India 15-Month-Old Baby Girl Gang Raped, Chinese Reactions

india demonstration and protest

New Delhi bus gang rape case triggers popular grievance, setting off waves of demonstrations and protests. (file photo)

From Netease:

15-month-old Female Baby Brutally Gang-Raped by 2 People in Servant Living Quarters

The People’s Daily Online November 18th report — Combining reports from The Times of India and Taiwan’s ETTV News, a 15-month-old baby girl was sexual assaulted in India’s New Delhi on the 15th, and more than one perpetrator is suspected. The female baby’s mother works as a domestic servant at a senior air force officer’s home and had left her daughter alone in the officer’s servants quarters, returning to find her daughter bleeding from her private parts.

The servant accommodation could be entered from the front as well as the rear doors and on Friday afternoon at 4:15pm local time when the mother left, she had locked only the front door. Police information sources indicate that preliminary investigation shows that the child was sexual assaulted by at least by 2 people, while senior police officials say specific details must wait until hospital examinations are completed.

Sources also claim one of the suspects is a youth, and the police have officially arrested a 30-year-old man named Jagdish, who had entered the servants accomodation 15 minutes after the child’s mother had left and remained inside for around 40 minutes.

After the mother returned, she found the girl bleeding from her private parts, and took her to Safdarjung Hospital, where preliminary investigations confirmed that she had been raped, and where she was then transferred to the pediatric ward. Doctors said her wounds will take around two weeks to heal.

(Original title: Vicious Sexual Assault Case Again Exposed in India, 15-Month-Old Baby Girl Brutally Gang-Raped When Left Alone in Servants Quarters)

report on the Times of India website

Screenshot of the Times of India website.

Comments from Netease:

电脑播放苍井空床头放清风 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

15 months old. Fuck. A-San [ethnic slur for Indians] desperate [horny] to this level, I strongly request that uncensored high-definition AV [adult videos, porn] be released on A-San’s internet forums. Having A-San jack off can satiate their desperation [horniness]!

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India, such an extraordinary/strange country, where whatever makes the news is related to rape. Fucking haven’t evolved yet, right? I recommend chemical castration!

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The people of the Earth are no longer able to stop stop A-San!

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Is this not a country of animals…?

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The more a place is repressed, the crazier the cases involving sex! Japan has so many perverse pornography yet you don’t see rapes all day long! By contrast, A-San and a certain country, hehehehe…

南山愚公 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

Well said, the more repressed, the more dangerous!


If there were no woman in India, would things like sewer pipes or wine bottles be raped too?

想啥说啥爱咋咋地 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]: (responding to above)

Indian people have the habit of raping animals, with some animals being gang banged after just being born, so animals in India live in fear every day~


Doesn’t this happen everyday in our country? You know the bunch of cunts that is the media wouldn’t report it… In my opinion, A-San can’t match our country’s rate of occurrence [of rape crimes].

网易安徽省芜湖市手机网友 ip:114.98.*.*: (responding to above)

All the females in your family have been raped, it’s just that the media didn’t report it.

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  • TJDubs

    It seems to be a running theme here, that India’s primary purpose in the media is to demonstrate how fucked up China isn’t.

    What country serves that purpose among Indian online media?

    • Guest23

      It’s either making everyone look bad to make yourself look good or show someone who’s worst to make yourself look not so bad.

    • linette lee

      Don’t worry. The Chinese internet daily show how fxcked up China is. If Chinese internet is talking about you that means you are important to them.

      • Kai

        LoL, wow, unexpected poignancy.

    • the ace of books

      I wonder, though, about your first paragraph there. India hardly gets into the media over here, despite its sharing a huge section of border, and, while people talk about learning English, French, and Spanish, and going to Europe, South America, and even Africa, the idea of learning Hindi and going to India or its region doesn’t even seem to be on the radar. Turkic languages and central asia seem to be be complete terra incognitae over here, like they don’t even matter because they don’t exist in relation to China.

      Very strange. Can anyone shed some light on this?

      • yang

        we are unfamiliar with their culture and these countries are not culturally influential. Yes, Bollywood is huge but there’s not one single Bollywood movie we can see in Chinese cinemas, let alone it’s music and literature.

      • hailexiao

        Most of that border consists of the highest mountains in the world, and until the 20th century most of that territory was de facto controlled by various Tibeto-Burman kingdoms and warlords, so travel between China and India was always difficult. Thus the only significant exchange was Buddhism, and that was a one-way transfer.

        IIRC, Punjab and the Qing Empire did fight a short proxy war in the 1840s via Tibet, but whereas Punjab took a serious hit from that war, it was largely a sideshow for China.

        As for Central Asia, its cultures used to be very prominent in China when the Silk Road was active, but a couple of things happened:

        1) The Mongols burned down most central Asian hydraulic infrastructure, reducing the capacity to support human life.

        2) Europeans disintermediated central Asian traders. Their ships could carry cargo more efficiently than camels, and they had access to an enormous supply of American silver and gold, so most of China’s foreign trade went by sea.

        3) The Russians took over central Asia and started Russifying local culture, so there was less interaction with China. Nevertheless for many Muslims life was better in Russia than in the Qing Empire, so most migration was out of China rather than in.

    • mr.wiener


      • Stefan Xu

        How about in Pakistan then?

        • mr.wiener


          • Stefan Xu

            and in Afghanistan?

          • mr.wiener

            Afghans don’t complain, they are too hard core.

          • moop

            Their neighbors goat

          • Miniluv101

            Afghan minorities.

    • Dr.BhimPatel

      but till this kind of things keeps happening, there would be media and news,best way to stop it is to stop it from happening, in first place.Instead of blaming the messengers (media,news,china..etc) we should blame the person who did this kind of crime.

  • Brijesh Kumar

    Rape has no nationality,but for your propaganda seems to be boosting about something which is you believe in not there in china.

    • the ace of books

      Rpae has no nationality, agreed. But cS is hardly a propaganda site – in fact, the very idea is laughable – and I hope no one would be foolish enough to believe that there’s no rape in China. China just doesn’t usually give its rapes media attention – a problem it and of itself, because it leads people to think the problem is far less of one than it is.

      • poor Rpae, where does he live then? ha…ha….ha…

        • the ace of books

          Rpae lives in a cuontry! With poeple! He doesn’t liek it very mcuh.

      • Kai

        I would disagree with the idea that China doesn’t usually give media attention to incidents of rape. I think it does, especially if there is something sensational about it. We just know that there are many more rapes that don’t get media attention, though that’s techinically true everywhere.

    • lonetrey / Dan


      Please, don’t sound so… Yeah. You already know what I mean. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have chosen to use that word.

    • Dr.BhimPatel

      Bro,they are not planting false news, that’s whats happening in India.I am also an Indian but i must admit that we are among the worst in the world when comes to rapes and hygiene. Loving motherland is good,but if we do not see our own problem as problem and just finger at others then it will never be better.

  • Guest23

    Read this 3 days ago, hope for the best for the baby, 15-months old and it’s gonna be a problem growing up with the stigma against rape victims and the damn mutilations, sick bastards, the sentence better be good, so as to give a message that this will not be tolerated.

