India 15-Month-Old Baby Girl Gang Raped, Chinese Reactions

india demonstration and protest
New Delhi bus gang rape case triggers popular grievance, setting off waves of demonstrations and protests. (file photo)
india demonstration and protest
New Delhi bus gang rape case triggers popular grievance, setting off waves of demonstrations and protests. (file photo)

From Netease:

15-month-old Female Baby Brutally Gang-Raped by 2 People in Servant Living Quarters

The People’s Daily Online November 18th report — Combining reports from The Times of India and Taiwan’s ETTV News, a 15-month-old baby girl was sexual assaulted in India’s New Delhi on the 15th, and more than one perpetrator is suspected. The female baby’s mother works as a domestic servant at a senior air force officer’s home and had left her daughter alone in the officer’s servants quarters, returning to find her daughter bleeding from her private parts.

The servant accommodation could be entered from the front as well as the rear doors and on Friday afternoon at 4:15pm local time when the mother left, she had locked only the front door. Police information sources indicate that preliminary investigation shows that the child was sexual assaulted by at least by 2 people, while senior police officials say specific details must wait until hospital examinations are completed.

Sources also claim one of the suspects is a youth, and the police have officially arrested a 30-year-old man named Jagdish, who had entered the servants accomodation 15 minutes after the child’s mother had left and remained inside for around 40 minutes.

After the mother returned, she found the girl bleeding from her private parts, and took her to Safdarjung Hospital, where preliminary investigations confirmed that she had been raped, and where she was then transferred to the pediatric ward. Doctors said her wounds will take around two weeks to heal.

(Original title: Vicious Sexual Assault Case Again Exposed in India, 15-Month-Old Baby Girl Brutally Gang-Raped When Left Alone in Servants Quarters)

report on the Times of India website
Screenshot of the Times of India website.

Comments from Netease:

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The people of the Earth are no longer able to stop stop A-San!

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Is this not a country of animals…?

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The more a place is repressed, the crazier the cases involving sex! Japan has so many perverse pornography yet you don’t see rapes all day long! By contrast, A-San and a certain country, hehehehe…

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Well said, the more repressed, the more dangerous!


If there were no woman in India, would things like sewer pipes or wine bottles be raped too?

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Indian people have the habit of raping animals, with some animals being gang banged after just being born, so animals in India live in fear every day~


Doesn’t this happen everyday in our country? You know the bunch of cunts that is the media wouldn’t report it… In my opinion, A-San can’t match our country’s rate of occurrence [of rape crimes].

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All the females in your family have been raped, it’s just that the media didn’t report it.


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