In Tianjin 6 Firefighters Dead, 18 Injured

In Tianjin 6 Firefighters Dead, 18 Injured

In Tianjin 6 Firefighters Dead, 18 Injured
After the Tianjin Binghai New Disctrict hazardous material explosion 143 firetrucks and over 1000 firemen from 46 local fire stations went to the scene of the disaster to begin rescue attempts. While putting out fires 6 firefighters sacrificed their lives, most of which were born after 1990, the youngest only 18-years-old. 18 other firefighters have disappeared, and 66 have been reported as injured. A lot of netizens replied hoping that they hope the sacrificed firefighters died peacefully, and thank them for what they did for the common people.

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  • hess

    18 year olds can be firefighters in China?

    • Alex Dương

      What’s the minimum age in Sweden? In the U.S., it varies by state (18 to 21).

      • hess

        You have to graduate from secondary school, which you normally do at 18-19. And then you have to study for two more years to become a fireman, so 20-21. I guess if you’re pretty damn smart and finish secondary school at 16 you might become one at 18? But I doubt it.

    • guest

      According to Chinadaily you can or its implied you can be 17.

      “Youngest firefighter will now never turn 18”

  • mr.wiener

    I heard there are still dozens of fire fighter missing.. The sites that reported on this have been harmonized… they will never find the remains, those poor brave young menhave been vaporized… One of those explosions was in the area of Tens of megatons of explosive power… Those poor guys were sent in with faulty or non existant information…I just can’t imagine what their families are going through. This is the price of China’s ecconomic miracle..The grease of the wheels of progress is human blood.
    Sorry, kind of emotional

    • Teacher in China

      My wife said there’s something going around on Weixin from someone who works in a hospital in Tianjin saying that the official reports of numbers of dead are false – that it may actually be closer to 1000 people dead, according to what this person says he/she has seen in the hospital. Truly fucking tragic that the government doesn’t even have the balls to report the truth on this. Feel very bad for the people who gave their lives and their families today, hope they can find some peace eventually.

      • Foreign Devil

        in a Chinese human caused disaster always multiply their official numbers by X10 to X20.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Heartbreaking the way they died, evaporated in an instant, and the really fucked up part is that the Commies only admit to about 50 deaths total. And we all know the real number can top the thousands. RIP.

  • Jahar

    They hope they died peacefully? As peacefully as you can in this situation, anyway. I think quickly and painlessly would make more sense.

  • MeiDaxia

    Binhai, not Binghai. (Lived in Tianjin several years, just correcting the typo)

    Also it is worth noting that there were chemicals being stored there that are incredibly reactant with water. There is speculation that the firemen actually incidentally set off the greater explosions, from what seems to initially have been an inconsequential fire.

  • mr.wiener

    Sorry got tons and mega tons mixed up.

  • terriblemovie

    Youtuber thunderfoot estimates that the explosion had a yield of around 300 tons. He makes a compelling point, the Tianjin explosion was significantly stronger than a MOAB(11 tons).

  • Muhammad Nabil

    Not funny,crack-head.