In Celebration of Children’s Day and Kids in China

Dear son, I’m really sorry, your dad hasn’t yet got your mom, so please wait a little longer, and I wish you a happy Children’s Day in advance.

Crayon Shin-Chan

The current situation: Elementary school students celebrate Valentine’s Day, middle school students celebrate Singles Day, and the rest of us are freaking celebrating Children’s Day.


“Legal age for marriage in countries around the world”: Iran–9 years old; Netherlands–12 years old; Russia–14 years old; France–15 years old; The The Philippines–16 years old; Korea–18 years old for males, 16 years old for females; Brazil–16 years old; Mainland China–22 years old for males, 20 years old for females; Hong Kong–16 years old; Taiwan–16 years old. When others are already old couples, we’re still having puppy love.


When I was little, I used to struggle: When I grow up, should I go to Tsinghua University or Peking University? It was only after I grew up that I realized realized: I had really worried too much.

childhood concern

One evening, my daughter and I were watching TV in the living room and my husband was surfing the Internet in the study. I felt a little thirsty but didn’t want to move, so I said, “Lao gong [husband, dear], go grab a coke for me.” My husband came out of the study, got me a coke, and then he went back to the study. At this time, our five-year-old daughter also called out, “Daddy, I want one too.” My husband replied impatiently, “Get it yourself!” My daughter thought for a moment, and then called out again, “Lao gong, I want one too.”


Kids who look like celebrities…

Little Chen Guanxi/Edison Chen
Little Chen Guanxi/Edison Chen
little Zhou Xun
Little Zhou Xun
little Zhou Jielun/Jay Chou
Little Zhou Jielun/Jay Chou
little Wang Baoqiang
Little Wang Baoqiang
Little Su Xing
Little Su Xing
Little Peng Yuyan
Little Peng Yuyan
Little Li Yuchun
Little Li Yuchun (aka
little Zhao Wei
Little Zhao Wei

The elementary school students in the past sucked at fighting!!!!


One day, my little brother went to an elementary school to play basketball and overheard a little girl in a lower grade ask a boy also in a lower grade, “Do you love me or not?” That boy answered helplessly, “My mom gives me three yuan every day, and 2.5 yuan of that is already given to you to buy snacks, so you tell me if I love you or not!!!”

girl and boy

I was watching a TV variety show. The host asked a cute little boy who just sang “Song of Good Fellows” [by Liu Huan, see below]: “Who is your favorite character in Water Margin?” Answer: Wu Song! The host asked, “Why? Is it because Wu Song is the bravest one?” Before he could finish, the cute little boy answered in a HLL way, “Because he has a beautiful sister-in-law!” Dumbfounded.

What’s mine looks like me.”

girl and potato


Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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