Incredibly Realistic Miniature Models by Chinese Art Students

A miniature Chinese tobacco and alcohol store.

A collection of photographs featuring impressively detailed and realistic miniature scale models of Chinese buildings, homes, restaurants, stores, and even dirty restrooms made by graduating students from China’s Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts recently appeared online…

A miniature artist's studio made by a Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts student.

A dark and gritty alley with walls covered in graffiti.

Tiny magazines on display at a miniature Chinese newsstand.

A miniature Lanzhou noodle restaurant.

The interior of a small-scale dirty Lanzhou noodle shop.

A dark filty toilet restroom.

A dark and filthy toilet restroom.

A disgustingly filthy scale model of a Chinese restroom.

A miniature vegetable stall.

An incredibly realistic small scale Chinese vegetable stall.

A graduating student from China's Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts proudly shows off her scale-model vegetable stand.

All of the images, including some of their talented creators, click to enlarge:

Comments from Mop (1 & 2):


I’m in such awe~~~~


I totally thought they were real, only to find out they were all made out of mud.


Actually, you’ll find a lot of miniature models in European and American television series and movies.
In terms of using physical models and computer generated models together in movies, we’re still very far behind.
Especially now where there are even more garbage domestically produced movies that purely exist to deceive/swindle the ordinary common people [of their money].
Every time I’m envying how niubi European and American movies are, I then look at our own.
I don’t think we lack human talent, what we lack is professional ethics and professionalism.


So NB! I can’t even tell what is real or fake.


… Which ones are photographs [of the buildings the models are molded on] and which ones are the creations [the actual models made by the students]?


Really good, especially that toilet/restroom. I looked at it for a long time and still can’t tell it is a miniature model.


The Academy of Fine Arts graduation exhibition I saw was like a horror film.


Saw this post just after eating, and seeing the toilet/restroom made me my balls ache, asshole tighten, and want to throw up… Really realistic, evaluation complete.


Truly impressive.

The details on the models are made so well that it’s really difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

They were even able to recreate the filth and dust under the lighting.So impressive. How come they don’t use these when filming domestic movies?


Why wasn’t the toilet made cleaner?


Too many images, my mobile phone can’t handle it.


China can finally film its own Ultraman


I actually thought it was tilt-shift photography.


Reminds me of Mary and Max!


How perversely impressive.


Making these is TMD too time and consuming and exhausting. When I was in school, I had to make one too. You have to be very careful and have patience… and what more, some materials are rather expensive. Learning art is expensive!


Incredible, reminds me of The Miniature Killer in CSI Las Vegas.

A miniature butcher's shop model made by a Chinese art student at Xi'an Academy of Fine Art.

What do you think? Could they have fooled you? Which models do you like best?

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    The miniature sofa is mine!!!

    • SuperHappyCow

      Wow, that’s AMAZING! : O

  • White Phosphorus

    omg move down the sofa!

  • White Phosphorus

    and this miniature art is the kinda stuff i like, like dollhouses. but I’m glad these chinese art students can finally see china for what it is and replicate it. hopefully they can try to improve on what it is now (dirty squatter, rusted kitchen tools, dirty everything…)

    • coala banana

      “hopefully they can try to improve on what it is now….”

      don’t hold your breath that this will happen. I could bet that most of them don’t even clean their own toilettes and kitchen at home. I live in a very good exclusive area, some say its the best estate in china. Apartments start at around 2m RMB. I live in this estate for around 5 years and changed apartments every year or so. You can not imagine how bad they maintain their own property, cheap ass workmanship, cheap and dirty second hand furniture, extremely dirty kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Just disgusting, one can see that they never cleaned up in years, from bloody pads under the bed to dozens of dead cockroaches behind the fridge. For me it also seems that chinese women might keep themselves clean, but they don’t care about anything else. They spend a small fortune on totally overpriced apartments and then buy second hand furniture with bugs in them. I change apartments every year, cause they fall apart very fast, still wait to find one where you can actually lock the balcony doors, everything broken, cheap ass shit, but cost a small fortune. 2 million are around 250k euro. I could buy 3 nice apartments in europe for the price of this one chinese new but BS quality ones. On the other side of the road where i live they built new apartment buildings in record time. It scared the shit out of me, after i saw how they punch in the columns which must support the buildings static. Half of them were delivered broken, and all of them were hollow in their structure. Wouldn’t surprise me when the whole building collapses one day in the future. So its again time to move to another apartment:-)

      I travel the world for over 20 years now, mainly in 3rd world countries. Saw some fucked up shit in that time. China is definitely in the top range of my “fucked up country and people list”. It has some of the most ignorant, cold blooded, lacking hygiene, doesn’t give a shit motherfuckers floating on this planet.

      • Josh

        250k is cheap… In England you’re lucky to find a nice house for that price. :(

      • coala banana

        fuck, made the decision to go to one of our exclusive saunas we have here, in hope that not many chinese are there. It looked good just me and 5 locals sharing the swimming pool and sauna area. I just put on my swim wear when i heard the usual spitting around the corner and realized that someone must be smoking, even there are everywhere signs not to smoke and even signs not to spit. The guy spitted every couple of meters right on the floor where we all must walk. I went to the sauna, soon after 2 guys came in and sit with their makes asses on the banks without putting a towel bellow , then every couple of minutes they stood up to spit in one of the corners of the sauna room, following by their ordinary annoying yelling (they call it talking). I have seen enough and though that not much has changed since i was the last time here, usually some kids pass by and just open the sauna door to have a look and then leave without closing it again, but however….I went to the shower, when 3 other guys came to use the showers right next to mine. All of them were smoking and kept in smoking while showering. It took them some time to realize that their cigarettes are all wet, so they just spitted them right on the floor of the shower room. When i left, i saw them filling empty 2l bottles with the water which is available for free for club members and putting them into their lockers to carry it home later, fuck…..gotta love chinese millionaires . You move into nice area, exclusive and expensive in hope to escape the dirt, smell and noise and you get just that. Its the same as in the city, the only exception that the surrounding looks a bit better then outside, but people are the same, they just dress a bit better, have more money, but they are the same dirty ass motherfuckers like the ones one can see in the city area. I earn damn good money here,but more or less i hate everything else…

        • Guangjoe

          Man, I live in a upper-class area of Guangzhou and I must say you just fucking described what I have to go though every day when I go to the gym.Un-fucking believeable

        • Capt. WED

          Dude what the fuck. I’m sick of your stupid lame ass complaints. Yes, you can complain but I’m just sick of you today and I’m *ignorant* so I don’t care. Fucking move to Tokyo, Seoul, New York, San Fran, Paris, London, Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, or fucking Kabul you fuck. I’m dirty. I’m ignorant. I forgot to wash my ass. I don’t really care. Just get out of my site. Also, tell you cousin to stop spitting in front of me when I”m walking around downtown. *gasp* happened to me the other day *gasp*

          Okay you can complain. What you say is true. It’s your own experience. But I still hate you. You are a bitch.

          • TAKE5

            CW you crack me up…hahah more power to you my man.

        • Capt. WED

          Trust me dude. If you get paid in China you can get paid anywhere else. If you hate everything then fucking move. Stop complaining all fucking day. Yes. I’m sure you fucking world class skills will be sorely missed by the Chinese. But that too bad serves them right for not pampering our princess Coala. FUCK CHINA! Let them dwell alone in their 5th world shit hole. Oh Princess also take me with you Princess. I’m in BJC right now Princess.

          • coala banana

            i don’t get paid anything. I have 5 companies running with 2 manufacturing facilities on the mainland. I don’t complain about the income, wouldn’t make sense, since i earn a small fortune every months and have lots of success with the women too. What pisses me is everything else. If you can get used to people spitting, smelling bad, rotten tooth, yelling and fighting, smoking in non smoking areas, low quality, cockroaches, males with long finger nails, then thats up to you motherfucker. Thats has nothing to do with tolerance, if that means that i am intolerant, then i am fucking proud of my intolerance. I have been to many poor places, some even more poor then places i have seen in china. Fuck even in a favela in Rio and some fucked up barrios in Bogota and Cali, or rural areas of the DomRep, the poor keep at least themselves and their own house clean. China is just fucking dirty. And what is worse, the people don’t show any intention to improve, cause they don’t see anything wrong with how it is.

            Coala aka your daddy !

        • E Puff

          how can you, as a guest in someone else’s country be so rude to the people there? That is so tacky. you are truly a low class individual. You seriously deserve to have your ass punched a few times. You are so impertinient.

          • coala banana

            think what you want religious freak. I talk from my own experience. Whats the use to say that the locals are all friendly in china, when in fact they are not ? or do you mean if one has nothing good to say about anything then he should not say anything at all ? If that this is the case then this site wouldn’t exist you dumb. I know you freaks can’t get used to question things, and thats also the reason you believe in invisible god in the sky and fucking baby jesus. But in the real world things are sometimes ugly, they smell bad, and people are annoying and show bad behavior, that doesn’t make them necessarily bad people.

            BTW, regarding “deserve to have your ass punched”, when you will come to my cave so i can punch yours baby ? Let me take this jesus crap out of your head. I have the tool to do so baby !

        • mr. weiner

          CB .
          If you look for ugliness, you’ll find it. I’ll agree China has more than it’s fair share. But it can also be quite beautiful and the people there can suprise you with unexpected kindness that seeks no reward. Good luck finding beauty in the new year

          • coala banana

            unexpected kindness. Let me think about it, yeah, i found this kindness in 3 cases in a total of 6 YEARS. On the other side, I give kindness about 10-50 times a DAY, and thats not a complain. I am who i am, and don’t expect anything in return. I will keep on with my kindness cause that the person i am and even IF people don’t appreciate that, then I did it for myself, makes me feel better.

            This are just my observations and sure its easier too see the bad sides of china then the good ones. I am sure there are good sides too, but they hide pretty damn good:-). Maybe its the location, Canton, where the people suck more then in other parts, and maybe they are also more scrupulous then in other parts of china, could be. I also don’t think its just me. I have frequent visits from auditors from all kind of countries, and they all say that china is the worst they have seen in the world. My GF is japanese, and i travel there about 1-2 times a month, fuck, i just love japan, great people, great country ! When she come here to visit me, she is annoyed about the same things as i am. I live in a great area, spend a lot of money to escape the dirt and the spitting, and what i found is that the rich are not much different from the ordinary bastards out there, just pigs in slightly better clothes driving expensive cars and living in huge houses and apartments. It really could be the people in canton, cause when i visited other areas in the north or in shanghai or tibet, people were much different then here. GD people are some greedy, nasty ,ignorant, dirty ass bastards, just my observations !

          • mr. weiner

            I live in China-lite A.K.A Taiwan, which has just the right veneer of Japanese manners, with a lot of chinese norms underneath. So I can’t complain. China is what it is, I remember meeting lots of great people there, especially out west. You get used to the hawking up phlemb, the nose drilling and the turds everywhere, because it’s so damned funny and the people are unexpectadly nice underneath.
            I could give you all sorts of historical comparisons of the beastliness of the US in the days when it was an up and coming power, but that would be bullshit. The world is sometimes what you make of it and a good laugh is often better than a good fuck.

          • I’m only a little bit curious that’s all since my experience has been completely opposite of yours. I just find it strange why you are always so angry. Because with the amount of money you make you could easily not interact with any Chinese. Oh wait you live in GZ. I guess it’s true what they say pussy and $$$ doesn’t make you happy.

            Also I pray for your Japanese girlfriend to not find out about you cheating on her. Who wouldn’t want a nice Japanese girlfriend, they totally rock. It’s just sad you cheat on her tho.

