Impending Mid-Autumn Festival Sees Expensive Mooncakes Return

Impending Mid-Autumn Festival Sees Expensive Mooncakes Return
The forthcoming September 27 Mid-Autumn Festival is seeing the trend of cheaper mooncakes reversing, and many internet sites and hotels can be found selling the seasonal treat bundled with other luxury gifts. The InterContinental Hotel in Beijing offers a 2888 RMB leather case packed with nuts, canned abalone, wine, olive oil, and just three pieces of mooncake. Some bundles also include Yangcheng Lake hairy crab vouchers that come printed with varying socialist messages depending on the redemption value, which can be over 3000 RMB. One netizen said the use of public funds on such pricey gifts had to be stopped.


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  • guest

    Hairy crab cakes!

    • mr.wiener

      I always get the giggles over that name too.

      • guest

        They should totally market “hairy crab” crab cakes!

        But no doubt cost a bomb….

  • Foreign Devil

    I bet the $500 dollar mooncake still tastes awful

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