    Bit shocking but India still has a centuries-long problems with their discrimination on a lot of things; caste, race, wealth class, and gender, there’s some progress with Human and Female rights groups fighting for some action, but there’s still a lack of respect for the basic reports of sexual assault or rape, or even acknowledgement.

    • the ace of books

      TBH, though, it’s good that it gets reported: that gets people to understand that there’s consequences for shit like this, and that it is not okay. Progress is made through things like this not being covered up but being revealed, shown, criticised, and condemned. Only when people know this kind of behavior will result in public condemnation will they think twice about doing it – because with shitheads like this you can’t rely on a moral compass of their own.

      • Guest23

        Pretty much hoping to get more of the victims’ stories on the spotlight, lots of stories where a girl tells them she has been raped, and they say just say to get compensation payment for an abortion.

        Agreed, when your morality tells you to shut up and let the bastards go and abuse more victims, so you can keep your honor intact, that’s pretty screwed up.

  • oh come on India
    first a Swiss woman gets gangbanged and now a baby gets Swiss cheesed too?

    • mr.wiener

      Written with you customary tact and timing.
      Let try to at least pretend this is someone’s child we are talking about here.

    • TJDubs

      Was a comma intentionally omitted in the first line?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The same people who smells like shit and shakes their heads when talking as if they have epilepsy, it is not all that surprising.

    • the ace of books

      This didn’t happen because the rapist was Indian, this happened because the rapist was a fucked-up shithead who thought it was okay to do this to a baby.

    • Kai

      Don’t troll.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Knives will be a good treatment for those 2 men. Many, many knives.

    • linette lee

      For me there is only one sentence for child rapists and murderers.
      Death by injection. The world needs to get rid of those human trash.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I don’t believe your logic is flawed. But some would say (me), in order to make men feel remorse, regret, and then repent, I think they’re required to be alive.

        Afterall, how does a dead man suffer?

        • David

          I guess I am not interested in him suffering. I want him gone now and permanently. They have relinquished their right to live in a free society. Wile there are many problems with the death penalty, and we can argue its application, some cases are easy to decide. you catch him, you take him out back and you decorate the wall with his brains. Put what is left in a box and feed it to the sharks or wolves or ants for all I care.

          • Germandude

            “Thou shalt not kill.”

            Exodus 20:13

          • David

            True. What can I say, sometimes I am not a good man.

          • Germandude

            The bible doesn’t say anything about pushing others into comitting suicide.

          • Germandude

            Let me correct that.
            The bible doesn’t say anything about showing others the option of comitting suicide.

          • Rick in China

            Does the bible say thou shall not rape babies?

          • Germandude

            Yes it does. Everybody knows that’s a privilege for priests.

          • mr.wiener

            I lost interest after: You shall not covert thy neighbour’s ass.”

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Actually, I hear there is ambiguity in the interpretation of that Commandment.

            I think people were debating whether it was “Thou shalt not KILL” or “Thou shalt not MURDER”.


          • Germandude

            Thou shall not be nit-picking on god’s true meanings.

          • lonetrey / Dan


          • whuddyasack

            McNair’s thoughts regarding prisons and inmates:

            “Thank God for prisons. There are some very sick people in here.
            Animals you would never want living near your family or the public in

            This guy was quite a frighteningly dangerous man himself, and even he wouldn’t want some of those sickos near anyone in public.

            To be honest, my opinion is more or less similar to yours in most cases. If the rapist/criminal shows no remorse and continues to be a threat to society, I think it’s better to just apply the death penalty.

        • Guest23

          There’s more debate on whether you can truly rehabilitate dangerous and sick individuals, from a lot of what I’ve read, all of the world’s prison complex systems or even asylums are not working half the time to rehabilitate them, it’s simply another question if we let the Death penalty speak for itself when we got one of these people and they are found irredeemable.

        • hailexiao

          I don’t think there is value in anyone’s suffering. By itself, suffering brings nothing good. If you can make /people/ (remember, women commit crimes too) who commit crimes feel remorse and avoid committing further crimes, that’s great, but unfortunately that’s not possible for all criminals.

    • Stefan Xu
    • whuddyasack

      Publicly impaling their asses on broomsticks should do the trick.

    • cloud9

      Most probably they will either get a death sentence or a life sentence.According to the news a juvenile is also involved.

    • hailexiao

      A couple decades in prison and a lifelong regimen of Depo Provera would be better.

  • the ace of books

    I’m sorry, but this is just so severely fucked-up I can’t even. What kind of a human being could justify this kind of action to themself long enough to perform it? Jesus Christ, humanity. Why you gotta.

    • cb4242

      These people are animals, almost want to vomit, these people have NO soul, how can anyone do this?! But there seems to be a pattern growing now. It has got to stop, they need to punish these people now and in the future severely.
      Lord, give me strength….
      Gonna stop here before I bust an artery!

    • ytdevils

      Exactly. A horrible thing like this happens and all Chinasmackers can do is bash China. I guess baby rape is A-OK by Chinasmack standards.

      • mr.wiener

        And you are using her rape to score points, you’re a classy individual ain’tcha?

  • Eurotrash


  • Rick in China


    I don’t get these type of people. That’s like….scalping kids level of sickness. Hope they both get jail for life, not meek shit either, very heavily rapey shanky jail.

  • Free Man

    Same shit, different day.

  • The Enlightened One

    I am going to be honest, I was pretty neutral when it came to India. I thought it was a cool country with some ancient historical past and new thriving industries like BollyWood movies etc.

    But for the past year stories about India mainly been:

    – Indian girl gang raped on bus and has pipe stuck up her genitals and dies
    – Girl in Hong Kong is raped by an Indian guy who passes by her hotel room and sees her in a towel
    – Swedish couple are beaten and the women is gang raped in India
    – 15 month old baby is gang raped in India

    Yes, I know rape isn’t limited to India but this is all the “developmental”news I hear from India these days. I think they (their government & society) better make some changes and fast, or this “Indian rapist” stigma is going to leave a dark stain. It’s already starting to stain my perception of Indian men.

    • My_honourable_lord

      You mention bollywood. You may want to take a look at their ‘oldies’. Rape scene in almost EVERY movie. Not surprised it has manifested into reality. Rape is not considered to be as taboo in some asian countries as it is in the west. there is this perception that the girl asked for it, should be grateful and, keep her mouth shut.

      Its only due to the internet that we are hearing about it.

      China’s rapes are rarely reported.

  • Stefan Xu

    This is why China and India shouldn’t be grouped together. The level of development is just too different. Westerners think China and India are on the same level and cheer for India. China is miles ahead of India.

    • whuddyasack

      Stefan, do you agree with me that warring with India and losing is looking really horrible right now?

      • Stefan Xu

        What do you mean I don’t understand your question.

        • whuddyasack

          I mean that losing to India would mean mass, inhumane rape and murder of their enemies. Think WW2, only much bigger and more brutal, and unlike with the Japanese, it is impossible to hide from (Indians).

