the nation, often even helping them to find and kill the few patriots who stood against the devils to save their own worthless lifes.

      And when there were traitors back then, there are still traitors now.

      • moop

        the only 狗腿子 is you girly-mouth. you’ve sold out your own people supporting a government that murders, excludes, and neglects millions of people. any chink communist isn’t a patriot. they are anti-patriot. they are enablers of murderers and thieves. you fucking coward

  • xmcx

    “The reason why my country is rich and comfortable is inseparable from your country providing cheap low-cost goods”: but of course!Where was America before the 80s when Deng XiaoPing decided to take interest? It was a backwater nation with throngs of illiterate thought-police surviving merely by subsidies and tech transfers from its allies of the Capitalist Bloc. I hope this guy gets an honours on his economics degree :p
    “If I graduate and work on Wall Street or become an average government official, my annual salary would just be several hundred thousand US dollars” Wow those gov officials are really digging the debt, there.
    So, judging by the retardedness of the overall “reply”post, I rate it 80% chance this Harvard student is one of those low-class Chinese transfer students!

  • Pong Lenis

    People that surrender will get an iPhone 4.

    Those who support China will get a Nokia knock-off and a can of tainted baby milk.

  • It really depended on the situation, if Sarah Palin is president with Glenn Beck as the vice president or that Ron Paul is in charge, I think People’s Republic of China quickly became a much lesser evil and there is a need for the world to unite against them. I am saying this because if Sarah Palin and her teapartiers were elected (and there is always this chance), they will definitely destroyed America and starting an unprovoked war is one of the many ways they could destroyed the country (IMO, Sarah Palin would be much worser president than George W. Bush in every way; we are talking about someone who would say to attack South Korea to protect our allies in Korean Peninsula; even if it is a mistake, it is very scary.).

    Most educated Americans do not perceived China as a threat but as a competitor and partner in economy. As long as someone in that sense is in charge, America will not war China unless PRC did something stupid. Guys need to wake up, we are not in a cold war anymore. And if PRC is threatening anyone, they are threatening the Livelihood of the Chinese people the most, may them be Taiwanese, HKers, Macauese, of Chinese mainlanders.

    • cdn icehole

      I’m amused by the timing of the next US Presidential elections and the end of the world. With my luck, Palin will order a nuke strike for China but it will end up in Canada.

      • Haha, nice one, why haven’t I figure this out earlier. Surely, the Mayans must have known Palin will destroy the world. =D

  • elenore

    The Only thing the U.S. and China has to fear would be a united Europe wanting there Empires back.Europe has more fortune 500 companies than both U.S. or China combined,they are the wealthiest continent, neither North America or Asia is as wealthy.Europe has about as many people as both North and South America combined.Technology is high,and if they ever actually funded a military,instead of relying on NATO,who knows what would happen.

    • Meh

      I don’t think anyone is afraid of Europe seriously.

  • thewastedyouth

    Ok guys, I am in the US military as a 68W(combat medic)

    I really do not think China and the US will got to war now but in the future I know it will happen, it has to happen. The US is the worlds superpower but China is catching up and unlike the EU China is building carriers, new stealth fighters and weapons to sink US aircraft carriers

    I do not hate the Chinese and everyone in my unit really does not care about China, I actually respect China for leaving communism and becoming such a powerful country

    Also YES there have been rapes in Japan by stupid LOW GRADE ENLISTED men but they have been court martialed and now it is very difficult for lower class soldiers to leave the bases.

    We in America follow the geneva convention to the letter, so many good soldiers are in jail because they broke the laws of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I know in the end the US will win a war against China since I am sure all US allied countries in Asia(Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Australia and NZ would join us)

    I have done one tour of duty to Afghanistan and there is no honor in war, no great feeling when you kill another human being

    War are never fought between good and bad people, wars are fought between good people fighting other good people

    Also, got a Chinese gf from Guangzhou( HOPE SHE IS NOT A SPY, LOL)

    • Unlike the Soviet Union, most politicians in modern China (after Deng Xiaoping) do not believed that there will a class revolution where the communist countries will have to fight against the capitalist countries to create a world revolution.