          • coala banana

            “You get used to the hawking up phlemb, the nose drilling and the turds everywhere, because it’s so damned funny and the people are unexpectadly nice underneath.”

            Of course you get used to that, and with the spitting too,how else i could live here for over 6 years. BUT is it still funny or would it still be funny for you knowing that this very same people probably cook your food, touch you while they want to get out of/or on the bus first. Would it still be funny if they smear their nose rockets against seats, handles and door knobs ? Is it still funny when they throw their garbage into the estate lake rather then into one of the many garbage boxes ? how funny it is walking the street, looking out not to step where someone else has spit ? Every tolerance has its limits, mine is compensated with money and women, otherwise there would be NO reason whats or ever to tolerate any of that.

            Taiwan? have been there couple of times, and liked it, and you are right its the light version, but that bit makes a significant difference in my opinion. Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vientnam even fucking Indonesia and Burma are light years ahead of china when it comes to friendliness , behavior, and hygiene. Chinas problem is not the CCP alone, its the fucking people which suck !

        • xiao jie

          u ve described my experience so well. im not rich so have to take the bus and taxis around. they alll and i mean all including rich, professors, traders have stinking breath. u dare not look on the ground as you walk cos there is spit everywhere. they shout and spit into your face. they push and shove in supermarkets, stations etc. what i dont get is why people are so fascinated with china and its so called development when i live here and they seem to be so dirty. i see women raise their hands up in buses and you see armpit hair spilling out. they need to change and stop thinking they are better than everybody else.

          • mankouzanghua

            yeah because YOU would not be the one who thinks you’re better than everyone else. that’s THEM. those stupid chinese women who would dare have hair under their arms? don’t they know that the correct way is to shave them? god why can’t those dumb chinese be more open-minded and realize that your way is right.

            plus why are those bastards so dirty. china is developing, right? you should organize some seminars so they can update their habits to your specifications.

            damn, spitting and snot rockets. don’t they know to keep the ground clean? i mean, keep the dust and dirt dry? they should be buying pieces of paper, blowing their nose and spitting out grime in them, and then carrying them around in their pockets. those dummies need to change and stop thinking they’re better than you!

        • @Coala Banana,

          how about you piss off a second? I am writing this from a small city in Liaoning province. I am not Chinese but I have been living in China some years. A Chinese friend invited me to spend the New Year in his colleague’s home here in Liaoning.

          You know what? these are good people. I am staying with ordinary Chinese people, my friend’s family isn’t rich. However they are nice people, they are friendly and hospitable, and they are not at all stupid either.
          Their house is clean enough too. Ok, they do spit on the street when they are outside sometimes, and I don’t like that either, but does it matter?
          You can’t demonize the Chinese like this. They may have some questionable hygienic habits, but most of them are basically good, hospitable people. Their level of cleanliness isn’t as bad as you describe either, especially in their own homes.

        • Althea

          Get out of China and go back to wherever the fuck you come from that is SOOO much better than dirty China, why not? because you’re probably just a poor nobody hobo in your homeland and has to come here to squeeze money from the Chinese who have more money than you. People like you are so fucking pathetic, 20 years of travelling and this is what you get from it, just go kill yourself.

          • SuperHappyCow

            I have the sneaking suspicion that u mad, hun.

        • CCP

          Don’t you think you went to the wrong place? You shall go to the National Museun and the memorial of Chairman Mao.

      • Capt. WED

        Oh please. You either known lame ass people, or you don’t shop around, or you are just fucking lame. I’ve lived in 400k – 1M USD apartments in BJC and it’s fucking nice as fuck. I walk around and it’s pretty damn clean. The waitresses all cute as fuck. Sure there are nasty as fuck places too. But I say 8 out 10 places apartments I’ve visited were tidy and nice and clean. Exceptions are druggie people. Even then most of them keep things semi clean.

        I’m not refuting what you say but I’m also describing my experiences.

        • Capt. WED

          Hell. Whatever when I was a little kid the neighborhoods in BJC I’ve lived in were nice as fuck. It really depend on which part of the town you live in. Matter fact I think things have degenerated somewhat over the years.

        • E Puff

          CB is describing these Chinese people as spitting frequently. Why is it that I have never ever, in all of my life seen a chinese person spit even once in America? i find it very bizarre.

          • You really don’t know Chinese people LOL. Maybe even go to Chinatown in NY you shall find.

          • Anon

            …E Puff, are you saying you have never been to China? Because if not you really are not in a position to contradict CB. He is abrasive and maybe a bit over the top sometimes but he isn’t necessarily wrong. You can sit in a 12th floor apartment in Beijing and hear people “HHHCCCHHHOORK” down below.

          • E Puff

            im not saying he’s wrong, im just saying that i never see it in the states. EVER. I wonder why?

          • mr. weiner

            @E Puff.
            Same reason asian people drive fairly sanely in the states compared to china. If you did that in the states people would take offence to it. CB has issues [really BIG ones] but he is not telling a lie about the spitting. I remember the time I was fresh of the boat in china, waiking down the street, seeing this beautiful classy girl walking towards me, giving me the eye in a shy kind of way, I walk past and turn me head to check out her rear end [I like booty , what can I say?] and she goes: “HWARRKPHA!” onto the street in a totally unselfconsious way. Bloody hell! it was a total contradiction of anything I had expected.

          • E Puff

            when i see someone spit, i feel vomit coming on. it’s really disgusting.

          • AnHonestObserver

            Have you been in Chinatown in Philly or NYC? If so, take a look at the sidewalks. It’s everywhere.

      • pervertt

        China is probably a fucked up place but why hang around if you don’t like the people or the country? The money? The women? The fresh air? Unlike ordinary Chinese, you do have a choice and you don’t have to stay. Have a bit of self respect and get the fuck out of the place if you hate it so much.

        • It’s called self-loathing; as much as cb hates women, he hates himself more. So, we have him and other foreign expats who honestly love to complain because they love the situation they’re in.

          He wants to be miserable.

          • pervertt

            coala’s China experience reminds me of a bad joke I once heard.

            A guy walking down the street comes across a huge dog turd.
            “That’s the biggest dog turd I’ve seen,” he exclaims.

            Just to be sure, he bends down and takes a sniff.
            “Good God, that smells awful, ” he proclaims, “That smells even worse than dog poo.”

            He then gingerly sticks a finger into the still warm turd and takes a tiny lick of the smeared finger. He gags and vomits onto the footpath.

            “Geez, I won’t do that again. It’s definitely dog shit, it has to be the worst thing I have ever tasted.”

            “Lucky I didn’t step on it.”

          • coala banana

            actually i love myself the most, right after my self love comes love for women. Thats already a lot of love, so there is not much left for anything or anyone else, except my watch collection, but thats more passion then love. So yeah, i pretty much “hate” everything else.

            Its not that i love the situation i am in (china). Its also not a love-hate things, its the challenge which i appreciate. I work now for over 20 years mainly in 3rd world countries, and get things done, always ! While i could make good money in 1st world too, I prefer the 3rd, why ? Cause there is more action and excitement in the chaos. Its more work, more risk, more danger, non expected outcomes, BUT, one learn MUCH from from it and the profits are MUCH higher, which in my opinion is worth the risk, and so far the risk has paid out each and every time. Wouldn’t want to have it any other way !

            IF one day a miracle would happen and along the whole day, and no one would spit or drill his nose with his long pinky finger nail. People would have all clean white teeth like i have. No fights in my factories, no people trying to kill each others, a a poor brotherhood of love amongst all chinese, I would get my ass to of here ASAP, cause this would be my end. Lay the cards on the table, I benefit from them cause they are how they are, and as worse they are as more i can earn, and if one thing can give me a hard on, its money, especially easy earned money and free pussies. I love money and success, cause it opens doors to an exciting life and the even better thing is that you get most of these things for free, incl pussy, and it keeps on coming.

            Fuck,even every single expenditure and restaurant bill and foot rub, someone else will pay for it later on, thats the beauty of making business, cause you get all the small nasty things for free, where people with less money and less possibilities have to pay for it. Its miserable in the sense that i made myself a slave to my own creation of environment and success, but its still a miserable life worth living, even in fucking china at the moment !

          • mr. weiner

            All you have at home waiting for you is your watch collection?
            You enjoy working with people you despise?
            ……um, have a great new year..

          • coala banana

            weiner, something waiting at home doesn’t give me happiness, i am not THAT type of guy ! I am the type of guy which feels happy when he BRINGS and TAKES something home, if you know what i mean.

            Some like to have a wife waiting for them and children and they also take what comes with this package, which is problems and more problems, its not just fun i guess. I keep it easy, I don’t have problems most people seem to have. I learn from other peoples examples and misfortunes. I now many people and have lots of friends worldwide, and i am yet to find someone who enjoys his family life. Most of the time you see them complaining, and the few days you see them “happy”, they look like dogs which found a bone to lick on for some time. Not my cup of tea. Like i said, I like to bring things home and not something what is waiting for me. I had that more then ones and didn’t like it. The problem starts when i am tired of what is waiting for me at home, and i want to change to something new waiting for me. Now i don’t have to think about this things. When i want to be alone, I just go home alone, when i want to fuck, then i take something home to fuck. I don’t need a housewife which will cook for me and clean my clothes and kids crying. I take the milk without buying the whole cow, I employ 2 cleaners and when i am hungry i go in a restaurant. I see my time as limited, so why waste it and make it even more complicated with wife and kids. I pay 500 people salaries, and most of them have families. I see THAT as my responsibility and let me tell you, its an unthankful one ! With that salary this people bring home they support their own families, so indirectly i am in fact a daddy and a husband to hundreds of families, i just prefer to pay money so i don’t have to get involved directly into their family affairs:-). You bought the cow, then you must feed the cow, its simple as that, and if you don’t buy a cow then there no one to feed, except you yourself. My GF is great, but i doubt that i could spend each and everyday with her, so it works well on a distance.

      • hanyucha

        I agree with you about the state of some apartments, but I think you are getting rented apartments and bought apartments mixed up.

        My apartment was a real mess when I first started to rent it. The other Chinese family that shares the apartment would always leave it such a mess, and I would just go round sweeping up, and picking up their rubbish.

        They thought I was super clean. They explained however, that because this was not their “own” house, and that most Chinese landlords will never give back the deposit, you might as well make a mess and not worry if you break a few things.

        If you go to one of those two million yuan houses, and the landlord’s family actually lives there, then the place is spotless. Shiny tiled floors, clean toilet, air fresher sprayed everywhere, little snacks and treats on the glass coffee table. Maybe a bit chilly, but altogether pretty clean.

      • yournametobynow

        what the fuck is wrong with you? a normal-ass exhibition of art and you take it as a chance to harp on the chinese and their backwards ways. goddamn british.

      • amy

        It is true for chinese studying overseas as well. Im studying in UK, and I can bet that none of whom I know like to share the apartment or students’s flat with chinese students. They are dirty beyond words. There was one time when I shared kitchen with them, the kitchen smells sooo bad like a dead person was being kept in their cabinet. Turned out to be hundred billions of maggots crawling in the cabinets. Erghhhh.

      • shuhao

        totally agree,make me feel sad as a Chinese and angry .

      • CCP

        Just as the same time you complaind about Chinese, you actually showed what Americans are like,a person who says rude mark every time,who loves fucking all the time, and transporting this uncivilized behaviour to all over the world. God knows why Americans are like this!

    • Hongjian

      I agree with coala banana.

