Illegal Foreign Oil Platforms Discovered in South China Sea

Oil platform.

Oil platform.

From NetEase:

China’s South China Seas patrols discover over 30 foreign oil platforms

March 20th, China’s State Oceanic Administration South China Seas sub-bureau issued information saying that the ships deployed by the China Maritime Surveillance Force South China Seas Fleet discovered over 30 illegal foreign oil and gas platforms. During the patrol, the ships broadcasted towards the foreign oil platforms requesting that the other party report the oil platform’s information and oil and gas extraction situation.

Haijian 83.

Comments from NetEase:


Can only look on, just like watching your own wife being raped and only expressing anger, but refusing to stop it.

若若花刀 [网易陕西省商洛市网友]:

Only discovered now? Is that area your territory or not?

ngxsr [网易山东省济宁市网友]:

Use 30 plus guided missiles to solve it.

金星网友01 [网易广东省揭阳市网友]:

Harmony is everything!

尚未登录 [网易福建省福州市网友]:

“Hello, are you guys extracting our oil and gas?”
“Okay, we’re leaving.”

12342111 [网易福建省福州市网友]: (responding to above)

“Hello, are you guys extracting our oil and gas?”
“Yep, extracting it now, what are you going to do about it?”
“Oh, nothing. That’s fine, we’re leaving.”

yexuanliang [网易亚太地区网友]:

March 19th evening, Lai Changxing had just finished dinner, and the police officer guarding him asked him: “Old Lai, gasoline has increased to over 8 kuai [per liter], did you know?” Lai couldn’t believe his ears: “How much? Say that again!” After confirming what had been said, he nearly jumped up: “Back when (2000) I was smuggling, gas prices were just 2 kuai! After staring blankly for a long time, he finally said to himself: “I guess I now know why they had to arrest me.”

I only copied and pasted this, didn’t say anything~~~

syhy583 [网易云南省昭通市网友]:

Though our leaders don’t dare to dismantle the foreign installations forcibly set up in the South China Seas to rob our country, our leaders dare to viciously raise gas prices domestically to make up for the economic loss at the hands of foreigners. Over 1 billion Chinese people is enough to provide for our [China’s leaders] life of pleasure. Why go provoke foreigners and bring trouble on ourselves and our comfortable lives in China?

淘宝欧耶数码 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

No wonder we can’t get any oil abroad, we already have a lot!

网易江苏省盐城市网友: (responding to above)

Yesterday I was watching CCTV 13 news and the anchor broadcasted a piece of news: American citizens are miserable amidst high gasoline prices, the report saying high gasoline prices have severely affected the lives of Americans, which has become an obstacle for Obama’s hopes of a second presidency. In the end, the anchorwoman announced that the price of gasoline is 3.8 USD per gallon. This report made me foggy with confusion, thinking this anchor is too stupid, why not just convert it into how much RMB per liter, because how many of us ordinary common people know gallons. With this in mind, I went online today to check and want to share with netizens the result of my conversion. One American gallon = 3.785411784 liters. Yesterday’s USD to RMB exchange rate was 1 USD to 6.3355 RMB. One gallon of gasoline at 3.8 USD converted into RMB per liter is 6.3606 yuan RMB. Right now I trust netizens all are very clear on what the price of 93 octane gasoline in China is, the lowest at least 8.07 yuan RMB per liter, and various media these past few days have again been making noise about how gasoline prices are once again being increased. I don’t know who should be ashamed from this piece of news.

ytcarey [网易山东省网友]:

Are the satellites blind, or the will of the people?


We should deploy warships to drive them away, and when the workers go work, they can save on building the platforms. Since the writer [of the news article] said there were no official military or governments, then those are civilian thieves, so what’s to be afraid of? We can launch an exercise in the South China Seas and attack them, send the warships over, set up a maritime chengguan. When I think of how little fishing boats were even able to send the Vietnamese running back during the Battle of the Paracel Islands, it is lamentable: watching someone come into your home and steal your things, and only glaring at them asking them to steal less! Writer, don’t post these articles, seeing them is really irritating!

China navy.


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