      “I really do not think China and the US will got to war now but in the future I know it will happen, it has to happen.” Before USA will fight China, China will probably fight China first (People Republic of China vs Republic of China). Personally, I believed the chance of China starting a war against USA is quite small (the chance of USA starting a war against China is much more likely given the rising tide of radical nationalism; most nationalists in China are all talks, when they actually fight, half of them will probably flee, Chinese are not really that militaristic as a culture.) The chance of some revolution to turnover the communist government is much higher (All you have to do is wait for the economy to crash, and the Chinese will start complaining, and those Chinese communist tanks cannot exactly roll over everyone and hope they can get away from it; USSR is no longer here to take PRC’s share of the blame.)

      “We in America follow the geneva convention to the letter, so many good soldiers are in jail because they broke the laws of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.” – That is not what wikileaks showed us, but it is understandable; you give a gun to some hot headed youth and tell him to shoot people or get killed, what do you expected will happen? That is why if diplomacy can solve something, always do the diplomacy instead of war because it is always the civilians that suffered. (But again, there are exceptions, and I do believed fighting the war to remove Saddam from power is good but…it is all to obvious that those in power in U.S treated that as a secondary objective, the main objective is probably oil…). Recently, I even read a recent poll about most people in Afghanistan do not know anything about 9/11; you thought such news will spread quickly in remote part of the world, but that is not always the case. =s

      “I know in the end the US will win a war against China since I am sure all US allied countries in Asia(Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Australia and NZ would join us)” -If this happened, Russia probably will join in on China’s side (You are fighting a war on their backdoor; no way, the Russie Bear will let this happen), and then E.U will join in, and then a World War. And a lot of things can happen in the future, maybe a Neo-Nazis state will popped out from out of nowhere or there is an “alien invasion, Lol”. Or worse, Sarah Palin became President in 2012.

      Personally, the last thing I would want to see is a international war especially one with China against USA and Canada. From my view, I see events such as that as “totally avoidable” as both the people in China and USA only had one thing in mind, “Make Cash”. The greatest problem with China is its human rights record, but given that there is actually at least “two China”, most Chinese in China do not adore the CCP, and that who traveled in the west actually embraced Western culture so readily, a little more good intentional push from the West can probably fix that (although that may be an oversimplification). The greatest threat in today’s society is actually the radical form of nationalism growing within and spreading to so many countries (that included China, America and etc.)

      I had some American blood in me but mostly Chinese (although my family was not from the Chinese mainland for three generations at least) although I affiliated myself more with Canada, my current home, and had served in the Canadian Reserve for a few years, although I was never deployed overseas. In any cases, I see myself as a human being before other my cultural attachments (although as a kid, i embrace nationalism more,switching back and forth from America and China, before I coming to my sense, how it make everyone so uncomfortable and that most of the nationalistic logic does not make sense at all).

  • some_guy

    China doesn’t need to destroy America; America just needs to leave Asia. America needs to actually solve its own problems instead of containing China in Asia. I think America is making a big mistake by containing China, no wonder people like Hongjian are angry.

    But China’s biggest enemy and most immediate threat is Japan, not America. I don’t know where Hongjian was and what kind of Americans he met, but most Americans I know are no where near that hateful of the Chinese. Yes, there are “some” idiotic Americans who blame China for everything, but they are not the majority. The American media rarely focuses on China.

    Japan is a completely different issue. The Japanese have always hated the Chinese, and I believe the polls showed that not once have the Chinese hold more angry feelings towards Japan than have Japanese hold angry feelings toward China. Japanese media is always bashing China, from national security, to something as trivial as the Winter Olympics (when Japan learned that China won more gold medals in Vancouver, the Japanese media went ballistic). Japanese right wingers who want to eliminate China have a lot of power and influence. Bashing China is the only thing that all Japanese agree on. America has too much on its plates; it has the economy, the two wars, North Korea, etc. Japan has nothing to do all day other than to demonize China.

    I also agree with Hongjian that the “harmonious” society thing is pure bullshit. Everybody hates China, that’s a fact. China does not get along with any neighbor, except for pathetic North Korea. Even Vietnam, who was America’s enemy, is now eager to team up with America just to destroy China. China needs to be aware that the world hates China (especially Asia), and needs to stand up.

    I’m not advocating China to wipe out entire countries out, but the Chinese government needs to open up the media to allow Chinese people to know how the world truly thinks. Until then, Chinese people will forever be stuck in a one-sided love affair with the rest of the world.