      Lots of GD people are really fucking shitty and greedy jewish fuckers, who combine the worst of all Chinese habits within themselves while loudly proclaiming their shitty version of local-chauvinism against us ‘uncivilized annoying northeners and westeners’ who want to take away thier ‘rights’ and ban their ‘beautiful culture and GD dialect that is just soooo superior and traditional compared to our mongol-and-manchu-raped non-chinese mandarin shitspeak’.

      Fuck you. No offence here, my GD friends, but still. Fuck you.

      Not even the Shangdong crooks or Shanghai fagshits could ever beat you.

      • donscarletti

        First time I think I’ve ever seen anti-Semitism from Chinese. Not that I give a shit of course, just it’s cute. I’ve always been entertained by some Malaysians who don’t seem to have ever seen a Jew before but still like to mouth off against them because it’s pious or something.

        But yeah, Cantonese sounds like shit. The only thing I like about it is when I hear a lot of it, it means I’m in Hong Kong where things aren’t as obviously fucked. Oh, and Chinese movies that aren’t total shit made by that talentless cockbag Zhang Yimou as an excuse to screw some random bimbo 1/4 his age.

        Mandarin sounds much better of course, from a purely phonetic point of view. But it is definitely the case where you’re in HK and hear Mandarin, you’re going to see some guy in a ¥50 coat buying a HK$90,000 watch and going back outside to make up today’s spitting quota.

        Only problem with Hong Kong is that guys tend to chew with their mouth closed and refrain from hocking phlegm in the middle of a sentence. It means pretty girls don’t lock eyes and just gaze longingly the way they do in the mainland.

        • E Puff

          i agree about cantonese. I really hate the way that it sounds. some of their intonations stretches the words. I’m about 65% fluent in Mandarin. If I went to China today I could get around. But my vocabulary needs some work because sometimes i don’t know the word for certain things. Or, sometimes native speakers speak too fast so i understand half of the sentence and have to use context to understand the whole thing. but yes, mandarin sounds great. cantonese, i won’t even watch a movie in cantonese, i always switch to mandarin if available.

          • mankouzanghua

            you would like cantonese if that’s what you learned

          • E Puff

            no way. I actually started out trying to choose which language to learn. But because I used to watch a lot of chinese movies I already knew some words and went with mandarin. Also, cantonese has five or six intonations. The tones of this language are madly annoying to me. Mandarin has a few sounds that that are different from English but I find it strangely similar to English which made it easy to learn than cantonese. Once I have mastered Mandarin I plan to learn cantonese next, just on principal. I still don’t like it though. maybe I will after I begin to speak it. I made some videos on youtube of myself when i was learning mandarin. My speaking skills were comparable to a four year old toddler lol

          • mankouzanghua

            if you had learned cantonese you’d be saying how boring mandarin seems ;)

          • E Puff

            who knows? maybe that would be true but now i will never know.

            I can only say four cantonese words. Hello, goodbye, yes and thank you. lol I don’t like to say xie xie because it has a weak sound so i like to say (sounds like Doh tzay) instead.

        • Hongjian

          I didnt meant to be anti-semitist. I just wrote “fucking jewish”, because this is exactly what GD people are: Rip you off, Generating GDP like mad and doesnt afraid of anything.
          They are proud of it, China should be proud of it, and the jews are also proud of it – erm… of themselves being “fucking jewish”.

          Because, Jews and Israel are a really rare example of the tail wagging the dog, and the GD people are similiarily on the way of being the tail who is wagging the dogs sitting in Zhongnanhai, who cannot seem to do anything about them being so… Cantonese.

          • pervertt

            Diu, I don’t know who is worse. Westerners who live in China and don’t bother to learn local culture and language, or unemployed puk lo who come down from the north and don’t bother to learn Cantonese.

            China might be a better place if the people of Guangdong could exercise more influence in Zhongnanhai. Without provinces like Guangdong, the rest of China would be living like peasants and kowtowing to the current crop of emperors in Beijing.

          • mr. weiner

            I thought Chinese people hated Ke Ja Ren , not jews.

          • Guangjoe

            Fuck your mother in her anal wart infested ass. Don’t you dare compare my people to your 5000 year no cultue pussy ass folk. I’m Jewish you have a fucking problem with that? Come meet up with me and I will kick your motherfucking ass just like I did the other day to yur friend Lee Chong on the bus here. Guy wanted to talk shit because I told him off for cutting in line so I sent him directly to the fucking hospital. Broke his fucking face. You guys are professional shit talkers. That’t it. Big loud uneducated shit talkers.

            I bet you have never even met a Jew in your life. I’m laughing my ass off. I did’t know Chinese people are blaming Jews for their hortcomings too.

            Epuff I just realized that you have actually never een to China. You know what, with all due respect…I don’t care how many years you have studied the amazing culture or how many Kung Pao Chicken dishes you have ordered over the years, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP…………. if you haven’t been to a country then it doesn’t fucking matter what you think. End of story. Come here and experience everything first hand.

          • Guangjoe

            I also find it fucking entertaining when a foreigner asks someone from the mainland if they think people from Taiwan or HK are Chinese then the mainlanders get all defensive and quickly reply that “YES, we are all Chinese”

            But what about when you ask the same question to someone from HK or Taiwan? You get the exact opposite asnwer. ALMOST all of trhe “CHINESE” top movie stars and singers come from HK and Taiwan. Why do you think that is? Why do Chinese mainlanders need a visa to go to somewhere in their own country?

            But now since you do not agree with the way cantonese people act then it’s the “DAMN JEWISH CANTONESE”. All thought everyone was united?? What happened to that?

            The problem is that Chinese people are professional blamers. They blame everyone else for their shortcomings. Keep blaming the foreign devil…..while it’s the chinese devil that you should be blaming.

          • mr. weiner

            Gj….I feels weird defending comrade Honk, but I think he just meant “fucking Jewish” as a general term of abuse, kinda like how Capt. Wed says “faggot” all the time and those asian and white kids were screaming out “Nigger” as they were kicking the crap out of that other asian kid the other day. Chill a bit mate.

          • E Puff

            @GuangJoe — why not learn what i need to know before i get there? I had no idea about the spitting and other issues i picked up here. and i can have an opinion of whatever i want.

          • Hongjian


            Climb the fuck back to your oven, Jude.

            I actually have nothing against you kikes, but your HURRRJEWISHPRIDEEE faggotry is just too much. What have you chosen people done by yourself without Germany sticking money and free submarines up your asses due to their eternal guilt?
            You jews are not ‘chosen’. You are just the same crap as the ordinary Cantonese. You can generate GDP, you can siphon and embezzle money from every source, you value your community/family/guanxi over nearly everything, which helps you to perform the mentioned corrupt shit extraordinarily, and you are also both shit-talkers.

            But the difference between GD people and Jews are; Jews are not needed for the world, while GD people are needed for China. You are the major evil, while GD people are the necessary lesser evil that has to be tolerated for some higher sake.

            So, crawl back to dumbfuckistan, sandniggerstan (your “original home”) or Kaifeng; I dont fucking care, and built me some dreydls, instead of professionally talking shit about how you managed to heroically run over some skinny kid with your Merkava tank.

          • guangjoe

            @Hongjian (aka BabyDick)

            I had this whole reply full of hate directed towards you written out but my browser shut down right before I pressed Post Comment.

            I will sum it up for you. I am a jew by birth, I do not believe in god. In that case I do not feel that I am chosen for any other reason than to kick you ass.

            I bet you never met a Jew in your whole life but you need someone to blame for yor shitty life. On the other hand I have met many people from your race(because I fucking live here) and I know for a FACT that you cannot deny anything that I posted, and that’s why your answers are full of anti-semitic garbage.

            Listen Minipecker, I know for a fact without meeting you that my life is so much better than yours and that fills me full of joy.

            I do not want anyone think I am blaming the CCP. It’s not the CCP. In fact the CCP is necessary. It’s people like you who aren’t necessary.

            Happy year of the dragon

      • dim mak

        Oh c’mon, Cantonese chauvinism is a reaction to all the northerners who constantly bash the south for no good reason. Yes, we’re kinda obnoxious and maybe not as “pretty” as northerners, but so what? What’s wrong with people speaking a different dialect?

        As for being Jew-like money grubbing assholes, I’m pretty proud of that. My family has been merchants for 170 years, Jewing the shit out of Chinese and foreigners alike to turn a profit. I’m still carrying on that tradition today. Greed is what makes the world turn, my friend. Any country with a successful economy owes it to their greedy businessmen, and China is no exception.

        • pervertt

          To get rich is glorious, no?

          Much better than mutual poverty. The people of Guangdong have every reason to be proud of their achievements. Without economic dynamos like Guangdong and Zhejiang, who would support the parasitic government in Beijing? Who would pay for the PLA’s shiny military toys? Not the economically backward provinces from the north that still think the rest of China owes them a living.

    • ZlsetrdX

      Nice. They are now ready to get a job in Games Workshop.

  • Guangjoe

    Great work..

    I like the fine detail, for example the shit smeared all over the walls in the restroom.

    • coala banana

      wouldn’t surprise me if they used real shit, for the sake to “keep it authentic” !

    • [email protected]

      The tiny restaurant was also pretty darn amazing. The artist perfectly captured the filth and grime element. The only thing missing was spit on the floor. Perhaps coala banana can donate some from his local sauna since he is apparently swimming in phlegm down there.

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    good photography, hard to tell how good the model making is..

  • Andy

    Chinese women are used to handling ‘small things’, so their manual dexterity comes as no surprise.

    • donscarletti

      Not really. I imagine the hookers you got handjobs from learned as they were going along.

  • Jay K.

    this is 3rd or 4th rate in comparison to the art colleges in beijing. the number 1 in china for an art academy is the tsinghua university academy of arts. i saw this type of thing almost every year when i would often go to that college to see friends.

    i also went there because everyone knows the hottest girls in a lackluster nerd dominated uni like tsinghua is in the academy of arts and colleges. girls with smart brains and “skills” to show…

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      Wow, your my hero. Fancy telling me about it over a beer sometime buddy?

  • Foreign Devil

    NIce miniatures. . Really capture the grime and grit and concrete slapped together nature of Chinese construction.

    @ Coala, You’d better never get married man. .because it sounds like the only thing you enjoy about living in CHina is the women. If you get married the one thing you enjoy will out of the equation (unless your wife doesn’t mind you fooling around on her).

    As you say. . having lot’s of wealth in China. . still can’t pay your way out of the pollution and noise and chaos. Except for occasional travel outside of the country.

    • coala banana

      yes, why buy the whole cow, if the only you wanted is the milk ? My great hobby are women and there is also not much else one can do in china apart from making money, when it comes to excitement.

      Sometimes i wish, in my 7th year anyway, that things would just end in a mess, so i can get my ass out of here. But money man! its always the god damn money which lets me overlook the bad sides of a story. If the money would be decent, then i would be out of here in an blink of an eye, but when you have companies and factories and must pay salaries for around 500 people, then things are not that easy. I don’t even work hard, go at 10 to the office to say hello, leave at 12 for lunch, go to a foot rub with one or more of my managers to discuss things there (they like it and i like it too), go to a golf driving range to hit a few balls, then back at 3 to the office, some meetings, solving some problems and disputes, hire and fire some people. On a good day i leave again at 6 like most of the rest, on bad days depending on the escalation of a fight, attempted murder, stealing, cheating, I have to stay a bit longer. Then i leave for dinner with one of my GFs which don’t have her menstruation, cause i want to fuck her afterwards, or hunt for a new one. I any case i try hard to prevent not to come across some spitting and nose drilling bastards in my free time, which is a hard thing to do, even i visit exclusively more higher level expensive places.

