Incredibly Realistic Miniature Models by Chinese Art Students

Incredibly realistic miniature models made by Chinese students graduating from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts.

A miniature Chinese tobacco and alcohol store.

A collection of photographs featuring impressively detailed and realistic miniature scale models of Chinese buildings, homes, restaurants, stores, and even dirty restrooms made by graduating students from China’s Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts recently appeared online…

A miniature artist's studio made by a Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts student.

A dark and gritty alley with walls covered in graffiti.

Tiny magazines on display at a miniature Chinese newsstand.

A miniature Lanzhou noodle restaurant.

The interior of a small-scale dirty Lanzhou noodle shop.

A dark filty toilet restroom.

A dark and filthy toilet restroom.

A disgustingly filthy scale model of a Chinese restroom.

A miniature vegetable stall.

An incredibly realistic small scale Chinese vegetable stall.

A graduating student from China's Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts proudly shows off her scale-model vegetable stand.

All of the images, including some of their talented creators, click to enlarge:

Comments from Mop (1 & 2):


I’m in such awe~~~~


I totally thought they were real, only to find out they were all made out of mud.


Actually, you’ll find a lot of miniature models in European and American television series and movies.
In terms of using physical models and computer generated models together in movies, we’re still very far behind.
Especially now where there are even more garbage domestically produced movies that purely exist to deceive/swindle the ordinary common people [of their money].
Every time I’m envying how niubi European and American movies are, I then look at our own.
I don’t think we lack human talent, what we lack is professional ethics and professionalism.


So NB! I can’t even tell what is real or fake.


… Which ones are photographs [of the buildings the models are molded on] and which ones are the creations [the actual models made by the students]?


Really good, especially that toilet/restroom. I looked at it for a long time and still can’t tell it is a miniature model.


The Academy of Fine Arts graduation exhibition I saw was like a horror film.


Saw this post just after eating, and seeing the toilet/restroom made me my balls ache, asshole tighten, and want to throw up… Really realistic, evaluation complete.


Truly impressive.

The details on the models are made so well that it’s really difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

They were even able to recreate the filth and dust under the lighting.So impressive. How come they don’t use these when filming domestic movies?


Why wasn’t the toilet made cleaner?


Too many images, my mobile phone can’t handle it.


China can finally film its own Ultraman


I actually thought it was tilt-shift photography.


Reminds me of Mary and Max!


How perversely impressive.


Making these is TMD too time and consuming and exhausting. When I was in school, I had to make one too. You have to be very careful and have patience… and what more, some materials are rather expensive. Learning art is expensive!


Incredible, reminds me of The Miniature Killer in CSI Las Vegas.

A miniature butcher's shop model made by a Chinese art student at Xi'an Academy of Fine Art.

What do you think? Could they have fooled you? Which models do you like best?

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