    • xmcx

      Again, you are confusing the Chinese ‘people’, millions of which have been peacefully accepted as refugees in countless countries, and the ruthless power in charge at the head of government, which has time and again sown how little value it places on human life and freedom. I don’t know what you watch and read, but take any drama on cctv and see how foreigners are portrayed: I don’t call that a love affair. The demonization of foreigners going on routinely on Chinese tv is of an even higher caliber than that of islamism by Hollywood. If you pretend I’m making this up, watch 新上海滩 for example, where you can hear stuff like “these foreigners, though they like simple-minded, daft as children, in fact harbour a bellyfull of nefarious ideas”. I’m giving too much face quoting an example, if you have watched one day of cctv, opened one copy RMRB, you totally know what I mean. The “govt” will not open up the media to let Chinese people know how the world truly thinks, because the world truly thinks “the rise of China has a slight chance of being peaceful, if only the make an orderly transition to democracy; nationalism has been overextended by the party to gain some legitimacy it lacks from not being elected; inciting nationalism is playing with fire, as those who have followed 1850-1950 in Europe are well aware”. When the “govt” has a new idea to obtain legitimacy, it will as you say “allow Chinese people to know” how the world thought about the previous “Strengthening the nation, restoring the prestige of the heavenly kingdom by scientific development” policy. If there is criticism to be made of the new policy it will adopt to obtain legitimacy, this too will then be stifled. I don’t think they have any magical powers that allow them to look people in the face, tell them they are fooling them, and get away with it. They need this control over information otherwise the people might hear about the old Western concept of “the right of a people to self-determination of its destiny”. This became all the fad some time after Communism, so it will be awhile before it makes it across the Great Wall ;)

      • Hongjian

        hurrdurr freedum and democracy for the win derp.

        People like you are the reason I’m angry against whites in general.

        Instead of admitting that you guys are no better than ideological fundamentalist and medieval crusaders who would support the bombing and murdering of people and nations for the sake of your ideological masturbation, you are still riding on your democracy and freedom derp.

        If anything was shown in te recent years, it is that democracies are the most aggressive and murderous regimes on earth.
        For the sake of spreading their piece of shit ideology, they invade and subdue other nations, killing hundred thousands, if not millions in its wake.
        And still, you fuckers constantly lament about the non-democratic nations in this world, who do not get out and spread their shit by force.
        Yes, China is a dictatorship. But by its nature, its inherently interested in stability and a peaceful enviroment to operate in.
        The US, being a democracy, is not interested in this kind of stability, bron through mutual respect. They are still fundamentalist crusaders, who want everyone to adopt their fucking freedom-religion.

        If the chinese nationalism is a problem, it is a proble the USA and the West created by invading everyone who doesent agree with them. Now GTFO and pray to your freedom and democracy god. We are atheists who do not believe in this bullshit, as long as it is used as legitimation to subdue other people.

        • xmcx

          -Not all democracies are white, way to ignore a few billion people!
          -Democracies will not aggress one another, not because “they are whites”, as you’d like to claim: this was not enough reason to stop wars in Europe from -1000 to 1945, but because when the people who decide, they never chose war. You need a lot of explaining, so I’ll add: if Afghanistan had been a democracy, they would not have elected the taliban, they would not have voted on the fact of attacking the us on 9/11.
          -Yes, dictators are usualy pretty content when they can do their thing in their place. They do not invade, not “through mutual respect” as you claim, but because they fear using a large invasion army, which could one day chose to put an end to their illegitimate reign.
          -Believing in the ‘fucking freedom religion’ is cooperative, like giving up guns: it’s great if everyone does it, only if one stupid tit doesn’t, he can get to bully around the rest (cf terrorism).If everyone does it,the world will surely be a better place.Strongly support! So the first step in the advent of world peace, is to stamp out the violent ones who don’t embrace the fucking freedom religion. Unfortunately, as you show, there are a few backwards minds who are particularly hard to teach.
          -No, you see, ‘the West’ has a shorter history than China, but more diverse, and a much faster evolution, so that the regimes of the 19th century which took pride in some colonial invasions cannot be mistaken as the same regimes of 1945 or today.
          -You do not believe in bullshit used to subdue other people, neither do I. But inside my country, when I disagree with the government, I can protest, adress the members of parliament, and regularly vote to express my dissent. In the fascist model, complain and you’ll be asked to kindly subdue yourself for now, to better restore the national glory, that it is the fault of outsiders if you are unhappy, but that one day the just dragon will rise and kick their butts to restore peace. Sounds like bullshit to me: fascist regimes can eventually go to war when they get the confidence.