      • mr. weiner

        @CB….well Jeez if you want to find sympathy it’s in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.
        That last one was something like “Lifestyles of the rich and famous” with a bit of “fear and loathing in Las Vegas” thrown in.
        I know you are busy and all, but I think your “soul” [for want of a better word] needs some looking after. Have you looked into any charity thingies you could support or even hanging out with some of the locals? Bodily secretions aside I think you might find it a worthwhile endeavour and it just might make you feel better about yourself and make your time there more bearable.
        I am not having a go at you here, I honestly think it could help you with the malaise you are feeling

        • coala banana

          fuck charity man ! i personally know people which work for some and they tell me horrible things, actually just 5-10% of the money donated makes it to the people in need. Personal charity, the last time i tried to collect money in my company, so we could pay the surgery of one of the childs of an employee (otherwise she would ended up blind,cause one eye was already lost), ended up in them not donating a single Yuan, and me paying for the complete surgery and medications, and me firing some of the managers which had the balls to tell me that “thats none of our business”.

          I thought about to create a fond on my own,and built up a child care house in the north, but that, according to my accountant would turn out into a full time job. My japanese GF would love to care about such things, but she too works full time. In addition, according to my accountant, you can not imagine what kind of obstacle you would come across in china, when you have the intention to do good. The gov would put huge stones along your way. They want to get your money, but they are not interested that you manage things yourself.

          I once had a partner company in turkey, managed by a local friend, we both donated every year 100 lambs to the surrounding child care houses of homeless and left children. Our thoughts were that it helps them a bit and makes us look good cause most of his employes come from this area. Fact was that the people which managed this houses, sold the meat through relatives on the market or eat them themselves.

          Donated books to schools in villages while i was in south america, just to find out that the teachers, sold them to other schools or used them as a gift to open them doors to get employed by the other school.

          However, i am just 40, and i will have plenty of time to do good when i am retired, until then i consider paying 500 people salaries every month is charity enough. AND don’t think that they are all thankful for you giving them jobs, money and opportunities. Some of them will still in addition to that steal from you, make trouble when and wherever they can, and try to cheat you. Don’t understand me wrong I understand even that ! I understand that some people are just like that and some will always find that you owe them more, some people will hate you for whatever you do. But with the time i also understood why so many CHINESE employers treat their worker bad.

      • mankouzanghua

        “Then i leave for dinner with one of my GFs which don’t have her menstruation,”


        i know why you don’t leave china. since you speak 8 languages, have earned one phd and are finishing your thesis for your second, own 5 companies running and 2 manufacturing facilities in the mainland, have an 8 in penis, and your average day just involves hitting the office to say hello (and to post on chinaSMACK half the day apparently) …. there is nowhere in the world where you would NOT feel superior to those around you!

        we understand you completely, mr frisby, and you do put out some real gems!

        • E Puff

          lol let the man have his fantasy. he’s probably a bus boy in real life.

        • donscarletti

          Yeah, I coughed breadcrumbs over my keyboard when I read that too. I think the slightly strange English helps too “which don’t have her menstruation”. Where do you hale from CB?

          Though I have to say, the practicality of this arrangement goes beyond sex, since menstruating women in China will not eat a bunch of seemingly random food and call you an idiot for not intuitively knowing which ones. Even a man who is monogamous would benefit from having dinner with a woman who is not on her period, since he may freely eat cucumber, watermelon and icecream.

        • coala banana

          you are right about everything except: “just hitting the office to say hello” and “feel superior”.

          Its not as easy as it might sound. Its frustrating when you have to deal with cheaters, liars, and to find common ground with people which go at each other fighting, when pregnant women are hit in the stomach by other women. When hot water was thrown in the face of someone, when someone was stabbed with a screwdriver, when someones hand was jammed in a punching press machine, company car accident with 1 dead and another injured. Stealing material, dishonesty, court cases, pending invoices…..and on and on. That kind of shit doesn’t happen daily, but quite frequently, to keep you busy. You can china as nice and delusional as you think, but from MY point of view, the problem ARE the people and i base that on my own personal experience living and working with chinese people alone. I don’t know even 1 western foreigner in china. The only westerners i see are the auditors which come from time to time from europe, one or the other western face on the street, and the guys in our golf club (which are mainly from singapore, hong kong and japan). I just don’t have time for that shit, and keep things simple by releasing some “pressure” on this forum.

          Trust me when i tell you that i don’t even feel superior to a worm or fly. I each form of life and i don’t think that humans have the right to put themselves above an animal. I always said that in my opinion the human is still more monkey then any of the monkeys. My philosophy is quite simple and when i die, they can feed me to the pigs of they wish. The only subject i use some form of superiority is when it comes to women, cause i like them down and dirty. I enjoy to turn a nice conservative well educated women into a “begging on her knees for dick amateur whore” and they seem to like it too. Its just how i role. 8 inch dick, it could be 7 or 9, but the game would still be the same. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am a gentlemen in public, but a nasty pervert when it comes to sex, kinda J&H, and this is how i like my girls, to be ladies in public but dirty whores in bed. I have no problems to take my dick out at the first date to check a girls reaction, some grab it, some suck it after a while, and some of them run away. This is how things go. I have maybe a 6-7 out f 10 quote which stay, confused, shy, yes, but they take the dick. From the 3 which walk away, 2 call after a few days and like to meet again, just to “discuss” things of course. I can’t blame them for that, cause i know they want dick or are curious about whats next….I like that shit and i know what will happen anyway, so i have no problem with executing my sexuality with an open mind.

          I doubt that you understand me and you can believe what you want, can call me nuts, crazy, a liar, small cock troll or what ever, I just say how it is, and yes even i, good looking, 8 inch dick, well dressed, with money….need to socialize at least a bit from time to time, but i do prefer the virtual westerner over real western humans, cause i am not really interested in the crap they have to say. A few sentence from time to time out in the cyber world and my batteries are charged again, and fuck its for free too !

          • mr. weiner

            CB……your honesty is….interesting[nope] ,appreciated[not], disarming[hardly] and I’m happy[ish] to see that you are able use chinaSMACK as a recitical [ich!] for your stress.
            I sense that you are a bit of a unique individual [NOT a compliment] and so I should not judge you too harshly.
            Myself I find an afternoon of Rugby , a couple of beers and a night in or out with the missus do me fine, I’m easily pleased.
            Please don’t feel the urge too keenly to share so much about yourself in the future [I have a delicate stomach].
            Happy new year.

          • E Puff

            So you are the type of man who preys on women like a sexual predator or an octopus. I prefer a man with a little shyness. The second i catch a man leering at my boobs or daring to whip his penis out uninvited, i am out of there and i may even call the police. People who look for sex generally feel very empty on the inside and sex is the only thing that gives them fulfillment. I’ve practiced abstinence since 1998. For me I put my desire to have the right person ahead of desire to have random sex. a true connection with another human being is the what makes it all worthwhile.

          • The Dude

            He is right about one thing (among others):

            It is the people.

            CB I’m amazed at the things you can get away with saying.

            The other day I called someone a ‘snob’ on a thread here and that got deleted!! And this was only when they where being heavily insulting to Chinese people.

            Yet you call people freaks, religious nuts and on and on. It’s wildly entertaining I must admit…

            But how is it you don’t get ‘censored’ as I was?

            Perhaps you own Chinasmack CB. At the very least they let you get away with murder for some reason…

            Very curious man.

          • The Dude

            ps. So much for western ‘freedom of speech’ by the way.

            Not on Chinasmack.

            Chinese/westerners… all the same.

            Same same same same….

      • E Puff

        i honestly believe you are a bald middle aged bus boy. nice try, though.

        anyway, you could always hire someone to over see the “company” and work from your home country.

        • coala banana

          its obvious that you know very little and from the little you actually know, you don’t know much. You have NO idea about business and manufacturing in china and how difficult it is to find loyal people. Chinese don’t give a shit about loyalty, they just care themselves and their pockets. China is also not just around the corner in case a problem happens, and you wouldn’t want to rely on ANY of them, not even a local factory manager, trust me. HK people are more reliable and think and act more like westerners, but once they are in china, it doesn’t take much to turn them around. I have several co owners from HK and NONE of them would like to come to china full time, and NONE of them would want a local chinese to manage a company or factory, mind you they are chinese too.

          Run your own business first in your country and then tell me about “hiring someone” and you just over see your company. In case you are successful come to china and start a business, hire someone to over see it, then go back to the US and work from there….good luck. No wonder you guys believe in god, hard to imagine that someone with that kind of naive thinking can think for his self. If the first problems would happen, you would most likely first go on your knees and pray for help. In the real world it just doesn’t work that way baby, we don’t leave decisions to the will of a god and hope for then best. WE take over responsibility and get things done and make them work and in some cases, fuck, even most cases, we have to do it on our own, especially in china.

          Don’t think out of your comfort zone in the US, better come over here to my cave. Its the year of the dragon baby! I don’t believe in this shit, cause i know that the ONLY dragon is the one between my legs, and let me tell you that the dragon is very angry at the moment, and in such moments you can get the best out of him !

          • E Puff

            i don’t pretend to know anything about business in china. and i am quite happy with the business i have here in my own country as a working author and of course my day job. i didn’t say you had to hire someone from china to work managing your business. you could always send some jobless fella from the UK (or wherever you’re from) and have them fly down. look for someone with some experience who likes to travel or wants to travel? Just a suggestion. Anyway, if people from HK hate going to china, what are they going to do in 50 years when it is under complete control by the government? I don’t know much about that situation but I read something on it and was curious.

          • coala banana

            someone jobless from the UK ??? i don’t know what picture you have about china and having an operation here, but when you think that just a jobless smartass from UK or USA could come over and handle business then you really have little idea what is going on and what it takes to run it. It might be one thing for a jobless teacher to come to china and give english classes, even i think that even that is difficult and often end up in frustrations for the teachers, but i think that its multiple times more complicated to actually employ hundreds of people and pay them every month. I managed quite well and like i said before, i really don’t work hard anymore, a couple of hours a day are enough when things are smooth, but still, i must be there in case something happens.Me being there nearly every day prevents that bad things happen, and at least it reduces the chaos to a minimum. Read my posts again, its not just that you must know everything about your business, thats western. In china you must in addition deal with much and many more complicated factors, which are the sometimes radical and strange behavior of the people, their aggressiveness, cheating and stealing. I somehow doubt that someone jobless from the UK could make that. If he is jobless in the UK and no one wants him, how the hell could he manage business in china ? Do you think its a 3rd world country, people are dumb, you know more, therefor its easy to get things done, just show them and they will be happy campers ? Yes most are dumb when it comes to certain things, but even the dumbest amongst them are fucking smart when it comes to other things. My prediction is that in around 3-10 years china will no longer be worth the pain. Labour and material costs already increased a lot compared to 5 years ago, food prices up, housing, electricity, water, insurance, corruption…..this place is doomed ! It will end up in chaos, mark my words, within 3-10 years time everything will break loose…..

          • E Puff

            Surely you are not the most educated man in the world. there are others who can run a company and would be willing to travel in order to do it. Do you guys not train people to perform jobs? Just admit it. You ENJOY living in China. I do agree with your last sentiment, which is that, China is on the brink of something terrible happening. Either its people becoming fearless and breaking loose or the government breaking loose and unleashing its power like a volcano erupting on everyone in the world it has perceived as “enemies”. I think China is doing a good job of governing its country but I do think that barring speech and certain harmless religious practices (which may boost morale) and certain tiny freedoms is bad overall. The other restricted things are logical to manage a country with a billion people. I do not take for granted how free I am in America and truly appreciate it. Imagine if I wanted, I can walk up to a politician and pour a beer on his head, hit him in the face with a pie, or pelt him with a egg as protest and spend only a couple ofhours in jail because we have the right to peaceful protest in this country. I can talk trash a bout obama or the republicans, i can march outside their houses if i don’t like them, ridicule them, taunt the police (in given circumstances) and overall do or say whatever i want. i had planned on visiting china (as I am so tired of the U.S. for other reasons), and thought, if I like it maybe I can teach english and strengthen my mandarin at the same time. But then I am so afraid that if I make a tiny mistake I will be put to death or beaten. and because i am not afraid to fight back in any circumstance, i could be tortured lol. i say things as i sit fit, so i thought… well i really want to visit china but i am to strong which could be a problem if i make a mistake. china is not very forgiving.