          • Fobulous

            I doubt China will lose to India if they go to war.. After all, China does have experience sacking Dehli India has no experience even entering any significant Chinese cities. Albeit this is years ago..

          • whuddyasack

            It was a hypothetical scenario though. A sort of “what if”… I myself doubt the likelihood of any drawn out conflict between the two nations and I also doubt that China would lose one-to-one.

            I just thought that a victorious India would not be very merciful or “civil” at all, especially when it came down to civilian war rapes.

          • ElectricTurtle

            The idea that China would lose a war to India is laughable. China has a much stronger military and I daresay much more national unity of purpose/identity. Regardless, the terrain is such that neither side is likely to be able to press an advantage should war ever break out over Arunchal Pradesh or something.

          • whuddyasack

            True. But what if India allies itself with powerful regional and international allies against China? That last war with India was pretty much just India and China.

            Actually, my point was sort of redundant since the scenario itself was pure fantasy and it’s delivery somewhat clumsy. What I was trying to say in effect was that if India ever got the upper hand, I don’t think it would look pretty for China, given what appears to be their “rape culture”. I suspect they’d commit some shocking atrocities and there treatment of captured territories would be far worse than what the Chinese gave the Indians in ’62.

          • Kai

            Clumsy is one way of putting it. Would you like it if someone postulated war with China and said losing would mean the Chinese would be throwing babies into the rivers, raping and dismembering young girls, gouging out the eyes of young boys, slamming infants into the ground, stomping on people’s heads, etc. etc. etc.?

            I don’t think playing off this “rape culture” thing is defensible. There’s a bit too much inherent demonization of the other here.

          • whuddyasack

            But the thing is I don’t believe China currently practices the outdated custom of bride burning, honor killing or systematic abuse based on caste. Which happens to be the case in India.

            I think Indian “rape culture” is in fact relevant to what their army would bring during war time. Much is said about “Chinese atrocities” in Tibet, often without modern evidence. But what about Russia and “India”. Consider these:




            And then I recalled the Sino-Indian War in 1962. I honestly doubt India would act in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Conventions BTW.


          • moop

            i’m sorry but i think you’re just finding ways to keep kicking the 阿三’s while they’re down. while you spew bile about india’s “rape culture”, you conveniently seem to leave out that 50% of Chinese men have sexually assaulted a female and that 20% have raped. you then go on to state that you “honestly doubt India would act in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Conventions BTW.” I would argue that many would feel the same about China if the two nations went to blows, as one would expect a nation that doesn’t respect international norms on human rights would somehow suddenly follow international norms in warfare


          • whuddyasack

            No, it’s not kicking 阿三 when they’re down, Moop, however you’d like to put it. And it’s certainly not “bile” that I’m insinuating but facts. I’ve already provided the links where the Indian Army were documented committing rapes and murder in Kashmir and the North East. Could you do the same for the PLA?

            Because all I’ve seen is speculation by “experts” (cough*you*cough). I could in fact provide solid evidence where “Western” countries have violated the GC and committed brutal war atrocities and how there were extensive “cover ups”, so let’s not get carried away with words like “accurate reporting” or “under reporting”. Rape is always under-reported.

            As for your 50% assault and 20% rape statistics HAHAHA. How do we know that the research wasn’t Western based, inaccurate or unbiased anti-Asian propaganda (given the timing of the publication)? I mean, you took issue with the fact that Sweden had the highest reported rape rate in the world yet an ambiguous report with unknown questions and selection samples should be taken as fact, eh? Perhaps the Asians are just more “honest” or that Europeans have yet to be “surveyed”. Who knows, maybe by those standards 90% of Europeans have committed assault and 70% rape.

            You conveniently ignore the fact that 25% of American women have been raped. You also ignore the fact that in the West, Chinese men are far less likely to rape than both White and Black men, pedophilia in particular territory of the White male. For what it’s worth, here are “actual” rape statistics (and not surveys) of various nations:


            US : 27.3
            Sweden: 63.4
            China: 2.85 (Could source this. You like that? Hahaha)

            Now the next time you come charging my way, I prefer more solid evidence rather than quoting some ridiculous “survey”. Also, you might want to cut it out with the accusations. Just saying.

          • moop

            Lame. That study was done at a Chinese university you dullard but that’s not the point. Your ridiculous hypothetical could just as easily be said about China. Not sure what the US has to do with this other than your own personal prejudice. I’m glad you’re under the impression you’re intelligent but when you make your ugly and biased remarks you just look like a moron masturbating on an internet forum

          • whuddyasack

            No it can’t. Simply for the fact that India has, relatively recently, committed documented atrocities and rape in Kashmir and the North East.

            By contrast, you cannot produce the same evidence with China.

            Bringing up the US was more a case of “pot calling the kettle black”, in this case you’re the pot. The pot that boiled over the indisputable fact that Sweden has the highest rate of reported rapes.

          • TheSOP

            You should apply to be a PRC wumao, it might be the one area of life where you can really excel; spreading hate with misinformation and half truths. It could be like a full time therapy for your inferiority complex.

          • My_honourable_lord


          • TheSOP

            I believe Kai also referred to this kids self delusional proclamations of his own intelligence as “masturbatory self delusion” or something along those lines.

          • My_honourable_lord

            India’s growing economy, strategic location, friendly foreign policy and large and vibrant diaspora has won it more allies than enemies.[58] India has friendly relations with several countries in the developing world. Though India is not a part of any major military alliance, it has close strategic and military relationship with most of the fellow major powers.

            Countries considered India’s closest include the Russian Federation,[59] Israel,[60] Afghanistan,[61] France,[62] Bhutan[63] and Bangladesh.[64] Russia is the largest supplier of military equipment to India, followed by Israel and France.[65] According to some analysts, Israel is set to overtake Russia as India’s largest military and strategic partner.[66] The two countries also collaborate extensively in the sphere of counter-terrorism and space technology.[67] India also enjoys strong military relations with several other countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States,[68] Japan,[69] Singapore, Brazil, South Africa and Italy.[70] In addition, India operates an airbase in Tajikistan[71] and signed a landmark defence accord with Qatar in 2008.[72]

            India has also forged relationships with developing countries, especially South Africa, Brazil,[73] and Mexico.[74] These countries often represent the interests of the developing countries through economic forums such as the G8+5, IBSA and WTO. India was seen as one of the standard bearers of the developing world and claimed to speak for a collection of more than 30 other developing nations at the Doha Development Round.[75][76] India’s “Look East” Policy has helped it develop greater economic and strategic partnership withSoutheast Asian countries, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. India also enjoys friendly relations with the Persian Gulf countries and most members of the African Union.

            Wiki Source.

            China would not be too happy going to war with india.

          • TheSOP

            Judging from the fact that after China colonized the lands of the Tibetan nation, Tibetans fled to India I think it kind of makes the opposite point; Asians dont want to live under Chinese imperialistic tyranny and will even flee to India to escape it! The says a lot right there.