          • Hongjian

            You know why I laugh about all this bullshit you are spewing?

            Because you are democracies, and invaded other nations in illegal wars.
            And since you are a democracy, you just cannot put all the blame to your regime, your president or your leaders.
            Yes, you can protest, vote and express your dissent. But what has it done to prevent war? Nothing.
            And you know why? Because it’s YOU. Yes. YOU fucking people in democratic nations who legitimizes war and agression.
            Your leaders are receiving their mandate by the PEOPLE. The invasions, slaughtering, wars and murder your troops are committing against other nations and peoples, are legitimized by YOU PEOPLE.

            Be proud of your democracy. You are now as much murderers as your leaders or your soldiers.

            I, for one, am now in a doctatorship. If my dictatorship does something shit, I can solely blame it to my leaders, since I’m ‘powerless’ anyway. But you, you democracies are the last people who could excuse yourselfs for the shit your nations has done to others.

            I knew this since 9/11. When this happened; I just thought: “Man these fuckers had it comming.”
            In a democracy, there are no innocents! You have the political power, and the murders happened in your name. Deal with it.

          • [email protected]@Me

            It seems like you also tip toe around the other side of the issue, which is that the US, a so called democratic republic, HAS BEEN doing plenty of dirt around the world. If Afghanistan has been a democracy? How about if the US had not been fucking with the middle east’s internal politics? (Not to mention South America or Asia, or Eastern Europe.) A lot of what ifs, ignore the here and now. What about historical dirt? How come the democratic people didn’t rise up and stop that back in the days? LOL. Let’s ignore all that shall we?

            We can say, well, the US has been a force of good, look at WWII. No shit. If everyone is gangsters and mobsters, there is some other hardcore gangsters on the other side of town who is fucking shit up, what you going to do? You killed the other bad guy. That don’t mean jack shit, you are STILL the bad guy, because of what you are doing now or have been doing.

            Just admit it, the world is not peachy. China may be ugly to you. You too are pretty ugly.

          • [email protected]@Me

            Besides Bin Laden is Saudi. So are most of the hijackers. Afghanistan is only in the picture because they are a bunch of wild ass motherfuckers, that’s why.

      • some_guy

        I take it that you have never seen how Chinese are portrayed in the Japanese media, which formed the bulk of my arguments? Chinese are portrayed as less than humans, and one show even invited people of different nationalities just to insult the Chinese, proving to the Japanese that everybody hates China.

        On the other hand, Chinese tv has shows that promote Chinese culture to the entire world. People of different nationalities speak Chinese to show that they too, can be Chinese. Also, you do realize that nationalistic rants are BANNED in China, right?


        Quoted from the article: “The authorities have banned our songs but we are not afraid at all. I think it is the government who are afraid, and that is why they banned us.”

        That sounds like something a free Tibeter in China would say. But it’s a Chinese NATIONALIST who’s saying that. Nationalism apparently, is ILLEGAL in China. This is how the Communists treat patriots.

        • Hongjian

          This is the sad truth about the ‘harmonious society’ of China.
          It’s the cultivied sheep mentality, forced down by the CCP upon ite people, that generates traitors and sheeples who would bend to foreign aggression.

          All the western bullshit about the CCP ‘inciting nationalism’ is plainly a vicious propaganda lie. If anything, the CCP is still stuck in their communist, internationalist ideology of “world-wide peace and love”, and not in the more useful and realistic notion of an aggressive chauvinism, like Japan is doing it for more than 60 years.

          Japan, who genocided the Chinese back then, are still refering Chinese people as subhuman ‘Shina-jin’ and ‘Cockroaches’, who are only allowed to live because the Japanese are so merciful to make the US not nuke China.
          Every crime happening in Japan, was never ever committed by a Japanese, but by either a Korean or Chinese immigrant who is illegally using a japanese name; according to jap news and popular opinions.