          • The Dude


            He is actually right.

            Even Chinese know if you want to run a business you have to be there ‘all’ the time. Otherwise it all goes pear shaped. It’s not only him saying this. It’s ‘every single Chinese person with a business’.

            Good luck with leaving them too it. You’ll come back at 5.30 and they’ve dismantled the building and the workers are carrying the metal off to the scrap yard.

            As to hiring a westerner, it would takes years before they understood the culture and how to actually deal with the Chinese. No point really.


    Umm, yea, that should help to pay the bills……

  • Cleo

    Who do I write the check to? My barbies are homeless!

  • typingfromwork

    Now these are pretty fucking incredable. The deal in them toilets, fucking uncomfortably realistic. God damn. I can see Wallace and Gromit taking a dump in them.

  • Capt. WED

    I like these.

    • coala banana

      thats what your mother said in the school toilette, when she was surrounded by our cocks ! You are the product of that day ! Be proud, she took it like a true champ, sucked us all dry !

      CB aka your daddy !

      • Wow Princess Coala calm down. Being mad like this is not just not proper lady-like behavior.

      • Tim

        Coala makes some great points but as usual people will say well don’t live here then.
        Why is it that when someone points something bad out about a place people go on the defensive rather than think of ways to improve their environment and educate people?
        Here in U.K the Google CEO visited and said that he felt the inventers in Britain had been lost and suggested education could be looked at to improve this. He came under mass criticism “go home, look at your own country etc” however he is right.
        Sitting on a plane landing at Heathrow recently a Chinese lady commented to her English friend how awful Heathrow airport is. I heard another lady muttering well go home then.
        The Chinese lady is right Heathrow is like a 3rd world airport but people don’t want to hear what they don’t want to hear, and certainly don’t want to be educated.

        • coala banana

          Its called politically correctness !

          Everybody want to be everybody’s “friend”, or how i say: likes to prevent some fake friendliness and politeness, rather then to see how things really are. My understanding was always that the pre requirement for improvement is the acknowledgement that something goes wrong. When i would behave PC in my companies I would go bankrupt within a week, cause i could never get things done.

          I don’t believe that PC is ignorance, its in fact not far away from the chinese passiveness, not to get involved since i have nothing to do with it. Touch things up a bit, clean the surface and delay the solution. In manufacturing delays and not solving problem cost money and can do a lot of harm. I think people should have the balls to lay the cards on the table and speak openly about what they think and how they feel. For me its easy, since the only things worth here are money and women, cause its in fact the only things in china which are worth something, which are honest and predictable, thats my opinion, everything else is BS here, but again thats just my own personal point of view. Since i am occupied with both more or less over the whole day, I couldn’t care less about everything else, but fact is that in between, even i, still run into all this crap i described before.

          Blind faith, blind nationalism, ignorance, irrational thinking, bypassing problems instead of calling them by name are mans enemy. They do it all under the cover of some fake ass tolerance and trying to find all kind of EXCUSES about why things are how they are. CCP my ass, its the people here which suck ! Just keep on walking with blind eyes, ignoring facts, escaping into the safety of their 4 walls ignoring what is really going on. Friendly people my ass, chinese are amongst the most unfriendly and coldblooded people on this planet, its how it is. Sad fact, but still a fact…

          • Whatever. I can repeat everything you say here but replace you in China with me in the US. People are used to white people because of the way they have colonized the planet and because of their cultural and scientific advancements. (US, Western Euro, South America, Austr-fucking-trilia, all have histories that is intertwined with WHITE EUROPEANS; and fuck don’t forget INDIA, PHILIPPINES, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, VIETNAM). Go to almost any place on earth and as a white person you will be treated nicely. Let’s say you visit the US, you will feel right at home. NO SHIT genius. Why? US is a white country, white majority, white christian, a western country, ie. “multiculturalism” with a large “integrated” black population at the forefront. Is that PC enough for you? However you want to put it if you visit the US you are a white person in America there will be no barriers. You can go to any where as long as you are not borderline autistic you can fit right in. But for a Chinese person, automatically there will be certain barriers (which theoretically can be overcome, most of them) Do you refute this Mr. I’m not PC?

            Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest. Then there is Princess Coala Banana up his ass. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

          • E Puff

            Capt Weds. You are Chinese, right? I think much of the isolation or alienation you say chinese people “feel” in white countries is their own doing. America, for example is the dumbest most ass backward racist shit hole in the world. EVERYBODY here is racist, black white hispanic, (asians probably are but they never say anything so who k nows!). You know what chinese people do here? They never voice an opinion. They never talk. They never interact, they are a complete mystery. Maybe my brain is too naive but I never hear anyone say negative things about asians. It’s always positive stereotypes (which is really annoying because everyone thinks that chinese especially, are perfect and so hard working). I think that there are other stereotypes, like treating asian males like they are asexual. there are all kinds of asian gangs, triads, etc here in the U.S but they are invisible. You just hear about htem, don’t see them. So for an asian person to say they go to am erica and feel m istreated, they need to raise their voices or no one will kn ow why they feel that way and what can be done to help or to change their situation.

          • Almost everyone I know in China are just like people elsewhere. Most are just normal people with their own set of idiosyncrasies; some will have dramas in their life involving others but it’s not any worse than anywhere else. From what you posted you make China seem like it’s a completely subhuman place light years away from other people else where. WHICH in my experience is just not true. How much of that can be supported by factual evidences and how much is it your own cultural biases. As in U are a foreigner living in a foreign culture….cultural shock. How much of it is due to economic and education levels? Are you suggesting a Chinese migrant person should have the same “culture” as a middle class western person?

            Basically I have no idea what you point is or what the fuck you are trying to say. Reading the crap you write just boils my blood to no end. Senseless gibberish makes me angry. No wonder they sent your ass over to China because no one wants to be around you back home. LMAO. Assuming that you are even half of what you claim.

          • E Puff

            dude which post are you even referring to?

          • @ E PUFF


            It’s a combination of different things, but the top reason is simply the numbers. The numbers speak for themselves. Look at the percentages. Reality is not some magic, it’s something you can actually dig into and hypothesis about. What percentages out of that are divisions among Indian (remember they’re considered Asian), Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, South East Asian, and Chinese. How much of that are recent immigrants? Then you say what about the older immigrants, why aren’t they “integrated”. You think? The more back in time you go the smaller those percentages become. Can you really say 100 years ago it was even possible for a Chinese person to fully integrate with society at large? It’s not as simple as they the Chinese people keep to themselves. It’s due to many reasons. #1 being the numbers. Hell I don’t even expect to integrate. The numbers are against me unless I move to a bigger city. Even then remember the actual numbers are smaller than the 4.0%.

            Basically you don’t really matter. True Story.

          • I can already hear people now “That’s good. We don’t need your shitty integration anyway. We’re fine without you faggots”

            Exactly. But now what if Asians are 10% of the population. You think it’s still “fuck you faggots”?

            Well other than the % of course you can’t deny that Black people have certain advantages. The PCness is just Americans think Chinese people look weird (whether or not because of something that is biological or because “the numbers”). Black Person is athletic. American loves sports. Black person is talented. Jazz, blues, and Rock N Roll. Chinese person? At best just some nerdy shit (face it America is already anti intellectual) but really who needs them anyway we have Steve Jobs.

            Basically the reality is no one gives a fuck about Chinese people.

          • Like I said, it’s not simple. There are a bunch of factors involved. All of which can affect the other. But #1 factor is the numbers.

          • E Puff

            Capt, so that we are not misunderstanding each other. Your understanding of my comment is that, I am saying that asians are not “integrated” into american society? It’s not that i think they haven’t integrated, its just that i think they are not using their voice or making an impact in american society socially. otherwise, they act and live exactly the same as everyone else. I just find them a little mysterious. By mysterious, I don’t mean light years away from everyone else. What i’m saying is that they integrate so fully into american society (materialistically as well) that they don’t give other people the opportunity to learn more about chinese culture.

          • Haha don’t get worked up too much about what I say I’m Chinese from the south but who’s kind faggoty so I’ve been having a huge chip on my shoulders since forever.

          • E Puff

            Okay, I have to pick on your comment here. You said

            “Chinese people look weird (whether or not because of something that is biological or because “the numbers”). Black Person is athletic. American loves sports. Black person is talented. Jazz, blues, and Rock N Roll. Chinese person? At best just some nerdy shit (face it America is already anti intellectual) but really who needs them anyway we have Steve Jobs. Basically the reality is no one gives a fuck about Chinese people.”

            This sounds strangely like self loathing. Only the most racist piece of shit would think these things and their opinions don’t matter because they are crazy anyway. If a person said something like that about chinese people, you can rest assured that person hates black people too.

            I can’t tell you what life is like, because I dont walk in your shoes. The only thing I can tell you is what I think or feel and what I understand to be true and personally, I have never heard the negative things you described about Chinese people in America (ie, “fuck you faggots”) people only say bull shit like that online. Lonely fat, cyber thugs who live in their mother’s basements.

            As for looking weird, america calls itself a BOILING POT for a reason. Why would everyone in the world look the same? And how do you know what every person feels about someone else’s appearance? Every race has an attractive quality of some kind. I can find something attractive about all the races and something unattractive. There is no such thing as weird looking.
            My personal opinion is that Asian people in general have an attractive appearance. I hate, no LOATHE yellow hair and it’s especially unattractive on men. I think men with dark hair of any race is attractive (black, white, latin, whatever), and Asians have the darkest hair color so I tend to like theirs the best. When I was in high school we had a “best hair” contest and asians won.
            I like the fact that Chinese people are not as ugly and gangly as westerners. I think the only attractive quality on whites are the varying eye colors. For latin men, the dark hair, complexion and smooth skin. For black men — well I find most things attractive (except their fucked up personalities). And I hate to bring up kung fu movies, but I own a HUGE collection of pre-90s movies (at one point, over 200 movies), and the one thing I like to watch is when the men strip out of their shirts and I’m looking at all the muscles. I also enjoy all the masculine bravado and fighting.

            Things I don’t like? White men age horribly. They go bald fast. Their muscles are flaccid and their ass gets saggy. I especially hate white men in tight shorts. Latino men — sometimes too short. Especially mexicans. And then some of their faces get too fat as they age.So basically they age horribly too. Black men age great, but African men look too harsh to my American eyes. Probably his lack of style or fashion sense. American black men are for the most part attractive even when they are older, but their minds are fucked up. Asian men like everyone else tend to age horribly and at a faster rate than everyone else. So stay out of the sun, it causes wrinkles. See, everybody looks weird. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All the things I find unattractive could be attractive to someone else. Things I I find attractive, may well be ugly to someone else. As a black woman, scores of men already find me unattractive. Do I care? No.