          • whuddyasack

            Yawn… that’s still just speculation and assumption though. It still doesn’t come close to the relatively recent, photograph or documented evidence that I have posted about India. I’m sure those PLA soldiers were massacring the starving Indians in the video I provided…

          • TheSOP

            Fact: Tibetans flee Chinese oppression going to India

            You: Half baked racism

    • Guang Xiang

      I don’t think Westerners are making a point to cheer for India; media like to rag on India about rape. Don’t find ghosts in every corner. You’re like one of those Chinese netizens that can come up with anything associated with the Japanese infidels or the Western imperialists.

      but i’ll upvote cause the rest is true

    • TheSOP

      Nobody with a brain thinks China and India are the same.

  • Stefan Xu

    It’s because Chinese are very insecure people.

    • TheSOP

      One of your few reasonably accurate comments. But it is *some* not all, unfortunately we often hear from the insecure few, like the one below who uses an article related to China and India to somehow bring up “the West” and predictably display his inferiority complex for all to see.

  • whuddyasack

    That crime was beyond sickening. That rapist would have been dead in China.

    But if we really wanted to put rape in check, we’d need to go far beyond hissing at Asia, or any other cultures/countries to blame. It starts back home, and the one thing I’ve noticed is that in spite of all the buzzle and supposed existence of “women’s rights” in Western countries, this is not often the case especially if you are a non-Black minority. What’s even worse is the level of defensiveness some of these “men” and “women” take to defend the actions of the rapist or blame the victim.

    There is still a kind of sexist culture and hierarchy of rape victims which is deplorable.

    Now if we were to insist on lowest women’s rights and least safe for women, nations that deserve the biggest scrutiny are India together with Slavic (read Russia/Ukraine) and Latin American (El Salvador, Colombia) nations.

    Sweden has the highest rate of reported rapes in the world.

    So before focusing on an Asian country (in particular East Asian), it’s wise to note that:

    “50% of the top 25 countries for femicide are in Latin America, Also included in the top 25 are 7 EUROPEAN countries, 3 Asian countries and 1 African country.”

    • moop

      it’s a little ridiculous that you are leaving Africa out of your statement, with places like south africa having the highest rape rates in the world. your statement in general still seems to take subtle jabs at the western world as usual

      • whuddyasack

        “3 Asian countries and 1 African country” made the top 25 list as the most dangerous places for women. The African country in the top 25 is South Africa.

        I’d argue that India, the Middle East and much of Africa are equally repressive countries for women. No jabs at all, just facts.

        • TheSOP

          So Sweden is the most dangerous place to be a female? And you say that with a straight face and claim to represent facts?

          • whuddyasack

            Can’t you read? I pointed out that Sweden had the highest reported rape rate. I didn’t say that it was the most dangerous place for females. The most dangerous places for females are Slavic and Latin American nations, as well as India.

            I don’t think you’ve ever quoted me correctly, not once.

          • TheSOP

            Your insuniation was that the West and the favorite target of your racist attacks, Whites, had more rapes than elsewhere, in a vain attempt to bolster your bigoted world view. Of course you are unwilling to deconstruct the reality that Western states have more reliable and transparent reporting mechanism compared to other countries and hence may appear to have larger crime rates based on statistics alone, others have to do such simple work for you.

          • whuddyasack

            I stated that “Sweden” had the highest reported rape rate in the world. However, that does not make it the most dangerous country in the world for women. That crown belongs to El Salvador, with other Latin American and Slavic countries following close behind. So SOP, are you a Latino or a Slav? Is that why you are so bitter over these facts? Good grief. Just over it, dude.

            Laughing really hard at the transparency and reliability myth. Come on, White Americans are some of the quickest to defend rape against non-Whites or non-Blacks, especially when committed by scum in their society. Are you one of them, POS? I’ve known women who’ve experienced rape and sexual assault in the West but were largely ignored by the police.

            It’s no myth that many Westerners feel it is much safer to walk the streets of an Asian country, including China, at night and not get violated. Outside of a very small, vocal, bitter online community; this is the general consensus. I’d say the average laowai/gaijin/farang/whatever is far more violent and dangerous than the natives of the land. Both to the natives and to each other.

          • TheSOP

            Is this racist blather more of your supposed facts?

            “White Americans are some of the quickest to defend rape against non-Whites or non-Blacks, especially when committed by scum in their society.”

      • TheSOP

        His whole exercise is ridiculous and merely betrays his own reactionary inferiority complex motivated obsession with “Whites” and “the West”. This is after all the poster who within one 24 hour time frame wrote 26 pages of 10p font comments which referenced whites 42 times all in racist and derogatory ways. His referencing of Sweden as the most dangerous place for women shows his utter lack of intellectual reasoning and his propensity to look for misinformation and contrived half truths to sustain his bigoted worldview despite the fact that his “facts” don’t stand up to even a cursory scrutiny.

    • ElectricTurtle

      Meanwhile the per capita rates at which men are being killed are five times higher, but who cares about them right? Men’s lives aren’t worth anything. The problem is that in areas where more men are victims than women, it breaks the feminists’ precious agenda narrative. Feminism is bigotry. I want to help ALL people, and until feminist dogma is overthrown and replaced with true gender egalitarianism, many victims will be ignored because they are the wrong gender. What hypocrisy.

      • whuddyasack

        Of course, it is true that men are killed at a higher rate than women. I’m not an actual advocate of feminism nor do I think men’s lives are less important. I’m more of an equal opportunists.

        But here’s the problem. Women are naturally weaker than men, they hold less power than men and are more vulnerable. In situations where a rape or violence has occurred, I think it is men’s job to work with women to overcome their shame and pain. It’s kind of like child victims of violent crime and abuse, the child relies on people holding greater authority to speak on their behalf.

        • Ami

          I wouldn’t say full grown women are as helpless as children but I do under what you’re saying.

          I do feel for male victims as I feel for all victims. But why are men considered the “expendable gender”? (They’re not) Because men are expected to be rough and tough, a man getting hurt isn’t seen as a bad as the “gentle” gender of women getting abused. Its silly all around.
          A lot of men who’ve been raped are embarrassed to come forward because “men don’t get raped”, which is a huge disgusting lie but sadly what a lot of people thing.

          Men do have their inherent problems but sad is that most people (INCLUDING OTHER MEN) pass up on them or ignore them. I rarely see people mention male violence statistics in less they’re pointlessly arguing against women.

          • whuddyasack

            I was stretching it, but you get the picture. In this case, we’re not actually talking about who is more of a victim than the other way around but about violence and rape against women. The vulnerability that many women actually face isn’t the same as what most men face. Most men DON’T have to worry about getting raped and attacked for what they wear, we DON’T have to worry about getting stalked and groped, we DON’T have to worry about aggressive sexual advances, we DON’T have to worry about being catcalled, stalked or physically overpowered by hordes of people of the opposite gender.

            Domestic abuse, rape and violence can happen to women anywhere, anytime. It can also happen to men, but the scale is completely different. Most men-men violence does not occur because of “sexual” reasons BTW, but due to fights and disagreements under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Men-men rapes usually occur in prisons, gay relationships, military establishments (violence against women in contact with militia is even greater), boy schools or places where there are virtually no females.