          Japan is everything wrong about asia. And Japan is everything wrong about the US, who plays their protector and puppeteer.
          After all, it was fucking General MacArthur, who let japanese class-A warcriminals off the hook for cooperating with them in their own inhumane human experiments. The same japanese scientists and murderers of Unit 731, who vivisected innocent chinese civilians in Harbin, were still vivisecting chinese POWs during Korean War under the orders of the USA.
          So much to ‘the US respects the geneva convention’…

          Today, its still the US, who backs up Japan in all its unreasonable claims.
          Diaoyutai, which is grabbed by the Japanese Imperialists during the fist sino-japanese war 1895, and which should have been returned to either the ROC or PRC according to the san-francisco treaty that stated that every japanese war-booty since the late 19th century should be returned to its respective owner, was handed over to Japan by the US, in violation of their own treaty.
          In the recent sino-japanese clash over the Diaoyu’s, america firmly stood behind the Japanese claim and even threatened China militarily, if she would take back what belongs to her rightfully.

          If the USSR, France, Britain, Poland and the Jews werent involved int he Nürnberg-trials, the US would have also let the worst Nazi-criminals and holocaust murderers off the hook, just like they did with the Japanese murderers.

          This is the real face of the US.
          A protector of warcriminals, injustice and a absolutely evil nation made of scumbags and fundamentalists. More aggressive, expansionist, immoral and imperialist as Nazi-Germany and Imperial Japan combined.

          I hope the day will come soon, when China and all nations the US wronged (such as the Phillipines who were colonized and genocided by the US – just google “shoot everyone over ten” ) will excert their revenge.

          And Japan will also have to pay. I claim no less than total subjugation and enslavement of these racist and arrogant scums. A good, old styled humiliation like they did with China back then will show these nips, that they fucked with the wrong people!

          • some_guy

            MacArthur is a true bastard who deserves to rot in hell. Pardoning the Japanese Unit 731 only because it provided “medical” information? WTF is this bullshit? Oh wait, MacArthur was also the guy who said the US should nuke China into oblivion. I think Yasukuni Shrine should enshrine this man. MacArthur is even more Japanese than the Japanese war criminals.

            It seems like Hongjian is one of the people here who truly knows how Japan portrays China in its media. The Western media indeed tries to make Japan look godly. In Japan, there is no such thing as hate speech, and store owners can openly declare that they refuse to serve anyone who is non-Japanese. China, on the other hand, gives benefits to minorities and foreigners, and they are excluded from the one child policy. Yet, when it comes to human rights, Japan is portrayed as the bastion of human rights in Asia, while China is the most ugly country next to North Korea.

            The US stated that they do not take sides in the Diaoyutai dispute, but yet, they threatened military actions if China claims Diaoyutai as its own. Seriously? Are they that stupid, or do they think Chinese are that stupid? I think US would even go as far as to say Hainan Island does not belong to China; the US keeps telling China what it can and can’t do on Hainan. Ridiculous.

    • dim mak

      You guys sure you arent trollin? I lived in Japan for nearly a year and they were the nicest people I’ve ever met. Seriously. Not pretend-nice, actual nice. Granted, I’m from Hong Kong and never talked about politics. It’s true they look down on Chinese people, but I’ve never seen anyone go out onto the streets holding signs saying “Kill all Chinese” the way protesters in China do with the “Kill xiaoriben” signs. I’ve never met any sort of racist slur except on the internet, and I don’t think their internet represents public opinion the way it does on Chinese internet.

      I still give think Asian unity is a real possibility, give it a chance bros. It might be necessary in the future too.

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  • Jenny

    A little bit of me died at seeing how youths brought up in China have degenerated so far in terms of basic, basic love for their home country. As someone mentioned before me, do not confuse the country and its people with politics. It always seems the case whenever individuals, governments, and media portray China—the first things mentioned are usually governmental policies, human rights, blah blah. There’s room for all that in another discussion. It certainly should not be confused with pride as a nation or pride as a people.

    The mere thought that some of the best and brightest of China’s future could be holding on to such empty and pessimistic ideology is what REALLY makes me question the health of the nation. Forget the quality of life, inflation, corruption, religious intolerance. Looks like the true issue we’re dealing with is the way kids are brought up over there.

    Take any other country, give it the same issues the writers are pinning on to China and I guarantee, that country’s young people will not react so shamefully. What they would instead be thinking of is how to solve the nation’s problems and how to add value to its people. It’s useless to waste all your energy on criticism, contempt, and envy—all this and the glaring indifference is merely an excuse for taking the easy way out. American institutions don’t put up with this shit: optimism, passion, drive, and success are preached at every level. There you have it, the real problem with China is this pervasive apathy embedded within the very people that will define the nation several years down.