            And I would trade “good stereotypes” with you any day. I would rather be stereotyped as a smart nerd than to be accepted only for my entertainment value when in reality, I have many intelligent and worthwhile things to say. I would rather be respected as an intellectual than to be perceived as an idiot who can dance, sing, throw a foot ball or fuck — or as a female be perceived as a sexual object or a video hoe. I would rather be INVISIBLE and have people not give a fuck than to have people watch on with amusement, loving and loathing my culture at the same time.

          • E Puff

            do you mean faggoty as in gay, or some other slang>

          • mr. weiner

            EP…I think he means “faggot” as a general term of abuse.Nothing specific.

        • mr. weiner

          …I think they call it bad manners actually and there is a big difference between constructive criticism and outright rudeness. Even with constructive criticism you should be careful. If a proud parent holds there baby up to be admired you do not say “that is the uglist fucking baby I’ve ever seen, it looks like and unweened bulldog”.
          Chinese are well aware of the faults in there country, and they have a chip on there shoulders when it comes to outsiders pointing them out.

          • @E Puff

            HomeGirl I’m gonna be treal (racist) with you. Like Bruce Lee said, be like water my friend. What you doing is you are going against the grain. You are gonna have a hard time swimming upstream. You have all these expectations about China, I’m afraid it’s all going to be a huge let down for you. All you got is a picture from the movies, and movies are mostly bullshit. That shit is used for soft power projection, it’s meant to rot your brain. So the easiest route is to just stick with your own kind. But hey if you are adventurous then go for it.

            but whatever, solidarity to the none alignment Fuck.Reality. movement. PEACE.

          • E Puff

            Not so, capt n. im not expecting anything from china because it’s not about china, it’s about me. i think like most americans. we’re adventurous, we’re curious, we’re open. we dont’ live in a homogenous society, america is a boiling pot where we all share each other’s culture. we’re okay with people having their own religions, their own languages, their own neighborhoods, and stores. it doesn’t freak us out like people who are so used to living around their own “kind”… the poor things. So not going against the grain, just being who i am culturally. i watch a lot of international movies, from all types of countries. Why? Sick of American crap. Plain and simple. I’ve done travel to western places. i’ve done islands. i’ve done the states. wanted to see canada (and may still) but it’s cold. would love to see africa but i don’t like muslims and they have too many civil battles and i dont want to be kidnapped or some other such nonesense.

            western culture is getting boring. what also made me want to see china (i am indifferent as to whether chinese people are there or not), but i was looking at some pictures of some landscape and some mountains and some other beautiful places and felt like i wanted to see it. i want to see some NATURE, and therefore, it is the land that is interesting to me – do i want to go to any of the cities? Swarming with people? Hell no. in fact, im sick to death of people. By the way, you cannot be racist to me. You have no power.

          • That’s cool. I would suggest go during the off seasons so it’s not crowed with people. Although you may still find it to be too much people. Some places you can visit:


            Just a few palces off the top of my head. Or maybe visit the tourist trap places like HangZhou, SuoZhou, Shanghai, and Beijing.

            Actually if you want to experience pure unadulterated nature I suggest staying the fuck away from China LOL. All you gonna find there are temples and other crap embedded in nature. It’s not completely shit I admit I had a lot of fun doing those. But like I said, if all you want is natural scenario is best to look for those else where.

            Make sure you go at the right time. It’s very much about timing if you want to get the best out of your trip.

          • E Puff

            temples, shrines, mountains, land, art, all of those things i love to see. now, in america we don’t have anything that’s old anymore and not even close to ancient. we tear shit down, build new stuff. we have “some” historically protected places but not many. As they say in europe, ‘there are doors in europe that are older than america’. so people have many reasons for wanting to go places as opposed to some lofty pie in the sky ideals about a country. So this web site has done many things. it exposed to me that china has some places i would not want to go near. especially with the spitting. also, since i also researched for a book, much of the discussions have helped me to pick up on the “tone” of certain things. so in all, this has been useful.

        • typingfromwork

          No, taking constructive criticism is fine. The Google CEO WAS right, and, yes, I have no idea why Heathrow is such a pit. I mean even lesser known international airports like San Fran has huge glass ceilings and spacious as fuck, it makes me damn embarrassed to have this failure of an airport as our main one, and it’s supposed to be one of the biggest in Europe, too!

          cb on the other hand is a troll. Plain and simple. Your get them a dime a dozen on the internet, so I don’t really care. I am surprised though to see someone wasting so much time and effort trolling such a small site. I mean, at least set your sights higher, mate. It’s down right embarrassing.

        • donscarletti

          First time I went to Britain I was just shocked by Heathrow’s third world standards and idiotic immigration officials. My first reaction was “I fucking hate this country, I want to go back to China”.

          The whole point of Heathrow is to drum any traces of anglophilia out of an individual that may be sorry enough to possess it. I was stung by that trap for about a decade of my life from watching too many British Television shows and reading too many British novels.

          Compare Shanghai and London for a second. Both have nice parks and tree lined streets, both have good bars for about the same price, food from all over the world. But in Shanghai you just have to put up with a very small amount of spitting (by Chinese standards), with London you need to endure the depressing feeling of being in the hollow shell of the former capital of earth and the chavs. Either way, both are much better than Beijing and yet it is Beijing that has the nice airport. Pudong is pretty shit too, but not approaching Heathrow levels of course.

  • dongling

    it’s well done, but not original idea. Been done before but that doesnt make it a bad thing. Anything well done, is worthy of praise.

    Kudos to the Artist

  • Comment #48 YEAH!

    Song of the Article

    Sweet 69
    -Babes in Toyland,

    100% NB

  • Visitor

    Wonderful, you can do the small shit. Totally useless doing things in real life.

  • coala banana

    good news ! the banana man will be out for some time. Work is done for today and the next 2 weeks not much will happen business wise, so its time to move out of this shit hole to japan, into civilization, good food, good people, clean environment.

    Take care folks, happy fucking BS dragon year to all of you. Banana man will be back when the time is right, now its time for holiday !

    • mr. weiner

      …We’ll try not look too unhappy. Enjoy Japan. Me I have a some mountain runs I want to do. Happy new year you ol’ tosspot you.

    • The Dude
  • lonetrey

    so pro! Really well done, I can barely tell the difference between what’s real and what’s a model in these photos! I mean, I probably can in the end, but I have to look really hard!

  • Rod

    Are they trying to make a statement about standard of living in China? I think most people are in agreement. The subject matter is disgusting, but the models are well done.

    • typingfromwork

      Well that’s just art for ya. Of course they’re trying to makes some kind of statement. Thankfully it is much more skillfully done than the likes of Tracie Emin and her “bed”. Urgh.

      Most of these students will probably have a career in making those models of large buildings for like a car showroom or something. Those will be prestine with no trace of shit smeared on the sides- and also a hell of a lot more boring.

  • Hey I know this is trolling but that’s what I’m known for right. Check this shit out on Reddit:


  • E Puff

    you know what i find frustration? When I first visited this site, I thought I would learn more about Chinese people and their culture, ideas, etc (research purposes) and entered with an open and positive mind. But it seems, that in the past two weeks of visiting here, all I have learned is that the people are bad and that China is a horrible place. I learned here that Chinese people are dirty, poor, mean, evil, cruel, unfair, cheaters, liars, thieves who spit all the time and have a poor government. But on the other hand, my interactions in the U.S. have been quite different. Point? I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know if China is really bad everywhere and that there is no good or if people are just racist – especially the westerners (and of course, Chinese people themselves). Do you guys truly represent a fair depiction of China? Or are you all full of it? I wish someone objective would chime in. I don’t know what to think.

    • mr. weiner

      That would be like trying to learn about the US by onlt reading supermarket tabloids. Even if you travel to china you will only experience if from your own narrow perspsctive and expectations, and that in just a few regions of china, a land as big and diverse as Europe.
      It’s kinda like the three blind men trying to decribe an elephant: the 1st touches the trunk and says:”an elephant is like a snake”. The 2nd touches a leg and says:”no, it is like a tree”.The 3rd touches the tail and says;” you are both wrong , an elephant is like a broom.
      My point is you can never know it all, much as some folk here think they do [e.g Coala Banana].The wonder is in the learning and experiencing. Mark, year of the dragon.

      • E Puff

        I still want a general idea. If it’s a violent or mean spirited place, I don’t want to go there. Traveling is for relaxation, not strife. I also fear going to a place that is excessively dirty. As I said before, that was never my perception of China, but from what I read here it appears that it is not a good place to visit. I love your analogy about the elephant anyway.

    • donscarletti

      Look at the scenes depicted in models above. They are filthy, but the filth is so charming and interesting that these students are willing to recreate every patch of grime.

      Look at the expatriates on this site talking about the spitting, the cheating and other things. None of them really want to leave China and the grime they love. This is no contridiction whatsoever.

      The west is boring as hell, Chinese immigrants know that and western expats know that. I asked an old Shanghainese guy on a plane what he thought of Australia (where he had settled 5 years ago). He said “beautiful, clean, relaxed and gentle, but no place for a young man like you”, and that’s a brilliant way to put it.

    • SuperHappyCow

      What did you mean by loving and loathing our culture? I tried to reply up above, but that doesn’t work.

      Also, generalizations are pretty terrible. Only way to find out the truth is by searching for it yourself.

      • E Puff

        Indeed, the only way to know people is to search for the truth on your own, unfortunately most people don’t want the truth, they want a version of the truth that fits into their stereotypes and justifies their fear and hatred.

        What do I mean by “loving and loathing” my culture at the same time? Well, in America white people emulate black culture, black expressions, black clothes, black “swagger”, essentially everything we do. Our culture is mostly water down and repackaged for white consumption. They enjoy what we do but also hate it at the same time. It’s really schizophrenic. They can respect many things about us, but it’s not true respect because its tempered by fear that they may have to compete on a real level (or an equal playing field) in business and academia. We too have what we call the black tax, which is that we have to work twice or three times as hard as whites to achieve the same amount of respect. Like Obama, no flaws just perfection if we are to respected. Whites in America like blacks as long as we “entertain” them.

        • Hey I’m sorry. I don’t know how long you’ve been on this blog but it’s sort of a running joke here that everyone here must act crazy racist. I used to care but then I just decided to also act crazy racist too because basically everyone does it here. You should really try some other blogs on China if you are still interested. About the spitting thing. It’s not *that* bad. Sure you may think it’s disgusting but it’s possible to ignore it. I mean I knew some people who didn’t even notice it at first until you told them about it. But what can I say China is probably crazy crazy for a westerner. It’s my culture and where I was born so I have no problems there. I mean I”ve never been to any other country. But I’ve known people who been there and they say they liked it. And last thing it’s all relative. If you can keep an open mind anything is possible.

          Here is another blog I remember from back in the day. I no longer read any other “China blog” except this one.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Yeah. I’ve noticed the same, and it’s pretty funny for the most part, but also annoying. My hair is always kempt, and my clothes are always clean(dress clothes are casual for me), but nonetheless, I still get dirty, or at the very least, weary looks when relaxing at my favorite coffee shop, or whatever I may be doing. But what are all the Koreans watching on the television? Mostly black basketball players. What are they listening to? Korean Hip Hop. This is exacerbated many fold when I’m with a Taiwanese/Chinese woman, as we both get very impolite and menacing glares at a near 100% rate.

          I love that people say that blacks have advantages. Really? The most popular pinnacle of one’s existence being relegated to the equivalent of a racehorse, or a “million dollar nigger” is a real advantage? Sorry you had to move to a new country and learn a language that’s nearly the logical inverse, but it’s not like society is constantly structured and restructured in such a way that would actively prevent your people from ever getting anywhere in life.