            For what it’s worth:
            “The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that more than 90% of all domestic violence victims are female and that most abusers are male. Other studies show that one in seven adult women and one in thirty-three adult men will be raped in their lifetime; in most cases, the offenders are also male.”

            The important thing to note is that women still do not have as large a voice and influence on political and social changes officially as men do.

            “I rarely see people mention male violence statistics in less they’re pointlessly arguing against women.”

            And that’s why it’s a rather lame cop out to shift these discussions to “it happens to men too” or “men’s lives don’t matter”. This argument is most frequently brought up by MRAs and is second only to “slut shaming” when it comes to ineptitude of handling this problem. I don’t think anyone was talking about “expendable genders”, or that one gender was more deserving of sympathy.


            I think it’s the job of everyone to prevent “rape culture” and everyone should be equally covered.

      • Ami

        Oh god. People who hate and fear all feminism because of its name or the few of its extremist members are so silly.

        Imagine someone hating animal rights activists because “humans still have problems” or because there are a few animal rights terrorists like the ALF.

        Its true that there are many male victims of violence. And sadly, a lot of people you probably only care about male victims ONLY when its to be antagonistic to feminists. Using other’s suffering just to play Devil’s advocate is sick.

        Just like the civil rights movement didn’t destroy all whites or the gay rights movement won’t destroy all straights: feminists are not trying to destroy all men. Animal rights activists aren’t trying to destroy all meat-eaters and environmentalists aren’t trying to destroy all technology. Stop being paranoid.

        • ElectricTurtle

          Yeah, I only care to be antagonistic. I certainly didn’t have any personal feelings about when a male friend of mine that I’d known for more than a decade hung himself. A small part of a very immense statistic, since adult men kill themselves much more often than adult women. But I’m just being paranoid. We can afford to just pile up the bodies.

          Who cares that men are more likely to be criminally convicted than women and sentenced to longer jail times when they are convicted. Who cares that the number of women in higher education is now roughly 60% and still climbing, but nobody dares make programs to help men the same way programs were made to help women, that would be sexist! Boooo! And don’t dare suggest that the programs which have made women the educated majority should now be discontinued since they’ve accomplished their goal, that’s sexist too!

          Women achieved equal rights generations ago, but feminism doesn’t stop. There’s always something else to fight for, and since equality (insofar as it can be achieved) has been achieved, virtually everything being fought for is now at the expense of men. Men’s education, men’s freedom, men’s very lives. And anybody who dares to speak out about it is called, at best, paranoid, if not chauvinist or ‘rape apologist’ or what-have-you, because helping people who aren’t women is clearly sick and wrong. That’s the truth behind feminism, and you’re proving it.

          So please, contend against me. The world is watching feminism discredit itself on many different fronts, and the sooner it does, the sooner we can move on to a society where we don’t need gender lobbies to fight each other over what should be improving lives of people without prejudice or agenda.

          • Ami

            The victim complex is strong with this one
            “The world is watching feminism discredit itself”, you’re delusional how many rapes have been reported in India or South Africa? How many women have been murdered in Mexico? Women can’t even drive in Saudi Arabia. But no, we’re all equal.

            Its not just the developing world that needs feminism: There was a major article on NYT recent detailing how women in STEM majors are judged lower and more harshly than their male companions and how they’re discouraged from going into those fields by many. Or what about the unreported rapes in that happen in the USA’s own military Or we could talk about the other tons of news articles on women pay equality.

            I’m not against men but feminism isn’t whats causing them problems.

          • TheSOP

            You do realize of course that it is man on man crimes that accounts for the massive differential in body counts right? And I’m sure that more women die at the hands of men than vice versa. I hold a lot of modern radical feminism in contempt but you shouldn’t let that stand between yourself and common sense.

    • Kai

      The factors that will determine whether or not the culprit will be put to death for the crime are shared in China so I wouldn’t be so sure. Nobodies get put to death more reliably than connected people.

      The whole “back home” thing was ham-fisted and you should’ve anticipated the confounding factor of reporting.

      • whuddyasack

        That’s true. Connected people do have it easy, which is appalling, but in this case, the perpetrators appear to be nobodies. I could be wrong, but wasn’t raping a minor under 14 years a crime punishable by death in China?

        I don’t necessarily agree with the “back home” argument being invalid. Kai, you know as well as I do how rapes are like back home and how a tendency of victim blaming still pervades most societies, even Western ones.

        • Kai

          I said it was ham-fisted, not invalid.

          I’m guessing you felt you had to point some attention to the West (“back home”) because you felt Ami was unfairly singling out or specifying Asian countries? I dunno, he reasonably disclaimed himself at the end.

          Therefore, I think people who have an impression of you will think you were too eager to shift attention onto the West here because it is a preferred target of yours (which, again, I understand, beause you feel a lot of Westerners bash China unfairly). That’s why I think it was ham-fisted.

          • whuddyasack

            Well yes, it might have been ham-fisted, but in my opinion it still falls within context and is not too different from Ami’s. Ami chose to focus on “Asia” and “honor-based” culture in response to guest23’s thoughts on India.

            Meanwhile, I raised the point that if people WERE REALLY concerned about curbing and putting an end to sex-based crimes like rape, then “back home” is a good place to start since there, we actually have the power to vote, publicize and push for legislative changes. People wouldn’t be worried about hierarchy of the rape victim or the offender, as they all should be treated with equal sympathy or conviction. I don’t know, but to me, it seemed more like an exercise of bashing other nations to feel better about oneself than any real concern about actual rape in Asia. Actually, reading her latest reply to me gives me a better idea and a clearer picture.

            And that is the reason why I brought up all the matching statistics to build my case. That Latin American and Slavic countries are by far the most dangerous countries for women isn’t actually an attack on the West, and how some people came to that conclusion astounds me. I know you’re better than that Kai. These are simple facts.

            As for Sweden, the reason I did bring it up was just a reminder that people shouldn’t be complacent. Focusing our criticism on other countries (Asian, African, Mid Eastern, East European, Latin American) while ignoring our own is in fact disingenuous and is not too different from smoking coke to escape the harsh realities of everyday life. It creates distortions. Although to be fair, MANY just jump on the bandwagon for the simple sake of bashing.

            So you’re guess is partially correct, but that’s only part of the picture. Rape and violent crimes against weaker individuals is one of the few things I actually do take seriously.

          • Kai

            I think the “back home” response would make more sense if people seemed to be unfairly and self-righteously pointing the finger elsewhere. The fact that Ami adequately disclaimed herself (in my opinion) makes you look more ham-fisted (in my opinion).

            I just didn’t get the sense that anyone was being unfairly self-righteous so your response seemed disproportional.

            The study you referenced and linked to is an interesting data point from which a conversation can be had. I didn’t come to the conclusion that its indictment of Latin America and Slavic countries is an attack on the West, so I’m not sure why you’re saying I’m “better than that”. All I said was that you should’ve anticipated the confounding factor of reporting, because I had seen someone bring it up already.