    As for all the war talk, reading the Peking University essay as well as the Harvard essay confirms for me that both writers, while seemingly well versed in reality, are in fact equally sheltered from the intricacies that makes up our modern world—which has globalizing at shocking pace. The cold war picture of US facing off against China is outdated. What has been coming up again and again within the debates arising around Sino-US relations is the misunderstanding of this new world structure, which is–contrary to popular belief as exemplified by the above posts–not defined any more by solely military power and how much gold is sitting in the national coffers, but more and more so by the underlying economic and financial ties nations all over the world are developing.

    The bottom line is the Chinese youth need a wake up call to the pace of this world, or risk getting left behind in the dust, not because of the said incompetencies of some political agenda, but due only to their own languishing.

  • BDA

    An interesting post and article, no one seems to have asked ‘why the hell would the US be invading China!’

    I personally have doubts about the wars that the US are involved in but they clearly respect civilian life in a way that has rarely applied in the past in any theatre of war.

    By the way – ‘human flesh search’ translates REALLY BADLY and keeps cropping up on this site, in fact it sounds totally crazy. Better English would just be ‘Find them…’ not ‘Human flesh search them…’. I’ve found many of the opinions of the site really interesting and it has given me a better view of Chinese thought.

  • What a very interesting essay.
    If I were in that situation I probably would’ve thought the same thing.
    Why give your life for your country, when your country doesn’t care about you.

    • Bo Chang Kui

      Hong Jian are you a moron? (why do I ask, I already know the answer) China had a Nationalistic Faschist party before, it was called the Guo Min Dang. A lot of use it did protecting China from foreign invaders and Western Imperialists, it was funded by America and every time the Japanese advanced it retreated, the situation got so bad that the Chinese people decided to embrace the CCP to save them. Good luck with a new Faschist party protecting China’s interests!
      Most westerners dont hate China cause you take our jobs, we enjoy cheap products! Most westerners just dislike China because of its ridiculous and pathetic idea that it should receive equal respect from the West when it has such an abysmal human rights record and no democracy (China wants us to respect it instead of dislike it, it needs to improve its human rights and become a democracy, simple as that until then dont expect us to, and if your not willing to do so then stop complaining that we dont respect you and dont like you) Also we do find all of your fenqing nationalist bullshit retarded and treat you accordingly because of it.
      Oh and all Chinese nationalists please stop bringing up what bad imperialist aggressors we are (with examples such as Afghanistan and Iraq) when you country is just as much an evil imperialist, Look at China’s record in Africa. It was Chinese arms and assistance that propelled a tyrant like Mugabe into power in Zimbabwe, it was Chinese arms, assistance and money that helped Northern Sudan supress and slaughter the Southern Sudanese and their request for independance, then look at the Congo were Chinese soldiers are being used to protect diamond mines in order to prop up the current corrupt government for a share of the profits.
      Also L.Ji makes me laugh, and provides other reasons examples why some people dont respect the Chinese people. He said he wanted to gather his friends to go and attack a white person, the chinese are physical cowards, if I wanted to go and beat up a Chinese person I could handle it on my own I wouldnt need to call my friends, but thats the only way the Chinese can beat up someone that isnt Chinese by using some form of zerg rush. Also why the fuck is L.Ji so concerned about westerners getting more than there fair share of Chinese poontang? so what if we may have bigger rods, I dont think thats the only reason. I think if Chinese men were better groomed more respectful to women acted more masculine and stop acting like spoiled mollycoddled children they would get more poon, also if they learnt to be better lovers, more emphasis on foreplay and their partners pleasure rather than the get on top two grunts and a squirt school of love I hear all my Chinese female friends and ex’s complain about, then any deficeit in rod size would no longer matter and Chinese guys would get more and not have to be so concerned with how much poon Whitey is getting.

  • Emi

    I’m pretty sure America isn’t so incredibly stupid as to challenge another world power such as China. Not only is the American economy down in the gutter right now, but it’s exhausting all of its resources in that useless “war” in the middle east. And all the lame-duck president Obama can do is talk mindlessly about healthcare. My country is going nowhere; the economy is horrible, the education system is hopelessly flawed, and yet all the federal government seems to do is pour millions of dollars each day to keep guys sitting in the middle of the desert until somebody blows up their jeeps. I’m moving to Finland or something.