          Society seems to work in such a way that constantly marginalizes people of African decent, while absorbing, and integrating so many facets of African culture into their own. Meanwhile you hear totally absurd comments like “black Americans have no culture,” and that “rap and hip hop” is not music.

          I think my big frustration with most people, especially asians, is that they don’t seem interested in actually getting educated about the history of anything non-asian, and especially black. Meanwhile, in an attempt to integrate they naively compound the racist pseudo history of the culture around them with their own. Really? Rap and hip-hop suck? It probably has something to do with how every ounce of meaning, nuance, or messaging is masticated into oblivion so that your own culture can digest and absorb it.

          • yes. it’s okay to be racist against particular Asian person then.

            The Pecking Order. It’s the game man.

          • wow. I was just trolling. I see what you are saying.

          • dim mak

            That’s nonsense, a lot of Asians like hip hop. You said it yourself. It’s just the older parents that think it’s a “bad influence” and only music delinquents listen to. Asians seldom talk about blacks or non-whites because of objectivism (or materialism if you want to be nasty). Fact is, whites live better lives and have more money. There’s a classist attitude that poor, lesser educated people are not worth any attention. It happens even amongst Chinese people.

            That’s why whenever Asians talk about outsiders its assumed to be about white people unless specified. The “default” laowai is a white guy. Any discussion about black people is usually regarding race relations plus some allusion to white-black relations. But there is a silver lining. Objectivism isn’t really about race. Back in the Tang dynasty, Arab and Persian merchants were highly esteemed in China because of the money they brought in. Meaning that today, the same could apply to blacks or anyone else should they achieve statistically high incomes overall, own more businesses, higher average level of education, etc.

          • SuperHappyCow


            I wasn’t being clear, I guess. It’s not just asians that do that, but everyone does. So many cultures love to inherit from African American culture, then totally reject them from their own. When a person from one culture or ethnicity exhibits traits usually pejoratively ascribed to African people, they’re lauded, and considered chic or creative. Examples off the top of my head:

            Karmin Music, Christina Hendricks, Neo Nazi rap.

            Not that any of these things are actually insidious, aside from Neo Nazis, but go ahead and ask just about any black person who does something positive, and doesn’t talk about issues in the AA community, if anyone’s ever told them “wow, you’re so white.”

            On one hand, you have situations where one culture either directly copies, or integrates facets of black culture into their own, and on the other you have blacks that don’t behave within their often inaccurately stereotyped bounds, and both are admired or respected.

            Meanwhile, we have an institutional system that was organized for the purpose of creating wealth by destroying black culture and intellectual movements. Ask anyone if they know anything about Cointelpro, why marijuana is illegal, how many private prisons exist, who actually wrote SB1070, who FBI director Hoover wanted dead, how and why black communities were flooded with cocaine, or what happened to the Black Panthers, and why the same didn’t to the KKK.

            No one can answer these questions, but they certainly can tell you that rap is sucks, and Will Smith is a great actor.

            Also, the classism is stupid, in any case. Even if it does not come from a place of fascist doublethink and racism, it still often makes the jump there, because both depend on one’s lack of ability to think entirely logically, and their keen ability to categorize things and people very quickly into classes that create rigid hierarchies.

          • E Puff

            Yeah. I don’t perceive blacks as being at a disadvantage to anyone else UNLESS the opinions and racisms of other people actually begins to matter. I have been steadfast in refusing to supplant someone’s reality or perception in place of my reality. I do know that in other countries, blacks are portrayed horribly. My best friend moved to American ten years ago, she is from Jamaica and she is black. But she absolutely wanted nothing to do with black people because in her country, “American” black people were portrayed as being on welfare, living in housing projects and ghettos being criminals. We met at work ten years ago. Became best friends forever, and five years later, she eventually married a black american man. A very good man. I heard the same thing from a friend from Senegal. He actually confessed that he was surprised to see black people driving cars. I’m like wow. You have black lawyers, doctors, teachers, police officers, congressman, judges, feds secret service people, firemen, reverends, pastors, priests black people — in every professional by the millions. Black people have their equal share in our society. People are AFRAID of believing otherwise because it means they have to actually work and compete for their lot.

          • I never said black people are lower than other people in America. I said Black people got athleticism and entertainment but never did I imply that’s all they’re capable of. Even if you think that’s what I was implying I’m saying now that’s not what I meant. What I said was HURDUR people hate Chinese people in US HURDUR HATING FTW HURDUR. Although I do agree there may be perception otherwise especially in some circles.

            FUCK YOU ALL I don’t have to explain myself.

            U’s ALL GAYS FAGGOTS.



          • E Puff

            @ cap — no i didn’t think you were implying that. it just raised a very interesting point. now stop acting like a cry baby you little sissy.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Well, I agree with what you are saying, generally, but understand, some facets and actors in this country have tried incredibly hard to impoverish and destroy black culture, or lock them into perpetual poverty. It’s an incontrovertible fact.

            What’s so insidious and subversive about it is that because this country is called a “free nation,” yet we criminalize so many illogical things then disproportionately apply the law in such a way that they affect and stigmatize minorities.

            For example marijuana laws that cause blacks to end up in prison at far higher rate than white Americans, despite studies showing that they smoke marijuana at a lesser rate. Yet many people would agree “yeah, we should make drugs illegal” all the while, ignoring how hard private institutions lobby congressmen to pass tougher and longer term prison sentences. Some time last year a dude got life in prison for being caught with marijuana for the fourth time. Assuming he was within the age range of 20-40, that’s 60-40 times $70,000 a private prison profits per year for keeping him in prison.

            And you tell me? How likely do you think it is that some kid in a cul de sac is going to serve life for marijuana as opposed to a kid growing up in a hood?

            For a couple of decades blacks were doing perfectly fine until we allowed corporate machines to start donating money to politicians. Then came the insane drug laws, the private prisons, the extreme political dialogue, for-profit wars, and so on, and so on.

            Blacks are deeply disadvantaged in this country, and no one who isn’t of this ethnicity would take even a minute to figure out why.

          • E Puff

            Well said SuperHappyCow – way to break it down for the masses brother! lol Now where are you from , you even threw cointelpro in the discussion. I remember when Rap was poetry and you had artists who used to “battle” with lyrics. Then groups like NWA decided to tell their story, then the corporations got involved and suddenly every rap artist was a “gangsta” and suddenly kids were emulating the stories and killing each other. A far cry from ideas like the five elements of hip hop (breaking, graffiti, deejaying, rapping and I forget the last one) or rappers like slick rick (hey young world) or Queen Latifah (now an actress), MC Lyte — girls who proved they were as strong as the boys — Brand Nubian, Black moon, Pharcyde, das Efx, EPMD, Wutang and scores of other artists all of these people who rapped about positive things and/or told stories suddenly the mainstream is selling the kids pimps, hoes, and girls are rapping about how slutty they are like it’s a good thing. These things happened when corporate america (whites) got involved with black music. Then they peddle the smut into other countries, putting millions of dollars in promotion behind making black people look like idiots. Meanwhile, all of the real artists are playing underground clubs and spoken word poetry sets.

          • E Puff

            Superhappycow — I disagree that blacks are deeply disadvantaged. If you don’t want to go to jail for life — don’t sell marijuana and get caught 4 times! I know all about the lobbyists submitting petitions to washington for whatever cause, and those causes are meant to put ALL americans at a disadvantage so that corporations can make more money. These same corporations are working to privatize the entire country from outsourcing the war to the private sector , with companies like titan cico, haliburton, and black water — yes those are black AND white people dying in a useless pathetic war that the republicans started simply to make some money from the government.i These are the same people who petition and spend millions lobbying the government to keep the insurance companies at an advantage thus preventing healthcare for all — this does not put blacks at a disadvantage , it puts ALL americans at a disadvantage. We can focus on kids going to jail for selling drugs which happens because they are poor and thought that selling drugs is the only way to make money because they constantly being fed the lie that this world is against them and that they are at a disadvantage, and that there’s no way out. They go to jail faster because they don’t have the resources for a lawyer. It’s all about money in america, not race. Money talks, bullshit walks. How can Jay z (the rapper and business mogul) stab a man and nearly kill him and walk away without a minute of jail time? A GOOD LAWYER and money. I don’t peddle that bullshit which is to say that blacks are at a disadvantage. All americans are at a disadvantage as long as republicans are still around to manipulate the public, corporations are writing our health care and other laws, and the government is selling us out to the coporations killing our kids with fake wars. As long as middle class americans are paying almost 50% of their income while the rich 1% is paying significantly less . Ican tell you right now, we are all at a disadvantage. It’s not about race anymore, the only color that matters is green. I have three sons. I have not felt that I have been at a disadvantage. I do not feel they are at a disadvantage as long as they might the right decisions. If you are stupid, then you will end up in an unjust situation.

          • SuperHappyCow

            @E Puff

            I’m from New York, but am in Los Angeles. : )

            This issue is so hard to tackle because I doubt it’s actually intentional. However, this is what happens when you give corporate machines too much control.

            About the disadvantage:

            “To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed.” – 1984 (Appropriately, the year private prisons exploded into this country)

            I think you’re forgetting the effects of a corporate stranglehold on politics. A corporate machine’s purpose is to sustain itself by creating wealth from the CEO, its limbs, and shareholders, its organs. And how does one accrue wealth? Specifically by using logical fallacies to deceive others into paying far more for something than it is worth, while paying the parts that internally drive it as little as it possibly can.

            The idea that one should simply “not sell drugs” is incredibly simplistic. The reason there are men on the streets selling marijuana is because it’s been made illegal. I don’t need to explain the effects of Prohibition, but if you’re not familiar, when you make something that everyone wants illegal, criminals gain lots of power.

            Can you imagine what level of cognitive dissonance one must have to allow something already absolutely know to be as incredibly harmful as Alcohol to be legal, while something we do not know, and have no evidence of being harmful is illegal? I’m sure you are familiar with the studies commissioned by the infamously racist Nixon, that were meant to prove marijuana’s harmful affects, but were tossed out the moment they came back negative.

            What’s so insidious about this particular brand of racism is that it’s statistically shown that the drug laws that should be applied to everyone, who use the drugs equally, and in some cases, more than blacks, end up affecting poor and black neighborhoods to extremes. It’s been statistically shown, and admitted that banks intentionally gave African Americans with perfectly good credit, but mortgage experience sub-prime loans, with the intention of forcing defaults. It’s been statistically shown that given any insight into the fact that you are of African descent, you are far less likely to get the exact same job as someone of another ethnicity, given the same qualifications and worth experience.

            And you can’t really point out these things. Why? Because ass-clown Jay Z can get away with stabbing some poor schmuck.

            And you’re right, to an extent. What really matters in the end is money, as fascism is color blind. Almost. What is absolutely convenient for corporate fascism is to have people of color, or people of a queer orientation, or a foreign tongue, or a abrasive religion to point out and say “Hey, that faggotniggerspicterrorist is stealing our jobs, raping our daughters, perverting our kids, and blowing up our schools, WHILE stoned. Throw his ass in jail, or kill em.”

            Fascism seeks to create rigid social classes by using extreme levels of cognitive dissonance/doublethink to convince a group of people that “others” are corrupting their society. Meanwhile the few liars at the top causing the problem steal all the money and those at the bottom get trampled.

            All things considered, especially the fact that the drug war disproportionately affects the African American community, and causes massive incarceration rates, I gotta ask you, historically speaking, who’s been at the bottom?

          • E Puff

            I need to tell you quite simply, as far as statistics go, it’s not what they show it’s what they hide. I am in control of my fate. Not some white person, or some institution. Every person is in control of his or her fate. I don’t like drugs. Don’t use them. Don’t believe in them. Don’t see the point in them. Drug selling and drug use is killing off Mexicans since it keeps the cartels in power.