            In general, statistics are indeed “facts” but the conclusions they suggest are not necessarily facts. People point to incarceration rates and prison population as “facts” supporting their racist beliefs about black people, but we know that both statistics are confounded by social phenomenon like disadvantaged environments and racial profiling by authorities. Be careful with asserting “facts”.

            Are you certain Ami was focusing her criticism on other countries and ignoring her own? I personally think there are better examples of that behavior than her comment. You have to be careful of becoming the boy who cried wolf.

          • whuddyasack

            It depends how you look at it. The back home response is accurate because rapes and slut shaming is still a very big part of “our culture” or “non-culture” as I’d like to put. Just because Ami disclaimed herself doesn’t mean that she’s not unfairly singling out other regions without looking at her own. I mean I could write a whole thesis criticizing another group of people, and then disclaim it weakly at the end by saying “but everyone does it too”.

            No, the more important thing is that to end violence against women it is NOT enough to just say country x practices misogyny while ignoring it when it’s right under our noses.

            I mentioned the “your better than that” because it seemed like you showed sympathy for some overreacting hotheads who couldn’t read like poop, errr… moop, SOP, etc. They chose to focus and misinterpret on my bringing up of Sweden as the country with the highest rate of [reported] rapes” and claimed I was saying that was the most dangerous place for females.

            I’ve reiterated and repeated that the most dangerous places are in India, Caribbean and Slavic countries, which are hardly “Western”. You’re right that these statistics would make for interesting discussion but the “tribalism” here seems to just get asshurt over my comments and try to debate “wacism” instead.

            As for confounding facts, I did take it into account. For instance, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to count countries currently in a state of civil or genocide as having a the highest rape rate since “war rape” is often considered a separate crime and a “victor’s rights to spoils” according to not a few disgusting, noxious, totally virginal neckbeards. If that were the case, and given the fact that many Western countries are at a state of war currently and in the past, then their own rate of rapes will soar even higher than it already is. These crimes are often covered and the scale is almost certainly underestimated. There’s also the issue of “online patriots” (more like traitors out to spoil their country’s good names IMIO) who defend such savage crimes.

            Now taken at face value, Sweden has the highest rate of reported crimes and there are two facts to this story. One that it is still under reported and two, that it is in fact increasing. I think civil rights groups and the UN as well as Amnesty International needs to have a good hard look at this personally.

          • Kai

            No, it doesn’t mean she’s not unfairly singling out other regions without looking at her own, but the burden of convincing others of that is upon you, and I don’t think you did a good job and frankly picked the wrong battle.

            I’m not following the rest of your discussion with others about the study you linked to but I vaguely get the feeling you’re demanding others take your arguments/evidence at face value while dismissing other people’s arguments/evidence without much investigation.

    • Germandude

      “Sweden has the highest rate of reported rapes in the world.”
      (keyword here: REPORTED)

      May I counter your argument with: Sweden being known for its high gender-equality, allows women to go to the police and report rape incidents without needing to fear consequences from the police or being ridiculed by family, neighbors or the society as a whole?

      While in many western countries, rape victims are helped and don’t need to live in shame after such incident (plus psychological help etc.), women in many Asian/Middle East countries are excluded from society if such an incident is getting reported.

      Just because you don’t hear much about crime, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      • whuddyasack

        Yes, that’s the keyword. And I carefully included the word “reported”.

        Yes, you sure may counter my argument. However, while you could make a fair point about Sweden’s high commitment to gender equality (which I agree is the case), you cannot ignore the fact that rape rates in Sweden have been rising rapidly these past few years. Likewise, you and I can’t dispute the fact that out of all reporting nations, Sweden in fact reported the highest rape statistics. That’s set in stone, so it’s better not to find excuses around that or compare with other nations. Just work on national problems. Rape is an epidemic there. Which is a shame, since very few words describe how intolerable rapists are.

        Ultimately, the point wasn’t about Western countries committing more rape than Asian countries (even if Japan noticeably commits less rape than virtually every European country). It wasn’t even about the fact that Asians in Western countries don’t come close to White compatriots in sickeningly, repulsive, inhumane sexual crimes. It was the fact that if we really wanted to end these sorts of crime, we should all be in it together. Male, female, Black, White, Yellow. And we should stop singling out specific countries or regions for rape, start looking at our own nations and work together to stomp out this indecent, disgusting crime. We’re all in this together, duh.

        Let’s see a change in attitudes and hope that men can stop encouraging other men to “rape”.

        • Kai

          Jesus Christ, you do understand you sabotaged your “we’re all in this together, duh” by writing “the fact that Asians in Western countries don’t come close to White compatriots in sickeningly, repulsive, inhumane sexual crimes” earlier in the paragraph, right?

          • whuddyasack

            But Asians don’t come close. Statistically it has been proven that when compared to their neckbeard compatriots, they commit significantly less crime. Asians just have the genetics to behave less like savage animals. Most pedophiles, rapists, school shooters, serial killers have been White while most street thugs have been Black, with White a close second. This is irrefutable. And it’s not that “White criminals” are intelligent, it’s more or less a system that discharges them within a few years so that they may re-offend again.

            Just because I stated the fact that White people are more prone to violence doesn’t mean that people from all races and nations shouldn’t work together to end the horrible oppression against women. People are born different, yet people born with severe intellectual disabilities have worked with their more normal peers and achieved great and wonderful things together.

          • mr.wiener

            Well if we are going to generalize then lets say Asians have the best organized criminal gangs shall we?
            Honestly I can’t see the point in all this labeling, does it help you when you meet a white guy to think…ah, potential pedo-rapist-serial killer here, or when you meet a black guy do yo think…hmm I’d better watch out he may be drug dealing pimp?
            I certainly don’t think “quick hide the dog, he may want to eat it!” when I meet an asian guy.

          • whuddyasack

            Mmm, Asians do have some good organized criminal gangs. I won’t deny this, but I think there are Western mafia mobs that give the Triads, Tongs and Yakuzas a run for their money.

            “quick hide the dog, he may want to eat it!”

            Hahaha, good one.

            No, I don’t think this labeling is particularly healthy, but I was just drawing from what some host daddy was saying about his Asian exchange students. He felt extremely protective and paternal towards them, and always told them to avoid Latinos, Blacks and Greeks. I feel that Chinese do have a problem with trust, especially students, and even more if they are girls. Despite the results of the British studies, my experience and opinion is that most have this naivete that can endanger their lives. The trust of non-Asians is particularly strong and it’s always tragic how they can blindly hop into a stranger’s car, enter their apartments or let them into their homes, only to get murdered or raped later.

            I almost forgot why I did that generalization in the first place. But upon further reading, I think it had to do with explaining to Germandude that my argument was NOT about competing or putting Westerners down, and it certainly wasn’t about Westerners statistically committing more violent crime than Asians.

            Ultimately, it was about working together as human beings to stop violent crime against women.

          • Kai

            Asians just have the genetics to behave less like savage animals.

            You’re being inexcusably idiotic. There are studies for certain races being genetically predisposed to certain diseases, like sickle cell anemia. There aren’t for “behaving like savage animals”. Stop it.