  • blah blah

    If china & america ever go to war, it won’t be because the people of each country dislike each other. It will be because the leaders in charge are trying to achieve some personal agenda to better the corporations or machinations they secretly maintain ties to. The folks in china are just like the folks in america. They’re trying to get by, earn a living, have a family, do something that means something with their lives, and at the end of the day go to bed with some dignity for themselves, and some respect for their neighbors. We’re all the same. We’re all human. We have those fundamental needs. But the leaderships of our countries are really hosing things up. The internet helps common folks from each country chat with each other, and realize we’re not so different…and in fact we’re really quite the same once you look past customs and such. Folks are folks, but the leaderships of the countries who just use them as stepping stones and mass labor are the problem. They don’t think of their people as people. They view them as a revenue for business, as units in the military, as numbers on a spreadsheet. So if china and america ever went to war, there would be a LOT of questioning as to why, and a lot of desertion. China already holds the majority of U.S. debt as it is. China & the U.S. are not enemies, they’re business partners. China’s covering Africa & some of Arabia, and the U.S. is covering Europe. Russia is covering a lot of the Baltic area. Iran/Iraq are keeping a lot of Arabia in check. It’s all about business these days. Politics and borders actually get in the way, too. With the internet, folks can chat across the world as if you’re right next door. The REAL war is going to be regular folks getting pissed off at their governments using them, and over-throwing them or restructuring them to play nicer in the future. The REAL war is going to be common folks in all countries rising up to finally get a universal governing system in place, so people in general get treated fairly, and there’s less political/governmental squabbling that just causes unnecessary wars in the name of business interests. WWIII is going to be the common man vs. his/her government, and people wanting them to get the f out of the way so folks across the globe can get together easier and be more productive as a whole, not as parts. We’re seeing the start of it in Arabia. We are moving to a unified globe, and governments are just getting in the way of that right now rather than helping us transition to it.

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  • Peasant

    You would surrender too, should monkeys moved off their tree branches and invaded your China.

  • El Puma R.

    If America attacks China, or viceversa, I know there will be a lot of people happy to see them kill Each other. On the other hand, I’ve had the chance to live in both countries and it would be a shame because both countries have wonderful people with so much to give.

  • KongMingQin

    Why would those 2 countries go to war? they depend on each other for many economical reasons, thus making a war very difficult to happen… and I value peace, and dont want to see our PLA doing things in America that makes the ww2 Japs look like pussies [things far worser than Three Alls,Nanjing,etc] value peace man! and dont be a traitor too ;)

  • Laowai

    As an American, all I can say is that China and America probably won’t ever go to war with each other. The two countries are way too dependent on one another as far as economics and trade are concerned.

    If a war did occur, it would be catastrophic for everyone, especially considering the fact that both nations have arsenals of nuclear warheads. I definitely don’t want a war with China and I wouldn’t support anyone that did. My grandfather was a flying tiger. My father owns several businesses in Shanghai. Although I may not always be proud of the things my country does (or did in the past), I can definitely say that we typically treat the populace of nations we are occupying (like Afghanistan) good. Sometimes there are a few hot-headed soldiers who disregard protocol and do cruel things. They are typically court-martialed and jailed if anyone finds out. This is the case as far as the base in Japan is concerned. 99.9% of the soldiers there are decent people who have never wronged the Japanese in their entire lives but all it takes is a small minority to ruin the reputation of the majority.

    As far as being a “docile citizen” is concerned–I believe that participation in war is and should be a personal choice. If you believe a cause is worth fighting for, then do it. If you don’t believe that a war is just, then I certainly won’t blame you for choosing to avoid it altogether. Personally, I disagree with the War in Iraq and I believe that we no longer have a right to be in Afghanistan. That is one of the reasons why I am not a member of the United States military.

  • Griff

    A message to the Chinese Military Elites:

    You are athiest communist scum, the lowest form of humanity.
    I personally would order the wholesale destruction of your.
    entire militarized police state. We will not target your prison camps, since they are full of Christians. There is the possibility that China is the Whore of Babylon described in Revelations.
    In one hour her destruction comes, her torment is seen by all.
    America needs to launch a massive first strike on these Soldiers.
    of Satan. Get them before they get us.
    If General Douglas MacArthur would return to us, he would make it so.

  • Lao Nai

    i am from mainland China, and I say GO USA, that movie was a great one by the way, not as good as avengers though, still waiting for sequel to release

  • Rafasa Arandas

    I would not surrender, but I would be cheering