            The government knows there would be outright war if they legalized drugs because too many criminals are far too invested many of them at the highest level of government.

            I believe in choice. It is not a common phenomenon that an man who is innocent is going to jail for selling drug. No, they are guilty. And to avoid relinquishing your power to government authorities then how about not selling drugs or commiting crime. The moment you do, the judge, the DA, the government can decide your fate. Do you understand choice and free will? No one can control you or I. So when you are argue to me that some black kid was prosecuted faster than a white one, I tell you that if he knows that justice isn’t always blind, then he should not put his fate in the hands of those people. FREE WILL.

            My son got in trouble once when he was 15. Why? He deliberately beat the crap out of two white boys who did nothing to him. Why? Because some other black kids called him a punk because he was good in school. He felt that if he didn’t fight or hit two unsuspecting people, the other kids would begin to think he’s a wuss and would bully him. So he went and bullied the two kids who were blind sided by a punch. Of course, he was arrested for a hate crime. Black kids fight all the time and are hit all the time without provocation. But when it happened to the two white kids, they tried to throw the book at him. AND HE DESERVED it. He has a good family with high morals. There was no excuse for taking the easy way out. Did he go to jail? He was arrested. And while the DA wanted to hit him with felony battery and a hate crime, I talked to the judge and the attorneys (after several sessions) and my son was not in jail and his record is wiped completely clean. Why? he was known for bein g a good kid, but I went to bat for him and fought for him. I did not allow the court to throw him under the bus — so we do stand a chance if we stand up and fight back and in this situation my son was dead wrong. In the end, I PUNISHED , first, I spanked/beat his ass, and then I removed him from his friends and school and he is supervised at all times, and has been for months without any time with friends or kids his age. He also had to write a letter of apology , he is very sorry but he had to pay.

            So I don’t believe the courts is unjust IF you know how to work your way through the system. Just so happens that criminals are often uneducated and don’t know how to protect themselves, and in any case, should not be committed crimes in the first place.

          • SuperHappyCow

            No one made the claim that a white person is in control of your fate. The color of the person or people causing volatility in the economy, and paying politicians to commit acts that would be criminal outside this country is not relevant. It’s a system called fascism where those who deserve rewards are ignored in favor of the established machine. Privatized gains, socialized losses.

            I do not really like drugs, and I don’t use them either. This includes alcohol. I’m 22 and have had less than 10 drinks so far because I’m just not that into it. As for government not legalizing it because a war would break out, that idea is incredibly short sighted. They won’t legalize it because they’re lobbied by mercenary corporations like DynCorp. Yes, the very same DynCorp that sponsors Bacha Bazi parties where young middle eastern boys are dressed as girls, then raped by groups like the Taliban.

            Does anything illustrate any better, what corporate or religious fascism is than right wing extremist muslims raping young boys? They would stone a man to oblivion for homosexuality, or a girl for being raped without 5 witnesses, but they can rape young boys with dozens of witnesses. Sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t it be crazy if a female politician constantly railed against homsexuality, despite having a barely ambiguously gay husband? Or if a politician made the fantastic claim that a machine comprised of men was a person, and consequently had not only the same, but more rights than you did? Or if a politician tried to impose incredibly strict laws on marriage, then proceeded to violate every marriage he had, going so far as to declare to his third wife that he wanted an open marriage?

            See, I’m not arguing that men and women do not have free will, that despite how they make the claim, dealers were forced to deal. I’m not arguing that “whitey” is ruining the lives of people across the world. The people ruining lives of the poor, and consequently African Americans, by a large margin may well be white, but those things are besides the point.

            What I am telling you is that a society run by a series of machines with the goal of lying to one group, to get them to turn against another group, i.e. “The Big Lie”, and while everyone is fighting, the machines extract the wealth and move on.

            Criminals that sell drugs and pervert kids, logically, deserve to be put in jail, but the people also being put in jail are users, not dealers. You don’t arrest 1,000,000 people a year on drug related charges, just pursuing dealers, unless you are omnipresent and omniscient. The laws are specifically constructed, and with the incentive of simply putting people into prisons, regardless of guilt or evidence, for example, the police in N.Y. have quotas for drug related arrests. Now does that seem logical to you? Making it mandatory to find something that you have the responsibility to destroy directly provides the incentive for corruption.

            It’s important to understand that if the history we were coming from were any different, that if perhaps this happened 40 years later, after blacks completed the rise out of artificial poverty, perhaps Republican candidates like Newt Gingrich would not be able to make the claim that black kids have no work ethic unless they are criminals, and still run for president.

            Acknowledge that after he made that claim initially, then doubled down a week later, saying that blacks should become janitors for their highschools, that got the most applause from the Republican audience, more than we’ve seen ever. This is considering the fact that Newt Gingrich, is literally a lobbyist. The actual tool that’s been used by corporations since the 80s to corrupt the country an send us back to the 40’s and 50’s.

            We’re not experiencing extreme disadvantages because of one white guy that hates blacks, we’re experiencing it because it’s convenient to a system that uses any scapegoat it can to distract everyone in the room while the most culpable people escape from the burning bank with both gold crates.

          • E Puff

            [“We’re not experiencing extreme disadvantages because of one white guy that hates blacks, we’re experiencing it because it’s convenient to a system that uses any scapegoat it can to distract everyone in the room while the most culpable people escape from the burning bank with both gold crates.”]

            I’m going to make a few points here , but I’ll start with this… I think we are making the same point here but going about in a different way and this last paragraph you wrote drives the point home for me. Blacks are not at a disadvantage. Blacks GIVE away their power through poor choices like, selling drugs and giong through the court system and putting their fate in the hands of a system that was designed to see them fail. But that’s besides the point.

            The point here is that RACISM is a Kansas Shuffle “look the other way” tactic. Republicans like Newt plays on fears and prejudice, ie pointing to the black guy, blame him for all the problems in the country while his cronies are in the background stealing out of everyone’s pockets. When the people turn up with empty pockets Newt will again point to the black guy and blame him. But whose fault is that? Is that we’re so easily duped or that we want to be duped?

            These corporate lobbyists and corporate politicians know how to appeal to the masses, by playing on their fear, ignorance, and intolerance and it’s become quite popular that everyone is bullying poor people in this country and blaming THEM for all of the crimes corporations and politians created.

            AS LONG AS THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT, then politicans like Newt and all of the other [right wing] politicians can manipulate the public. And hell F-ing yes, America has become FASCIST as hell over the past ten years. In fact, I was making this comment more than five years ago to my friends. Newt has been making racist comments like that since the 1990s, when he came up with his new “deal” with America plan. It’s all very freudian isn’t it? At the root of all of what is wrong with america, it consciously, or perhaps very subconsciously comes down to race. Newt was playing the crowd, tying his economic ideas with what he felt his constitutents most despised, which is people of other races, blacks representing that hatred and resentment at its core.

            Many people don’t realize that our constitution even declares CORPORATIONS as having “personhood” (equal protection and individual rights) under the 14th Amendment right next to blacks , so the corporate entity even has constitutional rights. So how’s that?

            Every single problem in America , outside of prejudice being a primary issue, can be traced to a corporation and all of the financial institutions. Everything from the war to health care, and inflation (we can blame oil for that as well).

            As for the drug issue. I used to think the same way when I was your age. You can count that back to about 15 years ago. I did all the activism, , joined all the black student protest groups. Then you grew up. Marijuana and all the other drugs are the reason why so many mexicans are being killed by cartels. Mexicans don’t have a drug problem, AMERICANS do and when americans buy drugs when are funneling money to cartels who run their operations like terrorists. We could argue that decriminalization would end that – but the opposite would happen. The cartels and underhanded people will never give away that power.

            Like the Baby Boomers before you, the mushroom, marijuana free love warriors anti-establishment protestors who believed all the things you believe today, including decriminalization of drugs — are today the same people making the laws that criminalizes weed.. THey are the same people behind those desks pushing legislation forward and the same baby boomers working at the banks that crashed the economy. Who will you be in thirty years? How will your positions change?

          • SuperHappyCow

            The drug war isn’t fought because cartels are fundamentalists about dealing drugs, or because there’s naturally so much money to be made in it. The drug wars are fought because drugs are illegal, and people want them anyway. What happens when you make things that people want illegal? Criminals rise to power. Consider what would happen if, on a whim, idiocy-prone right wingers made caffeine illegal. You don’t think there would be exorbitant amounts of violence or at the very least, rage, from people experiencing withdrawal induced fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, constipation, nausea, etc. etc?

            Here’s a real stretch, what do you suppose would happen if we made alcohol illegal, and banned manufacturing, distribution, and consumption? We already tried that, you say? Well, how’d that work out? An explosion in violence and criminal activity, you say? Funny how that already happened in this country, yet we attempted it again, with the main difference being that the establishment profits this time.

            You’re implying that blacks suffer from the drug war simply because we incarcerate dealers. If we were simply putting away dealers, that would be wonderful, however that is not the case. We prosecute and incarcerate many for simply being caught carrying it with amounts too small for distribution. Sure. That makes sense. Corporations lobby government to put me in jail for smoking a tiny amount of drug that has never been proven to cause any harm, in contrast to very legal drugs that can kill, and do frequently. Totally weird how that law that’s supposed to apply to everyone equally, hits African Americans the hardest, even though, statistically, they smoke it less than the majority ethnicity.

            Now imagine how much sense it would make if you could be thrown in jail and have a misdemeanor on your record if a cop passes by your apartment and spots you throwing back a shot glass?

            Right wing religious policies of simply banning things regardless of evidence as to whether or not they are harmful have been shown to drastically exacerbate problems, because it’s an issue of ascribing a proposed morality to a situation that is neither inherently moral, amoral, or immoral, but completely unrelated to morality. Take that, and exacerbate the idiocy by claiming that the people who use it least use it at a relatively low rate, use it most. On top of that, they’re simply lazy and can do nothing but criminal activities.

            Again, sounds like fascism to me.

            On the other hand, the left wing solution of allowing something to be legal and finding a logical and informative way to educate the population about the effects have been shown to decrease usage. Examples would be cigarette smoking, as well as contraception or sex education. Deaths from lung cancer, incidences of STDs, and unwanted births are down in blue states as opposed to red states. Why? Because we have a habit of not treating adults like children, telling them that “so and so activity is a no-no”, while banning them from being educated about anything.

            The cartels are underhanded people who’s fuel sources are white powder, green leaves, and idiotic legislation. If drugs were legal today and vendors existed across the states, you think there would be some kind of insurrection? The cartels would go to war with our military? Good luck, Mr. Cartel, convincing the factions that organize under you that it’s worth getting killed by an empire that fights wars for sport, and commits atrocities for money.

            In 15 or 30 years my positions will still be the same, because they come from a place of finding viable solutions, proven and hypothetical, to problems that exist. I don’t have a horse in this race as I don’t smoke, so I don’t have a conflict of interest in this argument.

            My positions will stay the same because the opposition is asinine, based in untruth, and illogical.

            Anyway, I had this conversation way long ago. It’s pretty exhausting:


    • dim mak

      This is ChinaSmack, internet tabloid for sensationalist happenings in China, not really a place to “learn about Chinese people”. Why would you base your on this site?

    • TAKE5

      E.Puff. You need to see China for your self. If you can take off for 3-4 weeks you would experonce evrything you siad and more. I think it would be a positive experince depending on your point of view, how you see things.

      • E Puff

        @take5 – I planned to. But after hearing so many negative things, hell why wouldnt I believe someone who lives there? What else do I have to go on?

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