            No, just because you stated white people are more prone to violence doesn’t in fact mean people from all races and nations shouldn’t work together; it does mean people aren’t going to give you much credibility because you’ve willingly sabotaged it.

            A person who repeatedly lies sabotages himself from being taken seriously when he tells the truth.

          • lasolitaria

            “Asians just have the genetics to behave less like savage animals”. Sure, Asians don’t rape. 99% comfort women agree.

          • whuddyasack

            And that happened 70 years ago under extreme circumstances in a very short, limited time frame. East Asians today and even back then were not doing any worse than other races. Victims of the Berlin Rape can attest to this, as can the millions of war rape victims by non-East Asians to this day. Most don’t live to tell the tale of course.

            But like I said, war is an extreme and different scenario altogether. In a peaceful, stable society, East Asians commit less rape. And this is backed by numbers and statistics, an unforgiving, cold reality.

          • lasolitaria

            Bullshit. These same “genetically predisposed to peacefulness and civility” East Asian peoples were all at war with each other and with themselves several times as far as known history goes. Hell, they were all at war with each other and with themselves even in the past century! And they’re possibly on the brink of war at this very moment. Anyway, their record isn’t any brighter and there is no reason to believe they are more “civilized”.

            It’s a fact that East Asians rape, kill, maim and everything else. They do it both in war time and also in peace time, though I’d say they carry the dubious distinction of excelling at doing it in peace time -if you were to ask the victims of Mao and the Kims. Also, when it comes to visiting all kinds of brutal abuse on their own people, “East Asians do it better” (and other Asians too, namely the Cambodians and the Vietnamese). Maybe you feel inclined to say East Asians are more peaceful than other “races” (whatever that means) just because so far they haven’t been much of a threat to anybody but themselves?

          • whuddyasack

            “when it comes to visiting all kinds of brutal abuse on their own people”

            You need to question why is that. Because as far as I’m concerned what’s happening in the ME, Africa and Europe is even worse than what’s happening in much of Asia, let alone East Asia.

            I think the problem is you are comparing apples to oranges. The problem with using war atrocities and government deeds as validation for East Asian violence has always been the many factors associated with such a generalization. It’s obvious politics is dirty business.

            When I say peace time, I actually mean a non-political or military combat scenario. I mean a civilian situation with reasonable wealth parity and good standards of living.

            Let’s take a look at homicide rates for instance. UN reports indicate that Japan, Singapore, HK, Taiwan, SK all tend to have MUCH lower murder rates than the US, Canada or the European countries. Even China and Vietnam (noticeably less affluent countries) follow this pattern. They can also boast of having lower rape rates per capita in general.

            Now when all things are considered equal, i.e. all the different races living in the West, it is clear that only one “race” stands out as having the lowest crime and not benefitting from “affirmative action”. The group that screams and rebukes AA the most also happens to be one of it’s biggest recipients. Like I said, it’s all stats and numbers, nothing to dispute and matters very little to anyone but Asians.

          • DearDairy

            Kai sometimes I don’t know how you put up with how insane and deluded folks.

            Coming here is like, IDK. The worst humanity has to offer. Stories and then comments. Yet I come back. WTF.

          • Kai

            I end up taking breaks from the comments section for days at a time. I haven’t read any comments except those made in direct reply to me in like 5-6 days now because I know I’ll end up being annoyed.

            I come back because there are reassuring tidbits of wisdom and often sincerely interesting discussion. Plus, it’s a responsibility I’ve been entrusted with. I do my part to support this site because I really enjoy its premise (even if i recognize how it tends to attract the worst).

            I can see your frustration and impatience seep through quite a few of your comments–you know, the flame thrown in here and there between making valid points. Just wanna encourage you to avoid that as much as possible. Or, I dunno, sublimate your annoyance into indignation instead of full-frontal ad hominem attacks. ;)

          • DearDairy

            You know the worse part of reading this stuff is it brings out the worse in me. I am smart, sure. I’m smarter than most of these numbskulls. But at the end of the dad, me attacking people and being a d*ck, I’m not better than these emotional freaks here. That’s the worse, to see myself behaving in the same manner as those who I disdain for their inability to separate logic and emotion. One day, I’ll be a better man, but not today. =(

          • Kai

            Heh, that last sentence sounds like you’ve resigned yourself to being like them…which I suppose I’d discourage if only because I don’t want you to lose all self-control and end up being one more burden for the moderators.

  • markus peg


  • (.__.” }

    kill these men. this is just absolutely disgusting, there can be no punishment more fitting for these ‘humans’.

  • mr.wiener

    India is a case study for many things, but I hardly see how a longstanding culture suppressing the rights of women is a anti-pin up for your ideas of racial genetic segregation.

    • Anthony M Ludovici

      India’s a genetic hodge-podge of heavily admixed groups. Anyone who thinks “everyone mixing together” is going to result in some harmonious global society and perfect-looking people needs to cast a glance over the subcontinent: The end result is a bewildering away of sub-types and even pettier ethnic hatreds than the ones that came before.

      • mr.wiener

        And I see a billion people living together in an area not much bigger than France and Germany combined and despite the dizzying array of languages and religions not killing each other most of the time.
        My favourite Indian story: My brother saw a bunch of Muslim guys push a cow off the side of a bridge [there were cooking fires waiting at the bottom] It turns out this town has an even Muslim Hindu divide. Muslims are allowed to eat the sacred cows that die of natural causes. Every now and then a cow commits “suicide”. The Hindus turn a blind eye if it doesn’t happen too often :P

        • Anthony M Ludovici

          Peace and order are maintained by two things Mr. Wiener – Hegemonic monopoly on violence by the central polity and, to a lesser extent, wealth.

          The Indian state has enough of a monopoly on violence to ensure that racial tensions don’t boil over into full on civil war. It’s as simple as that. But a cursory glance at Kashmir, Orissa, Jharkand etc should show you that when the petty hatreds outweigh the strength of the Indian state, things quickly turn very ugly.

          The Pax Romana was maintained by the legions, not by the Emperors claiming diversity was their strength.

          • mr.wiener

            I think you were born several centuries too late.

      • hailexiao

        Genomic evidence suggests that admixture in the subcontinent pretty much stopped ~1900 years ago due to increasingly strict caste systems and pro-endogamy norms. Exogamy and intermarriage isn’t going to solve all problems, but it does tend to loosen social boundaries between groups and give people personal experience in interacting with those different from themselves. In the long term, that’s helpful in reducing friction and conflict between groups.

  • ElectricTurtle

    I think there has been so much wolf-crying over “rape culture” that it has been rendered meaningless. From what I’ve heard practically everywhere and practically everybody is part of “rape culture”. The brush has been so broad everything’s one color now. Though if what you say is true, it would be a legitimate use.

  • mr.wiener

    Hegelian nonsense?
    Nope, I just like jaffel irons. Functional workable immigration systems are a close second.

  • Kai

    LoL, to be fair, I think there’s at least a significant portion of netizens who aren’t amusingly guilty of cognitive dissonance, who keep mum when there’s bad things in China but rally vocally whenever there is an excuse to point a finger at others.

  • Kai

    Agree, it’s ultimately better to combat stigma than discourage reporting. Won’t be easy but still the right direction.

    On censorship, I’d say India is better and worse than China depending on the type of information. Both countries censor for fear of social consequences and to maintain “social harmony” but arguably fear different aspects.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Is that your final answer Jamal, for 1 million rupees, are you gonna rape that baby?

    …… wait….. WHAT?!…. rape WHAT??!!…. a baby!?….. 1 million rupees?!

    Hell yeah!

  • Ami

    Indians are asian and rape isn’t just based physical attraction you moron. A lot of Indian women are really pretty although personally I don’t usually find their men as attractive.

  • mr.wiener

    I’ll take Hegelian over Hobbsian any day bro, and there is always a big dog out there. The current dog ain’t perfect….. but consider the alternatives!

  • Germandude

    Thou shalt not nitpick on god’s words.

    Interestengly, whenever it suits, the bible holds the answer to everything one can imagine. Whenever its contradicting, people are misinterpreting the bible…

    “With all your heart you must trust the Lord and not your own judgment.”


    • mr.wiener

      It’s a good book but I wouldn’t take it as gospel.

      • Germandude

        It’s a great book in winter, I agree.

  • Germandude

    “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”
    Matthew 5:39

    Or did I take this one out of context again?

    • mr.wiener

      Turning the other cheek just leads to coveting thy neighbours ass.

      • Germandude

        I am more the boob-kinda-guy ;-)

    • Guest23

      Seriously getting a vibe of this guy being a “Philosophical Troll”, has things to say, but has nothing to learn from others, he still hasn’t taken my advice to get his email-account verified and he keeps getting his comments delayed for moderating, he seems to have a fixation on the East vs West mentality, and he doesn’t play nice.

      • Germandude

        I didn’t even realize him as a regular as of yet…

        • Guest23

          The guy attacked some people on Koreabang the other day with his not so subtle ways of insulting their views, he still hasn’t figured how to verify his account, just wow on that.

          • Kai

            He knows how to verify his account, he just doesn’t want to which is his perogative. He’s been on our sites in the past, just with different names.

          • Guest23

            Kinda right with my troll vibe, he has interesting things to say, but how he says it, pretty troll-like and some political agenda.

  • cloud9

    Read it a few days back.This is totally f*cked up! The one nabbed is a 30 year old

  • hailexiao

    Just because it is the kettle calling the pot black doesn’t mean the pot isn’t in fact black.

  • Washington Bullets

    Blech…..India makes me sad.

  • hailexiao

    Indian women are unattractive? Not true as far as I can tell, at least in the Western European and North America diaspora. Women on the subcontinent may be less attractive on average than their diaspora sisters, but that’s probably due to India’s socioeconomic inequality and clusterfuck of a food system, with about a third of the population being malnourished. Malnourished people tend to be ugly (that goes for North Korea too, no matter what the Koreans themselves say). Hell, even today it’s possible to tell young Chinese-Americans from FOBs by body shape alone, even though nutrition in China was never quite as bad as in India and has improved a lot over the past several decades.

  • hailexiao

    Hegel was a Romantic, so if anything he was a pessimist about human progress. You are right though that much of what he wrote was nonsense, at least when translated into that overly practical, supremely innovative and maddeningly imprecise language known as English. Maybe it makes more sense in German.

    I don’t know about Europe, but the USA is assimilating its 30 million immigrants just fine. We’ve had plenty of experience getting people from all over the world (or at least their children) to fit in, and our culture is intensely seductive for newcomers. For some reason, France is having more trouble integrating their Maghrebi Arabs and Germany their Turks and Kurds. Perhaps the separation and privileging of nationality from and over ethnicity in the USA is the issue–it’s easier to become ‘American’ if it doesn’t necessarily entail the wholesale abandonment of everything your ancestors were.

  • connie

    There is something inhuman about men who rape children. A prison term is not necessary. It will not solve the problem of the person’s innate inhumanity.

    Just kill it!

  • TheSOP

    Not misleading; Whaddshack is purposely dishonest, it is how he sustains his racist bigotry. The kid writes 26 pages (in 10p font) of racist comments within 24 hours which reference “Whites” 42 time all in negative and derogatory ways. He is a simple bigot and not to be taken seriously. He has a racist agenda.

  • P2FX

    We should donate a massive amount of sex-dolls to India.

    • Harold Janson

      Screw that, just nuke em already.

  • Mateusz82

    More like:

    NEWSFLASH: Something Bad Has Happened In Zhongguo!
    Netizen: Blame it on people who don’t look like 90% of the Chinese population! Must be them foreigners, taking our jobs and our wimminfolk! How dare anyone report negative things about our beloved country. They must be racist!

  • Kai

    LoL, sorry about that. If it was written “Amy”, I probably wouldn’t have made that mistake. As “Ami”, I could think of a number of languages where it wouldn’t necessarily be feminine and since the comments section is skewed towards males, I assumed male. No offense, I hope!

  • cb4242

    What the hell are you babbling about? How the heck do you know if I’m Chinese or not, don’t assume and don’t be a moron!

  • Paul Schoe

    Why is that a faith based view?

    Why couldn’t an Atheist have that view completely outside any influence of faith?

  • Paul Schoe

    If you consider Humanism as faith-based, then I might agree. But I see Humanism as more rational, which leads it to say that people are equal based on real experience; It results in a greater good for all. No faith in an outer force required for that.

  • Ash

    I was hoping by “these people”, cb4242 just meant the rapists, not the Indian people as a whole. Then again, maybe that’s pretty naively optimistic for online comments but still

  • BigpimpingBalla

    what the mod kai nationality

    • mr.wiener

      Kai is actually a Calrisssian and a spice smuggler.
      I’m his Wookie co-pilot.

  • cb4242

    Fine, then I will equally assume that you are an ignorant, one-sided! loon. You are free to call yourself whatever you want or lump yourself in whatever category you want, don’t lump me in with your personal problems.

  • DearDairy

    A place worse than China. Who could have imagined that?

    • BigpimpingBalla

      Yeah China one of the worst country that get lots of not so good attention promoted by many asshole like you on daily basic,yet somehow china still receive more tourist than India,Vietnam and Taiwan combine. Gotta be kidding eh?

      Base on my experience in India, expat/tourist should give so call ”Incredible- India” an visit and don’t forget India is biggest democracy country in world.

  • ytdevils

    India censors Goan oppression, Kashmiri independence, as well as tamil separatism.

  • beachjustice

    India is a nation of 1 billion.
    I live in the US and I remember hearing a story of a man who raped a 3 year old girl and her mother some years ago.
    Nobody says all Americans are rapist.

    Indians obviously have cultural problems but imo being a secular, constitutional, democratic republic makes a country, overall, more civilized than dictatorship.

  • ZhouZhou

    And the Chinese are so much better right?

  • Rafasa Arandas

    Eh, I’ve heard worse stories from China

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